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Multimillionaire entrepreneur Tom Antion teaches you his secrets to success in your lifestyle business.

The Entrepreneurial Podcast and Tom

“Screw the Commute” is a podcast and private Facebook group designed to inspire you to start your own business and/or take the business you have to much higher levels. Tom Antion, our fearless leader, has never had a job. He's always had his own business. Starting with nothing, he owned five apartment buildings and a hotel BEFORE graduating college.

Tom has actually been entrepreneurial since he was nine or ten years old. Tom's dad came from Syria through Ellis Island in the early 1900's, became an entrepreneur, made Tom into an entrepreneur, and Tom has helped thousands of people start, run and improve their own businesses.

A Hollywood documentary is in production about Tom that celebrates entrepreneurs, called “The American Entrepreneur” you can watch the trailer at Facebook and keep in touch because you are invited to the big online premiere party coming soon.

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He answered Hollywood's call. Reel Mountain Pictures created this documentary celebrating entrepreneurship. They featured Tom and many of the people he's helped. See the trailer, like the page and leave a comment at https://www.Facebook.com/AmericanEntrepreneurFilm/

The Podcast Schedule

Mondays: In-depth training session

Wednesdays and Fridays: Either Tom interviews successful entrepreneurs or does a training session.

What You'll Get By Subscribing

  • Tip, tricks, and techniques Tom has used to bring in many millions of dollars from his home office.
  • Ideas and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial couples.
  • Lots of ways to “Screw the Commute”.
  • Lots of strategies to transition out of the car and in to the money.
  • Lots of strategies to improve your present business by, making more money, saving loads of expenses, and saving tons of time.
  • Advice from a colorful, down-to-earth guy who's “been there and done that”. (See 22 things just below)

Twenty-Two things you probably didn't know about Tom Antion

  • Tom has never had a job. For the past 44 years he has formally owned his own business but he's been entrepreneurial since he was a little kid.

  • Starting from scratch Tom owned 5 apartment buildings and a hotel BEFORE he graduated from college.

  • Tom owned and operated the second largest nightclub in the State of West Virginia. (He still “Screwed the Commute” because he lived above the nightclub.)

  • Tom survived two gun fights, a knife fight, and over 100 serious altercations with bikers trying to kill him in the nightclub business.

  • Tom lost $400,000.00 in the nightclub business when the drinking age went from 18 to 21.

  • Tom refused to go bankrupt and paid off all creditors as he recovered from the nightclub loss and started an internationally known entertainment company.

  • Tom survived a car running through his living room.

  • Tom owned a small print shop.

  • Tom owned a video production company.

  • Tom has appeared in National television commercials.

  • Tom was a professional pilot for two years.

  • Tom was Valedictorian of his high school.

  • Tom was one of seven recipients of an award from the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame for top student athletes of 1973.

  • Tom went to a top 20 college on a football scholarship and was a starting guard for two years.

  • Tom made it to the State Championship in Wrestling.

  • Tom is a 3.5 tennis player.

  • Tom was a columnist for several national print and Internet based publications.

  • Tom is a professional member of : National Speakers Association (Pres. 96-97 of the National Capital Area Chapter)

  • He's a self-defense expert https://brutalselfdefense.com/
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If you don't subscribe to “Screw the Commute” podcast, this is what you get hahaha

For Television, Tom is represented by Haber Entertainment Beverly Hills