542 - Worms and Laughter and Yoga Oh My: Tom interviews Cathy Nesbitt - Screw The Commute

542 – Worms and Laughter and Yoga Oh My: Tom interviews Cathy Nesbitt

Cathy Nesbitt is a health and wellness advocate. Founder of Cathy's Crawly Composters around 2002, Cathy's Sprouters and Cathy's Laughter Club. She's a multi-award-winning environmental innovator who uses workshops and inspirational speaking to motivate people to live a more sustainable life. Cathy is a certified laughter yoga teacher.

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[03:58] Tom's introduction to Cathy Nesbitt

[06:55] Getting started with worms

[11:38] Sprouting in jars and magic carpet rides

[14:59] Laughter Yoga

[22:38] A typical day for Cathy

[27:43] The best and worst part of being in the worm business

[33:55] The Living Composter

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Episode 542 – Cathy Nesbitt
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody, it's Tom here with episode five hundred and forty two of Screw the Commute podcast. I'm here with Cathy Nesbitt, and I swear to you, you have never been on a podcast or heard a recording when someone on their website has the following statement. As a result of COVID, we cannot offer our normal guaranteed live worm delivery. I guarantee you've never heard that anywhere. Where do you hear all this stuff this lady's into? She is awesome. All right now, there's a whole series of ones, just episode 541 just came out with Angela Ohlfest. She is a voiceover artist that's done over 90 audio books and commercials and and learning things for big companies and just all kinds of stuff. So she talks about the voiceover business and audio books. I have a series 535, 536, 537 is my journey into the audio book arena and I finished my first one over the holidays and it's in Audible now for review and should be live in a few weeks. We hope so. Check out all those back episodes. Anytime you want to go to a back episode, you go to screwthecommute.com slash and then the episode number if you're interested in audiobooks.

[00:01:51] 535, 536, 537 and 541 and on 536, I actually give you the intro and first two chapters of the one that I just sent up to Audible. So you get those for free. That was my practice session. All right. Grab a copy of our automation e-book at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. This book has helped me handle up to one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and sixty five thousand customers without pulling my hair out. And you can get a copy for free where we charge twenty seven bucks on the website for it. You can get your copy at screwthecommute.com/automatefree and you will thank me because it'll save you tons and tons of time. And let you reach way more people than you can now with most of the stuff is either free or super cheap, so you know, that's the way I roll. Now, while you're at it, pick up a copy of our podcast app. It's screwthecommute.com/app, and you can put us on your cell phone and tablet and take us with you on the road. Now we're in the middle and still going strong with our pilot program to help persons with disabilities get scholarships to the internet and digital marketing school. My school. And we've got to go fund me campaign set up. And any little bit you can throw in there helps. So we're putting a lot of time into these folks and they're very inspirational. Two of them are blind and they're making videos. You can actually see their update videos on Go Fund Me, so go to IMTCVA.org/disabilities, and you can see the click on the Go Fund Me thing and you can see their progress. And I'm really proud of this program because once I proved that I can get them hired and and get their own business or both, then I'm going to. I took a grant writing course. I'm going to roll it out really big to corporations and foundations and help lots and lots of people. So that's something I'm really excited about.

[00:03:59] All right, let's get to the main event. Cathy Nesbitt is a health and wellness advocate. Founder of Cathy's Crawly Composters around 2002, Cathy's Sprouters and Cathy's Laughter Club. She's a multi-award-winning environmental innovator who uses workshops and inspirational speaking to motivate people to live a more sustainable life. Cathy is a certified laughter yoga teacher. Cathy, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:04:32] You know I am Tom.

[00:04:35] Oh boy. Well, I don't know if you're the worm lady, the sprout lady. What do you have any nicknames?

[00:04:41] Yeah, my working title is Cathy Crawly Laughing Bean Queen.

[00:04:46] Laughing bean queen. Well, when I saw that laughter yoga, I was thinking, Oh, I could do that. I just go in and do any yoga class and everybody would start laughing, which is absolutely true. So, so you're making a living, doing all kinds of fun stuff that's good for the world, then. So tell us, tell us what you're into.

[00:05:12] So, yes, it started actually with my worm gig was my main worm gig.

[00:05:19] That's enough to make you laugh right there.

[00:05:22] Well, yeah, this all of my things go together and you know, wait,

[00:05:27] How long are these worms?

[00:05:29] They're teeny worms. Actually, they're cute little worms.

[00:05:32] So, so size doesn't matter in the worm world.

[00:05:36] They're full of love. They have five hearts each.

[00:05:39] Oh man, I saw you selling a half a pound for sixty five bucks and a pound for a hundred bucks of worm. I remember when I was a kid. See, I hate fish and I tried it one time and they were selling worms for like a nickel apiece. But these were big old worms to go fishing with. But that's that's that's my extent of experience with worms. You know, I'm kind of disappointed that you, you know, you can't deliver them live all the time. What do people do if they get a bunch of dead worms?

[00:06:08] Actually, we don't ship. We don't ship to places where we can't ship them at this time, especially with winter. Yeah, winter and then supply chain management,

[00:06:16] Wouldn't they still be good? You mean there's worms stuck out at the Port of Los Angeles just waiting to get get into the port? Wouldn't the worms still be good for the soil even if they were dead?

[00:06:30] Well, they're the ones that convert the food scraps and paper, so they're actually, yeah, when you need them alive. Yeah, they're converting. It's done inside. So worms in the house, who doesn't want that?

[00:06:42] Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I mean, I was thinking about that over Christmas, hoping somebody give me something, but nobody did.

[00:06:48] Right? Well, Valentine's Day is coming up and they have five hearts each.

[00:06:52] That's a great gift.

[00:06:54] Just know the receiver.

[00:06:56] So how did you get started with this?

[00:06:58] So I believe it was why I was put on Earth. I grew up to sell worms. Ok, I know. Yeah, I know. You hear you don't hear that often. You know,

[00:07:07] You don't write. I mean, you haven't met anybody else. Like, maybe no, no. So I was. I'm close to Toronto, the largest city in Canada, six million people. And in 2002, our landfill closed and we started exporting garbage to the U.S.

[00:07:25] Where you were kind of used to that there were people sending us a bunch of garbage.

[00:07:32] Yeah, I mean, it was just a business arrangement. No, we paid a lot of money for the privilege. Mm hmm.

[00:07:39] Where did you say I went to Michigan? Oh, OK. Good.

[00:07:43] All right. Michigan is the trash Capital.

[00:07:45] Yeah, we only we only have trash in our Legislature.

[00:07:50] So I think that's that's universal. But that's another show.

[00:07:55] Ok, so so your landfill closed.

[00:07:58] Our landfill closed and six million people in the Greater Toronto area half living in condos, townhouses without space to do outdoor composting. And so I was like, Oh my gosh, I have a solution. This is indoor composting with worms. It's ideal for people to live in apartments or if they don't have space. Yeah. So I was like, Oh my gosh, this will be so great. I'll just start a business in that and you know, everybody will be coming to me because they need worms.

[00:08:25] So all composting these worms?

[00:08:28] No, not all composting. But if you're doing it inside, the worms help speed up the process and keep it aerobic. And yeah, so

[00:08:36] So when I bought this house, this is 20 years ago, way in the back. There's a big plastic black drum kind of looking thing. And it says something about compost on it. Yeah. So but I never knew what to do with it.

[00:08:54] Ok, so there you can just put your your food scraps, your yard waste.

[00:08:59] I bring rats and stuff.

[00:09:01] Well, not if it's done properly. In fact, I saw this word on your website it said Verma, composting. And I'm thinking burma is short for vermin, which is rodents. So having to do with that,

[00:09:16] No verme composting is the Latin word for worm. Oh, vermin is rat with with the end. Yes, that's true. Yeah. And that's a challenge, you know, that's the thing. Tom. And if people have a rats in the area and they are right, rats are opportunists, so they may be attracted to your outdoor composter. So this is a solution for places where there are rats or if you're in cottage country and there's bears or, you know, something some wildlife that you don't want to be attracting to your backyard, you know the the raccoon. You don't want raccoons either. So this is indoor.

[00:09:54] So all indoor. Ok, so the bear comes in inside.

[00:10:00] Keep indoor. Well, people will say to me, I don't want to have rats or mice or anything. It's like, Well, if you have those in your house, that's a problem. You need to look after that they're not going to attract them. Let's say that. Ok? Yeah. So it's your food scraps in your paper and the worms and in a container like a rubber made toad or something. And then you just add in your food scraps from the kitchen. The worms convert the food scraps and the paper into fertilizer, so you're creating black gold. I mean, I started my business as a waste management tool, you know, so I could stop exporting garbage to the U.S.. Yeah. Stop the madness. I mean, you know, it was really selfish. I mean, that's my tax dollars hard at work. Just shipping garbage, right? Right. Ridiculous. It's not an infinite pool, although the government treats it like it's infinite.

[00:10:50] Now, when I was researching it a little bit and putting the I put the word composting in and I ran into product on Amazon, it was something that it was around almost like a crock pot size thing that supposedly was a compost. Or is that is that ridiculous or is that too small to actually do anything?

[00:11:12] I think it's too small to to do any good. I mean, it's cute and makes you feel like you're doing something.

[00:11:18] It makes you feel like you're doing something. There's there's also electric compost. There's that, you know, says that they'll give you compost in 24 hours like Bulbul. Come on. Right? I mean, it's a process. It's nature. It's you need the microbes. That's it's probably a dehydrator more than a compost, but we'll just take the moisture.

[00:11:38] Yeah, OK, now something else you're into that I got all excited about and then got totally baffled, and that is sprouting. So I bought this big jar with a lid that had a screen on it, and I bought this stand so that the jar would stay on an angle or something. And and I bought some seeds, and then I was like, I have no idea what to do with this.

[00:12:08] Yeah, so the challenge with doing sprouting in jars is there's a limited amount of space, so if you're not mindful about how many seeds you put and then they start growing and they start jamming in there, they don't have enough oxygen. They start to rot. Or if there's moisture in there, it left in the bottom of the jar, which is why you have that stand. So it you know it does on an angle.

[00:12:32] Yeah, well, how should you do it?

[00:12:35] Well, I have a super simple spray and this, you know, it's I think my life is just this magic carpet ride. It's amazing the things that happen to me or for me or whatever I was exhibiting with my worms. And like, it's the 20th anniversary

[00:12:49] Exhibiting your worms like like the Big AKC dog contest they have. You take your worms around and show them to the judges or what

[00:13:02] I was saying that I was thinking of them on

[00:13:04] The catwalk. Yeah, exactly.

[00:13:08] No, I would have a display, you know, a table. I would be a vendor at at different show

[00:13:14] Kind of show. Would you be a vendor at? I go to gun shows and I see all kinds of stuff, but I never saw any worm display.

[00:13:22] No more like ICO shows like Farm Shows, Farmers Markets, Trade shows, home home shows.

[00:13:29] Have you ever done any in the United States?

[00:13:32] I have come to the there's actually a worm composting conference in North Carolina.

[00:13:38] Wow. Yeah, they're really getting hard up for things to do. But but there's a gun show in Hampton, Virginia, next weekend. You should come down and try it.

[00:13:50] Really, you got a lot of people that outdoorsy types, you never know. You see all kinds of stuff there.

[00:13:57] So, yeah, now something that I've ragged on my whole life, my whole adult life is multilevel marketing. And I understand that you have something to do with like an orgasm company or something, what was that all about?

[00:14:15] I mean, both the level that you know that could go, I could I could go, that could.

[00:14:21] As you said, I was like, that's what the company should be called.

[00:14:25] Isn't that it or gizmo or something?

[00:14:27] It's organo. It's actually coffee. It's a coffee company.

[00:14:31] Oh, gee, well, that lets me down there.

[00:14:35] Yeah, it's racially infused coffee,

[00:14:38] Rice infused coffee

[00:14:40] Reishi Mushroom.

[00:14:41] Oh, okay. Yeah.

[00:14:43] Yes.

[00:14:44] No. All these things.

[00:14:46] No. Yes.

[00:14:48] So how's that going? Because like, I hate multilevel

[00:14:51] Marketing, but

[00:14:52] I'm not really doing the business. I really like the product. Yeah, I'm really.

[00:14:56] No. Okay. I guess that's good.

[00:14:57] Yeah, I just really like it. Yeah.

[00:14:59] All right. So now tell us about the yoga laughter. You won some kind of big award for this. I believe you're the laughter ambassador to somewhere. I'm not sure to what country, Nepal or something,

[00:15:14] But yeah, so laughter. Yoga was started in India by a medical doctor, Dr. Madan Kataria, and his goal is world peace through laughter. So it's not actually doing, you know, poses or or traditional yoga. It's laughter exercises. The yoga part is the practice, the deep diaphragmatic breathing. And yeah, so there's little games to inspire the laughter. You know, children don't need the the priming, but adults do. So there's kind of clapping and chanting and it's ridiculous.

[00:15:45] I tell jokes.

[00:15:47] No, there's no jokes or comedy, which is kind of nice because laughter is a universal language, but jokes can become, you know, off color to people going into a bar or whatever somebody at the bar of that joke. Not funny for them,

[00:16:02] But

[00:16:02] Like the Barbie divorce doll, you mean, right? It comes with everything Ken had.

[00:16:10] Thank you. That's funny.

[00:16:15] Yeah. So it's really a beautiful thing. You know, before before. I mean, we have a mental health tsunami, so laughter is a beautiful thing and laughter yoga is now. We've converted like everybody online and there's laughter clubs around the world. You know, North America is a late adopter for stuff, so yoga is just arriving. Laughter, laughter. Yoga is still in the ocean somewhere. But yeah, before COVID, I was going into long term care laughing with folks with dementia because it's not about, oh, so beautiful and working. You know, I love that you do work with persons with disabilities and special needs because that's where my heart lies. My heart. When I heard that on your podcast, I was like, Oh this, I love this guy. This is so beautiful again. Before COVID, I was working with folks with special needs. And you know, my name is Cathy. I'm chatty Cathy. It's my parents fault.

[00:17:16] I can't even imagine. I really can't imagine what it's like to be nonverbal and having people tell you your whole life. Do this? Do that? Go here. You'll like this. Try this, you know, it's like f off already.

[00:17:29] Yeah, right, right, right.

[00:17:30] No wonder. Behaviors and frustration. So laughter has really helped people like parents and their children and, you know, just different like people were with with these special needs able to communicate better to help relieve their own frustration and their stress. And yeah, since COVID, I'm doing this wonderful project every Friday. I think it's April or since April or May of last year. Every Friday we meet, there's 20 or 25 of us various, you know, autism Down Syndrome, a whole, a whole host of special needs qualities or whatever. I don't know what you want to say. I don't want to offend anybody. But you know, Tom, I'm really divinely guided. And I was walking in the forest one day and I got a note, a whole movie about what's coming for me.

[00:18:25] Let me, let me let me predict what it was. I'm going to be on Screw the Commute podcast. It came from the heavens, didn't it? Yeah, I knew it.

[00:18:39] I wish I said that it was that. And again, not to be offensive to anybody using the wrong terms, but I was. I saw myself training. I'm a laughter yoga teacher, so I train laughter, leaders, people to lead classes, and I saw myself training folks with Down Syndrome like special needs, specifically downs to be laughter leaders so they could lead laughter in their own demographic and get paid. To have a little laughter business, how fun?

[00:19:08] Oh, wow, yeah. And, you know, laughter was a big turning point in my life. I mean, I've always been a jokester, but I ended up losing a big business a long time ago and was my Achilles tendon was torn. I couldn't walk and I was living in a vacant house on a mattress. And I was surrounded myself with humor books, and that's where I got the idea to start an entertainment company that got me worldwide publicity and got me into the speaking business eventually. So. So, yeah, I'm a big, big proponent. But I did mention before we got started, I did get in deep trouble one time for humor. So, so I'm doing a speech, and when I first started speaking since I come out of entertainment, I was doing humor in the workplace, which was a big topic in the early 90s. And so this this thing is going great. Everybody's having a great time. I'm talking about all the kinds of things you can do to stay upbeat while you're at work and everything. And so. So I walked over to this lady and I said, Wouldn't it be great to have pictures of your grandchildren all over your cubicle and everything? And she looked at me with daggers in her eyes, and then the every everything went to a halt where it's been laughing like crazy. And I was like, Oh my God, so so I got finished. And then I went over to the meeting planner and I said, in my mind, I'm thinking, Oh my God, the kids got hurt with, you know, or died in a car crash or something. You're still there, right? Still here, yeah, OK, yeah, so you're you you read lined on this on the on the screen here, I thought, Oh, she died.

[00:20:55] Oh no, no.

[00:20:58] So so anyway, we got done and I went over to the meeting planner and I said, Hey, what? What happened when I talked to that lady? I mean, there her kids, grandchildren die or something? She said, No, she's only thirty five.

[00:21:13] My god. Yeah. Oh no. I didn't see that one coming.

[00:21:20] Oh my God. Oh, it wasn't at the time. I'm sure she's still mad about it, but but kind of reminds me of this famous guy, Dave Barry, the writer that said about pregnant females. He says, You never say a thing about it unless you actually see the baby coming out

[00:21:42] Or they mention it

[00:21:43] First. Right?

[00:21:46] So, oh my gosh. But it does bring up a point in those days. You get away with murder today. You've got to be extremely careful, you know, with your humor because people get offended so easily. I was doing a speech one time I got a load of money. People were swinging from the chandeliers and one person was from Nigeria. I had made a joke that was about water, and he says water is not funny in our country. And he started complaining to everybody I want,

[00:22:15] Oh my gosh, I could do you know? So you just have to be careful, but you know you can't. Somebody's going to get mad at you one or the other. So I couldn't sacrifice three hundred people for one person, you know? So and I didn't know it till it's over with, you know, so who? Who laughs about water or who gets mad about water jokes? Maybe Michigan people, you know, because of the trouble they've had with water. But so, so. What do you what's the what's a typical day look like for you?

[00:22:46] Oh, a typical day, well, I play with my worms for a little bit.

[00:22:50] You train them and stuff. Do they take them for a walk?

[00:22:54] You know, I used to play meditative music and then I was like, Oh, they don't like vibration. I bet they hate

[00:22:59] This like mood music, so they would breed more. But no, I was like, Nah, they probably hate this.

[00:23:06] Yeah, you can try different types. You can put some rap or something, and then I'll put some sprouts in and rinse my sprouts. And, you know, every day, every day, every

[00:23:17] Day you make sprouts every day. I even do it once I eat sprouts every day, for sure. Let me tell you about how I met the guy that with this Broder. Okay. So yeah, it was my very first event that I was exhibiting in two thousand two with my worms. I had a table, you know, I mean, with all my worm stuff to go see, I can picture, you know, some of the people at the gun show sell like chocolate and stuff and they give you samples. Think how that would work with you?

[00:23:48] And there was there was a man there selling the sprout grower that looks like a spaceship. It's about the size of a dinner plate plastic. It's got a steel mesh and it was flying off the shelf. I mean, how tall was it? It's like a little dome, so it's like a little hydroponic greenhouse.

[00:24:05] I thought you said that you couldn't do very well with something that little, you know, with the jar. So the jar, you know, the jar that has the small mouth and this is the size of a dish like a no.

[00:24:16] But I ask you about the Oh, this is sprouting. This is the sprouting. Okay, I was thinking of the composting.

[00:24:22] Oh, yeah, sorry about that. Yeah, no new topic.

[00:24:25] Okay, yeah, yeah.

[00:24:28] So this man was selling the sprout and he was 72 ballroom dancer and I was like, What is that thing? And he told me it was a spray odor and you know how to do it and what it was for. And and I had never sprouted. I didn't, you know, I. Anyway, so I said, Oh, OK, so sprouts are hydrating, alkaline and regenerative biogenic and contain up to 100 times more digestive enzymes. Wow. So super healthy. They're really good for us. And so this guy was 72 professional ballroom dancer and I was like 70 to still doing these shows that he looked vibrant, healthy, and I don't need to know why something works. I'm just like, Oh, look at you, you look really healthy. I want to. I want to have your, you know, whatever you call it, like your strength or whatever. 72 your vitamin figure. Thank you. Yeah. So anyway, so I was like, OK, I'm in.

[00:25:21] So here Vermaelen figure, right?

[00:25:27] And so I said, OK, I'm in. So he said, if you're going to do this, start your day with two tablespoons of the sprouted mung beans every day for the enzymes. So I did for 10 years, and I would see him every morning for 10 years, and then I would see him at shows and say, Oh, you should get one of those. It's really great. And finally, in 2012, he said to me, You should sell this with your, you know, with your word business. And I was like, Oh my gosh, why didn't I think about it? That's a great idea. And yeah, 2012 I started selling it. So I've been selling it now for 10 years.

[00:25:56] So it's a sprout. Yeah. And now can you dip sprouts and in blue cheese dressing?

[00:26:09] So, of course, you can eat these things.

[00:26:12] Well, the mung beans are, you know, the bean sprouts from Chinese food, the white beans, the white long. They're kind of long.

[00:26:19] I don't know. I probably something in my face, but I didn't know the noodles. They kind of look like noodles. Ok.

[00:26:27] Oh, OK.

[00:26:28] Yeah. So those are those are beans. Those are mung beans. We grow. Those are the ones that we grow, that we eat every day and they'll germinate in about twenty four to forty eight hours. So they're really fast, super fast.

[00:26:41] So in this gave you your vim and vigour, but you got like 50 years to go, you had to be 72.

[00:26:49] So oh wow, I'm 59, so I'm getting close. Yeah, but I, you know, Tom, I'm fifty nine. High energy have no health issues, no prescription drugs, no multivitamin. Like, I consider these mung beans, my multivitamin and people say to me, Don't you get sick of the mung beans? It's like, would you get sick of feeling great and having tons of energy? I mean, maybe.

[00:27:12] Yeah, I guess you could. But. So I love this story. No, I haven't had any mung beans that I know of lately, but I'm going to be sixty seven and I'm not on any anything, either. So lucky. So if I had it taken. They can sprouts all these times. I could join that orgasmic company.

[00:27:33] You know, I am no MLM.

[00:27:38] Yeah, go up to somebody in a bar. Yes. Yeah, I'm in the MLM orgasmic company. So. So what's the best part and worst part about being in the worm business?

[00:27:52] Oh, the best part is the feel good factor like, you know, I mean, what I'm doing is such a beautiful thing. A pound of worms and the descendants can transform a ton of organic waste in a year. So if everybody and the average Canadian American family produces a ton of organic waste in a year, so if everybody had every family had a pound of worms? Imagine the impact that would have on that reduced amount of garbage going to landfill and then converting that that kind of garbage into black gold for like its nutrient rich soil. So we're not only just reducing landfill space or making more space in the landfill by reducing the garbage, but we're actually fixing the soil. The worms are amending the soil, you know, with all our mono cropping and the soil is deplete. So practically right, we've got to keep adding it.

[00:28:48] How do you grow these worms? I wanted to get like a couple of chickens and I figured I couldn't handle it.

[00:28:54] How do you do thousands of worms?

[00:28:58] So it's really just creating the right environment, you know, just the right carbon nitrogen. They are living creatures. So there are different

[00:29:05] Breeds like dogs.

[00:29:06] Absolutely. There's thousands of types of worms for that have been identified for vermin composting.

[00:29:13] What now, if they do, they cross breed and then weird like dogs that are their faces are smashed in, they can hardly breathe.

[00:29:22] No, they don't actually to breathe, breathe, they can enter. They can live together. But they don't. They don't mess around.

[00:29:32] Do they cuddle?

[00:29:37] So how do you? I mean, so can people grow their own? Absolutely. It's just better to buy him by the pound.

[00:29:46] Well, once you get worms, you know, once you get worms, yeah, they reproduce more than rabbits.

[00:29:51] So you only need to buy a pound and then you're done. Or what?

[00:29:54] Pretty much as long as you look after them, you know, again, they are living creatures,

[00:29:59] So you got to keep them warm, take them to the vet, you know, get their shots, get the get the the microchip so that nobody steals.

[00:30:17] Oh, my gosh.

[00:30:19] Yeah, I mean, you have to have right, it's aerobic process, meaning with oxygen, so you need to have holes in the bin that you have. You have to make sure you remember to feed them because they eat half their weight per day. So they're eating quite a bit. Yeah. You know, they're 90 percent moisture, so they have to have a moist environment. Yeah. So they do need some care. But yeah, it's a how many worms are in a pound?

[00:30:41] Eight hundred to a thousand worms in a pound. So they're really not they're not ideal for fishing.

[00:30:48] All right. So how many worms do you own currently?

[00:30:53] Oh, my gosh, they don't come out for head count, so I would say Hazard a guess and say how many pounds I would have 50 to 100 pounds of arms out at any time.

[00:31:05] Oh man.

[00:31:06] Yeah. What if they, you know, they call the animal control? Then she she's a hoarder like the crazy worm lady crazy cat lady. Do you have any permits or anything to hold that many worms?

[00:31:21] Don't ask. I know. I don't know.

[00:31:22] Don't ask. Don't tell, right? Right.

[00:31:24] And what if they got loose, you know? You know, sometimes actually,

[00:31:28] You know, Tom, when I started my business, I was so naive. Somebody said, you should go to the town and see if you can run that business from your house. So I said, so I did. And the town planner wasn't in that day. So I just left a note like, you know, left a message for them to call me the next day that he called me and he said, Oh, you can't run that business from your host? And I was like, Oh, why not? And there was a really limited list of businesses. You could, you know, it was ridiculous, you know, a bylaw written in the seventies. So I was like, So can you have a, you know, can you breed cats and dogs? And he said, yes, as long as nobody complains. So I said, Have you ever heard of for me, composting, like, I can't believe I came up with that question. And the guy said, no, he was like, no. And so in my mind, I'm like, So how would you know if I did it?

[00:32:18] Yeah, right?

[00:32:19] You know, and I went ahead. I was like, Well, he won't even know. How will they know?

[00:32:23] Yeah. So I mean, it doesn't take a lot of space, right?

[00:32:26] It does not.

[00:32:26] No, no. Do you do it in your house or do you have an outside shed or something?

[00:32:31] Yeah, I have. I have space now outside, but you can absolutely do quite a bit in your house.

[00:32:37] But it gets cold up there, so they have to stay in a certain temperature range.

[00:32:42] It needs to be climate controlled, for sure. Yes.

[00:32:44] What temperature do they thrive in?

[00:32:47] 60 to 80 is optimum. Like it's really burn temperature. Yeah, Fahrenheit. Yes, right? I'm bilingual. It was so funny. I started to do school workshops and at the beginning I'd say sixteen to twenty eight Celsius in the sea, or I would say 60 to 80. And I see the kids like what the who keeps what they're burning up, right? Sixteen to twenty eight is the Celsius, I'm like. And it was one day like three years in when a teacher said, That's Celsius, right? And I was like, Oh my or Fahrenheit? And I was like, Oh my gosh, all those years I messed up all those kids.

[00:33:22] Yeah, but we in the United States, we always say, Well, you should have the courtesy to put things in in Fahrenheit that you ever hear of the comedian Kathleen Madigan. Yes, I love her. She was talking about Canada. She said she was doing a tour up in Canada, and she said Canada is kind of like the attic to the United States. You know, you forget it's up there, but there's a lot of cool things off.

[00:33:51] Well, that's pretty good. Better than the pit. I guess so.

[00:33:58] So you're selling these Tom posters? Excuse me, you're selling. You sell com posters or just the worms?

[00:34:06] Oh, I have a super cute system. Oh my god. It's called yeah, it's called the living composter. And it actually is a functional piece of furniture. It's a stool.

[00:34:16] Ship them to the U.S?

[00:34:18] Yeah, I can. I can't ship the worms or I don't ship the worms. You have lots of red Wikler growers up there.

[00:34:24] But yeah, I knew that. I knew that.

[00:34:26] Yeah, I can ship. Yeah, the composter is super cute, though. It comes in four colors and it's a stool, so you know, it doesn't take up extra space if somebody has a small like, think of a New York or a little apartment or something, right? Pretty small, yeah.

[00:34:42] Ok, and then where would they go to get some red Winkler's the gentlemen's club or where do you find red? Where do you go to find red wingless?

[00:34:55] Oh, just put in your search engine, red wiggle or supplier?

[00:34:58] Hear me red brick

[00:35:00] Right near red buglers near me and they

[00:35:03] Say, Go out in your backyard, dummy. Can you find any of these just in the in the ground and the soil?

[00:35:11] They're not soil dwellers, but you can find them in in manure piles or rotting stuff like this all the time.

[00:35:18] Yeah. You know, if somebody wanted to go rooting around, they could. You could find them. I did get my first worms in my outdoor compost, or so they are. They are kind of out there.

[00:35:26] Ok, so to get started, though, you, you know, to to come up with a pound on your own would be pretty hard, right? Correct. Yes. So it's better to buy. Find somebody crazy like you down here, right?

[00:35:39] Absolutely. Yes, I would say crazy worm lady.

[00:35:43] So, OK, so that's composting. And you called it vermin vermin composting, right?

[00:35:49] Vermin composting,

[00:35:50] Ok? And then further sprouting. What do you have for sprouts besides this sprout machine this guy has?

[00:35:57] Oh yeah, I have this the spaceship. And then I have a whole whack of certified organic beans and seeds because you can sprout everything. Yeah, we can ship all of that. Yeah.

[00:36:09] And what about the tell us about the yoga certification, the people come come to you to do that or can you do it remotely?

[00:36:16] Yeah, we're doing it online right now. I do. I have a free club on Tuesdays, nine 30 in the Morning Eastern. Yeah, it's on Zoom and it's beautiful 30 minute self-care. I've got maybe a 20 or 25 people that come from around the world

[00:36:32] To this is for their certification or just to participate.

[00:36:37] Oh, that's no. That's for my laughter club. I have a training coming up. Yeah, people want it to to be trained as laughter leaders, but

[00:36:44] That has to be in person.

[00:36:46] No, it's online. Ok? All right. Yeah. So people can come from wherever. That's February, the beginning of February, but we're doing that quarterly so they can look at my website for that.

[00:36:56] Ok, so how do people find you?

[00:36:59] I'm going to give you my worm website.

[00:37:03] I've never been said on this show before.

[00:37:08] It's cathyscomposters.com.

[00:37:13] And does that lead to all the other stuff?

[00:37:15] Everything is there. Yes.

[00:37:16] Ok, well, boy, this has been a pretty wild show. You don't see this every day, but yeah, I'm very interested in the sprouting, especially because I only got five years till I'm seventy two, so I want to get get it with the mung beans on my side and say,

[00:37:36] Oh, you look great. Tom what is your secret? What are you doing then?

[00:37:40] I just got good genes from my dad, you know, basically. And then and then one one thing that a lot of people don't understand is if you keep overweight, it smooths out your wrinkles.

[00:37:53] Well, yeah.

[00:37:54] So you don't have to worry about getting all wrinkly.

[00:37:58] And he made me choke.

[00:38:03] I knew there had to be perks.

[00:38:04] Well, absolutely. Yeah. So when see, people say, Oh yeah, I'll lose some weight. No. But you know, when they do, ask me about, you know, how much weight I want to lose, I tell them, I just want to get down to a B cup.

[00:38:17] That's all.

[00:38:21] Oh my gosh, Tom, you should go on the road.

[00:38:24] No, no.

[00:38:25] I've been on the road. I'm happy to sit home. I haven't been on an airplane in two years. You know, you get on an airplane now you're guaranteed somebody's going to start fighting you and they'll drag you off and the FBI will take you away and you'll never be seen. That's all I see on TV every day at the airports nowadays, because all the flights are being cancelled, everybody's on edge. It's it's really tough. They need some laughter. They need you in the in the lobbies of airports. There you go. There's a whole new world for you. Cathy's airport laughter.

[00:38:56] Yeah, right. I know it's that's why this laughter really fits everywhere. It's, you know, the children are are struggling now in Canada. Our our schools are closed again. It's like, Oh my gosh, come on. You know, like, nobody's talking about this mental health part that's, you know, I don't know. I don't think

[00:39:19] It's going to affect us because we've been laughing for a long time

[00:39:22] And

[00:39:23] A lot more to come. Absolutely. Well, thanks so much, Cathy, for coming on.

[00:39:28] Tom, I appreciate it so much. Thank you. All right,

[00:39:30] Everybody go to Kathy's with a see, by the way. See at his com posters. And that'll lead you to all the cool stuff she has. And this has been a crazy, wonderful episode of how you can make money doing things you love and doing good for the world. So catch you on the next episode. See you later.

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