48 - Here's one happy guy: Tom interviews Joel Comm - Screw The Commute

48 – Here’s one happy guy: Tom interviews Joel Comm

Joel Comm is a New York Times best selling author, Blockchain enthusiast, professional keynote speaker, social media marketing strategist and live video expert. With over two decades of experience harnessing the power of the Web, publishing social media and mobile applications to expand reach and engage in active relationship marketing. Joel is a sought after public speaker who leaves his audience inspired entertained and armed with strategic tools to create highly effective new media campaigns.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 048

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[02:07] Tom's introduction to Joel Comm

[03:53] What Joel is into as a business

[09:07] Working since 14 at various jobs

[11:18] Turning point when he became an entrepreneur

[16:58] Tips for the cubicle dweller wanting to break out

[22:27] Screwed over in business lots of times

[25:02] Creating a funny bizarre app for the App Store

[26:18] The best and worst about working for yourself

[30:12] About Joel's latest book

[31:32] Sponsor message

[32:34] A typical day for Joel and how he stays motivated

[37:36] Parting thoughts for us Screwballs

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Higher Education Webinar – It's the second webinar on the page: https://screwthecommute.com/webinars

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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TRS-80 Computerhttps://www.google.com/search?q=radio+shack+trs-80

The Bad Crypto Podcasthttps://badcryptopodcast.com/

Original WorldVillage.com site Joel mentionedhttps://web.archive.org/web/19961017231228/http://www.worldvillage.com:80/

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 048 – Joel Comm
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] HEY EVERYBODY. It's Tom here with Episode 48 of screw the commute podcast. We got a really super duper guest today he's a New York Times best selling author his name is Joel Comm and his latest book is the fun formula. And this is not just some joke book to have a few laughs. It's got specific practical strategies to make your daily life more joyous both at work and at home. So I'll tell you bringing him on here in a moment but I hope you didn't miss episode 47. Dr. Howard Haller I gave him the nickname Big Dog Ph.D. He's got 35 years in commercial real estate investing and he told us how commercial real estate actually has more profits and is easier to buy than a house because the income of the property is way more important than your credit report. And you don't have to clean toilets too when you get commercial stuff and trust me this is not one of those stupid. No money down seminars where it costs 50 grand to learn how to put no money down. He's the real deal. I've known him for years. Today's sponsor is the distance learning school the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. Don't even think about retraining yourself or sending your kids to college into you check out our Webinar on higher education. I do not want you wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars and putting yourself and your kids under crushing debt. And we'll have the Webinar in the show notes at screwthecommute.com/48 this is episode forty eight.

[00:02:07] All right let's get to the main event Joel Comm is the New York Times best selling author. Blockchain enthusiast professional keynote speaker social media marketing strategist live video expert. Boy this guy has got a lot of stuff I have known him for years. I didn't know he was doing all this stuff he's the technologist the brand influencer a futurist and an eternal 12 year old that's what I always say I'm 63 going on 12. With over two decades of experience harnessing the power of the Web publishing social media and mobile applications to expand reach and engage in active relationship marketing. Joel is a sought after public speaker who leaves his audience inspired entertained and armed with strategic tools to create highly effective new media campaigns. His latest project is as co-host of the bad crypto podcast the top cryptocurrency show making the future of digital payments easy to understand and I really need that. I was thinking about starting my own currency like Tom's bad currency and see if I could make a million. Anyway Joel are you ready to screw? The commute.

[00:03:27] It reminds me of remember Blazing Saddles their in prison. What should we do play chess screw let's play chess. I've screwed the commute now for oh gosh two and a half decades almost. So yeah I'm ready to keep doing that.

[00:03:52] Well tell everybody what you're into lately because there's a long chain of stuff you're doing here and I can't understand that blockchain and any of that cryptocurrency at all. I'm a different generation. I have no clue what it's about.

[00:04:06] Well you know I couldn't either until about oh I'd say almost a year and a half ago I started finally paying attention and you know taking interest is like all right you know I've got enough friends that are talking about this. Blockchain bitcoin crypto thing what explain it to me. And I had a couple of friends explain it to me. And once the light went on. How revolutionary this technology is. I would have these conversations with my friend Travis Wright who's a leading marketing technologist and a really funny guy. And our conversations were back and forth every day on Messenger and it was in July of 2017 that Travis messaged me and half sarcastically jokingly said when are we going to do that Joel and Travis Crypto show. And the moment he said that I thought oh my gosh I know you're only being half serious but that sounds like so much fun. And two days later we launched the first episode of The Bad Crypto podcast which now we've done 200 shows and we're getting to travel and go around the world and speak on blockchain perform our show live. We've got sponsors we've had five million downloads in our first year and we're learning. So like you know you're saying I don't understand this. Well we only kind of understood the very basics when we started doing the show and the idea was hey let's go down the rabbit hole and take people with us. Let's do this journey together so rather than put ourselves out there as experts you know we connected with real people. And I think that's why the show has been successful. Because we don't take ourselves too seriously. We're not financial advisers. That's why it's the bad crypto podcast for everybody. Go to BadCryptopodcast.com and you'll see it.

[00:06:08] Wow it sounds like you're having a lot of fun with that which leads the segues into the fun formula book. How did that come about. And I can kind of relate to that. I started speaking in the early 90s coming out of an entertainment company about humor in the workplace. But I think this is an expansion on that isn't it.

[00:06:27] Well it's more it's a lifestyle book more than anything. It's not really about humor it's more about how we approach our business and in our life in general and you know there's messaging out there right now that is just being pushed at people and especially at young people and it's got these two words in it that just make me bristle. Hustle and grind hustle and grind. I just dislike this notion of work work work work work if you want it you got to be up early you got to stay late. And while these chump friends of yours are you know out on the lake on the weekend it's because you're going to crush it. Now hard work is a virtue I think we'd all agree with. But somewhere along the line some people decided that 10x the hard work was 10x the virtue and it's not what I did as I reverse engineered my 23 years of doing business online. And I looked at my home runs of which has been about 7 I would say Grand Slams and I looked at my failures of which has been more And the in-between stuff and I realized that the failures are actually where I spent more time more effort more of that hustle and grind. The greatest successes actually took the least amount of effort. And so then I broke it down further and I discovered that the reason they took the least amount of effort was because of these three components of what I'm calling the fun formula. It's not mathematical so don't worry you don't need your protractor ruler calculator. You know what a calculator is.

[00:08:03] I don't have to understand cryptocurrency.

[00:08:07] It's about being curious keeping and maintaining that childlike nature or getting in touch with it again. That thing that made us feel creative and want to explore. It's about risk taking and understanding that when you take risks you're going to fail a lot and being okay with that and it's about serendipity it's trusting the process it's knowing that things unfold in your life at the right time and everything doesn't have to happen right now. And all of my successes followed this same track. And so the fun formula is about finding your fun as the greatest pathway to success in business and more importantly fulfillment in life.

[00:08:54] You're preaching to the choir here man I've lived my whole life. You can actually live a couple lives. You know screw the commute working for yourself and doing things that make you happy but did you ever have a job. What are some of the jobs you've had.

[00:09:11] Yeah well I started working when I was 14 years old. I remember you know I wanted money. I'm from the Chicago suburbs Illinois home of John Hughes. So Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Sixteen Candles. Those films were all shot. You know he went to my high school. So breakfast club. So those are all based on the community that I grew up in all those archetypes those were you know I was the geek and I got a job at North Precourt in the food court slinging subs and pizzas at 14 years old and I remember saving my money from those first jobs I had. Because in 1980 RadioShack came out with the TRS-80 Model 1 computer. And oh Tom that thing had 4k of RAM and a storage device was a cassette player. It was the best and I bought one of those computers and I was dialing in to bulletin board services which predate the internet. In 1980 300 bits per second. That means I've been in the online world for 38 years.

[00:10:32] Yeah well yeah I was there and I wasn't so much of a geek in those days. I was loving the stuff but I didn't really hit hard until the commercial part came around. We're geeks like you invented stuff so non geeks like me could just make the money and click. I hit in 1994 which is when the commercial internet really started to roll. I remember one of my first computers with a CPM machine. I don't know if you ever even heard of that. Had a 40 megabyte hard drive.

[00:11:09] And you would never fill that up. So we've got three and four terabytes.

[00:11:18] So what was the turning point where you went from working for jobs to working for yourself.

[00:11:26] Well you know I did jobs really up into my early adulthood but I discovered I was a D.J in college. I was WPGU Rock 107 FM Champagne's classic rock. And that led to doing nightclub deejay stuff there and then that led. When I graduated college I started deejaying in nightclubs in Dallas Texas I moved there right after college and it was the peak of you know the 80s that Miami Vice era. And I found that I had an associate that was making a bunch more as a private deejay. He was mobile and he had these parties and I'm thinking I could do this and that was my first real entrepreneurial success.

[00:12:11] I got my own gear my Technics 1200 SL turntables big old bass cabinets and speakers and I started doing pool parties and that led to wedding receptions and class reunions and I did a couple hundred. I would say of those and was supplementing that along with some sales. I cut my teeth on Zig Ziglar back in 1989. Secrets of closing the sale I went to one of Zig's Born To Win seminars in Dallas and was deeply inspired. And I got a job doing sales of the emergency response systems. I've fallen and I can't get up those.

[00:12:50] I used to go around and visit people in the poorest parts of Texas of the Dallas area and people that were sick. And I learned how to sell and help people with these units and then I sold Encyclopedia Britannica.

[00:13:07] I did that too when I was in high school.

[00:13:12] And I succeeded at it for a time. And in 1995 I transitioned from from sales. I also had a I had a side job working for a couple of nationally syndicated radio ministries that was actually as full time was inside but I was supplementing that with deejaying at the time. But in 1995 I started my internet business I had one of the first 18,000 sites in the world on the World Wide Web. And by January of 1996 I left everything else behind to pursue the Internet business.

[00:13:46] Wow. You remember that time. What was in your mind at that time. Because it was all wild west for us. I mean I remember my first shopping cart costs two thousand bucks and it was worse than the first Texas Instruments calculator and you had to pay 11 hundred bucks to get from a different company to get an affiliate program hooked up and then when it didn't work they'd all blame each other. Back in those days I remember vividly trying to get my printer to print in landscape and that was a big production.

[00:14:20] Remember back in those days you had to walk barefoot through the snow to get an ISDN connection. That's what we were each website was on a server that was on an ISDN And I remember it very well. I remember it like yesterday. You know I remember being super excited about putting content on the Internet that people would be able to use a web browser to view it from anywhere.

[00:14:46] And I'll tell you there are some similarities and parallels to the feelings that I had about the world wide web and the Internet back in 1995 and 96. The parallels to cryptocurrency right now we're going to see the crypto world blow up like the Internet blew up and I would say that we are probably circa nineteen ninety five right now with crypto if you relate it to Internet terms.

[00:15:17] Were you able to do any HTML did you dive into that.

[00:15:21] I did. I did some basic HTML enough to be dangerous.

[00:15:25] Yeah I remember it took me a year to get the cover of my book on a web page because I had to depend on geeks until 97 when Microsoft front page came out and then that was when I really went crazy I didn't have to wait for three months to get a typo fixed.

[00:15:47] It's really funny if you go to archive.org it's the wayback machine put in my first web site it's worldvillage.com which turned 23 years old just this last July. It's got snapshots dating all the way back to 1996. The earliest one I have in there is a little over a year. And when you look at it and think oh my gosh. Actually you go look and it's got this cloud pattern background it's HTML three you know just a bunch of links and Netscape you know Microsoft Internet Explorer badges on it.

[00:16:35] Probably a visitor counter.

[00:16:38] Over 800,000 served. Yeah that's right there.

[00:16:41] Yeah I went up in 94 and I think earliest with the way back it was 96 also. So what would you tell somebody that's out there in the cubicle listening to this thinking man I want to live that kind of like D.J.ing and doing stuff on the web and I'm tired of this B.S. What tips would you give them to get the heck out of there.

[00:17:16] Well you've got to figure out where your fun is first and odds are that it's going to somehow be connected to your passions you know your own curiosities whether it's something you've worked before or whether it's you know a hobby that you have. And then you need to be willing to say how can I bring value to the world through this thing that I'm passionate about. Then comes the hard part taking the risk in actually doing something. This is where most people get stuck in. You know I think we hear it so often that it can become trite but it's so true that if we're not willing to step out of the boat we can't walk on water. That's the only way you're going to know if you're going to sink or swim is if you get out of the boat and that takes courage and it takes an act of faith that takes saying I'm not going to settle for this life that I have. I want more. I don't want mediocre. I want excellence and I don't want to miss my opportunity. It's not all about the money. In fact the money is a really small part of being fulfilled and happy in your life. You know many studies have found that once there's enough there's enough you know if you have a million dollars fell in my lap right now it wouldn't change my lifestyle that much. It's not because I'm a millionaire. I'm actually not at the moment. And that's a long story you know because we make and we lose. But once you have a lifestyle that you enjoy and you're comfortable in then more money doesn't really change you know that lifestyle much. It just gives you more to be responsible for. But it also gives you more opportunities to give back and to do good. And that's what I encourage people to do.

[00:19:04] I saw you on Facebook Live the other day strolling down through Denver talking about the beautiful architecture that was there and you seemed awful happy to me. I can remember when you were more in the rat race than you are now I think.

[00:19:20] Well it maybe it looked that way in fact people still ask me how I get so much done. And the truth is I probably have less time that I spent working actually working now that I have before because I've learned the secret to working smart and not working hard. And there is there's a big difference. You know working smart is the right moves. Talking to the right people making that right call sending that right e-mail showing up at that event where you don't necessarily know who's going to be there or what the benefits going to be and opening yourself up to opportunity. And that's really I think serendipity has played the greatest role of all. If I was going to prioritize these three curiosity risk taking serendipity I would say that being open to opportunity without expectations without knowing exactly what's going to happen when we are open we begin to see opportunity everywhere and then we can get curious about that opportunity and decide if we're going to take a risk. You know there is this mentality of if you want to that door over there that's closed if you want to get into it. But you know bang on it until you break it down. I'm thinking that sounds like a lot of work. There's an open door right over there and there's a window cracked over oh and look. There's a car that'll take me down to that place that's got opportunity over there. I just I think that there's people get tunnel vision and think this is the one thing I have to do. Now I'm not saying that's not the case for some people. You know that in rugged determinism and you know sticking through it is is virtuous if that's your thing. But being open to more. I had no idea I was going to do a cryptocurrency podcast if you would have told me you know even January of 2017 that I was going to do that I would have said what. I don't know anything about that But I open myself up to opportunity and I took a risk. I followed my curiosity and then magic happened.

[00:21:24] And you said this was in some cases a live show.

[00:21:29] No it is recorded. We do four episodes a week.

[00:21:33] You said you were speaking on it. Live show with the other guy.

[00:21:40] Yeah. Now that the podcast has had success and we have fans out there we get invited to events sometimes to speak but sometimes they want us to do bad Crypto live. And so we adapt. You know what we do on the show to the stage. And we've probably done that for half a dozen times so far.

[00:21:58] So you just set up like as if you were doing a podcast and doing it right there from the stage.

[00:22:03] Right. But we're adapting it we're making it more interactive with the audience.

[00:22:08] Is there a schedule for that or is it a catch as catch can kind of thing.

[00:22:15] Well I would give you the schedule but since this interview to air the upcoming events go to Bad Crypto podcast listen to the show because we talk about where we're going to be next.

[00:22:26] Perfect. Perfect. Now have you ever gotten screwed over in business.

[00:22:33] Wait. How long do we have. You know I'll tell you three instances and I'll be brief. So I could fit them all in. One time I discovered that a gentleman I had put in trust of my staff which was a smaller staff at the time was embezzling from me. And so I called the police. And he's still he is. Check is still being pulled from today because he was found guilty and I get like a hundred dollars a month in at this rate right. Yeah I won't be paid that you know before I'm gone assuming I live to 100 and that I don't know if that's actually true. But it's very slow and other time I hired somebody to be the president for my company. And it kind of took me off track and I take responsibility for the hire and I take responsibility for for kind of taking my eyes off the ball. But he almost destroyed my company and he was fired. And another time somebody took their own adsense code and having access to my Web site as you know one of my tech guys put his code on my pages and was making money in ads from my page views. It's just a few got fired.

[00:23:55] Yeah there are some good lessons there for people. You know I've got to trust the people here. They've been here over ten years. They don't have access to everything you know. You just don't you can't give the keys to the farm away although on one hand you do need people to help you to grow a business. If you're going to really expand but you have to be very careful and you can't just give somebody everything and say OK they got it handled and keep your head in the sand and just do only the fun things you do have to pay attention to some of the other things too. Or it can bite you.

[00:24:33] By the way Tom I'm now a solopreneur again and happier than I've ever been. No more employees no more payroll. All contractors no more going to even an office of my own creation. My commute is now you know twenty five steps. And I love it.

[00:24:54] Quit teasing me man. I've got overhead that's really overhead. I know you did you create some funny bizarre app or something One time what's that all about.

[00:25:06] I did create a funny bizarre app back in 2008 when Steve Jobs said We are now making software development kit available for the iPhone. I pulled my team into the conference room and it was primarily males at that time and we had one of the first thousand apps in the iTunes app store is called Ivote but that wasn't the one that became infamous. So when that became infamous was in December of 2008 we released onto the world the novelty app that defined novelty apps the world famous Ifart application.

[00:25:45] Do I have to make this episode explicit.

[00:25:49] I don't know. It could be explosive but it went to number one in the entire iTunes app store for just over three weeks. It got covered media attention all over the world. And you know we're coming up on our tenth anniversary of the app and it still sells every day. It's a gift that keeps giving.

[00:26:18] So what do you like best about work for yourself and what's the worst part.

[00:26:23] I think what's best is freedom. I do what I want when I want and I've got really good at not chasing the money. If it's not aligned with what sounds interesting or fun to me then I don't want to do it. And I find that I'm much happier not doing things if it's just about the money. The hardest part is self employment taxes maybe I don't know I love it so much I can't imagine doing anything else. I am literally unemployable. I remember back in 1997 I launched a game site with a grad student in San Diego. We called it classicgames.com and it got acquired by Yahoo. And it became yahoo games and that was one of my first home runs. And I remember shortly after the sale that my contact at Yahoo said would I be interested in perhaps talking to them about coming to work as a producer at Yahoo and their entertainment division. And I knew in an instant. No I have absolutely no desire to work for anybody else let alone move to California. You know as much as I love visiting California I love my friends out there zero desire to live out there. And I've had people throw things you know at me since then. You don't understand. I can not work for anybody else. It has to be on my terms.

[00:27:58] Yeah I mean I said I've never had a job since high school. You know I don't like you take a hike. You don't have to deal with you. And that's the the big one for me is I don't like dealing with people being forced to deal with people you don't like and that's what 99 percent of the corporate world is in fact they did a study. This was the sad part when you're talking about you got to take a risk. The study came out that like 98 percent of people in the corporate world wish they had their own business. But virtually none of them will do anything about it. And that's what I'm kind of on a mission to help them get out of that mindset because it's this world that you and I live is just spectacular. Even when we have losses and things don't work it's still about 100 times better than going in that cubicle every day.

[00:28:52] Yeah there's no there's no doubt about it. When I see people stuck in rush hour and when I hear people saying oh man it's Monday or hey it's hump day or Thank God It's Friday. I think must suck if that's if you're unhappy enough in what you're doing that this is what you're giving your waking hours to five days.

[00:29:20] Sometimes I don't know what day it is. You must be crazy. You're losing your mind. No I lost my mind a long time ago of being forced into that Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday.

[00:29:35] If it's Monday and I don't have anything that I put on the calendar or I don't feel like working I won't. If it's Saturday and I'm feeling motivated to do something I will. If it's midnight sometimes I get some like best stuff done at midnight and I sleep in until I'm ready to get out of bed. Some mornings at 730 some it's 9:30 and it's just you are in control. You are truly the boss and the master of your own universe.

[00:30:04] The boss in the corporate world spelled backwards is double SOB. Hey tell them about your book. How they acquire it then we're going to have a message from our sponsor. We'll get into some other quick stuff. So tell them about the book.

[00:30:21] The book is really written for all ages. You know if you've got a student in high school or college this is kind of like putting skin on. Oh the places are putting meat on. Oh the Places You'll Go if you know you're just starting your career or you're in a J O B and you want out or if you're retiring and moving on from one thing to another this is going to inspire people. You can go to funformulabook.com and learn more about the book and you could also claim a number of free bonuses including two of my other books for free and I hope that you guys go get a copy. I think that it makes for great gifts.

[00:31:00] Yes I was going to say it sounds like a perfect book to give. Maybe I don't know if you have a I mean this is something you could buy 30 40 copies of and your friends would love you.

[00:31:14] Oh absolutely. Wait you see the cover of it when you go go look at Amazon or at Barnes and Noble it's a party in and of itself. It's unlike any other business book and it goes beyond business to your life and I think there's a lot of people that are going to be liberated and they're going to enjoy this read.

[00:31:32] You will now get to pick a quick message from our sponsor and when we come back gonna have Joel tell us what a typical day looks like for him. But I'm afraid it might not be an answer to that question and how he stays motivated so we'll be right back.

[00:31:47] Now do you know does everybody know out there what colleges and universities are doing. According to gradeinflation.com they're raising grade point averages to make it look like they're doing a better job of teaching when there's a mountain of evidence that says they aren't. I want you to watch the really eye opening higher education webinar at screwthecommute.com/48. You'll also see all Joel's stuff there but this could potentially save yourself and possibly your loved ones friends and neighbors hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt when they go for higher education. Check that out. Screwthecommute.com/48.

[00:32:34] Now we're back with superduper New York Times best selling author Joel Comm A guy I have known for many years never heard a bad word about him. And that's pretty much the way I roll. I've got a consumer advocate television show in development called scam brigades. Very careful of who I deal with. And this guy got the maximum stellar reputation. So Joel tell him what your days look like when you get up. You exercise eat the whole bit. What's a lifestyle for Joel Comm look like and then tell him how you stay motivated.

[00:33:11] I sleep in until I'm ready to get up. You know now if I have an appointment scheduled for example you and I you know recording it at 9:45 this morning here I'm in Denver so in the mountains and I had to go OK I get up a little earlier I can go take my walk. And that's what I like. You know I usually try and get out for an hour for a brisk walk and you know get my circulation going and try not to blow up because I like to eat. You know so moving the body I think is a really good idea and then my day it goes around the appointments that I have made. There's like as of right now I actually have six calls today. So it's a heavy day. Five of them are interviews for the bad crypto podcast and one of them is an advisory call. But I look at tomorrow and I've got one thing on the calendar you know so every day is different. And that's one of the things I love so much about being an entrepreneur and in business myself every day is different. I've got you know my mom is coming into visit from Chicago this week. So you know I've kept it a little lighter intentionally you know in most of my week. Nothing is as heavy as today. The rest of the week is very light and I do what I want. You know I eat what I want I'll hang out with friends I'll get on phone calls and catch up with people. I might go live on Facebook or on Periscope if I feel like there's something I want to say. I might read I might go sit on my balcony I'm on the twenty third floor in Denver facing the mountains and I've just got this incredible view. You know so it's every day is different.

[00:34:48] Why don't you send us a picture so we can put it in the show notes.

[00:34:52] That's my life man. It's very casual it's laid back not into the you know I'm you know you're about a decade old with me I'm 54 and I am at this place in my life where I'm not going to chase money and I'm not going to chase opportunity I'm going to let it come to me and I'm going to be laid back and enjoy my life. And in doing so I think I'm more effective in helping other people. You know this book the fun formula is my 15th book and it is my most personal book. It's you know all the other books have been strategies and tactics. Twitter. Google Internet marketing. This is core and I have to apply the same fun formula to my life. You know I have to practice what I preach.

[00:35:49] And I don't think you waste a lot of money either on like razor blades. I don't think I've ever seen you shave.

[00:35:57] I have a trimmer and an electric razor.

[00:35:59] Isn't that nice when you don't have to just get up and who gives a darn if you didn't shave today.

[00:36:10] Only my girlfriend maybe and maybe not much either.

[00:36:13] So what keeps you motivated.

[00:36:18] I think just the beauty of waking up each day and knowing that I get to do what I want to do and that there's no urgency to perform. It's you know it's all the magic of what's going to happen next and what do I get to do today. Who do I get to influence. You know where will I make an impact that will leave a mark. You know how how will somebody's life be changed or affected in a way. We're not even aware of what we're doing. Most of the time you know when you're putting content out there very few people write you to say hey I really appreciate this. Most of the people you impact you never hear from but you just know it's out there and hopefully that you know my life means what I've done means something. And so that's what keeps me going and I love to travel. And you know as a speaker and doing the show I think by the time this airs I'll have been to Moscow and back from Ireland. I've been to Chile this year been to Switzerland and I love the adventure.

[00:37:28] Now be careful you don't get accused of colluding with anybody in Russia.

[00:37:36] So what parting thoughts would you have for all our we call them screwballs out there that want to break out and get into doing something for themselves.

[00:37:46] No guts no glory. You got to start somewhere and do even if it's just baby steps every day. Start somewhere do something. Nobody gets to their deathbed and says I wish that I had worked an extra five hours at my job each week or I wish that I had made you know more money. You know the things that they regret are missing out on their relationships and on experiences do something don't just stay stuck in the system. It's in your power and in your control and if you're not feeling empowered it's because you've allowed yourself you've convinced yourself you've allowed society or parents or teachers or peers to convince you that this is what you have to do. There is always a different route. Look for that other way.

[00:38:42] Great words from somebody that living the lifestyle walking the talks. Thanks Joel so much for taking the time to talk with me and catch up. Been a while couple of years. I got a chance to talk to you. And great advice and inspiration for all you screwballs out there do something yeah.

[00:39:00] Yeah Screwballs!

[00:39:00] There's the big world out there and one of the things I love and this is perfect for the fun formula is you can make your hobbies tax deductible. You know I'm still always going to think of the money aspect.

[00:39:14] What a great time we live in. There is more opportunity out there now than ever before. People are getting paid to drive total strangers around they're getting paid to walk people's dogs. I have groceries delivered to my door. There is just so much opportunity and ingenuity and ways to serve people find a way within your skill set to serve people and they will pay you.

[00:39:41] They will and the tools especially the Internet level tools are so cheap and free and so powerful it's just unbelievable what we have today then when Joel and I started way back when. I mean you can leave a voicemail for me for free through a thing called speakpipe right on antion.com or Screwthecommute.com. And I get an e-mail and I hear you talking to me. All free. That's why I love the geeks and the propellerheads because they invent all this stuff that I use to get rich. So please everybody subscribe and review. You want more great guys like Joel on here and women like Joel. No it's not Women like Joel. Well I don't know. I haven't seen you for a while. But check out all his stuff.

[00:40:37] Get the freebies and pick up multiple copies of that book because people are going to love you for giving it as a gift for sure and they'll thank you for it for sure because he doesn't put out any bad stuff and this is screwthecommute.com/48. Will take you right to the show notes. That'll get you to all the stuff Joel talked about and the higher education webinar that I want you to check out if you have any need for that please check that out it'll save you a fortune. And please remember to check out my Monday training session on repurposing how to sell what you know in 19 different ways. You do not want to miss that. So I will catch everybody in the next episode. Thanks so much. We'll see you later.

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