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Pro Speaking

Tom Antion's Brand New “Pro Speaking” Mentor Program

Many of you are familiar with my Internet Mentor Program which is the longest running and most successful on the net. For the first time ever I'm offering a six-month program to take you from wherever you are in your speaking career to having the skills to become a top pro speaker.

If you want training from the best-of-the-best, you have come to the right place!

New Speakers – why not learn to do things correctly right from the start and avoid bombing for years until you learn the ropes the hard way?

Experienced Speakers – I know it's hard to admit that there are some things you can learn and I know it's hard to admit you aren't making the money you think you should. Well, I won't tell anyone you're working with me…It will be our secret.

Why am I doing this?
First of all, I'm one of the most qualified persons in the world to offer this training.

Tom Antion has trained literally thousands of pro speakers and he can train you too!

And secondly, I'm getting sick and tired of poorly qualified people and out-and-out ripoffs taking advantage of you.

Thirdly, …..see firstly and secondly hahaha

What makes me qualified to teach you?

  • Over 3000 paid speeches and entertainment 
    gigs in 12 countries.
  • Have trained other pro speakers for the prestigious National Speakers Association more than 100 times over 23 years.
  • Past-President of the National Capital Area Professional Speakers Association
  • Asked by MSNBC to critique the President's speech to Congress
  • Speak only 4 or 5 times a year and in the top 1% of speaker income.
  • Haven't been beaten in back of the room sales that I know of in over 12 years and frequently sell more than all the other speakers combined.
  • Author of “Wake 'em Up” Business Presentations” a classic book that has been used in college courses and also used to train professional speakers.

And that's not all . . .

  • Author of the “Wake 'em Up Video Professional Speaking System” the best selling professional speaking course on the net.
  • Author of “The Ultimate Guide to Professional Speaking”
  • Author of 4 Editions of “Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Speakers” the bible of online marketing and presence for the speaking industry.
  • Have the longest running public and professional speaking blog on the Internet.
  • Have the longest running speaker shop on the Internet
  • Have the largest public and professional speaking database on the Internet with over 100,000 subscribers in 80+ countries.
  • Have the largest public and professional speaking membership site with over 475 training videos.

So what does all this mean to you?
It means I have vast amounts of experience developing pro speakers and that I'm still current and actively speaking so you get the best possible training by someone who's done it and is still doing it.

Do you know what makes me sick?
Criminal types who charge you outrageous amounts of money, who lie to you, cheat you, intimidate you and/or give you no service at all. You won't get any of that overhyped crap from me or anyone who works for me.

Another thing that bugs me is that people that aren't really rip offs teaching you ancient principles that worked in 1910 and Toastmaster stuff that has nothing to do with modern day professional speaking. . . . In fact using these principles and techniques would get you laughed off the stage (not in a good way) in virtually any professional setting.

You'll get an intensive, high quality training program that promises to teach you the things you need to know to thrive in the speaking business AND that work in today's short attention span environment.

Ask these questions when considering investing in anyone's training:
Note: Get the answers in writing!

  • How much one-on-one time do you actually get with the “guru”? . . . Don't let them trick you into thinking teleseminars and groups and fake masterminds are the same as one-on-one time.
  • Do I get the gurus direct cell phone number and will he/she answer it and/or return my call quickly? . . . Some of the ripoffs give you a number that is never answered or even checked and I've got a report of one a**hole who returned an emergency call over a week later. . . . I doubt that's the kind of poor service you want when you need help!
  • What is their definition of a “full day”? . . . One guy books three people at his house on the same day calling all three a full day. This is out and out fraud because each person got a little less than three hours…NOT a FULL DAY by any reasonable definition.
  • What is their cancellation policy?  . . . One guy cancelled at the last minute to take a better job and refused to pay the extra airfare and transportation charges incurred by the students he screwed over.
  • Does the guru have a “real” business with competent employees, i.e. how many knowledgeable people are there to serve you?. . . or does he/she outsource you to incompetent low fee assistants or simply avoid you altogether?

You may wonder where I got these questions. They all came from actual complaints reported to me in my consumer advocate and anti-scam roles. & &

My program & training is REAL. I've had over a 1000 students to prove it.

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn in my jam-packed, exclusive level one mentor program:

Easy ways to get business

  • Push Marketing Techniques. You'll reach thousands of prospects at virtually no cost to you.
  • How to use “just in time” printing to save Thousands of dollars and close a higher percentage of deals.
  • How to double or triple the value of each speaking trip.
  • Distinctive (and cheap) packaging ideas that get your stuff past the mailroom and opened faster.
  • No-cost media marketing methods that get new clients to call you.
  • Advanced database marketing techniques . . . you'll know just who to call and exactly when to call them.
  • How to pre-sell products and educational materials so you don't have to schlep them with you, OR sell from the platform.
  • How to use hi-tech electronic time savers.
  • Website tips that get tons of prospects to your site.
  • What to say and what NOT to say when marketing to associations and corporations. Never put your foot in your mouth again.

Easy performance techniques that get you high evaluations and referral business

  • 3 ways to Make 'em Love ya before you even get to the state where you're speaking.
  • How to do pre-program interviews that guarantee high evaluations.
  • 4 ways to Bombproof your presentations.
  • 2 cools ways to eliminate the need for notes.
  • 5 criteria to predict the response of any audience.
  • 3 great resources for dealing with an international audience.
  • The best trick ever to eliminate Hecklers BEFORE they start to heckle.
  • Seating techniques that triple the volume of laughter and interaction.
  • Opening and closing formulas . . . all you have to do is fill in the blanks.
  • Special tips, tricks and bonus lessons that make you look like a genius.
  • 20 Story telling tips . . . just one of them will double the interest level of any story.
  • How to use hypnotic emotional language to force people to action.
  • 11 attention gaining devices . . . You'll make insomniacs out of your audience members.
  • Fantastic props and prop handling techniques that will make you the talk of the meeting.
  • Organization and cross-referencing of material so you can prepare talks quickly.

Easy Humor Techniques

  • Humor formulas to Make 'em Laugh exactly when you want 'em to.
  • 28 specific humor delivery techniques . . . no more wondering how to say a funny line.
  • 33 ways to use humor . . . without telling jokes.
  • See FREEZE FRAME VIDEO that will show you exactly where to look and how to act when delivering funny material.
  • 9 great sources for speaker humor.

The very first tip is worth at least double the cost of the System.
Patrick Wahl, DMD, MBA
National Speakers Association member

Tom, your system was much better than I expected (and I expected it to be good).
Quentin Reynolds, Dublin, Ireland

Top Ten Reasons You Should Join This Mentor Program

10. You will be a much better speaker.

9. You will receive higher evaluations.

8. You will deliver more interesting programs.

7. You will deliver more entertaining programs.

6. You will be infinitely more confident in the outcome of each program.

5. You will get more repeat business.

4. You will get more referral business.

3. You will sell loads of products.

2. You will get more prestigious engagements.

And the number one reason to order this system is:

1. You will make more money!


You'll learn special practice techniques that take no extra time out of your busy day, but make you look EXTREMELY POLISHED.


Much, Much, More!

Tom's program and materials will cut five years off a speaker's learning curve.
Cavett Robert, Founder, National Speakers Association

Wake 'em Up teaches you to be irresistible as a presenter.
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author of the #1 New York Times Best-selling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Mastering the skills in Tom's program will virtually guarantee you will always be in demand as a speaker.
Dottie Walters, President, Walters International Speakers Bureau, Co-Author Speak and Grow Rich

Here's what you'll get:

  • 24 weekly One-on-One calls with me to layout assignments for you and to critique your work (videos, audios, promo materials, speech segments, etc.)

NOTE: One-on-One means I will shut out the world and totally concentrate on you and your business once a week for six months. You will not be lumped in with people that are more experienced than you or less experienced than you.

The Wake 'em Up Video Professional Speaking System 
(This will be the training materials we work from)

DVD 1 “Pre-Program Work, Introductions & Openings” 
Approx run time 90 minutes

  • Wake 'em Up Opening . . . Learn the exact technique of surprise prop handling.
  • Know your audience better than they know themselves with a sophisticated Pre-Program Questionnaire.
  • The number 1 secret I use to GUARANTEE a home run presentation every time.
  • How to use audience listening patterns to your advantage.
  • Advanced Seating Methods for laughter, interaction and involvement.
  • My famous “Scorekeeper” technique to eliminate the need for notes.
  • 5 criteria to predict the audience response to your material.
  • International resources and concerns so you guarantee a connection with diverse audiences.
  • My TOP SECRET ” *** asterisk *** ” technique to eliminate hecklers BEFORE they heckle. (I  have to kill you if you reveal this to anyone) hahaha
  • Advanced microphone handling techniques to put you in total control.
    What to do about distractions to turn them into OUTSTANDING parts of the program.
  • Handling introductions professionally so you come on with a “bang.”
    How to use “test humor” on the audience so your opening never bombs.
  • 4 opening formulas. All you have to do is plug in the info.
  • 3 Bonus Genius Techniques . . . They'll think you're the highest ranking member of Mensa.

DVD 2 “Bits, Bombproofing, Attention Gaining Devices, and Closings”
Approx run time 57 minutes

  • The number one technique to eliminate notes and make you look like a polished pro.
  • Attention gaining devices that guarantee your message will get through.
  • Bombproofing techniques that guarantee your humor will never fail.
  • Humor formulas you can use over and over again in each presentation.
  • Pre-planned ad-libs . . . You'll look extremely polished when you know what to say when something goes wrong.
  • Prop handling AND an incredible wholesale source for cool props.
  • How to use expanded voice inflection to double the interest of your talks.
  • Advanced Question & Answer Techniques that will make you look like the most powerful speaker on the program.
  • Cool tricks and tips about using visuals that will make you fascinating.
    3 no-brainer closing formulas . . . Easy & Powerful.

DVD 3 “Make 'em Laugh FREEZE FRAME Video and 10 Ways to Use Humor WITHOUT Telling Jokes”
Approx run time 76 minutes

  • Bonus quotation lesson. . . . How, when, and why to use someone else's words.
  • Custom visual lesson . . . Masterful ways to make your visuals market for you long after the presentation is over.
  • Special instructions on using “the most powerful form of humor” to your BIG ADVANTAGE.
  • The Handiest Humor Formula and how to apply it whenever you want.
  • Acting techniques for funny stories . . . Make your stories hilariously come alive!
  • Punch line techniques . . . Deliver it properly and they laugh big-time.
  • Copy, without being a copycat . . . Use other people's humor with their blessing.
  • Another humor formula you'll use over and over again to make your points.
  • How to get your audience “ready” to laugh. . . . Be your own warm up act.
  • How to make your point with “dumb questions” . . . and not look dumb doing it.
  • How to play outrageous audience gags . . . so they will never forget you.
  • Fun audience involvement techniques . . . These can be used to grab them anytime.
  • How to use easy-to-find Jokebook Jokes . . . and make them work.
  • How and why to whisper to one person . . . Watch the rest of them eavesdrop.
  • Clothing tips for video and videoconferencing . . . Learn from my embarrassing mistakes.
  • Learn how to use funny acronyms, cartoons, comic strips, comic verse, music, costumes, one-liners, signs, places, maps, words, top 10 lists to generate laughter, excitement and learning in your presentations.
  • How to use copyrighted material legally and how to find copyright free material.
  • Learn a great genius technique to use when your time gets cut.
  • How to find 9 great sources for targeted humor.
  • Learn the cheapest, sleaziest way to get a standing ovation . . . and make the meeting planner happy you did it.

DVD 4 “Sources & Organization of Material and Storytelling Techniques”
Approx run time 62 minutes

  • 2 completely different and complementary ways to organize your material for quick access.
  • How to cross-reference stories, humor and other material.
  • Advanced practice techniques . . . forget about using a mirror.
  • A cool “trick with a brick” . . . for evaluating your gestures.
  • How to use your friends . . . for speech practice that is.
  • Coaching suggestions so you don't get burnt.
  • Toastmasters vs National Speakers Association.
  • How to identify a story . . . Hundreds surround you every day.
  • 3 things to ask yourself after you identify a story.
  • The best way to get into a story . . . Suck them in deep to reduce their resistance.
  • The hows and whys of multiple length stories . . . Use the same story in lots of settings.
  • Specific techniques on adding emotional language to your talks to move people to ACTION!
  • 10 dos and don'ts of storytelling . . . Use these to triple your effectiveness.
  • My maverick transition ideas . . . I want the audience thinking “What in the heck is he going to do next?”
  • What to do about non-participant, participants . . . i.e., the cross-armed, cross-legged, sourpuss.

DVD 5 “Speaking 4 Money” 
Approx run time 71 minutes

  • 2 major entities that hire speakers . . . You've got to know their lingo or you could blow it with just a few wrong words.
  • The best results oriented resource book for speaker marketing . . . This is the icon of the industry.
  • Lots of other proven and reliable ways to make money speaking.
  • How to create in-demand educational materials and other easily salable speaker products that will double your income . . . AND also keep money coming in while you're on vacation, or if you ever get sick.
  • Learn how to create a simple and contemporary Electronic Magazine (Ezine) designed for today's computer crazy environment.
  • How to find hot speaker topics guaranteed to sell.
  • How to become a credible expert on the topic of your choice . . . and have fun doing it.
  • How to do simple title switching to sell more programs . . . “A program by any other name would sound as sweet” (Thomas Shakespeare) hahaha.
  • How to package yourself to look like a top pro . . . and do it on a bare bones budget.
  • Learn cool insider details about video demonstration tapes.
  • Discover the secrets of “one-sheets” and how this simple piece of paper can make you and save you thousands of dollars.
  • How to get rock 'em, sock 'em testimonials and use them to create SALES!
  • Find out why meeting planners are terrified to book us . . . and what you can do about it.
  • Ya gotta have 'em . . . Fee schedules, press kits, bios . . . You'll learn in 3 minutes everything you need.
  • Why you should try to immediately DISQUALIFY everyone who wants to hire you.
  • Why you have to watch out for the “FED EX BANDITS!”
  • Surefire tips to get articles published about you.
  • Surefire tips to get articles published by you.
  • How to Use high-tech Affiliate programs to increase product sales . . . while you are snoring.
  • How to get a $5000.00 video demo for FREE . . . I've got 2 of them.
  • How to recycle educational materials to quadruple your profits.
  • Basic marketing for speakers . . . including cold calling (yuck), contract back, commission-based, no fee previews and referrals.
  • Using Bulk Email programs . . . without being a lowlife spammer.

DVD 6 “Advanced Speaker Marketing Tips.”
Approx run time 52 minutes
Just one tip on this DVD can make you or save you thousands of dollars.

  • Electronic Newsletter Marketing. You'll reach thousands of prospects at virtually no cost to you.
  • How to raise your fee $1000.00 immediately and close more deals.
  • A wild and crazy and coolest tip ever to pre-sell tons of product at banquets and luncheons.
  • How to market on airplanes . . . I did my last 20 book signings at 31,000 feet.
  • How to print program sheets one at a time (and make them look like they came from the printer). This is WAY better looking than the homemade looking “paper direct” method.
  • How to use database marketing to significantly increase the value of each engagement when you are on the road.
  • Distinctive (and cheap) packaging ideas that make your promo materials stand out in the crowd.
  • Media marketing methods . . .. When they see you, or hear you in the media they call and ask “are you available?” . . . I love that. hahaha
  • How to pre-sell large amounts of products and educational materials.
  • No more breaking your back hauling books and tapes around the country AND no shipping unsold stuff back home.
  • Website tips that get 10,000 prospects per month to your site. . . . Last month I got several hundred thousand pageviews.
  • How to use dirt cheap autoresponders to send out your marketing message to those who want it . . . for only a dollar a month.
  • What to say and what NOT to say when marketing to associations and corporations.

Wake 'em Up! Business Presentations 336 Page Reference Book

  • Over 1000 advanced speaking tips and techniques.
  • Pre-program Questionnaire . . . Adapt it or use it as is.
  • Comprehensive International Section . . . Don't panic when you face a foreign audience.
  • Heirloom Handouts  . . . They'll keep them forever when you use these tips.
  • The Latest, Greatest Seating Methods . . . Easy to use diagrams.
  • Professional Level Introductions . . . Advanced Template. You fill in the blanks.
  • Wake 'em Up Openings . . . 4 types of formula openings so you'll always have a variety.
  • Instantly Usable Speaker Material . . . .Some lines just never get old.
  • Attention Gaining Devices . . . You'll make insomniacs out of the audience members when you use these 11 simple techniques.
  • Speaking Formulas . . . Why beat your head against the wall to develop material. Just fill in the blanks.
  • Hard Hitting Closings . . . When you deliver these, they'll know you were there.
  • Material Selection . . . Learn how to make appropriate choices to suit any audience.
  • Tons of Professional Level Delivery Tips . . . and I mean TONS! More than any other presentation skills book anywhere. I guarantee it.
  • 51 Stage Fright Strategies . . . Simply pick the mix that calms you down.
  • Timing . . . Learn the secrets of knowing when to pause.
  • Humor Placement . . . Where does it go? When should I use humor? You won't have to wonder anymore.
  • 5 Genius Techniques . . . Move over Einstein. You've got the theory of relativity, but I've got the microphone.
  • Bombproofing . . . You'll never deliver a dud after your learn these tricks.
  • Saver Lines . . . Learn what to say to turn a turkey into a swan.
  • 100 Pre-planned ad-libs . . . You'll look like a quick wit when you use these lines.
  • Stage Movement . . . Where's the power on stage. This section tells you.
  • Clothing Tips . . . Patterns, solids, pockets, ties, jewelry . . . a potpourri of handy info.
  • 6 Involvement Techniques . . . Audiences demand it . . . now you have lots of ways to deliver it.
  • Emotional Language . . . Learn how to pick your words to push their buttons.
  • Practice Techniques . . . Fantastic tricks that make you look smooooooooth . . . and they take no time at all.
  • 34 Ways to Be Funny . . . and only 1 is has anything to do with joke telling.
  • Storytelling . . . You will really learn how to paint pictures in the audiences member's minds  . . . 27 dos and don'ts tell you how.
  • Sources and Organization of Material . . . Find your stuff fast with these handy tips.
  • Audio Visual Equipment . . . How to get the most out of the old standbys.
  • Visual Design including the psychology of color . . . Kodak helped me on this chapter.
  • Completely indexed . . . .I spent 4 days from midnight to [4:00] AM indexing this book myself. I guarantee you can find what you want FAST!

Appendix: This section (by itself) has more information than is included in many other presentation books.

  • Action Plan
  • Speaker Resources
  • Room Setup Checklists
  • Tips for Television & Videotape and Videoconferencing
  • Banquet / Luncheon Tips
  • Speaking Glossary
  • Giant Bibliography

Wake 'em Up! Has 19 Chapters In All  and Includes 3 Bonus Chapters

  • 1. Technical & Financial Presentations
  • 2. Sales Presentations
  • 3. Tips for Women Presenters by 12 of the Top Female speakers in the USA

“The Ultimate Guide to Professional Speaking” – To be a top pro speaker you must know the business of speaking.

My new “Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking” leaves nothing out when it comes to the business of speaking! Look at all you will learn:

  • How to get hired by the people that pay . . . too many people waste time and drop out because they don't know where to find the money that's spent on speakers every single day.
  • Why speakers bureaus probably want nothing to do with you. . . again it's not your fault. It's just the nature of the beast and this understanding will save you lots of wasted time and effort.
  • How to sell your presentation to meeting planners . . . they're busy and the more you help them out, the more likely you are to get the job.
    How creating information products can make you way more money than speaking fees . . . Speak and create products and you can pretty much write your own ticket.
  • How to package yourself . . . . you'll have the best possible materials to promote yourself with the least cash outlay.
  • Setting your speaking fees to maximize your income . . . too cheap will kill your reputation and too expensive means bragging rights, but no work.
  • Get more bookings and get them easier than ever before . . . the secrets you learn will give you an almost unfair advantage over your competitors.

Wake 'em Up! Fast Track Action Guide   77 Page Question Book To lead you quickly through the Wake 'em Up DVD Video System

Your action guide includes:

  • Over 500 simple tips you must know if you Speak 4 Money
  • Completely cross keyed to the Wake 'em Up reference book so you can find your answers fast.
  • 100 question speaker quiz to reinforce your knowledge
  • 6 easy learning sections that match your videotapes
  • 2 Action Item Logs to make it simple to follow your progress.
  • 6 answer keys (one for each section) and multiple cross keys so you are never wondering where to go to find the information you need.

Who Would Benefit From This Mentor Program?

This system is for you if you want to dramatically and immediately increase your income from speaking, training and product sales. If you are a rank beginner, then this mentor program is also for you so you won't have to suffer years of bombing and uncertainty.

  • You will get more bookings and get them easier than ever before.
  • You'll learn the method to legitimately raise your fee NOW!
  • You'll be able to position yourself for the “cream-of-the-crop” jobs and get out of the Holiday Inn Basements.
  • You'll get more repeat engagements.
  • You'll get speakers bureaus interested in you.
  • You'll work smarter and not harder.

There is no law that says you have to beat yourself into the ground to make a lot of money speaking. I sure don't. In fact, for the past five years all my marketing has been 1.) Referral, 2.) Electronic, and 3.) Media,  NO COLD CALLING FOR ME! I can't stand it and wouldn't do it if you held a gun to my head. With my methods, cold calling will be a thing of the past for you too.

You get ALL my techniques. 
I don't hold anything back.

  • You'll get my complete fundraising system.  . . .This is the number one way I break in new speakers and add revenue streams for old timers.
  • We will create a product together. I will interview you by phone. We will record and package a CD and duplicate 50 copies. You will own the master recording.

Questions & Answers

Q. Tom, how does this mentor program work?
A. I will do an initial evaluation of where you are and where you want to go. I will lay out an assignment plan week by week specifically designed for you.

In addition to the specific plan you're working on, you will go through the training materials as I direct you and then do a report on what you learned from them.

You will test the techniques (no more than 2 or 3 per program) in your speeches or training seminars. Concurrently, you will be reading the Wake 'em Up Reference Book that will fill in every little detail needed to make each delivery tip successful.

Also, concurrently you will be working on the business of speaking.

Q. I don't have time to watch videos. Isn't there another way to get the information?
A. The one critical thing about speaking is that it is the one skill you cannot delegate. You are the one on the stage with the microphone and you are the one who is either going to look great, mediocre, or foolish. By finding the time, to complete the system, your speaking will be improved for the rest of your career. If you refuse to do the work, I suggest you do not join this program.

From the marketing end, just one of the tips on product deals, speaker fees, or electronic marketing could easily make you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the balance of your career. Isn't it worth it to take a few hours now to watch the DVDs and learn from them? . . . Of course, I would be happy to coach you personally at $1000 per hour on the phone or $2,000 per hour in person if you think that will be more efficient hahaha.

Q. Tom, I'm just a trainer. How can your program help me?
A. Hush up that kind of talk! What do you mean you are “just” a trainer? Your role is critical in adult education. AND your job is tough because many times you have to be with the same people all day or multiple days and then see them again the following week. You must have an enormous amount of material and energy to do your job. The techniques in the Wake 'em Up DVD Video System apply to you just as much and even more so than a keynote speaker who performs for maybe an hour and then moves on to a new audience.

When you really get good at keeping your participants attention all day and throwing in some entertainment value to make it fun, you will undoubtedly be asked by someone to speak at some other function. You'll earn more money in an hour than you can make all week training. This system will make that day happen faster and give you the techniques you'll need to do a good job.

Q. I already have lots of experience as a paid speaker and make a good income. Why should I bother with this system?
A. That's great and many speakers envy you. However, one trend I'm seeing is that very young speakers are getting booked at fairly high fees and knocking the “old boys” club out of speaking engagements. The seasoned pros are getting increasingly out of touch with the short attention span audiences of today. This program addresses that problem directly.

Also, the old style marketing methods of direct mail and telephone are becoming largely ineffective because of the expense and because no one answers their phone anymore. The electronic methods are taking over and this program directly addresses those issues in an easily understandable fashion.

Q. Tom, I don't have an unlimited budget to put into my speaking career. Your mentor program costs quite a bit more than a cup of coffee. How can I be sure I'll get my money's worth?
A. I don't blame you for being skeptical. I'm that way myself. Lots of people are trying to sell lots of worthless things to speakers. That's why there are two very important things I want you to know:

Number 1: Without bragging , I have a very strong reputation for being an excellent professional speaker and speaker coach. I have personally done over 3000 paid presentations. I have trained at 95 chapter events and seven national events and five International events for the prestigious National Speakers Association. I publish my own electronic magazine for professional speakers with over 100,000 subscribers worldwide. MSNBC asked me to critique President Bush's presentation skills. I am not going to damage my worldwide reputation by selling you a piece of junk.

Number 2: I'm sick of tire kickers or those people who want the quick fix and get rich quick schemes. If that's you, then quit reading right now because this system is not for you. The only way you are going to be absolutely sure you get your money's worth is to put the techniques into action. I don't need the money that bad to bother with you if you aren't serious. In fact, I don't need the money at all. I want to turn out great speakers, but my great information won't make you a great speaker. You will make yourself a great speaker by using my great information.

This Mentor Program Is a Professional Speakers Treasure House!

It is chock full of no-nonsense, very practical, tips, tricks and techniques that have been researched and proven to work over the past 23 years. This is a one-of-a-kind mentor program. No where else can you find this much credible information on professional speaking in one place and for this small amount of money.  And no where else can you get access to someone at my level who is willing to teach you. You'll learn insider secrets for:

  • Being so great on the platform that people can't help but refer you and hire you again.
  • Letting the media help you create a hot new speaker image.
  • Getting more publicity than you can handle.
  • Making savvy deals that put extra money in the bank.

Meeting Planners Will Love You
Your meeting organizer will get pats on the back because:

  • The audience loved you (you know 4 amazingly simple ways to build rapport before you even get there).
  • You were more customized than any speaker they ever had (you know the most advanced pre-program techniques that makes it easy).
  • You were funny (you know 33 entertaining ways to “Make 'em Laugh” WITHOUT telling jokes).
  • You were current (you know 2 ultramodern genius techniques that gave you new information they couldn't possibly have).
  • You were interesting (you know 11 different field-proven devices to keep the audience's attention) 

Please Don't Buy if You are Like the Person in Note 1 Below

First Note
“Tom, I'm returning the system because I didn't realize it was this involved to become a speaker.”
Name withheld to protect the moronic

My nasty thoughts: YOU DIDN'T REALIZE IT WAS THIS INVOLVED??? Well where was your mind when we talked before you purchased when I said at least 10 times “This is a lot of work and no get rich quick scheme?” Were you just BSing me when YOU said “Yes, absolutely I'm willing to do all the work and whatever it takes to become a professional speaker.”

Are you the typical nutcase who believes great riches will fall from the sky with no work? Then, please don't buy and save us both wasted time, money and grief. 

Second Note
“Tom, Just wanted to let you know what happened today. It must have turned out ok:)  Matt and I received a thunderous standing ovation!! Matt played without missing a note, and I had them both laughing and crying. It felt wonderful!! I used all your suggestions regarding the quote at the beginning and the end and somewhere in between. I had Matt play “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at the end and everyone sang along, and I had cards made up with my quote on them, and gave them out along with my card with my book info, and a gold bookmarker for each attendee. Thank you for all your help!!! It made all the difference!!”

My fond thoughts: This is the kind of person who is going to be really, really successful. She invested in my program to shorten her learning curve. She used the information to get ideas and then put them into play. She used her consultation time with me to get more ideas, and to tell her how to order them and deliver them to get massive impact. . . . Her words tell you the results. . . . “Matt and I received a thunderous standing ovation!!”

Which type of person are you? If you are a “note one” person, don't buy because I'm not giving your money back after the standard three day cooling off period. You can use the materials as a door stop . . . pretty expensive door stop wouldn't you say?

I have a long history of helping speakers. What I have found is that the people who buy this system on a lark or just to see what I have to say are either ripoffs, or don't have much chance of success anyway.

I only want to deal with people who are deadly serious about learning how to thrive in a new career. Sure, I don't mind if you just want to dabble in speaking, but I'm not going to send you my hard earned knowledge so you can steal it and then ask for a refund when you come up a little short for Christmas money. I'm also not going to spend time with you on the phone trying to help you. I get $1,000.00 per hour for that now. I'm sorry, but I'm not giving up my time for free and you won't want to give your hard earned knowledge away either when I teach you what I'm going to teach you.

The value you will be receiving in this system comes from the knowledge from the books, CDs, DVDs and my 28 years of high level experience.  It's just like in the magic industry. You absolutely can't return magic tricks, videos, props, etc. because once you know the trick you got the value.

I will be glad to certify that every single thing written in the description above is in this mentor program. If you buy the system and challenge me on the above statement, I'll be glad to take the time to point out where the item is. If I show you something that you're challenging, you agree to pay me for my time. How's that? Is that fair? But guess what. I don't want to do that. I want you to study and apply the techniques and get the success your deserve if you work at it.

If you are like the “note two” person, order immediately and let's get moving making you an awesome speaker. I will kill myself to try to help you reach your goals.

Tom Antion

More stuff included in the Pro Speaking Mentor Program

The Make 'em Laugh Six CD Audio Album. 
Over 4 1/2 hours of advanced humor delivery training. Keep the learning going while you are in the car or exercising.

Learning to be funny is not funny. It's probably the hardest part of the entire program. No matter what your topic you must have an entertainment value to your talks . . .  AND YES I SAID “NO MATTER WHAT YOUR TOPIC”.

Even Shakepearean tragedies had “Comic Relief” because the human mind can only stand so much negativity before it “tunes out”. You don't want that happening in your speeches.

If your topic is not a super serious one and you really want them rolling in the aisles, then I will show you how to vary your percentage of humor to suit the occasion.

Speak and Grow Rich by Dottie and Lilly Walters. . . .
Dottie Walters was known as the grandmother of professional speaking. She got me out of the entertainment field back in 1991 and started off my pro speaking career. This book is chock full of great ideas that will help you with the business of speaking.

Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Speakers 
Speakers MUST understand how to create a web presence and my book is the only one of it's kind for the speaking industry. It's 1042 pages, with over 700 links to websites you need to know about. This encyclopedic e-book alone will save you thousands of dollars in dumb mistakes that speakers make when listening to web designers. One of my websites only cost $650 and got  Best-of-the-Web in INC Magazine. This book will teach you exactly how I did it and will show you how you can sell your knowledge on the web, via email courses, TelePhone Seminars and a host of other ways.

Although this is not a substitute for my Internet Marketing Mentor Program, it will be plenty good enough to save you tons of money while teaching you how to build a massive web presence.

To Recap in Level One You Will Get:

  • A 24 week intensive speaker training program
  • Weekly one-on-one calls with me personally
  • Video reviews of your practice and live speeches
  • Evaluations and help creating your marketing materials
  • A CD Interview Product along with 50 copies and you keep the master.
  • The “Wake 'em Up Video Professional Speaking System”
  • Wake 'em Up Business Presentations Book
  • 77 Page Action Guide
  • Make 'em Laugh Audio Album
  • The Ultimate Guide to Professional Speaking Ebook
  • Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Speakers
  • Speak and Grow Rich book
  • My complete fundraising system for speakers.
  • Year access to

Level One is Reasonably priced at $5995

Some of the ripoffs out there would charge you $50,000.00 for this and you wouldn't get 1/10th of the value you will get from my legitimate program. How do I know this? I've got evidence files against the bad guys and girls that I'm using in my anti-scam TV shows and documentary.

Click here to take advantage of a cash discount of $500 by paying all at once.

We'll finance it for you with zero interest. $1997 down and 5 easy payments of $799.60

Level Two
Add on my Back of the Room Selling Program & Get a 50% Discount

I'm one of the top back of the room sellers in the world. I rarely speak without netting over $100,000.00 per speech. I suspect if you even made a fraction of that it would change your life significantly.

Another thing I'd like to mention. There are plenty of people who outsell me at various events. What you don't see is the number of refunds, lawsuits and chargebacks they get. (a chargeback is when the credit card company gives the money back to the buyer because the ripoff speaker refuses to do so.) One speaker I know has over 200 lawsuits pending. I have 48 complaints on file about another speaker. There are lots of scumbags out there.

My method is low key and low pressure, but is still a powerful selling method. You'll never be embarrassed to do the things I tell you. No one would EVER say I was obnoxious or high pressure. My method also is smooth and has significant follow up income associated with it, i.e. you make money for a long time after your speech.

Just like my Internet marketing mentor program this program has an entry fee and a 25% of your back of the room sales which is capped at $50,000.00. This means for me to get my $50K you have to have net $200,000.00 No one else believes in their training enough to make this kind of deal. Everyone else wants all their big money up front. This is bad for you because they have no built in incentive to keep helping you. I do, because I want my $50K 🙂

This program as a stand alone product is $6000, but as an add on to the main pro speaker mentor program, it's only an additional $3000.

Your total Level Two tuition/entry fee for both programs is a reasonable $8995 (pay all at once and get a $500 cash discount)

Click here for pro speaking mentor program + Back of the Room Sales Module and a $500 cash discount.

Zero Interest Finance deal for this program would be $2997 down and 11 easy payments of $545.27

Level Three — “Take it All”
This program level gives you unlimited access by appointment to me and my entire staff. 
A Trip to the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center for an Immersion Weekend.
Your program is extended to one year.

Add my year long Internet Marketing Mentor program and get the finest Internet training available anywhere. This is the longest running and most successful Internet marketing training program on the net. I started selling on the commercial Internet when the commercial Internet started around 1994. I didn't do very well at all for the first two years until I got good training by Corey Rudl around 1996.

Only 1 year later I started training others to sell online and only 4 years after that I was an Internet Multi-Millionaire. My training program is comprehensive and understandable. You can read about all the things you get at

This program also carries an entry fee and percentage of sales. Regular price is $7995, but as an add on to your Speaking and Back of the Room Mentor Programs, you pay only an additional $4995.

Your tuition and entry fee for all three programs is a reasonable $13,990 (Take a $1000 cash discount by paying all at once.)

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Zero interest financing for the “Take it All” program is $3497.50 with 11 easy payments of $953.86

Special $97 bonus when investing in the “Take it All” training. You'll get my “How to Be a KickButt Publicity Hound” e-book which tells you how I've gotten on the media all around the world.


Tom Antion

I can't wait to help you achieve your goals!

P.S. Hey listen. Maybe you're just starting out and it's hard for you to imagine jumping to five or six thousand dollars for a speech. Don't worry. Anyone who does the things outlined in this system can easily break in at $1500 or $2000. Did you know that you could actually be losing money because you are too cheap? It happened to me on the way up and I know other speakers who fell in the same trap. We thought that keeping our fees low would mean we would be booked more often . . . Hogwash! Low fees make the meeting planner think you must not be very good. Keeping your fee low increases the risk of hiring you. I won't let this happen to you.

P.P.S. OR maybe you're a seasoned pro. I'm there too. I know you chart your own course and set uncommon goals for yourself that the average person could never reach. You're about ready to go to the next level. A refresher course in the latest delivery and marketing techniques would be just the ticket to get you the information you need quickly. Maybe your topic, products, celebrity status and client base can support your move to $7000, $8000 or even $10,000 per program. Or maybe you want to get good at selling at the back of the room to hit those figures and more. I'm going to help you make it happen. Order one or all of my systems. Use some, or all of the fantastic and proven techniques and please let me know when that extra money starts rolling in. I'm sure I'll want to use you as a testimonial. . . . and get my cut hahaha