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Kindle Masterclass

Kindle Creation Masterclass

WOW. I produced a 3 hour and 40 minute Masterclass on every tip, trick and technique I know on creating Kindle books that promote the heck out of your business and bring you great cash flow using the Power of Amazon. 

You can get the entire class right now plus all the supplemental videos that show you EXACTLY what to do to create these fantastic promotional e-books. 

On this powerful masterclass you will learn:

  • How to make the big bucks without an enormous number of book sales
  • What you should NOT put in your e-book
  • The smartest way to make your title and subtitle to make sure your book is found.
  • How to pick where to put your book in Amazon
  • The proper software to use that cuts out tons of frustration
  • How to prepare your word processing document
  • Where to put all the different sections of your book.

And that's not all. Check out what else you'll learn:

  • About the deal where Amazon gave away 2500 ebooks for me which turned into a regular income of $6000.00 per year
  • How to make an automatic and clickable table of contents
  • The specifics of the absolute best book descriptions
  • .A super trick to add to your book description.
  • Another super trick to get email subscribers even if they don't buy your book.
  • Pricing strategies for the highest returns.
  • Two ways to make gorgeous ebook covers with zero cost
  • How to take advantage of your Author page on Amazon

PLUS you'll get a bonus of "The pros and cons of various Amazon e-book ads and promotions"

Here's the Deal:
Today it's only $197

Here are few samples of my books and upcoming books: Note: Kindle e-book covers are flat. You can't do 3D

List Building Ebook Cover Art
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