653 - Top Gun Love: Tom interviews Frank Wiegers - Screw The Commute

653 – Top Gun Love: Tom interviews Frank Wiegers

Frank Wiegers is here. He's a veteran fighter pilot from the Vietnam War, and a veteran of the relationship war, where he got divorced and he began an intensive study of love, sex and relationships. He's licensed by the Relationship Coaching Institute and began working in the men's movement, coaching men and women couples and singles. He's been married since 2008, he's got Top Gun Love, which you're going to want to go to TopGunLove.com.

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[02:46] Tom's introduction to Frank Wiegers

[07:52] Quest for speed

[11:40] The start of Top Gun Love

[18:22] The Magic of Rituals

[26:21] The Gratitude Ritual and lots of “play”

[36:20] Sponsor message

[38:35] A typical day for Frank

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 653 – Frank Wiegers
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody, is Tom here with episode 653? Screw the Commute Podcast. I'm here with Frank Wiegers and this is part of Vetpreneur Month here at Screw the Commute Podcast. We honor our veteran entrepreneurs every September. But really, we're honoring all our veterans. We're very pro-military here and we want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for the things they've done to keep us safe so we can do what we're doing now. Frank was a former fighter pilot and he has a site called Top Gun Love. Where do you hear this guy? I'm telling you and I've got to take a kind of a quote from his website to give you a feel for what's coming up. So this is right from Frank's website. And I've kind of I jumped in on some specific things. It says what you need to navigate a loving relationship is also very similar to what is required to fly a fighter plane to be successful in either. You better intimately understand every inch of your equipment.

[00:01:27] And so you can.

[00:01:29] See what's coming up here, folks, and also to be able to fly through any kind of weather conditions. So he's going to be a blast. We'll have him on in a minute. All right. Hope you to miss episode 652. That's Dustin Perkins. He's a US Coast Guard veteran and he has a travel agency dedicated to making magical memories for disabled veterans and people with autism. Just the beautiful thing that he's doing. Anytime you want to get to a back episode, go to screwthecommute.com, slash and then the episode number Dustin was 652 and Frank will be 653, which I'm absolutely sure you're going to want to share Frank's episode. All right. Make sure you grab a copy of our automation e-book. It's just one of the tips in the book has saved me. We estimated it actually 8 million keystrokes and hundreds and hundreds of hours fighting with my computer when instead I was working with prospects and customers and developing products and services because that's where the money is. So grab your copy at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. While you're at it, pick up a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app, where you can put us on your cell phone and tablet and take us with you on the road.

[00:02:48] Let's get to the main event. Frank Wiegers is here. He's a veteran fighter pilot from the Vietnam War, and a veteran of the relationship war, where he got divorced and he began an intensive study of love, sex and relationships. He's licensed by the Relationship Coaching Institute and began working in the men's movement, coaching men and women couples and singles. He's been married since 2008, he's got Top Gun Love, which you're going to want to go to TopGunLove.com. Frank, are you ready to screw? You're always ready to screw the commute.

[00:03:29] I think I was born ready. Just great.

[00:03:31] You know.

[00:03:32] And there's no secret to this, folks, because I saw it making a deal of it on other things. He's 81 years old, and he's still going strong. He's my idol. So, Frank, how did you get from a fighter pilot to fighting with relationships and then you bust it out of it?

[00:03:52] Well, you know, I had an interest in being a fighter pilot as a kid growing up after World War Two. And, you know, I used to read all the books about God as my co-pilot and guys flying in the Battle of Britain and all those fighter.

[00:04:09] Flying mustangs at that time.

[00:04:11] No, no. The there was a P40 in the the guys in China and then then the Spitfires and the Battle of Britain and and the Mustangs didn't come in till very late in the war. But, but I just would read all those things those fighter pilots were doing. What God I want to do that and and, and of course, like a lot of young guys, I had an interest in cars big time, but I wanted to go racing and do drag racing.

[00:04:42] Anything fast, right?

[00:04:44] Yeah, that's right. And so while all the other guys were playing baseball, I was working in a filling station.

[00:04:50] Oh, gee.

[00:04:52] Let me ask you, in your whole life, have you gotten many speeding tickets?

[00:04:57] Just a few.

[00:04:58] Oc because I read somewhere that pilots get an inordinate amount of speeding tickets because they're used to like multitasking ten different switches and doing all ten things at once and they forget they're going too fast on the road.

[00:05:13] Well, yeah, that has happened to me. And there's, you know, other other times when well, that's a long story. I could go on and on about that. But, you know, I love cars and love speed and and so all the way through high school, I was interested in cars and, as I said, worked on a filling station and wanted to get my own car and fix it up and make it a racer. And then I got into college and there was mandatory Air Force ROTC.

[00:05:44] Yeah.

[00:05:44] And and so they said, Do you want to go for a ride in one of our airplanes and what? Sure. And they said, So they put me in the backseat of at6, which was a trainer in Ward two. And, you know, the guy got up to altitude and leveled off and said, You want to fly out? I said, Sure. So he said, okay, do this and do that. And then I was flying it and he said, Wow, you're doing pretty good with this. And I went, you know, set the hook and reel me in, baby, because, all right.

[00:06:11] I'm hooked.

[00:06:13] And so I went through I got my commission and went on active duty in the Air Force and did really well in pilot training, came out as a distinguished graduate. And and I said, I want to be a fighter pilot. And they said, sorry, this is the Cold War and we need bomber pilots. So you're going to go be a co pilot on a B 47? Well, I mean, I was I joined the military because I love our country and I wanted to do my part and be patriotic like all the other fighter pilots I knew. So I was I spent like three years in the back seat of A, B 47, flying with some really not very good pilots. And it used to make their landings and do their refueling for them. And and there it was stuck in the back seat of the airplane. So I said, I got to get out of this thing. I want to get into Test Pilot School. This was in the in the early sixties and there wasn't any war going on then. Vietnam hadn't really started. So the Air Force said, Well, we'll send you back to engineering school if you want to do that. And I did. And halfway through engineering school I noticed that Vietnam was really cranking up, right? So I called Fighter Command, said have volunteer to fly fighters in Vietnam. They said, What's your serial number? When are you available? And two weeks later, I had orders. I did finish the degree. And right after that I went into F 100 training the Super Sabre and and then onto Vietnam and flew my my tours in Vietnam and came back. And then they made me an instructor pilot to teach new pilots how to be fighter pilots. That's the best damn job I ever had.

[00:07:52] Well, well, apparently your quest for speed while you're working at the gas station worked out because it seems to me a top cruise speed on an F 100 is about 800 knots. Is that.

[00:08:05] Yes.

[00:08:06] Close to that. Yeah.

[00:08:07] Yeah. And it'll climb it 22,000 feet per minute, which for people out there that's like one football field per second going up.

[00:08:16] Yeah.

[00:08:18] Oh it's amazing. And they called it the Hun Right.

[00:08:21] Yes. Right.

[00:08:22] Yeah.

[00:08:22] And now that's, it's gone through several iterations. I mean the short tail was crashing all the time. Right.

[00:08:29] And yeah, they called it the LT Killer.

[00:08:34] And so what version did you fly.

[00:08:37] I flew the, the, the, the C and the D and there wasn't really much difference except the C didn't really have flaps on it. This thing would come down. Final approach at 175 knots.

[00:08:53] For those of you out there, that's like screaming fast for a landing.

[00:08:56] That's 200. It's about 200 miles an hour.

[00:08:59] Yeah.

[00:08:59] That's why you keep such long runways, right?

[00:09:02] Yeah. We had usually had over 10,000 feet and and, you know, but you get used to it, you know, you're just it's just like anything else. You know, once you develop the head, you know, that's like racecar drivers. They say, how can you drive so close to somebody at 200 miles an hour? I said, Everybody's doing it.

[00:09:20] Yeah, yeah. You know.

[00:09:22] If you don't do that, you're out of the race.

[00:09:24] You know, some of them didn't because there was some pretty bad crashes with that thing on landings. But did you have the cannons or the machine gun or what.

[00:09:33] Yeah. We had for.

[00:09:35] 2020.

[00:09:36] Yeah. Cannons. And that would come out at around 6000 rounds a second. Not a second. A minute.

[00:09:44] A minute. Yeah.

[00:09:45] Yeah. And when they when we shot the candidates on like burp.

[00:09:50] Exactly right. But boy, I could just imagine, I was telling you before we started about how when I moved here to. Norfolk, Oceana Naval Station. And I just about freaked out because it'll just shake your brains out when those jets take off and stuff. And I didn't know about it. I was like, Well, we're getting attacked. So imagine what the peasants in Vietnam thought when they saw you coming at them. Yeah. So? So. So you got that under your wing. But you were, you had a lot of. No, we, we, we get a little throw up in our mouth sometimes when we mentioned this term on this podcast, the term job, you had.

[00:10:28] Jobs because I.

[00:10:30] Just say job.

[00:10:32] Yeah. Okay. All right, that's better. So you were like in engineering and stuff for a long time, right?

[00:10:38] Yeah. Yeah. You know, I got the degree in aeronautical engineering and when I came back I was an instructor pilot, but it was also because I had the engineering degree, they made me a test pilot. That would be not a research test pilot, but a production test pilot. So whenever they worked on the airplane, I would then take it up and test it out to make sure that they fixed it right. And also.

[00:11:03] The male. Did you ever have to bail out?

[00:11:07] No, sir.

[00:11:08] Never did Good.

[00:11:09] Came close.

[00:11:09] No numerous times.

[00:11:11] But. But no, I never did. And. But they also made me an air crash investigator because I had the engineering background and I investigated 13 major crashes for the Air Force. And then when I got out, I went to work for Douglas, which was then McDonnell Douglas, which later got absorbed by Boeing. But and I investigated a couple of crashes for them as well. So so, you know, just a lot a lot of stuff like that.

[00:11:41] And when did Top Gun Love come around and did you did you save up money when to start a business or did you is it part time to start? How did you transition from the work?

[00:11:51] Well, you know, that's a good that's a really good question. So when I came back from Vietnam, it was in the late sixties, and I went to I always worked as an instructor pilot. And then then because of my engineering ability, they made me also a flight safety officer. So there was an opportunity to go do some post-grad work at USC in a flight safety course. And while I was there, I was staying with a brother of one of my old friends from the Air Force, and he introduced me to marijuana. And I went, Well, this stuff is kind of fun. You know, fighter pilots drink a lot. You know, it's part of the hill racing, carefree. I don't give a shit about anything attitude. And so I just added a little bit of marijuana to my my, my after hours recreation. And as that went on, I somehow or another got caught. And after 18 years, the Air Force says, we don't want any marijuana addicts and we're discharging you.

[00:12:57] Oh, wow.

[00:12:58] So, well, maybe I'll take you back now, since everything's legal everywhere.

[00:13:03] Yeah.

[00:13:04] I think I'm that windows.

[00:13:06] Closed, you know.

[00:13:07] But. But, you know, they did me a favor because I felt really bad about it, because I thought, sure, I'd wind up as a general officer and and maybe have my own squadron or fighter wing or whatever. But. But, but, you know, I was flying. I wouldn't I never flew drunk or stoned for that matter, but I would be kind of hung over a lot of times. And I just I just looking back, reflecting on that said, you know, I probably would have been one of those unexplained accidents or what happened to him.

[00:13:42] Why when one one false move at 800 knots and.

[00:13:46] Yeah.

[00:13:47] And you know as I used to I used to teach flying when I got out of the Air Force, I would teach flying and I would get these women that would come up in this place. She's she'd come in and she'd make this horrible landing. And I said, you know, she said, Oh, well, I was doing this and doing this. I said, Honey, the ground doesn't care. You know, you can have all the excuses in the world, but the ground doesn't care. And so so anyhow, I told the guy that was running the flight school, I said, I don't think this woman ought to get her license. And I did that with a couple of guys, too. And he said, Oh, no, I can fix it. So she landed in on the touch and go, and instead of raising the flaps, she raised the gear.

[00:14:30] Oh, yeah.

[00:14:32] What I said I did tell you. So anyhow.

[00:14:38] They're giving them away now. They reduced the hours, you know, because the airplane industry was going down. So they reduced the number of hours to get your privates now. And. Yeah. And I flew I wasn't an instructor, but I flew, you know, we sold a lot of airplanes and I'd fly right seat just helping the new person get down. And this one guy claimed he had 4000 hours. And and I'm, I'm looking at this guy and I'm like, this guy is there's no way he had turban time and everything. And and so we I was supposed to fly him down to with him down to Florida, and it was supposed to be severe clear. But it turns out we got icing and I had to land from the right seat with and couldn't see out the window, no icing on the airplane. And so he wouldn't pay to have me stay there and wait till the weather cleared to continue the trip. So he sent me home. Two weeks later. I heard he and I had told him this is a 25 year old airplane. The fuel tank is going to have 20 gallons left when it says empty. And and so he forgot all about that. And he did an emergency landing. He thought he was out of fuel in a sugarcane field. He tore the wings off. He broke his his ankles, his wrists, his wife's ankles and his dress because and so there's a lot of people out there. And I used to tell people to be a charter pilot. The main thing is to not let the customers know how scared you are.

[00:16:13] Right. Yeah. Oh, really?

[00:16:15] So.

[00:16:16] You know, talking about Top Gun love. Yeah. You know, when there's a there's a thing called the fighter weapon school. The Navy calls it Top gun school. And I never got a chance to go to that because I was so busy doing all that. Aviation safety.

[00:16:32] Did you see these movies lately?

[00:16:35] Yes, I.

[00:16:36] Do. Did you like them? Did you say.

[00:16:37] I loved them? Oh.

[00:16:39] You know, the story was kind of. Yeah, but the flying scenes, especially in the new one, the flying scenes were awesome. You know that One more. They showed them going down, circling around each other, heading straight down. That was. That's called a vertical rolling scissors.

[00:16:56] Oh, my.

[00:16:56] God. And it usually starts going up and you keep going up until you run out of air speed. And then, of course, you have to go down. And so the fight just keeps going until you either crash or run into each other. And that and really that has happened more than once because, you know, fighter pilots don't want to quit.

[00:17:16] Right.

[00:17:18] We're here to kill the other guy, you know. And so, I mean, dogfighting to me, I never did fight a MiG, but but we used to fight each other all the time. And it's more fun. Anyhow, I used to I had top scores in my squadron all the time so I could say I was a top gun in that school. But. But the idea of Top Gun love is the thing about Top Gun pilots is they never stop studying. They never stop practicing, and they're always willing to learn something new. And they're completely dedicated to being the best they could be. So what if you wanted to do that with your love life? What if you wanted to be a top lover? Wouldn't you study everything that you could find about how to be a good lover? Wouldn't you learn everything about how your body works and what makes you aroused? And wouldn't you learn everything about how your partner's body works and what makes them aroused? And then once you learn how to have good communication and loving experiences with them so that you can have what I call magical sex?

[00:18:22] Well, you you have a thing called rituals. And and I want to go into that because I. I saw you had, I think, several different ones a morning and then a dinner and then a nighttime ritual. And, well, I had one simple one. I don't have it as scientific as yours, but I. My thing is, find out what the girl likes and do it as long as she wants. That's a good start. But that's a.

[00:18:50] Great.

[00:18:51] Great way.

[00:18:52] To start.

[00:18:53] But there's way more to it. And this is this is one that really cracked me up. I heard you talking about a morning worship where your spouse sits on your lap and tells you what they love about you and then vice versa. And you said, I worship you, I cherish you, and you have great tits.

[00:19:13] That's right.

[00:19:15] I always tell her, God, honey, I love your titties. And it cracks her up. You know, she we got it down to a routine now. I mean, it gets it gets repetitive. You say the same thing over and it doesn't really matter what you're saying. What matters is that you are acknowledging your love for each other.

[00:19:35] So go ahead and tell us about all the rituals.

[00:19:38] Okay. Well, that's the first one. We call it Morning Ritual. And everybody says, God, that worship that rather. And that's really weird, but it's not weird because, you know, if you really are in love with your partner, you do worship them. And if you're if you're not worshipping them, you ought to be. And so that's that's the whole thing. And it just starts our day that way every day. And and so we go carry that through the day. And then when we're both off work and doing this, I'm writing new stuff and she does counseling herself. She's really busy, excuse me. And she takes three art classes a week on top of that. So she's like a little Energizer bunny. She just doesn't stop. And and so when we get together at dinnertime, we have what we call the evening news. So? So I said, well, you know, she said, Tell me about your day. And so we start off while I read this in the morning paper and we talk about that article. And then I did this and then I saw this guy and then I went to this and then I went to the store and bought groceries. I mean, just stupid, mundane stuff. But but it's just the details. And then she might stop me and say, Oh, yeah, what did you get the whatchamacallit at the store? I went, Yes, I did. And she said, Oh, thank you. And you know, it just goes on like that. It's just the idea that we're communicating together.

[00:20:55] Let's say guys would be I can hear most guys out there resisting this and you say they should not resist it, no matter how boring it is to them, because there's something with regard to oxygen. Hosting and in the way a woman, you know, generates it.

[00:21:11] Yes, absolutely. That's a great comment. The the idea is that when you communicate with a woman, she's bonding with you. And and when she's bonding, she gets oxytocin. That's the the love and bonding hormone. And women get it when they orgasm big time. They get it in childbirth. That's how they bond with their babies. And and they look at their babies in the eye and the baby looks at them and they and the love just flows back and forth. And that happens with us, too, when we look at our partner's eyes and say that and we do. Another thing I didn't really talk about court called eye gazing, and we'll just sit there for a couple of minutes and just gaze in each other's eyes and minute. We'll just gaze into.

[00:21:57] That for me.

[00:21:58] No, that was me.

[00:21:59] No.

[00:22:00] Someone calling me Tom. You said Teddy's on on your podcast.

[00:22:05] That's right. Yeah.

[00:22:09] You're bad boy.

[00:22:12] To clean up your language.

[00:22:13] Now, one thing I did one time I think you probably say is not quite exactly right. You know, you. I was mentioning how you think that the guys might think this is boring and they just kind of go along with it. So. So I told this girl one time, you know what? You can talk all you want, but just don't expect me to listen to all.

[00:22:33] I don't think that we're not good. Not good. No, no, no, no.

[00:22:40] No. That's not it. You know, it doesn't matter. What matters is that she knows that you're engaged. Right?

[00:22:48] Right.

[00:22:48] And when women do that, you know, when women go out, they just never stop talking.

[00:22:52] Right? Right.

[00:22:53] And the reason they do that is because they're getting not only oxytocin, they're getting norepinephrine, they're getting serotonin, dopamine. They're getting a whole chemical cocktail.

[00:23:04] Comedians joke about this. You know, some guy goes out with his buddy that got divorced. And when he comes home, the girl once say, well, how's he feeling? And the guy says, I don't know. They didn't. They didn't I didn't talk about it.

[00:23:18] Yeah, I got divorced all too bad.

[00:23:20] Yeah. Let's have another drink. Drinking.

[00:23:22] What about them? Dodgers.

[00:23:24] Right.

[00:23:25] So? So, yeah. So the whole idea. And that's when we talk about magical sex. You know, guys, you know, we've all had those experiences sometimes when we just have that, that, that loving sexual experience, it was like, Oh my God. And, you know, that's a spiritual experience. By the way, when you when you say, Oh, God, I'm coming, it is, oh, God, you are coming. Because that's that lights up an area in your brain that is the same area in the right prefrontal cortex. That is what people experience religious experiences in. So, I mean, there's a whole lot of sexuality that they don't teach us anywhere. And which is the reason I wrote this book, because I've researched this for 30 years and and you talk about how I got to love is because when I said, you know, I've spent all my life flying fighters and running around doing crazy stuff, and I totally neglected my relationship and got divorced. And I said, I've got to figure that out. I can I got a law degree, I got an engineering degree, I got a business degree. I know how to study. So I start doing that and I studied and learned everything I could. And then I wrote it down in that book called The Magic of Sex Book.

[00:24:38] Yeah, because you have more than one book. So which book are you talking about?

[00:24:42] A magical sex book. And the precursor to that was called. So that's why they do that men, women and their hormones. And it talks about how the different hormones drive behavior changes in men and women, and how women can say, Why do you do that crazy shit? And he goes, Because the testosterone in me, he says, I can do anything I want and I'll do that. You know what? I'm invincible. And most of us guys have that, especially in our toes. And and so not knowing that that that started out as a manual called the Fighter Pilots manual for sizzling sex and lasting relationships. And the first section in the manual is is the equipment and operation. And that's our hormones. And that's what I start saying. You know, if you want to be a top lover, you got to know how all that stuff's working in you and all that stuff's working in her. And so if you know that she needs to talk to Bond with you, and if you keep that bonding going, you're going to get some good rewards later. It might have a payoff in the.

[00:25:53] Now, before we get into the night ritual, I want to throw in a tip of my own that I think is is solid to the max. So you know how what a giant mistake it would be to. Call that somebody else's name in the bedroom.

[00:26:09] If you make a mistake. So.

[00:26:12] So I just call up my own name. Oh, Tom. Oh.

[00:26:17] Oh, you're bad. Bad.

[00:26:19] Really bad time. So.

[00:26:21] So. Night. So what happens at nighttime?

[00:26:24] Okay, so at night, before we go to bed, we do the gratitude ritual. And it's just like, you know, I appreciate you for the work you did today and the money you brought in today. And I appreciate the fact that you did something really nice for me. And I appreciate my buddy Rick for coming out and having coffee and talking about this shit that we do.

[00:26:46] And then and you're go, Great tits.

[00:26:49] Yeah. And yeah.

[00:26:51] And I'm grateful. I appreciate that. I'm grateful for that. And then I say something that I liked about myself while I got a lot of work done on my the novel that I'm writing. And then I did. I helped out somebody else. And. And what I did for fun today was pack everything up and go to the beach with you this afternoon. That was great. So that's just a little, you know, just little things that kind of end the day on that kind of gratitude and have good thoughts. And then the intention is to have a good night's sleep.

[00:27:21] So that's overall is setting the the stage for a great relationship. And now you have, I think, a four part thing on like pre sex or foreplay and it What's all that about.

[00:27:37] Yeah that's the the steps I call them to having a magical sexual experience and everybody knows about foreplay At least they might know about it. They might not do it or might not do it right. But they know that you need to do foreplay, especially.

[00:27:53] That's. That's my problem. I only did two play. The one play. It was me.

[00:27:58] By myself.

[00:28:01] And Mother Thumb and the four sisters. Right. So everybody knows about foreplay. And of course, the play is is actual sex act. But what people don't know about is that it takes pre play to get to foreplay. And then after the play you need after play. So I'm going to start with after play and that's what you do after you orgasm for men.

[00:28:29] You both.

[00:28:31] Inseminate.

[00:28:31] Or go to sleep.

[00:28:33] Exactly. You know, the men get both men and women get a huge dose of oxytocin bonding after the orgasm. But men then also get a huge shot of testosterone. And that overrides the oxytocin, which is what makes a guy want to either get up, get something to eat, turn on the TV, or have a drink or pass out and go to sleep. So if you if you can just pause for 15 minutes and just be there holding and absorbing all that sexual energy that you both just created. And then if you're really astute, you can use that sexual energy in a thing that's called sex magic. And what that is. Well, you know, a lot of people know about the law of attraction. You know what what you think about is what you tend to attract. Well, so we know thoughts have energy. Well, we know that sex has energy. You can feel it in your body. So if you take the sexual energy and combine that with your thought energy, it's like putting an afterburner on the airplane. You know, it really gives it a lot more power. So then if you and your partner both are thinking of the same thing at the same time, right at orgasm or right shortly after orgasm, then you've added a huge power boost to the two of you projecting something. You want a new house. You want to you want another child. You want to create a new job. You want some kind of money flowing in whatever you want. But if you both have that thought at right after orgasm, you can create magic with that. And believe me, I've manifested a lot of stuff just using those thoughts and that power.

[00:30:24] And you're doing it right because you use the afterburner if you do it wrong or you don't do it at all. It's like the crappy afterburners on the early F one hundreds.

[00:30:34] Right? Yeah.

[00:30:36] Well, even to the very end, they find a whole different after burner.

[00:30:39] Yeah.

[00:30:40] But. Okay, so now let's skip forward to pre play. So, you know, the thing about if you want to create magical sex, it really hinges on having the woman in the right place. The women's brains never really shut down. You know, it's like they're we can turn our hard drive off and the ram goes away. They don't when they turn their. Brain off to go to sleep. It doesn't really stop and the REM never really is cleared out. So they're running these programs all the time. So you have to do something to get her present in her body in the moment. And that's what we call pre play. And we use a series of exercises. There's a whole chapter on this, a series of exercises and touching that will help bring her present in the moment. And then you can feel it when she's there with you.

[00:31:36] This is mostly non-sexual stuff, like going for a walk or.

[00:31:39] Going It could be it could be dinner in a movie. It could be it could be going for a walk. But but when we when we get to the bedroom and we take off all our clothes and we're standing there naked, looking at each other and touching each other, and maybe we're even dancing a little bit, and and sometimes there's another exercise where we put our hand on each other's hearts and look in each other's eyes and just breathe for a few minutes and all that makes that connection with her. And if you want magical sex that, Oh my God, why don't we do that more then then you need that kind of connection with her to get her in the space because she holds all that energy, you know, everything flows out through a woman. It does. I mean, birth flows. We start it with the semen, but then she gives it back with the with with the sexual energy and the and recreation. But so the whole idea of pre play is to get her in the space and be ready to receive foreplay. And then then you go into foreplay and of course you go into the play and there's chapters in the book that list things that you can do in foreplay. And the idea there is that you read that together and she'll say, No, I don't like that, but why don't you do that? And he'll say, Well, I never thought about that one. And so you go through that chapter and look at things and you decide. You learn from each other. You know, my wife, it took us a couple of years to write this book, and then we put it out and then maybe almost a year is gone by. And she said, you know, let's read that book to each other. And we did. And it just really started the whole thing again. It reignited our passion for each other. So after almost 20 years together, you know, that's that's valuable stuff.

[00:33:30] I'll tell you what. Yeah. The only thing that I'd be a little skeptical of is the me taking my clothes off and her giving it back to me in the form of, like, throw up.

[00:33:39] So I'm not sure I want to do that.

[00:33:43] You know, it doesn't, it doesn't matter. It's just the idea of of just being there, totally available.

[00:33:49] For each book. Good. So I can keep my shirt on. So it kind of reminds me of Larry the Cable Guy. You know, that comedian guy, he says he says he didn't know recognize when his wife was pregnant because he's used to her throwing up after sex.

[00:34:05] Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

[00:34:09] So we got to thinking.

[00:34:11] Go ahead.

[00:34:12] Yeah. You know, we just aren't taught the value of this. You know, here's the thing about why we're not taught about love, sex and relationship is because the corporate guys don't want us to know about love, sex and relationship. They want us in the office working, and they want to just get every little ounce of energy out of us that they can. So there's more corporate profits because this country runs on corporate profits.

[00:34:37] Well, that's the same thing with them funding abortions, because if the the woman executive or a woman worker is off for weeks and weeks and weeks, and that's not doing the corporate bidding.

[00:34:52] Right? Right.

[00:34:53] Yeah. I mean, that's a theory.

[00:34:54] So, yeah. So the whole idea is that if if people know how much joy and how much. Ecstasy. Your bliss, if you want, is available to really loving, sexual, fulfilling, loving, sexual relationship. You know, they'd have a much better life and it doesn't cost any more.

[00:35:16] That's right. And you said your wife is like the Energizer bunny. It sounds like you guys are doing it like bunnies.

[00:35:24] It sounds that way. And I wish we were sometimes, but.

[00:35:27] But no, it doesn't.

[00:35:28] You know, we we have our own we actually we have every Sunday, we have our personal worship time. And we we set aside 2 to 3 hours and we just we get in the bedroom naked and sometimes we just talk for a half an hour and and then we'll make love. And then afterwards we'll cuddle and lay there and and do that. So we just spend that time together and that's our. But I don't know. I don't want to say that's our religion, but that's that is. And we make that, you know, the church calls there's churches call that a sacrament. Marriage is a sacrament. And we treat it that way. I mean, it's it really is a holy, wonderful thing. And we often see ourselves and see God in each other, you know? And so it's just great.

[00:36:21] Well, if you do this stuff well, first of all, we got to take a sponsor break. When we come back, we'll ask Frank what a typical day looks like for him and then how we can get hold of him. But I want to, before I do the sponsor break, I want to just do another quote from Frank here. When the discussion came up about how, you know, most people say after a few years the sex gets mundane. And Frank's answer to that was bullshit.

[00:36:49] Exactly who let that happen?

[00:36:51] Exactly.

[00:36:53] So who's responsible for that?

[00:36:55] So, folks, about 25 or so years ago kind of turned the Internet marketing guru world on its head. And the people at my level were charging 50 or 100 grand up front to teach him. And I know they'd be hiding out in Vietnam if you gave him 50 grand, because a lot of them were rip offs. So I said, you know, that's that's too risky for people. I'm going to turn it on its head. So I just charged an entry fee that was ten times lower than what they were charging. And then I tied my success to your success. So for me to get my 50 grand, you have to net 200 grand. And so people loved this and, I don't know, 1700 plus students later and 24, five years, it's still going strong. It's the longest running, most successful, most unique Internet and digital marketing mentor program ever. You have an immersion weekend at this big estate in Virginia Beach. Yeah, we have our own TV studio where we shoot marketing videos for you and it's all one on one. So you're never lumped in with people more advanced or less advanced than you. So very unique. So if you're interested in a really powerful business online that I've been selling online since the commercial Internet started in 1994, so I've been there and done that. So love to help you do it. And I'm kind of a crazy fanatic at it. I could have retired years ago, but I just love it so much and hey, I wouldn't get to talk to Frank and learn some tips that I desperately need. So check it out at greatinternetmarketingtraining.com.

[00:38:38] Let's get back to the main event. We're here with the fabulous Frank Wiegers from TopGunLove.com one of our wonderful veterans. It's done a lot of stuff to keep us safe and so Frank what's a typical day look like for you?

[00:38:55] Well, I'll tell you, Tom, I get up usually around little six or maybe just a little after, and I come into our office, my office, and close the door and I sit down and put my hearing aids in. So then I can start with some physical exercises to do. A little stretching.

[00:39:19] Stop right there for a second. Frank, did you do you wear your hearing aids in the bedroom?

[00:39:27] While we're talking. Yes.

[00:39:29] Yeah. So I was going to say, if she's whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

[00:39:32] And.

[00:39:34] You need to hear it.

[00:39:36] Yes, sir.

[00:39:37] No, no, I take them out when we get into the hugging and kissing.

[00:39:43] Hey, good. All right, then I take them out.

[00:39:45] All right? Because. Because by that time, if I roll over on my ear, it puts feedback.

[00:39:51] Into.

[00:39:52] The hearing ages.

[00:39:53] What?

[00:39:54] I used to speak at Rotary Clubs. That's how I know there was older people in the crowd. I hear the feedback from.

[00:40:01] Their hearing aids.

[00:40:03] Yeah. So? So anyhow, I come in and I do some exercise, do some push ups, sometimes some curls and stretches, and then after I've done that for about maybe ten, 15 minutes of, of physical stuff, then I get my zero gravity chair out and, and lay down and put in my headphones and listen to a 20 minute meditation tape that I myself have recorded. And it just gets me relaxed and present and, and then feeds the, the postulates, you know, the affirmations and things I want to do. And to me. And then after that, I get up and go down and fix my breakfast. And and we usually don't, don't get up together. I'm, I'm a morning person and Judith, my wife is a night person. So she gets she gets up later than I do. And then by the time I'm finished my breakfast, she's just going down and getting started on hers. So then we do our little morning worship and then I come up and usually look at my to do list. And a lot of them, sometimes it's reaching out to podcasters like you. And, and then I'll spend some time working on connecting with, with some of my clients and, and usually do a little coaching and Yeah.

[00:41:22] Tell us about how you work with clients.

[00:41:24] Well, it just depends on what they want. You know, I just it's what do they need and want? I find out that's the number one question. What do you need and what do you want? And and so we we just take it from there and I just take all the stuff that I've learned. And, you know, you said I was 81. Actually, I'm 87.

[00:41:44] Oh.

[00:41:44] Jeez.

[00:41:46] And so I just take all the stuff I've learned and I can talk to people just like I can talk to you, you know, and I find out what's going on for them. And I say, you know, well, I love that quote from I think it's Dr. Phil says, Well, how's that working for you? Yeah. And and, you know, and so we get to that and I say, well, you know, have you thought about doing this? Have you thought about doing that? And and and then we just talk. And sometimes they just want somebody to listen to him and, you know, and I do that.

[00:42:14] And I bet you saved a lot of divorces.

[00:42:17] Well, I know I've got a couple of them that one of them I know for sure I didn't. And then another one actually, it wasn't working. And I encouraged him to break up because they were both suffering and there was no no way that they were going to give in. And so, yeah.

[00:42:34] That's just as good as trying to force people to stay together when it's just not right.

[00:42:39] Yeah. And so, you know, if they've exhausted all possibilities than they had and he was just adamant and it wasn't going to change. So I said, you know, why are you suffering and why are you making her suffer? So. So they did. They ended it and, and they're looking around to it. And I still work with him and and he's looking around and he found another woman. And that's sort of didn't work out. So he's but we talk and every once a week we talk and and we go over what he's doing. So I just, you know, it's just whatever the guy needs And sometimes it may be specific sexual instruction which I'm I have lots of experience with.

[00:43:22] Is it mostly guys you talk to or do.

[00:43:24] You ever talk to. Yeah, mostly guys. And, you know. Well, you know, I spent all those years in the military hanging out with guys and that was before they had all the let so many women in, which was okay. I think it's great that women can do that. And but but then I start working in the men's movement back in the nineties, early nineties. And so I just, you know, I just you know, I'm a guy, I like guys and, and so yeah, mostly I work with guys and I've worked with some women too, and a lot of them say, Oh my God, you know, I say, your number one assignment is read my book.

[00:44:02] Is your wife doing the same kind of work just with women mostly?

[00:44:06] No, she does it with men and women and she's she does personal career and relationship counseling. And mostly she works with people in the entertainment industry at a very high level and very pricey.

[00:44:23] And so good there would be making a movie at its Top Gun three starring Frank Wiegers.

[00:44:29] And starring Frank and Judith. Yeah, Different kind of flying.

[00:44:33] Yeah, that's right.

[00:44:36] So that's and I just I like to write and and she's busy and I'm, you know, 87. I'm semi-retired except for the work I like to do, which is to talk to people about love, sex and relationship.

[00:44:49] And you can make money doing it. I mean, what's better than that? So so how do they get a hold of you?

[00:44:54] TopGunLove.com.

[00:44:56] What will they find there when they go there?

[00:44:58] Well, there's a lot of interesting information about love, sex and relationship as well as information about me. And there's a contact form in there. And you just put your name and your email in there and maybe your phone number, I think, and and send it off to me. And when I get it, I'll reach out to you and we'll we'll set a time where we can meet on the phone and talk.

[00:45:20] For is it on the phone or Zoom or what.

[00:45:22] It could be either way. I mean, I'm happy. I love doing so. And, you know, excuse me, it's really great seeing you on on Zoom this morning. You know, it's more personal.

[00:45:32] It's more personal, you see. And I guess if you're working with people, too, like I do a lot of training on Zoom and before that Skype and other kinds of things. But the you get you know, you can see the body language of the person and their reactions rather than just the audio.

[00:45:51] Yeah, we used to have an office, but then when COVID came along, we stopped doing that.

[00:45:55] Yeah. Well, you're used to wearing a mask, you know.

[00:45:58] So that's true.

[00:46:02] Boy, it's been a blast talking to you. I just love our veterans. And you're just doing Living the Life, man. So thanks so much for coming on.

[00:46:12] Oh, Tom.

[00:46:12] Was really.

[00:46:13] Great talking to you. It was fun. I really enjoyed our conversation. And any time I'd be happy to come back and talk some more.

[00:46:20] Absolutely. You got plenty to talk about. So, folks, visit Top Gun Love, and if you're having any relationship things going on or you want to have your sizzling sex life til you turn 87 at least, check it out. Check out Frank Wieger's site. So thanks a lot.

[00:46:36] Right. Well, tell them to look at Amazon to the book, the book of the magical sex book.

[00:46:43] Oh, is that the title again? Magical Sex.

[00:46:46] The magical sex book.

[00:46:48] The Magical Sex book.

[00:46:50] And Create and Sustain Amazing sex in four simple steps. Right.

[00:46:55] And you're the author, so there's not a pen name.

[00:46:58] It's on Amazon.

[00:47:05] Right. That's great. Thanks, Tom.

[00:47:08] All right, man. So we'll catch everybody on the next episode. We're part of Vetpreneur Month here. We're wrapping up here pretty soon, but boy, we sure had. We're saving the best for last. With ole Frank there. All right. We'll catch you on the next episode. See you later.