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How to Listen to Podcasts

Here are the Quick Start instructions for your digital devices


  • Find the Podcasts app on your device (or the one you downloaded from the App Store to replace Podcasts).
  • Touch Search and look for a specific podcast or podcast type.
  • Select Subscribe.
  • That’s it!


  • Find the podcasts app on your device (or the one you downloaded from the Google Play Store – there are many available and most are free or free to try).
  • Touch Search and look for a specific podcast or podcast type.
  • Select Subscribe.
  • That’s it!

Here’s how to listen on your laptop or desktop

The vast majority of podcasts usually have a dedicated website that offers up their podcast(s) for your listening pleasure, or the presenter will have the podcast available on his or her website. You can listen directly from that website on your computer. For example, you might be reading this on Tom Antion’s podcast website

If they don’t have a dedicated website, or you want to use one of the popular podcast services, select the one you wish to use (iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, Spotify, iHeart, etc.).

  • Or, find a podcast at or use the podcast search engine,
  • Or, do a Google search for a particular podcast, if you know the name to see where it’s available.
  • Create an account, if you need to, on the service where it’s playing.
  • Listen online directly from the site, subscribe to the podcast so you can be notified when new episodes are available, or download the podcast to your local computer or mobile device.
  • Done!

And more details for the still curious

  • Podcast service: Some of these services may have an associated app with them, like the Podcasts app for iTunes, also known as Apple Podcasts, and the Stitcher app. Spotify and iHeart also have their own apps, which do more than podcasting, as they have radio channels and other content.
  • Most of these are also web based, the major exception being iTunes. While iTunes does have a dedicated website, you cannot listen to podcasts there. You must have iTunes installed on your computer to do that. With the others, you can start listening directly from the website.
  • You may need to create an account to gain access to other features, such as subscribing. Most will allow you to listen just by visiting the site and selecting a particular podcast. It may also give you access to other content, such as radio stations, live streams and so on.
  • For those with apps available, like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify, you can subscribe and download new episodes of your favorite podcasts with minimal hand holding.
  • Apps for iOS and Android are usually available for all the major services. Some smaller services may have apps available as well. If not, then their website would be your main portal for podcasts.

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