890 - Add to your bottom line: Tom talks 9 Ways To Get People To Give You Money - Screw The Commute

890 – Add to your bottom line: Tom talks 9 Ways To Get People To Give You Money

Today, we're going to go over nine ways to get people to give you money. How about that? And listen to this on one of the ways I would never do it in a million years.

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[00:23] Tom's introduction to 9 Ways To Get People To Give You Money

[01:15] Sell a digital and a physical product

[03:04] Become an affiliate, sell an online service

[05:13] Sell a physical service, invest in companies, rental properties

[06:52] Gambling as an entrepreneur

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 890 – 9 Ways To Get People To Give You Money
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody! It's Tom here with episode 890 of Screw the Commute podcast. Today, we're going to go over nine ways to get people to give you money. How about that? And listen to this on one of the ways I would never do it in a million years. All right. But guess what? On that same one I do it every day. How does that work? You'll find out. Listen. Listen up. All right. I hope you didn't miss episode 889. That was multifunction QR codes. They'll do a lot more than they used to. And that tells you all the things they can do with them. All right, let's see. Make sure you check out my mentor program at GreatInternetMarketing Training.com and also grab a copy of our automation e-book at screwthecommute.com/automatefree.

[00:01:16] All right. Let's first thing sell a digital product. This is your way nine ways to get people to give you money. Sell a digital product. We're talking about ebooks software templates things like that. And you can do it on your website or Amazon. You know, Kindle books and you know, all kinds of places you can sell digital stuff. All right. Next is sell a physical product. It could be on eBay, Facebook Marketplace offer up I mean, trade shows. I mean, I saw this one guy. He gets pallets for free, which anywhere in the country or the world. Basically you can get pallets for free. He takes the boards off, cuts them into like arrows. And puts a little thing on the back to be able to hang them up on the wall and sells them for like 15, 20 bucks a piece at at flea markets and trade shows and things like that.

[00:02:16] And he does a bunch of other little wood things where he gets all the stuff for free. So that's a physical product. Of course, you could sell them online also, but you'd have you have to ship them. See, anytime you're doing physical stuff, you have to either deliver it in person to a person or they come get it in person. You got to deal with the actual physical thing. And I used to do this like crazy, um, shipping CDs and DVDs and way back cassette tapes and physical books and all kinds of stuff. But I find it much easier the digital stuff nowadays. I mean, we had a whole part of our office building was for product production and delivery and keeping copies of stuff, but now I just sell mostly digital stuff. All right, next thing is become an affiliate. In other words, somebody else creates and fulfills the product you just marketed. So that's a great way I've made, you know, tons of money, a lot of these I've do all of these put together all right. Over the years. Some I've backed off like the physical products I still have my tennis DVD I send out, but not not as much as, uh, you know, I used to do the, uh, physical, whole big £11 box for my speaker system, which is now online. So, so you can do you can combine a lot of these things and it's safer that way to have more money coming in anyway.

[00:03:49] You become an affiliate and you promote something and get a commission. I do online summit promotion. I promote like Christina Hill's, you know, website creation thing and, you know, all kinds of stuff. All right, sell an online service like you could be a virtual assistant. And again, I'm not promoting this long term. I want you to make stuff for yourself, your own products and your own stuff. But where you get work, get paid paid paid, paid, paid. I'm known for that saying for many, many years. So that's where you create something and sell it over and over and over again. So VA isn't like that. You're working for somebody else on an hourly or weekly basis or whatever. But the thing is, is sometimes you just have to do what you got to do to bring money in. But I'm telling you, do it to, to get yourself to the point where you're in your own business for your own stuff. And if you don't like somebody, tell them to take a hike. You know, uh, because you have your own money coming in. But anyway, online services, you can do training. People are using zoom for even dog training and dancing, dance training and all kinds of stuff. Some people are even using Skype still, and you can sell this stuff on Fiverr and uh, many other freelance sites. All right. Sell a physical service. Now. This is something where maybe you're a handy man.

[00:05:21] Handy person, I guess nowadays. Or your landscaping or your plumber or whatever. Right. So some physical service, but that's usually going to be, you know, confined to a local area. So you Craigslist, Facebook, you know, if you're if you're cagey enough, you can sell this stuff on Facebook Marketplace and get free ads for it, but don't count on that. Um, well, and for instance, the physical service, I'm kind of as a sideline, I'm going to do a drone business. So I got my commercial drone license, but that does require to go there. And so I'm kind of, uh, getting a young boy that works for me on the weekends is in ROTC, and he's taken his drone commercial test. So I'm going to help put him in business. See. So but that's a physical service where you have to go go somewhere. All right. Next is investing in companies like you could buy into people's companies, like be a Shark Tank kind of person with maybe not as big as those people, but you can buy into companies. You could invest in the stock market. Now, don't ask me for tips on that, because I know I don't know much about that. Uh, you could have rental properties. I get a lot of income every month from rent, so. So that's something you could invest in. So these are those are eight ways. Now this ninth way is the one that I would never do in a million years. But I do it pretty much every day.

[00:07:02] That's you. If you lost it. Tom. Are you getting dementia? What was your problem here? Well, the ninth way is called gambling. So when I say I'd never do it in a million years. My mother used to be crazy about playing the lottery and go buy me some lottery tickets. Well, that's the only thing I ever did in my life. Uh, gamble wise, uh, and it wasn't for me. I wouldn't even do it. I've never put a nickel in a slot machine. I've never played poker. I've never done any of that stuff. That's just crazy to me. And, uh, so I never do that in a million years. But if you take the word gamble and you're in, you're an entrepreneur. You're taking a gamble every day. All right. Am I going to is this podcast is anybody going to like it? That's a gamble. Is, uh, the new book I wrote. Is anybody going to want it? That's a gamble. Now, I reduce the risk on all of my stuff because I've got enormous experience with this stuff. An enormously large group of people that's, I won't say under my control. Right. But technically, yes, because they they get emails from me. I mean, they can always unsubscribe if I, you know, send them crap, but I'd get very small amounts of unsubscribes because I try to only send out good stuff. So that's number nine. You could be a professional gambler or you could play, you could piss your money away playing the lottery, which I see all the time in 711 people come in and they pay 20, 30, $40 for a carton of cigarettes.

[00:08:46] And the rest of their money, they put some kind of Powerball or I don't even know all the crap. It's just a whole bunch of different ways you can you can gamble, but I don't do any of it. But I do it every day in my business. But I keep the risk low. So there's a bunch of ways to make money. And I'm not saying jump in if you're new to this and try to do all of them, no, you'll fail miserably because it's too much. But if you learned one thing how to be an affiliate marketer, if you offered a service online, maybe you're maybe you're bilingual and somebody wants to learn to speak another language, offer it online. You can promote yourself for free on Craigslist and sometimes charge 50 bucks an hour for that. Just because maybe you came from a different country and some other language is your first language, and somebody else wants to learn it. Okay, so there's all of these kinds of things. So go back over these and pick one and get it profitable for yourself before you think about going to another. A lot of these, if you've got really good at it, you wouldn't have time to do the rest of them. You'd be making so much money. All right, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. We'll catch you all in the next episode. See you later.