690 - They can enhance your sales: Tom talks Bonuses - Screw The Commute

690 – They can enhance your sales: Tom talks Bonuses

Today, we're going to talk about bonuses. Now bonuses, this is another copywriting technique, absolutely increased sales, but there's lots of details to use them properly to make you the most money.

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[00:23] Tom's introduction to Bonuses

[02:50] Odd numbers of bonuses work best

[04:17] Using testimonials and customizing bonuses

[07:03] Adding physical bonuses and consultations

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 690 - Bonuses
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody, it's Tom with episode 690 of Screw the Commute Podcast. Today, we're going to talk about bonuses. Now bonuses, this is another copywriting technique, absolutely increased sales, but there's lots of details to use them properly to make you the most money. So that's what this episode is all about. This is episode 690. Now, I hope you didn't miss that. Episode 689 That was a whole bunch of e commerce abbreviations you need to know. And using them makes people think you know what you're talking about, right? So and then when you read them, you'll know what they're referring to. So that was episode 689. Anytime you want to get to it back episode, you go to screwthecommute.com, slash, and then the episode number. That was 689. Hey, TikTok is going crazy. I'm passing through 290,000 views on just one video and everything else is going pretty good, except their algorithm accidentally grabs some of my content and puts it in for community violations. When it's not, it says some kind of brand violation. When it's all me. I'm not getting paid for any of these tech talks, so I'm having a little hassle with that. But other than that, it's going pretty, pretty good. So please check it out at tiktok.com/@digitalmultimillionaire and please like forward save comment all that stuff and I'll respond to you personally and also thanks to the Patreon donors that are helping fund our scholarship program for persons with disabilities at screwthecommute.com/patreon starts as little as three bucks a month and we have a million bucks worth of free training here. You can go just to training episodes at screwthecommute.com/training.

[00:02:20] Let's get to the main event. Talk about bonuses bonuses. Absolutely increased sales, no question about it. And I'm going to now, unless you screw it up and do some of the things that people do that are just spammy. But but if you do do the stuff I tell you, it's absolutely going to increase sales. Now, I'm going to give you lots of details on how to get the most out of your bonuses. Now, I'm going to give you some simple facts and techniques about bonuses here one at a time. And in no particular order, odd numbers of bonuses work best, generally three between three and seven. Three would be for a lower priced product in your market, seven would be for a higher price mark. So it's three, five or seven. Now, there used to be a craze to give a million bonuses to buy your $2 product.

[00:03:10] Well, I mean, this is overwhelming. It looks kind of spammy and that may decrease sales because it looks so crazy to people and most professionals don't do that. So three to 3 to 7 bonus is good. Now, if your bonus starts with a number, use the numeral version, not the number written out. For instance, if one of the bonuses was three website critiques, then you would use the numeral three, not t, h, r, e, and y. Some of these things work. I can't explain to you. They just do. So just do them. Now your bonus should be good enough to sell or you have sold it in the past. Your free email magazine is not a bonus. Everyone can get that without spending any money. Now, that doesn't mean you can't sign them up for your newsletter somewhere else in the sales letter. You can say something like. In addition, you'll get our fantastic weekly Tips letter or something like that. But don't put it in the bonus section. Now, if your bonus is really good and has sold before, you likely have testimonials for it. And this is a little known copywriting technique that's really powerful and that's where you point a testimonial toward the bonus instead of your main product. And of course you want testimonials on your main product too. But towards the bonus is something people don't see that often.

[00:04:44] And there have been plenty of examples where someone has bought an entire promotion just to get a unique bonus. That was really good. And one thing you can do to stimulate this is to make a bonus and let them know it's not available in any other way. In other words, they must buy this promotion to get this unique bonus. All right. Another thing, bonuses can be a revenue stream. Now, how does that work? Well, the bonus can be a training program on some other product or service where they have to buy that product or service to do what you trained them on in your bonus. And you get an affiliate commission on the product or service, you recommend it. And I mean the same thing. The bonus could also be training on something else you sell yourself. And just like the last one, they have to buy the product or service from you to be able to take advantage of the free training you gave. Now here's a here's a cool one to make revenue. Other people, myself included, would be willing to give you a bonus customized with your affiliate link to my stuff so you don't even have to create the bonus. Me or some other marketer gives you the bonus. And if someone buys something from the bonus, you get an affiliate commission. So that's making your bonuses a revenue stream, another revenue stream.

[00:06:14] Now, another thing about bonuses is that it encourages people to buy directly from you instead of some other major vendor, maybe like Amazon. If you're selling something that's sold on Amazon. Well, you know, it's easy to buy from Amazon, so you must give them bonuses to make them say, you know, I think I'll go for these bonuses and get the same product for the same price. But now they're buying from you. So you get either the affiliate commission or the direct sale of the product with the customer in your database. So you might want to sell stuff on Amazon. But the thing is, is they get the customer and you can't follow up with them unless you've put enough bounce backs in your product on Amazon. And the bounce backs are where they can they they get some incentive to come back to your website and opt in for something. But I'd rather have them buy directly from me. All right. Now, most bonuses nowadays are digital, but if you are selling a physical product that has to be shipped anyway, then adding a physical bonus might make sense for you as long as it doesn't up the postage that much. Now, here's another thing. Consultations is bonuses. Most people are too lazy or too stupid or shortsighted to do this. Here's the deal about consultations bonuses. And I've been doing this for nearly 30 years, and I'd love to see someone dispute what I'm saying.

[00:07:40] All right. Consultations add a great value to the promotion. You can get more money for whatever the main promotion is if the if a consultation is part of the bonuses. So they these consultations definitely increase sales because people like to know they have someone to talk to if they need help. And the second thing for sure is that most people don't take advantage of the consultation. For whatever reason, they just don't. If I had to deliver all the consultations I owe people, I'd have to hide out in Mexico. And of course, I'm kidding about hiding out in Mexico because I want to do the consultations. And here's what. See the lazy and shortsighted people really fall down here. The person that takes the consultation. Here, Here is the benefits of this is more likely to spend more money with you. They'll become a more loyal customer. They will be more likely to cut you a break If an order gets screwed up and they're more likely to refer you either just because they like you or as an affiliate. I think it's just dumb to refuse to do consultations as bonuses. These people are lazy. They want the most money and the least amount of work. Do nothing. People. That's their do nothing businesses is what I call and I'm not against residual and recurring income, but I take care of customers.

[00:09:11] That's how I've been in business for 46 years. All right. With no lawsuits, nobody chasing me around, nobody badmouthing me. All right, so this is really valuable to you in the long run. So I think it's really dumb to refuse to do consultations as bonuses. And no, I'm not saying that applies to super cheap products. I usually offer it when it's a substantial sale. But anyway, I do offer them and have had great luck with them over many, many years. So pay attention to your bonuses and you will watch your sales rise. Go back through this. Make yourself a checklist of all the things. And every time you do a promotion, do this with all the bonuses and you will sell way more. I'm telling you. And if you want help with this and all the other 100 million things you got to know to be successful with online businesses. Check out my mentor program at greatinternetmarketingtraining.com. It's the longest running, most unique, most successful ever in the field of internet and digital marketing. And I triple dog dare anybody out there to put their program up against mine but they won't because they will be embarrassed. Mine is the best there is. All right. So check it out. greatinternetmarketingtraining.com and use those bonuses. I'll catch you on the next episode. See you later.