520 - These will help you move and respond faster: Tom talks Marketing Tools - Screw The Commute

520 – These will help you move and respond faster: Tom talks Marketing Tools

Marketing tools can be powerful ways to increase your business, get more customers and service those customers without pulling your hair out. There's lots to learn here, so take good notes and follow through. Your business can grow if you work smart.

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[00:23] Tom's introduction to Marketing Tools

[05:17] Audio Stuff

[06:59] Video Stuff

[10:44] Word Processing

[12:35] Graphic Stuff

[17:27] Website Stuff

[19:26] Live Stuff

[21:09] Security Stuff and Backups

[23:05] Copywriting and Automation Stuff

[27:40] Email Stuff

[29:49] Miscellaneous

[36:39] Sponsor message

[37:47] More Miscellaneous

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 520 – Marketing Tools
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody, it's Tom here with episode five hundred and twenty of Screw the Commute podcast. Today I'm going to talk about marketing tools that I happen to use and I'm going to. Now these are desktop tools, by the way. I'm going to do a future episode on the cell phone apps that I use, but these are the stuff that I use on desktop, because if you're really working hard marketing and doing all kinds of stuff, a full sized keyboard or laptop is is going to make you go way faster. I mean, the cell phones are great and I'm absolutely all over it, but to to really, really go fast and create enormous amounts of stuff, then desktop is is is good for you. Now, when I started looking through all the stuff that I've used over the years, oh my God, in my password manager, there's probably I didn't count them up, there's probably over a thousand things that I've either tried or used or whatever over the years, so I don't want your newbies to get intimidated by this. Remember, I've been doing this. Well, next month will be 28 years straight, full time online. All right, so. So don't think that you have to have all this stuff all right away. Now I'm going to go quickly with this stuff and, you know, with our podcast player, or if you get our app, you can like rewind like 10 seconds real easily if you miss something, but definitely get the show notes and you can follow up because I'm going to go very quickly on what the thing is and what I use it for.

[00:02:07] And then I'm going to move on because, you know, I just got a ton of them here. Some of them I broke down into different categories like audio stuff, video stuff. But some of them are just miscellaneous things that really, really help you. I hope you didn't miss episode 519. That was asked me a shopping cart question. And by the way, episode 10 is completely about shopping carts. Episode 519 will give you a little taste of the things that go on when you're when you're dealing with a shopping cart system, and then I'm going to mention it again. Episodes 511, 514 and 517 were my Pinterest Things based on the webinar that John Kremer and Daniel Hall did, and I broke it down into beginner, intermediate and advanced. But it is just you got to listen to the webinar, too. We'll have that in the show notes. You can listen to the replay and I'll you can, you know, put questions in and they come right to me and I'll answer them for you. So that's the way it is on all our webinar replays is you can put a question in the bottom, but keep your email open.

[00:03:17] That's what happens. Sometimes people, people think I'm ignoring them or they get caught up in the in the webinar and think it's live and then they're getting mad because nobody's answering them. Well, they've got to do by email. Ok, pick up a copy of our automation e-book. I'll be talking about some of the automation things we use during the program today, but get the darn e-book. It goes into depth on all these things and it just makes you work faster, lets you steal customers ethically from people because you get back so fast to them, stuff like that. So pick up a copy of that at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. And while you're at it, pick up a copy of our podcast app. It's screwthecommute.com/app because you can put us on your cell phone and tablet and take us with you on the road. Ok, I'd love to have your help on this pilot program we're doing for persons with disabilities in my school. It's really going great. We're helping these people get trained in internet marketing and digital marketing so that they can get hired or start their own business or both. So we have a Go Fund Me campaign and some very cool videos. You can see these people, two of them are blind and they're going to an internet marketing course and and it's very inspiring.

[00:04:40] So check it out it. IMTCVA.org/disabilities and then that will take it to the Go Fund Me campaign, and then you can see their videos and anything you can chip in weed. It'll help out a lot. And hey, if you're really flush with cash, you could sponsor a person yourself. Wow. Could you be proud of that, helping somebody get school and employed and in their own business? Ok, let's get to the main event. These are a bunch of marketing tools. I'm going to go very quick. Sometimes I break it down and into different categories here. So the first thing I'm going to talk about is audio stuff. I was going to do the whole thing alphabetically, but I just got there's so darn many programs. I just said, heck with it, I'm just going to give them to you, and then you can get the transcript and listen to this if you need it. So audio stuff, OK, I use Adobe Audition for my main recording and editing software. I do use audacity because I have to train people on it because audacity is free. So I use that little bit, but I use Adobe Audition mostly. Also, there's a thing called waves. That's a company that creates plug ins for the the the audio programs that will make it do certain stuff that it wouldn't normally do.

[00:06:14] For instance, there there's a deep breath or it's called. So if you if you're if you're using a condenser microphone, it's very sensitive. It might pick up every breath in between. You're talking and then you have to go edit it manually. Well, the this program, this plug in will take them out, stuff like that, then speak pipe. This is the thing it used to be free now it's I think it's a free trial and then a paid service. But this is something that's on my website. So you can leave me a voicemail right through my website and I get an email and I can listen to your audio and then I can respond the same way, send you back an audio and you get an email to say it's ready. Very cool. Use it all the time. All right, here are some video stuff we use Camtasia as my screen capture video have made a fortune on this. I've been using this almost now 22 years and I use it for all kinds of stuff where you know you can have a bad hair day because they're only seeing the screen and hearing you narrate what they're seeing on the screen. Made a fortune with this over the years. Handbrake is a I think it's a free program that just helps you convert video formats.

[00:07:30] Reflector three. That's the thing, if you've ever seen somebody doing a tutorial to show you what to do on your cell phone and you see the cell phone on the video. Well, this is their cell phone is being projected into this through this thing called reflector three. And that's how you can see their cell phone and what they're clicking on and all that stuff. So that's reflector three. Pretty cheap. Now I happen to use Adobe Premiere for my editing software, although our video guy uses. The heck, is it called, I forget what the name of it is, but anyway, it's the high, higher end one for a Mac. But Adobe Premiere? Mac or PC? And I happen to get it through the Adobe Creative Cloud, which I get other also programs like Photoshop, which I don't use the video guy uses it. And Adobe Audition and the Adobe Acrobat to make PDF files to get that all through the Adobe Creative Cloud, but Adobe Premiere is the one I used. Darn, I wish I could take the on that. It's the high end one I forget for the video. I don't use it. That's why I can't think of it. I buy it. But he uses it all the time. There's another thing called Animoto. I don't use this too much anymore, but this is something that you can upload some text and upload some pictures and pick some music. That's copyright free, and it'll create a gorgeous video for you.

[00:09:11] Promotional VIDEO And then you don't like it. You hit the button again. It'll redo it in some other fashion, and you keep doing it till you find one you like. So that's Animoto. I use the VLC media player. This is a free media player that if if your normal media players won't play something, VLC will probably play it. All right then and it'll do all kinds of other stuff. I think it's free. Envato Envato is one of the places we get stock footage, so I needed an aerial shot of the Eiffel Tower or something. That's right, I would go to find it. I don't know why I would need such a thing, but so that's just one of the places for stock footage. Now we use easy video sweet. This is a video player that'll do all kinds of cool stuff. Like, for instance, it would display a buy button on your video at a certain time. You know, just a bunch of stuff like that. So easy. Video Sweet. Then the tube swift. This is a program that allows me to find easily up to 300 at a time videos on YouTube that I want to advertise on. I've had other episodes telling you how YouTube instream ads are the one of the best bargains ever for advertising. But if you had to find the videos that you wanted your video to be advertised on by hand, it would take you a month where this will do it in a few minutes, you know? So that's tube sift, OK, some word processing stuff.

[00:10:47] All right. I happen to use Microsoft Word. But I want to tell you about another thing that I use all the time and why I use it, and that's called notepad on it, this is on a PC. There's similar stuff on a Mac. So why do I use notepad all the time? Well, see. Back when I first started word processing, I was using as a thing called WordPerfect. And it had a button that you could click on and it would display all the hidden codes that were helping you format your text. But when Microsoft Word kind of took over, they have a button that will display some of the codes, but not all of the codes. So when you have a piece of Microsoft Word text. It's got all kinds of hidden stuff going on in the background and then when you paste it in the somewhere else. All those hidden codes come with it and it can just drive you crazy. When I critique people's ebooks all the time, I'm saying, how come your line spacing on this part of the book is different than this other? Oh, I pasted that in. Yeah, that's trouble, because your book is all over the place. So what Notepad does is if you take a piece of text from any word processor and paste it into notepad, it strips out all this hidden crap.

[00:12:14] And then when you paste it in somewhere else, you've got a clean piece of text that then you can format to match the rest of the document. See? But if you don't do this, you're just your stuff's going to be all over the place. And then I use Grammarly, the free version, and then it catches stuff that should be hyphenated and misspelled and poor grammar and stuff like that. Ok, some graphic stuff that I use, I picky IPCC, why is a great, fairly easy to use graphics program that does everything that I need. I use it almost every day. I make all kinds of things with it. Next thing is PowerPoint, and it's not for what you might think. I never use PowerPoint when I speak. I always use my own stuff, which has made me a fortune. All right. And nobody will listen to me, but I'm the one that makes all the money at these events. So I use it to make tall Pinterest pins like tipper graphics and book graphics, things like that, which you can learn about in the webinar I told you about last night, you got to listen to that Pinterest webinar. I'm putting a lot of emphasis on that because in the first three weeks, I've gone up almost 60 times my views just by doing what was in the webinar. All right, so. So you should check that out. But anyway, back to PowerPoint and I use it for making webinars.

[00:13:44] All right, that I'm going to do online. So that's PowerPoint. Now tailwind is a new thing I've been using. It'll make all hundreds of Pinterest pins for you with a press of a button, and it'll schedule them also for you and their partners with Pinterest. So it warns you so you don't get in trouble by doing stuff that would be considered spammy. So that's tailwind. The snipping tool, this is just one of the tools in the Microsoft, you know, office kind of stuff that that I use all the time to grab graphics and I grab my own graphics or I alter my own graphics. I'm not saying to grab other people's graphics. Now, if I want a more advanced. Screen capture, so snipping tool is a screen capture thing, I use snag it, and sometimes I might have a graphic that's to it. You know, you have to scroll down the page to see the whole thing. Well, the snipping tool is no good for that, but snag it will allow you to scroll down and just and capture everything that you want to capture one shot, you know, so that snag it. Now also use Canva. I have the pro version, but the free version is still spectacular, and it has templates for all kinds of graphics where you can just change the text and have something beautiful. I do it for e-book covers all the time, and my students do too.

[00:15:17] We have all these gorgeous e-book covers that look like they're professionally designed, but they were free on the Canva and that was just e-book covers. But they have different formats and different templates for all kinds of stuff for for Facebook stuff and Instagram stuff, different sizing and Pinterest and all this stuff. So Canva for that, I also use clip art. This is a paid thing where. I use it every day, too. It's got millions and millions of things, pictures and and clip art and cartoons that I don't have to worry about copyright infringement, you know, because it's just too big of a target to be sued, you know, so I'm very careful with my graphics. And so I think I pay one hundred and sixty dollars a year or something. I think in the renewal was like $80 a year for these millions and millions of clip art and photographs and everything. Now there's another one called Pexels that I forgot to put on the didn't put it in my notes here, but I just thought of it. It's because it's fairly new, but it's a free place to get super high quality pictures with copyright free. Ok, then I use the Kindle create software that's free from Amazon to format Kindle eBooks that you format them differently than you do. Pdf e-book So Kindle Create is the software for that, and we teach that whole thing in my Kindle master class that we run every once in a while.

[00:16:59] Then another thing is Scanova. This is just one of the places that we use to make QR codes. If you don't know what a QR code is, it's something you can hold your cell phone up to. And it's like a crazy looking maze of stuff. And then. But it something that's readable by your cell phone. So that's a QR code and you know, you can make them do all kinds of stuff, but that's one of the ones we use. All right. Some website stuff. We for the past, I don't know, three or four years have myself and all my students been using thrive themes and content builder. It's only like $19 a month, and you have all these themes to pick from and a professional grade content builder. I have affiliate links for a lot of this stuff, folks, if you don't mind. We'll have it in the show notes. But I mean, I got, you know, people, all kinds of people that never dreamed they could do this stuff, making gorgeous websites, world class. And it's not the crappy content builders like some of the other places give you. This is professional, great content builder. And if you buy it through our affiliate link, we give you free training on how to do it, you know? So that's that. All right, we use WordPress. Wordpress is the gold standard for websites. Don't let anybody tell you any different.

[00:18:24] And here's the other tip for you if you see any kind of website, thing or online thing advertised on national stuff. You can you can be darn sure. They're just trying to target people that don't know any better. And there big sales organizations, they'll say and do anything to sell you enormous amounts of stuff you don't need. And I'm not talking about WordPress.com, where you can start a free blog because there's limits to what you can do there. We're talking about the WordPress software installed on a regular hosting service. And then you have to put one of these thrive themes or something on it to make it look nice. Ok. No, I mentioned the Adobe Creative Cloud, we use Photoshop, we use Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Premiere. I don't know. They have all kinds of stuff there, but I think I pay, I don't know, $20 a month for for Adobe Audition. They have these different packages you can buy for monthly, depending on what you need. Ok, some live stuff when you're doing live things. Well, Zoom is the obvious one that everybody knows about now. We also use Stream Yard on also from when we're doing. When I want to show graphics and do a live event like a Facebook Live, I use stream yard. I used to use Be Live, but they just weren't ready for prime time. The stream yards much more stable and never crashed on me and is really good.

[00:19:58] Now, some other live stuff, Iriun is free software, I think it's I'm pretty sure it's free. It turns your cell phone into a webcam, so if you keep your cell phone, I think it uses Bluetooth. You know, at least close enough to your computer. It turns it into a webcam and you can go, you know, point it around to show different parts of your room or, you know, whatever you want to do with it. So it'll do more than that. I haven't used it too much, but I thought it was pretty cool. Then we use a variety of things. Teamviewer. Join me for. Taken, you know, with our students, we a lot of times we want to see what they're doing. And a lot of times I use Zoom for that, but if we want to actually take over the screen. And click for them, then I think we use TeamViewer for that. We also still use Skype because some of the places that I do these big podcast interviews where they're interviewing me still use Skype. So I don't know why they do, but they do. So I have to have Skype, too. That's for live stuff. Ok. Security stuff and backups. We use a VPN that's a virtual private network that's got if you don't know about VPNs, it can make you look like you're in some other place. We use this a lot for my anti scam stuff and also good for advertising.

[00:21:29] If you want to advertise in some different country, you want to see what the ads look like. You can pretend that you're in that country by using a VPN, so that's like a security thing. We use roboform for password manager. I think for Mac, they have one called one password, but it'll do all kinds of stuff. It keeps all kinds. It's highly encrypted and just really, really important. You know, I get so many people, they pay a lot of money to talk to me, and then 20 minutes later, I'm still sitting there because they can't find their password to get into what they want to show. So. So that's not acceptable. You got you got to use something like this. Then we use Microsoft Security Essentials for the virus stuff. It's free. And you know, they're going to try to keep it up because they don't want the bad reputation. We use Dropbox, iCloud and Amazon S3 as our different backup places. Amazon S3 is also where we keep our big video files so that they don't bog down our websites. And then we use like the easy video suite as the player. And so the. Videos play beautifully on inexpensive hosting, because the big video file is over at Amazon and it's just connected to your site and now the the person watching the video doesn't know any different, but they would. If you just try to put these giant video files on your hosting service, you're they would skip and not play and buffer and and people would leave.

[00:23:04] So that's Amazon has three, but we also use Dropbox and iCloud for backup. Cloud stuff. Ok, some copywriting stuff. We have what I call my secret weapon. It's a headline generator and an analyzer, and we all have the affiliate links. It's only about 30 bucks, but I called my secret weapon because it'll generate like 800 headlines and analyze the ones they think is best for this product based on asking me questions about the product. Amazing thing for 30 bucks or so. Next thing is some automation stuff, of course, this stuff is all in my in the book that you should download for free. But anyway, here's here's a bunch of things that we actually use, but I'm starting to question whether I want to keep using them. We use a thing called audience. Another thing called buffer. Another thing called MeetEdgar, and once in a while, Hootsuite. So these things are great to automate all your social media. But the problem is, is several years ago, you know, I'm just so busy doing stuff. I let the social media person just take over and use some of these tools. But, you know, now that she's gone and I start reviewing the stuff, yeah, I'm putting stuff up all the time, but the thing is is over the past couple of years, the engagement has become forefront for all of these social media platforms.

[00:24:32] They want people to engage with your stuff. And so when you just slop up stuff automatically over and over again, people don't engage with it. So you're kind of wasting your time. Sometimes it hurts you more than it helps you. So, so I'm not sure we're going to use any of those. All of them are good quality programs, but I wouldn't use all of them anymore. Probably MeetEdgar would be one if you wanted to start with one, but then you still can't just divorce yourself of it or you're just wasting your time. All right. More automation stuff, we use hybrid webinars, which is again, my affiliate link to our webinar replay service, and that has made a fortune because I do a live webinar once on Go To webinar that I need to put that on this list too, because I want to get the interaction and all the live stuff that goes with those and polling and everything. And then I replay it like crazy and money keeps coming in. This is the gold standard replay services, hybrid webinars, then many chat is the chat bot service. And I read an article that said that I think by the end of this year, 80 percent of customer service will be done by chat bots. And you think, well, that's not very, you know, personal, right? But the thing is you can make it fun. Like my little chat guy is called screwy based on screw the commute and looks like a little screw guy.

[00:26:03] And it's a fun way to instantly take care of people and channel them which way you want them to go based on what they want. And then if they screw, he can't figure out what they want, then they forward it to me. Then I can take over personally. Say So that's chat bot we use many chat short keys is one that I've used. It's the one that we have saved me, you know, probably now close to eight million keystrokes. And you're crazy. I'm just going to tell you right away, you're crazy if you don't use it, that's for PC. But on the Mac, let's see. It's called keyboard maestro. It's a little more complicated, but this will save you. I mean, you're just crazy. You're just crazy. Stupid, ignorant. I know. I'm sorry. You just are. If you don't use this, it's just ridiculous not to use such a thing. It's for 20 bucks or so. This thing has saved me eight million keystrokes made me probably several million dollars over the years. I've been using it because I get back to people so fast and I can answer them so fast. They just are blown away. So don't use it at your own risk. Put it that way. And of course, the killer of all killers is Kick Start Cart, which is my shopping cart system. Email broadcast affiliate program.

[00:27:30] Auto responders all in one place been using that now almost 20 years and have, I think 15 16 hundred people have used it because of me. I still use it today. As soon as we get off of here. I'll be using it. Ok, some email stuff. Outlook is the the email program I use. I also use Gmail and I also use once in a while. I use proton mail for some really confidential stuff. Well, the outlook stuff runs through what's called Microsoft Exchange. And this is an I use I happen to use Rackspace for this, but there's other places that sell as this thing. But what it does is it synchronizes my email everywhere, my cell phone, tablet, desktop, other, you know, wherever else I put outlook. It's all synchronized. So in the old days, I would be afraid I'd go on the road and I'd get a bunch of emails and I'd have to come and synchronize them with my desktop. And then I'd be afraid to answer an email on my laptop because it was synchronized it again. That's all gone now. Microsoft Exchange and then another one we use. Keep in mind, I had one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers before a lot of this stuff was invented, so I have email lists all over the place and you might get duplicates for me sometimes because it's just that was the way it is if you've been around with me for a long time.

[00:28:58] So. One of the places, though, is very reputable and a good thing to have if you have extra money, you don't need this just for what it is. It's a Weber, very reputable, very good company, but a lot of other services that if you get serious about your online marketing. Have an instant connection to a Weber together, the leads for you, so that's one thing that I do keep my account there so that I can easily I mean, most of the the things you do, you can, you know, get a geek and programmer to make it work. But I don't want that. I want these easy and I want my students to have it easy. So that's a backup email place for whenever I'm doing something that's going to collect leads and has an instant connection to them. I put it in there anywhere. All right, so here's a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. We use Zello, which is an online walkie talkie, so that instead of me trying to text somebody or one of my employees that's working remotely, I can just push a button and it's like a walkie talkie. And then it shows what if they're online and then they can push a button and we can do a quick, you know, if I have to ask them something real quick or discuss something. Boom, boom, boom. Instantly, Zello. Of course I use Excel, but I'm not very good at it, I just use it when I need it to collect the list of stuff.

[00:30:32] Now, there's another little things called pixel helpers, these are extensions that are called for Chrome and when when you get pixel, that means it's almost like getting crooked. So that means somebody an advertiser is wanting to know if you hit a certain web page or did a certain thing so they can what they call retarget you. That's where when you see an ad following you around after you looked at something on Amazon or something. Pixel Helpers tells tells me right away if that page has pixels on it and the test when I'm doing it, it tests to make sure they're working on the pages that I put them on. Ok, so as we called Pixel Helpers, then it's good to have a speed test handy because, you know, when the pandemic hit, you know, the everybody didn't get the speeds, internet speeds they were paying for because the way the system was overloaded. So I just like to keep track. If it's getting really bad, I want to contact and you know, and bitch about it to the the internet provider because I'm not getting the speeds I'm paying for. Uh, let's see, I use a Windows calculator all the time. Another one pretty links, this is a plug in for WordPress, and this is called a cloaking program and that sounds like real sinister, but but all it is is if you have a really long, crazy look and link that nobody's ever going to remember.

[00:31:59] Let's say you were talking about a podcast on a podcast. You couldn't say something like screwthecommute.com/viral-marketing-nowdash, you know, you know, whatever. Nobody's going to remember that. So you could make a pretty link where that's where they're going to end up on that long link. But all you have to say is like screwthecommute.com/viral. And then it automatically sends them to the the place you want them to go. Now you say, Well, what about Bentley? Well, Bentley is a linked shortening thing and yes, it works like that, but it has been spammed to death, so a lot of places won't even let Bit.ly links happen. And. It looks better if it has your website in it, so screwthecommute.com/viral looks more credible and than not scary as a bit like whatever four two six five, you know that could be some virus link for all you know. So pretty links. Good deal. Ok, Riddle is my quiz maker. It's one of the top quiz makers in the world. You can see an example of this that IMTCVA.org. So this is my school site where we have a thing called the seven college rip offs. And, you know, see if you know about it, I would say, go take it just for the heck of it and pass it on to anybody.

[00:33:30] You know, that's considering a four year college because they are going to get ripped. I mean, unless it's a demand for the profession, it's just ridiculous. The things that they're doing to people, to families. That is Riddle is the quiz maker, OK, Roku or Roku? That just happens to be another marketing source I use on television. So the public speaking channel is on Roku TV now. I'd be glad to help you do this, but I'd charge you five to ten thousand dollars because it was very complicated. But I'm up there with all the other biggies for my topic. And you know, I was getting three thousand views a week in my videos and never touched it for years, you know so. So that's Roku kidnaper. This is a cool and this is a a sniping service and that's not shooting bullets. Ok. So I buy a lot of stuff on eBay, I grew up very frugal. A lot of you've heard that story with my dad and everything, so I buy a lot of stuff off eBay, but I don't want to sit there. And you know, one thing, here's a rule of thumb for you never bid on anything at eBay because. All you're doing is driving up the price, the more bidders there are people starting to get an ego about it that they want to win. So I never bid on anything. I have this bid that poor service. I think it costs me six dollars a month, but it saved me so much money because I don't bid on anything.

[00:35:03] What it does is it bids at the last possible electronic second before the auction is over. And I win all the time, all right, because nobody knew I existed. Now I don't win. I'll take it back. I don't win all the time. I win, usually win the ones I really want because I'll bet I'll make a maximum bid that the kidnapper will not bid over. And if people are bidding the thing up way above that and I'm not willing to pay it, the kidnapper just doesn't bid. But if it's anywhere close, then you know, I bid just a penny or so it'll bid just a penny or so over the last bidder and then I win. All right. So and they don't even know existed until I popped in at the last second. So bid napper. Ok, expert, click. This is where I have press releases, and it's got another online blog that that journalists look at and people can, you know, normal people can look at it too. And if you check it out, tell Mitch Davis that I sent you. That's the guy that runs the place for years and years. Very highly reputable. And then, of course, I use fiber for a lot of one time things. If I need like some keyword research done and I don't feel like doing it myself. And and I kind of want a different perspective from somebody else that's not too close to it like me.

[00:36:30] I'll go hire five ten dollars, fifteen dollars on fiber and get somebody to do keyword research for me. And I'll say, Oh man, I never thought of that. You know, that's good, you know? As soon as you think you know, it all is when when you don't, you find out you don't. All right, now, before I got, I got eight more for you before I do that, I want to just remind you about the the pilot program we have for the persons with disabilities and would love to have your help for it. We're going to use some of the money to hire persons with disabilities to help run the program. But we want to get these people trained because it's such a big production for them to try to go to a physical school. And so we're helping them through this and then we're going to help them either get a job or start their own business or both. And it's just really something I'm proud of. I've been, you know, raised a lot of money for animals and little kids and homeless and all that stuff. But but I'm really going to change these people's lives by giving them this, this skill. So give me a hand on this at IMTCVA.org/disabilities, Internet Marketing Training Center, Virginia VA. IMTCVA.org/disabilities and then at the top, you can click on the Go Fund Me campaign and see their videos of of how they're doing and all that stuff.

[00:37:53] So that's that. All right, let's get to the last eight. One is called hashtagify. This generates a bunch of hashtags that you can use. You can use them on eBay. Excuse me, you can use them on YouTube now. You can use them on Instagram, Facebook, all these places. You can use hashtags that gives you a big list of hashtags. It's kind of like keywords, but it's different. High rise HQ This is a database program I used to use act for years and years and years, and though they changed it and got rid of it and then, you know, I started using the shopping cart and not really calling people anymore. But high rise HQ is I keep databases of certain groups that are marketing to, for instance, home schoolers. So I have a whole section. I can pull up all the people that are involved with home schooling and one shot. Send them an email, so forth. So high rise HQ is when we use Link Tree, it's like. Let's see. Linktr.ee I think is the domain. But what it is is it's program. The reason I got it is because of Instagram, so the Instagram out of your profile gives you one link. Well, there's so many things that I do that kind of limits you.

[00:39:15] So Link Tree allows you to put one link in there and then it has a page builder that sends them to a page that has all kinds of stuff that you can put in for links and you can move them around and so forth. So it's you can use the link anywhere. I just primarily used it for Instagram. Ok, if I do have to have something printed once in a while, very seldom anymore. But I use Jack Prince Jack prints Jack Prince. You know, advertised lots of places, but this one is kind of specific, and I don't advertise here too often, but I want to tell you about it. It's called Outbrain and used to have a competitor called Taboola, but they kind of combined each other. So Outbrain is a place where you can advertise and you do need to have some very generic kind of product because this Outbrain is going to put this ad on some major sites like AOL and Yahoo and CNN and and just these super big sites. And you see them all the time. If you look closely, you'll see powered by Outbrain or something next to it. I just want you to know about that. If you have something you want to be in in these major publications and it's pay per click kind of thing. All right, the other thing is sonics, this is our transcription service, I have a whole video about this and an affiliate link on YouTube.

[00:40:45] It's crazy because I used to pay in the U.S. $60 per recorded hour for transcription. And if it was outside the U.S., I was paying 30 dollars per record hour. Now I pay $5 per recorded hour. It's machine generated, but it's anywhere from 93 to 96 percent accurate. And I had to do the same with all the other transcripts as go over them. So Larry, the guy that helps me with the put back end of the podcast, goes over him and makes any little changes. And then that's our transcript. So it's five dollars per recorded hour once you join the thing, and if you join through my affiliate link, I think you get, I don't know, a hundred minutes or 30 minutes free or something, I forget. Ok. Wufoo, this is a form builder that you can do a lot of cool stuff with, but for instance, you know, we have this thing where if you're really serious, you can get a 30 minute strategy session with me personally, but you have to carefully fill out this application. It's got a lot of questions on it because I want serious people. I don't want tire kickers because I want you to join my mentor program so you can go to screw the community application and see what I'm talking about. And if you're serious and you want to potentially have my help if it makes sense for both of us, I always say that if you have no chance on Earth of joining my mentor program, then it's hard for me to take the time because I'm taking care of my mentees, you know? So, but if you are serious and you just want to see what it's all about and see if I can help you, then you'd want to do this.

[00:42:32] So that's but Wufoo is the power behind that. We used to have survey Monkey. I think they may have combined with Wufoo. I can't remember, but you can do surveys and stuff like that. So that's screwthecommute.com/application. And then the last one here. And guess what? I'm sure I miss some folks because there's just like I said, there's probably over a thousand things I've either used or tried. Or maybe I didn't need something for a year and forgot about it, but it's still something I would use if I need it. So I can't give you all of them, but. And I said, don't get depressed because all this stuff and say, Oh my god, I can't do this. Yes, you can. I didn't start with all this stuff. I did them one at a time and just kept moving. And look what happened after all these years. So anyway, last one will tell you about is called We Transfer. It's a free service for where you can transfer big files to people you know, too big that you couldn't email them, you know, so if I have a video, that's one hundred and fifty megabytes and I want to send it to my video guy to edit, you know you can't.

[00:43:42] How would you do it? You know, we used to in the early days have to put it on a thumb drive and have them pick it up or take it to him. Or, you know, it was just ridiculous. So, so up to two gigabytes, you can get a free thing. It's been very reliable and it's called wetransfer.com. And in that way they get an email that they have a big file waiting for them, and then they click the email and go and download the file instead of it being attached to the email. So. So that's we transfer. We use it all the time. All right. So there's a bunch of stuff, folks, that you can use. Please pass this on to anybody you think might need it or if you have any questions. Tom it screw the commute is great. And also, if you want to join our affiliate program, that's how you get details is to email me and we'll discuss it with you. But please give me a hand on the the pilot program in my school and something you can really be proud of. I know I am, and we're going to change people's lives for the better. All right, I hope this little episode changes your life for the better. It gives you an idea of some of the things you can use to help market yourself, and I will catch you on the next episode. See you later.

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