334 - How to Sell Your Knowledge in 28 ways: Tom talks Repurposing - Screw The Commute

334 – How to Sell Your Knowledge in 28 ways: Tom talks Repurposing

Most information creators love to create, but many times they forget that the people that consume their creations like to do so in various different methods. Instead of expanding the reach of their information, they just start creating something new. Well, that is a massive financial mistake, folks. My job here is to help you make more money in your business.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 334

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[04:09] Tom's introduction to Repurposing

[05:57] E-Courses of all types

[09:17] PDFs and multiple types of ebooks

[11:23] CDs, transcripts and preloaded devices

[12:40] Teleclasses, webinars and DVDs

[14:14] Printed books, special reports, CEUs and co-authorships

[17:05] Live seminars

[18:09] Coaching and mentor programs

[19:04] Television shows and spokesperson work

[20:34] Schools, training courses and membership sites

[22:11] Combo products

[22:54] Sponsor message

[25:49] Translate into other languages

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 334 – Repurposing 28 Ways
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody it's Tom here with episode three hundred and thirty four of Screw the Commute podcast. Today, we're going to talk about repurposing or how to sell your knowledge in 28 different ways. This is a very powerful episode. I don't want you to miss it. So make sure you check the show notes so you get all the ways in the checklist so you can use as many of them as you can to make more money. All right. Hope you didn't miss Episode 333. That was Joel Stewart as part of Ventreprenueur's Month. And he is a franchise expert. So he'll tell you all about what he's doing with franchises. Now, how would you like to hear your own voice here on Screw the Commute? Well, if the show has helped you out at all in your business or giving you ideas to help you start a business, we want to hear about it. Go to screwthecommute.com and look for a little blue sidebar that says send the voicemail. Click on it and talk in your phone or computer and tell me how the show has helped you. Plus, put your Web site on the air and give yourself a shout out so we can put you in front of thousands of people in a future episode of Screw the Commute.

[00:01:32] Now pick up a copy of our Free Automation eBook. You got to get this book. It saved me millions of keystrokes. It helped me steal customers from people because they took too long to get back it. You know, it's kind of it's part of the lifeblood of my whole business. So it has cell phone and automation tips. Just get the darn thing and implement it. screwthecommute.com/automatefree. You can download it right away. And while you're over there, grab a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app and you can put it on your cell phone and tablet and do all kinds of cool things, save your favorite episodes and all that stuff. So get that at screwthecommute.com/app. All right. And check out my school. You could be doing yourself the biggest favor on Earth of check it out my school for not only yourself, but your grandchildren, your children, your nephews, nieces. These are hard core skills that will get them making money fast. This isn't the four year college that's going to teach him how to basket weave underwater. And if you think I'm kidding, I'm not. There's classes like that. Among other ones, Lady Gaga's effect on society. Beautiful. All right. Worthless classes that are never going to make them any money and they're going to move back in with you. OK, so check that out. IMTCVA.org. It's the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school digital marketing school in the country, certified to operate by SCHEV, the State Council on Higher Education in Virginia. But you don't have to be in Virginia. It's a distance learning school and it's not the crappy distance learning they're trying to put on little kids. This is something that you can do part time while you're working another job.

[00:03:28] Get these skills, start making money as a side hustle and then go full time when ever it gets too expensive for you to go to work. That's my goal. So it's IMTCVA.org. Later I'll tell you how you can get a scholarship full scholarship there. Plus there's this venture partners math. I should mention that we're cleared by the Department of Defense to give out military spouse scholarships. So we have that program going in. All, military first responders, nurses and law enforcement get a fifty percent scholarship just from me as a thank you to all their hard work. So check it out. IMTCVA.org.

[00:04:09] Let's get to the main event, see most information creators love to create, but many times they forget that the people that consume their creations like to do so in various different methods and instead of expanding the reach of their information, they just start creating something new. Well, that is a massive financial mistake, folks. That's my job here is to help you make money in a business.

[00:04:37] Well, what have you created, let's say, a marketing training video for reorders? Well, there's certainly a market for that, no question about it. There's tons of realtors around and real estate agents around. But don't you think you if you had an audio version that you could get more realtors to consume more of your training as they drove around all day, they can't watch videos while they're driving.

[00:05:00] So you would make more money? Yeah, certainly.

[00:05:05] So if you want to maximize the income from the knowledge you have, it's it's really imperative you put it out in as many ways as you can. That makes sense for your market.

[00:05:17] And I even if even if you're a novelist, which I usually discourage those people.

[00:05:22] All right. I got a unique distribution method I'll mention for novelists. So dig into these formats that I'm going to talk about and pick out the ones that are right for you to develop that will make you more money with the same amount of information.

[00:05:39] So just put out in different formats and make sure you definitely go over and grab the show notes for this is episode three thirty four. So to get them you go to screwthecommute.com/334. And this will give you the whole listing of all these things I'm going to tell you about. All right. The first is an E course and E course is simply breaking your information down into its component parts. Like if you were doing a Tennessee cause, it would be forehands would be one part backhands, another part overheads, another part serves another part volleys in part, say, and then it's put into a sequential autoresponder. Of course we use kick start cart for that and the course is delivered to people and these can be paid or free free leading to something to buy, but you can charge for them up front. So that's the first one. And e-commerce on the Web now, longer emails have been getting filtered more so a method to get around that is to make a shorter e-mail alerting person that there are courses available on the web. And so each day they get an email that gives them a link to where your training is. That's on your Web site. So this is good because it gets you more website visits and more time on site, which Google likes. So that's an e-commerce on the Web.

[00:07:03] Now you can do the same darn thing, except you're sending them to audio files. So it's an audio Ecorse. So same thing. They get an email. Oh, hey, check out your next audio is available.

[00:07:16] Boom. They go over to your website and listen to your audio or they can download an MP3. It's still your content getting consumed, even though it's not giving you a time on site. At least they'll consume it and listen to you while they're on the road. A video, of course, is the same thing, except it's videos. So this would be for people that do like videos and that want to watch videos. Now, you can combine a bunch of these on the same page. If they purchase them, you can give them the audio. Lets say they purchased a bunch of videos. You can still give them the audio versions, you can still give them transcripts. You're just adding value to your product and giving them more ways to consume it. And that way they won't want to refund and they won't you know, if they buy something from you and they don't consume it, they're never going to buy anything again. So the more ways you can give them to consume it, the better off it is for you now playing video course. So this is not delivered every day or every week or something like an E course would be spread out. This is all at once. So you sell them a course and boom, they get the whole thing.

[00:08:26] That's a video, of course, now a screen capture video course or a screen capture video.

[00:08:34] This is where you can have a bad hair day. You're not even seen on the video. Just your screen is I made a fortune with this. The I've been using screen capture video for now. Go on.

[00:08:44] Twenty and a half years since 2000. I started doing it and frequently I'll display a piece of software that I don't own and then develop. But I like it and I teach people how to use it, but they can't do it unless they go by it through my affiliate link say so.

[00:09:03] That screen capture video you can use for loads of other things that I don't have time to talk about now, but screen capture video is awesome. I use Camtasia, which is the gold standard, but there are cheaper versions.

[00:09:17] All right. The next one is where I start every student out when they develop a product. And that's what PDF e-books. This is a word or any kind of word processor file. Convert it to PDF and sold off your website, sold as an affiliate.

[00:09:34] You can even put them on CDs and sell them on eBay. The eBay has been on and off again on whether you can sell direct digital products.

[00:09:43] So if you put it on a CD, you're covered with eBay. But a lot of times the customer will just ask you to email Tom. Great. Then you're happy.

[00:09:53] All right, then convert that into a Kindle ebook. That's one of the best bargains there is on Earth because Amazon is the big kahuna. Don't waste your time with Barnes Noble's Nook or any kind of Apple ones. Use Amazon. They've got the bulk of the market. Plus, they'll give your book away for five days out of every ninety.

[00:10:14] Well, why would that make any money? Well, for instance, my shopping cart book, I give it away and I make six hundred dollars a year per person that buys the shopping cart book. So I don't care about the little bit of money for the book. I want what the book leads to say. So that's what you got to think when you're doing a book is what can it lead to? That's a much bigger product.

[00:10:37] All right, now here's for you, novelists out there, I hardly ever encouraged novelas that wanted to get into my program because all they want to do is write and they're brilliant at it, but they very rarely make money because they won't market.

[00:10:52] Well, here's a way to do it. These are called cell phone novels. And I just encourage you to if you're a novelist, Google cell phone novels, you'll get a Wikipedia reference that'll tell you all about them, where you're selling little chunks of your whole novel. And this started in Japan and the top 10 printed novels all started out as cell phone novels. And each one of them sold over 400000 copies as cell phone novels.

[00:11:20] So that's a cool thing for your novels. All right. Now, CDs are still there's still a little market for CDs, and it's mostly an older middle to lower income market that still has cars where you can shove a CD in the dashboard and they all know how to do it. So if your market is that CDs are still good, transcripts are good, this is where you've done something on audio or video and then you transcribe it and sell the transcript.

[00:11:49] I've paid, oh, hundreds of dollars for transcripts on very proprietary information in my market. You normally do need to clean them up a little bit because they they don't read that well from the spoken word. So you clean them up a little bit for yourself.

[00:12:06] All right. Next is preloaded MP3 devices. This is where you do an audio. You could do video. Also, it could be an MP4 also. And then you sell the entire device to the person. So it could be a thumb drive, you know, a USB drive that's already preloaded. There's been some people in a big program, sold a whole laptop that went with it. You know, they sold the seminar and gave you a laptop preloaded with all of the stuff. That's all doable when people love this kind of stuff.

[00:12:40] All right. Next is Teleclasses, and you might have heard teleclasses are dead. No, they're not in certain markets.

[00:12:46] Again, the travel tella classes are fine like realtors, traveling salespeople. It's it's kind of like a fancy podcast, basically, where people are actually just calling in to either comment or listen to it. So you use a telephone bridge line. There's there's companies like freeconferencecallHD.com will let you have a thousand people on the line recorded for you and send the recording for free.

[00:13:16] So if you don't have a bunch of audio equipment, you can start out with audio. Right with that. All right, webinars, I used to hate webinars, but now I'm a webinar freak. They really sell. But, you know, in a person that'll sit down and watch a webinar is more qualified because they took the time out to log in to the webinar and watch it. So that's a more highly qualified prospect than the. So we saw a lot with them and then the replays, DVDs, and it used to be one of the fastest growing mediums on Earth. But I'll tell you what, I still see lines on Fridays and Saturdays at the Redbox machines that are at grocery stores and 7-Eleven and stuff like that. So in the entertainment and specialty training market. So I have a DVD on my Fatso Tennis. It's a two DVD set. So for the specialty training and entertainment, Marcus DVDs are great. All right, now printed books, it still has a great credibility of being an author, and what I don't want you to do is put out a really crappy book and call yourself an author just to try to call yourself an author.

[00:14:29] There's no credibility in that. And as soon as somebody that knows what they're doing sees that, they're going to think you're just a total punk. So put out good quality. But now with print on demand, you know, it's not as risky to do.

[00:14:42] I still highly suggest you get a copy of the Self Publishing Manual by Dan Poynter, get the latest version because he's passed away. But it's I've had 20 different versions over 25 years of that book, and it's just great. And then 1001 ways to market your book by John Kramer, creamier. All right, special reports now. I have one of my students, Joan Stewart. The publicity hound refuses to write a book her book would sell for about twenty four bucks. And that's because that's what books sell for. Right. The same information in her book breaks down into about forty three special reports where she gets between 18 and thirty nine dollars for herself. So she gets eight hundred dollars for the same information that she'd only get twenty four dollars if she put it in one place. I mean like I said, I paid as much as I remember one time. One hundred and eighty three dollars for like an 18 page, highly specialized special report in my industry. One hundred and eighty three bucks. OK, so special reports, CEU credits. This is continuing education units as CEU and many professions have licensing requirements like lawyers and doctors and CPAs and nurses and many other professions. So you can get qualified to give CEU units and it doesn't have to be in the profession.

[00:16:15] It could be on communication or leadership or other things other than the exact profession. So you don't have to be in the profession. Now, co-authors ships with this idea, you offer to co-author a book with somebody and they pay you for the privilege, you put the entire deal together. So the only thing they have to provide is their share of the content. You hire the editor, cover designer, copywriter and book layout person and you charge them enough to pay for all this and to make a profit. Plus, you can have them purchase books through you in a hundred at a time or a thousand at a time, whatever. And you markup each book to make a profit on that deal, to just make sure you're not coauthoring with some idiot that's going to make you look bad to have your name on the cover. OK. Now, live seminars now we're in the middle of this pandemic, so they've been reduced quite a bit, but they're going to come back. People just love to go to seminars. But there's two types, one that you promote yourself and one where you speak at somebody else's well, the one where you promote yourself is extremely risky if you try to do a fairly big one because you got to rent hotel space and food and beverage, even if it's light refreshments, coffee could cost you a hundred dollars a gallon.

[00:17:36] And then as soon as it cools down, they throw it away real quick and bring another gallons. So you got to watch the hotel. People will grab you. So it's very risky now. It's much less risky to speak at somebody else's where they've done all the stuff. And if you sell anything, they get a percentage of the the money that you sold. And I'd like that because I hate the logistics of setting these things up. I just like to go and speak at them. And I've made fortunes doing this. So and for the promoters also who get a percentage of the profits. All right. Coaching and mentor programs, you can make big money doing this fact. I have a whole course of four webinar course on this, giving you everything, including my. Contracts, agreements. Now, I'm not a lawyer, so you're using at your own risk, but it's all the forms I use, all the techniques I used to be able to handle large numbers of people fairly, you know, so it's a great cause. Check that out. We'll put the link to that in the show notes for you.

[00:18:38] And I don't really like the term coaching because every low life on Earth and never did a darn thing wants to be your life coach. So I don't want to step on toes of professional coaches. But the industry has been bastardized by people just wanting to make a quick buck that aren't really qualified to help anybody. So I call mine a mentor program and you can check that out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com.

[00:19:03] TV shows you probably didn't think about this, but producing a TV show, I mean, I shot and edited the concept video for an anti scam. So you can see it at ScamBrigade.com, while this short, really low cost production got me a Hollywood agent and the agent got me a Hollywood production company to come on board. So and they shot it even better, like I say, sizzle reel or I forget what they call them. But but the thing is, the production company told me Tom, we love the show, but it could take years to sell. And so don't quit your day job.

[00:19:46] Anyway, that's the way to do it.

[00:19:47] And there's loads of cable and Netflix and everything else. The potential for TV shows that. All right, spokesperson works, I was the chief spokesperson for CBS owned switchboard.com, which at the time was the largest one of the largest websites in the world, made a hundred grand. And I only left the house like six times to do speeches for them. So that's selling the knowledge. They wanted somebody highly credible in the Internet that had knowledge to be a spokesperson for them. And so I had to be able to say, well, how is that selling your knowledge? Well, I had to be able to answer questions credibly on the fly in front of crowds and so forth.

[00:20:29] So they needed somebody with my knowledge to do this that could also speak. At a school? Well, I just at the beginning of this thing, I told you about my school now there's lots of red tape in schools. So I got a professor with a PhD, who's been on the board of directors of lots of schools to help me. So that's at IMTCVA.org. It's been running 12 years now. All right, training courses now you can write and license training courses, and one way to earn with this idea is to deliver the course yourself. The other way to make way more money with the same material is to license it to as many companies as you can. Then they duplicate the course materials and deliver the training themselves.

[00:21:19] And of course, you can get paid to do train the trainers. You can make that as part of the deal. You must train the trainers, right.

[00:21:26] Membership sites. This is great for recurring income, residual income. It's also called say I make a lot of money with this idea. See, with membership sites, you charge a monthly or yearly fee, usually per person, or you can sell it to big companies were 100 employees can access it for a certain amount of money, of course, would be a much larger amount of money. And the beauty of this is that you do the same amount of work and your membership site, no matter how many members you have. Now, that's true to an extent. Once you get thousands of members, you're probably going to need some assistance because they're going to have questions and all kinds of things. So but with a thousand members, you're going to be making big bank so you can afford to get some help there. Now we're almost done, but there's two others I want to tell you about, the first one is Combo Products. This is you take the ideas that I just told you and you combine several of them into one product. So you might have something that's video, audio and transcripts, or you might have a membership site that also gives a, you know, something for your you know, we didn't even talk about Facebook groups that paid Facebook groups, but that's just another membership type site. So you combine, mix and match stuff into one.

[00:22:53] Before I tell you about the way to take what I just told you and double, triple, quadruple quintuple, and I don't know what it is past that, let me tell you about my mentor program.

[00:23:05] It's the longest running, most successful, most unique. Any on earth. I triple dog dare you to find anybody that can hold a candle to mine. It's it's crazy, powerful. And basically what happened was, is 20 years ago, actually, it's been about 23 years since I've been teaching this stuff. People start begging me to teach them, and I was getting so busy teaching them, I couldn't get my own work done, so I started a mentor program where you pay an entry fee and then I get a percentage of your profits that's capped. Everybody else at the time was wanting to charge you 50 or 100 thousand bucks up front, and many of them were rip offs. So people just flocked to my program because they knew I wouldn't disappear on them and I wouldn't get my big money unless they made money. So to get my fifty thousand, you have to make 200000. And so people love this. So seventeen hundred students later is still operating and it's very unique in that we teach you one on one. You're not just lumped in with groups like many of these rip offs do. So half the time you're bored because they're talking to the beginners and half the time you're lost because they're talking to advance people.

[00:24:22] Me and my entire staff tutor you one on one to do this. Nobody else on Earth will do this. Guys at my level won't even talk to you at all, let alone teach anything. So that's one thing. Then you have after the pandemic's over an immersion trip to the great Internet marketing retreat center where you actually live in this big estate that I have with me and and study. That's when a very small group of about four or five people. So so it's not this giant, you know, hundreds of people thrown into one room. Then you get access to my TV studio, so we shoot video for you, one of these videos I've seen sell for 700 bucks at a convention and that was their discount price. We had people come in here. And the record, I think, is 53 videos they did in our studio with my guy editing and putting graphics on. I mean, that's worth thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars right there. And it's just one little sliver of my whole program. So check it out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com. Give me a call. And if you're in my mentor program, you get a scholarship to my school, which you can give to a loved one or use it yourself. So just there's nobody on Earth that can compete with this program. So greatInternetmarketingtraining.com. Give me a call.

[00:25:50] All right. Let's get to the way that you can. Double, triple, quadruple, quintuple. I don't know, pass that what it's called. I mean, literally, you could probably do 30 times the amount of money because of this idea. This is take all the stuff that you've done. In mostly people that, listen, this is in English and have it translated to other languages, so I don't know how many other languages there is and how many that would be a worthwhile market. But just doing Spanish and maybe Chinese and French and, you know, Italian, you know, gives just opens up more markets for you. So that's how you do it. OK, so that was 28 different ways to sell your knowledge. Make sure you get the show notes for this episode and watch for we're in the middle of intrapreneurs. So next episode is Annette Whittenberger. She's a very powerful lady that put 17 plus years of her life to helping us stay safe. And she's got quite a story of what she went through and how she's taken all that negativity that she went through and using it to help other other folks.

[00:27:08] All right. That's it. Catch y'all on the next episode. See ya later.

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