859 - New ways to create content: Tom talks Zoom Clips - Screw The Commute

859 – New ways to create content: Tom talks Zoom Clips

Today, we're going to talk about Zoom Clips. Zoom clips? What the heck is a Zoom clip? Well, It's something that I've made a fortune on with other programs, but Zoom has just come out with this new feature, so I'll tell you about that.

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[00:23] Tom's introduction to Zoom Clips

[01:31] Create screen capture videos

[04:30] Do training videos

[09:14] VERY powerful way to get more sales

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 859 – Zoom Clips
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody! It's Tom here with episode 859 is Screw the Commute podcast. Today, we're going to talk about zoom clips. Zoom clips. What the heck is a zoom clip? Well, I'm going to tell you here in a minute. It's something that I've made a fortune on with other programs, but zoom has just come out with this new feature, so I'll tell you about that in a minute and hope you didn't miss the whole series we did on copywriting starting at episode 836. Anytime you want to get to a back episode, you go to screwthecommute.com, slash 836 and then 837, 838, and so on, gives you all kinds of copywriting tips that'll make you more money. It's the number one skill in my entire career, long before the internet even. And it's based on my copywriting901.com course, very comprehensive course. In fact, I'll probably mention it today. Okay. Let's see. Make sure you pick up a copy of our automation e-book at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. You will thank me for it because it'll save you hundreds of hours into the future fighting with your computer.

[00:01:31] All right, let's talk about zoom clips. So zoom clips are screen capture videos, and I have been promoting screen capture videos since the year 2000. So 24 years now, I've been making money with screen capture videos. And the gold standard has always been Camtasia, which is a very expensive program.

[00:02:02] Now it's great. It has all kinds of features. It's, you know, I wouldn't, uh, I if you have the money. Yes. I would like you to get that, but zoom just came out with a feature to allow you to write from your zoom account, do screen capture videos, and it has a whole bunch of features. I'm going to read through their user's guide here for you in a minute, but just want to remind you that things you can do with screen capture, especially if you don't like to be seen on camera. A lot of people you know are reluctant to do videos because they don't like the way they look. Well, you could be quasimoto and and still make a fortune with screen capture video. So some of the ways that I've done it, or I continue to do it over all these 24 years now. Is product sales, and I just mentioned copywriting 901, copywriting 901. The bulk of it is screen capture video, where I show you copywriting techniques and samples and training to too, so you can sell more now. Yeah, I include PDF files and other things, but the bulk of it is screen capture video. So you can actually see me doing stuff on the screen and hear me telling you what I'm doing. That screen capture video, your face is not seen, but it'll capture anything in a video. Uh, I mean, anything you can display on your computer screen can be captured in a video with you narrating what's going on, or you can overdub it later, but that just makes it more complex.

[00:03:45] So. Zoom has come out with this. But anyway, that's product sales. Another thing that I do with it is affiliate sales. So I might have a product or service that I really like, so I pull it up on the screen. Let's say it's a computer program or a service or something, and I show you how to use it, but you can't use it unless you click through my affiliate link to go buy the, the, the, the program, let's say. So I made a fortune with that. Just putting it up on YouTube for free, telling people about it, and they see, well, if they like that product or service, I'm showing them how to use it. And then they click through my affiliate link so you can make affiliate sales without your face being seen. I do training with this, like with kickstartCart.com, I think we had 1500 users or so, and I was doing a three hour, one on one tutoring session with people. Well, I could, you know, that just take, you know, the rest of my life to complete that. So what I did is I made 45 screen capture videos of all the major features so that you could watch them anytime, day or night, and then you could just get the tutoring on questions.

[00:05:01] And I didn't have to be repeating the same stuff over and over again. So that's training that you can do with it, which you can also sell training as a course, just like my copywriting 901 and then individual trainings. So sometimes, you know, somebody will ask me something, one of my mentees and I, you know, it would take me five emails back and forth to explain it to him. And, and in this case, in that case, I would say, oh, I would just pull up the stuff on the screen and shoot a video with me telling them where to click and what to do and send that to them. And that took care of that with with one session, instead of five different emails going back and forth or having to book a call, which I don't mind booking calls, but this is something they can watch over and over again. See? So that's one on one training, you know. In other words, I'm showing them rather than just telling them. So very, very powerful thing. So this zoom clips just came out I mean I opened zoom up the other day and boom, it hit me in the face like, hey, here's a new service we have for you. And I'm like, awesome. Because, um, I love Camtasia. I don't happen to have it on this computer that I'm doing my podcast from, so it's great. I can, uh, I don't have to buy another copy of Camtasia to do a lot of these little things.

[00:06:26] But anyway, so if you have this and I don't believe this is for the free account, you have to have certain accounts to have this available to you. But anyway, uh, this is the zoom. You can click. It says how to use this Zoom Clips user's guide is what I'm looking at now. And they have all these things. Uh, how to enable or disable clips. Um, how to allow users to download your clips. These are, you know, little short trainings you can do to learn how to use this thing, how to create a clip, uh, how to create a clip from your zoom desktop, how to access your list of clips. I guess it saves them for you how to search, share and manage your clips. Uh, let's see how to edit a clip. I didn't know this. You could even edit them until I just read this right now. Because this is so brand new. Uh, how to view your clips and people can comment on your clips. You can either send it to individuals or show it to a group of people. How to view your clip statistics to see how many people watched them. Um, how to access your deleted clips. All right. I don't delete too much stuff. Uh, let's see. It says prerequisites for enabling and using zoom clips. So you have to have basic legacy zoom one pro and higher zoom meeting zoom one.

[00:07:50] Uh, you know, so there's a bunch of things you got to have and zoom desktop client for Windows or Mac. Uh, yeah. That's what you have to have to use it. And let's say it says how to enable or disable clips. So it shows you how to do that. Um, allow users to download your clips so you can either turn that on or not. So if they want to save it to their computer or their cell phone tablets, whatever. Uh, you can put a password on the clips. Uh, let's see, you can receive email notifications, uh, when there's a viewer of your clip. That's kind of cool. How to create a and then it goes into more in depth on how to create clips from your desktop client. Adjust the clip settings before you start recording. It shows you all that stuff. So it's got a complete training thing on how to use screen capture, which is awesome. Uh, you can still put your virtual. Backgrounds and avatars and the whole thing. Wallpapers. Uh. Let's see. Access your list of clips from the web portal from the zoom desktop client search. It goes into great depth on all this stuff. Manage your clips, edit, you know, all the editing stuff, how to view your statistics. I think I mentioned that they go they have like a quick access section. And then the more in depth training on how to do all this stuff.

[00:09:14] So so this is a very powerful thing. I've been using it for 24 years, been making I've made many, many. Well, I would say I probably made several million dollars over the years just with this one little thing of being able to capture what's on your screen. Record in there and narrate what people are seeing and then create a. It creates a video out of it, and you don't have to say the same stuff over again. You can customize it for one person or group passwords. You can sell them all this stuff. So so check that out. See if your zoom if you like. I said I don't think zoom basic. I guess that's the first paid version of zoom. I don't really know. It just gets charged on my credit card. Whatever. But, uh, this is very powerful to be able to use these things. And now you don't have to get Camtasia to start with if you already have zoom. All right. So that's my story. I'm sticking to it. Check out our mentor program at GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com. And you can get one on one tutoring from me and my entire staff and, and, uh, nobody at my level will even talk to you, let alone give you a one on one tutoring. I'm a fanatic and helping small business people, so check it out. Greatinternetmarketingtraining.com and go make some zoom clips. Catch you later.