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Retreat Center

How would you like to have the home of your dreams and have your coaching and mentoring students pay for it?

My “How To Operate A Retreat Center Out Of Your Home” DVD can make it happen.

A Retreat Center Is One Of The Most Powerful And Lucrative Educational Tools Your Business Can Have!

Whether you have been thinking of starting a mentorship program or already have one in place, I know you want to give your students the most fulfilling experience possible. Why your clients would pick one learning program over another begins with giving them “personal, individual service”. There are a lot of programs out there, but a retreat center can increase the perceived value of your educational program TEN FOLD.

You can use the increased tuitions your program would justify to add amenities to your existing home or you can even PURCHASE a home for yourself and use the tuitions to pay for it! Just think of what it would mean to your students and your business by offering an intimate, individual experience that your competition does not have.

In this jam packed DVD you will learn how to:

=>  Balance schedules, airport pick-ups, catering and more.

=>  Pre-screen guests and their needs prior to arrival.

=> Keep “finicky” guests and visitors attentive and satisfied.

=> Properly choose home equipment and servicing.

=> Balance learning time with quiet time.

=> Add the proper amenities for guests that can drastically increase your   property value and participation in your program.

=> Buy the right products and keep food and energy costs down.

=> Use the retreat deadline countdown for efficient time management and much, much more!

You may or may not have a great mentorship program yet. But could you imagine how much you could ramp up your business being able to teach to your students in small groups and the unique experience you could give them? Just how many other mentor programs utilize their homes as a retreat center? Hardly any! This is one opportunity you can’t afford to miss!

In this economic environment where people want and need to get the most out of their educational dollars, you will need to step up just how much your program can offer and give your students the most bang for their buck!

My “How To Operate A Retreat Center Out Of Your Home” DVD will show you just how easy it can be.

You'll Get:

=> Over 2 hours of power-packed information…covering every aspect of creating and running your retreat center smoothly!

=> Detailed explanations of the proper amenities…make sure your guests have everything they need to learn, relax and have a great experience.

=> Downloadable forms…that you can copy and use to pre-screen guests, keep appointments, maintain a proper timeline and much, much more!

=> Interviews with employees…get the insider info from the employees that keep a retreat center running smoothly.

=> My retreat center secrets…all the fine details that I have learned operating a profitable retreat center for over 9 years. You don’t have to make the same costly mistakes!

Listen: If you had to prove your credibility to your students that the information you teach will really make them successful, how would you do it? You could just rent a hotel room for a seminar and try to convince your clients that your program will make them rich. Or you could prove it to them by showing your students all the great things you have purchased by being an expert…your home and all it’s amenities! The real challenge in business today is convincing prospects that you are all that you say you are… an expert!

Opening up your home as a retreat center will give you credibility and a larger perceived value for your program thus creating more money for your business by easily raising your tuitions for your services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Tom, I never thought that my home would be good enough to actually make it into a retreat center. How any
amenities do I have to have?

A: You would be surprised how little you would have to add to your home to make it a comfortable place for students to learn. Use your added income from increased tuitions to purchase amenities that will become a permanent fixture of your property’s value.

Q: I don’t think I can run a retreat center all by myself. How much work is involved and how many employees do I need?

A: You can make your retreat center as simple or as complicated as you like. With just a little bit of help, proper delegation of chores can be accomplished with a very minimal staff.

Q: How can I buy a larger house using your method?

A: By raising your tuitions, you can actually purchase a larger property and have your business pay for it. With a monthly retreat, you will 27 days a month to enjoy your new home!

The Top Five Ways your retreat center can make your
business money:

1) Rise above your competition by offering students a personal and unique experience.

2) Increase tuitions by giving your program a higher perceived value.

3) Add comfortable amenities to your home and increase your property’s value.

4) Increase your expert credibility by showing your clients the perks of your success.

5) Show the world your retreat center through videos, brochures, pictures and websites and gain big time respect for you business!

How much would you pay to learn step by step the techniques and insider information to make your educational program the best it can be?

$350? $500? $1000?

How about only $197.00!!

Imagine what a small investment in your business can do to make your home a place of education, value and comfort for your students! I run the only retreat center of its kind in the world. I have made all the costly mistakes so you don’t have to. If you want to REALLY succeed like I have, step your business up to the next level of credibility and accessibility!

Call me crazy, but charging only $197 only for insider information that will make your business HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars of increased income is the deal of a lifetime!

AND I dare you to find this info anywhere else!

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Sit back in the comfort of your home or office and learn everything you need to know to make your business a huge success on this amazing, info packed DVD.

You’ll also get:

=> What foods and drinks to buy

=> A discussion of the Americans With Disabilities Act

=> A list of the Amenities you can and cannot live without

=> Employee duties…although you don't need any to start

=> 40 Page PDF with DVD index and Forms, checklists, menus and rules
=> Info on handling pets, allergies, guest security and much, much more!

Order NOW! Tom Antion’s “How To Operate A Retreat Center From Your Home” DVD Only $197 + FREE SHIPPING

BONUS – A 30 minute consult with me to answer any questions you have (a $500.00 value)

And another thing…selling your knowledge and information products in the 21st century will be a hard enough task without taking advantage of every available educational tool to make your business stand out from the rest. This DVD will show you how to accelerate your mentor program light years beyond your competition and start making the money that you deserve!

Make this important tool a part of your library today!


Tom Antion

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P.S. Hey listen. Maybe you are just starting out and it’s hard to imagine that you too, can make your home into a retreat center. Anyone who does the things outlined in this DVD can get ahead in learning what it takes to build their program into a money generating machine!

P.P.S. Or maybe you already have made your home into a retreat center and you would like to know more about how to make it more profitable and successful. Utilizing all that I have learned over the years will save you time and money, boosting sign ups and satisfaction for your students!

Order today!

Special note: Make sure you consider zoning and nosy jealous neighbors before you turn your home into a retreat center.