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050 Tom Interviews Roberto Candelaria, Wednesday, November 14th

  • Roberto is a sponsorship expert who will teach you how to get big companies to finance your dreams. . . and guess what . . . you don't have to pay the money back. Don't miss this episode. It can change your life!
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051 Tom Interviews Jim Edwards, Friday, November 16th

  • Jim has overcome a lot in his life. He and his wife worked together through scary, horrendous times. He stuck to his guns and did what he had to do to climb out of the big  hole he was in which included health issues and now he's got a world wide Internet business, a beautiful home and those bad days are just distant memories. Learn how he did it on this episode.
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052 Training Session with Tom: Affiliate Selling, Monday, November 19th

  • There are two sides to the affiliate selling coin. 1.) You sell other people's stuff for a commission and  2.) Other people sell your stuff and you pay them a commission. Tom will cover both in this episode.
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053 Tom Interviews Denise Wakeman, Wednesday, November 21st

  • Denise has a true lifestyle work at home business based around her love for hiking and mountain climbing. See how she plans her work so she can climb those mountains.
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054 Tom Interviews “The Master Negotiator” Greg Williams, Friday, November 23rd

  • You negotiate every single day of your life. It could be with your spouse, your kids, your employees, your clients, your landlord, or your boss if you're still stuck with that dreaded JOB. Greg will tell you how to do it so everyone comes out ahead.
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055 Training  Session with Tom: Private Label Rights, Monday, November 26th

  • You can have a product to sell in the next five minutes by purchasing rights to existing products you can put your name on. Tom gives you the ins and outs in this episode.
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056 Tom Interviews Mike Domitrz


057 Tom Interviews Carol McManus


058 Training Session with Tom: List Building


059 Tom Interviews “The Blown Up Guy” Brian Fleming




061 Training Session with Tom: Outsourcing