459 - She's back talking about the quality of your poop: Tom interviews Becca Tebon - Screw The Commute

459 – She’s back talking about the quality of your poop: Tom interviews Becca Tebon

Becca Tebon. She started training clients with her 17 minute workout routine in twenty seventeen. She invented these things called powHERbands™. It's a system that she's trademarked for total body resistance training and transformation. She provides highly effective and efficient and functional workouts. She provides memberships for women online. She has a proprietary software system that each person can create their own workout from her library of two hundred and fifty exercises.

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[06:29] Tom's introduction to Becca Tebon

[16:14] Gained the College Freshman 25 in three months

[21:43] Transitioning to a system of resistance training

[26:37] Creating powHERbands™

[32:37] Retreats are back after the pandemic

[38:20] The science of exercise and productivity

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 459 - Becca Tebon
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody, it's Tom here with Episode four hundred fifty nine. Screw the Commute podcast. I'm here with Becca Tebon, one of my favorite guests. She's been on multiple times. And I'll tell you what, she she started working out at seven years old and she started her career at 19. I'm not sure if it was a health. Career or what, but she's going to tell us all about it, but she did have some health crises that she actually figured out on her own over but over the span of nearly 40 years. But it's been a transformational journey. She developed an unstoppable mindset and she's overcome congenital diseases, pulmonary, digestive and skeletal problems. But here's the thing about her. Why I don't like her at all, because she I don't know how old she is and I'm not going to ask her and I really don't want to know. You can ask. I'm not going to ask you. It's not not polite, even quiet that you brag about it if you want to. But I'm just saying, do you remember those of you old enough to remember those commercials where there was a mother and a daughter washing dishes and then showing their hands? And you say, which one is the daughter? You know, she's got three girls and and every picture I'm trying to pick out, who's the who's the mom in the picture? They're all they all look alike.

[00:01:54] So I hate her for that because she never ages and she's make most 18 year olds jealous, I'll tell you that. So I will bring her on in a minute. I hope you didn't miss Episode four fifty eight. That's Charlie Collins. And this is a very inspirational episode. He is one of the candidates in our school program pilot program for folks with physical disabilities. He has vision of twenty five hundred. All right. So so he's got his face in the keyboard. He's got a monitor bigger than most. I don't know, drive through theaters, Drive-In Theater. But the guy just gets it done and his his his journey from potential suicide to alcoholism. And and now all the great things he's doing for other folks is just very inspirational. And he's in our program that I'll tell you about in a minute. And then also, I usually don't go too far back, but there's two episodes. If you want to make money, you better listen to these darn things. Episode 454 and 457 was last Monday and the Monday before that on email marketing, part one in part to the money folks. And I've been doing this since it began in 1994.

[00:03:13] All right. So I'm not giving you any book report here. The money is still in email. Nobody at my level makes and makes their bulk of their money from anything but email, no matter what they try to tell you. All right. All the social media crap is to get them off of their onto an email list. So make sure you listen to 454, 457. And any time you want to get to a back episode, you go screwthecommute.com and then slash and then the episode number. All right. If you like me to send you big checks, get in my affiliate program. You can email me at Tom@screwthecommute.com for details. But your checks can be anywhere from eight dollars and fifty cents to more than 5000 just for one referral. And if you do lots of referrals, it's multiples of that. So check that out if you're interested in making commissions. All right, grab a copy of our automation ebook at screwthecommute.com/automatefree and it's all the tips and tricks I've used to handle up to one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and 65000 customers over all these years without pulling my hair out. So grab your copy there and pick up a copy of our podcast that while you're at it, it's screwthecommute.com/app.

[00:04:27] And all these things will be in the show notes. I know I'm rapid firing and I'm for you. And also all the great stuff that Becca is going to tell us about will be in the show notes. All right. One more thing before we bring her on, I usually go into depth telling you all about my distance learning school, which is the only one of its kind in the country, probably the world. But I want to tell you something bigger than that now. I've always thought that the school was great for people with physical disabilities because not only can they learn remotely, they can legitimately be hired remotely. Now, I've always known that have been preaching it for twenty three, 24 years. But I mean, since the pandemic, everybody's like, oh, you can work from home. No kidding. So so I thought this is the time to make my move to help these folks. So we're putting five people through the school with physical disabilities. One of them you just heard Charlie. Another one is completely blind. Another one has ankylosing spondylitis, plus three or four other things I can't pronounce. And we're still reviewing resumes and or applications from a couple other people. So so we've got to go fund me account. We'd love it if you'd help, but we're also going to hire disabled people to help run the program.

[00:05:46] It's a pilot program, and the goal is to get these people hired or in their own business or both and then roll it out really big to get foundation money and grant money to help lots of people. Now, I've helped a lot of things in my life with little kids feeding them and an animal rescue and everything. But all of those were and I'm proud of all those things, but they were bandaids. This is going to change somebody's life totally. If you know the statistics. People with disabilities are four times as likely to commit suicide, three point seven times as likely to have depression and highest unemployment in many, many years. So I'm going to do something about it. I need your help to do it.

[00:06:30] All right. Let's get to the main event here. Becca Tebon. She started training clients with her 17 minute workout routine in twenty seventeen. She invented these things called powHERbands™. It's a system that she's trademarked for total body resistance training and transformation. She provides highly effective and efficient and functional workouts. And boy, does she do it, too. She's a trooper. She provides memberships for women online. She has a proprietary software system that each person can create their own workout from her library of two hundred and fifty exercises. Let's bring her on. Becca, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:07:16] You know, Tom, I'm always ready to screw you.

[00:07:21] You know, you're lucky you live eleven hundred miles away.

[00:07:24] Thank you for having me on again. And I'm so excited to hear about this program that you're starting. I definitely think that maybe we can talk about it on the sideline, but maybe we could do something with some of the sales of the bands to help support your program.

[00:07:39] Well, that's that's very kind of you. And I know you're all into physical stuff and you had severe physical problems, which I hope you tell the folks about them and and how you overcame them. But certainly anybody that knows about mobility, it's you because you every which way but loose at six o'clock in the morning, she's moving some way or the other.

[00:08:01] I am. I am. And, you know, it's really a blessing. You know, when you when you take a look at your adversities and you you turn them around and you don't look at them as obstacles, but you look at them as opportunities, life changes, your thoughts change and good things come about that period, end of story. So I want to kind of go to the bottom line of why I'm always interested in being part of your show, because and then we'll reverse engineer this. But the bottom line about exercise and why it's so important is because it has been shown that when we talk about studies and stuff as we go through the show, but it is highly recommended to live a healthy lifestyle, we all know that people want to make it complicated. It's really not. And what we really need is somebody like me to help you guys break it down, make it doable, make it simple, make it taste good, and so that you're not in a diet deprivation yo yo stance like some of these other systems and programs are out there. I have 100 percent success with people that 100 per. Show up, and if you are one of those people that have been going, you'll confuse, you know, listen, do I eat chocolate cookies? I do not eat them every day. No, don't eat them every week. And maybe I do, but I won't eat them, you know, to to the whole extent. Do I have food challenges myself? I do. That's why I can talk about them. Do I double dip, triple dip and then finally finish a whole bag of chips. I do. How do I stop that.

[00:09:32] That's why you suck even worse, because you still know.

[00:09:37] Here's the thing. Tom you know what a pro at helping people to eat more, eat better, sleep better, poop better and learn how to change over. So if you eat chips the right way, yeah, there's a right way to eat your food if you like burritos if you like. Whatever it is I eat, I eat fajitas. But you know, I do eat a plant based diet. So first of all I have is as Tom shared a digestive challenges that I was born with. Do I still have them? You know what I don't know, because I don't eat things that hurt my belly. So take a look at how you feel when you're eating. Take note. You know what I did when I got to a place where I thought I was pretty good? I found out from somebody from one of my my health advisors, I could be even better. Now, when I heard that, I was like, well, I thought I was doing pretty good. They told me not to do this, this, this or this. Well, basically, I was eating a Mediterranean diet at the time and they told me Mediterranean diet is not good for my belly. I'm like, what? How does it not get any healthier than that? But I did still have some inflammation. I still had some constipation. I still had some bloating. So they said, don't eat tomatoes, don't eat chicken, don't eat barley, don't eat. They gave me a and truthfully it was like eighty percent of the food. But what they didn't do and what I do do is I do do

[00:11:03] I did what I was thinking when you said do

[00:11:06] Now that we're talking about do do what they didn't do was tell me what to do right. We need to know how to do something, just not what not to do. And so when I figured out when I went home and I was like looking in my refrigerator and seriously, me, the health guru was starving for three days. I was starving for three days because I couldn't figure out what to eat. And when I finally, you know, went back into some research, OK, what can I eat, what you know, what should I replace this with? What should I shift these foods with? It made all the difference. And I have to tell you, this person was right now, I did slowly put one thing after another back in to see which things worked and which things weren't, because I eat tomatoes like they're gumdrops. And they were told I was told you can't have tomatoes. Well, I can have tomatoes, but she was right. Wheat germ, barley and things of that nature were a little bit too much for my digestive system to bully, you know. And if I make it with cauliflower instead of the wheat product, then I'm good to go. So it was just a matter of finding what works, what doesn't, and then substituting things.

[00:12:23] And so if you love mac and cheese, who doesn't? Do you like mac and cheese? Tom, of course. Yeah. So I have a client right now who has been on every frigging diet. And I said to her finally, you know, she has some digestive problems. She was going to go and do food map program with a company that delivers food. And I looked at their food and it was so high in salt, high and fat, not enough fiber. It just to me, in my estimation, for her to lose weight, she was going to lose weight. So I said, hire me for a month, I'll charge you X amount for my time. Plus you pay for your food. It's a little bit more than this other company, no doubt about it, but in my estimation, way better. And I've helped so many people lose weight by telling them what to eat, how to eat it and when to eat it. And so there's no deprivation. She actually said she's so full she can't eat all this food. So, you know, I don't eat dairy, but she loves dairy. So she does have things like yogurt and she has cottage cheese and pineapple on her on her plate this week. Slowly but surely will I be slipping those things out and slipping other things in.

[00:13:36] You betcha. But if you change everything at one fell swoop, I've never found anybody who successfully stays with that. So it's lifestyle. You have to get into lifestyle. Where I was going, though, was how to wrap this whole thing together. What is exercise? People hate the word exercise. So many people hate the idea of sweating. They they haven't found a coach that really resonates with them. Exercise is recommended because. You need muscles, people, you don't need to have packs of muscles and not everybody is going to pack them on, but once you hit thirty five, you lose three point three percent or more of your muscles per year. Now, here's what that relates to, where you're in your 40s, 50s and 60s and you're saying, oh, I can't eat what I used to eat, blah, blah, blah, is because the muscles require more energy, a.k.a. they burn more fat and calories than if you don't what people find utilizing the bands. And we'll talk more about the science of the bands and exercise in general. What they found is when you start working out, you don't necessarily need to lose. Not everyone has to lose weight, but they need to gain muscle and muscle.

[00:14:50] You know, five pounds of muscle looks like a peanut compared to five pounds of fat, which looks like a slab of bacon if we're going to look at a size to size. And so five pounds and five pounds, I get people off the scale. And, hey, if your waist is cinching, if you're fat is stop jiggling. If you're having more energy, sleeping better, feeling better, less brain fog, you have more productivity, your energy, your your mood is better. Wouldn't you say you're in the right position. Yes or yes. So they have found science has shown that exercise improves attention span, accuracy, memory. It helps our brains to process information faster, more accurately, the exercise, the benefits of exercise go on and on. But bottom line for business people, it increases productivity. And I'll be sharing some stats and some studies that come in. More importantly or as importantly, why it increases productivity is because there's a noticeable difference in the regimen. When you start doing it at combat stress and battles fatigue, it improves your overall well-being. And when that happens, voila, you feel happier, you're happier, you're more energized, your work is more efficient and you're more afact effective period. End of story. Exercise is the best medicine next to a good apple.

[00:16:15] Well, what I'm still stuck on is you said your belly hurt, but what belly. You never had a belly in your life if you've got the flat stomach on earth.

[00:16:27] Ok, well actually that's not true. I gained that freshman fifteen in three months and I do things so over the top. I gained twenty five pounds in my first three months of college.

[00:16:40] Oh it was nice being on the track team and, and throwing javelin at University of Florida to having to quit to put myself through school and I suddenly found myself being a normal student. But for me it was so over the top. So I went to all the frat parties and I was eating pepperoni pizza and drinking beer and having Skeeter's biscuits and gravy at one thirty three o'clock in the morning when I was part of the field team and, you know, working out every day, I was burning tons of calories. I was on a regimen. I did not go out late at night. I was goody two shoes. You know, when you're on the team on a and a collegiate team, they I always say they own you, but you owe it to them to be a top notch. It was at that point that I learned about food. I didn't know about food earlier. And yes, I have like the best doctors and I had a father who was like the best pharmacist. And so I was I was purged with all kinds of medicine to make me feel good. And and that's what doctors do. If you've got a booboo, you know, they don't they don't figure out how you got a booboo. They don't even care. They want to know how do we make that booboo feel better? How do we heal it's look so we don't see it or feel it anymore.

[00:17:57] It doesn't mean that the problem is gone. It's like a headache. We all run to get an aspirin. Right. So then suddenly, do you not have a headache or do you not feel the headache? So the question is or the answer is, you still have a headache, you're still probably having high blood pressure or or something is going on. You just don't feel it. That's the same thing with Johnson and Johnson's baby shampoo. They put an anesthesia in their shampoo. When the soap gets in the baby's eyes, guess what? It's still burning their eyes. They just don't feel it. So, you know, there's there's crutches and there's fixes. And I'm not about crutches or putting bandaids on. I am about trying to figure out the bottom line of what's causing it. Why do we feel this way and how can we make it so that it doesn't repeat itself? So, yeah, when I gained that twenty five pounds, I got a little off track there, but when I gained twenty five pounds, not having a lot of money, I went to the store to get a couple pairs of jeans and you know, it was cold. It got cold.

[00:19:02] It you. University of Florida up in Gainesville, and, you know, temperatures are dropping, my little shorts didn't work anymore. Got those shorts. Like, how do they grow with me? I don't know. But anyway, I had to get a pair of jeans and Tom. I couldn't get them over my knees. I could not get them over my knees. And so I went to get the next size up, though it didn't fit over my thighs. I went to get the next size up. They did not go over my hips. I'm like, OK, I'm not going three sizes up. That's what. Twenty five pounds on me was up three sizes. And so I left there in despair and I said, you know what, I don't deserve to buy a pair of jeans. I can't afford something that I'm not going to need again. And so it was a decision I made and I said to myself, well, I gained it in three months. So how long should it take me to lose? Twenty five pounds. Three hours is you take three months, if it took me three months, so I didn't look at it as like, OK, these are my habits, I didn't call them habits. I didn't look at like what I was I didn't call anything. I just said, OK, I'm not going to eat pizza at twelve thirty at night anymore.

[00:20:12] I'm not going to have I'm not going to go out five nights a week anymore. I'm not going to do this. I'm going to be doing this isn't this. I decided to join a gym and I decided to get back in shape and take care of myself. So lo and behold within two weeks of being at this gym, yes, my habits were we're back on track. I was already losing weight. I think I lost about twelve pounds in the first two weeks. I lost the twenty five pounds in less than three months only because I was working smarter, not harder. And I and I reversed out the bad habits and replaced them with positive habits. I went to the gym. I was feeling good, I was doing more tea instead of beer, you know, little things like that. And lo and behold, after a couple of I think it was after like two months, the gym hired me to start teaching classes there and they paid for all my certifications, my personal training. And that's where the story really starts. So when I say I started really this work work out ethic at age 19, I started training people at age 19, blessed to be paid. Twenty five dollars an hour back in the eighties,

[00:21:24] Did you buy a pair of jeans?

[00:21:26] And I fit back into my old pants, I was I did not have the money to spend money. That's how I put myself through college. So I didn't have money left over. I had twenty five cents at the end of every month and I felt rich because I budgeted it perfectly.

[00:21:41] All right. Talk about bandits. Hold on a second. You talk about bandits. The word band is in how her band. How did you transition to this whole system of resistance?

[00:21:56] That's a great question. So as as you were sharing with your listeners, I was born with three congenital health challenges, and one of them was my spine. So I had degenerative disease, curvature of the spine. And by the age of seven, I was already three years in chronic pain. And so at age seven, they said I needed to start working out. So I started working at age seven, creating strong core. So at age seven, I had a six pack. And so ever since AIDS, you know, so you want to talk about, you know, obstacles and opportunities, adversities and advantages. It's an advantage, right? It's an advantage because I had to work out. So it has become part of my lifestyle. I also have pulmonary challenges. So if I walk into a hotel room that's laid in or a home that's laden with mold and things like that, I mean, I immediately get tight in my left lung. My nose will start to drip. I know I have to leave there. I'm a healthy barometer. Like I'm a temperature barometer. I know exactly where to go and what not to do. People will be in an unhealthy environment breathing in this stuff. Now, you may not realize it because you don't feel it. You're not sensitive to it. I'm lucky enough to be sensitive. I know if I need to switch out of a moldy environment, I

[00:23:15] Never want to come into my house. I live here by myself. Eleven thousand square feet with three, two German shepherds and a husky.

[00:23:25] Oh, yeah. Well, you know, there's certain things that that don't really cause problems. Everybody's got their own sensitivities. But here's the deal. So I spent you talk about it, you know, from 19 years of age. Now I'm fifty seven. So there you go.

[00:23:39] Oh, my God. You're not supposed to tell me that

[00:23:41] It was it was forty two years of age when I was able to get off my last bit of steroids, albuterol shots and and allergy medicine for my pulmonary challenges.

[00:23:54] But if you know what you're doing now with that learning curve have been way shorter.

[00:23:59] Well, of course, and back then, because I was so, you know, blessed with so many great doctors in the doctor's scope of things, I didn't know about holistic medicine. I wasn't raised in an environment that talked about natural healing herbs and essential oils and supplementation. I was brought up in a home that you ate a steak, you had your potatoes, you had your broccoli, and then when your stomach hurt, you drank this. So it was you know, I can't remember a night where I wasn't in pain growing up. So I was all I felt like I was always on something and and I was the slowest eater. And I was abruptly reprimanded because I ate so slow or I didn't finish my food. Well, my body didn't want that food. But who was I at seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 14, whatever to talk back to my parents. I was lucky I was getting the state right. There was people not having steak on their plate. There was people who didn't have food. I needed to finish my food Tom I would be left at the table. My food would be ice cold. I wasn't allowed up until I was done with my food. So did it cause some food challenges for me? It definitely did.

[00:25:17] It definitely did. So when I got to college and I was able to eat whatever I wanted to eat and still not knowing the right thing. But when when the field team started and I started working with trainers and I started learning about this food stuff, well, got it started to make such an impact on me. So let's fast forward just a smidgen. I had to quit. That changed my my career path. I didn't go into health, but I went into psychology and I went into marketing and I got a job at GNC because it was at that point that I knew I could learn quickly about herbs, essential oils, food and supplementation. That was really my first learning ground. So I immediately started learning about things that would be because we have the Internet back then, right? We didn't we couldn't just look stuff up how to read a book with my dyslexia. Good luck with that. So I was like, hands on training. Now, as I'm stocking the shelves, I would read the back of the labels and learn about different things that were supportive for different systems in our body. And that was how I started my learning curve.

[00:26:28] How did they get into the powHERbands?

[00:26:32] So power being so, as I was saying, I started to think that monkey in my head, my squirrels, so I started working out with inverted planes and resistance bands for my back to support my shoulders, support a stronger back. And then, of course, I've got I've been lucky enough to be hit by cars three times, twice on bicycles while cycling at speeds of 18 to 20 miles an hour, as well as when I was on rollerblades. So I was pretty devastated. My body has been slammed down to the ground, head slam down to the ground, helmets cracked off a few times. And every time the first two times, you know, you go through these rehab, if you go into any of these rehab places, they're always with these bands, with these Thura bands. So I've been using bands for a long time. When I got hit the third time I hired my own team, I put together my own regimen and I was using bands in the pool with their bands were very hard. They they they hurt my hands because you had to wrap them around to hold them. They were not very comfortable. So I found some with handles. I thought it was a really great system about 10, 12 years ago.

[00:27:48] But the bands were always snapping. And then I found a system that had like the string in them. So when they do snap, they don't hurt you. OK, so but they're still snapping. So I was on a ground of let me find I was on a research path of let me find some bands, create some bands that are strong enough durable. Anybody with arthritis can use them. You don't if your fingers if you don't have full use of your hands, you could use them. So any age could use them that you can make your body the machine. And these are simple tools that you can attach to your body, to your machine, so you can work every single solitary muscle and muscles that you don't even use. I've worked out body builders and people from their mid twenties to pregnant women to women in their 70s, guys who are one hundred fifty two hundred pounds overweight. With these bands, it doesn't matter how strong you are, how weak you are, how old or how young you are. The intensity of these bands works because we could change the stretch, the resistance that you actually put on it by moving your foot closer or further, your arm further or or closer in the different grips with it or the different ways that you put your hands inside the handles.

[00:29:05] So these bands are imaginatively made so that they have handles. You could put your hands inside hands facing in up around holding them on the outside. They have one network somewhere between three to eight pounds and one that goes between eighteen to forty five pounds. And why and how does that do it? Because you do the math again that you pull it makes all the difference. And it's so important, it's so important to use the word move. For those of you that are listening to this, you don't have to exercise, but you do need to move. And anaerobic exercise, low intensity exercise has actually been shown to be more effective than high intensity exercise for improving productivity and keeping building stronger muscles. So if you are looking for ways out, my 17 minute program is such a godsend because we concentrate on one body part per day. You do forty seconds per exercise four times each. There's four different exercises, four times each, only 40 seconds. And you're done.

[00:30:19] You're told this is seventeen minutes a month, right?

[00:30:22] Seventeen day and it's eighty five minutes. OK, so here's the deal. I used to work out in a gym somewhere between an hour to two hours per day. All right. And you had to drive to the gym. Of course, there's people who want to ask you questions or talk to you. You have to be nice. And so, you know, each each episode at the gym would take somewhere between, you know, two hours to two and a half hours between getting there, getting home a little social unless, you know, you fake putting in your earplugs and you're not talking to people. And it's so it took up so much time. This is total. Eighty five minutes per week. Eighty five minutes per week. I train people on Zoome. I have guys that I train one on one. We do work with corporate wellness programs. We create corporate wellness programs. And so we're really big about collaborating with women's organizations. My my membership is based for women, but I do have men and I have a lot of guys who have been asking for a guy memberships and it's coming. We at. He just created a system where men can come in, they can watch the replays, and it actually looks like a life coaching you right there because I'm in the screen welcoming you in talking to you, I show you the floor exercises and then we do them together. And so it's totally awesome. At the end of each workout, I do a life application message, inspiration message, something that we need to release, receive or become more aware of. And I call it the sticky note. I have a daily sticky note. And so people and write down what it is that they are meeting that day. And it's so effective when you write it down. There's science behind the writing of it down on a sticky note. Heck, get to stick it everywhere you are. So you keep seeing it, reading it, doing it, believing it, becoming it. And that is the method that the science psychology behind the mindset of the program.

[00:32:27] Well, I'll bet you the guys just by the watch you work out Tom, Tom.

[00:32:34] Hey, you know what? Whatever it takes to get people healthy, I'm a game player.

[00:32:39] I know you're a giver. So I know a lot about that. You have retreat's and stuff.

[00:32:44] Oh, yes. Well, thank God. You know, we're in twenty, twenty one. We are going to do another retreat. We didn't we missed a retreat. We've been doing retreats since two thousand and twelve. And I say we, I kind of feel like when the sisterhood comes together it's our retreat. So I've done a couple of retreats, some small, some big. I just rented out a sixty four hundred square foot house in the end of September for three days. Four days, sorry, four days. Three nights we're going to be coming together. A group of 12 to 18 women will be coming together. I have a twelve bedroom mansion that I rented out and we'll be doing a juicing detox. So they're going to get my celebrity detox program, which is the 11 day program. So it's going to teach them what to eat for four days, including supplementation to clean out and reformulate their gut biome and all kinds of other good science stuff that will go into all that. So they're going to get really clean. Then they're going to come in. We're going to do some workshops and exercising some great fitness yoga. Of course, the seventeen minutes all get the bands and they're going to get an organic juicing system.

[00:33:55] So they'll be getting six juices plus infused water workshops. I have some amazing speakers coming in and then they'll go home and they'll finish back up with four more days. And what happens in this is people lose somewhere between five to ten pounds in the eleven days. Depends on how much you have, how full of crap you are. Seriously, though, it's really a gut clean out. It also does get rid of some extra water weight that's on you. So you get rid of some of that POV. You learn how to drink water, to release water, you learn how to infuse plant based foods. I'm not about telling people they have to be a vegan. So anybody who's listening to this, yes, I'm a plant based. Flexitarian. And what does that mean to you? It means that I'm pretty much a plant based eater. Anything that God makes, I pretty much eat. However, I love my eggs and occasionally I eat a can of tuna. I just love my tuna so I don't eat anything else. I don't eat poultry or steak or fish other than my tuna fish. And I don't even know the last time I have my tuna, but oh, it's so good.

[00:35:00] What have been your brother when you were a kid? You did love me because as soon as the parents weren't looking to eat and all this stuff for you and then you could go to bed,

[00:35:09] That would have been so good. You know, I wish I could give it to my dog. I got in so much trouble if I, like, fed the dog. Let me tell you something. I would throw it in my napkin. They would check my napkin like I got so snagged for trying to every which way. But here's what's really cool about about this retreat's is it really changes out the way you feel it change the way you look and it changes the way you approach food. I am not about making people eat salad a day. There's different ways to get the roughage. There's different ways to get the fiber. But here's what I want for your listeners to take away on the food aspect. And we'll talk a little bit more about the bands if we have any more time. But in the food aspect, watch your protein. So many people are telling people they have to have like a hundred grams of protein, eighty five to one hundred fifty grams of protein to build muscle. It's not true. It's not true. You need quality meat. Secondly, if you're looking to feel fuller, you have to have that fat digest slower, as does fiber. So if you're looking to lose weight, make sure you're eating good fat, good fiber and good protein.

[00:36:15] This carb free, low carb diet stuff, it's B.S. Every fruit and vegetable is a carb. The only thing it's not a carb is a protein. The only thing that's not a card. Well, actually, that's not true. I was going to say is the fiber fibers have protein. Hadba have carbs, too, because most of them. Our plant base, so if you're if you're eating some kind of animal, you're you're not having fiber, you're not having carbs. But I have a very high carb diet. Do I gain weight from it? No. Does it give me energy? Can you hear my energy? Hello, people. You need you need for your brain function. You need certain things. And so if you're curious about what that looks like, going over to my website, download the free download that I have. You have a three day detox system that shows you how to put these things together. It's simple. It's easy. Don't get complicated. Don't get stuck in the what I can't have. Think about what you should have. What our mind focuses on is what we do. It's so if you tell a kid to stop running around a pool, all they hear is run. What you want to do is tell the kid. Right.

[00:37:24] Don't run, walk, so you don't tell them what not to do and just leave it at that. You tell them what you want them to do and that's exactly what I do. How do I help people with diabetes not have stage type two diabetes within 90 days? Because we look at the list of what shouldn't be had. Then we focus in on all the things, all the things, the abundance of what they should do when they employ those tools and tactics, then sure enough, they are proof enough with this, with the use of the bands and exercise. And guys, if you're not walking, start walking. When you start walking, it's like the simplest form of exercise. These bands help you build the muscle. That coupled with simple walking, walking your dog 20 minutes, 20 minutes a day, walk after your dinner, before you shower, go for a walk when you wake up or when you wake up before you do anything, get your exercise in. But let's talk a little bit more about why, if that's OK. Let's switch over gears, because you asked me about the bands and and exercising, and this is screw the commute. This is all about business. This is all about functionality, productivity and how we can improve that. Right, Tom?

[00:38:39] Yep, that's what I mean.

[00:38:41] All right. So you guys, let me just give you a little bit of science and then we won't get to slammed into it. But why does exercise increase productivity? Why do we need to use exercise for productivity? If you're listening out there, bottom line, exercise is shown to reduce stress, combat fatigue, improve performance and lead to fewer workday absenteeism. It's a natural stress reducer. Exercise combats chronic stress that is suffered by workers, period. End of story because exercise also helps with better sleep quality. And when you sleep better, you're less prone to have more agitation. You're more prone to have better productivity again. So there was a study that showed they measured the hippocampus campus region of the brain. And this is the the part of the brain that actually does the function. Not only does exercise keep blood glucose and oxygen levels high, but it actually feeds the Hypercom campus excuse me, the hippocampus portion of the brain. It releases endorphins into the body, giving it a mood booster and the exercise, aerobic exercise or or low non aerobic exercise, it helps actually change the size science has shown. It changes the size of the hippocampus, so it helps improve memory and learning. So for anybody who's out there who has, you know, we call it getting older, I don't buy into that. You know, there's a lot that we can do to reverse engineer our aging process. One is breathing. Do you breathe right? Are you taking breaths? Do you ever stop and just take that breath in for four counts? One, two, three, four. Now hold two, three, four, release two, three, four.

[00:40:39] Do that seven times. Set your phone to beep at you and just pause hower pause. It's one of the biggest things that I can tell people to do when they are over stressed, when they're overwhelmed. You sometimes I feel like I have to do three things at the same time. And if there's any multitasking out there, that's mostly a female thing that we do. But sometimes everything is just deadlifting coming at me. And you know what? Instead of, like agitating and prioritizing, I just stop. I totally stop. I get calm and then I can focus on one thing at a time. So if you guys are one of those people who has got a bunch of pack of flying squirrels that are coming at you at the same time, then I highly suggest you go ahead and your power pause. Yeah, power pause. There you go. So so I've given you guys a couple of tidbits. One, take your breath, power pause. Make sure you're exercising. You only need twenty minutes a day. 17 minute band exercise is so awesome because bands themselves have been shown to improve your muscles, build muscles, strengthen your body, strengthen your focus, strengthen your energy, strengthen your motivation. When you spend seventeen minutes on yourself, I call it self leadership. You are going to feel so good, so proud, and it's so easy, you can repeat it again and again and again, and so when you repeat the same thing over and over again and it's positive, then you're going to see results. You know, the definite definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again.

[00:42:33] That's not positive and expecting different results. So if you start your day with a bagel and cream cheese and a cup of coffee, what have you fed your your cells? What have you fed yourself? You fed yourself sugar because that's what's in the bagel. Cream cheese is what sugar and coffee is acid. Last time I checked, none of that was shown up on that healthy eating schedule. Now, if you were to take that same bagel, take a half now add two eggs to it. Even for those of you who love bacon and a piece of bacon, one piece of bacon and have yourself before you ate all that, a glass of room temperature, lemon water, now your body is going to say, yes, I've got fuel. I've turned on my furnace because I have some lemon water in me. My body is turned on and ready to go. If you did that lemon water now you did 17 minutes of exercise, then you made yourself a protein shake. Now you have a protein replacement shake. Let me say, that has all of the macro and microbes. We're not going to get into all that. But let's just say Biden's minerals are branching amino acids that your cells need and you need it decadent in because you love chocolate. Well, go ahead, make a chocolate one. I'll show you how to make a healthy chocolate one. Or you like peanut butter, go for it like opinion, collateral, healthy pina colada without any booze in the morning. OK, guys, you can have that. And now you've even turned on a more productive, healthier, stronger body.

[00:44:11] That's not going to be craving sugars in another hour and a half. Why do people feel sluggish in the afternoon? Because you've been going high and low with your blood sugar, with your glucose levels. So if you want to switch it out, got to switch out how you're feeling, how you're doing it. So if you had a bagel with eggs or egg salad that you made or two and a salad, that's awesome. I also do use an intermittent fasting system. I went into that I guess is about four years ago now. It totally changed my body between that and these bands. I got to say, I actually looked at a picture of myself. It came up on Facebook. I looked at a picture or somebody sent a picture of me from 11 years ago when I was posing with a magazine. Eleven years ago, I was not as fit as I am now. I was not as strong mentally. I was not as healthy. I was not. I might have had a couple less wrinkles, to be honest, but, hey, I'm getting older, but I didn't have the same kind of energy that I have now. I didn't have the same kind of acuity, attention development that I have now learned how to tame the squirrels. If you have dyslexia, add your girl, because I will show you methods to my madness and how I'm able to cure a productivity and put those those squirrels to rest so that I can get on with my day and have a highly productive day. Not a busy day.

[00:45:41] Well, that's what we're we're doing. Boy, she could go on forever.

[00:45:45] All right. You take a breath. While I was talking,

[00:45:48] I was in the bathroom. I just thought I'd stop checking my poop because I was going to send you a sample to see if it's good or not.

[00:45:58] Find some samples. Don't laugh about. I get pictures all the time.

[00:46:02] No, I'm going to actually send it to.

[00:46:05] Do you send it? I'm a pathologist. Hey, you know what? There's nothing that can gross me out except for a dead animal on the side of the road.

[00:46:12] Tell them how they get a hold of you, how they check all this stuff out. You got retreats, you got your powHERbands, you got your seventeen, you got your eight week reset that we didn't even get to. So tell don't really find all this stuff.

[00:46:25] Yeah. So thanks. Thanks for asking. There's two main ways. First of all, on Instagram, everybody loves Instagram. So on Instagram I am BeccaTebonFit. You can find me BeccaTebonFit everywhere, whether it's YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn,

[00:46:52] I noticed he put Tom and elephant together. If that was about Tom,

[00:46:57] Tom here looking good. Listen, Tom is doing really good. Tom you awesome. You look awesome. We won't talk about what he's eating. Listen, there's lots of ways to lose weight and there's there's ways that will make it easier for you. If you want an easy way, do it my way. If you want a hard way, call Tom. Maybe one day you'll let me be your trainer.

[00:47:20] I'd be afraid to have your.

[00:47:23] So listen, guys. So all around social media, becca tebon fit is a simple way, but let me give you my two websites as well. powherbands.com.

[00:47:40] Guys can use these two right.

[00:47:42] Guys can. So you can buy the bands and you can do the workout. And I also do training on Zoom for guys, one on one as well. So powherbands.com. There's every other month. I've been doing a five day free intro so people can actually check it out, come into the workouts and see what it's all about. I have an eight week reset. I actually Tom I give the bands for free and they can do a sexy summer sexy summer beach body reset. Right now it's an eight week reset. You get the bands for free. It's only one hundred and fifty nine dollars. You get online cooking classes with me, you get e-books, you get food coaching, you get a team, a tribe, the power warriors that we all come together. There's over a thousand messages of of these women interlocking, holding hands, supporting each other, uplifting each other on a monthly basis. It's absolutely incredible tribe. You get the workouts every single solitary day live or you can catch a replay. So whatever works out best for your schedule, some people like to do the workouts twice in a day with me, or they they combine them and they do them on their own, whatever works for you.

[00:48:59] But to just piggyback off of this, that these powHERbands would be great for some of the folks in my program for the mobility, the mobility problem.

[00:49:10] I would love to talk to you about how we can support your people and yeah, I'm all all about it Tom you do so much for so many people and I'm so grateful to be a guest. I think this is like maybe my

[00:49:24] Third or something like

[00:49:26] That and way more than third or fourth. Tom calls me every time he has an opening because somebody else cancels. I get like a can you can you come in today. I'm like, yeah, Tom. I can guarantee that he never calls me ahead of time. You guys. I'm always like the fill in. I'm like second fiddle.

[00:49:43] Because I'm not afraid she's going to ask me what I ate today.

[00:49:46] I can't show me what you are going to show me what you poop. Do you want me to like guess what, you ate your microphone. My other main website, which will take you everywhere is my name. It's BeccaTebon.com. So if you go to BeccaTebon.com, you can find my retreat's, you can find my bands, you can find the eight week program. So everything is there, everything is there.

[00:50:12] It is beccatebon.com.

[00:50:20] Ok, so that's what we're going to do. We're going to put it in the show notes. And I want you to check out all this stuff folks. And hey, that eight week reset really sounds like a bargain of the century to me because the fans themselves cost Tom.

[00:50:33] I'm going to give you a code for your people. So when they sign up, we will a know that they came from you and B, they're going to have an amazing discount.

[00:50:44] So but yeah, we'll put that in the show. Notes for everybody. Perfect. And yeah. So check out all of her stuff. Also, check out IMTCVA.org/disabilities for the Go Fund Me campaign for we're putting five people through the school and maybe we'll get them some powHERbands. The workout with two other men. I want to take a break from this crazy stuff I teach them. So, Becca, thanks so much for coming on.

[00:51:13] Thanks so much for having me. It's always a pleasure.

[00:51:15] All right, everybody, we'll catch you on the next episode. See you later.

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