415 - Get lightning fast using your cell phone: Tom talks Cell Phone Automation - Screw The Commute

415 – Get lightning fast using your cell phone: Tom talks Cell Phone Automation

Tom gives you a whole new bunch of cell phone automation techniques in this episode. NO APPS REQUIRED! These will make you faster, more efficient and tap into your inner techno-wizard! Also, listen to episode 367 for the first part of this series that details which apps to use and why.

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[05:03] Tom's introduction to Cell Phone Automation

[08:16] Highly worth it to automate repetitive tasks

[11:21] Turn on your iCloud Keychain

[13:49] Loads of tips for photos

[18:38] Using Siri for searching

[20:06] Random miscellaneous tips for connected devices and data

[23:27] Getting back a closed Safari tab

[24:26] Screen capture and screen shots directly from your phone

[27:17] Using bookmarks

[27:57] Using AirDrop to copy files across devices

[28:30] Predictive Text and Location Services

[30:10] Finding apps in Search

[30:43] Drawing on photos

[31:38] Finding your iPhone even if it's dead

[32:00] Other miscellaneous tips

[35:40] Sponsor message

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 415 – Cell Phone Automation
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with episode four hundred fifteen of Screw the Commute Podcast. Good to talk about cell phone automation. Now, I happened to be on an iPhone, but you can get similar functions on Androids, and I'll be mentioning some of them, some of the favorite places that for Android users. But the idea is, as you get the idea of what you need to do and I have links for iPhones in here, but then you Android users go just search for that function. And somebody will on YouTube, of course, show you how to do it. But it's really, really worth it. Now, you probably want to go back and listen to the episode 367 fact I can't demand it, but I think you really should because I covered this topic initially then with a bunch of apps that you can use, this episode's going to give you a bunch of new and different stuff. That you can do with no apps. This is just inherent in your cell phone and I'll give you a few reminders of what not to do. I'd say you don't mess up your phone. Now, I hardly ever tell people but you really, really, really, really need to go to the show notes for this episode.

[00:01:42] If you're listening in the car or whatever, you're never going to be able to do this stuff right here. So. You need to go to the show notes, I'm telling you it's going to be so worth it to you. Print out the show notes, pick out the ideas that you heard on this episode. And I have links to the exact instructions and screen captures on how to do it. Now, to get to the show notes, you always go to screwthecommute.com and the episode number. So screwthecommute.com slash 415 is what you're going to want to do. All right. Hope you didn't miss Episode 414. That was Kellen Fisher. The pandemic really turned her life around for the good. And instead of whining and woe is me, she she started a new business that's gone international. I guess. What? She works from her closet. So don't tell me you can't do this. Now, how would you like to hear your own voice here on screw the commute? Well, if the show's helped you out at all in your business or giving you ideas to help you start a business.

[00:02:47] We want to hear about it. Visit screwthecomute.com and look for a little blue sidebar that says send voicemail, click on it, talk into your phone or computer. Tell me how the show's helped you. And hey, put your website in there so you can get a big shout out on a future episode of Screw the Commute. Make sure you pick up a copy of our automation ebook to screwthecommute.com/automatefree, and this whole episode is about automation. So get that darn book if you've been listening for a while and haven't bothered to download it. What are you thinking? This is allowed me to handle a hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and 40000 customers without pull my hair out, go grab it. We charge 27 bucks for this, but you're getting it free for listening to the show. So screwthecommute.com/automatefree and also grab a copy of our podcast app. It's at screwthecommute.com/app and we've got screen captures and videos to show you how to use the things that you can take us with you on the road. Now, you know, I preach this like crazy, that you need skills in today's workforce that are usable and people want to pay you for them, and that's what my school is all about. It's IMTCVA.org. It's the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country, probably the world. And you can actually get a scholarship to that if you're in my mentor program, which I'll tell you about a little later. But this school teaches skills that are needed by every business on Earth in the workforce. I've been teaching this for 23 years, been selling on the commercial Internet for since it started 27 years ago, and just living a beautiful lifestyle, not the pandemic. Has it affected me or my students. So you got to get these kinds of skills. And it's one of the best legacy gifts you could ever give to a grandchild or a nephew or niece or even your own kids. That way they won't come home and live with you because they're going to have their own money. So. So check that out and we'll tell you a little bit about the mentor program later.

[00:05:04] Well, let's get into the main event before we get there. I got a big warning for you. Don't mess up your cell phone with some of these apps that you can get. They can mess up your cell phone and your operating system. So just be very careful if you're going to do apps. But the stuff I'm going to talk about today requires no apps. It's inherent in your phone and it's getting better all the time. But I don't want to discourage you from doing this, but just be careful with any automation apps and make sure they have really good reviews and they don't mess up your your phone. But again, that won't apply to today because we're not even talking about any apps today or the apps that we're talking about are inherent are native to your phone. So they work.

[00:05:52] So all this stuff I'm going to talk about today can I mean, makes highly makes you highly efficient and can save you enormous amounts of time and improve your productivity. And right now, I'm just going to give you a taste of the important automation things you can do without even using any third party apps. And but I still want you to listen to Episode 367 that covered a bunch of things I'm not going to repeat here. I mean, wild things these automation apps can do just with the iPhone. It's in your hand every day, all day long anyway. So you got to pick the ones and the best features to the things that you want to do and then implement them. I even have a method to do that so that you it doesn't take a lot of time out of your day, but you can own these things and just become lightning fast. What I want you to do is to realize you you have this thing with you all day. All right. His phone. And it will do a gazillion things that you'll never figure out. Never need to know. But you do need to identify the things you do all the time and take a little time to automate them. This is going to save you countless hours in the future. And in many things your phone will do. You may not even realize. And that's why I'm going to give you a bunch of them today that you might not have thought of so that you can add these to your knowledge base. Now, here's my method of improvement, and plus, let me say again why you should bother to do this. The time you spend fooling around with your computer and your cell phone could be spent creating stuff that brings in money. I mean, there's only so much psychic energy in a day. I mean, if you blow it all fighting with your phone and computer, there's none left over to make money.

[00:07:45] All right. So, anyway, here's my method that over time will make you lightning fast with your cell phone. So I'm suggesting you take one or two of these tips. Study them and force yourself to use them all day long for three days straight. If you do that, your own that technique and save enormous amount of time into the future and one more time, I got to tell you, go back and listen to Episode 367, you're going to thank me for it. Here's the deal.

[00:08:18] It's highly worth it to take a little time to automate repetitive task. The excuse I hear all the time is, oh, I just can't figure it out or I don't have time, you know, those no fly anymore. I mean, there are piles and piles of instructions on YouTube. Or you could you could wake a young kid up from their nap at preschool to help you. All right. So, I mean, nobody's busier than me. And part of my success is using automation to help me take care of customers faster and reduced my extremely busy workload to give me the time to take care of customers. And that's where the money comes. I hate to be so obvious here, but, you know, you do it all the busywork and then the customers are sitting there. Well, maybe I'll go give somebody else money because you, you know, take care of me fast enough. So I see so many people this is kind of lecture time here who refused to take the time to work on some automation because they say they don't have time. This is the craziest. You see how ridiculous that statement is. You won't take a couple hours now to save hundreds of hours in the future. It's no wonder you think you don't have time to work on automation techniques. That's that's just crazy talk. So make sure you download that that automation ebook I give you for listen to the podcast. Some of you listen to hundreds of episodes and never bothered to download and implement that book. Well, that's crazy, too. I'm giving it to you on a silver platter. So I go to screwthecommute.com/automatefree and just pick one thing and implement it.

[00:10:02] And I guarantee you'll thank me and then you'll want to implement something else and something else. I mean, we did actually figure it out. You've heard me say this before. Just one of the tips in the book. I think it cost twenty dollars one time and it saved me seven and a half million keystrokes as of like two years ago. So so I don't know what's wrong with you. If you don't go, go get that book and use it. OK, so where do I get a bunch of this stuff for that I learn on this iPhone thing?

[00:10:33] Well, iphonelife.com, I have a free email subscription, and every day they send me a really quick tip and then once a week they recap all the tips. So I don't look at it every day I'm busy. But once a week I look at the recap for the week and say, oh, and they might have like five different things that write. I say like, oh my God, nothing this week. All right, goodbye. Next week I look at it. Oh, my goodness. Look at that. I'm going to do that one. And I kill myself to learn that one technique and use it like crazy for three days. And then I own it. Say it takes almost no time, but I keep getting faster and faster and faster with my cell phone.

[00:11:22] All right, so let's get into some one thing you can do is turn on your iCloud keychain if you do a lot of. You know, buying stuff online, this stores and keeps your credit card information, your Wi-Fi network stuff, your usernames and passwords now, yes, I use roboform, but this is again, that's an external app. This episode is concentrating on internal stuff that you can use right away. And, you know, it's got contacts in your calendar, all the stuff that Apple does, it keeps track of it for you. And every tip I give you, I'm not going to give you the whole thing. It would take 10 episodes to teach you this stuff. So I include a link in the show notes. That's why I told you to go to the show notes for this episode for sure, with a link that gives the exact instructions that shows you a picture of your iPhone and shows you where to click right down to do all these things. It's that iPhone life is really great. And there's a couple other places I go to, but that's the main one. All right, and you can get the same instructions will tell you how to add and edit credit card information for, you know, I put two credit cards in because I try to use Amex all the time, but.

[00:12:38] Some places don't take amoc, so then I have one Visa card in there, too, so just makes things so fast. Especially with my fat fingers trying to type stuff in. And while we're at it, I'll talk about, yeah, people are, you know, worried really bad about security and identity theft and everything. Yeah, you can worry all you want. That's not going to change things. All right. People are going to get you or they're not going to get you. You have to be careful. But trust me, Apple is not going to want to be liable for, you know, screwing up and having your identity theft. You know, that they really are careful with security and things as are as are most places. But things do happen. But you can't live your life worrying about that stuff. Yeah. And, yeah, there's plenty of horror stories on identity theft, but compared to the gazillions of people that are using this stuff every day to make themselves go faster and make more money and all that, yeah, I don't worry about it too much. Be careful, but don't protect everything you got with a machine gun nest or your.

[00:13:47] I'll take all the money. Okay. So so don't do that. OK, so let's get into some miscellaneous tips here. This first one has to do with photos. I'll tell you what. So do you ever want to show somebody a photo? It took you five minutes to scroll through thousands you have on your phone. All right. Well, learn to use albums this way. You can put similar things into albums and they can be in more than one album. That's that's something people worry about. Well, what if it's it should be in a couple albums. Awesome. Put it in a couple albums. And one thing you should know, if something a photo or a video is in more than one album, it doesn't take up any more space on your phone. You're not making duplicates. You're just linking to the main file from an album so that you can find it easier. I won't even tell you more stuff about finding things that are really great. Now, let's say you travel a lot and you you want to find photos from different locations that you were at really fast, while if you have your location services turned on and you can pull up all the photos taken from a map of where you were.

[00:15:02] So let's say you you know, I'm on the East Coast. Let's say I was at an event in California and so I can literally search for. On a map from California, photos taken and even with certain date ranges so very crazy, you can do this stuff. And like I said, I have links to all exactly how to do all this stuff in here. And you can add filters. Now, I'm not talking about theatrical filters to make your photo look different. I'm talking about filters that you say, OK, this is a favorite photo.

[00:15:38] Let's say here's an example. I have my goddaughter and she had this little bubble machine. She was, I don't know, 11, 12 months old, something like that. And she's sitting on the ground and these bubbles are going around her and she's grabbing for him. Well, I took a couple hundred pictures to find just that perfect one where you can see her cute little face and she's reaching for bubble and all the bubbles are just surrounding her perfectly. So there's hundreds of pictures I took. All right. So I can mark the best one as a favorite, especially since you're on the phone there, little thumbnails of it. So I can mark that as a favorite search for the I can search for God daughter bubbles favorite in there, boom.

[00:16:26] I can find the exact photo like in no time flat. And probably I should go back and delete a lot of the other ones. But it's just she's just so darn cute. It's hard to get get rid of all of them. But that's the kind of things you can do now.

[00:16:41] And also you can put captions on photos now, which is a new thing. So I'll tell you quickly how to do that. On an iPhone, you pull the photo up, swipe up on the photo, and there'll be a little thing that says caption. So all you have to do is like I had some football pictures that are really old from college that I, I used on an Instagram for Throwback Thursday, and it took me forever to find them. So now I caption them and just said football. I mean, that's all we got is a few football things on amongst ten thousand photos on my phone. And now I can just say, hey Siri, find football photos, boom.

[00:17:21] It picks instantly. Those two photos are right there for my use saying so. Captions are great. And again, you just scroll or get the open the photo you want. And swipe up and then put the caption in below and. I started to do it, you know, I only learned this recently, so now I'm starting to do it and things are getting faster and faster and faster for me to find the photos that I want. That applies to videos, too, by the way. Now, here's something you might want to do is learn to use your hide photos, Functio. So let's say you're getting a surprise gift for your significant other and you don't want them seeing it when you're scrolling through your pictures while you use the hide photo function and, you know, maybe you have other uses for this, that's a wink wink that you don't want photos to be seen. And so very easy to put them in a hidden album and very easy. And I have the link right there that shows you exactly how to do it, do it all day long or go through your photos and practice with it and boom, you own that thing. OK, so there's some stuff on photos that people are dealing with all day, every day. And you can really, really make yourself go away faster. And then you can like I said, you search with Siri for photos so I could say Siri search for photos of my goddaughter from 2019. And boom, all the photos from little Illiana oh, to unlock your iPhone first.

[00:19:00] I said I said, Hey, Siri. She answered me.

[00:19:06] Which brings up another thing I hear sitting here. I'm sitting here doing this podcast. And I wasn't thinking because I said, Hey, Siri.

[00:19:17] And she answered because she was listening. But if I had had my phone turned upside down, I wonder if you even knew this. She wouldn't have responded to Hey, Siri.

[00:19:28] And speaking of that, you can make the phone respond to Hey Siri by audio or holding the side button in or both. But if you don't want her to respond to hey, Siri, let's say you're in a meeting and lots of people have iPhones. And they're searching for stuff and, you know, you don't need to do a search where you keep your phone upside down on the table and it won't respond to when everybody else is screaming, hey, Siri, did you know that?

[00:19:57] Ok, so that's what I messed up here. I wasn't thinking and I left it face up instead of face down. So there's a there's one I was going to tell you about a little bit later. OK, all right. So let's get into some other miscellaneous stuff.

[00:20:11] There are ways to greatly increase the battery life on your airports, and I have a link to it there in the show, Nutt's shows you exactly the things to do to increase the battery life, sometimes double on your airports. All right, like I said, this going to be a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. Now, if you're sending an iPhone to iPhone text message, you can send an audio message by holding down. There's a little audio symbol on the where you you type in your message. You hold that down and you can make an audio message. And guess what? It disappears after two minutes. All right. So you can keep it permanently by clicking a button. But again, in the show, notes are the length, the how to do that. Again, when I say it's in the show notes, yeah, there's some you know, these are my favorite instructions because they're so clear, but like we like to search on YouTube for the same kinds of things. I guarantee you everything I'm talking about, somebody has made a YouTube video about. But if you're just like screaming, if you just, like looking at the screen and you don't want to watch the whole video boom, you know, one step at a time at ifone life, they just show you a picture of the screen, where to click, and then the next picture of the screen, where to click makes it so easy to learn that stuff.

[00:21:37] So anyway, you can send that. And if you send an iPhone, the iPhone text message, you can send it by audio. Nothing you can do is change the sort order of your contacts instead of first name, last name, it can be last name, first name, a simple thing. It might suit you better. It got a link there for you. Now, if you're having trouble seeing your screen, there's all kinds of zoom and magnifier functions in your accessibility section, so you go to like settings, accessibility or settings, general accessibility. I can't remember which one, but you can make the text bigger on your screen very easily. A lot of your squinting and just forcing yourself to try to see stuff, there's no reason for it. You can make the text. You can make it all bigger. Of course, less stuff shows up on the screen, but it's still way better than trying to stick your phone in your face right in your phone to read anything.

[00:22:33] Now, the coolest one I found recently is the magnifying glass. It's like having a magnifying glass in your hand. You know, I'm no spring chicken. I can't tell you how many times I wish I had a magnifying glass. Well, I did, but I didn't know it. So if I got it set up now, so if I just triple click my side button, my phone turns into a magnifying glass and the camera turns on automatically and then there's a little slider to zoom in to like super high magnification. Wow, that's so great. Now to have that that handy and I used it all day for a couple of days and boom. Now I own that thing. Instead of wishing I could see something, I'm more working on my lawnmower and I'm supposed to get the serial number off it to get a part. Oh my God, that was such a nightmare. Now, boom, do it right with my cell phone. All right. Now, did you ever close a safari tab on your phone and wish you could get it back or maybe your kids playing with the phone and they closed your one of your tabs? So here's how you do it. Very simple. Open safari, click on the pages tab at the bottom right. And then hold down the plus sign as if you were trying to open a new tab. If you hold down the plus sign, all your recently closed tabs appear like magic. I mean, who would have who would have thought to do that? Right. There it is. So these are the kinds of things that are out there that can you know, instead of having to do a new search and look for everything forever. There you go. You can just hold the plus sign down and all your closed things come up. Let's see, yeah, I told you, you can get Siri to respond to a voicer button, I told you that already. Turn to face, face down if you don't want it to respond. Now, here's one I just used the other day. I have been a big proponent of screen capture video for over now 21 years, I've used it to make millions of dollars. I use Camtasia, which is the gold standard for screen capture, so it will capture anything I can display on my computer screen and I can narrate over it.

[00:24:53] And so I do all kinds of stuff with it. I mean, just can't can't blow it up enough. It's so been so great over so many years for so many things. So few years ago you could. To do it on your cell phone, you know how people are doing tutorials and showing the cell phone well in the early days and I mean, I can still do this if I wanted. I have an app. I forget what it's called squirrel or something. And it blew to my screen of my phone to my computer. And then I have Cam TaeJa running to capture it. Then I've got to edit it and then export it and do jump through these million hoops. All right, well guess what, you can do it right in the cell phone nowadays. So it has a screen capture right in the cell phone. And I put a link in the show, notes of some instructions I needed to send to some of my students, to my students so they could watch my reels. Reels are like tick tock on Instagram. On Instagram, because trying to tell people this is where to click and what little icon is like, tiny, tiny, tiny, where to do it, how to find it was crazy.

[00:26:12] So I just did a screen capture of it and then sent it up to YouTube. And so you can see it. I have it in the show notes. It's only, I don't know, a minute long or something. But now nobody had to call me out of I think I had to send it to 40 or 50 students and nobody called me on how to do it. They all could easily see it right there off the screen capture off of the cell phone. And speaking of screenshots prior to the video screenshots where they're you know, they're capturing every all the moves on your screen standard screen shots, you had to push two buttons at one time. Well, that was great. At least you could do it. But sometimes that's a hassle. If you're trying to work in the kitchen with recipes or you're working on your car and your hands are a little greasy and you don't want to, you know, be trying to find two buttons to push at one time, all you have to do now is say, hey, Siri, take a screen capture, you get the screen capture and it goes right into your camera. So try that a few times. All right, another thing is bookmarks, bookmarks are fairly easy on a computer, we use them and so forth to get back to certain Web pages, but you need to start using them on your cell phone so that you don't have to do searches to get back to certain Web pages.

[00:27:36] And everything is no matter how fast you are. Everything is slower trying to type on a little little keyboard. I know some of the people out there, these young people are like lightning fast at it. I get it. But for most of us, we aren't. And if you got fat fingers, you know, all those things can affect it. So just learn to use your bookmarks on your when you go to a Web page if you really like it. OK, and learn to use your air drop if you if you're all Macker stuff, you can air drop your your files from. An iPhone to a Mac or an iMac or something, and certainly you can do it with Dropbox and you can email it to yourself and things like that, or you use we transfer. But airdrop, if you have a compatible stuff, is the fastest. There you go. Now, here's a Kowit. Oh, my goodness. Now, for this one to work, you have to have what's called predictive text turned on. I think that might be on by default where it thinks it knows what you're going to type. So all you just hit the space bar and it pops in.

[00:28:49] That's nice. And location services. So knows where your cell phone is. Let's say you want to tell somebody where you are. You just start typing, I'm at. And then a box will pop up and and says, do you know current location? If you just click on current location, it sends a map to exactly where you are, to whoever you're texting. OK, imagine that this and this is a great thing. Let's say you want to go hiking, but nobody will go with you. Well, that's a dangerous thing. So you want to tell people where you're planning on going, but on the trail you could do I'm at current location and I'll send them a map of exactly where you are. Isn't that crazy? What if you're doing real estate open houses and you're there by yourself? Well, that's a dangerous place to be. So if you happen to get you know, people know where you are or what house you're showing and so forth and where exactly it is, what if you're out running, you know, and you start to see and there's some people out here, they're a little bit shady. You kiss and tell people exactly where you are. So that's the I'm at function. Let's see. All right, a lot of times here's another thing I can't find again.

[00:30:16] I got five or six screens of apps. Even some of them are in their own folders and everything, but there's just tons of them. And I can't find an app. Well, all you have to do is swipe right on your main home screen and then search for it. And just the name of the app you put it in and boom, it will come right up. So I was so happy to find that one because I would be search and search and searching for an app that I hadn't used much. Let's see, oh, here's a kind of an interesting thing, if you want to draw on some of your photos or in notes and you want to make a perfect shape, this is just an oddball one that you may not want to use because, you know, using a handwritten like a a hard or something looks, you know, kind of neat. But I found out if you hold your finger down when you're doing a drawing thing. It'll make a perfect heart, or if you did a circle at home, if you hold your finger on it, it'll make a perfect circle. If you did a box, hold your finger, it'll make a perfect box. This is just all these little things that I have occasion to use that once in a while. And now that I know I can do it, boom, there it is, because my handwriting in my, you know, scribbling on the screen is not that great.

[00:31:36] And got the instructions for it right here for you. Now, how about did you ever set up find my iPhone even if the battery is dead? How you can find your iPhone? I got a link there for you. So this is if you're losing it all the time, dropped somewhere in the battery, goes dead. You can still find your iPhone or iPad. When I say iPhone, I mean iPhone or iPad. And the instructions are right there. Now, here's another one I'll bet you never knew. Let's say, like I just said, I have five app home screens. When you get to the last one, if you continue swiping, you run into what's called your app library. And it's another way where the phone has automatically grouped your apps as best as it could into folders. So it's another way to find your apps. Swipe past your last home screen and you'll see that. Now, here's one oh, man, this is a great one, I get texts from enormous numbers of people, but there's some people that I want to be able to text really quick, like Jennifer, the book keeper, and Mark the video guy and Larry and Travis and so forth, that work here. So.

[00:32:56] Instead of scrolling through all these texts to get to the one where, you know, we had some thread going or going to my favorites and going into their their record and my contacts, I mean, and going into their record and hitting the thing.

[00:33:17] No, you can put up to nine of your regular people that you text all the time right at the top of your text. App on your phone. So really, really, really great. So all you have to do to do this, I just go tell you this one is you just take any message that they've sent you press and hold it. And then tap the word pin and it pins them their whole thing or their thread to the top, and now there's a circle up there with their name on it, you can just instantly get to their text threads and then you can do up to nine of them up there. So so I'll tell you, there's just all this stuff, folks. If you just take the time to do it, it would save you hundreds of hours. And and there's another one that you might want to do or not do.

[00:34:10] See, I get so darn many robo calls, it kind of, you know, it's it's upsetting, but I'm also in business and I don't want to miss a good call. And I could get a good call from somebody that's not in my contacts, so you can make it so your phone is silenced for unknown callers.

[00:34:32] Well, the thing is, is that, you know, if it's just driving you crazy, go ahead and do it. But if if somebody is supposed to call me, let's say, the pest control company, the termite people had to call me last week. Well, I don't really need, you know, once a year I hear from these people and I really have them in my contact database or anything.

[00:34:53] So their phone call would come in and I wouldn't recognize it. So I wouldn't answer it if I had the the silence just so it wouldn't bother me, I would miss the call from the pest control people. And then I'd have to go to the voicemail and listen to it and call them back. And, you know, so you have to decide, do you want to just cut out anybody to call you that's not in your database or in your contact list or not?

[00:35:24] You know, that's up to you. I'm after thinking about this, I left it on and I just have to put up with the robo calls because I don't answer them anyway. But, you know, I don't want to have to turn this thing on and off and miss a call from somebody I want to talk to. So that's that. So I'm going to tell you a little bit about my mentor program, and then I'm going to give you the sites for Android. About 23 years ago, I kind of turned the Internet marketing guru world on its head and the people at my level were charging 50 or 100 grand to teach you how to do this stuff. And a lot of them are rip offs. So you give them that kind of money. They would never even do it or they weren't even capable of doing it. And they're just trying to take your money. So I said, you know, that's not really fair. I got it. I got to do something about this. So I just charged an entry fee. And then for me to get my big money, you had to make way bigger money. So for me to get my 50 grand, you had to make two hundred grand net. And so people love this and seventeen hundred plus students later, it's still going strong after 23 years. So the longest running, most unique, most successful mentor program in the field of Internet and digital marketing ever. And I triple dog dare people to put their programs up against mine and nobody will do it because they can't hold a candle to the stuff that we do for you.

[00:36:45] So you have an immersion weekend at the retreat center here in Virginia Beach. We shoot videos of you in our TV studio. Of course, this is when the pandemic lightens up and all our training is one on one. We don't lump you in with people more advanced or less advanced. So it's extremely efficient. You have unlimited access to us by appointments and you know that we have a vested interest in your success. You know, we don't hide from you. We pick up the phone because we don't get our big money unless you make big money. They so you don't have to worry about us, the service you get from us. And then you do get a scholarship to the school. You can either use yourself or gift to somebody. And we've had people making lots, lots of money before they even graduated. So and saving lots of money, too, because if you're already in business and paying through the nose for professional firms to handle a lot of this stuff, that should cost I mean, literally, literally a hundred times less than what you're paying, then you really need to to pay attention to the mentor program and the school. So the mentor program, you can check it out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com. And you can apply for a complementary strategy session for you. I don't do it with everybody. If there's no chance of us working together, you know, there's no pressure to work with me, but there's no there's no chance at all.

[00:38:17] Then it doesn't make sense for either one of us. So you can check that out. If you visit my Instagram Antion and associates, click through my bio. There's a big link tree there of just look for Strategy Session. All right. So that's it. Get out and check out your cell phone and start using these techniques, even other ones. There's there's loads more than this. But if you get involved in this and starting to see how fast you're moving with your cell phone, boy, I think you're going to thank me for it. So check it out. Also, grab the automation ebook, screwthecommute.com/automatefree and make sure you get the show notes. Like I said, I don't push this hard on every episode. This is like one of the the really, really important ones, because I got all these links directly to how to do this stuff for Android folks. I have three links in there. One is an article from PC magazine with like a whole bunch of tips and tricks. But there's two places. One. It's called AndroidAuthority.com and the other is Androidpolice.com. They both have enormous numbers of tips, just like I was giving you for the iPhone today. All right, everybody, we'll catch you on the next episode, which you will be able to find faster because you're going to be really fast on your cell phone. See ya later.

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