901 - Screw The Commute


“Podcasting 901: The Fast Track to Creating, Marketing and Monetizing a Quality Podcast”

8 pm Eastern TONIGHT September, 13, 2020

Attendees will learn:

=> The equipment and software needed …you can do this on the cheap.

=> How to set up a recording area … so you don't sound like you're on the set of a horror movie.

=> Where to host your audio files…you don't want to get your website kicked off your hosting service or get a gigantic bill for bandwidth.

=> How to find and book guests… avoid duds that make people unsubscribe.

=> How to market your podcast … you won't believe the cool ways you can
reach thousands of people with no cost whatsoever.

And best of all. How to monetize your podcast smarter and better than 95% of your competitors.

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I'll talk to you then.
Tom Antion

P.S. On this webinar I'm going to reveal one of the most powerful, no cost, marketing techniques in my entire business career. It just so happens it involves podcasts. You won't believe the power of this tip. Don't miss it. Register now!