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to Use My New Book to Make a Fortune as a Professional Speaker

Tom Antion, a veteran of over 3000 paid speaking engagements, has a 2 minute message for you below and he'll pay you even if you are already a pro speaker.

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Hi! I'm Tom. And I want to share with you a powerful new resource that can change the lives of you and your family. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, my “Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking” e-book will change what you think you know about careers in public speaking, and arm you with the strategies and techniques to make the most money possible!

This brand new e-book will expose you to 29 years of experience in just a few hours, and if you act immediately, I'll pay you to use it.

In a minute, I'm going to share with you the #1 little known, yet time tested secret, only top seasoned professional speakers know that has earned me millions in speaking revenue. But first, how about asking yourself why you are not speaking right now and if you are, . . . why isn't it for the highest fees possible?

If you're like most professionals, you have probably wondered what a career in professional public speaking could be like, but you may have been hindered by these limiting beliefs:

  • No one will ever pay me to speak.
  • I have nothing to talk about.
  • I don't know how to get booked.
  • I'm too frightened to be on stage.
  • I have nothing to sell when I speak.

If you haven't taken the plunge, don't worry. It's not your fault. You may be surrounded by people who don't support your dreams and don't have the desire to succeed like you do.

Yes, I know those bullet points above are very real concerns. But I have the simple answers derived from years of “hard knocks” that can turn anyone who wants it bad enough into a professional speaker selling their expertise to information-hungry crowds all over the world.

And once you know the insider secrets to getting hired and creating multiple income streams, the rich life of professional speaking can be yours.

My new “Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking” leaves nothing out when it comes to the business of speaking! Look at all you will learn: 

  • How to get hired by the people that pay . . . too many people waste time and drop out because they don't know where to find the money that's spent on speakers every single day.
  • Why speakers bureaus probably want nothing to do with you. . . again it's not your fault. It's just the nature of the beast and this understanding will save you lots of wasted time and effort.
  • How to sell your presentation to meeting planners . . . they're busy and the more you help them out, the more likely you are to get the job.
  • How creating information products can make you way more money than speaking fees . . . Speak and create products and you can pretty much write your own ticket.
  • How to package yourself . . . . you'll have the best possible materials to promote yourself with the least cash outlay.
  • Setting your speaking fees to maximize your income . . . too cheap will kill your reputation and too expensive means bragging rights, but no work.
  • Get more bookings and get them easier than ever before . . . the secrets you learn will give you an almost unfair advantage over your competitors.

What will you do if a television show calls you to be a guest? . . . You'll find the answer on page 167.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Sell your knowledge in 15 powerful ways . . . this will make multiple streams of income a reality for you.
  • Position yourself for the “cream-of-the-crop” jobs in the best locations. . . no more Holiday Inn basements for you.
  • Select the EXACT topic for you . . . No more wondering what you're going to talk about.
  • Use media marketing instead of cold calling to get clients to call you. . . When they call you, you're the celebrity and you have already won the power struggle on the call. . . NO MORE COLD CALLING!
  • Select basic equipment and software that every speaker needs. . . this section alone will save you literally hundreds of wasted dollars in mistakes buying the wrong stuff.
  • Create heirloom handouts that set you far apart from the other speakers . . . Your stuff will be selling for you long after your speech because the attendees won't dare throw your handouts away.
Learn to make handouts that people keep FOREVER. These really make you stand out from other speakers.

Do you know the exact method to use your products to make you the star of large events even before the attendees get there? . . . Find out on page 137.

The speaking industry is all about getting paid over and over again. If you have been speaking for years and are still struggling to make ends meet, the tips in this e-book will give you one-of-a-kind, valuable insights into:

  • Building a database of clients to market to.
  • Setting up an e-commerce system for your website.
  • Creating webinars and teleseminars.
  • Writing and publishing books, CDs and e-books.
  • Making a fortune speaking at fundraisers.
  • Writing great web content that converts into sales.
  • Getting discovered with killer press releases.
  • Building fans with e-zines, articles and email marketing.
  • Promoting your image with brochures, blogs and pictures.
  • And a ton of powerful tips to build real wealth!

The world of professional speaking may be foreign to you. You may be having a hard time believing how much money speakers make. If you don't believe me, go to Google and type in the term “speakers bureau”. After you get past their celebrity speakers, you'll see hundreds of speakers you never heard of.

Take a look at them and you'll see fees that would be a good month's salary for most people!

And this could be you. A life that most people only dream about, doing what they love to do and helping others at the same time. The “Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking” has everything you will ever need to create the career of YOUR dreams to build a better life for you and your family.

Do you know the 11 different information products you could be creating right now to sometimes quadruple your income from speaking? . . . Find out on pages 121 to 136.

Look at a bunch of other things you get:

  • 13 different speaker resources you need to know about.
  • 8 acceptable ways to discount speaking fees without looking like a dollar store speaker.
  • 3 sample handouts.
  • 4 of my absolute best places to outsource lots of the mundane work of running the business.
  • 11 different information products you can create easily.
  • 22 completely different ways to make money speaking . . . if you can't find at least a couple of these ways that suit you, then professional speaking probably isn't for you.

Want a sample of a professional speaker fee schedule so you can pattern one of your own? . . . It's on pages 68-70.

A professional fee schedule covers just about all the financial aspects of doing business with you. Check it out along with a discussion of all the items starting on Page 68.

Do you know how to prepare for an International audience? Find out on pages 56-60.

Do you know how much you can realistically earn from professional speaking? I give you a bunch of highly detailed potential scenarios on pages 142-149.

How would you like to see an advanced speaker's contract that is usually never revealed in public and is hush, hush among promoters?

You will on pages 112-121

(Note: I've used this at actual events where I've earned more than $150,000.00)

It's extremely rare you would ever get to look at one of these agreements unless you were a speaker at a major event. You'll find the entire agreement on Pages 112 to 121. You'll also get a link to the best resource I know for basic and starter speaker agreements.

Ok. I promised that I would share with you the #1 principle that most public speakers are NOT using in their business. This is my overriding principle, learned from years of trying to get people to hire me to speak. I got more speaking engagements than I ever had before when I quit trying to sell them and began selling my knowledge in as many different formats as possible.

This book is going to teach you to get speaking engagements coming to you. Sure, it's probably going to be tougher at the start, but once you get your pipeline filled with meeting planners and other people that can hire you, things get easier using my methods.

Do you know the dozen things that go into a speaker's press kit?. . . Find out on pages 71-74.

Can you name 14 critical things to know about a speaker's demo video? . . . If you can't, you better read pages 75-80.

Do you know where you can get super high quality caricatures of yourself to put on products and marketing materials done for only a few dollars? . . . All you have to do is take a peek at page 82.

Caricatures, used appropriately, can send the message you are a fun speaker to be around.

Speaking of graphics, do you know two methods to get your mugshot on the front covers of programs and trade magazines even before you're well known? . . . Check it out on page 84 and 85.

This book is simply packed full of marketing ideas and I give you a ton of information on using:

  • The Web
  • Social Media
  • Keywords
  • Google Analytics
  • Ezines
  • Blogs
  • Shopping Carts
  • Email Broadcasts
  • Autoresponders
  • And online tools to build a massively great reputation online

I'm really piling it on aren't I? . . . Those of you that have my book called “Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Speakers” know I don't hold back. Hey, that book is over 1,040 pages. This one is 240 pages and distilled down to tip after tip after tip from my 29 year career speaking and performing.

Do you have a method to create speech titles that fill your room while all the other speakers complain about low attendance? . . . Read the story starting on page 86 about how I crushed it at a Real Estate convention simply by having a method to create titles.

How much would you pay for the knowledge I'm providing in this valuable e-book? Before you answer I want you to think about what the gentleman said just below and think about what five wasted years could mean to you.

“Tom's program and materials will cut five years off a speaker's learning curve.”
Cavett Robert, beloved founder of the prestigious National Speakers Association

Okay, Tom. What's the deal on you paying me to use your book?

The deal is simple. My Goal is 100 legitimate video testimonials. That means you read the book and actually used something from it. Just shoot me a video and tell me about it. I'm not looking for over the top fake B.S. I just want you to benefit from what you learn and actually use it.

I really want this book to get out in the marketplace because it's going to help so many speakers and I really want and need those testimonials on video so I thought I would give what's known in the industry as an “ethical bribe”.

Here's the deal for me to give you double your money back and let you keep the book:

You purchase this book for the pitifully, unbelievably low price that I'll get to in a minute.

You legitimately use a technique from the book and tell how it worked out for you, i.e. give me your results on a decent looking and sounding video (it doesn't have to be professionally produced. It could be on a webcam so long as it's:

A. legitimate and you can prove to me you did what you're claiming

B. It's got a clear picture 

C. It's got clear audio

D. You mention the name of the book somewhere in the video

E. You give me permission to use the video in its entirety for promotional purposes

F. You realize that the deal is good for the first 63 people who submit a usable video (you will receive instructions on how to submit your video via email after you purchase)

OK. What about the price. I'm not going to fool around with any fancy copywriting techniques. I'm starting it out at $27.00 until I get my video testimonials. Can you believe it? Just one of the forms took me a couple years of testing to develop and some legal fees that cost hundreds of dollars.

Regardless of the video deal, if you get the book and don't think it's any good (I can't imagine that), but if you do, simply request a refund and we'll promptly refund your money.

The price won't be there very long. As soon as I get my videos, I expect the price to go to $47.00, then $67.00 and I will test all the way up to $97.00 which is where my “Click” e-book ended up. Then I'll roll this out bigtime after the first of the year.

For those submitting videos that are accepted as legitimate (that's in my sole discretion) I'll either give you a check for $54.00 or use PayPal.

Question: Tom, will it be difficult to find something in the book to get some results on quickly?

Answer: Absolutely not. There are some things in the book you could do within an hour of reading it, shoot your video and get paid the next day. Here's a guy that did it. Click here to see how I helped Tom Justin the first evening he got the book.


If you move fast, you can have the knowledge that made me a professional speaker in the top 1% of income in my industry for only $27

That's right. This is a very small investment in your future AND keep in mind that it took me over 3000 paid presentations to figure out, so you don't have to. I just want you to go and make money.

And let me sweeten the deal just a little more. I'.m going to provide these valuable Bonus add-ons from my own personal speaking business library to make sure you have everything you need:

BONUS 1 – My back of the room sales order form. This order form is responsible for at least $50,000.00 every single time it's used. Most of the time it's over $100,000.00 and sometimes it's over $200,000.00  (a $97.00 value).

This carbonless form is responsible for an enormous amount of back of the room sales.

BONUS 2 – My Pre-Program Questionnaire which took me several years to develop. This document goes to the meeting organizer in advance so I can totally customize my comments to the group. After using this form, many participants thought I was actually in their industry. Using this will help you to get outrageously great evaluations. (with all the development time and hard knocks it took to figure out the right questions for this form it's worth at least $120.00 a copy)

BONUS 3 – THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME AND UNIQUE SPEAKER BONUSES YOU WILL EVER SEE AND IT'S ONLY AVAILABLE AS PART OF THIS BOOK OFFER. If you're a pro speaker, you should buy my new book just to get this bonus. — You'll get a sample speaker evaluation form. . . . Oh Boy!. . . Sounds pretty boring doesn't it?  The awesome part is the discussion of how super savvy speakers use evaluation forms to get more business. This one bonus section alone is worth 100 times the cost of this book.  …No graphic preview…You'll just have to see it. I will tell you though that the questions and awesome discussion are nine pages long. (Priceless)

BONUS 4 – A simple to follow formula and template for creating promotional pieces on any topic PLUS a sample that has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Value $150.00 to develop)

This promotional piece is easy to create and contains exactly what the meeting planner needs to put you in the running, and sometimes book you directly off this promotional piece. I give you the step-by-step instructions.

PLUS, PLUS – I'm giving you access to my own speaker demo video so you can get a feel for the construction of a top video demo. Your video editor will be able to re-create the same kind of excitement and techniques in your demo DVD. 

Take full advantage of my many successful years as a professional speaker with my new “Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking” E-book!

I'll pay for your successes! Get the book and make your video!

Here's to your speaking success! (Now go do it!)

P.S. The speaking industry, just like every other, has had its ups and downs from this tough economy. You need this information more than ever to take your speaking career to the highest levels, no matter what your level of expertise is.

P.P.S I'm disgusted with many new speakers who will tell you anything from the stage to get you to give them money, then disappear and never help you. I refuse to be like this. Anyone dealing with my organization will get top-notch service guaranteed!