411 - 20 hours a week is all he works: Tom interviews Josh Tapp - Screw The Commute

411 – 20 hours a week is all he works: Tom interviews Josh Tapp

Josh Tapp is the host of the Apple iTunes Top 50 Marketing and Entrepreneurship podcast. He's worked with some of the world's top entrepreneurs, discovering their top business success secrets and he shares them with his audience of raving fans. He's also helped over 500 entrepreneurs to monetize their personal brands through his proprietary Parthenon method.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 411

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[04:01] Tom's introduction to Josh Tapp

[05:44] The Pantheon Method

[08:16] Helping people to launch a quality podcast

[14:36] Very much an entrepreneurial kid

[18:03] Skip hard networking and jump to true connection

[22:55] Transitioning to a podcast

[27:11] The Tribe of Titans

[33:20] Sponsor message

[36:10] A typical day for Josh

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 411 – Josh Tapp
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody it's Tom here with Episode four hundred and eleven of screw the commute podcast. I'm here with Josh Tapp and I was on his show, The Lucky Titan. You got to go over and subscribe to that because, boy, he has some great people on and I guess he was slumming. It had me on that one day. But other than that, there's a lot of great people on there that will bring him on in a minute. I hope he didn't miss Episode 410. John Lee Dumas was here. He's on a big tour to promote his new book, The Common Path. Uncommon Success. I've been on his show twice. It's one of the best known entrepreneurial podcasts in the world. He he really laid it on you really quick on that episode for Ten. And of course, anytime you want to get to another episode, you go to screwthecommute.com and the episode number slash 410. Now, how'd you like to hear your own voice here on Screw the Commute? Well, if the show's helped you out at all in your business or giving you ideas to help you start a business, we want to hear about it. Go to screwthecommute.com and look for a little blue sidebar that says send voicemail, click on it, talk into your phone or computer and tell me how the shows helped you out. And don't forget to put your website on there and you'll get a big shout out in your own voice on a future episode of Screw the Commute. Now pick up a copy of our Automation eBook, folks. I'm just going to say you're welcome right now, right? Because if you get this book, you're going to thank me. Just one of the tips in the book's saved me, we actually figured it out, seven and a half million keystrokes. It's allowed me to handle up to one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and 40000 customers without pulling my hair out. So grab a copy of that at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. Now, while you're over there, pick up a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app. You can put us on your cell phone and tablet. We got all kinds of video and screen capture training so you can use all the cool features and take us with you on the road. All right, now, I know people are still freaking out with this pandemic, you know how to quit your job or if you even had a job and the kids are in school one day and they're not in the next day and they tell you your kids are going to burst into flames. I don't know what they're trying to shove down your throat, but people are suffering because of this. I know that. And I'm sensitive to that, however. I'm not and my students aren't because we know how to sell online, I've been preaching this to you folks for twenty three years. I've been selling on the commercial Internet for 27 years since it started, and I call it an insurance policy for one crazy stuff like this happens. You don't have to flip out and you can keep your bills paid and still thrive in the face of nastiness out there in the world.

[00:03:16] So I formalized this training in the form of a school, the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. It's the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country, probably the world. Its license to operate by SCHEV, the State Council on Higher Education in Virginia. But you don't have to be in Virginia because it's a distance learning and it's good distance learning. Not like these four year colleges that all of a sudden have a distance learning program with people don't even know what they're doing. So ours has been that way for 13 years and gets super high ratings with the state and the all of our graduates. So so check it out at IMTCVA.org. And a little later, I'll tell you how you can get a full scholarship to the school if you're in my mentor program.

[00:04:02] All right. Let's get to the main event. Josh is the host of the Apple iTunes Top 50 Marketing and Entrepreneurship podcast. He's worked with some of the world's top entrepreneurs, discovering their top business success secrets. And he shares them with his audience of raving fans. And he's also helped over 500 entrepreneurs to monetize their personal brands through his proprietary. I got to tell you, when I first read this quickly, I thought it said the Parthenon method, like you have to go to ancient Greece and wear a robe or something very close to the pantheon he he's going to tell us all about. He lives in the beautiful lakes of Idaho. I don't think he is actually in the lake, but he's on the lake of Idaho with his loving wife, Mackenzie and Beta Fish Blue. I don't know what that is either. But Josh, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:05:05] It's exciting.

[00:05:07] Hey, how's it going? Man is so excited to be here. So what's a beta blue? What is that?

[00:05:14] It's native fish. Common Blue that her name is Blue. And, you know, it's kind of sad right after I said to you that she died.

[00:05:21] Oh, gosh, I have to adjust my bio that she get the the typical toilet funeral or.

[00:05:28] Oh, well, I tell you what, my wife wanted to give her the honorary Viking funeral with a flaming arrow.

[00:05:33] But I was like, you know, it's hard to hit hard to hit to those there. You know, we're pretty good. Tom. Oh, are you good. Good. With the bow and arrow.

[00:05:43] That's good. So so tell us about the Pantheon method. Tell us what you're doing now and then we'll take you back and see how you came up through your entrepreneurial journey.

[00:05:53] Yeah, absolutely. And I love that question. I mean, the Pantheon method is really a methodology that I built after interviewing five hundred different entrepreneurs and working with them in various capacities and finding out that there was a common path between all of these entrepreneurs who were very, very successful. And I asked all them, what would you do if you had to start again from scratch and build a really successful company within 90 days? And all of them were telling me these different strategies that they were talking about, but they all had one common path, which, again, has become the Pantheon method, and it's all about building a personal brand around a high ticket product or service and monetizing it using a podcast every because it was very, very intriguing to see that. So we built our entire method around it. We tried it in our own company, test it with multiple other companies as well. We've been bringing it out to the world.

[00:06:45] Well, yeah. And, you know, I pooh poohed podcast for a long time because in the early days, people just were hearing themselves talk. And it's kind of an ego trip. But nowadays people are making money. And one of the reasons I jumped on it, Josh, is because new cars can play podcast right from the dashboard. And the the listenership is exceeded XM Radio and the home devices like the Amazon echo in the Google assistant thing. So there's hundreds and hundreds of millions more people that can access podcasts. So that's why I jumped on. And and it's what you're talking about. I have high ticket products. I don't go for any sponsors. Been wonderful. I like said your episode four hundred and eleven. So so must be worth it.

[00:07:31] I wouldn't be doing it.

[00:07:34] Yeah. And I love that because really Tom this is what's beautiful about it. I was just having a conversation with some other top podcasters and if you look at the users or the listenership for podcasts, they pretty much fall in three big areas. It's some of the European. English speaking European countries, you have the US and Canada, obviously like North American countries, and then you have Australia and those are pretty much the only places that podcasting has really become hugely popular. But there's still places like India that are going to open up. We all know how many people are over there right now. Listenership is going to blow up and places like that. I mean, if you think we've even scratched the surface, I'm guessing you're kidding yourself.

[00:08:16] Yeah. Yeah, that's for sure. No, no. I'm a big fan of doing a quality podcast. So a lot of people are swapping things together with poor microphones and poor sound quality.

[00:08:26] What do you help people with this?

[00:08:29] Yeah, absolutely. I mean, that's one of the biggest problems that people have when they hop into this space, is they think that they have to do it all by themselves. It's very, very easy to launch a podcast with quality sound equipment that you probably already own and that you can scale's with without much effort. The number one problem that they have when they come in is they think that they've got to have these like seven B mikes. You know, it's like a thousand dollar setup and a lot of people that immediately turns them off to it. But we've seen some of the top 50 podcasts are done using Apple iPods and their iPhone literally. I mean, it's it's absurd anyway.

[00:09:09] I mean, it is absurd because you do have to know what you're doing to get the decent quality out of those things. Because the one thing about it is people will put up with poor video, but they won't put up too much with poor audio. They have to at least be able to hear it because that's the only chance they have to consume the content.

[00:09:26] Absolutely. And, you know, it's kind of funny is that when most people try to approach this, they think they have to drop tens of thousands of dollars. But good audio quality has more to do with where you are. Yeah, what you have, you know, it's about being in a quiet room. That's number one. I mean, if you can just be in a quiet room, you're going to be off to the races. But the way that we believe in the way that we we help people is the podcast should be the engine for everything that you do. I mean, it produces the content. It produces the relationships. It gives you opportunities to sell your own stuff and allows you to bring people into your world and cultivate your existing audience. I mean, for most people, I don't feel like I even have to sell them on starting a podcast. But most people are scared about is saying, how do I make it make money? And like you're saying, Tom, then the first thing they do is say, oh, I'm going to try and get sponsorship. And believe you me, that is the last thing where you want to monetize.

[00:10:19] Yeah, I saw some figures that, you know, the average pays between 12 and 18 dollars per thousand downloads per episode. Well, it's hard to get a thousand downloads. It could take you a year to get a thousand downloads per episode. And you could be making money from day one if you did, would you? And I do.

[00:10:40] Yeah. Well, and here's the thing, Tom. This is what Solaris and a lot of people don't believe me until they try it. But before you even seek sponsorship, if you just seek to make connections and sell through the connections that you make on your podcast, you'll be closing deals before you get your first first listener. I mean, we closed our first six figure contracts before we had five listeners on our podcast. Get Serious and nobody believes me is that I have to show them the numbers.

[00:11:06] I know that's a pretty out there for sure.

[00:11:10] Yeah. So, I mean, that's that's just my personal belief system. I really do believe that podcasting A is the easiest way to get in the door with people. But, it's a very simple vehicle to produce a lot of great content, especially for the introvert like me. I mean, if you're feeling like, hey, you know, I don't have that that charisma to be able to go out and have a great interview Tom here, for example. Right. Very energetic person. You might be saying I can never be Tom. But here's the thing. How about instead of trying to be Tom, bring Tom onto your show, leverage him and all of a sudden your title Tom being is being a really cool content creator. It's a really brilliant thing if you want to level up and get in higher circles.

[00:11:52] Yeah, yeah. Definitely, definitely makes sense. And the one thing that's kind of right in front of everybody's face that not everybody pulls out of this is that. Audio is the only medium that you can learn or be entertained while you're doing something else, right? That's why it's so popular. That's why this is screw the commute. I mean, people are stuck in cars, you know, twice a day listening and and they just hate it. And so you've got a captive audience in many ways when they're doing stuff, they can exercise, they can do all kinds of things while they're while they're doing so. So how did you pick the name Pantheon?

[00:12:31] So it was actually all based off of kind of interruption based marketing. When I started the Lucky Titan podcast, I built it because I wanted to interview industry titans. And it was really funny because people kept telling me, Josh, that was such a cool name and all that. I, I was really surprised. I thought it was kind of dumb. I was embarrassed about that. But it was really intriguing because people loved and they related well to that. You know, it's one of the big goals we all have is to be known as an industry expert or quote unquote, Titan. And the Pantheon is just a gathering of titans and part of part of the Pantheon method is helping you to build your own pantheon. It's it's bringing together the best people in your industry. You're going to make money with it, but you're going to be gathering people together, the Titans in your industry and immediately leveling yourself up. And, you know, it's honestly to illustrate this point, it was my story. I mean, I used to really struggle getting clients as a Facebook ads agency decided to close the doors after a long story short, closed the doors and start something new with zero network really outside of my local area. And within two months, I had I was sitting down with billionaires and in these circles with incredible people. And like I said, you are selling high, high ticket services to these people. And it just that changed the way that we did business entirely because I no longer had to feel like, well, one day I'll be able to hang out with Tom. Right. For all of you who know this, I mean, I've I've talked about this on my own show, but with Tom, I heard your podcast. What was Anjali doomsters podcast like four or five years ago. And this was in the heat of my business failing, right?

[00:14:11] Oh, great. Here we are having a conversation, you know, and yeah. Anyway, and that's really just kind of what it comes down to it.

[00:14:18] Now is pantheon a real word or just make it up?

[00:14:21] It is a real word. It means a gathering of titans if you look it up.

[00:14:24] OK, because I looked at Parthenon and it's evolved from strength and power and elevation of culture. So they're closely related because that's what that's what you're doing. Yeah. So let's take you back. Were you an entrepreneurial kid?

[00:14:40] Oh, man. Yeah. Tom I, I'm actually fifth generation entrepreneur. Wow. And there are people in my family, so I'm one of eight kids. We live in a farm. We grew up in a farming community. Right. So you have a lot of kids too to run the farm. But my my parents were never farmers, but my dad was very heavily invested in starting companies and he never really. Succeeded at a really high level for various reasons, but he taught us, you know, entrepreneurship is the path. Oh, wow, he sold me hook, line and sinker growing up.

[00:15:18] Where'd you fall? In the in the the string of eight kids.

[00:15:23] The forgotten one. The middle of number five. Yeah.

[00:15:30] And anyways, I can rant about that for days, but it's funny being in a big family. Right. Number five. And you're just another number. But they're glad to have you. They love you still. But my dad early on I think recognized that I was heavily interested in entrepreneurship. So he used to pay us to do manual labor if we would go work it because he had he owned a construction company so he'd pay us an hourly rate that was way better than we could have gotten getting a job. But even at 10 years old, he would actually pay me to if I would read a business book and then give him a little ten minute spiel about when I learned I was actually more for it.

[00:16:07] Why was he smart? Yeah, yeah.

[00:16:09] It was a brilliant first off, it taught me to love to read and by 10 years old, I was already understanding how business worked. And because of that I had started lots of different businesses from lawn mowing to selling junk on the side of the streets. Because I was 10 years old and had nothing else I could do. But I made a lot of money as a kid doing these little side side hustles. And that really stemmed into once I became an adult and stepped into real entrepreneurship, I was ready. I was prepared. I understood. I learned enough to to understand that, OK, this is how business works. But I can tell you right now, just because you have an understanding or the intellect about something does not mean you can apply it.

[00:16:59] It was really easy to sell window washing or lawn mowing services because it took me two hours of knocking on doors, just saying, hey, do you want your windows? You're a man alive. If you don't want to do that the rest of your life, you have to learn how to be a marketer, how to really speak the language of your customer. And and for me, when I decided to start my first real business, which was a Facebook ads agency. It was a whole different ball game because I could just go knock on doors anymore. I mean, I could walk into businesses and maybe, like, get out of here. Right. I couldn't get past the gatekeeper. Right. So that kind of put me on my journey of figuring out, OK, how do I how I work with people I really want to work with. I remember sitting back looking at these giants, the titans of industry, just saying, wow, I want to work with those people one day. Still never ceases to amaze me how quickly not even just me, but the people we've worked with have been able to get in the door with such successful people so quickly by just providing them a platform to stand on. Which is the podcast.

[00:18:04] Exactly. Yeah. I told you on your thing, I think about getting invited to the White House just because I got a podcast and I interviewed the right person who put me in front of a bunch of people and then they White House. That's crazy. Look, John was on John Lee Domus was just on before recording your episode. And yeah, I've known him for a long time. I've been on his show a couple of times, but he knows thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs. And, you know, if I email him, you know, he'll get back to me in a reasonable amount of time, but not like over instantly. But when when he knew he was on a podcast or, you know, promoting something. These guys are publicity hounds, you know, so you get on it because. So so, yeah, it can really open doors for you.

[00:18:51] And I think and I love that you support that as well, Tom, because I think we've we've kind of entered a new age that you can skip hard networking and jump right to true connection and relating with people. And I remember when I first started my podcast, I'm like, you know what? I'm already if I fail, I'm just going to go get a job. That's why I tell myself, because I had just finished my undergraduate degree in finance and like, I could probably get a pretty good job. So I'm like, you know what? I'm just going to try a podcast and see what happens. I've always wanted to do it.

[00:19:24] What was this?

[00:19:25] Roughly when this is roughly three years ago, I would say about three years ago. And I remember sitting back and just saying, I'm just going to shoot for the stars.

[00:19:37] And I kind of laugh at myself now because, you know, that we've we've got a lot further than that now.

[00:19:42] You know, this is your shoot for Mars now.

[00:19:45] Yeah. I want to sit down with a millionaire. Somebody makes one million dollars, so I'm going to reach out to the coolest one million dollar earner that I know and reach out to. This guy's name's Josh Stanely. Amazing guy, you can check out his staff man, was it the same name as me? I'll Joshes are cool, but I reached out to him not expecting an answer. I just I message him on LinkedIn, said, hey, I've been watching your content for years. I love what you do. Would you consider coming on my new podcast? He responded immediately. I mean, the second I sent that message, the dot showed up at the moment of just, oh my gosh, what did I just do? I reached out to but I don't even have a podcast. He's like, that would be amazing. Yeah. He came on my show. Turns out he's making ten million dollars a year. Very, very successful guy in the marketing space. And through him, I end up meeting some amazing people, you know, one hundred millionaires, billionaires, some. So I'm just putting financial numbers on them to kind of illustrate it. But very successful high level people, high thinking people. And the podcast was how I was getting in the door. Right. It was it just for me changed everything we did because I said, OK, I don't have to try and sell Joe Schmo pizza restaurant owner in my local town and have to try and negotiate down to three hundred dollars a month because they're unwilling to pay more than that.

[00:21:09] I can reach out to somebody who has huge amounts of money, also has huge problems that need solves that I have the time to solve. And when I found those problems, I just started to fill them and provide a higher ticket service for it. And we've watched this time and time again. I mean, I just had a he's a good, good friend of ours, a client of ours who he was still working a job as a sales guy and he was making two twenty two hundred and forty thousand a year. But he was he'd been doing it for 20 years and was ready to start his own, his own business. And I remember sitting down and talking with him and he's like, gosh, I just I really want to do it. I want to do my own business. Well, then do it. Take the lead man in the road. And he's like, yeah, I mean, I do that to pay for my family. Still, I'm like, OK, just trust me on this one. He had he had about three to six months of money saved up. Mike, just trust me, you'll be fine. He literally comes in and starts his own podcast. He got eight guests and he closed two hundred and twenty thousand dollars in annual retainers to be a consultant and to fulfill in those contracts was five hours a week Tom.

[00:22:14] He replaced his income basically in two weeks with and he went from your 60 hour weeks down to five doing the same thing basically. And it's opened the door for him to start multiple other things and become very successful himself. But that's that's the point I'm getting to. Right. He was a sales guy, so he had that skill. But we've also had people I worked with this lady who she had literally nothing to her name was like, I'm just going to start I'm going to try it. She did it sold a five thousand dollar package to five people in her first six weeks. And I remember her just like Joshua on Earth. This should not be this easy is it's just relationships. It's making friends and and finding a need they have and giving it to them.

[00:22:56] Yeah. Now, this I want to focus a little bit on the transition. When you started the podcast, so you had you saying you had the opportunity to either go find a job or start a podcast. That was the time.

[00:23:10] Yeah. So at the time and I'll just kind of illustrate my story with this. I was one of the very lucky few who my wife was. I had just been married and she was actually willing to work while I built my business. And I and I have to caveat this by saying I know that that's a very rare situation. Right. But I do want to let everybody know here is if you have three to six months worth of savings saved up, you can start a business, period. It's just if you have to start it on the side, it's an amazing thing. Anyways, for me, my wife was was providing a living for us. I mean, it wasn't a huge leap living by any means, but she was covering our needs. And when when all this started happening, I decided, you know what, I'm going to try this podcasting. I'm going to give it another three to six months because my wife and I have been providing for us for about a year and it was my turn to take over and I needed to start providing for our family and. She anyway, she was very a very, very good support in this, and she's like, you know what, it's fine. But I told her, give me three to six months. And so I said to start the podcast, there's a last ditch efforts for entrepreneurship temporarily.

[00:24:16] And if it didn't work, I was going to go get a job that was really when it came down to because I'm like I have an education. I have a lot of good experience. Now, I could actually step out and and get a job easily and I will lie to you. Tom I was looking at jobs at the time I started, and it's that constant temptation, especially once, you know, you have some value to the market to go and get that job, especially when financial times are are tight. And I remember being really stressed out about that and feeling like, OK, I've got three, six months that I put deadlines on myself and decide to start the podcast because I close the doors, my marketing agency, just with one client left, and I told them, hey, you know what? We've decided to go a different direction, stop doing Facebook ads entirely. And we decided to just focus on instead of trying to build a product, I'm just going to find a group of people who have a problem and solve it for them. And that was the point of the podcast. My goal was just get in the door with high level people, figure out what they wanted, and then present them with a solution to that problem, whether it was mine or somebody else's.

[00:25:26] And that's that's kind of when the big transition happened for us, is we went from, you know, selling a service to really figuring out what the true need of these people. And we found that wealthy people, very, very wealthy, successful people, they I mean, obviously, money is no longer an issue for them. But the number one problem they have is in order to scale past where they're at or achieve another level of life, they have to start leveraging other people's time. And where I was currently at is I had full time. I got to work twenty four hour days all the time in the world. No money to my name other than what my wife was bringing in. Right. But I was not producing any money myself. And so I said, you know what? What are the biggest time sucks for these guys, and I found that almost all of them, the two things they wanted is that they wanted to meet amazing people and they didn't want to take all the time to do it. So we started doing mastermind's charging first. When we charge ten thousand dollars for to come to because we knew enough people, I'm like, I'm just going to try I'm going to I'm going to try at ten thousand dollars on the first guy said yes, I just about fell off my chair.

[00:26:36] So your wife. Yeah. And she's like pay off your debts now. Dang it. But anyway so I mean I remember making that first sale and being like, wow, for now I have to close 10 more people on this or we don't have a master, but we ended up filling the seats of that mastermind and the rest is history from there.

[00:26:58] But we've obviously, as we move forward, found other needs that we could uniquely provide a solution to the pat down method is the result of that know, it's it's looking at what are the needs of these people have and how can I provide that for them.

[00:27:13] So tell us about the other tribe of titans that I'm in and didn't even know I was in.

[00:27:20] So I don't even know how you got in there. I don't either.

[00:27:25] I don't either. Link to click on, you know, click this link if you're going to be on my blog. OK, so tell us about that.

[00:27:36] So the tribe of Titans actually sprung up as an ad. Actually, let me illustrate with this. There's the story about this carpenter. And he he was really struggling to grow out his carpentry business, and he had been making tables for people. What have you and as he was making those tables, he kept sweeping aside us having to get rid of and bring trash can loads of it to the dump or burn whatever he had to do. But then he took a step back one day and realized, what can I do with that sawdust to make money and, you know, finding these places that would be hazardous. And so he built an entire business going around and collecting the sawdust from these other carpenters and selling it. And that became his business. And that's where the tribe of titans came for me. I just started to build a list of people who I wanted to have on my show and people who other podcasters so I could promote my show on their shows. And just listening to people like that, I realized there was a place where I could connect and get on shows easily and like, oh, well, I have a good list. How could you just ask each other?

[00:28:39] Yeah, that's that's what the tribe of Titans became is.

[00:28:43] It's basically a matching platform. It's a social media community where you can get on to other people's shows or be featured or or you can find guests for your show. It's a very, very simple platform. It's kind of become my my bread and butter place. I hang out there all the time. I'm constantly connecting people on there and providing the best content I can possibly provide on there to really help people to to grow a following if people grow their personal brand.

[00:29:09] I was in it and didn't really know what the whole thing was. I just thought, OK, I'll get it. And so I kept I got a note from you today, I think I don't know if it was automated or this is a follow up with these three people.

[00:29:24] I like about what? I don't know why I'm here. I'm actually not automated. They have weight loss tips for me or what is these potential collaborators? Oh, OK.

[00:29:37] We have some amazing people in that group. Some of the greatest people you'll ever work with are in that community. It truly is like a tribe of titans, right? A group of people who are just amazing.

[00:29:49] Well, you know, the old joke go to emerge because I don't know if I want to be in a club that would have me as a member. So, so. So when did this come about? How did you come up with this idea?

[00:30:06] So this one was actually right around the time that we started our podcasts, our first podcast and. Again, it was just it just kind of came because we saw the need and we felt the need and I saw a lot of people I mean, there's a lot of tools out there. And I've actually helped some other people create even more advanced tools for this now as well, because it's such a need in our space to to connect with great people and to find great gas on a safe. Your podcast or Amy Tom gets this. You can there's a lot you can get a lot of guests, but getting a guest that truly provides great value and then also helps you grow your show. I mean, it's kind of hard to find those type of people. So the Chinatowns I initially built as a community of givers and I want I'm only going to put people in who I know have reached out to me and said, Josh, here's a person for you. Here's somebody you should connect with or or here's a resource for you. I knew they were givers and they were trying to sell me anything. And so the group has been founded on people like that who are just genuinely trying to to make some change. And and for me, again, this was my source. I needed it to get people for my own podcast. I needed it to get on other podcasts. But it just naturally grew from there because people people saw the value. And it's it's kind of the launching point into our world. If you're looking to to monetize your brand and use a podcast as the center of that where the place to go, it costs ten thousand to join as I want it.

[00:31:29] Yeah, I think it's one hundred and fifty nine. It's free. So that's a beautiful thing. Is a free platform. Wow.

[00:31:37] Because a lot of booking agencies are charging pretty, pretty, pretty penny to get in and literally two hundred dollars a booking for the right for a good agent.

[00:31:47] And we, we just said, you know what, let's just let's make it simple and available because I mean where I was at when I started my podcast, I can pay somebody two hundred dollars to book me on a road so you can me I would be broke because I started off as a daily podcast. And so, I mean, there's no way to sustain that at two hundred dollars.

[00:32:06] And they could get Tom podcasts with like three listeners, you know.

[00:32:10] Exactly. Yeah, exactly. And and for for me, like I said, it just kind of became this tool that I was like this. This is a this is a need. People need this. And and I want to create a safe space for people to come and talk about their big concerns about podcasting or the big problems in their company without worrying that their clients are going to see it. Mm hmm. That's one of the big reasons we put this together, is I know it's interesting when you have a real issue in your business, you know, you can solve the problem by just posting in a group on Facebook. But if you posted it on Facebook, everybody's going to see it. Right. And so for a lot of people, it's really not a safe place to put their stuff because they were the clients are going to see I literally two months away from bankruptcy.

[00:32:58] So we created this.

[00:32:59] It's a completely we own the rights. That's the community as a separate community completely from any of the social media platforms for that reason. So it's just a safe place for people to be.

[00:33:10] And this is tribe.theluckyTitan.com. We'll have that in the show notes for everybody.

[00:33:22] Yes, sir. That's where they can go.

[00:33:23] There you go. So we got to take a response, a break. When we come back, we're going to ask Josh what a typical day looks like for him and what his wife's doing nowadays.

[00:33:35] She's doing so.

[00:33:37] So folks about, say, about twenty three years ago, I kind of turned the Internet marketing guru world on its head. And the guys at my level and women, too, were charging 50 or 100 grand up front to teach you what they knew. And I knew a lot of these people. You give me fifty grand up front, they'd be hiding out in some lake in Idaho, hiding behind charges in the woods somewhere because they wouldn't take care of you. So I thought, you know, it's not fair for small small business people. So I charged a small entry fee, a relatively small entry fee, and then I tied myself to their success. So for me to get my fifty thousand, you have to net two hundred thousand. Well, guess what? People really love this. And seventeen hundred plus students later and twenty three years, it's still going strong and it's the longest running, most unique, most successful Internet mentor program ever. And I have no trouble saying that because I've dared people for years to put theirs up line for line against mine and nobody will do it because it's kind of a fanatic and you have things that you can't get anywhere else. You have an immersion weekend where you actually live in our big estate here with me for an immersion weekend, you go on our TV studio and shoot marketing videos, which we edit and put the graphics on for you. And I saw the seminar. They were they were charging their seminar price.

[00:35:03] Seven hundred bucks for just one of these one. One couple came here and had got fifty three of them out of it. So, so Tom. Totally unique, and it's all one on one, you're not lumped in with people more advanced or beginners, and you also get a scholarship to my school that you can either use yourself or gift to somebody else. We had one guy join the mentor program, gifted it to his daughter, who he had spent eighty thousand dollars on her crappy education. And she's working a crappy job and she's up to six thousand dollars a month as a side hustle and hasn't even graduated yet. So this is an extremely powerful techniques that are in demand. You're not going to go to a four year college, be out of the workforce and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, then come out with the ability to protest and then compete for jobs at Starbucks. That's kind of the way it's going, though, with regular schools. So check it out at GreatInternetmarketingtraining.com and give me a call. Very accessible. And we'll talk about your future online.

[00:36:12] Let's get back to the main event. We're here with Josh Tapp. That's with Toups, by the way. He is the podcast host of The Lucky Titan. And he invented the Pantheon method for success. And he's also got the tribe of titans, which you should definitely join because he has a 90 day money back guarantee for that.

[00:36:37] So this is free. So.

[00:36:40] So just tell us what a typical day looks like for you and your lifestyle business and also tell us how your wife's doing since this transition and you hit the big time.

[00:36:53] Great question. First off, I do want to let everybody know take Tom up on that offer you just talked about. I mean, what an amazing offer. If you want to work with giants like Tom, I mean, this is this is a place to be. So secondly, a lifestyle for us. This is something I've really been focusing on in twenty, twenty one, because our the last year my my goal was to get to where I didn't have to work more than 20 hour weeks. And I'll tell you right now I do work more than that many weeks, but I don't have to to keep my business growing.

[00:37:26] So a lot of people come to me with 20 hour days.

[00:37:29] Yeah, I know. I am the laziest entrepreneurial I do not like I love entrepreneurship, but I am done by three o'clock by Saturday.

[00:37:41] And I used to like beat myself up about that and shame myself. And I finally met a bunch of other entrepreneurs who live that 20 hour less work week. And I'm like, thank you for giving me permission. And I just felt like I was lazy here at three o'clock. But I mean, my typical day this year, I decided to really focus on I'm starting to develop other areas of my life as well. And so we've been sticking with this if we're recording this in March, but. In at this point, I stuck with it, right? It wasn't a New Year's resolution I don't believe in that was I believed in I I want to make some changes. I was getting overweights and decided it was time to start working on that and as well as my mental health and and other business ventures as well. So really what my day has been looking like. Is I will wake up at six thirty and go to the gym. I only spend about thirty to forty five minutes there so you won't see me in a bodybuilding contest, but I do my 30 to 40 minute 30.

[00:38:37] Forty five minutes. Then I come back, I do some scripture study as a religious man, and then I will and I basically by nine o'clock I kind of mosey my way over to work and from there I usually only work. Like I said from I work from 9:00 typically till about 3:00 p.m. and. You know, the rest of the day is kind of history at that point. Certainly right now we're trying to do is I'm actually in the process of looking for other companies to purchase who I start growing our company through acquisitions. And so I've actually been spending two to three hours in the evening recently and focusing on that, trying to find companies and working in that sense. But my wife, she will not quit working. He works for a investment firm here in town. It's it's a family office. So they are a multibillion dollar company. And she loves, loves, loves, loves being there. Can't get her to quit. So I'm still working on it. But she loves what she does. And so I'm happy that she's there and not just having to wait for me at home. Right.

[00:39:43] So what kind of hobby? Hobbies. What do the rest of the.

[00:39:47] Yes. So I do live in the lakes.

[00:39:50] I know the good weather.

[00:39:54] It does snow for at least five months out of the snow. It's cold for five months out of the year. But the other seven months and I hesitate to say this because we don't want a lot of people here in Idaho, but you will not get a more beautiful secluded place than Idaho.

[00:40:09] I have been there. And what worries me is everybody is fleeing the big cities and they've got their eye on your state.

[00:40:17] Yeah. And we love you Californians, but we do not want you in our state anymore. We are getting so many people coming into our states, especially since coronaviruses, weirdly enough, huge, huge booms in our cities, which has been fun to see. But also it's making me and my wife want to move further and further and further away from town. We love people, but the lakes are getting crowded and that's when I get them. So we spend a lot of time on boats, kayaking and doing a lot of things in the water. We fish. Anything you can think of in the water, we do it.

[00:40:51] Wow, great lifestyle business, huh?

[00:40:55] Yeah, we love it, some of you love the beach and we do go to beaches, but we have a cabin up here about two hours away from our house, and that's where we spend the majority of our summer.

[00:41:05] Good for you. Good for you. So tell them the best way to get a hold of you if anybody wants to get in touch with you, or is it the best way to go through the tribe and just get signed up there?

[00:41:15] Hey, I love that's a great question. Honestly, I'm a pretty accessible person. Like I said, I'm not here to be one of those people that I, quote unquote, protect my calendar. I love meeting entrepreneurs. And if you said the tribe of Titans is the best place to get in contact with me, I pretty much have people managing all my other platforms. But if you come in a tribe of titans, you can message me personally and you can now it will be me and I will answer you and I will connect you with people there. My goal, just so you know, especially for Tom for your audience here, is if anybody comes from your audience, I just send me a message saying, hey, coming from Tom's podcast, I will personally connect you to four or five great people to kick you off and kick off your podcasting journey or get you on other podcasts.

[00:41:58] Beautiful. Beautiful. What a what a deal. So so thanks so much for coming on, man. I was so afraid that that was the Parthenon and I had to wear a toga.

[00:42:09] Appeared to have a toga party on the board.

[00:42:14] Well, thanks so, so much. Give my best to your wife and let's see. It's well, it's the quarter, the three on the East Coast. So you still got a couple hours to work it before you take off.

[00:42:25] Back to back calls today, Tom. That's my Wednesday, so I am excited. Thank you so much for having me on Tom. This is awesome.

[00:42:31] My pleasure, folks. So check out Tribe.theluckyTitan.com. What a deal, folks, because like I said, a lot of agencies I mean, I've heard as much as somebody spending eleven thousand bucks for like thirty bookings so it can get very pricey. So and then who knows what you'll get out of. There's no guarantees that will be top shows. So that's the thing. So this is a great opportunity for everybody.

[00:42:58] Tribe.theluckytitan.com and we will catch y'all you on the next episode. See ya later.

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