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It’s NOT 2001… you no longer have to pay
$5,000 for a website!

 “Got $20? . . . Got An Hour? Now You Can Have Everything You Need To Build And Manage Your Own Professional Website!”

Take Back The Power of The Internet!

Tom Antion’s “Wordpress Website Creation” E-Course gives you the power and freedom of building and managing your own e-commerce website without the hassle of working with a web designer!

Just look at these gorgeous and highly functional sites Tom's students have built in virtually no time at all with virtually no experience at all: (Click on the thumbnails to see them full size.)

And my crazy Site https://www.FatsoTennis.com

The times have changed and now it’s true. You too can have a powerful, customized website in less than an hour and for as little as $20 without hiring an expensive web designer that you have no control over.

How many ideas and products can you think of that you could sell to the world if you only had the chance to create your own websites?

If you are a speaker, author, coach, consultant or ANYONE looking to do business on the web, this e-course is for you. Gone are the days of $5,000 websites (of course, you could still spend that kind of money, but why would you?). WordPress, the premier software of blogging professionals has the ability to create the easiest and most functional websites on Earth. Just for you!

You can have a branded, customizable and fun website up and running in literally minutes and be on your way to Internet success!

Hi! I’m Tom Antion.

People who know me realize just what a waste of time and money I think web designers are. Sure, there are plenty of talented geeks out there who are ready and willing to take your money, but I have created a video training system that will eliminate the need for over-priced and hard to get a hold of web designers.

In today’s fast paced Internet world, you can’t wait weeks to have your web designer make the changes you need… You need it now!

Adding your own pages, videos, MP3’s and products is how you make money on the web! With my WordPress Website Creation e-course you are in control of your Internet destiny… and managing loads of your very own website has NEVER been easier!

In a minute, I’ll show you how I created a website from scratch using the techniques in this course. This site now has a Google page rank of 4 and started making money in a few days after I put it into action. But let’s take a quick look at some of what you will learn in this video training e-course:

You will learn how to:

·      Pick your own customizable look for your website.

·       Add audio, images and more!

·       Create hidden pages that build your opt-in email list. This is list building gold!

·       Add powerful plug-ins to make your site do things that would take months and thousands of dollars to pay a programmer to do.

·       Set your site up so the search engines love it.

·       Submit your posts to dozens of directories automatically! . . .and not get in trouble for spamming the search engines.

·       Add clickable links to resources and affiliate products.

·       And much, much more!

Don't forget the biggest thing . . . you and/or your staff will be able to make gorgeous, highly functional, easy to update, search engine loved sites for virtually FREE!

The WordPress Website Creation E-course will give you all of the tools and knowledge to become your own webmaster. You can build as many of these websites as you want, over and over again, driving tons of valuable customers to your products and services. You will be in total control! 

But Tom, I’ve never built a website before…ever.

Good! You are exactly the person I made this e-course for. No matter what skill level you have with making websites, whether you have made dozens or never touched one at all, this course will give you valuable information on creating search engine friendly pages that will soar to the top of the ranks. Who could benefit from having their own website? If you are a:

·       Public Speaker – you can create a web presence that is critical in getting your name out there and attracting meeting planners.

·       Consultant – show your prospective clients how you have helped others with video testimonials and show off your training.

·       Author – promoting your book on the web is critical in attracting readers and publishers. Authors need a website more than ever!

·       Coach – advertise your systems, products and services to the world. Whether for business or personal, there are people searching the web every moment for good advice!

·       Affiliate marketer – you can’t do business at all without a website. Now you can have hundreds of them to promote all the products people are looking for everyday.

·       Small business owner – from local pizza shops to busy chiropractors, the small business person will benefit the most from a custom website. Creating search engine friendly websites are how the successful small business people are reaching their customers by the millions in local search results.

·       Artists, bands and actors – grab the attention of the world’s most influential people with demo videos, MP3 downloads, bio pages and more.

·       Personal use – use a WordPress website to just share family photos, keep a journal, start a business, keep up with friends, network with like minded people and express yourself to the fullest. A website can open the doors of creativity and profit or do anything with it you desire!

I designed this video e-course after I created my easiest website yet…  https://www.FatsoTennis.com . I have hundreds of websites but with WordPress software I created the cheapest, and fastest, and best looking website I ever owned.

I added plug-ins to upload videos, I created a sales letter page where you can buy my tennis DVD and I can even collect emails to add to my database in KickStartCart.

I searched for a tennis theme, created my pages, removed the sponsored links ($20) and published my first blog post in 30 minutes! That was just a few months ago and I have already made great money selling my tennis video and the site is already at a Google page rank of 4! (this means Google loves the site)

This training e-course gives you the power to create the business you want, without the expense. Included are:

·       65 pages of detailed step-by-step articles!

·       26 Camtasia screen capture videos so you can see exactly how each step is done!

·       My personal Ping List of all the places I submit to so you can get started quickly and be successful!

·       Over two hours of bite-sized, easy-to-follow chunks of comprehensive training!

·       Plus my high level research on the exact way to set up your links for maximum search engine positioning and you'll even be in good favor with Google news if you do it my way.

After seeing just how easy creating WordPress sites were, I knew I was on to something. People all over the world can benefit from creating quick and easy websites for themselves and be on their way to Internet success.

My video WordPress Website Creation e-course will show you every detail and leaves nothing out. You will also learn these WordPress secrets: 

·       Using your hosting company software to install WordPress in one click!

·       How to instantly install the latest WordPress versions.

·       How to title your blog posts to get high Google search results!

·       Sponsored links or no sponsored links? Which is better?

·       Finding the right widgets to customize your sidebars.

·       Permalinks. What are they? And how can you use them to increase search results?

·       Powerful tips to build subscribers! Start to build your “fan club.”

·       Formatting lists to make your site look professional.

·       Purchasing themes that will give your site a million dollar look!

Warning: Even though setting up a fantastic WordPress site is relatively easy once you know how, there is one setting that can ruin everything for you and get your site banned. I make a big deal in the course on how to set this setting properly, when to change it and I suggest a plug-in, in a bonus email that will fix the problem forever.

You could spend a fortune having a website built by so-called “professionals”…. techno-geek designers that have never made a dime on the Internet and then wait weeks to make one small change. But you no longer have to do this. I’m giving you the control over the Internet by teaching you the simplest method yet for building the Internet business of your dreams.  

How much would you pay for powerful training like this?

If you knew the money I've saved on building the massive web empire that I have, you wouldn't balk at any amount.

Actual training classes on this have gone for as much as $2000.00 per person. Would I pay that? Heck no! That's crazy.

This class rocks!

You absolutely deliver on what you promise!

Meggin McIntosh

Here's the deal:

Since, it's all digital and I don't have to get on an airplane I'm going to sell this course for a measly $97.00.

You'd probably save $2000.00 if you just made one site with this method.

If 97 bucks is too much for you to invest in yourself to save thousands of dollars on a massive web presence, I just can't help you.

I will tell you that it is rare that I give guarantees, but I will on this product because since my last product introduction thousands of people that don't really know me have signed up on my lists. I want them to get a chance to experience the value I give with absolutely no risk.

So grab one of these courses for only $97.00 and have your own professional website or blog in virtually no time at all.  Heck, I'm giving you 60 days to try it out and it should really only take you a couple days to get your first site going . . . That is if you just do what the course shows you. hahaha if you can't figure it out, give it to the nearest grade school kid and get them to help you hahaha.


 Only $97.00 (one of my best bargains ever!)


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