479 - Ladies, Step Into Your Greatness: Tom interviews Lauren Resnick - Screw The Commute

479 – Ladies, Step Into Your Greatness: Tom interviews Lauren Resnick

We have Lauren Resnick here. She is an architect by trade, but an experienced project manager for projects such as the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. She's a speaker. She's an author and a power coach who helps female leaders pivot from their 9 to 5 to a fulfilling entrepreneurial life.

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[04:46] Tom's introduction to Lauren Resnick

[09:35] Being in a male dominated field

[15:02] Step Into Your Greatness program

[23:10] “Princess with a Backpack”

[28:11] Sponsor message

[30:50] If you're feeling stuck

[36:32] A natural networker

[41:10] A typical day for Lauren

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 479 – Lauren Resnick
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody, it's Tom here with Episode four hundred seventy nine of Screw the Commute podcast. I'm here with Lauren Resnick now. She is a coach for powerful women looking to pivot from their nine to five and begin a fulfilling entrepreneurial life. And and you guys out there don't tune out because you probably should pass this on to some of the women in your life. And and I was just thinking about it, hey, if you're a gigolo, get your women making a lot of money with Lauren's help and then they can take care of you. Maybe that didn't work out. I'm not sure. So Lauren is a natural networker. I hope she tells us a little bit about that. And she has a program step into your greatness, one on one motivational accelerator coaching. And I know she's going to tell us about that. And also, she she's figured out how to deal with all that testosterone out there in a male dominated industry. And she has been in one for a long time and she figured it out. So she'll pass that on to us. We'll have her on in a minute. Hope you didn't miss Episode 478. That was my personal web development method. I've critiqued over 10000 Web sites in the last 27 years. And oh, jeez, I've had hundreds of my own. And I think you'll be very surprised at how my web development method starts out. So if you want to listen, if you missed that episode and all back episodes, you go to screwthecommute.com slash and then the episode number. That was 478. And I'm sure you'll want to pass on Episode 479 with all Lauren's great stuff. Now, how would you like me to send you a big commission checks? Well, if you're in my referral program or affiliate program, that's what I'll do anywhere from eight dollars and fifty cents, which you can blow at Starbucks to to in excess of 5000 for a speaking engagement. So that's just for one referral. So check that out by emailing me at Tom@screwthecommute.com and we'll give you all the details. Pick up a copy of my automation ebook. This ebook has allowed me to handle up to 150000 subscribers and 65000 customers without pulling my hair out. We actually figured it out a couple of years ago. Just one of the tips in this ebook has saved me seven and a half million keystrokes, which allows me to work way faster and ethically steal customers from people that are busy, I don't know, on the beach at work in Spain or something.

[00:02:52] So you'll see what that means in a minute. Grab it at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. And while you're at it, pick up a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app. Now I usually tell you about my school. It's the only license dedicated Internet and digital marketing school in the U.S. probably the world certified to operate by SCHEV, the State Council on Higher Education in Virginia. But you don't have to be in Virginia. You can be anywhere in the world as long as you can speak English and attend the school. So I usually go into a bunch of details about that. But I got to skip that today because we're right in the middle of a pilot program I'm doing. It's one of my most legacy programs that I'm most proud of. You know, I've helped lots of dogs and little kids and homeless people and everything else over the years. But this one, I want to change somebody's life permanently. And so this is a pilot program where we are training persons with disabilities to not only be able to study from home, but legitimately work from home. And so I want you to check it out. If you can contribute, that'd be really great. Any little bit helps. The pilot program is going not only to train five persons with disabilities, but we are going to hire persons with disabilities to help run the program. So any little bit helps. So check it out at IMTCVA.org/disabilities. Click on the Go Fund Me campaign and check it out. You'll actually see some updates from the people. I mean, they're very inspirational. The one guy has vision of twenty five hundred. That means you know what that means if you're twenty twenty or not. But he, and he's got his face stuck in this giant monitor bigger than a drive in theater and doing his work. And then we're just so proud to help him and and the other folks in the program. So check it out.

[00:04:47] All right. Let's get to the main event. We have Lauren Resnick here. She is an architect by trade, but an experienced project manager for projects such as the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. She's a speaker. She's an author and a power coach who helps female leaders pivot from their 9 to 5 to a fulfilling entrepreneurial life. Lauren, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:05:16] How can you not laugh to that? I am 100 percent.

[00:05:21] Oh, wow. Yeah. So you are quite a woman of the world. I've been looking at your Instagram stuff and oh, man, you do all kinds of great stuff. And not only helping women empower themselves, you are a well respected travel writer and you've got this cool Instagram account I've seen. But but the first thing I want to jump into is I want to know, since you're an architect, what project are you most proud of?

[00:05:49] Yeah, well, thank you so much for that great introduction, Tom. I am most proud of the one you mentioned, although I didn't design it, the Whitney Museum of American Art. I will definitely consider my baby. I worked on that. I was the what they call a client representative or senior project manager, where I was really in charge of looking over the entire process of that building. So when I arrived in New York, it was basically dirt on the ground. And we built these two hundred and twenty thousand square foot museum with event space to restaurants, a museum space. And it was really incredible, incredible project. And if in any design buffs out there listening, it was designed by of the famous Italian architect and just such an honor to no one. Work with the Whitney and of course, work with Renzo, who's being kind of an idol to me, my whole architectural journey. So, yeah, absolutely amazing project to work on.

[00:06:54] But that is amazing. And how are they doing? You know, when you consider the covid stuff, when a lot of stuff shut down in New York, they still OK.

[00:07:03] They are doing OK, as far as I can see, and I think that the city did help out a lot of cultural institutions like the Whitney, so keep them back on their feet. Now they have the doors open again and know just doing the best they can. I think it really crushed a lot of, you know, obviously hospitality, but also arts and cultural institutions. So so, yeah, I think it's a slow process, but exciting to see them back on their feet.

[00:07:30] Yeah, that's that's good because, boy, it was looking shaky there for New York for a long time. So and then one of the thing before we get into your stuff is do you have any opinion about that building collapse in Miami?

[00:07:42] Oh, gosh, yeah, that's crazy. Mean when any any time you hear about a bridge collapse or collapse or a building collapse, you and someone who is trained in understanding the importance of design and rigor around actual structure. And it's heartbreaking. You know, you just you just can't believe I mean, if you were listening to to the story behind it, there were reports of people complaining about so many problems in that building that were just gone on ahead. The building wasn't being checked. And it just, you know, buildings get old like all of us. Right. So they do need maintenance. And if if they're not taken care of, just like ourselves, we fall apart. So it's so important to pay attention. I really like this analogy, actually. It's good, good to lead in, but going to pay attention to those those creeks and to the things that are just not quite right to avoid complete collapse. Yeah, I think that it's a complete disaster and horrible for the people involved and who were there. And just a real shame that the problems went on for so long.

[00:09:01] Yeah, that's that's for sure. And then and Laura and I got to remind you, you're not supposed to lie on my show because you said you're getting older, but you still you look about 12 years old. So I think you're lying to me

[00:09:13] Can say we can be friends now.

[00:09:18] And yeah, I watched a like a forty five minute thing by an engineer because they had video of the thing collapsing from security video and he was pointing out all these little tiny details and in addition to all the obvious things. So yeah, it was quite, quite a thing. So let's get into some of the things. So you're in that field and that's been typically a male dominated field for many years, right?

[00:09:45] Absolutely. I mean, I remember studying architecture and the whole auditorium would be, I guess, ninety five percent male and there would just be a little scattering of women in the room and it kind of got better mean it's a six year course. It's pretty intense and long and I think towards the end started to actually get better and more women were joining. But even when you get out of university and you're in the workforce and you're working on these big projects, whether they're big or small, they all seem to be male dominated. And you get the odd woman here. Are they? They're. And it's still very, very much male dominated.

[00:10:27] Yes, I guess you call them odd because there's not very many.

[00:10:31] No, I bet not because they're I'm not.

[00:10:37] Well, so how did you how did you feel? Like like I saw it mentioned people ask you, like, how did you deal with all that testosterone and come out on the upside of this?

[00:10:50] You know, that's a really interesting question, because it would have been great to be able to look up to a woman that was more senior than me as I was learning, as I was growing in this industry. But there were very few that I would actually admire. The ones that I were more senior typically were what you would expect. They kind of had this very aggressive personality and and not someone that wasn't one that really stands out as someone I admire, which is really a big shame. And so, yeah, it was through actually just going through it myself. And that's often the best way to learn is how to deal with being sometimes the only woman around the board table or on a construction site or intellectual wherever you are. How do you maintain being your feminine self, keeping that feminine energy and being assertive without being aggressive? I think that balance is it's really a delicate balance, but we can go through some some more detailed tips around that.

[00:12:07] Yeah, but before we got on, you know, I kind of coined you Yin Yang, because you are one of the things we're going to talk about later, as you're known, as a princess to some people. And you said, yeah, but on the other hand, I was known as a bulldog. So how do you play both roles?

[00:12:25] Yeah, it's so interesting. I mean, maybe it's got to do with my Gemini style. Fine. But now, look, I think the thing is when I realized when I started working very much, especially in the in the project management sector and which was even more male dominated then architecture, and I actually started taking on these masculine traits because I was looking at the guys around me thinking, well, they're successful, they're winning at their job, as in. They're setting themselves, people respect them. What are they doing? So I started to take on some of the traits in behavior and then also in the way that they dress. So I would dress trousers and shirts. And when I as I got a bit older a few more years behind me, I started to see there were some women in the office that were they really owned their authentic self. They wore beautiful dresses. They dressed well. They they were well respected. And I saw that you don't have to look or act like a man to really have the respect that they do. So it actually kind of took me back. I saw, for example, one of our CFOs was a woman, and she would wear heels, she would wear a dress, she would look great. The guys respected her. And I thought, you know what? She earns that. And I can do that, too. And it took a few years to have that confidence. But absolutely, by the time I moved, I grew up in Australia and moved to New York by the time I was in New York. Towards the end of my time in Australia, I really was earning it. And I think if I can pass on any guidance to people who are struggling in that sector, it would be your authentic self wear clothes that you feel good in that also, you know, that embody your your femininity. And don't worry about judgment. I actually think it works in the opposite way, actually being who you authentically are and people will respect you for it.

[00:14:44] Yeah, and I've seen this a lot in the legal field, which, you know, in the past has been male dominated. And and a lot of women come in and they want to be ball busters like the guys. And it just doesn't work. They just should be their sort of self and their femininity a lot of times can help them, actually. So all this what you're talking about now is part of your step into greatness program, is that right?

[00:15:10] That's correct, yes. I mean, I worked in the design and construction industry for more than 17 years.

[00:15:17] And so you're lying again to me. You don't even look 17 years old cos you lie a lot. I don't know you you can't

[00:15:25] Down people, you know, Tom, I can't lie, but yeah. So it feels like forever. But I always felt and I and anyone listening here might feel the same that you'd like a job and you like clients and everything's OK. But you know, you were meant for something more. You kind of have this feeling like I know I could do something more than this. I feel like there's something just pulling me. Maybe I don't know what it is. Maybe I know what it is, but I don't know how to get there. But that that was the voice going on in my head for so many years. And it took me to moving to London actually to finally step out. And for the last two years, I've now own multiple businesses and so happy with my entrepreneurial journey.

[00:16:19] Yeah. When you're helping women, I mean, I speak to a lot lot of females and there's another factor that they kind of feel guilty sometimes that they're taking, you know, to be a top executive there. They're taking time away from their kids and they're they don't feel like they're doing their motherly duties. So you dress all that kind of stuff.

[00:16:39] Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Look, I think that's the best thing I see. I really wanted to what I call design my life with intention. So if you have this idea for your life of how you want it to look, then build your business around that rather than building a business and then having to shape your life around the business. And I really feel that that's so important, especially for women. And maybe even during Koven, this may have come to light for a lot of people is that you can work from home, you can have a balance by. There are multiple ways to do what you're currently doing and not be limited by the thought that you have to have this nine to five in order to achieve your goals.

[00:17:31] Now you have a thing called motivational accelerator, private coaching, is that how you help women all? Is it all private? I thought I saw some group stuff that might have been for another program, but so what exactly is motivational accelerator coaching and what could someone expect if they were in it?

[00:17:50] So this is really under the step into your greatness program. So the motivational accelerator is really helping women take that step, take the risk in pivoting from a nine to five to an entrepreneurial life. And I know that sounds extremely daunting because even the most powerful women in senior roles, you know, they've been doing their role and their job so well for so long, it seems like why would you leave if you're at the top of your game? But to know that there is actually something even better when you do leave is profound and bright. Hey, you know, speaking to a coach such as myself is taking the risk out of that, because I really do provide step by step guidance ongoing. Right. Well, where are you now? Are you in a corporate job? Are you doing nine to five or have you left already? Where are you in that process? And then we take through wherever you are starting and we take you through that process to get you to a successful entrepreneurial life.

[00:18:54] Ok, so I'm a little bit confused here, so, you know, help me out. So you just you just said that you're reducing the person the females risk by having them come out with the intention and all these things. But you just had a discussion with my friend Stephen Kuhn. Yes. And it was about why women should take big risks. Yeah. So what's the difference here?

[00:19:23] Let me explain. You know, it's a mindset thing, so taking a big risk is really all in your mind and the risk is really in your mind about how to take those steps. It's so daunting sometimes to actually go and take the step and that fear and that is limiting beliefs of I can't do it, I haven't done it before. How do I start? I can do this. Why would I do it? All of these limiting beliefs that sometimes go around in our head, they lead to our doubts and our fears. So it seems like a big risk at the time. And what what I'm encouraging people to do is to speak to her. She's already done it before. It actually takes out the risk. So it's a little play on words Tom in thinking. It's a big risk, but you can minimize that risk when you speak to someone who's already done.

[00:20:21] Got it. Got it. All right. Perfect promo for coaching. That's for sure. I'm all for that. So you really have created a lifestyle business. I looked at your Instagram account and it's hard to tell where the heck you are, like from picture to picture. She's got the most beautiful photographs and she even teaches people how to get their their boyfriend or girlfriend to take the pictures without getting all mad. And it's sort of like, well,

[00:20:52] That's a challenge sometimes.

[00:20:53] Well, yeah. I saw you Instagram princesses. The guy wants to take a vacation and he's just snapping pictures of you all doing that.

[00:21:03] You know, as I mentioned before, about designing the life that you want and having this intention for your life. You know, for me, it's so important to be traveling. And I don't know about anyone else that we're seeing, but I feel like I need it for my life. It's kind of knocked down. It was bad enough. And not being able to travel was just,

[00:21:27] Well, isn't that still going on?

[00:21:29] It is to a certain extent, absolutely. And and but I think the thing what I where I was going with that sentence was that we actually decided made an intention in during lockdown that we wanted to live by the border and do this extended stay in my office. So instead of what I would normally be doing around this time is. Traveling a lot and jumping on planes to go to different destinations, I'm actually spent the summer in Morocco where I can now work remotely and be able to speak to my clients and work my businesses all from just by the ocean. So I really, really like I can't explain enough or emphasize enough that having an intention for your life is really the starting point. It's thinking not a lot of people do this and take a step back and just pause and think, what would I like my life to look like if I could do anything? Without restrictions, without people getting in the way, what would it look like? And often when you actually take the time to do that, you have this picture in your mind and once you have that picture. We work backwards to actually reverse engineer getting you there, so it's it is an important exercise that I really highly recommend people do. And for me, it was about integrating travel in my life and at least living for a certain period of time in a different destination. So that's super important for me.

[00:23:12] Yeah. And I think you kind of came up with this this travel idea and becoming a respected travel writer and everything. You were at an airport and you were talking about traveling as a single. I don't know your status, but I mean that you were talking about traveling as a single female for seven months out of a backpack. The girls I've known and couldn't fit half of their makeup in a backpack. You're known as the princess with a backpack in those circles, right?

[00:23:45] That's it. So and many, many moons ago, I went when I finished studying architecture, I went like a lot of Australians went to Europe and I never thought of myself as a backpack. I was one of those women who always packed too much and took too many pairs of shoes and all of that. And but the opportunity came up to travel with my sister and a friend in summer in Greece. And then one of my friends suggested we stay on, we visit Turkey. So we did that and then she had to leave. And I just quote the travel bug and I couldn't leave. So I went to probably nine different more cities after that, just traveling through Europe and going through Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, you name it. And after that, I realized how many tips and lessons learned I had I had gained on those seven months and thought, well, what a great idea for a book. So, yes, as you mentioned, sitting in a tiny little airport in Paris on my way home to Australia, I just started writing down tips I'd learned specifically for women who were looking to backpack in style and do it safely and and with a bit of a sense that was that was the beginning of princess with a backpack, which was. Really, my travel blog now and my travel writing career, I've written for Huffington Post, Global Sydney Morning Herald and multiple different platforms, so it's been an amazing journey. It's this very. I guess rich tapestry of life that I've just managed to to weaving together,

[00:25:46] So I imagine things are a little different now than when you first did this. So safety wise and virus wise and everything. So you have a course on this, right?

[00:25:57] I do. Thanks for mentioning it. Yeah, I actually have just launched a travel content creators cause it's now open for September. If anyone is interested in learning how to become a travel writer, travel blogger, content creator and stop partnering with luxury hotels like I do, I've worked with some of the most luxurious hotels around the world staying at their properties free and helping them with their marketing. So it really teach people how to. I think the gift of travel, writing and actually talking through the process of travel writing and also the more obviously modern Instagram social media with the content creation as well.

[00:26:47] Yeah, and if you if you want to start salivating, folks, look at look at Lauren's Instagram account at Princess with a backpack. I think that's right. Yeah. And you see here and all these all these gorgeous places that are just the most gorgeous you've ever seen. And then you look at the next picture, oh, my gosh, there's another gorgeous place that is second down all their food for free. And I'm thinking, oh, man,

[00:27:14] I actually hadn't started the course until the beginning of the summer. And I've had students sign up and it's been amazing to be able to teach all that I've learned over the years. And it's actually so exciting to be able to share with people all of this information that I've just thought, you know, wasn't really worth sharing until now. And I'm so grateful to have my students and bring on new students. And it's super exciting to be able to share this information.

[00:27:47] Yeah. And folks, you know, I got an eagle eye for this stuff. She is quite a marketer and knows how to make money because a lot of her Instagram things show you where you can buy the things you're seeing in there. And so she's playing the game, right. So making money, traveling the world on somebody else's dime, that's that's pretty, pretty cool.

[00:28:10] We can do it. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:28:14] So we got to take a brief sponsor break. When we come back, I'll give her a little heads up on this and I'll help her along in case you forgot. But we're going to talk about four things that Lauren says to know if to do if you're feeling stuck. And then we'll see what a typical day looks like for her, which I'm afraid to ask since mine is get up, feed the dogs, clean up poop and then get on the computer. Not quite the jet setting lifestyle of Lauren and the the princess. But folks, I just want to remind you again about the program for persons with disabilities. I mean, they've been dealt a hand much, much more difficult than most of us. Like, for instance, if I want to go to 7-Eleven, I jump in the suburban I'm down and back in fifteen minutes where it might take that person with a disability an hour and a half just to get ready to get in a vehicle. So we really want to change their life. So I kind of equate it to what's the name of that joint that that Lauren helped build? See Whitney Museum, that's it's like if you contributed to the museum and got your name up on the wall and it's there permanently because you made a permanent good addition in the world.

[00:29:28] Well, that's what I'm talking about. When you help out get scholarships for these folks, it's like, you know, having your name and a plaque at a park because it's going to be there permanently for what you did. So you can be very proud of that. And and then this is a pilot program so that once I prove the concept, then I'm rolling it out really big for foundations and big companies so I can help loads of people with disabilities, because if you look at the statistics, they're four times more likely to commit suicide. There are three point seven times as likely to have depression. They have the highest unemployment rate in many, many years. So I'm going to do something about it one way or the other. And I'd love to have your help. So check it out at IMTCVA.org/disabilities. Click on the Go Fund Me campaign and check it out with any little bit helps. And if you're really flush with cash you could actually sponsor a person for their full scholarship. And by the way, full scholarship means full scholarship. They have absolutely zero expenses, no travel expenses, no food, no stupid fees like these colleges throw at you and they don't have to travel to to do their studies. And they're going to get a high demand skill, which is Internet and digital marketing. So look forward to having you help us out.

[00:30:55] All right. Let's get back to the main event. Lauren Resnick is here. She is the princess in a backpack. She's also a bulldog. I can't figure out exactly what she is, but she's living a great life, lifestyle business and traveling the world doing it. And she can teach you how to do it, too. So, Lauren, I noticed four things you said. I'm just going to just knock them out real quick here and then you can expand and expand on them if you're feeling stuck is as a woman, I guess, the same things that, you know, really apply to a man, too, in whatever you're doing and you want to get out. So Lauren says no. One, don't dwell on feeling stuck for too long, number two, shut out the noise from others and trust your heart. Number three, be certain that incredible things are ready for you. And number four, take imperfect action, imperfect action, rather than waiting for things to be perfect to start. Lauran, that. Give us some more details on that.

[00:31:54] So thanks so much, Tom. And let's start with number one, don't dwell on feeling stuck for too long. So if you're having these thoughts in your mind and you're feeling stuck and frustrated, the worst thing is to be sitting on the thoughts and just getting these thoughts boiling up inside you. The best thing to do is to speak to someone. I mean, that's why I love working with the coach myself and why I have a coach, and that's what I have for my clients as well. So having a coach and being able to download your frustrations often just by talking it through, even you come up with the idea or your coach helps you come up with the idea. Either way, it moves you from being stuck and frustrated to a half on the right path. So the second one is shutting out the noise from others. You know, that person that kind of dumped their problems on you or you tell them an idea and they shut it down. Know it is just noise. So in order to to move on from that, it's sometimes harder said than done. But honestly, try and. Go with your gut. You know what they say, gut feeling and that that actually you can actually feel it in your stomach, go with that feeling and go with the emotions in your heart.

[00:33:16] I know these are very soft words, but think about it. The last time you really felt your intuition speak to you. That's probably a reason why. And listen to that. If it doesn't feel right. Don't go for it. If it does, go for it. And the third one was be certain that incredible things are ready for you. And what I mean by that is when you create space in your life, to hear and feel good at, you will notice that good things start flowing into your life and be certain that good things are just around the corner for you, specially when you're going through tough times like starting a business. It can feel overwhelming. It can feel frustrating. All of these feelings you get. But when you have certainty about your life, when you either take away that noise, take away those doubts, the limiting beliefs, you know, with certainty that you will get through and you create space for that to happen. They start to flow in when you have doubts and when you have four years, that's when you blocked off to these great opportunities. So that was number three. Be certain that incredible things are ready for you.

[00:34:38] And then the fourth one, take imperfect action rather than waiting for things to stop. And we all have been in this situation when we're like, I just can't do it. It's not perfect. I don't know what I'm doing. What if I fail these thoughts often in our minds, especially when we're doing new things, but really we are more forgiving than you think. So doing something small, taking this step, even learning from it, either way you learn from it. If it's a success, you'll learn from it if it doesn't want you to learn from it. But doing is so important. In fact, in that first step to success and I have to say one thing about taking imperfect action. If you're especially if you're someone who has anxiety or, you know, you're really quite anxious or fearful about taking that imperfect action, I highly actually recommend. Taking a breath, doing some meditation and then taking the action, because when you when you take action from a calm place, the action will be so much greater, the impact will be better. It will be more clear headed than if you're doing it from a state of anxiety and from tension. So take imperfect action, but take it with a calm state. I can help, yes.

[00:36:13] And again, those are just not for women, exact things work for men. And in the in the words of our our friend, my friend and her coach, Stephen Coon, it's all about quality of life. So I don't know if you've heard him say that or not, but not all, you know. So, yeah, that's great tips for getting unstuck now that you've been called a natural networker. And. And I'm wondering what you mean by that, because I looked at your Instagram and I thought, oh, my God, nobody would ever come up and talk to you because you're like that girl that's way out of their league. So. So do you just like to chat with people or how do you and networking got you on this show tell your truth? Because Stephen's a friend of mine. He recommended you. Boom, boom, boom. Here you are.

[00:37:08] Yeah, absolutely. I mean,

[00:37:10] That's where you met him on clubhouse, right?

[00:37:12] I did. Exactly. You know, I mean, Steven, who is my coach as well. And I took a chance. I took that imperfect action and I sent him a message and I said, I don't really know who you are, but I know I need to speak to you. And we we just clicked and we and he said, I don't often work with especially don't work with everyone. But there's something about you. I'm really happy to work with you. So I'm always just say go for it. The worst that can happen is someone says no or it doesn't work out. I think I often do things and don't overthink it just to get in there, just to make that imperfect action, take that step. And so natural networking is quite the same because you don't think about old style networking when you're in an event, when you're in a room with hundreds of people and you know anyone, you just have to start introducing yourself. I think I always think, what do I want to walk away? At the end of the evening, with definitely not with hundreds of business cards, but rather leaving an impression in someone's mind. So the next time I do contact them, they will remember me. And it is about confidence. It is about putting those limiting beliefs aside, those fears, those doubts and also. And especially in a new environment, when you're meeting new people, is listening to them, it's also something says is let people talk. They love to talk about themselves, let them talk and listen and see when they're talking how you can help them. And I find that one of the most powerful networking tools is find a way. If you want to work with someone, you want to partner with someone, whatever it might be, find a way you can help them first so that you're giving them value straight away. You're thinking, who can I introduce them to and how can I help them? What's going to make their life better? And you give that without asking for anything back and you watch what happens. It's inevitably a great outcome.

[00:39:35] That's amazing. And the kind of the same thing happened with Steven and I, we hit it off instantly. You know, he's kind of a bad ass Bronze Star winner. And, you know, I'm carrying a gun right now. And so he really like that. And then one of his Marine friends saw me through him and I got invited to the White House over it. And then I spoke at a big military event. And I'm not a veteran myself, so I started September. Stephen will be on next month, September, for Vetrepreneur month, we call it I. I just love our veterans so much for all the things they do for us. And I made a whole month for them where I highlight military veterans that are entrepreneurs and the same thing. It was just the networking, you know, let me get you on my podcast to try to promote you. And he, you know, introduced me to all these people and boom, boom, boom, I'm at the White House.

[00:40:34] So, yeah, that is boring. That's really great.

[00:40:37] Yeah. And yeah, I teach that because online stuff and of course you did it online just through clubhouse. So, so you can do a lot of stuff. What I can't stand is so you'd be perfect at one of these meetings where you to go and it's networking meeting and everybody's going to want to talk to you. They don't want to talk to me. You know, you said follow your gut. I got plenty. You got the follow up. So I don't want to stand in one of those meetings and just stand there and collect business cards. No, I do it online in a way that's much more efficient and it's still personal, but it's much more efficient. But but you're the natural one, so tell everybody I'm almost afraid to ask this question. What's a typical day look like for you? Because you're all over the place.

[00:41:24] Yeah, well, let me let me start with this, the preface for it. What do you get up early? Do you have a morning routine like a lot of people? Do you work out what do you eat, all that kind of stuff?

[00:41:35] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So I don't ever set an alarm. So if I wake up at seven or eight thirty, that's fine. I think sleep takes preference and and I wake up, I do work out whether it's yoga or bloodies or something stretching. It feels great. And then I'll probably, while I'm here, may go for a walk to the beach, which is a 20 minute walk and then a 20 minute back. And I'll make some healthy breakfast because I always think mind, body connection. And, you know, it's really, really interesting. If you stop, you know, your intake of something that's not great for you for two weeks, your body will start getting used to it. And whether that's sugar or something, that's, you know, we all know what's advice. And so now I'm just used to eating really good, healthy food.

[00:42:33] And I know you said you said you make it now. Are you always staying at some luxury thing as a writer or do you have your own place or do you do Airbnb work?

[00:42:44] So right now I'm renting an apartment in Melbourne because I've been here for almost three months. I have been staying at some luxury hotels during my stay and I will be staying at some more time. And but while I'm I guess at home or at least in an apartment, I will make my own healthy breakfast.

[00:43:06] What do you call home? Do you actually have a home?

[00:43:10] I do. I have a home. What country? London. OK, OK. How do you

[00:43:18] Do for rent your place out while you're gone or what do you do.

[00:43:21] I yes I do. I rent it out, make money. You know, I never want to be in a position where, you know, you having financial burdens and trying to live this life, you know, that only works if you have a plan. So that is definitely part of that plan.

[00:43:40] Well, yeah, we interviewed some digital nomads and the husband and wife team live three months in every country, but they got rid of their house. They got rid of their car. They're making way more money now. And they live three months in each thing and they stay at Airbnb. And the guy created a course. He saved like fifty thousand dollars in the last three months knowing how to negotiate Airbnb. So what a lifestyle. OK, so so cooking, good cooking. Good stuff.

[00:44:12] Good thing, good stuff, and then I sit down to do some work, so that's either meeting with a client and or it's working on one of my businesses. So that's pretty much the day I stopped for lunch. I try not to do that whole corporate life, which is eating at your computer while spitting out emails. And then at the end of the day, I'll do another walk either by the beach or around the town.

[00:44:38] But when do you get all the time for these Instagram pictures?

[00:44:43] Yeah, well, I try and do that on the weekends, actually, unless I'm staying at a at a resort. I'm always I'm always prioritizing time to to take photos at when I'm staying at these results.

[00:44:57] Right. Because that's what they want to see. Right.

[00:45:00] What they want to see. Exactly.

[00:45:02] You actually have a real Instagram account because I critique a lot of Instagram accounts. I don't fool with mine very much, but I know some of the advance things and you actually have people looking at your stuff. So many people have loads of followers that they're whole ghosts and fake. And, you know, they have ten thousand followers in like two comments every three days, you know. So, yeah. You rabid people that like your stuff.

[00:45:30] I am. I'm lucky. Well, no, look, I am not going to say I'm lucky.

[00:45:34] You play. You play it. I see you answer in their comments and everything. That's how the engagement goes.

[00:45:41] Absolutely. And never really actually believe in luck. It's always it's it is hard work and it is preparation and is passion. So the mix of those are what makes it work.

[00:45:52] So tell everybody how they find the stuff. You have two major facets, the big life skills type of thing, and then the the travel writer thing. How do they find the stuff?

[00:46:03] So if you're one of those women, just like how I was in corporate life, working nine to five and have dreamed of this entrepreneurial, more balanced life, then step into your greatness program is definitely for you and I. It's a three to six month course and we have a one on one coaching. We speak every week. I guide you through the whole process. So it is really I'm there. I've got your back and at the end of it you will be that successful entrepreneur. And the second one, where do

[00:46:42] They find that? Where do they find it?

[00:46:43] All right, so that's on them. LRMprojects.com.

[00:46:49] We'll have this in the show notes, folks, that's it.

[00:46:56] And you'll find all my bit of background on my on my life or my career history and also obviously on the coaching. And and the second course is my travel content creative class. If you're interested in learning more about travel, writing, trouble blowing content creation, then that is the course for you. And you can find out more on that on either my Instagram, which is princess with a backpack or on my blog, which is princess with a backpack.

[00:47:29] All right. Now they have to be a gorgeous girl to do this because that's what us guys hate.

[00:47:35] No, in fact, it's got nothing to do with how you look. And I and I really honestly mean that. I think it's all about the skills you have, whether we're talking about the travel. Right. Right. Right. If you know what to write, how to write it, if you can take great photos or even pay a photographer to take great photos, then this is really something that you can excel at. I when I started travel writing, I had no experience. Of course I was an architect, so I spent six years studying architecture. I had no writing experience. So it really I taught myself and I obviously had some really great opportunities along the way. And I'm teaching everyone now how to do that themselves.

[00:48:24] Oh, this is awesome, Lauren, we'll have you back on talk about some of your exploits in different countries you've been to and all that stuff. So so thanks so much for coming on.

[00:48:36] Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much. It was such a pleasure. And I'm really excited to talk to anyone who is interested in the course and just wants to know a little bit more about it.

[00:48:47] There you go. So we've got let me just recap these again. We got LRMprojects.com for the step into your greatness and we have princesswithabackpack.com. That's for the travel writing. All right. So again, boy, we've had such an interesting talk here today with Lauren Resnick. So, Lauren, we really appreciate it. And everybody, we will catch you all on the next episode. See you later.

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