511 - Get massive amounts of FREE targeted traffic from Pinterest: Tom talks Pinterest for Beginners - Screw The Commute

511 – Get massive amounts of FREE targeted traffic from Pinterest: Tom talks Pinterest for Beginners

Talking about Pinterest and how you can use it to really drive traffic, cold traffic, to your websites, etc. It's a powerful tool and different from other social media.

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[04:55] Tom's introduction to Pinterest for Beginners

[06:13] Pinterest can drive traffic to you quickly

[07:54] Tip-O-Graphics are powerful ways to use Pinterest

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 511 – Pinterest For Beginners
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody, it's Tom here with episode five hundred and eleven of Screw the Commute podcast. Today we're going to talk about Pinterest for beginners. Now, I guess I would be coined a beginner. You know, I always promise you, I'm going to teach you stuff that I've made a fortune or saved a fortune on. So in this case, yeah, I wrote a pin a long time ago, a funny one for my protection dog site. And as far as we can tell, it's sold to protection dogs for about $40000 gross and my share was about 10000 thousand. So. So that's pretty good for beginner, I guess. And I'm taking a lot of advanced courses now to to really ramp it up because there's so many big benefits that I'm going to tell you about today that, you know, I probably should have really ramped this up a long time ago. You know, I had a social media person just basically putting stuff up there and not paying much attention to it just to keep things rolling. But now I'm excited about it, and there's a webinar I'm going to tell you about that I hosted with Daniel Hall and John Kremer, both luminaries in the industry. Daniel was a former student of mine, and I think you'll get really psyched about Pinterest. If you watch it, I'll give you the link to that a little later.

[00:01:48] All right. Hope you didn't miss episode five hundred and ten that was asked me a product production question. I talked about my writing book methods, the changes you need to make for printed books, online courses, audio products, video products. And there we go. So that was a good episode. And any time you want to get to a back episode, you go to screwthecommute.com and then the episode number that was 510 and this is 511. Ok. How would you like me to send you big checks if you're in our referral program, I'll send you big checks or PayPal or however else you want. I could. If it was enough money, I could deliver gold bullion to you in a wheelbarrow. How about that? But just email me at Tom@screwthecommute.com, if you're interested, and you can make big commissions for referring our products and services, so check that out. Now, pick up a copy of our automation e-book. It's through screwthecommute.com/automatefree. This book has saved me. We literally figured it out seven and a half million keystrokes over many years and allowed me to ethically steal customers from people or too slow to get back to people. If you want to cut your workload down, take a few days to implement the stuff in this book, and it's going to knock your workload down by, I would say, at least 30 percent and still get the same amount of work out of your business.

[00:03:14] So, check it out. screwthecommute.com/automatefree. And while you're at it, pick up a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app. You can put us on your cell phone and tablet and take us with you on the road. All right, we're still going strong with our pilot program to help persons with disabilities in my school. We're getting them educated and distance with distance learning so they don't have to go and kill themselves to try to get places and go to class in person. And then we're going to get them hired or in their own business, and then I'm going to roll it out really, really big to get foundations and corporations to really help a lot of people. So help me out with this. We've got to go fund me campaign. We're using the money to to pay for all the extra stuff we've got to do to to take care of these folks. And also, we're going to use some of the money to hire people with disabilities to help run the program. How about that? Now you can be part of this wonderful program to change people's lives. So check it out at my school website. It's the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, but of course, it's distance learning, so you don't have to be in Virginia at IMTCVA.org/disabilities.

[00:04:36] You can click over to the Go Fund Me account. You can see videos of the people in the program, two of which are blind. If you don't want to inspire to see these people chugging through an internet program and they can't see. All right, this is really. These people are really great people and you could be really proud to help them out.

[00:04:57] All right, let's get into today's main event, getting started with Pinterest. Well, first I took an advanced training on Instagram and I know all the tips and tricks. But you know what? I think Pinterest is way, way better. See, one thing is that you can start with nothing, no followers at all and still do well with Pinterest right away. See if someone searches for your topic and you have placed keywords properly in your pins, that's a pin is basically your graphic that you put up on on Pinterest. You can be found right along with everybody else, and it's not like the results are just on one page. I mean, you could be right. You know, there's hundreds and hundreds. Every every page is page one. All right. So so you can be right up there with people. Now, if you do a nice and creative job of making your pen, like I said, that's what it's called on Pinterest. You make a pen, not a post, that your pen can stand out and be shared. It used to be called being reopened, and now they've changed that to saved.

[00:06:09] All right. So that's just a little thing that's new and you're put all over the place. So just to give you an idea of how fast and powerful this can be, I mean, like I said, I ignored my account for literally years. I decided to do exactly what I learned on this webinar and I'll put the link in the show notes. Screwthecommute.com/Pinterestnow. So it's pretty easy to remember. Screwthecommute.com/Pinterestnow. And here's the results. And this was Sunday night when I'm working on this Monday episode. So after forty eight hours, my pin to drive people to my to a college rip off quiz to promote my school was seen four thousand one hundred and five times and I got about 20 people to take the quiz and quizzes are just one way to get leads. That was in 48 hours. After twenty four hours, I had another pin called Twenty Four Ways to Automate Your Business Based based on this book I was just giving you on this podcast. And it was seen one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine times, and this sends people to download the free e-book. screwthecommute.com/automatefree, like I say on this podcast, every episode. And that got about 12 new subscribers on my list and twenty four hours. I mean, this is really, really powerful stuff. Now, the conversion rates on these may not seem great. I mean, forty one hundred people and I would, I say 20 people took the quiz or something.

[00:07:48] But keep in mind, this is totally cold traffic. Most of these people never heard of me. Now, what kind of pins do you want? Well, John Kramer, now he's a luminary in the marketing book marketing business, for sure. He loves a thing called Tip O graphics. Just like my twenty four ways to automate your business, which gave people a little taste of what I would teach them in the book and then sent them to my website to opt in and download it. Let's call it a tip a graphic now these type of graphics. Get way more click throughs than just plain old pictures and have as many millions of visitors to John's websites and tons of revenue. Now, Pinterest doesn't care if you send people to your website to buy stuff, as long as the person has a good experience and you make a great pin to get them to click. Pinterest is happy. Now, one thing I will tell you is that just like I've harped on this podcast. For every. I mean, episode one and episode one hundred and thirty on key words. Pinterest is highly keyword oriented, so listen to episode one, which is basic keywords in an episode one 30 is voice. The changes in keyword research based on voice searches. And guess what? The bulk of people on Pinterest, Pinterest are on mobile, so you have to pay attention to this carefully. So do that even before you sign up if you haven't signed up yet because you want to put keywords in certain places on Pinterest, and so you need to have them before you go sign up.

[00:09:39] See, there's a bunch of places you need to use those keywords. And I mean, give you some examples, like in your profile, the names of your boards and boards are where you put different topics. And here's the thing another thing you can have a bunch of them without hurting your reputation like you would if you had a bunch of topics on a website. I have brutal self defense. I have fat, so tennis has nothing to do with my internet marketing and public speaking expertise. But it's a separate board, so nobody cares. It's fine where I would never in a million years lump all that stuff on one website. And the title of your pins are critical, it's one of the top most important things. Naming your graphics and using the altar alternative description of your graphic is important, too, just like on a website. Now there are tools that help you make these pins now. Places like Canva, which is free, have pin templates, but wait'll you hear this. There's a new program called Tailwind and also it's got a little division tailwind create. And. It has you answer a few questions about what you want to pin about, and it spits out over 20 or 30 different variations of designs and and that brings up another point. You can have multiple different pins sending people to your same stuff.

[00:11:10] So I have a blog post on is college really worth it to help promote the school? Well, I could have five or 10 different pins put out over time and different boards all driving people to that one piece of content, so you don't have to create enormous amounts of new content to go with every pin. You can spend your time maximizing the people that see the content you already have by creating easy to make pins. And especially if you use something like tailwind. Now you've got to watch the webinar Daniel Hall and John Kremer did. It's the only webinar I've hosted ever that well into the webinar, the attendance kept increasing. Now, yeah, in the beginning, a lot of times it increases because people are late, but this is halfway into the webinar and there's more people I can see the numbers going up. Well, there's only one way that happens, and that's if the webinar is so good. People on the webinar start telling other people about it while they're watching the webinar. Right. So that's never happened to me in the years and years that I've been doing webinars, it's so good. So it's screwthecommute.com/Pinterestnow, where you can click on the replay link and watch it. So I'll have that link in the show notes, but I highly encourage you to watch it and see how you could be driving large amounts of targeted traffic for free from Pinterest.

[00:12:50] And guess what? The traffic is much higher quality than from most other social media sites. It's 80 percent women, 20 percent men. But the income levels are high. And most of the people visiting are researching buying decisions, and the average amount of person spends on Pinterest is way higher than any other social media. And even though they are smaller, they're not nearly as big as some of the other social media. They have enormous amounts of high quality users that are fanatic and are there all the time, you know, so they're just waiting to spend money with you. So get over to the show notes, and here's the link again screwthecommute.com/pinterestnow and click on that webinar and be ready to take good notes. And I don't really jump on bandwagons, but I spent the entire weekend studying Pinterest and and watching that webinar, and I'm watching the replay and I'm planning on put lots of efforts into it to promote my main stuff, but also my sideline stuff like brutal self defense, fatso tennis protection dogs, elite. I can have boards on all that stuff that doesn't interfere with my main reputation. So, for instance, my brutal self defense scam site sells a 14 hour really killer, no pun intended course for four hundred and ninety seven dollars. I think sometimes I don't know. We got deals. And I don't really bother promoting it through normal channels because it's not my main expertise and it's not what I'm known for and I'm very busy.

[00:14:32] However, with Pinterest, I can put up a, let's say, a self-defense tip of the week with very little effort and bring in some five hundred dollar sales of that product. That's the same with fat. So tennis, we have a $40 DVD set. You know, it's kind of funny, but it's a serious thing to help older people and overweight out of shape. People beat the younger people, so I don't have time to promote it much, but Pinterest will do it for me. So I just love the fact Pinterest is happy to let people go to your website and buy stuff. All the other social media's reward you for keeping people on their site. Pinterest rewards you with the chance to use their platform to find thousands or even millions of customers and prospects, and I just love that. All right, so that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Check out the Go Fund Me campaign, help us out on the program to help those people with disabilities and then do your keyword research. Episode 1 and episode 130. And then go sign up for Pinterest. If you haven't and if you have, you can edit stuff now. You know it's not carved in stone. So if you've already made a bunch of mistakes, you can fix them. No problem and you'll just start fresh, you know? So it won't hurt you if you've already started a Pinterest account and definitely watch the webinar, screwthecommute.com/Pinterestnow. All right. Catch ya on to the next episode.

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