437 - He's in my favorite profession: Tom interviews Dom Brightmon - Screw The Commute

437 – He’s in my favorite profession: Tom interviews Dom Brightmon

Dominique Dom Brightmon is a DTM. That's a distinguished toastmaster. He's an award winning speaker and certified member with the John Maxwell team. He's the best selling author of Going North, Tips and Techniques to Advance Yourself. Also, Stay the Course, The Elite Performers Seven Secret Keys to Sustainable Success. And he's a contributing author to Crappy to Happy, sacred stories of transformational Joy.

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[04:24] Tom's introduction to Dom Brightmon

[07:47] Libraries are still thriving

[10:10] Getting into the Coaching and Leadership business

[13:08] Mantra: Advance others to advance yourself

[14:56] A typical client and working with them

[19:20] The value of journaling

[23:03] Physical activity and productivity

[26:14] Sponsor message

[29:15] A typical day for Dom and how he stays motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 437 – Dom Brightmon
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody it's Tom here with episode Four hundred and thirty seven of Screw the commute podcast. I'm here with Dom Brightmon. Wow. This guy does a lot of stuff and he's a book lover. Where do you hear his main profession and then and all kinds of things. He helps people with coaching and, and helps them really achieve great leadership in their, in their life. But I just love his profession. I'm not going to tell you yet what it is because I'm going to surprise you in a few minutes. All right. I hope you didn't miss Episode 436. This is something I called bad reviews are good for you. And I'm not kidding about that. Bad reviews are good for you because if you have all five star reviews, this stuff, I mean, a three year study showed that is too good to be true. People can't believe it. And so the actual sweet spot, according this study, is a four point two to four point five. And I tell you all about that on that episode. And any time you want to go to a back episode, go to screwthecommute.com. And then the episode number slash 436. And today is 437. How'd you like to hear your own voice here on screw the commute? Well, if the show's helped you out at all in your business or giving you ideas to help you start a business.

[00:01:44] We want to hear about it, visit, screwthecommute.com and look for a little blue sidebar that says send the voicemail, click on it, talk into your phone or computer and tell me how the shows helped you and put your website in there so you can get a big shout out in your own voice. On a future episode of Screw the Commute. Now pick up a copy of our Automation eBook. This ebook has everything you need to really go lightning fast, reduce your workload, steal customers ethically from other people too slow to get back to them. Cell phone tips, everything. Check it out at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. We sell this for 27 bucks but it's yours free for listening to the show and also pick up a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app where you can put us on your cell phone and tablet and take us with you on the road. All right. I know people are still clamoring and fighting and crying and suffering from this pandemic, and I really feel for them.

[00:02:46] But, you know, twenty three years ago, I started preaching that you should be able to work from home. And now all of a sudden people are saying, oh, I guess you can work from home. Yeah, I think I think you can. I've been doing it long before the Internet, 44 years in total. So. So, yeah, I believe in working from home. I formalized the training in a mentor program about 22, 23 years ago, and then I formalized it again about thirteen years ago in the form of a school. It's the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country, probably the world where we teach hard core skills that are in high demand by every business on the face of the earth. So you're not going to a four year traditional. And believe me, in the old days, I was you know, I went to college on a football scholarship. I got good grades. I wasn't the dumb jock kind of guy. And I believe in education, but nowadays it's changed. They just teach you how to protest and then give you those skills and then you're competing for jobs at Starbucks. So there's other ways now that you can make have your kids and yourself making good money with skills that are in high demand using the Internet.

[00:04:02] So check my school out at IMTCVA.org and it's certified to operate by SCHEV, the State Council on Higher Education in Virginia. But it's distance learning, so it's good quality distance learning. So you can be anywhere. You can hear my voice in English and go to the school. And a little later I'll tell you how you can get a full scholarship if you're in my high end mentor program.

[00:04:25] All right, let's get to the main event. Dominique Dom Brightmon. He's a DTM. That's a distinguished toastmaster. And I don't know if we'll get into my love hate relationship with Toastmasters today or not, but a lot of you know about it. But anyway, he's an award winning speaker and certified member with the John Maxwell team. That's a big leadership institute. He's the best selling author of Going North, Tips and Techniques to Advance Yourself. Also, Stay the Course, The Elite Performers Seven Secret Keys to Sustainable Success. And he's a contributing author to this one. I like this, Crappy to Happy, sacred stories of transformational joy. Dom's the host of the Going North podcast, the top rated self-help podcast that interviews authors from all over the world, and his mantra is advance others to advance yourself. Dom, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:05:26] Oh, that's good. Is it Philips or straight?

[00:05:33] Got to fill up the list.

[00:05:37] So. So you're saying you're not straight then, is that what you're saying?

[00:05:40] No, sir.

[00:05:44] So anyway, we actually had a joke with I was a charter pilot for a long time and the new mechanics are, you know, in premise and mechanics and other people, we would say, hey, go get me a metric, Phillip screwdriver. You looking all day long for a metric, Phillip screwdriver. So anyway, great. Let's let's tell them your actual profession, because I am just in love with what you are surrounded with all day long and I tell them what you do.

[00:06:20] Sure thing. So actually by day I'm a librarian full time, a librarian.

[00:06:25] I love it. I love books. We have three libraries here at the retreat center. The biggest trouble I had when I used to fly a lot before Kindle came along was I'd want to take like eight or ten books with me. And it was like it was the overweight almost to do it. So I'm a book lover, you know, forever and ever and ever. Books are your friends. That's my mantra is. So how did you get into that?

[00:06:49] Yeah, funny enough, it was the occurs of a wonderful, lovely mom and coming up to you after Mother's Day. Got appreciate the moms out there. And yeah, she actually wanted me to get a summer job to get myself ahead of the rest of the folks in the park. So it's like, why wait to get a multi thousand dollar college receipt and get a job that we might as to start now? It could get yourself some work experience while you're at it. And was there some youth intern then? I didn't do anything stupid. And they like the work ethic. They brought me back when I turned 16 and it really stayed there through high school and college and got promoted after getting an I.T. degree. Funny enough.

[00:07:25] Wow, yeah, so just like I said, I didn't even know, you know, I haven't been in a library for a long time, I thought they were being defunded along with the police. So, you know, you rarely hear of murders in libraries.

[00:07:49] So our library is still thriving.

[00:07:51] Yes, sir. Especially out in the actual business, like in the state of Maryland as a whole is definitely thriving. And even parts of Virginia, because thanks to covid-19 last year, like we had to pivot and make some decisions because before the pandemic, we were community center that was helping out folks in addition to all the books. And during the pandemic, we had to amp up things. So we basically extended the Wi-Fi to reach the entire parking lots of all of our facilities. We got some additional Wi-Fi hotspots as well, and we even bought more chromebooks because we were we had about 250 Chromebooks, especially in the Baltimore County area where folks to check out for seven days. We changed that to three weeks, brought about a good 200 more. And we also became a station for families to pick up some free meals for kids. So about a good ten out of the 19 libraries in the system were stations for folks to really pick up some food for the kids because school days were sometimes the only time certain kids would get the chance to eat. And this is that opportunity to help them out.

[00:08:56] Wow, libraries really stepped up. Awesome. Now, did you personally get vaccine shots, too,

[00:09:07] Just to get them? They didn't administer the vaccine. I think that

[00:09:12] What I was doing that would just put a spot in the knowledge about it. But we are going to like

[00:09:16] What librarians have minds like steel traps. I mean, you could do anything you want as a librarian. Yeah, I would. I would trust the librarian with the needle more. I had one lady one time had to take blood for me, and I swear she was Mrs. Magoo. I don't know if you're old enough to remember Mr. Magoo, but he couldn't see. And she was like holding their glasses up and down and trying to find this giant vein that nobody could miss from a mile away. I'd rather have the librarian take a girl at least the day there. They got great minds. I mean, I wish I had a librarian at my house here because I just throw stuff on the shelf and some stuff is together and some isn't. And then it's been here 20 years. So, you know, you can imagine the kind of nightmare mess the library is. Can't find things. So you got into the coaching and leadership business. How did that happen?

[00:10:15] Yes, that basically happened about, I'd say around six years ago, I'd say six years ago because I found personal development back in Swanzey late 2012. I say late 2012 that year where we thought the world was going to end and all the really apples that we just lost for month, of all things, and our personal development then joined Toastmasters and gave a few speeches and rose up through the ranks to district leadership, overseeing a good seventeen clubs and decided to really take all the stuff that I was reading and adding it to my life and put it to a book because a lady from Toastmasters dared me to write a book because to stand out the people, I would just hand out reading lists with my contact information as opposed to business cards. Because, you know, unless you got a book like a business card, most of them, they're going to the trash or maybe a business card graveyard that people have at home. And the lady looked at the list. She looked right back at me, looked at the list, looked right back at me and asked me where the heck was our book? And I'm like, dude, I was like twenty three at the time. Don't like the heck am I going to write about twenty three.

[00:11:22] And I'm like, oh no, I'm not on the list

[00:11:25] Like I'm twenty three. I got a book. She was like hey why don't we both write our books a year from today and we can both be published authors. And I'm like nah not that I'm good, I think I'm good. And that conversation ended from there. And then a couple of days later I realized, wait a second, this is a goal of mine. And sometimes you underestimate what we can do in a short amount of time. So even though we didn't shake our hands that day, I still took her up on the offer to write that book. And then twelve months later, my first ever book was published. And that just led to me being able to get on online radio shows and podcasts to be able to continue to eventually get into the coaching business and help other people start their own podcast to write their own books and just really just help people doing something else outside of the day job.

[00:12:14] Yeah, and I know that feeling my first book took me a couple of years, but now it's fact that they were recording this, I'm starting another e-book mastermind because I've got books that were written in a in a matter of hours that have brought in. You know, the one as of this morning is brought in three point six four million dollars. And I wrote it in four hours. So this is yeah, this is doable. Plus what you said 23. Oh, what can I write about? We've had an eight year old write three books and a 12 year old write three book. Wow. And yeah, the 12 year old wrote 21 things. I wish my parents knew 21 things I wish my friends knew and 21 things I wish my teachers knew was pretty good.

[00:13:01] Wow.

[00:13:03] That's 63 things people ought to know. So you have a mantra that you kind of live by. What? Tell us about that.

[00:13:13] Sure thing. My mantra is advance others to advance yourself. And that just stemmed off from the wonderful Ziggler quote. If you help enough people will get what you want. You'll eventually get what you want and all that good stuff. And I'm like, wow, this is frickin amazing. And it start and it just really just shows that really just coming from a place of service as opposed to really just siphoning off whatever people have because of a lot of a lot of folks, especially nowadays, may be desperate now to really be an entrepreneur since it may have got laid off or they're probably desperate to learn everything about passive income and all these different things. But like coming from a place of service, it feels a lot more safe and a lot more healthier and it's a lot more fulfilling. And it's really been paying off because like with. The the book itself that they're like she was coming from a place of service, she saw some riches within me that I didn't see within myself. And in turn book seeing a random millennial with the published book actually still promoting himself, approving of other people, encourage them to write their own books, and then eventually starting a podcast, helping other people eventually paid off for me to basically get more business and more clients and encourage other people to not only publish or write their own books, but start their own podcast, too. Because when you advance that advance, I will encourage others to advance too, especially when you help them out and come from a place of service and eventually collaborate to really bring some more magical cash into what you're doing.

[00:14:45] Yeah, that's yeah, that's basically the R value in the marketplace is helping people advance. And all along the way, the all the years I've been doing this, I've learned right along with them, you know, so. So how do you work with your clients and what what's the typical client like for you?

[00:15:02] Sure thing. So typical client usually. Most, yeah, mostly men for the most part, because even though ladies are attracted to the chocolate voice and all the other good stuff, the book is everything.

[00:15:13] I thought Barry White was on today for a minute.

[00:15:16] No, no, no. Just the chocolate

[00:15:20] Today, even though the a dollar figure isn't where it needs to be, thanks to

[00:15:24] Certainly. Well, yeah, mostly

[00:15:29] Mostly guys who actually may have been on the show. Heck, even friends in the past, like one guy in particular, Jesse Jackson, like he was able to start his podcast, The Gift and the Gift podcast, because he was being held he was basically held back from his own really self-doubt and limiting beliefs because he's a confident dude. He's a great speaker, youth leadership guy, good dude, love the guy. And when it came to this podcast thing, it took him most to really find the confidence to do it. So basically. I helped him to start his show by not only encouraging him to do so, but also opening up my network to people that would fit his category because at first he wanted to start off, I believe it was last year from that mistake. And he with a theme called Summer Soldiers equipping our young male special young black males with the tools they need to succeed. And he was able to start that off because I looked him up with some other people that weren't in his immediate network and also to give him that confidence, to really just offer some advice and always just ask him questions like it's like, why, what's stopping you? And just really just getting deep within, because that thing is like questions are like the major weapon of coaches' like questions and listening for response. And heck, even helping the clot's realize that, hey, they have the answer the whole time. We're just kind of like almost like the locksmith or the lockpick. We're just trying to unlock the right combination and help them unlock within their own minds. That way they can unlock their own greatness.

[00:17:03] All right, so is it your goal to to now, by the way, you're only commuting five minutes for your library job and we love librarians, so we're cutting your break to let you on the show when you actually commute.

[00:17:18] So, yeah,

[00:17:20] But but is it your goal to get out of doing the library stuff and be full time at the other? Or are you purposely doing this as a side hustle?

[00:17:30] Oh yeah. Definitely goes eventually to put the library work aside because I've been doing that since I was basically 15 and it's like I'm going to be 30 this year. So it's like it's definitely time for a change to take things to a higher level because as things move on, it's it's like, yeah, I got a lot of wonderful vacation time and leave Tom benefits and everything. But I get to the point now where it's like, you know what, maybe I should just move closer and closer to the end. So I'd say about a good year from today. I'm probably doing this full time because that's the main goal, because I love speaking, love coaching, love training and just love helping other people. And heck, even connecting with other people and being able to have that extra time and not have to worry about clocking in on someone else's schedule. It'll give me more freedom to do so.

[00:18:18] You know, I was I wonder, is a library, a city job or a state job or is it part of a federal system? How does it work?

[00:18:29] That's the thing. It varies from libraries, the library, because some libraries are federal. And I think folks who work at the Enoch Pratt Library, I think they're under that one. And that's some of them are government jobs under the county system. And that in particular is where I am at the moment. So it's basically a government job with benefits and all the other good stuff. So. So, yeah, so we do sometimes follow the school system, like if they get a snow day, then we'll get a snow day. Although after last year's a pandemic, I don't know about the whole Snowden thing may be like, hey, you get to tell Buddy.

[00:19:06] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:19:09] How does how do people check books out remotely. Yeah that's.

[00:19:14] Yeah, yeah.

[00:19:15] So now, now you believe and this is kind of funny because I know you believe in journalling. Oh yeah. And the reason that's funny you would have no reason to know why. I would think that's funny. But you know, I'm going to tell you, journals are empty books until you fill them up. Right. Right. But but one of the most famous books before your time. Was a book by Cindy Cashman, a friend of mine called What Men Know About Women.

[00:19:51] And it was blank.

[00:19:54] She sold four million copies and there's been spinoffs. It just had its 25th anniversary. She sent me a 25th anniversary copy.

[00:20:08] So I was kind of like a journal I get. So tell people why you like journaling or what you think the value is.

[00:20:18] The value is definitely immense from journaling, because the thing about journaling is that you get to crystallize your thinking because when you write things down, you're getting your thoughts onto paper and it's something to look back on later if you decide to go back and read. Because sometimes I read my old journal entries and realized, wow, I've actually changed since then, like, oh, this'll be good for another book. And that's another thing, too. Like with repurposing, you know, you're big about that, especially a lot of entrepreneurs and the information marketing spaces that we're repurposing everything. And when you journal not only a crystallizing your thinking, but also if it's something that you don't mind being born about, vulnerable about, you can get that in a book or a blog post or even a podcast episode for later to repurpose for later. So it's really just the benefits of crystallizing my thinking, repurposing it later for future concept and also just the health benefits too, because it's just lets some weight off of you, too, like the psychic weight, not talking about the physical.

[00:21:17] I'd be journaling like crazy if I could, but I could lose weight.

[00:21:21] It's like you're right. You lose a calorie, like a desire to write a thousand. You know, people ask me how much weight I want to lose. I say I just want to get down to a B cup, that's all. So so can you. So I heard you talking about blog posts and everything. So can you are people chance ferring to journaling online instead of handwriting? Because I swear, if I look back at my handwriting, I wouldn't be able to read it. So are they journaling and just typing, typing stuff?

[00:21:58] I would say yes for some people. A lot of people says vulnerability and authenticity are buzzwords nowadays. And folks like, oh, a blog about my life or maybe do Instagram series all my life or Facebook life about my life and whatnot and put it out there in the world. And that probably is the reason why people are doing this. I mean, it's it's good that way. You're actually still getting that out there. I say it just won't feel as good. Me personally, because really with the handwriting, it really helps you to really look at the paper later. You can actually read your handwriting and be like, oh, wow, what the heck was I thinking? Or, you

[00:22:34] Know, what the heck was

[00:22:36] That? Not smoking, writing this thing.

[00:22:41] So I guess that also contributes because you believe in physical activity, so you're getting a little bit of writing, I guess that's that's my workout for the day.

[00:22:52] The Journal post. I mean, it can be made today. Look, intense cross fit or high intensity. But, you know, it's better.

[00:23:03] Well, I tell you and people you know, when people come to the retreat center and I give them the tour, I point way back there. I say that back there, I'm pretty sure as a workout room. But I haven't been back there.

[00:23:22] So how do you see physical activity working in the productivity? Because, I mean, the the dogs keep me, you know, but the best thing I get is this estate has trees. If one more person tells me how beautiful the trees are, I think I'm going to hit him on the head with a shovel because I bet I spent 30 to 50 thousand dollars over the years just cleaning up the tree mess and leaves and stuff in the pool. So but but anyway, it's good exercise, but I couldn't do it myself. The place is so big you have to get help to do it. But but that between that and the dogs is my pretty much my physical activity. But how do you how do you see it adding to productivity.

[00:24:08] It definitely has the productivity, especially when it's like first thing in the morning, like those kind of squibbing at 22 years your questions of how the day looks like. But usually one of the things I like to do in the morning is a three to 10 cents and of ten push ups and sit ups, 10 squats. So that way it gets me more pumped up for the day and the blood moving in check even at one time in the middle of summer when I was extra hot and it was an intense two hour workout session was first kickboxing in the following hours. Crossfit. When I got to my car after looking like I just got baptized with almost all the sweat I had, I just got the inspiration to write a bunch of words down and I keep a notepad in my car as well as a couple of walking patterns in case I have any ideas, because you have to ink it when you think it. And those words from that same day of being baptized, my own sweat from all the heavy work out in the summer led to the last chapter of my last solo book, Stay. The course of like movement and exercise is definitely good for productivity.

[00:25:07] Well, I got part of that down because the ten, ten, ten theory I've heard of before, so it's 10 frappés from Starbucks, ten bagels, ten donuts, but I'm not sure if that's, you know, I'm still working on it. OK, so I'm sure that also keeps your energy level up, right? Yeah. Yeah, it's true. That's true. That working out gives you more energy. Most people I mean, if you haven't done it for a while, it's going to exhaust you and make you saw in the beginning. But you get over that pretty quick as you as you, you know, make it a routine, I guess.

[00:25:50] Oh, yeah. Yeah. The the first workout after not working out in a while, as painful as

[00:25:56] It hurts, like, like, oh

[00:25:57] God, why aren't you lifting those heavy books at the, at the library all day long

[00:26:04] And all like they said. Yeah. I'll forget intended. I'll take it. Yeah.

[00:26:14] Why not. So we got to take a brief sponsored break. We come back, we'll ask them what a typical day looks like for him and how he stays motivated when he's motivating other people. So folks, about twenty three years ago or so, I kind of turned the Internet marketing guru world on its head and the guys at my level were charging 50 or 100 grand up front. Of course, the old guy on the line here with us is thirty years old. Yes, he was he was in diapers when I first started doing this.

[00:26:47] So I had I had one guy.

[00:26:51] He says somebody called him young man, and he said, Oh, man, I'm not young anymore. I just turned thirty one guy, you know? And I'm like, I'm like, I'm going to knock you in the next week. And I said, I'm going to call the funeral home right now and tell them I'll be right over because I just turned sixty five and a half. So yeah. Double your age out here. So. So anyway I'm still going strong with this mentor program that I started and and I do it one on one. It's the longest running, most unique, most successful ever in the field of Internet marketing for small business and digital marketing. And I have no trouble saying that because I triple dog dare people to put their program up against mine and nobody will do it because, you know, they'll be embarrassed. I'm a fanatic. I work evenings, weekends. I could have quit years ago and I just love it so much helping people. And you have an immersion weekend that the great Internet marketing retreat center in Virginia Beach, people come in from all over the world to study here. I actually live in the state and we have our own TV studio where we shoot marketing videos for you and it's all one on one. Everything we do is one on one, because if you're in with somebody more advanced, you're lost. And if you're advanced in with somebody a beginner, you're bored. So, no, that is not efficient that way.

[00:28:19] And plus, I've turned everything on its head in that I only charge an entry fee and then I only get my big money if you make big money. So for me to get my fifty thousand, you have to net 200000. Wow. People love that. And seventeen hundred plus students later, over 23 years, it's still going strong. And also you get a scholarship to my school that I told you about earlier, which you can either use yourself or gift to someone else. And it would be the best legacy gift you could ever give to a young person because they'd have a solid career that's in high demand, have their own money. They won't come home and live in your basement because they'll be off on their own and and have a real marketable skill. And they won't be selling me those ten frat every morning at Starbucks. So check it out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com.

[00:29:16] All right. So let's get back to the main event. We've got Dom Brightmon here. He is one of my favorite people on Earth, the librarian. Oh, speaking. I just thought of my library joke that maybe you've heard this this. Well, I hate to disparage the blonde folks out there, but this is a blonde joke. So if you're blonde, I'm just kidding. So, anyway, Blonde goes in to the library. Do you know this one? You should know all the library jokes.

[00:29:47] Surprisingly adult.

[00:29:49] Ok, so Blond goes into the library and says, I have a Big Mac fries and a coke. And the librarian says. What's wrong with you? Did you know this is a library and she said, Oh, I'm sorry, this is a Big Mac fries and a Coke. So so that's my library. So I have a Big Mac. So so tell everybody what's a typical day like what's what do you have a morning routine like a lot of people do. You know, when you what time do you get up all that stuff.

[00:30:32] Yes. Some time varies from day to day business. And that's probably like last me for a lot of folks who are of course, like, oh my gosh, he talked a lot force, but he doesn't get up like five or four to morning or 3:00 p.m. and it's like, yeah, yeah. Because I'm a bit of a night owl so that. Yeah. So day to day. So usually whenever I wake up it's most, most times it's either like seven thirty or heck, even if I'm lucky. And it's one of those work from home days, one of those afternoon shift days. I wake up at like nine thirty

[00:31:03] And then the crack of noon.

[00:31:05] Oh I had to make it all seem like that's, that's on Sundays, especially since that side Baptist is now an option even more than ever.

[00:31:14] It's a little bit like they

[00:31:16] Were arresting people for going to church. That's a perfect excuse to stay home.

[00:31:21] Yeah, it's kinda sad, but sure.

[00:31:27] I know it is sad, but true.

[00:31:31] Yeah, exactly. The. Basically, whenever I wake up, usually after that usually sit up like the undertaker, like it's WWE instead, just for the Erixon, just making myself amused and like to amuse myself for laughs and giggles because they like if I woke up today and on this side of the grass, like a mouse will have something extra to smile about and then use the snooze button. Feature my phone to actually. Press the Tom, so that way I can actually have those five minutes of silence. That way I can just sit up and just be to myself. And then after the snooze button goes off, usually at preparing, sometimes if it's one of those dayjob days, I have to actually be in the building. I'm in the building helping out folks and shelving the books, answering customers, sometimes negotiating fees with customers.

[00:32:18] That was a fast jump from your bed to the help of customers will be what happened in between there.

[00:32:25] Yeah, I did put some clothes on. Don't worry. That's a good thing.

[00:32:27] Oh, that's good. Yeah, that's the naked librarian, you know. Hey, that's a good domain name. And that could be

[00:32:35] What, the naked library. Yeah.

[00:32:39] Some for the Kaneki folks up there, I guess.

[00:32:41] Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Do they have like X rated sections in libraries? I never thought of that.

[00:32:48] Uh, we do have romance and we do have urban fiction. Urban fiction is definitely a little raunchy to say I ever see and all that good stuff. Yeah.

[00:32:57] Some of that certain age before you go into that section.

[00:33:02] Oh, yeah, yeah, at least to check out the books, that's the thing.

[00:33:06] Oh, you can go in there, you can check them out, OK?

[00:33:09] Yeah, exactly. It's like, well, OK, we'll catch you over there. Be like, hey, is there any romance going on in the romance section? The great

[00:33:16] Stuff

[00:33:16] Actually she says that's that crazy line.

[00:33:18] But you know the bouncers there in the library.

[00:33:27] Yes.

[00:33:28] How big is your library and how are libraries rated size wise?

[00:33:33] It depends a number of volumes or square footage or what usually square footage and renovations because of the particular one I work at, like we had to renovate one in 05 and another one 09, and then expanded it to where we have can have more people in their precocity. KBC Before covid, when we were a drop off place for five or the school's

[00:33:58] Pretty good v.c. Yeah that's a good I mean that one almost slid by

[00:34:08] Slip by like a. Yeah. Right.

[00:34:16] So, so don't they go by a number of volumes.

[00:34:20] Yeah. The old school way was by like books that would circulate, but now we're moving away from the books because in addition to everything else I mentioned earlier, another thing is we have a pretty decent amount of research databases and some of the library systems have Rosetta Stone Mengel learning and heck, even LinkedIn learning, which used to be lynda.com and having access to every single course on there for free via a library card.

[00:34:47] Oh, well, no wonder people like library.

[00:34:49] Yeah. So your tax dollars are going to good use folks.

[00:34:53] Well, yeah, that's that's a good deal for especially for people who, you know, can't afford a lot of their stuff at home. Yeah. So so how do you stay motivated when you're motivated and helping other people.

[00:35:09] How I stay motivated, definitely like I love listening to motivational videos, YouTube, heck, even some some sermons from my pastor. Heck, even Eric Tom is some great cardamone, some John Maxwell and gave us some great music in the morning. I have a little bit of an eclectic style of like music and it's awesome too. Like probably 10 episodes in the past, like 36 hours, because it's freaking amazing. Like I even use an app called One Tab to where it just like saves all of your tabs on one page. I probably have a hundred tabs just off of your show because I went on a website where all your episodes are up there and I just bookmarked them and then I'm going through them like a checklist. So yeah, mad like definitely

[00:35:59] A good listener at faster speed, like the app that we have on the homepage, you know, has the speed control so you can listen faster.

[00:36:07] Oh yeah, definitely. That one point to speed especially that's pretty good because some guests talk a little faster than others. So it's already good to keep it at that one point too. But if you can go for 2.0 or more, that's more power to you. I commend you.

[00:36:21] Well, I actually do. When I was on the podcast, if it's a guest, it's very it's slow and articulate, you know, jack it up so I can get it, get through it. So stay and motivated, man. How are you doing it?

[00:36:36] Yeah, so in addition to all of that, one of the things I'd like to do is also going back over past victories and I do have sticky notes all over my workplace area. Like one of them is Hater's make a greater hech. Another one is always focus on the payoff and also be a better person than I was yesterday. So always making sure that I do something that will give me close to at least one percent better than what I was yesterday. And heck, even one thing I'd like to do is keep a victory journal victories that I've had in the past, no matter how big or small. So looking back over that, too, that's another benefit of journaling, too. You can have a separate journal, call your victory log, can track your victories and all. You win and be like, man, this is freaking awesome. Like be like one day I'll get to grow up and be like Tom and make three million dollars off of one ebook. It'll be amazing.

[00:37:23] Yeah, well, you know, all that sounds good, but I am a little disappointed in you. Just when you said one of these things, you said payoff's. So you're saying that if somebody comes in with a three hundred dollar, you know, Bill, because they didn't bring their book back fast enough, they'll you'll take 50 bucks as the payoff.

[00:37:46] But the customers, just not everybody's bored like some people are on a budget and their balls deflated. So, you know.

[00:37:56] So tell me about your podcast.

[00:38:00] Yes. Go North podcast based off of the first book, Going North is where every Monday and Thursday, a new episode goes up with a different author talking about their books, their expertise. And I'm looking forward to returning the favor with my terrific Tom used to be on the show.

[00:38:16] And yeah, I got a lot of books. I mean, even if I even if we weren't trading appearance's, I got lots of books that I love. I've written lots of them. I read lots of my love it.

[00:38:28] Heck, yeah, especially that one powerful book, if I'm not mistaken, wake them up secrets.

[00:38:33] Wake him up, business presentations. Yeah, that's that's been classic for years and years. That's right. I still use the same techniques today. I mean, other than there's some stuff in there left over from overhead projectors and stone tablets, you know, better.

[00:38:52] I saw the Ten Commandments. Yeah.

[00:38:56] Yeah. People say, do you have a tablet? Don't you speak off a tablet? I said, Why? I used to have a hammer and chisel.

[00:39:12] So anyway, the podcast is you got a lot of episodes there too.

[00:39:16] Oh yeah. Yeah. It's it's funny how podcasting works because like when I first started. It was going to be like once a week after the launch date where I had like six episodes launch and then out of nowhere I think it was around six months later, after episode 32, I got this one pitch for a minute, interview connections for one guest and another pitch. And the next thing I know, I was booked solid for three months of recordings. Like, oh, shoot, I guess I got up the date again and then that's what happened. I went from just having going live on Thursdays, actually doing Mondays and Thursdays. And heck, even now I'm going to be doing additional episodes starting in June, where it's going to be Monday, Thursday and Saturday, because I'm at that point now where it's like, oh, well, I got all these wonderful things in the goals to interview over a thousand folks on the show who have books and whatnot. And like this will help books to really get the content out quicker and heck, even keep things flowing and going. So it's a nice little inspirational entrepreneurial show to inspire others to realize that success is tangible by creating your own piece of immortality known as a book.

[00:40:25] Oh, love it, love it, love it. So how did they get a hold of it? And the podcast is where?

[00:40:30] Oh yes, the podcast and everything else. Dom is on Dombrightmon.com.

[00:40:43] Yeah, yeah. Jamaica mon. Yeah. So yeah. So I pronounce that Breitman but it's MON so we'll have that in the show. Notes for you too and also the link to the podcast. So, so thanks so much for coming on and being a great librarian. I said normally wouldn't have a full time worker on. But the thing is, is I just love librarians. Their minds like still trapped. They're so helpful. They're so good. The people I mean, they're so patient. I mean, especially when I try to order the Big Mac and fries. Yeah, that was I made that blonde but that was me. So, anyway, thanks for coming on, man.

[00:41:30] Thank you, Tom. Appreciate you, my man.

[00:41:32] All right everybody. We'll catch you on the next episode. See you later.

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