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321 – Affiliate products galore: Tom talks ClickBank and JVZoo

ClickBank and JVZoo are places where you can both find digital products to purchase, but you can also list your products there. And it's mostly digital to take advantage of the many thousands of affiliate marketers at each of those companies who will sell your product for commission. ClickBank has been around as long as I can remember. And JVZoo came on the scene more recently and they have a feature that made lots of affiliates fall in love with them, which contributed to their rapid rise in prominence.

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320 – Learn to be a nice stalker: Tom talks Retargeting

Did you ever look at something online and then ads for that product started showing up all over the place? Did you ever read a blog posting, or watch a video, and then ads related to that blog posting or video started showing up all over the place? That's called retargeting, sometimes people call it remarketing, which isn't exactly the right terminology, but who cares? When you hear the power of this technique, you'll say, WOW, I don't care what we call it. Let's do it!

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319 – Rule the world offline: Tom talks Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing of your Web site, which means all the things that really aren't electronic. Some of them have electronic aspects to them, but they're really not online websites kind of stuff. And some of them are going to sound like no brainers. But I want you to go back and look through everything written about you and see if it's pushing people to your Web site.

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318 – Structuring a Sales Webinar: Tom talks Sales Webinars

Sales webinars are a valid, and important, way to boost your business and get more customers. I will let you in on all the secrets and tips I use to make my webinars fun, educational and successful.

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317 – Leadership Skills from a Colonel: Tom interviews Jim Solomon

Following his leader development studies at the University of North Georgia. Jim was commissioned and he advanced in his Army career to the rank of colonel and he had global responsibilities. As a leadership coach, consultant and author, Jim continues to demonstrate his commitment to developing capable leaders for future generations. Jim's leadership philosophy is very simple. It's all about We, not Me.

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316 – Make ’em wanna come back: Tom talks Website Return Visits

Website return visits are what you want your customers to do: Come Back! Once they visit your site, if they never return, what good is it? You want to have a place where they come back for more and you make it a welcoming place for them to do so and to do business with you.

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315 – Grab ’em with great headlines: Tom talks Headline Formulas

Headlines are the first thing that your potential buyer will see and, hopefully, grabs them and gets them to read the rest of your sales letter. That's the goal. Without a “grabbing” headline, the chances they will read the rest of your pitch gets really small, really fast. You don't want that! I'm going to give you lots of tips to increase your percentage and get more people to do business with YOU!

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314 – These services can save you a ton: Tom talks MTurk and Fiverr

I'm going to talk about two services that can help get work done for you, and your business, for pennies on the dollar: MTurk (by Amazon.com) and Fiverr.

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313 – If they can’t use it they won’t buy: Tom talks Website Usability

I'm going to give you some of the factors that you MUST do to make your website usable and increase its usability. This is not the same as making it look pretty, having nice graphics, etc. It's about making sure that people coming to your site have the opportunity to BUY from you. If you make it difficult, they won't. If you make it easy (and usable), they will.

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