803 - You Ask Tom Answers: Tom talks Questions - Screw The Commute

803 – You Ask Tom Answers: Tom talks Questions

Today, we're going to reach back to some of our episodes on when I answer questions that I get through email. There'll be a bunch of new questions here, and we do this once in a while for folks to learn and try new things.

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[00:23] Tom's introduction to Questions

[01:39] AI emails and what you should do

[03:14] Using “virtual” summits

[05:40] Is email marketing dead?

[06:39] Becoming a Great Podcast Guest

[08:24] Is Temu legitimate?

[10:00] Intermittent Internet connection problems

[14:16] Tom's Roku Public Speaking channel

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 803 - Questions
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody, it's Tom here with episode 803 of Screw the Commute podcast. Today, we're going to reach back to some of our episodes on when I answer questions that I get through email. So that's what this will be. There'll be a bunch of new questions here, but that's this segment that we do once in a while on questions. All right. Hope you didn't miss episode 802. That was Steven Kuhn, part of our Vetpreneur series. He's a Bronze Star winner and very honest, high integrity and transparency. He calls it his hit method. So check that out. Episode 802 and hey, don't miss episode 801. That was hiring a podcast booking agency, Pros and cons and alternative ways to do it much cheaper. And also I have a whole course on being a great podcast guest. It's screwthecommute.com/greatpodcastguest because there's such big benefits of being on other people's podcasts. All right, let's see. Make sure you download a copy of our automation book at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. You will thank me for it because it's it'll save you hundreds of hours in the future fighting with your computer and follow me at tiktok.com/@digitalmultimillionaire on TikTok.

[00:01:40] Let's get to some of these questions. Tom, I'm still getting buried with AI or artificial intelligence related emails. What do you think? Well, you know, this overall, this falls into the thing I've been teaching for 157 years. All right. Is I use dull edge technology. I don't use cutting edge technology, Bleeding edge technology.

[00:02:06] You know why they call it that? Because as soon as you're on the front line of something like that, it's got the most glitches. The most problems cost you the most money. Even though a lot of this stuff is free, it could cost you money in that it's inaccurate. I mean, there's been plenty of tests done on just wrong information or made up information that these AI bots are giving you. And also, Larry and I just did a I don't know what number it was just a couple of weeks ago a thing on all the bias that's been uncovered in these things. So it could really hurt you by putting out something factually that is not factual at all, in fact just made up. So I would just sit back. I would you know, you can play with ChatGPT a little bit and get ideas for stuff. You know, I'm all for that, getting ideas. But to count on this stuff at this phase in its development, you know, it's still developed by people. God help you. All right. Use dull edge technology, wait till they get all the bugs out and then swoop in and use it. That's what I do. All right, let's see. Next thing is Tom. I see you on a lot of summits, virtual summits. What benefits have you seen and how can I get on one? Well, one of the benefits is I get loads of email subscribers, new subscribers that never heard of me before, possibly.

[00:03:33] And that's big to me because I don't have to pay affiliate commissions on them. You know, I'm giving the summit my expertise as part of this whole big deal. And then any email addresses that come to me directly from my sessions, I don't have any affiliate commission to pay on them. So that's I've been a massive email marketing promoter. And and so yeah, that's one big benefit is loads of new email subscribers and then of course sales and products and services. So I show my expertise some of the people like what I got to say or I mean not everybody even watches my sessions. Then they start buying stuff, you know? So that's kind of the idea. Again, no affiliate commissions do on that. Now, how do you get on one? Well, you can see who promotes these things when you get the emails about them. So you contact the promoters. You're never going to I mean, chances of you getting on one that's already in motion are slim. But for the, you know, these promoters do them a couple of times a year on each topic. So you contact the promoter and you send them your credentials, especially your reach on email and social media. Because I got to tell you, even though, yeah, the promoters I deal with are pretty, pretty high quality, you know, some promoters will take anybody if they have a big reach. Okay, so if you do or start working on your reach so that you are more attractive to the.

[00:05:07] People. And it's much easier to agree to have you on a summit than it is to have you on a live program. Because a live program, the promoters are paying enormous amounts of money for the hotel and any food and beverage that they have and security and and they had to advertise and travel and hotel rooms. There's a lot of expense involved. So they're going to be more picky on who they allow on that stage, but they're less picky on summits. All right. So because they don't have that kind of expense. All right. So that's how you do it. Okay. Let's see, Tom. I've gotten multiple emails from multiple people saying email marketing is dead. Is that true? Well, first first of all, lots of those people are selling social media programs. And and secondly, they emailed you to tell you email marketing is dead. Come on. Do you see the irony in that? So so the bulk of the money made online is still email and will be for a long time. And I will say that having backup channels is a good idea because many of the younger people aren't even really using email. But for the most part, email is where the big money is. And so, no, it's not dead. That's just hype, hype sters that are selling other things. And like I said, they're emailing you to tell you it's dead.

[00:06:40] Cracks me up. Okay, next thing Tom, I'm thinking about taking your course on being a great podcast guest. I just mentioned that at the top. Can you tell me more about it? Yeah, you know, I've done over 800 episodes of this as a host and I've done over 1000 interviews and radio TV podcasts over my career, and I've been invited back like crazy. So not only from the host perspective of do I see who are the great guests and who are the guests that are just barely passable. So I see that. And then I know by doing the things that I do, I got invited back as many as 13 times. I've been on one of the top shows in the world three times where they hardly ever have people back, see. So yeah, it's really important. But anyway, it's four sessions. It's all one on one with me personally, and I help you with topic selection titles that grab hosts. And then everything you must do, even from way before you get your interview to what to do after your interview and everything in between. And then you get a feature interview here on Screw the Commute, which you can use to help market yourself for future interviews were considered a top 1% show by listen notes. So yeah, so it's really powerful. And the the value of being on in front of, you know, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people with a warm introduction for free could mean enormous amounts of money to you in the future in your business. So check it out at screwthecommute.com/greatpodcastguest.

[00:08:24] All right. Next question. Tom. Is Temu legit? All right. If you don't know what that is, you know, you've probably been getting pummeled with it with advertisements. It's a discount online discount place for the prices are just dirt cheap. And I was very skeptical of it because I thought, oh, they're just trying to suck you in to get your email address and then spam you to death and sell the email address, which I don't know, maybe they do, but I haven't noticed that since I've been getting their stuff. And and here's the thing. My girlfriend is in love with it, all right? And. And she's gotten every order she's placed. Now, occasionally something will be kind of super cheaply made, but she was begging me to try it, So it just so happened I needed some boot laces. Okay. Boot laces. I went to Amazon and they wanted $8.99 for one pair of Bootlaces. Right. The same exact one. And it looked like the identical product picture was on TMU for $0.98 and free shipping. Right. So I guess you could call them legit. Now don't expect overnight, you know, like Prime Amazon shipping and I think their shipping is free also. So so far it appears to be legit with all the orders my girlfriend's gotten and I ordered with no trouble.

[00:09:55] So that's my $0.02 on it. Your mileage may vary. All right, next question. Tom. I'm having internet connection problems, but not all the time. What do you think it could be? Well, one thing it could be. Your Wi-Fi is not that great. Your modem could be old or technology. You can always buy yourself a long cat6 cable off of Amazon. Now that's something that would be cheaper than Amazon than than going to Best Buy or something for it and then plug in your modem directly into your computer and see if your internet's better. So there's a lot of potential factors, but what I teach my students is to make a log and I know it's a pain in the neck, but like start on Monday morning and then log and do a speed test. Speed test. You can go to like just speedtest.net, I think or just type in Google speed test and there's loads of places that'll let you do a speed test and then you'll have an upload and a download speed. Just write the numbers down and do it like every hour during the day and keep a log of this throughout the week and especially on Saturday and Sunday. And you will start probably start to see a pattern of when your speeds are faster or nonexistent. And if you're on cable C cable, when more people that are on it. It's can slow down to worse than dial up.

[00:11:30] Now, if hardly anybody is on it, it could be like lightning fast. It's not consistent say depends on. It's shared with everybody else in your neighborhood who's getting it say so. So you want to see, hey, every day at 6:00 my I go down to so slow I can't even get on Harley. Well, that might mean loads of people in your neighborhood got home from work and jumped on their computers. And then you wouldn't want to do anything important during that time period. If you're stuck with that, if that's the only choice in your neighborhood. Now, I have FiOS, which is the fiber optics. It's buried underground. It's always consistent. You know, there's, I don't know, thousands and hundreds of thousands of cables just in my cul de sac. I don't know. But I know that it's consistent, even though they will, you know, all the companies will cheat you on the speed they advertise and what you actually get. But it's really, really consistent. It never goes out unless my electricity goes out and then the generator has to kick in and then the modem start working again, stuff like that. But you got to you got to know what you're talking about and that's why you got to do this log. And then if you go to the cable company and complain, you've got some leg to stand on other than saying, Hey, my cable is not working once in a while, well then they're like, well, well, that's the breaks, you know? But if you say, look, here's my log for a whole week on the speeds I've been getting and it's not even close to what I should be getting and just start and you're acting like you know what you're doing say and that gets more attention from them.

[00:13:08] But if it's the only game in town, you know, there's like one in Charlottesville. It's the only game in town outside of Charlottesville. And they suck. They lie. They're a bunch of lions. Son of a bitches, scumbags, you know, they say, Well, we'll be out to check it out. And then they never show up. And, you know, just a bunch of pissant motherfers, you know, that's what happens when you get these these people that when there's no competition, say so anyway, do the log and then follow up and start complaining with something that you can really hardcore show them. All right. And then if not, go to your TV station and complain to them, get their investigative reporters on them. And I don't know. So there you go. And of course, I don't know where you live if you're trying to use those dish things which are weather dependent, you know, So there's all kinds of factors here. But that's the first thing to do is to make the log over the course of a week. And especially I just said it's weather dependent on some of them. So if it happens to be a thunderstorm, make sure you do it there close to the the storm and things like that to see if that affected it.

[00:14:18] All right. Let's see. Another one is do you still have your Roku Channel, Roku? Well, I have the public speaking channel and it was set it and forget it for a long time getting thousands of views and downloads and things like that. But in January of this year, there are changing their system. And if you don't change to the new system, your channel will get removed no matter how popular it was. So I went ahead and bought the TV Boss Ignite system. It was 75 bucks off their webinar and over the next month I'll be using it to change to the new system and maybe I'll make some more channels. But yes, I still have the public speaking channel. It's got I don't know how many videos, 75, 100 videos on public speaking where you actually see this stuff in action. Yeah, some of it's old, but I mean, this is my Internet stuff is stuff I have to stay up on top. But my public speaking stuff has been selling since the 90s because it's evergreen most for most part. Other than you know, you're probably not using overhead projectors much anymore. But all the techniques I still use to this day and still if I had a speaking engagement today, I'd still be using the same techniques I used in the 90s to wow people.

[00:15:36] So and I do have a thing coming up here pretty soon. I think the the link to it is screwthecommute.com/max where this Thursday I'm doing my how to maximize the value of any speaking engagement so make sure you check that out. All right there's some of the questions you know if you you know this is some of hundreds and hundreds I get every week. So if you'd like, help with this kind of stuff, check out my mentor program at greatInternetMarketingTraining.com. It's the longest running, most unique, most successful ever in the field of Internet and digital marketing. And also you get a scholarship to my school. It's the only license dedicated Internet and digital marketing school in the country, probably the world. And it's something you can use yourself for extra training or gift to someone. I'll tell you what, it'd be the best legacy gift you could ever give a young person since they're getting ripped off totally in these four year colleges. Just being taught how to. Test and not learning anything and then getting saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. So you don't want that to happen. So anyway, check out the whole deal at GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com. Give me a call and we can discuss your future and your child's future, possibly online, maybe even your grandchildren. How about that? All right. We'll catch you on the next episode. See you later.