384 - She's the businesswomen of the universe: Tom interviews Patricia Drain - Screw The Commute

384 – She’s the businesswomen of the universe: Tom interviews Patricia Drain

Patricia Noel Drain is the author of 12 books to date, and she's the podcast host for When Passion Meets Profit. We're going to talk about a lot of that today. She's a business mentor to entrepreneurs worldwide. And her latest book will be out for Valentine's Day. It's a hundred tips for a happy, long marriage. And that kind of puts a lot of pressure on her not to get divorced before Valentine's Day.

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[04:47] Tom's introduction to Patricia Drain

[10:35] Being a school teacher early in her career

[12:55] Developing a podcast and not working at the dreaded JOB

[19:57] Booking people on podcasts

[22:08] Ten Top Subject Lines freebie

[22:53] Sponsor message

[25:43] A typical day for Patricia and how she stays motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 384 – Patricia Drain
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody it's Tom here with episode three hundred and eighty four of Screw the Commute podcast. I'm here with a long time friend of mine, prolific lady Patricia Drain. And I got to tell you, this lady, she she's like Businesswoman of the year, really. And I forget where it is. I think it's for the whole universe. She's so great. So you got your you'll see her in a minute, but she's got a new podcast and she's been living the life. And she actually built herself a business a while back. That was just a really high paying job. So she's going to tell you she hated every second of that and wanted to get out of that. So listen up for a Patricia here in a few minutes.

[00:01:09] Now, I hope you didn't miss Episode 383. That's Angela Ohlfest. Her name was perfect for her. She has the voice of an angel and with no formal training other than YouTube videos, and then she got herself a coach. She quit her dreaded job 20 years. She was at this job and she started a voice narration business and she's booked solid narrating audio books for people. So that's a very cool thing. And she said, anybody can do it.

[00:01:40] You don't have to have a voice of an angel because they want normal people doing all these books, children's books and everything else. So it's a great side. Hustle full time income for her to replace are pretty good paying job.

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[00:04:48] All right, let's get to the main event, Patricia Noel Drain is the author of 12 books to date, and she's the podcast host for When Passion Meets Profit. We're going to talk about a lot of that today. She's a business mentor to entrepreneurs worldwide. And her latest book will be out for Valentine's Day. It's a hundred tips for a happy, long marriage. And that kind of puts a lot of pressure on her not to get divorced before Valentine's Day. That could ruin her whole book. So, Patricia, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:05:26] Oh, you're good, Tom. You're good.

[00:05:32] What you been up to kiddo?

[00:05:33] If she can just stay married till Valentine's Day. Now, I swear to God, no wonder you were a stand up comedian so you could ruin the whole book launch effort right now and then. So. So try to stay calm, keep everybody sedate your your hubby Tom and just keep everything cool until after the book launch. Then do what you want.

[00:05:56] Well, some of those people that wrote those relationship books have been divorced like.

[00:06:00] Yes, yes, I know. That's why I really hesitated because of just that.

[00:06:06] And also it's like, why me? Why would I ever step out there and do that? And you know what? I finally thought, why not me? There's only seven percent of us that get to 50 years of marriage without dying or divorcing.

[00:06:19] And I'm one of those seven percent, 50 years. I didn't know that. Yeah.

[00:06:24] What am I supposed to give you for 50 years, like Scotch tape or I mean, something really, really expensive that says that really?

[00:06:33] Oh, my goodness. Congratulations. Yeah. Like I said, make it a couple more months and we'll be good.

[00:06:41] So from passion to profit, you know, I've known you a long time and everything you do, I mean, people just love you the your clients. Everybody just loves you because you show your passion and you've lived it all these years. So but I do want to take you back before we get into The Passion, the profit podcast and all that stuff you're doing now. But I do remember you talking about building yourself a very lucrative job that you just hated. Can you tell about that?

[00:07:12] Oh, yeah. It was you know, I'm still mad at myself because of it. But years ago I was an executive recruiter just learning the skill and I loved working like that. It was so much fun interviewing people like yourself and then finding you a wonderful career. It just made my day. And so I knew that I was really good at that when I became the top producer of Arizona and I thought, OK, I'm just going to open up my own. And what I did was just I bought myself a great big job because I became the manager. I was no longer the producer. I was the manager. And I just hated that you started your own firm.

[00:07:51] And then and then baby said it. All these these recruiters. Right.

[00:07:55] I did it all wrong. I thought I was supposed to go in at eight and come home at six. And I mean, I really thought I was doing it right and suit up every day and have meetings and, you know, all that stuff and twenty eight recruiters that I have. And when I sold the last one, I had four of them and I by the way, I built them all the same, which is not a good thing for me. But and when I sold the last one, I did say to Tom, I'm never going back in that brick and mortar again. Yeah, that's her husband. Tom her husband. Yeah, that's right. Her husband Tom. Well, and you know what? Tom in the screw the commute is so and.

[00:08:29] Well, of course I wouldn't say it quite the way I left you here to talk like a country bumpkin. Like me, like a guy.

[00:08:37] But but it's the truth. I couldn't bear the thought of getting in a car and getting dressed up and going into a building any longer. So I've been screwing the commute now for about fifteen years, I guess.

[00:08:49] Oh, beautiful. Beautiful. But, you know, you didn't ever me you said you interviewed guys like me. You wouldn't have made any money on me.

[00:08:55] I never had a job. I would have a place to stand up comedian for sure.

[00:09:01] Hey, do you know I did apply for a job once. Did you know that? Oh, no. Yeah, it said they it was 401k. And I thought, hey, that's a pretty good starting salary.

[00:09:14] You're good. Or so so.

[00:09:21] So you sold that off. All right.

[00:09:23] I'm sorry. We're still laughing at the world. I mean, it makes perfect sense to me. That was really good fun part. You're so smart now. So what did you say? I'm sorry.

[00:09:36] I said so you sold that business, all right?

[00:09:38] I did. I sold the business and certainly not for enough to live for the rest of my life. So I really had to search and figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up.

[00:09:48] I wrote the book, What should I be when I grow up now that I'm 40, 50, 60? And I still didn't know because nobody helps us. Nobody teaches us. And so you got very lucky Tom at a very young age to really live your passion your whole life.

[00:10:01] Yeah, that's true. You're very rare, very rare gratitude.

[00:10:04] I mean, every time, you know, when you're in business. Trust me, folks, it's not always smooth. There's some really bad things that can happen.

[00:10:12] But whenever it does, I sit there and say, you know what, this is, no matter how bad this is, it's not as bad as it would be going to a cubicle and and listening to all the gossip at the water fountain and having some nepotism boss telling me what to do or I have to punch him out.

[00:10:31] So this gets me over the hump.

[00:10:35] Now, you were a school teacher for a long time. I got to tell you, the school teachers are taking a little bit of a rap nowadays because they won't go to class for I am poor people.

[00:10:46] We're just all going through such a difficult time. But yes, I was a school teacher. That's when I first became very aware of when passion meets profit, because I could not believe when I got my first paycheck that I was paid to be with those children all day. I mean, it was it was such a joyful, pleasurable job to have to pay me to be so many people away. But they were just delightful children. And as I walked out of school one day and they picked up my first paycheck as a twenty one year old, and I looked at how much money I made, and I, I couldn't believe they didn't pay the children. They just paid me to be there.

[00:11:23] So that's how much I love to have metal detectors and stuff. And the kids know was on whole, whole different ballgame. Where was it anyway? It was in Montana. Oh, no wonder. Yeah. Wonderful. And they're so.

[00:11:40] So yeah. So you're a natural born teacher. Every time I see you at an event or something, you just can't help it.

[00:11:47] No, I can't. And I think, I think that has been my lucky star to be able to teach. And now I do it on a podcast and now I do it from stage or on zoo. But it's always about teaching. And I wondered when I was doing those events, I always wondered that you spoke. I thought, who are these people that are coming up on stage? Because they're kind of different when they get off stage. They're a different person. And I've never been a different person on stage or off because I'm just a teacher and you're the same. I've told I've told Tom this many times that he probably I could count on one hand how many people were the real deal. I used to have a business.

[00:12:25] This is another business that you had, which was a seminar business. So you went through a lot of speakers.

[00:12:32] Ninety seven. We had speakers on the stage and Tom Antion was absolutely in the top five of who we always wanted to come back because he is who he is.

[00:12:43] He's he tells you who he is and that's who he is. But I couldn't believe the speakers were not that they simply would sell something just to sell it. They didn't care if it helped anybody agree.

[00:12:55] Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, that's why I backed off considerably in the in the past few years. I mean, the pandemic has shut down a lot of that stuff. But I just wanted to take a shower and get on stage because they would just make up a bigger lie to outsell the next person, you know, and then I'm through with people. In fact, that had me start a business called Seminar Scammer's where I you know, I've got a Hollywood show in development called Scam Brigade to go after these kind of people, you know, so. So, yeah. So that's not us. That's not you and I. Oh. So tell us about how the podcast developed, how you got the idea for it and what it's all about.

[00:13:36] Well, I think it goes all the way back to when I was a teacher, actually, when those little children would come up and say, this is draining.

[00:13:43] I don't know what to be when I grow up with can you help me? And I would look at them and say, sweetheart, you're only in the second grade. You don't have to worry.

[00:13:51] And now has it been invented yet?

[00:13:53] You know, really, I would be completely different now teaching, because the most important thing you can learn is about yourself and what you're what you're good at, what you're not good at. And then you go have a happy, happy life, but nobody teaches out. So when I finally own my executive recruiting firm and they just got taller in their chairs and came in and said, Patricia, what should I do when I grow up now? They were 40, 50, 60. And so I knew there there was really something that I had to step into and do. So I've written books about it and I've written programs. But I thought I'm going to add another niche to that this year, which is going to be a podcast, because I love interviewing people like you, Tom that know your passion and that you have made a profit with your passion. And you know, it's true because I'm going to say 90 percent of the people do not think it's true or that it's doable.

[00:14:44] Yeah, they're very skeptical and and rightfully so because there's so.

[00:14:47] Many scammers out there and and sometimes by the time you figure it out, you know, you've lost a lot of money.

[00:14:54] In fact, you know, the old saying about if you know, when you find the one, the right one, you know it right away.

[00:15:05] Well, how come when you find the wrong one, it takes you years of pain and suffering?

[00:15:10] Yeah, I don't know. But it does happen, doesn't it?

[00:15:13] Yes. So it makes I don't I don't blame people for being skeptical with all the scammers out there. But but the thing is, it's worth finding the good stuff so that, you know, I've heard you say lots of times you've never worked a day in your life since you started doing this stuff.

[00:15:30] No, it's true. And that's what I say to people. If you can find your passion and literally make a living with it and start designing your lifestyle, you won't feel like you've ever worked another day in your life because you're doing what you love and you're helping people along the way.

[00:15:46] Yes. So you've got some guest lines coming up.

[00:15:51] I have already interviewed eight people. I have eight coming up this next week. I'm waiting to have Tom Antion until I have some listeners right now. I have zero, I think. And so when he comes on, it's going to be a really big parade. And I'll tell you why. It's because of who you are, Tom. It's you're my most valuable colleague out there. And I say that in all sincerity, because not only because you have a huge following, but because of who you are and the fact that you are truthful, you are the real deal.

[00:16:25] And so, yes, I'm building to you and I think you're my teaser. Well, you definitely have at least one listener because I listen to the first one. Good. We have one relating to everybody.

[00:16:37] When you listen to this, make sure you leave a rating and review for her. Hey, we forgot to turn off the video. I usually turn off the video, but I'm so excited.

[00:16:45] The song is there of your hidden behind the the audio file here.

[00:16:50] So. So who are some of the people you got coming up?

[00:16:54] Well, and the first time I decided to go out to the people that I knew personally, friends of mine, that I have really found their passion, like Linda Benz, who, you know, Linda is a girl, that it took her years to really figure out her passion because every time she would go out and start doing something, she think, well, this can't be it, because this is too easy. And then she'd do it again. And all this definitely can't be it. And sure enough, it was always it was all around energy all the time, whether it was fun shway or whether it was the energy around money, you know, whatever it was, you finally realized it was all about that that one is so enjoyable and so funny at the end. I can hardly stand it. And then I'm interviewing Barb and she is with LinkedIn and she does a lot of classes there for people and extremely well known in that arena. And she's just fun to talk to. And do you remember Chef Nancy? I'm sure she lives in Barcelona, Spain now. And so I interviewed her because she is no longer a chef. She lost her passion for that. And so she is now coaching people because she knows she wants to really help them find their passion, do exactly what I'm doing. And then I started looking at some millennials I've been talking to. So I started a few things with millennials on the move and found that they found their passion. And, you know, they're up there twenty four to thirty nine now. And so they got really lucky to be able to find their passion at this time. And so they just are telling their stories about maybe helping another person be able to find theirs. And to me, without having a tangible tool, I told you this Tom and you do it all the time. You're just a natural, tangible giver. And but on my podcast, I do want that to happen so that you can walk away after you've listened to a full thirty minutes and know something and go do something on whatever this person is suggesting.

[00:18:49] You're awesome. Yeah. So you've got eight episodes you say in the can I have eight done and eight more coming up this week.

[00:18:58] So I wanted to ask you actually, how many do you suggest to somebody out there starting a podcast? How many should they have?

[00:19:05] Well, the reason the answer that I'm going to give you is is fairly high is because one of the best ways to promote your podcast is to be on other people's podcasts, because the people listening, obviously like podcasts and then they can go join your podcast.

[00:19:25] So I actually had fifty in the can, but that's because I wanted to not have to worry about it for four or five months and I could totally just go do other podcasts to drive people to my podcast. But most of the time I say about twenty is great so that the pressure's not on you. And if something. Comes up, you don't miss, you know, because you want to keep a regular schedule or people won't know what to expect. So 20 would be reasonable.

[00:19:56] Ok, you know, Tom, I just heard about it. I think there are two girls that are teaching or taking people on podcasts. And when I heard how much they were charging, they're charging 75 hundred a month to do this. And I'm like, wow, good for you. And I suppose it's very hard book.

[00:20:16] People on podcasts, right? Yes. OK, well, let me give you a tip.

[00:20:22] Now that you have bite the bullet and got your own podcast and everybody out there, if you have your own podcast this, I'm going to give you gold right this moment. So instead of 7500 dollars a month, I get him to work for me for free.

[00:20:38] Of course you do.

[00:20:40] All right. So when they approached me to get one of their guests on my podcast, I have a piece of text that I send them right back. And I say I'm currently only booking reciprocal interviews. So if your guest has a podcast and is willing to have me on, then I'll book them on my podcast if it makes sense for both of us. And I just send it off.

[00:21:01] So so, you know, they're desperate to book their person that's paying them 7500 dollars a month.

[00:21:08] So they'll do anything to get them a booking. So they go to the people that have podcasts that match my credentials so that, you know, I don't want to be on some show that I, you know, I'm not appropriate for and vice versa. So they end up getting me bookings for free.

[00:21:25] Ok, that's brilliant. I swear I've got these things written down now. You're brilliant on the 401k. I cannot get over the one time.

[00:21:34] And now it's this, because now I'm not going to share that with those girls that are selling seventy five hundred dollars. But I'm going to pay attention to what you are doing and copy you.

[00:21:45] Well, I mean it really doesn't hurt them to know about it because they might start looking, you know, be able to get more bookings for their clients that have podcast. Oh, nothing.

[00:22:00] You know, and I don't feel like I'm taking advantage of them. I'm doing them a favor.

[00:22:04] That's right. Yeah, that's brilliant.

[00:22:06] So so I want to give give them something for free here, and then we're going to take a response or break and then tell them about all kinds of good stuff you have for them there.

[00:22:16] So so you've got a thing you've been doing a lot of Internet marketing since we met. So you have a thing called ten top subject lines that get your emails open, right? Yes. All right. So that's a cool thing. Where do they find that?

[00:22:32] That's on my site. PatriciaDrain.com.

[00:22:36] We're going to have everything in the show notes because she's got a bunch of other stuff that you're going to want to go check out. And ten top subject lines that get emails open. All right. So we can take a response to break. When we come back, we're going to see some other cool sites that Patricia has and we're going to see what's a typical day look like for her and how she stays motivated.

[00:23:07] All right, folks, about twenty two years ago, I kind of turned the Internet marketing guru world on its head in that guys like me, we're charging 50 or 100 thousand bucks to teach what we knew. And I knew a lot of these people. If you gave them 50000 bucks up front, you'd be looking for him in Mexico or something because they wouldn't they'd run off with your money, wouldn't help you. So I kind of made them all mad. And then I charged a relatively small entry fee and then a percentage of your profits that's capped. So you're not stuck with me forever. And so for me to get my fifty thousand, you have to net 200000. Well, seventeen hundred plus students later, it's still going strong. This is my mentor program. GreatInternetmarketingtraining.com. It's the longest running, most unique, most successful Internet marketing mentor program ever. And how do I say that? Well, uniqueness, while you spend an immersion weekend here at the great Internet marketing retreat center after the pandemic's over, of course, and it's one on one, you get total access to me and my entire staff on a one on one basis. So you're not you're not lumped in with people more advanced or less advanced than you. So that's unique. Nobody at my level even talk to you. And then we also have a TV studio next door. So we shoot tons of marketing videos for you, edit them, put the graphics on and give you the finished product.

[00:24:38] What some of these have gone for 700 bucks as the seminar price where they were the the retail price was 1500 bucks for just one of them. Well, we have. But had anybody get out of here without at least 10 and some of them had as many as 50, also you get a scholarship to my school, if you're in the mentor program, that you can either use yourself or gift to someone. We had a guy spend eighty thousand dollars on his daughter's crappy education and she's working a crappy job and he gifted the school to her and she's now up to 6000 dollars a month and only been in the school for months. So. So this is hard core skills that everybody needs. So check out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com. Give me a call. I'm no high pressure here. We can talk about your future online. And you can also if you had the scholarship to that school when you had young people in your life, it's one of the best legacy gifts you could ever give them. So check it out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com.

[00:25:43] All right. Let's get back to the main event. Patricia Drain is here. She was a woman, businesswoman of the Year of the Universe, I think.

[00:25:52] Yes. Yes, that's right. Yeah.

[00:25:55] Where was it?

[00:25:57] The universe was Arizona. Yeah, the universe.

[00:26:00] Well, that is the center of the universe. Lately, you've got a site called your gift is your is your niche. Tell us about that.

[00:26:08] Well, the reason I created that was the same reason I wrote what should I be when I grow up now that I'm 40, 50, 60, because I could see all the people coming into my office day after day not knowing what to do.

[00:26:20] So I thought, OK, the book is helpful for sure. It's a great tool. But the the course your gift is your niche is really helpful because it not only helps people discover their gifts, their talents, their skills they came with, but it also helps them, shows them, I should say, how to monetize, because most people don't realize that you can make money with your gifts and your talents that you already have. You don't even have to learn anything. You do need tools and techniques, just like Tom was talking about it in school, because you can educate a person just like this man educated his daughter. And then I feel so bad because I watch it happen every day.

[00:26:56] I bet he spent a hundred thousand eighty thousand dollars tuition, but but four years out of the workforce now, living expenses and. All right. Yeah.

[00:27:06] And then they go get a job and they hate the job and they're not making the kind of money that they thought they were going to get.

[00:27:12] Happens many people, they're competing for jobs at Starbucks. Yes. You got MBAs competing for jobs at Starbucks.

[00:27:19] So it's so sad to me.

[00:27:21] So I decided I want to make a really affordable downloadable digital product where somebody can literally go through and dissect their gifts and talents and then they go to the next step and then they learn how to monetize that gift and talent. And then they come out on the other end. And I've probably put a thousand people through this now and just nothing but success story after story because nobody gave them the time to just sit and talk about themselves and think about themselves and what they really love to do.

[00:27:51] Mm hmm. Beautiful. So it's your gift is your niche. Now, if you from the the good side of the tracks, it's knee-ish, I guess, from the other side of the tracks.

[00:28:04] And so check that out. And then you have also when passion meets profit. That's the podcast site. Right.

[00:28:11] That is. And that's not complete yet. But the but when passion meets profit is going to house all of my podcasts as I continue to do them, it's also going to serve as a blog because I just want to start writing a lot of things about passion and profit and and a lot of times I don't know if you know this Tom, because you've always made a lot of money, but a lot of people are very embarrassed to give themselves permission to make money with what they already know.

[00:28:39] Have you run into the idea of success?

[00:28:41] Yeah, it's really sad.

[00:28:43] But but I think this year I actually have the the solution to that. I just give me the money so I can take all the stress off because I don't want to be stressed out with all this money, you know, give it to me.

[00:29:01] I don't want to go back for just a second with you and say to you, when did when were you a stand up comedian? How old were you?

[00:29:09] Oh, it was from nineteen eighty eight to nineteen ninety four, something like that.

[00:29:17] Oh you were a long time. Yeah. Well are you just a natural when you're a stand up comedian. Are you people just naturals.

[00:29:25] Well when you're fat as a kid, it's a, you know, it's a mechanism to keep from being teased and I mean there wasn't as much bullying and stuff back in the way, way back. But but it's a mechanism that you want to be accepted.

[00:29:43] So so most of us have really poor psychological profile.

[00:29:49] So, so, so, yeah, it was starting very early, I started to see things differently than other people and then carried on for ever since.

[00:30:00] Yeah, well, it's proof on this particular interview. I mean, the way you see everything in the way you're talking right now, I've literally had to stop. I was laughing so hard up to the four on one, I had to just stop.

[00:30:12] I didn't even hear what you said or you seen me speak in person, too. And that's part of the thing. I mean, they kind of expect the entertainment value along with your good information. And that's that's part of the success. But I did it over a thousand comic performances to get that. But I teach that to see. That's the other thing is so I'm passionate about humor and fun, and so I have courses how to make people laugh. So no matter where you are, you can get better at it. And you can you don't have to be a stand up comedian to be able to profit from entertainment. In fact, when I lived in D.C., Patricia, they had the thing called the Washingtonian magazine. This is before the Internet. And they in the back of it was personal ads, little classified ads. So I decided to do a study one time. And so I collected the magazine every month and I counted. The the ads, the total number of ads, and then I counted the ones that said they wanted somebody with a sense of humor.

[00:31:13] 70 plus percent of all those ads over a couple of years wanted a person with a sense of humor all the time. So it's worth developing this if you want to have that happy, long live marriage or even extramarital affairs.

[00:31:27] One is the number one tips that I would say in that book was you have to have a sense of humor. You have to be able to laugh with each other. And I bet out of all the people I interviewed for that, 90 percent of them said the same thing. You just have to be able to laugh with each other. So you're right.

[00:31:46] And nowadays, I mean, I saw in the news millennial kind of women, age group women can't find guys to marry.

[00:31:56] The guys can't do anything. They're all Soy boys. They call their good friends and they're good for going to shop fabrics with they don't want to marry them. So they're but that that makes it good for older guys.

[00:32:11] You know, they got more chance.

[00:32:14] So so anyway, when passion meets, profit is is there. And so what's a typical day look like for you nowadays?

[00:32:23] Well, years ago, when I wrote What should I do when I grow up, I wanted to share the seven ingredients that were really important to me at that time.

[00:32:31] And the and the reason I want to share them, when you say to me, what's a day like? It's because I have all of these seven ingredients now. So here's what they were. Number one, I needed a professional environment that was really important to me. Number two, I wanted flexibility in my schedule because I wanted to go to the boys games if they had one. Number three, I wanted unlimited income potential, and that's why I started working straight. Commission number four, I wanted the opportunity to really help people. Number five, I wanted to use my communication skills. Number six, I wanted an environment that I could feel very productive. And then I number seven, I wanted my location 15 minutes from home.

[00:33:14] Well, that was impossible. I lived in Scottsdale and drove down to Phoenix. But now I have all seven of these ingredients and I couldn't be happier. And that's what my day looks like because I always have fresh flowers all over the place. I always have know when it's finally the end of the day. I turn on music so that I have something different. During the day. I it's just I really work this like a home based business, of course. But I've had so many friends say, I don't know how you work it at home because I'd be doing the laundry. They said they'd be doing dishes. No, that's you take it very seriously just for work.

[00:33:50] And you get dressed. Well, now I do know people that get dressed in high heels in suits at home, and I don't do that. Yeah, I can't do that.

[00:33:59] All right. So let me look at these again. The professional environment, flexible schedule, unlimited income. You want to be able to help people. What was the next one? CEO use of communication skills, communication skills be productive in less than 15 minutes away. Beautiful. Beautiful.

[00:34:21] I really got very clear on that because had and I that's one thing if I could say this to anybody listening is get clear on what it is you need in a job, not necessarily what you want, but what you really need, what makes you happy and light you up.

[00:34:37] And then you can go out and maybe find your passion a little bit easier.

[00:34:41] So the professional environment, though, don't you miss all the office gossip and the backstabbing and stuff?

[00:34:49] You know, when you when you were saying that a little while ago, that is truly what I don't miss. I would go because I was the top producer there.

[00:34:57] And so I was very serious about it and everybody would be in my office all day and they'd be drinking water right outside my office. And then they'd come in and just know, land down on a chair and start talking. And I wanted to work. So I he finally told me I could work from home three days a week because then I just became a bigger producer.

[00:35:15] Right. Right. Right. Beautiful. Beautiful. So so what? So this next question may not make sense. Like I mean, it seems if you got all these seven things that the light, your fire, it seems like it's intrinsic motivation.

[00:35:30] I mean, I was going to ask you, how do you stay motivated?

[00:35:32] But, yeah, I don't I was saying that to a girl yesterday that I was talking to. I said, what motivates you? And I had to then turn it around for me because I can't I'm not motivated by putting a number down that I'm trying to reach. I that's never motivated me. Even what? Even with weight. That's never motivation.

[00:35:51] Yeah, but you did put a number down seven. Oh yeah. OK, I mean you fulfill those seven things. Seems to me that would be motivating.

[00:36:01] Yeah. That's a good point that you just saw.

[00:36:04] But I finally came up with what it is for me is if I really can communicate with people and it doesn't have to be in person at all, then then that's kind of what motivates me. And look at what I'm doing right now with you.

[00:36:16] Yeah. Yeah. When we talk to each other, you know, a couple times a year and it's great, you know.

[00:36:22] So thanks so much for coming on. Boy, I'm thrilled about your new podcast, When Passion Meets Profit. That's the actual name of it, right? Yes. And it's on iTunes and all the other all the places you can listen to podcast, right? Yes, it is. All right. So, folks, I want you to go check it out and listen and leave a nice rating and review for Patricia.

[00:36:46] And I said I listen to the first episode. It was great that she introduced herself like I did on my first episode. But still, there was a tool at the end. We won't tell them what it is. They got to go listen to it or find out.

[00:36:58] And we're we're we're all crossing our fingers. We're going to say a prayer so that she stays married until at least the book.

[00:37:07] Ok, I got my fingers crossed for books.

[00:37:12] So. So thanks so much for coming on.

[00:37:17] Thank you, Tom. It's been my pleasure. Trust me.

[00:37:22] All right, everybody, we will catch you on the next episode. Check out the show notes for PatriciaDrain.com, where you can get a freebie. Your gift is your niche. That is a great place for an online course. It's an online course, right? Yes, it is. And When Passion Meets Profit is her podcast and that site will be up in about a week or so.

[00:37:44] But keep it written down and it will be in our show notes. All right, we'll catch everybody on the next episode. See ya later.

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