Triple Whammy Charity Sale - Screw The Commute

Triple Whammy Charity Sale

Triple Whammy Charity Sale

All proceeds go to the scholarship fund for persons with disabilities.

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Two of these people are progressing nicely with their training (one is legally blind). One had a bad fall and hasn't started yet. one other blind person is progressing nicely and is not pictured here.

You get highly discounted training on whatever I'm qualified to
teach you.

Pro Speaking, Internet & Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship,
Website Critiques and more

All the proceeds go to the scholarship program for persons with

People with physical and sight impairments are getting trained in
Internet and Digital marketing so they can get hired in good jobs
and/or start their own business

In most cases your training is tax deductible as business

Check with your tax advisor, but I've always heard from many CPAs
and Lawyers in my classes that this is virtually always a
legitimate tax deduction.

Deal 1 - 30-Minute Consult about anything I'm qualified to talk about...Pro Speaking, Internet & Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship, This includes me taking a look at your website and social media, promo materials, etc. prior to the call. Regular $500.00 You pay only $97

Click here for a 30-Minute Consult

Deal 2- Package of three consults. Regular $1400.00 You pay only $250

Click here for 3 consultations

Deal 3 - Full website critique both from a marketing perspective and technical perspective. (Technical perspective is only if the site is WordPress) Plus, a zoom call so I can show you what I found.  Regular $500.00 You pay only $250

Click here for Website Critique

Deal 4 - How to Make a Fortune Speaking at Fundraisers course. Regular 97.00 you pay only $48.50

Click here for Speaking at Fundraisers Course

Deal 5 - How to Run a 7 Figure Mentor Program 4 Webinar Course including sample forms, paperwork and 30 minute consult Regular $797.00 You pay only $250

Click here for your How to Run a Mentor Program Course

Deal 6 - Podcast Course and appearance on "Screw the Commute" to promote yourself to thousands of people (podcast appearance training prior to your recording included in the deal) Regular $497.00 You pay only $250

Click here for your Podcast Course and Appearance on the Show

Deal 7 - Grab all of the above, get great training, get a podcast appearance and help the persons with disabilities.
Regular price for all the above is 3291
Whammy Sale price for all the above is $1048.50
You pay only $797

(Save a whopping  $2494.00 off the retail price and $251.50 off the Whammy prices.)

Click here for the grab it all deal

Deal 8 - Make me an offer I can't refuse. If you're familiar with my products and services, there is probably something you have wished you could get if only it was a little less expensive. 

Make me an offer and i can either say yes or no and remember the proceeds are going to the scholarship fund so please make your offers reasonable. 

Email your offer to with a cc to or text me or leave me a voicemail at 301-346-7403