Monday 7PM Eastern Mastermind Thanks - Screw The Commute

Monday 7PM Eastern Mastermind Thanks

You made a great decision investing in my Ebook Mastermind

The 6th MONDAY session is  7pm Eastern, August 1st, 2022

Zoom Link is always

See Assignments and Replays at the bottom of the page 

Prior to the first meeting please send me:

  • Any particular goals you have
  • Ideas you have for non-fiction ebooks (Just sample titles and a sentence or two about the topic.)
  • Best email and phone number to reach you

For each session, PLEASE BE ON TIME and reduce your distraction to simple chaos instead of maximum chaos. hahaha

Make sure you have the ability to take notes, have gone to the bathroom, and have some beverage and snacks available, if you need them.

Also, make sure you have a good internet connection and you know how to get your microphone and webcam working on a Zoom call.

If you don't know how to do this, get in touch with me right away and myself or Larry will walk you through it.

I'll talk to you then.

Tom Antion

Hey Kids! Larry here. If you run into any trouble using Zoom, please ensure you're using the LATEST VERSION first before you do anything else. Reach out to me at, let me know you're in this Mastermind and tell me what the issue is. I'll try my best to help you out!

In preparation for your first session read the Product Titling article below and download and read the PDF e-book Formatting document:

PDF E-book Formatting

Download your document here

We will be starting with a pdf ebook, then progress to a kindle ebook and then create a script for the audio book.

Along the way you'll learn how to sell it.

I can't wait to help you achieve your goals.




Send me if you want an accountability program and contact info, time zone, best times to talk. You don't have to participate in accountability

Listen to episode 1 and 130 Screw the Commute" podcast 

Read titling article (see above)

Read PDF Formatting Guide (see above)

Pick a Topic(s)

Create your Skeleton, Chapters, Start filling in

Resize an image in 

Add text to an image in 

Research PLR products

Research using "Look in" function of Amazon

Be able to record notes to yourself on your cell phone

Don’t wait till next Monday to start on this stuff.

Email me if you are having trouble with anything.

Choose your free ebook. Email me to tell me which one you want:

Ultimate Guide to List Building

JV: How to be in front of a million warm prospects in the next 90 days.

Kick Start Viral.

One Sentence Business Plan

50 Email ads that made me money

Kick Start guide to advertising your business online

How to Create an Online Income Generator in One hour or less

Wake ‘em Up Business Presentations

How to Get more people to show up for your webinars

Ultimate Guide to Professional Speaking

Repurposing: How to Sell Your Knowledge in 19 Different ways

Wedding Celebration Toasts

Wedding Celebration Speeches

Instant Eulogy

SESSION TWO REPLAY MONDAY (Tuesday because of July 4th) 


 Assignment for session two

Continue populating your pdf book with info.

Finish your copyright /disclaimer page

Make sure you have a footer with at least page number on every page and I suggest contact info

Decide on colors for inside book. Look at color chart

Get in the habit of putting in placeholders for graphics, make a folder for graphics, name them with a descriptive name and eventually where they will go in the book.

Spend more time learning

Make a Facebook Story  1080 x 1920 Pixels

Make a Facebook Ad 1200 x 628 Pixels

Listen to Episode 603 of my podcast - "Free Images"  - about 10 minutes 

Get a free account at

Take a first stab at a book cover OR

Commission a book cover from OR

Get an ebook cover generator. 

(Get a rough out of your cover however you choose to do so.

Get an account at and look through the  “Marketplace” 

Other Affiliate networks: 


Assignment for Session Three

Start to work on Copy

=> Make a file of everything they will learn, discover or get by having your book.

=> Start a separate file for general copywriting tips (swipe file)

=> Come up with 5 Features and Benefits and put them in bullet format. 

Coupon code below for


=> Continue collecting and resizing graphics using

=> Continue fleshing out the PDF E-book

=> Click Here to Download the Copywriting901 Transcript

=> Watch the Copywriting Webinar at the link just below:

=> If you want (it's not mandatory) to get my "secret weapon" for headline, and title generation ideas. This is my affiliate link.


Assignment for Session Four

Finalize the e-book cover

Just look at tons of book descriptions on Amazon and a list of my salesletter samples

Salesletter Samples

Start roughing out the sales letter

Pick a Headline,

Come up with a Guarantee,

Consider buying book "Words That Sell” by Richard Byan

Get an Add to Cart Graphic and create a Text Link with a command and a benefit.

Come up with 3 Bonuses:  

Sample Bonuses:  Checklists, Special Reports, Consultations, Other ebooks, Cheat Sheets, White Papers, Mind Maps, Premium Content, Social Media Shoutouts, Interview on Your Podcast, For pre sales - acknowledgement in the book, Bonus from other marketers customized with your affiliate link.

Watch the kindle masterclass and take careful notes 

Download and install Kindle Create Software

Play with it with something other than your book.

Get busy!


Assignment for Session FIVE

Coupon code for


Email Mastermind starts Tuesday August 2nd

Use coupon code

HOTEMAIL25 for 25% off.

Add to Cart Graphic or Link with a command and a benefit. You can put links in multiple locations and use tracking links to see what benefit got the most sales, 

Come up with a story with the Story Formula – Problem/ Intervention / Results

Finish the PDF Ebook (Heavy Emphasis)

Add any appropriate affiliate links or links to your site for further training (optional)

Start Adding Graphics

Do the best you can at roughing out your salesletter in Word

Do the best you can at roughing out your description for Amazon Kindle

Get really competent at using the kindle create software
Link to Tutorial:

Start exploring Kindle Categories (as seen in the Kindle Masterclass)


Assignment for Session 6

Finish the darn PDF Ebook

Pre Headline -

Theory of Parallel Tracks

Cost Comparisons – Apples to Oranges, Expensive that’s good, to something cheap that’s better

Teaser – A little later I’m going to tell you x, but right now I’m going to tell you Y

Johnson Box


Assignment for Session 7

Session 8 Monday Replay

Assignment Session 8 

Session 9 Monday Replay

Assignment Session 9 

Session 10 Monday Replay

Assignment Session 10

Session 11 Monday Replay

Assignment Session 11


Session 12 Monday Replay

Assignment Session 12