841 - Use these to grow sales: Tom talks Tracking Links - Screw The Commute

841 – Use these to grow sales: Tom talks Tracking Links

Today, we're going to talk about tracking links, and this is still a part of my copywriting techniques based on my course, copywriting901.com. And I'm not going to read off all the numbers, but starting at episode 836 til this one and a couple more will be doing copywriting stuff. And I have some other episodes on copywriting.

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[00:23] Tom's introduction to Tracking Links

[01:25] Track how many people click and bought from a link

[04:46] Your job is to test different text and links

[08:15] Don't get sucked into AI without knowing what's happening

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 841 – Tracking Links
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody! It's Tom here with episode 841 of Screw the Commute podcast. Today, we're going to talk about tracking links, and this is still a part of my copywriting techniques based on my course, copywriting901.com. And I'm not going to read off all the numbers, but starting at episode 836 til this one and a couple more will be doing copywriting stuff. And I have some other episodes on copywriting. Also, anytime you want to get to a back episode, you go to screwthecommute.com, slash, and then the episode number starting at 836. Today is 841, and anytime you like or just want some training, go to screwthecommute.com/training. It's all our training episodes. There's no interview episodes there except once in a while I interview Mark, my video guy, or Larry my tech guy, those kinds of things. So screwthecommute.com/training and check out my mentor program at GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com and pick up a copy of our automation e-book at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. All right. Let's talk about tracking links. Now did you know you can tell how many people clicked on a link. And with the right software and services, you can tell how many people bought from a particular link and how much money they spent. Now, those of you that have been around for a while might know this, but are you actually using these links now? The people that make the most money online use these links to find out what things are working and what aren't working when it comes to selling their stuff.

[00:01:57] Now let me give you an example from my speaking materials. But before I give you the example, I'm going to explain a couple terms that you should be familiar with. The first terms is anchor text. This is the text that the person clicks on. In other words, they don't see the Http and all that stuff, they just see text. The second terms is destination URL. This is where the person ends up when they click on a link or click on anchor text. The destination URL can be the same and have different anchor text. Let's say I wanted to send people to one of my public speaking training sales letters, and let's say the destination URL is screwthecommute.com/prospeaking. That's from my professional speaking mentor program. I might have two or more different anchor texts leading to that destination URL. Let's say I had anchor text. One was click here to get standing ovations around the world. That's clickable. Remember that's the text is what they they read. But it's a clickable link. And the other anchor text is click here to get paid to speak. And remember the text is called the anchor text and it's clickable. Both of these are going to the Pro speaking page on screwthecommute.com. Now I might have several different anchor texts on my sales letter page using the proper software or service.

[00:03:33] It's that's part of my shopping cart system. KickstartCart.com. Now I can tell how many people clicked on each link and how many people bought from each link. So let's say that and this is critical stuff folks, because it's easy to find link trackers that you can just see how many people clicked on a particular link. And there's uses for that. But in this situation, I mean, let's say that out of 100 buyers of your product, 63 clicked on my product, let's say 63 clicked on the standing ovation link. Click here to get standing ovations around the world. And 37 clicked on the Get Paid to Speak link. That means on that page, I should probably adjust the rest of the copywriting to put a greater emphasis on standing ovations than just getting paid to speak. See, I'm using this information to increase sales. Now don't ask me which one of these or any of my anchor texts gets more sales. It varies from what audiences I put the links in front of. Your job is to test different anchor texts in front of your prospects, your prospects, not mine, to see what they respond to. And you do this by using tracking links instead of normal links. It's still going to have different anchor texts on it. Now to the person reading your sales letter. They don't know the difference unless they're more a more sophisticated marketer.

[00:05:12] Most people will get caught up in your sales spiel and not pay attention to the tracking link technology that you have in place. They just want to. They want whatever you got, and they want to know if it's right for them and should they buy it. They're not looking behind the scenes like we are right now. But we use the same kind of tracking links when advertising online. It's called split testing. You've heard me talk about that before. And this is how online marketers get rich. And they get rich faster because they aren't wasting money on bad ads. Let's say you bought an ad on two different websites. And just to keep things simple, let's say the ads cost the same. Well, we'll also say that both websites had the same number of visitors that saw your ad. How about that? We're just using some variables so you get the concept. The add on website one, let's say brought you in 100 visitors to your website and the add on website two brought in only 27 visitors. Which add would you keep and which would you cancel? Most people say, well, it's obvious you would keep the website one with 100 visitors and cancel the add on website two with only 27 visitors. Now, had you said that you might be making a grievous error? You don't really have enough information to make a good decision, unless you used a tracking link that followed the visitor all the way through to see if they purchased.

[00:06:44] See, it's easy, like I said before, to track links alone and clicks. You can get free programs that'll do that. What you need to have is a service that also tracks how much money the visitor spends. So what if this happened? Let's say the website that brought in 100 visitors only brought in tire kickers, and nobody bought anything. But the website that only brought in 27 visitors made five sales. Had you not known this, you would have canceled the good ad that brought in 27 visitors and five sales, and kept the bad ad that brought in a load of people that didn't buy anything. It's pretty hard to make money that way, folks. So what if you kept both ads because you didn't know which ad was bringing in the sales? Now you're totally throwing away your money on the bad ad and you don't even know it. Again, it's hard to maximize profit sets that way. So these are just a few examples of what tracking links can do for you. They're included in the kickstartCart.com shopping cart. I've been promoting and using myself for over 20 years, but these are the kind of things that save you money and make you more money. And if you're not doing them, you know, don't complain to me. Why? Well, I can't make any money. Well, you got to do these things online. It's just, uh, I mean, it's way better than going to work all day and sitting in traffic, right? Screw the commute.

[00:08:15] So anyway, that's a little bit about tracking links. We're doing a lot on copywriting lately. And don't get sucked up in this AI stuff. You know, this artificial intelligence, it's a good tool to use. But these kinds of things you must understand and make adjustments for your audience. You just can't slap in an AI generated sales letter and cross your fingers. They don't do the tracking for you. They don't figure out what's working and what isn't. They just slop you a you know what looks like a decent sales letter. You say, oh, that was easy, but if it ain't making money for you, it doesn't matter how easy it is, does it? So anyway, check out my mentor program at GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com it's the longest running, most unique, most successful ever in the field of internet and digital marketing. You get one on one training from myself and my entire staff and unique stuff like a scholarship to my school that you can use, uh, yourself or gift to somebody. And also the immersion weekend at the retreat center after we complete the renovation. But you're working with us all the time for at least a year to, to really crank up your online sales. So anyway, check it out. That's my story. I'm sticking to it. And happy holidays. Catch you on the next episode.