551 - Get yourself a Million Dollar Body: Tom interviews Nate Palmer - Screw The Commute

551 – Get yourself a Million Dollar Body: Tom interviews Nate Palmer

We got Nate Palmer here. He's a fitness and nutrition expert, a coach, a speaker and writer who believes that being in incredible shape gives a massive advantage in business focus and relationships. And he also happens to be a dad, a husband and a number one best selling author of the Million Dollar Body Method. Now I just started reading that, so my body is only about $2.50 at this point. But I think I'm going to try this 28 day program he has, and I don't want to say try. I'm just going to do it. Nate helps business owners and entrepreneurs improve their physique, finances and family time using fitness and nutrition as force multipliers.

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[03:37] Tom's introduction to Nate Palmer

[07:28] Hiding under the bed

[11:02] Having really good mentors

[13:23] Getting a gym with little money

[16:46] Changing his look around

[20:15] Loved my clients so much and then left them

[27:00] The Million Dollar Body Method

[30:03] Morning routines

[37:03] Body fat measuring

[38:20] Sponsor message

[41:07] Five day detox and staying motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 551 – Nate Palmer
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody, it's Tom here with episode five hundred and fifty one of Screw the Commute podcast. I'm here with Nate Palmer. Now this guy has got he's like, I don't know, kind of like Popeye muscles on top of muscles, on top of muscles and butt, but there's a quote from him. He doesn't know I'm going to say this, but this is a quote from him. I'm about as useful in a street fight as a big can of silly string. So I tell you what, though, I wouldn't mind having this guy with me if I wasn't in some deep doo doo because this guy is muscle on top of muscle. He's going to tell us how he started out as a scrawny kid and was hiding under the bed. And and now you wouldn't want to mess with a guy like this. But he will tell you about how he transitioned to business and made a business out of his fitness stuff and got out of his dreaded J-O-B. So we'll have him on in a minute. All right, hope you didn't miss episode five hundred and fifty? That was Mark Firth. He had a very unique, cross-platform method to advertise on Facebook, but get people to your LinkedIn profile and and he's really done really, really well with that very specific technique. So check that out. Episode five fifty Anytime you want to get to a back episode, you go to screwthecommute.com and then slash, and then the episode number that was 550.

[00:01:50] All right, hope you didn't forget to download like I've been preaching to you, my automation e-book. We actually estimated it saved me seven and a half million keystrokes as as of two years ago, so it's probably eight million now. And you will thank me if you do even a portion of what's in this book because you'll knock your workload down like crazy and you'll be able to get with prospects and spend more time making money than just fighting with your computer. So download that it's screwthecommute.com/automatefree and then pick up a copy of our podcast app. While you're at it, it's screwthecommute.com/app, and you can put us on your cell phone and tablet. Take us with you on the road. Now we're still right in the middle of our pilot program to help persons with disabilities. I'm really proud of this. I mean, I've raised enormous amounts of money for homeless kids and and animals and things over the years. But this is this is the big thing. This is going to change these people's lives forever. Getting them trained in internet and digital marketing so they can not only legitimately learn from home but legitimately get hired from home or start their own business or both. So I'd love to have your help with this. We have a Go Fund Me campaign to help finance their scholarships. You can check it out at my school IMTCVA.org/disabilities, and you'll be able to click over there and see two of the people in the program are blind and they're shooting videos. Right, folks. So so I'll tell you what, I'm really, really excited about this, and this is something you can really be proud to support.

[00:03:38] All right. Let's get to the main event. We got Nate Palmer here. He's a fitness and nutrition expert, a coach, a speaker and writer who believes that being in incredible shape gives a massive advantage in business focus and relationships. And he also happens to be a dad, a husband and a number one best selling author of the Million Dollar Body Method. Now I just started reading that, so my body is only about $2.50 at this point. But I think I'm going to try this 28 day program he has, and I don't want to say try. I'm just going to do it. But the thing is is I was reading about it, he says, No, you got to do it exactly. You can't be making excuses just because you have no arms and no legs. You still have to do it his way. So I'm going to do that. Let's see. And passport fitness, I guess it was another best selling book of. Now Nate helps business owners and entrepreneurs improve their physique, finances and family time using fitness and nutrition as force multipliers. Nate, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:04:49] Yes, sir. Happy to be here, Tom.

[00:04:51] All right, man. I had the great pleasure being on Nate's podcast, The Million Dollar Body. I think he probably regretted having me after he saw what I'm made. But but tell him about the podcast, man.

[00:05:06] So the podcast is called the. Million Dollar Body podcast Burn Fat and get motivated with Nate, and it's just a place to try to tell the truth. So I really firmly believe that being in incredible shape gives you a massive advantage in life, and I think there's a supplement industry. The fitness industry is just filled with people who want to take advantage of. You are more interested in showcasing how their booty looks on Instagram than actually helping combat the obesity epidemic in the in the U.S. and nationally or internationally. So we just try to help out and give some really easy, tactical, simple things that people can put into their lives right off the bat. And then we also interview experts like, you know, like, I want to say you Tom, but like, no, I don't want to. I don't want to go too far.

[00:05:51] I know. Don't push it.

[00:05:52] Yeah. What are your qualifications, you know? Have you even had a job?

[00:05:56] No, I applied for a job. One time it said it had a 401k. I thought, Man, that's a great starting salary. Four hundred one thing, and I didn't get it. So but telling the truth, man, I mean, how are you going to get anywhere in that industry telling the truth?

[00:06:13] I mean, you know what? It's been a slog, but like, I feel like kind of my strategy has been sell the sizzle, deliver the steak. Yeah. Like, like, like I know we were talking a little bit before the show about my five day sugar detox. Well, if you I mean, really, I hate detoxes and I hate cleanses because most of the time they're just being promoted by some charlatan on Instagram who's selling a detox tea or a colon cleanse. But I'm like, Man, don't you know your liver and your kidneys? Like, that's what those are there for. So, you know, I'll sell you the five day sugar detox for four free dollars. But what I'm going to deliver to you is showcasing how your body can actually use the process of autophagy to get that that cleansing function done without, without having to buy any pills, powders or potions.

[00:07:01] So you're you're a proponent of, say, I only got, I think, 40 pages in the book because I just got it this morning of fasting or intermittent fasting.

[00:07:13] Yeah, I do. I love I love fasting. And like, you're 40 pages in, I feel like so if it's a million dollar body book, it's about a hundred sixty nine pages. So you're talking about almost six thousand

[00:07:22] Dollars a year. Yeah, I did pretty good this morning.

[00:07:25] So you're like, Yeah, quarter mil, man, that's good.

[00:07:28] So before we get into all that, how you're helping people, let's take you back to hiding under the bed. What's that all about?

[00:07:36] So I think a lot of people think that when you get into fitness, you were probably an athlete in high school or, you know, the captain of the team or whatever else. That was not my story. I really don't have any sort of like what you call like athletic talent or skills or coordination or teamwork or, you know. So I originally got into the kind of chasing physical culture because when I was 12 years old, someone broke into my house and I was home by myself. My mom was just taking my sisters to school and we I grabbed a steak knife out of the knife block and went and ran and hid under my bed as I heard this guy enter the house. So I heard him come down my hallway. We had hardwood floors and just pounding boom, boom, boom. And he gets my door and just bangs at my door and I got this little rinky dink lock. I was like, So he wanted to come through that door. There was nothing stopping him. And meanwhile, I'm just there under the bed. Terrified of being murdered, by the way. Tom I did not get murdered.

[00:08:34] Yeah, no. I heard. Yeah, yeah.

[00:08:37] And and then but also I was terrified of calling the cops or getting in trouble like I had somehow done something wrong. So it's got a scared kid. So how old were you at this point? 12 Whoa. Ok, yeah. 12. 12. Going on like nine. So at that point, I just really felt like I don't ever want to feel like I can be put in a position like this again. I don't want to feel powerless. I don't want to feel like I've been stripped of my autonomy, and I'm kind of no recourse. And I was like, You know what? You know what I need to do in order to get to that place. I need do a buy a bunch of knives illegally on eBay as a 12 year old and then b get really, really big, strong biceps and then neck tattoos, you know? And then I was like, That'll do it. No one will ever mess with me again. So that's kind of where, like, that's where it was born from, you know? And then there's, you know, fast forward eight years of really, really bad workouts and being super dumb finally started to put it together.

[00:09:31] Now you're in the fitness business now, but you didn't start out in the fitness business, right?

[00:09:36] That's right. Yeah, I started off in sales and marketing and I got a job in two thousand nine after after I graduate from college. I don't know if you remember, but there was a the job market in 2009 was not great for newly graduated people. All the all the jobs out there were like, Hey, you're going to need about 15 years of experience for our entry level and that and we're starting you off at six dollars an hour, right? So I was actually working at a place called Kaplan Online University. Yeah, a for profit university, which was a thumb and a couple of other places or one of the big reasons that for profit universities don't exist in that same arena anymore. Um, so I just remember, like sitting there in the training on my day one being like, what have I done? Because like I, I've had jobs before, you know, but I was mostly in sales, setting my own hours, reaching out to my own clients, you know, so it was kind of this like, you know, I had still had a lot of control and autonomy and then sitting there and having someone like talk down to me about rules and regulations around email and how many times a day I could use the bathroom. I was like, This, this can't work. I'll just if I have to stay here for too much longer, I was going to kill myself. So it was like it was a real shock to my system, like, this is what the real world is like. I do like what I have to do to get out of it.

[00:11:02] And what did you do?

[00:11:04] So I was really, really fortunate at the time to have several really good mentors in my life, so one of my one of my friend's dads owned a mortgage company in in Phoenix where I lived and I was like, Hey man, Dean, what should I do in this situation? Like, I love fitness, I should I need to get into. I needed to like, but I don't know how to pay the bills with that. I'm doing this job. It's paying the bills, but it's crushing my spirit

[00:11:25] Like you did at that time.

[00:11:27] No, I was not married. My my now wife, then, then girlfriend had been together for about three years. Um, and he was like, you need to start a gym, you need to open a gym. I was like, That sounds actually pretty scary. Like why? I don't know about all that. He's like, Yep, yeah. Like, don't stress about it. Just go ahead and start getting some clients start like open up your own like branch of a gym or open up your own style like personal training. So fast forward about a two years, I had an amazing personal training studio going where I was mostly word of mouth referrals and I'm not going to lie to you. Like, a lot of those came from my mentor, Dean, so he was sending me sending me people being like, Hey, you got to check out this guy? And I felt like like a I was really lucky. I was in a really great position to have gotten started off with a couple of clients from him. But I also felt like there was this onus of responsibility and I had to really show up. And I felt like that propelled me to get better and better and better at my craft because I didn't want to let anybody down like I. I felt like I took a big risk. I got I got a couple of things that kind of started moving and getting momentum in that direction, and I felt like any type of like slacking off, leaving early, making like making excuses, not following up was a personal affront to my mentor. And I kind of I had that idea in my head for like the first three years of my business, and I think that really served me well, like kind of almost running away from letting somebody down. Yeah, well,

[00:13:01] Dig in a little bit deeper into the transition period. I mean, did you stay working at Kaplan and no.

[00:13:09] Thank God, I did not. I yeah, I put in my two weeks notice. They walked me out that walked me out the door. The same day I put all my stuff into a box, got walked out of my nineteen ninety seven Nissan Sentra, and I was like, I guess I'm not employed anymore.

[00:13:23] All right. So so they didn't even keep you for two more weeks. They just kicked you out the door.

[00:13:28] Yep. As if I could do some damage. But yeah, it was. It was good, though, was just like it was a clean break.

[00:13:35] Did you have money saved up? Or I mean, how did you get a place to? How'd you get the money to have a gym and all that stuff?

[00:13:41] So I had I've always been like frugal and had had a little bit of money. So and it didn't really cost a whole lot because what I ended up doing was opening a branch within an existing gym. So, oh, so I started my own company like with an existing template and existing equipment. So I did not have to go put out a bunch of money for the for the lease or to like because leasing or buying gym equipment is a is not there's not a lot of winning in there because that stuff depreciates super fast. So we did a little bit of research found found a couple of places. Ask them if they were looking for like. Employees versus like contractors versus someone owning their own business kind of operating out of the same location found something that that worked really well, negotiated a good rate on a monthly basis and just kind of started with one client.

[00:14:34] Very smart, very smart, kept your overhead low and investment, and you could walk away without being stuck with a whole bunch of equipment if it didn't work.

[00:14:45] Totally, yeah, and didn't need to like didn't need to negotiate buying any of that stuff, I don't even know if I was equipped to do that at the time anyways. Mm hmm.

[00:14:52] Great. Ok, and so first, clients came from your friend or your mentor, but then what? How'd you, how'd you ramp it up?

[00:15:01] So I actually also was it was great because I was in a studio or in a studio that was really close by to a dance studio as well. So every day at four o'clock, all these moms would come and drop their daughters off at dance, and I just go talk to them. I just go sit outside and be like, Hey, how's it going? Yeah, like, I'm doing some fitness stuff in here. Yeah, we've got some classes.

[00:15:22] The girls are the moms, the moms.

[00:15:24] Yeah, they're all. They would all just sit outside and wait. Or they'd be,

[00:15:26] Oh, I feel they're waiting for the daughter at dance school.

[00:15:30] Yeah. And I didn't look the way I do now. You know, I looked a lot more approachable and friendly. So I was like, it wasn't a big deal to just walk up and be like, Hey, how's it going? I'm Nate. I got these. I got the studio next door. If you want ever come through for a class, first one's on me. So the the rule that I always ascribe to was doing an excellent job and then make sure everyone knows about it. So I wasn't shy about self-promotion, like so I'd go to a restaurant and like, you're talking to the waiter and it'd be like, I introduce myself and be like, Yeah, I work at the gym right up the street. Yeah, you're going to come through. Here's a car I'd bring you. Bring your friend, bring your mom. So I was always handing out cards and trying to just like, meet people in that general sphere because everything I was doing at the time was all in person.

[00:16:12] So let's see. I'm just picturing myself in the parking lot outside the dance studio and all the moms calling the police on me.

[00:16:22] That's that's me now. That's not me 10 years ago.

[00:16:27] Yeah, see. See, Nate, I know what women want. I don't know if you knew this, you know, but but they want security. And and the reason I know this is because every time I'd approach one in the bar, they'd start yelling Security, security.

[00:16:44] I was wondering about, yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense.

[00:16:48] So when did you pick up the Jesus? Look, you know, because you're saying you look different, then?

[00:16:54] Yeah. So I have a I like change my look around whether that's cutting my hair off or growing a beard or getting face tattoos. I don't have any face tattoos, by the way, but I have not cut the top of my hair since my daughter was born in June at twenty eighteen. Wow. So I'm just kind of just been just letting it ride like I'm unemployable. No one's going to tell me to cut it. I don't.

[00:17:19] I'm just going to here for the good times. I've been using the dog clippers for the since the pandemic literally cut my own hair.

[00:17:26] What those clippers do a great job. Yeah, some of the human Clippers, those like frees up. You get all tangled. I think you're on to something.

[00:17:35] All right, so but so so you basically did a grassroots self-promotion deal to to bring in business in.

[00:17:44] Yeah, because it was like it was such a great career,

[00:17:47] Like no advertising involved in, right?

[00:17:49] No, I wasn't doing any paid ads. I did. I did a something like a Groupon. It was called weekly press. So I did one of those and like in an effort to do it a little bit more like out there. But what I found is that the people who came in off a deal because they were like, Oh, you know, I have to make it nine dollars for like six sessions or something like that. Yeah, to get people in the door. So I got like twenty five people. And by the time I was like through half of them coming in for like their assessment, I was like, This is these are bad leads.

[00:18:15] Yeah, right?

[00:18:16] And so someone came in and they had six sessions with me. I was like and like, I just knew we were not going to be a fit. I'd be like, Here's ten dollars, don't come back. So that promotion ended up costing me a little bit of money, but so I just stick with the grassroots.

[00:18:28] So were you able to take take off on your own after the, you know, you rented for a while and then you started your own gym or what?

[00:18:37] Yeah. So like that gym was going so well that basically I ended up like I was letting my clients. I was having such a great time. I ended up selling my business to the owner of the gym, and then my wife and I both quit our jobs and moved to Seattle without without any jobs or anything to do.

[00:18:54] And then it started over.

[00:18:56] Yep. So I ran that same play again.

[00:18:58] Wow. Wow. I mean, oh, the same thing. So you you found someone else to to move in on?

[00:19:05] Yeah, yeah. It just encroach on their territory. Just found a gym that allowed me to have like the space and freedom to kind of do what I wanted. And it was great because they also had like higher end clientele up in Seattle. You know, a lot of Amazon and Microsoft money. Yeah. So that was that was amazing and that that was something where I actually started to learn the power of referrals and creating a little bit of intrigue. I ended up building out a like a like a super long client list, and I put people on a waiting list. Even then, even when I had a little bit extra space, I'd still put people on the waiting list because I felt like that built up. Like, I'm like, OK, hey, you're up, you're ready to jump in three times per week. Let's go.

[00:19:42] Mm hmm.

[00:19:43] So, yeah, it was. It's so fun, though. I love personal training. I love the personal connection and I and it was a perfect job for someone in my situation where I wasn't really looking to build a business or didn't even like necessarily have the skills to do something beyond myself. But coaching was a perfect fit, kind of as a stepping stone there, as I learned a lot more about business and marketing and advertising. And like, how do you how do you take something like this and move it to an online space? So it just gave me a solid platform to build from, and I'm just so grateful I've had the opportunity to do that since 2009.

[00:20:16] Ok, so what's the situation now? Do you still associated with the gym or have your own gym? Or are you just doing everything online? What? What's up?

[00:20:25] I got promoted to customer, so it's been pretty good since since then, I basically am doing everything on my own. So since twenty fifteen again, like that situation was so amazing, worked out really great. I love my clients, so I quit that job. My wife and I moved to South America for a year. All right,

[00:20:45] So wait, hold on. So you loved your clients and phoenix and so you made sure you left them and then you love them in Washington. You love them so much, you left them.

[00:20:58] Let me turn now to my love Mike. How much I love my kids.

[00:21:00] Tom Oh, don't tell me, Dan, he's leaving that he's leaving. He loves us so much.

[00:21:06] Got to go get some cigarettes. I'll be right back.

[00:21:08] So you went to South America?

[00:21:11] Yeah. So this is kind of

[00:21:12] Like a kid's at the time.

[00:21:15] Negative. No kids at the time. Just me and my wife. All right. It was a bucket list thing to travel around like around the globe and see some different things and kind of experience life outside of the U.S. or outside of our comfort zone. I always been a big priority for my wife and I to push ourselves outside of the comfort zone. So that was also a great opportunity for me to launch an online coaching business. So this is twenty fifteen before anyone was doing it, before the pandemic and everything.

[00:21:41] So I was like, Wait a minute, I got to ask you, So was your wife a client? How did you meet your wife?

[00:21:48] I met her in college, actually, my one of my friends introduced me to her and said, Hey, Lindsey, what's her name? Your fiance is here. She she came around the corner and looked at me and she was like, The hell he is. How do you think this mangy guy is, but not my fiancee? But I got her. It took me five years, but I got her.

[00:22:06] All right. Good job persistence. Yeah, that's right. That's right. Ok, so you're in South America?

[00:22:14] So I was in South America, and I

[00:22:16] Respect what does that mean, South America? You were traveling all over you. You landed in one place.

[00:22:21] So we we spent some time in in Panama, so we basically were there for 13 months. We split our time between working and like doing traveling tourist things. So we spent some time in Panama. I worked as a tour guide on the Panama Canal and the jungle. I then we flew to Colombia, were there by taking Spanish lessons and go to school down there, then went to Peru, worked as a. Like after school program, teach my wife taught math, I taught chess in Spanish. Even though our skills weren't super great,

[00:22:52] How do you get a visa to to work in another country?

[00:22:56] So there's a there's a couple of different ways to do that. But most of the times and most of the countries that we went to Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Panama, they didn't require visas unless you were staying for more than a year. So we were on this website called worker info. It's so super cool because it gives like people who have organic farms or hostels or, you know, tours, tourism in the jungle, a place to advertise where, hey, you can come work here. We'll give you room and board and then. You can just like work four to five hours per day

[00:23:29] And then they they videotape your bedroom and sell it online, right?

[00:23:33] Yeah, but I mean, that's it's nice to have the additional

[00:23:36] Revenue, you know?

[00:23:38] And I was already doing it, so it wasn't like it was a big deal. I was like, Oh, great, already a camera in the showers, I don't need to be inside.

[00:23:47] So, OK, so so you just bopped around living life, life. That's lifestyle business. That's what we're all about here.

[00:23:56] Yeah, I was trying to figure out how to get that location freedom right? You know, like that was always the thing, because like that, being tied to a desk, I think was just such a visceral negative experience for me. I was like, I have to get out of this and also I have to compensate this for this for the next eight years.

[00:24:10] Right.

[00:24:12] So we were like, Yeah, we were. We worked on a pig farm in Ecuador. We worked as an after school program. I wrestled crocodiles just like it was absolutely insane. And at the same time, I'm like, I'm getting some clients from previous clients that I've known from my Facebook group that I built out just basically online. And I'm delivering honestly a pretty bad service at the time. Tom. That was a great personal trainer. Really awesome like top top tier what I did. But when it came to online coaching, I thought it was going to be the same. I thought I was going to walk into it and be awesome. Not so. It took me a minute to actually figure out like, what is what's actually involved in that? Because I love training. So I was basically shipping off Excel documents that say, Hey, do Bulgarian split squats. All right, do do some push ups, OK? Do some pull ups. People were not doing when I was so surprised.

[00:25:03] So, so then what?

[00:25:07] So like while we were traveling, I kind of I was kind of understanding that, hey, like my client, my client experience wasn't that great. I was keeping people for about three months, you know, making about like five hundred dollars per customer, and then they were just drifting off. And I was like, Well, that's not a good business model. So when we got back, I was like, You know what? I screwed up. I just shipped off these programs in Excel. I need to do videos. So I went back when I got back home in twenty sixteen.

[00:25:32] I don't know where was home at this point.

[00:25:34] So this is when we moved back to Phoenix, which is where my wife and I's families were both okay. So twenty sixteen, we land back in Phoenix. We're trying to figure out what we want to do. I'm trying to like, build, build an online coaching business and she's she got a job for a nonprofit. So I was like, OK, cool, here we go. I guess the next step is three hundred videos about exercises, and surprisingly enough, it's my client. Results didn't get any better. I was like, This is the strangest thing. What's going on with this? And it wasn't until like two thousand eighteen, really. It took me two years. I'm a slow learner, Tom to me two years to figure out what online coaching actually entailed and what was the things that that made a big difference. And it wasn't the training much to my deep, deep sadness. It was the accountability. It was the lifestyle pieces and it was the nutrition. Those things all made a really big difference in the lives of my clients, helping them drop weight, helping them build out a sustainable routine way more than any bad ass workout that I'd ship off.

[00:26:36] So now you've had a guy, you've had a guy with your system drop fifty one pounds in twenty eight days. Is that is that true?

[00:26:45] Yes, that is a bit.

[00:26:49] Well, it's yeah, it's an outlier, but probably a gigantic guy to start with. Correct. Yeah, yeah.

[00:26:55] But I'd only be like, That's that's the norm. You know,

[00:26:58] I got a guarantee that, yeah, everybody for one hundred and forty everybody does. Doesn't you get down to 50?

[00:27:04] Yeah, you lose 30 percent of your body weight a month. No problem. We just take off both legs at the knees.

[00:27:09] Well, you said you're telling the truth, you know, so. So tell them about this book I'm reading now that you sent me that I just got only $6000 read so far

[00:27:22] To two hundred and forty thousand man. Oh, great. Ok. All right, right? Very, very wealthy at the moment. So the million dollar body method book that came out in February of Twenty Twenty One, and it was a culmination of the experience that I was just talking about. How do you bring a lifestyle and nutritional change to people in a world where the recidivism rate for weight loss is ninety five percent? Which means that if people who lose weight, only five percent of them keep it off, which is not good. And like now, since we have, we're in an a place where the supplement industry is going to be valued at like five billion last year, like there's more coaches and trainers than ever before, but the obesity epidemic seems to keep rising like it just doesn't make any sense. So what I try to do is try to create a program that works for the busiest people in the world. And this is all borne from my friend Jason, who was starting a roofing business here in Arizona. And he can't. I mean, he's like, Listen, I, I have no energy from my kids. I want more energy. I need to lose about 40 pounds.

[00:28:21] I don't even have time to work out right now. So like, what do I need to eat to have more energy? By the way, I'm going to eat out five times a week cause I'm in my truck for 12 hours a day. Yeah. I was like, OK, well, I'm glad. Like, I'm so glad you gave me like one specific goal. Let's work on it. So I put together a program that was all about harnessing your body's natural energy, using like like, you're kind of your biorhythms and your circadian rhythm to teach your body how to burn fat. And it was awesome because I was like, Hey, man, two months later, I was like, Hey, how? How's everything going? He's like, Great, get a lot of energy. My wife's noticed a big difference. My kids are loving it, not having to crash out and watch ESPN for 30 minutes. And I was like, cool. Like, let's try to work on like some weight loss now. He's like, I'm not done yet. I've actually lost twenty two pounds in the last two months as well without even focusing on this without even training. Wow.

[00:29:07] Yeah. Yeah, and most people will that that are in the know will tell you that the weight loss is in the kitchen, it's not in the weight room.

[00:29:15] Totally, totally. So just I can't

[00:29:18] Work out enough to to to to knock off a eight and a half a cake, you know?

[00:29:23] Yeah, you can't outrun a bad diet. Yeah. So his experience kind of was like the like the eye opener for me, like, OK, this is what we need to be able to focus on, especially if they want to lose weight and maintain it forever. Like this is these are the keys to the kingdom. So I wrote the book because I think a lot of times people write books that are like glorified coaching letters like, Hey, you should work with me, and here are all the reasons why. And once you buy my program, then I'll give you all the good stuff. But I honestly don't know if I'm going to be in fitness in 10 years, 20 years Tom. I want to make sure that I had something that was like a little bit of legacy because I have an ego, right? But I also wanted someone to be able to pick this book up in 10 years and still be able to, like, apply the principles and get great results. Like because we are, we're all in the same boat here. We need to be working together to combat this thing.

[00:30:09] Now I know you're a big fan of morning routines and a lot of people, a lot of very successful people have been on this podcast have said the same exact thing that morning routines tell people about that.

[00:30:23] So not to like parrot anyone else, because I feel like a lot of times I talk to people who are like, Yeah, so are you going to do is you got to wake up four hours before anything starts? You got to put on some Tibetan Tibetan gong music. You had to drink a rare a smoothie made out of rare Peruvian spices and herbs, and then you got to meditate for four hours. And I'm like, Man, I got kids. I don't have time for that sort of thing. So the morning routine that I put together is indicative of kind of the space I'm in right now. I got like my daughter's almost four, my son's almost one, so I got two little ones running it, running around at home. They get up. All hell breaks loose and we're, you know, we're starting the day regardless of what my morning routine said. So I just have a five minute morning routine that basically does the three things that I think are really important for starting your day. No one is eliminating decision fatigue late. So making sure that you have your first 30 minutes or an hour of your day scripted out, you're not going to make decisions about what shirt you're going to wear, what you're having for breakfast, you're like, what your next steps are.

[00:31:25] You have, you know, those things ahead of time? You know, you get up, you brush your teeth, you take a shower or whatever that looks like for you. It has to be it has to be demarcated. So that way, you don't have to think about it or make decisions because making a decision about what shirt you're going to wear is not important to your family or to your business. So let's focus your mental energy on the biggest ROI. The second thing is that you need to be able to cast a vote for the type of person you're becoming. So if health is a really big priority for you going into twenty twenty two, you need to have some healthy routines or health like health pieces, whether that's taking supplements or drinking water or doing some movement or practicing yoga, whatever that looks like for you. Every action we take, especially in the morning, is like a vote for who we are. So are you grabbing a Cinnabon out the door while you're like, you're you're rushing? Is that the type of person that you want to be is the type of person you look up to for most of us? The answer is no.

[00:32:17] Well, you know, as you like explosive action. So if I grab the Cinnabon explosively, is that count?

[00:32:24] Yeah, but you have to you have to lift it a hundred times first. No, the thanks for bringing that up. Yeah. Like so for me, the things that I do to cast a vote for my like, the fact that I'm a healthy person, I'm health conscious is I wake up. First thing I do is I drink thirty two ounces of water and then I do 60 seconds of explosive exercise. So whether that's jumping on my daughter's little rebound or trampoline, doing jumping jacks, doing some explosive push ups, or just like shadow boxing in the kitchen, I hope my wife doesn't catch me because I look really nerdy. When I do it, then whatever that is, that wakes me up way more than pounding a cup of coffee within like five minutes.

[00:33:02] Yeah, I have a I have a heavy duty rebounder because I had a regular one and it was kind of depressing because I would jump on it and it would just stay down when you come back up.

[00:33:14] Thus had.

[00:33:15] Right, right. So, so now I only got, like I said, a quarter of the book done, so I don't know what the rest of the routine is, but it seems like it's all very doable stuff for anybody, no matter how busy you are.

[00:33:30] Yeah, you're going to. You're going to want to finish that like the last. It's the last bit that's got so much value. I can't even tell you about it. So many secrets in there. No, I'm just kidding. But like, I have what I call in the book, the seven daily investments and people are like, That's seven. That's a lot. Three of them are breakfast, lunch and dinner. So like, you're probably already doing those. We just need to tweak them a little bit. But they're the seven things I think you should do on a daily basis. If you want to make sure that you have vibrant health, tons of energy and feel really good all day. So we already talk about the morning routine, the AM ritual. I think of the other one is liquid assets drinking a gallon of water per day. So people are like, What about me? I weigh this much or I live in this climate, just drink a gallon of water and we can always adjust up or down. Don't stress about it. Don't make it. Don't make it too big of a deal. Then I the one I call the final deposit, which is after you finish your work for the day, shut your computer, write down, write down a note on Notepad. I like the note pad, but versus like, write

[00:34:25] I thought this was the bathroom thing.

[00:34:29] It can be. We can do it at the same time. Let's be a fishing, you know what I mean? Yeah, that's only that's only if you drink like six tablespoons of MCT oil, then it's the initial deposit and the deposit, the final deposit, all of them. So this is writing down like what did you accomplish for the day? What are you proud of? What got you going and then what do you need to do tomorrow? What's on your mind? What's going to keep you up at night and away? And like taking all that stuff out of your brain, put it on a sheet of paper. So that way you can you can leave and be done with work so you completely separate yourself from that, which I know is really tough for people who don't have jobs but live, live their brand or live their business. So and then the last one on there is a training, so making sure that you're training at least 20 minutes per day and I make a distinction of training versus exercise because training shows progress over time and you're able to to see, Hey, here's where I was here, here's where I am now. And I think that's really, really important if you want to actually change your body. So those four plus breakfast, lunch and dinner done on a specific way and. That's your seven daily investments, so not too hard.

[00:35:35] Yeah, so we'll have all those in the show notes for you, folks, so you can get get to them and. And how do they get a copy of this book?

[00:35:42] You can grab it on Amazon if you want to. If you grab it on Amazon, let me review I'd love you forever. But if you also want to just get a copy on me Tom, I'd love to give it. Give it away to your listeners. All you got to do is go to. The number eight training system's book and I'll shoot you over either like a Kindle version or a PDF so you can decide which one you want.

[00:36:03] Ok, n8trainingsystems.com/book.

[00:36:16] That website that was the name of my initial business when I opened up. And man, I wish I could go back and slap myself in the mouth and be like, Pick a good name.

[00:36:27] Well, yeah, well, you weren't. You didn't hadn't met me yet. I say, that's all I wanted to say.

[00:36:32] Ok, so what should you can go back? You could tell twenty one year old Nate to start a business with a with a good name. What would I call the business Tom Nate's training? Oh, come on. That's that's exactly what it is.

[00:36:45] Yeah, but it wouldn't be innate.

[00:36:47] Oh man, I call it like, lose weight easily or something like that.

[00:36:52] Yeah, of course. Yeah, something clear.

[00:36:55] Get thing, get abs today.com.

[00:36:59] Or What is what is it? There's some famous AB ones out there. I don't know what they are.

[00:37:06] I mean, I wish I could have written the truth about ABS when, like when that first came out, right? Right.

[00:37:10] I was a killer. And you got him. Now you, you talk about 10 percent body fat, right?

[00:37:16] That's right. Yeah.

[00:37:18] And is that what you maintain?

[00:37:20] I like to be a little bit closer to like eight percent personally. Like I said before, because of my huge ego and and I just want to make sure that like if I'm asking people to like calling me people to like, get to that 10 percent body fat, then I'm actually walking the walk in the walk and showcasing what's possible.

[00:37:37] And how are you? How do you measure it?

[00:37:40] I have done before the DEXA scan, which is one of the most accurate ones, but those are hard to find. Yeah, right. So now I just measure based off of the in-body, which is like an electric bioelectrical impedance. So you grab the handles, you put your bare feet on a thing and it gives you a readout. So they're not they're not the most accurate, but they I think they are reliable and that they will they will show progress or regression.

[00:38:04] Well, see, they I remember in college they would dunk me in this tank of water. Did you ever do that method the hydrostatic?

[00:38:12] I did that. I did that, like about 10 years ago. I've not done it since.

[00:38:14] Yeah, so they only did it once with me because they got pissed off because all the water ran out of it. That's all right. Well, we got to take a brief sponsor break. When we come back, we're going to come back and ask Nate to tell us how he stays motivated, and he's got a five day sugar detox that he can tell you about, too. So. So folks about, I don't know, maybe twenty four, twenty five years ago, I kind of turned the internet marketing guru world on its head, and the guys at my level were charging 50 or 100 grand up front to teach in. If you know they they'd have been like Nate going around Panama, you'd have to chase them around Panama and South America to try to find them if you gave them 50 grand up front. It never, never help you. So I said, you know, that's that's too dangerous and too risky for small business to do. And I'm a small business advocate. So so I said, you know what I'm going to do, I'm going to let him pay an entry fee, and then I'm going to tie my success to their success. So for me to get my 50 grand. They had the net two hundred grand. Well, guess what? People like this idea in seventeen hundred students later.

[00:39:27] It's more than that now. The last time I counted, it's still going strong because they knew I wasn't going to disappear on them, and I put my program against anybody and nobody will put theirs up against mine because they'd be embarrassed because of all the unique things. I mean, you have an immersion weekend that the retreat center here in Virginia Beach, you have a separate trip to our TV studio where we shoot videos for you. You, like I said, you know, I don't make any more money than your entry fee unless you make money and nobody will do that. Plus, you get a scholarship to the school. I was telling you about where we're doing the program for the persons with disabilities that you can either use yourself or gift to somebody, and it would be the best legacy gift you could ever give a young person because all they're doing now is running up massive debt and getting paid to learn how to protest. But about the size of it, so. So check it out. A great internet marketing training, and it's a year long program, at least, and you have one. The other unique thing is it's one on one. Well, just like Nate loved his personal training.

[00:40:40] All the the training is one on one because we tried group training before and I had to dumb it down so much for the lowest common denominator. So if you're advanced, I talked to you at an advanced level. If you're a beginner, I talked to you two beginner level or anywhere in between. And you also have access to all our people that work here to help you. So it's amazing program, and that's why it's been going and the longest running ever in this field and most successful. So check it out. Greatinternetmarketingtraining.com.

[00:41:13] Let's get back to the main event, we're here with Nate Palmer. He's the guy that's built himself a lifestyle business, got rid of the dreaded J-O-B, traveled the world and doing great things, helping lots of people with their fitness and and other things too. And a lot of business people are in this boat that he's helping them with because they're always busy, you know, an entrepreneurial work 18 hours a day to get out of working eight hours a day for somebody else. And and they need they need his help. So. So they tell him about the five day detox. You got going and then tell us how you stay motivated.

[00:41:51] So the five day sugar detox, that's basically a way for your body to kind of reset its natural mechanisms. I always compare it to like pressing restore factory settings on your phone or your watch because a lot of times we're out of balance with our insulin levels or our hormonal levels, we're having weird cravings during the middle of the day. In the afternoon, we're having these tiredness bouts. We're like, you know, 10, 30 or after lunch. You want to crawl under your desk and take a nap and you're like, Why am I like this? So the detox is a way of kind of resetting that. So it's five days. It's so, so easy because everything that I do, I want it to be the highest ROI and the the least amount of effort because I need it to be sustainable. If it's not sustainable, no one's going to do it. You know, like everyone can grit their teeth, eat tilapia and broccoli and lose a bunch of weight. But at the end of the day, when when it comes time to stop doing that, we're going back and we're having a cheeseburger because that sucks. So the five day sugar detox is designed to teach your body how to remove its reliance on sugar. It's just like that. There's no pills, powders, potions. You don't have to buy a skinny tea from me. I'm not going to show up at your house in a bikini. Well, I might. I don't know. I'm not going to. I'm not going to put limits on myself. It's twenty twenty two, you know? So if you want to check that out, though, you can get a million dollar body method sugar to see it there.

[00:43:08] All right. So we got million dollar body method slash sugar for a five day detox on sugar, and we have an eight training systems slash book. If you want to get the same book that I'm jumping all over today. So so how do you stay motivated your you're working, I assume, out of your home or office and and taking care of the kids. But how do you stay motivated to keep all this stuff going?

[00:43:36] That that's an awesome question, and it's I think there's kind of there's a little different levels of motivation, right? Like I'm not always motivated to do these things, and I know that comes as a surprise to like some of my clients, and I tell them that I'm also not the most disciplined person. So because and because I know that about myself, I know that I'm going to like if given the opportunity to smoke weed and play video games, I'd probably take that over. We're going to working hard and and writing several thousand words for a new book. So the only way I can get past my depravity and lack of motivation as a human is by creating structure, creating systems, creating frameworks. And if I create a framework which is kind of what I've done for nutrition in the million dollar body method, I can create a like a framework for my day. Then I'll have to rely on motivation or willpower. I don't have to white knuckle anything. I just look at my calendar. I go, Duh, got to go on to the next thing now, you know, like, that's how my brain works. It's like, it's like a train. You know, I'm on a train track. And if I if I give myself the straight and narrow path, I just don't deviate from it because that's what I'm supposed to do.

[00:44:42] Train wreck, you know? Yeah.

[00:44:44] But if I if I have, if I have tons of stuff and a lot of availability and I don't have anything structured and nothing's on my calendar, I'm a mess. I look up like I look up at two o'clock and I'm like, What did I do today? I've been looking at sports scores and highlights for four hours. What's wrong with me? So the bottom line is I don't really have a lot of motivation or discipline. I need to structure stuff and I need to create frameworks like, it's like me, I'm not a great chef, Tom, but I can follow a recipe. You can hear recipe. I can throw half a teaspoon of salt. I know how that works, but I'm not going to be able to create something out of thin air. I don't think a lot of us are like speaking of.

[00:45:22] Do you do meal prep and stuff?

[00:45:25] Oh, great question, I'm a big fan of batch prep, I hate meal prep because nobody likes to eat the same dry chicken breast and asparagus like day seven. You're like looking at it, you're like, What? What was I thinking all those days ago when I made all these meals and put them in Tupperware and brought them to grandma's house?

[00:45:41] So what I do on stage for five minutes and then then go gain one hundred pounds the next day.

[00:45:47] And that's not the reason why I talk about 10 percent body fat because those people are all like pushing like five or six, which is a whole nother animal. And if you're if that's your goal, you want to be you want to be that lean for a minute or two, not your guy. You want to be 10 percent for the rest of your life. Let's talk. But so I'm all about batch prep. So that looks like for me is like Sunday night. What I'm going to do is that I already know they already have the food prepared. I'm going to cook about 20 chicken thighs. I chicken. I love chicken thighs more than I like chicken breast and reheat way better. It's a no one. No one knows this. It's it's just the best. It's the best type of chicken. Anyways, then I'll take that and I'll eat those with like potatoes, let's say, on Sunday. Then on Monday, what I'll do is I'll chop up a bunch of chicken thighs and turn them into tacos. And then on Wednesday, I'll chop them up even finer and put them into fried rice. And now I've got three or four different meals that I that I use the same batch prepped protein and all of these meals that I'm making later on down the road, they're taking me 15 minutes, so I get a hot, like great meal. Oh, Thursday night I would have like a chicken tikka masala. That's what I think. That's what's going to be on the docket. And now I'm just filling in the gaps. So like Friday night, OK, we're going to go out, we're going to get some food, we're going to get pizza of the family Tuesday night. We'll have some people over do something a little bit different. But now I've just made it so much easier because once again, I've created a framework for success. Rather than trying to like getting to six p.m. and being like, What should we get? Because my answer is, let's go out, let's go. Make it easy. And that doesn't.

[00:47:12] Where's your horse on this?

[00:47:15] There's a I talk about it a little bit in the book. It's in that back three quarters.

[00:47:19] Yeah, but just know it needs to be a course. I want to be. I want to see video of you chopping chicken thighs up and and throwing it into different meals. See, I'm totally serious, you know? You know, that was that sounded like a whole course to me right there because I stopped

[00:47:36] Taking so many notes from from the last time we talked. This is that's gold right there.

[00:47:40] Yeah. Well, I mean, yeah, I'm waiting for the course because I struggle with that too. I I'll buy a bunch of stuff like, you can go to Restaurant Depot here. I got I got chicken quarters for forty three cents a pound, like 40 pounds of it because I feed some of the dogs feed raw. And yeah, that would be perfect, inexpensive and bulk. Awesome. Yeah, but I don't know how to do it. You know that's gold.

[00:48:10] Yeah, that is. I I didn't know you. I didn't know I was allowed to go to Restaurant Depot. I was only four restaurants.

[00:48:15] No, no restaurant depot. You can just boy, you're in business, right? You just say you just tell them your business. They don't, they don't care, really. You know, it's just but you, you know, everything is pretty big in bulk. But yeah, you can get 40 pound box. You better have a freezer, you know, if you're going to buy some of this stuff. But yeah, and there's some stuff like, I bought a thing of Kiwis there. There must have been 15, 20 Kiwis in there and it's just all kinds of stuff there. I didn't know. I don't know where if they're all around the country, I guess they are. I don't know.

[00:48:50] I got I got one out near me. I'm going to go, I'm going to stop in.

[00:48:53] Oh yeah, and dress warmly.

[00:48:55] Meal prep because

[00:48:56] Soon. Yeah, the yeah, absolutely. I'm waiting for the course. Come on. You know, I'm not getting any younger over here, man,

[00:49:03] So I don't mean to let you down like this.

[00:49:05] Yeah, so but when you go in there like, you know, you go into the cold food section, it's like the walk just standing around in a free, in a freezer in the summer and then you come out into the record. Where do you live now?

[00:49:19] I'm in Tempe, Arizona.

[00:49:20] Oh, you're in Tempe? Ok, all right. Got it. Saddleback Mountain, can you see it?

[00:49:25] Camelback Mountain?

[00:49:25] Yeah, yeah, I came back.

[00:49:28] I love it coming down the freeway and the sun setting behind it. It's one of my favorite views in the whole world. Yeah, yeah. I always tell people it took like it took Machu Picchu to help me really appreciate Tempe. You know, it looks like seeing one of the seven wonders to be like, You know what? I got some awesome stuff around me and like, I've been kind of overlooking at this entire time.

[00:49:45] Yeah, and I was telling you about the professional speaking National Speakers Association is based in Tempe. You know that

[00:49:53] I did not know that.

[00:49:54] Yeah, it's probably right down the street from you.

[00:49:56] Yeah. And I got two stops on the way home. There you go.

[00:50:00] All right. So if somebody want to get in touch with you, what's the best way?

[00:50:04] Yeah, just come on over. You know, we'll barbecue.

[00:50:06] Ok, yeah, you'll have some ready.

[00:50:10] Yeah, you can. You can catch up with me on Instagram. That's where I spend a lot of time at Million Dollar Body Method. You can also jump into the Facebook community called Lose the Gut. Eat More Tacos, Never Track Calories, the MDB project

[00:50:22] The way it was. So how do you actually find?

[00:50:26] I'll give you the link. It's n8trainingsystems.com/group. We'll get you there. Oh, great. You can also search for MDB Project on on Facebook, and it'll take you, take you close by.

[00:50:38] We'll have all that in the show notes. We'll have a check in to make sure they're correct.

[00:50:42] I'm just trying to make this as confusing for the show notes as possible, like trying to like, why didn't you tell me about great internet marketing training? That is an incredible name. Meanwhile, I'm over here being like million dollar body method. Yeah, people will, for sure. Google that that's what they're already thinking about.

[00:50:59] Yeah, I got amazing public speaking and I got copywriting nine oh one and so brutal self defense. Yeah, I love that quote of yours. Silly string big can of silly string

[00:51:14] You and you open the show with that. Like how you now have no choice but to buy brutal self defense.

[00:51:20] All right, man. So, yeah, so awesome. Great meeting you and and you want to check out his podcast to folks that you can find it everywhere. It's a million dollar body, right? That's the name of it, correct? Yep. And and just think of and we're going to have those seven things that what how would you categorize those seven different things?

[00:51:42] I call them daily investments. Investors love the idea of like, you know, each thing you're doing and being an investment, you're putting in your health like that four hundred and four hundred one thousand dollars salary you were going to get? Yeah, right.

[00:51:53] Ok, so yeah, so we'll have all that in the show notes for you, and it can really turn around. I was reading about some of the folks he's helped and and they stuck to this twenty eight day program, and it doesn't mean everything is over in twenty eight days. I think I think it's like you develop a habit and you feel so good you keep going. I imagine that's how how you. And at work.

[00:52:16] Yeah, absolutely, I like it, I like to kind of start off like the body method is a is a twenty eight day like kind of reset because my first book called Passport Fitness. It was just it was a lot of tips and tricks, and I wanted something a little bit more actionable, transformational. So yeah, it's twenty eight days. I use it. I call it phase one. It's like the hard reset. It helps you. I kind of detox from sugars, get rid of some of the the buildup around your like your organ fats. But once people get into phase two, I think things get a little bit easier. Even, you know, we pull out some of like some of like the the hardcore, you can only eat X, Y or Z thing and be like, OK, you can. Here's what the framework looks like whether it's proteins and fats in the morning or proteins, vegetables and carbs at night. I got a list for you of like different types of things you can include. So whether you want to eat pizza or just tacos all the time, like me, like there's something, there's something for everyone because I don't really believe in a one size fits all, but I believe that frameworks can help us understand how how what we like can fit inside a really healthy diet.

[00:53:16] And of course, this will all be in the new course, right?

[00:53:19] Yeah. Million dollar batch prep come in, come and come and live some Tuesday.

[00:53:24] When's it going to be done?

[00:53:27] That will be done.

[00:53:28] You do it every week, right?

[00:53:31] Do what? Oh, yeah. Yes, I will have that done your camera

[00:53:35] Up and videotape it and talk to it while you're doing it. There you go. All right.

[00:53:39] Ok, fine. Tom Yeah. Middle of March, you can hold me to it. There you go.

[00:53:43] All right. So thanks so much for coming on. I really appreciate it.

[00:53:47] Well, thank you for giving me a lot more work to do. I really appreciate that.

[00:53:49] Yeah, no problem. Well, you're young. You can do it. You can hang. You can hang ten percent or eight percent body fat. You got plenty of energy to do. I could give you all kinds of work to do, man, because you got the you got the energy. So I got a lot of energy for being an old fart diet. All right. So folks, check out all this great stuff. It's going to be in the show notes we've got n8trainingsystems.com/book to get a free copy of the book that I'm reading. You got the million dollar body method e-commerce sugar. If you'd like to do a five day sugar detox and then you got the we'll put those other things, the MD MDP is that what it is? Project MBB be project. Yeah, yep, yep. There we go. And that and something had group on the end of it.

[00:54:42] You put the work group then, right?

[00:54:44] That's it.

[00:54:45] There we go to it. All right. So he's got lots of cool stuff for you, folks. And this guy, I said he walks his talk and he's living a lifestyle business, taking care of his kids, getting stuff done. It's not anything that's not doable by everybody listening. So all right, man, we'll catch on and everybody on the next episode, and I will see you later. I'm going to go read my book.