357 - Transform your life with Tantra: Tom interviews Ella Hall - Screw The Commute

357 – Transform your life with Tantra: Tom interviews Ella Hall

Ella Hall is a leading transformation, success coach and pleasure power expert. She supports busy men and women to transform their ordinary everyday lives by educating, and empowering, them with tools to claim their mastery to live the extraordinary life that is their birthright and her catchphrase is “from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond”.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 357

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[03:24] Tom's introduction to Ella Hall

[08:15] Making a business out of her career

[11:40] The Universe is squeezing people like tubes of toothpaste

[13:35] Tantra is not just about sex

[17:18] How to teach and give people what they need

[18:27] “Mastering” tantra and how to get unstuck in your head

[23:20] Improving your life not just in business

[25:52] Going from one “side” to the other to balance

[32:20] Sponsor message

[35:15] A typical day for Ella and how she stays motivated

[39:14] Working on this by yourself or with a partner

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 357 – Ella Hall
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody it's Tom here with episode three hundred and fifty seven of Screw the Commute podcast. We are in the middle of Sex Week and then Women in Power Week and I have to a mom and daughter team on this week. Mom was on episode three fifty six. That was Wednesday. It was Dr. Janet Hall and her lovely daughter is on here today to give you a little different perspective on what we talked about. Her name is Ella Hall. And yeah, it's she's one of those women. You just look at her, you got to take a cold shower. So she's been giving me hell about that. But too bad she's too many miles away for me to fight with her.

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[00:02:49] It's a distance learning and it's good distance learning, not like what they're trying to do to little kids. You know, nowadays it's very tough on the little ones, but you can be working some other job. Do this in the evening, in the mornings, any time you want. And it's hard core skills that are needed by every business on Earth. So it's just very powerful. And we've got people making money even a month into the school. So check that out at IMTCVA.org and I'll tell you a little later about how you can get a full scholarship if you're in my mentor program.

[00:03:24] All right, let's get to the main event. Ella Hall is a leading transformation, success coach and pleasure power expert. She supports busy men and women to transform their ordinary everyday lives by educating and empowering them with tools to claim their mastery to live the extraordinary life that is their birthright and her catchphrases from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond. Ella. Are you ready to screw the commute?

[00:03:58] Yes, I think can't wait. I can't wait to hear that.

[00:04:03] Well, boy, it's so great to meet you. I've known your mother for a long, long time. And she, of course, speaks highly of you. But, you know, as you look into your background, those know it's obvious why she would be so proud of you with all you've accomplished. But tell everybody really what you're doing nowadays.

[00:04:21] Well, it's just such a pleasure to meet you as well, and I'm really honored to be here and and to serve you and your audience basically.

[00:04:31] Wait a minute, you're not allowed to talk in that low, sexy Marilyn Monroe voice on this show doing that on purpose, or is that just oozing out of you?

[00:04:43] I knew this was going to be called shower time.

[00:04:47] Don't worry. I'm just the right amount of Bogon, so it all evens out. This is this is what I was about to say.

[00:04:53] Amount of what both Bogon is a very Aussie colloquial term and it just means, just the right amount of, you know, this is where the pleasure power comes in, that beautiful dynamic of light and shadow, you know, so you got all of it. So let's embrace all of it.

[00:05:14] So Bogon. So are going to try to be better at bourgeoning.

[00:05:20] I'm sure in an American term, you probably have just that right amount of burkini because I connected straight away and it takes one to know one.

[00:05:28] So what I was going to say is, yeah, there's two things Tom that turn me on more than anything else on this planet. One is business. And you could look at that is kind of like that more masculine, you know, let's get shit done. A clear action plan, make it happen really, you know, just inspired.

[00:05:47] Take some full action and get a result. And then the other thing that turns me on more than anything is energy. And you can look at that as more of the feminine, that kind of creativity, the juiciness, the inspiration, the flow, you know, so one's kind of like intention and the other one's kind of flow. And when they come together like busy people like me, I was stuck in my head for years and years. And I deal with, you know, the busy people of the world who are kind of stuck in their heads, you know, when they can come out of their heads and reconnect to that intrinsic wisdom that lives in the body. And they can start to connect things like there sex center, which is all about that drive. It's more the masculine center to their heart, which is more that feminine energy, that creativity, that openness, that connection. You know, when these two centers come together, we are literally in our power, in presence, in pleasure, and we're able to take inspired action and create abundance in all areas of our life, from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond, as you said, a catch phrase.

[00:06:54] So if I boil that down, I'm supposed to try to get more head.

[00:07:00] Is that what we need to come out of the head?

[00:07:06] A lot of my clients are really stuck in there. Oh, I got. What do you mean? But yes, I have is the software.

[00:07:13] We need to start to look at that as the servant, not the master.

[00:07:17] And when people who are especially in business, can start to really master that success mindset and then start directing the mind. But they're also listening to the deeper inner wisdom, the subtle feeling body, because that gets neglected a lot in the old business model, it was all about mental intelligence. And more recently, you know, people have come on board with, you know, people like Bernie Brown have introduced to the world of business. Hey, there's this thing called emotional intelligence. And, you know, vulnerability in business is actually a commodity. It's really essential to innovation and inspiration and being able to communicate effectively and all of that sort of thing. But what about intuitive intelligence? That's kind of what I bring to the table. I start to bring it in holistically. So you're using your mind, you're using the power of your body, and you're also using this incredible intuitive compass to help navigate your way through life, love and business.

[00:08:15] Now, you've you made a business of this. I mean, has that been your whole adult career? Did you ever have a job before?

[00:08:23] Yeah, I loved it. Did I ever have a job? Because I look at a job, you know, because I do what I love and love what I do. So for me, I never work a day in my life. I'm just being of service, being on path and really on my soul's mission and vision and just doing the next most obvious thing now. But I guess if I look back, you know, in 2007 was my last kind of employed role where I was managing a martial arts academy in Melbourne.

[00:08:51] Well, and it was yeah, it was all you martial arts yourself is now the covid.

[00:08:57] I was the friendliest door bitch in Melbourne.

[00:09:02] Yeah, that's a bouncer?

[00:09:05] Well, I was the manager, but I was everything so I was the number one salesperson. There were no like I trained up on the salespeople, but I was the predominant salesperson. I managed the academy. I basically said to the two boys that run it, you guys go and be on the mats. Brazilian jujitsu, which is what your passion is, and let me have the autonomy to work this part of your business and make it fucking successful. And I grew the business by 400 percent over six years that I worked there until I started getting headhunted by other health and wellness industries in Melbourne going, please help us grow with startups. We want we want to expand, you know, because I didn't just build the business successfully. I built an incredible culture. And that's where the friendliest of its kind of identity came in, because I was known I was like a small fish, sorry, a big fish in a small pond, you know, was my name then was Pam. I was born Pamela and then changed my name to Ella. Oh, as I evolved, yes, I was Pam at Dominants and that was my identity and I was rocking it out. But this was the thing Tom on the outside. Everything looked amazing. Right after six years I'd really grown the business. I should have been perfect.

[00:10:16] I was earning all the money I could earn, but I'd hit my cap and I felt so stuck I was not juicy anymore. I'd lost my mojo. I was just burnt out from the hustle and the grind. I wasn't feeling appreciated. I didn't feel inspired anymore. Every day I got up, I'd started to turn to really unhealthy coping strategies to kind of just exist. I wasn't living. And that's when I say I help people change their ordinary, everyday lives, that the kind of just autopilot to the extraordinary orgasmic life that is their birthright. And you can have an orgasmic business. You can have an orgasmic relationship. You know, you can feel orgasmic all the time. And it wasn't until I got brave and left that identity and went out helping other businesses to grow. But then I realized, oh, my God. It's the people that are at the extension, the businesses, the extension of the person and the persons only as good as their own programming conditioning, the stories, the rules, the belief systems, the unhealthy patterns, all of that stuff that they have running. So I was like, oh, my God, no one's clear here. They don't have a clear vision. No one's on purpose. They don't have that beautiful feeling in their body. It's like, I want to make money. It's got to be a bigger driving force.

[00:11:40] So how did you transition to your own business? Did you have money saved up that you just quit or did you start taking the consulting clients? How did you transition?

[00:11:48] Yeah, I started taking the consulting clients. So as I said, you know, I wasn't dry. I wasn't growing in that industry of the martial arts academy anymore. I was literally at outgrown it. And it was so uncomfortable to stay in a position that doesn't fit anymore. It's like now, you know, with covid, it's the way I say it is. The universe is squeezing people like tubes of toothpaste to get into alignment with what they're really meant to be doing. Now, like, if we don't grow, we die. So I'd grown all I could grow and I was dying there. So then I started getting headhunted and I was going into the other businesses and I realized, oh, my God, there's no clear vision. There's no clear purpose. There's no clarity with communication, you know, and there's no empowerment. Like, these people aren't personally empowered. They're all busy. They're doing so much in their heads, but not much is getting done. There's no clear action plan. So I was like, you know what? For things to change, first I must change. I teach my own medicine Tom. So I was like, OK, I need to leave this industry of the head stuff, the doing stuff, the get shit done stuff, the build the business. But on what foundation are they building on, you know, so oza, I need to go and create that beautiful, solid foundation for myself. And that's when I left the head stuff and went into full mind body emotion. Energy threw myself into the world of coaching sacred sexuality, tantra. And that was the awakening for me. That was where all of that old programming that had felt like cement around my own ankles just started to move and it moved, wasn't comfortable all the time. But fuck me, it felt really amazing because the majority of the time I was in my pleasure.

[00:13:34] You know, there's something you can sell to corporations. Like, I was very surprised. Your mother said she spoke to the Million Dollar Roundtable, which is a big deal on the topic of sex. And it doesn't seem like it's just kind of a corporate topic.

[00:13:50] Yeah, well, it's not about sex, that's actually the biggest myth that I love to bust about things like Tantra, so I don't teach traditional Tantra. I'm not someone who believes in rules. I believe in fantastic education, more educated. We are like knowledge is power, clarity is power amplified. So when we have the clarity and the education, we can then make better decisions to support us in every area of our lives. Right. So when we talk about Tantra, I use the four core principles of Tantra, which are intention and presence, breath, sound and movement. You know, these things channel into everything we do. They help us really come out of the tornado of life and find our own eye in the center of the storm. Now, when an individual or look at it as a holistic business, all the individuals within it are in their own space.

[00:14:50] They clear the center, they're grounded. They're not reactive. They're able to respond. You are going to have the most incredible, you know, flow in all areas of that business. It's structured, you know, that kind of thing. That made sense.

[00:15:06] Can you give me the four things again, a good sound and movement. But what were the first?

[00:15:11] The first key of Tantra is intention and presence. I put them together because the intention is like the the vision, like the I choose to intend that I'm going to come into any practice. So put it this way. The Tantric believed that there were people living in ordinary, everyday lives. And these were the people who were the busy people of the world. They were just going on autopilot right there, just existing nine to five kind of existence.

[00:15:39] Then they also looked at the more kind of spiritual people that were living a transcendent life. And they were the monks in the monasteries and the nuns and the little gurus sitting on top of a mountain going, yeah. And they were like, well, we don't really want to just lock ourselves away from the world, but we don't just want to exist in the world either. We want to live an extraordinary life where we're in the world, but we're not of the world. And that's where these principles of Tantra came into play.

[00:16:07] So the tantric started to practice with these four core principles and they noticed that they were so much more present in their life, like they could feel everything. They were connected to everything. All of a sudden their pleasure was just bubbling up. They they had longevity of life. Their health was improving. Like, you know, they were able to enter a transcendent state. But being in the nine to five. And that, to me, is an orgasmic life that to me is an orgasmic business, and when we can live a life where we are able to just access through these four simple tools, right. That's why I say tools to claim your mastery, because they put you back in touch with your innate mastery, the things that you and your soul and your body came to this planet with beyond someone having to teach you. They're there for everyone. But we need to remember, realign and re empower ourselves with that beautiful, unique pleasure, power and the abundance that can flow from that place of feeling integrated and aligned.

[00:17:18] All right. So back to my original question. How do you how do you teach this to people?

[00:17:23] I mean, is it in the form of a seminar or one on one or do like said, do corporations buy this kind of stuff?

[00:17:30] So corporations in the past, when I've gone into corporations, it's been more along the lines of, OK, let's talk vision, purpose, clarity, empowerment. You meet people with where they're at and then you actually give them what they need. And that's the beautiful thing. So people can come in to me from all different types of channels. Predominantly, I've been doing a lot of one on one coaching over the years, like through covid. I have just had to like basically change the way I've been doing things. I used to offer a lot of tantric body work to give people an embodied experience of this stuff. I don't need to do that anymore. The ability to activate this within people is innate within me and it's just waking it up inside of them through coming on either a group session, doing a one on one, buying one of my programs online, like it's really the possibilities of working with me endless. And they're going to be more and more and more prevalent as well.

[00:18:26] All right. Now, I know your mom said you got to ask this question to Ella because she'll explain it better. So when we hear someone say, well, I'll just say me when I hear the word tantric sex. It kind of reminds me, are you familiar with Reiki? Yes, OK. You said yes, like, oh of course. Like a big dummy. Of course, I'm not sure.

[00:18:51] Well, I mean, I I've made a lot of jokes about Reiki in that, too. Yeah. Because I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and there's a big element of folks in here that they they have courses like you can take a weekend course and become a Reiki master. Well, to me, I'm a hardcore business guy. You don't master anything in the weekend. OK, so the term master applies to people that have done years of work in their field, you know, so so I'm not I'm a little skeptical about that.

[00:19:22] But then I said, oh, you ought to have a Reiki car wash, you know, see how that goes. Reiki haircut's, you know. Yeah. So so the reason I bring that up is because you see somebody saying, yes, we love tantric sex. Is there touching involved or is it just like a Reiki experience in a surreal experience?

[00:19:45] Those are actually orgasms for both parties and and touching and all that. Or can it be that?

[00:19:53] Ok, so what you're asking is a really cool question is very valid. This is what I love to educate people about because we are more than just our mind. You know that, right? And more than just our body. Yeah. We also have emotions and we have energy and we're all for bodies at the same time.

[00:20:12] So what I love about Tantra, like Reiki, is predominantly using energy and everything is energy, emotion. It's just vibrating at different kind of frequencies. So this table that I'm sitting at right now, that's just all different particles that are vibrating at a certain frequency that make it dense.

[00:20:29] Yeah, but those are made up of washing your car. Hey, it doesn't it still doesn't work too well for washing your car.

[00:20:38] Energy, right?

[00:20:40] No, but but there's an intention behind everything, you know, and energy was the first inspiration for the person who got that idea to create the car wash. Right. So you've got to kind of it's not so just cut and dry. You've got to it's not so linear. That's a very hard thing you just said to me.

[00:20:58] And we're more than that. Right.

[00:21:00] So what I'm hearing you say is I don't I don't relate to just the hot stuff because this is my this is my clients. Right. So when one client comes in and they're stuck in their head and that is the very linnear. They're very practical and logical. Yeah. That's great luck. And we need that on the planet. But, you know, and I know that the planet's not just made up of the logic and this stuff.

[00:21:22] We don't know this stuff. We can't understand this stuff that we can feel, but we can't explain. And that stuff is just as important and potent as the stuff that is tangible and physical. And my my love and my gift is to help people marry the nonphysical to the physical, the conceptual, to the tangible. And when they've come together. So in Tantra, I can touch you without touching you, because my intention is that I am touching you with my breasts. I am touching you with my eyes. I am touching you with my energy. And you will feel that if you are open to it. I have clients all over the world Tom that have had complete orgasmic shifts in their mentality, in their expansiveness. You know, like I will take people through a meditation and their whole body will be vibrating and they're like, what the fuck are you doing to me? And I'm like, I'm not doing anything. You're doing it to yourself. That's the beautiful thing about Tantra. When we're seriously present within ourselves and we start to look not through the eyes of the head, but through the eyes of that deeper wisdom, that presence, the hot stuff. Right. And we're grounded in our base, which is that beautiful grounding. Then we can really start to both give and receive energy in a new way and intention and thought. And, you know, creativity and inspiration, like so much can be birthed from this. And it's not always easy to understand. But I say to people, Tom you understand what I do until you have an embodied experience of it. Because for me to explain what Tantra is, it's like explaining the color red to someone who's got a blindfold on, who's never seen red before. And until you choose to take that blindfold off for yourself and actually see the color red and have your own interpretation of it, you know you're going to stay blind.

[00:23:19] Ok, so here's the caveman question for it. Go from here. We're all cave man. I get a lot of stuff done. Very high achiever in all the stuff that you mentioned before, you know, practically. Right. So you're it seems to me you're saying I could improve my life if I added started adding some of the things you're talking about.

[00:23:45] Was that for your life, not just in business, but from the boardroom to the boardroom to every area of your life, you take you into every area of your life. If one area is suffering, the whole will suffer. Tom I've worked with millionaires who come to me and go, I live in the valley of abundance, but inside I am the desert. Now you tell me tell me what's wrong with that picture.

[00:24:07] No, I get that work.

[00:24:09] They've got it all. They've got the trophy wife. You know, they should on the outside it looks fucking perfect.

[00:24:16] But on the inside they had dry. They are depleted. They feel like you just burnt out and they're resentful and often they're experiencing issues in the bedroom. This is this is showing up on a physiological level now. Right? It's not just their head. They're stressed out. They're burnt out, they're fried. And they come to me and they're like, and now I'm impotent. Now I can't get it up. Now, I'm not even interested in sex. It effects them. And the women, the women that come to me that are like over give people pleasers, high achievers, perfectionists, you know, so giving from an empty tank. This stuff is the full life force that replenishes the busy person. It's I teach self is not selfish. All right, got to feed all the parts of you and then you're able to give from a full place and everything in your life benefits from that, your business, you've become more creative, you're more clear. You're able to channel channel that sexual energy, which is the most potent and powerful of all the energies. How many guys do you think, you know, Tom out there in the world, high achievers, doctors, lawyers, you name it, like the IT guys, all the IT guys are great because they're so stuck in there. They're on a computer 24/7. Half of them are addicted to porn. Right. They're giving their depleting themselves of lifeforce energy. You know, they're distracted. They're not present. So when they go out into the real world, the connections are not deep. They're not able to have a deep connection to themself.

[00:25:51] I totally agree with that.

[00:25:53] Now, I was only halfway through my question a couple of minutes, so I know so so I said, OK, I got this whole side worth of high achiever, get stuff done practical that you you talked about earlier. But if you were all the way to the let's let's just say I'm a fanatic on that side of the world, OK. Yeah. If you were a fanatic on the other side of the world, your side of the world you're talking to but didn't have my side at all, would that be a bad thing?

[00:26:25] Ok, so back to my experience of how I started working for myself, so here I come from the whole side that you're talking about, the head stuff I was smashing in and business. I was pushing, I was hustling, I was selling, and I loved it. I have a lot of masculine energy. I call that the masculine right. It's linear, get shit done so important and it's awesome. And it's a creative force. Right. So then I left that side of the world and I went into the full embodiment of this great question Tom. So when I went into the full embodiment side, I was also met with all of this crap because I was working now with some people that were all creative with no structure. Right flow with no nothing to see in my world.

[00:27:10] I get people you know, I kind of avoid holistic health care practitioners because no matter what I do, they just want to do their beautiful work.

[00:27:21] And I love that. But then nobody hears it because they don't have any of the marketing, you know. So it seems that a balance is better.

[00:27:31] Absolutely. Well, this that's what I help people do is integrate both because both have strengths and both have weaknesses. So I've lived both. I've gone from one extreme to the other. And I felt so unmet, unsatisfied, I was working with people that couldn't organize themselves out of a paper bag. One of the questions that I saw that you can always ask people is, have you ever had you know, has anyone ever screwed you in business?

[00:27:57] And I felt screwed in the kind of more practical business, health and wellness arena, you know, building businesses. I got screwed there. You know, I wasn't appreciated. I was, you know, that people still weren't worked out there. And then I went over to the other world and I'm like, fuck me. Like, where do I fit? I don't fit over there. I don't fit over there. So I had to go off and go. I need to create something that is integrated and holistic that can actually hold space for the get shit done. So I call that let's call the masculine energy. Just to give you a metaphor. The mountain. Yeah. And the feminine energy that beautiful, creative flowing. You know, they all want to do their beautiful work and share their gifts and blah, blah, blah, and that's awesome as well. We need that. That's the river. Yeah. So let's have a look. Without without her. Without the feminine. The masculine is a dry mountain.

[00:28:49] He's barren, he's dry, he's not fertile. Nothing's really growing there. And it's just feeling a bit. Now if you look at the the flow, the creative, the water side without a mountain to hold it, what is it? It could be a tsunami. It's a mess. It's an emotional one.

[00:29:06] You know that nothing's going to get done. But when you marry them, when they come together, the mountain meets the river. They are now formidable. They're a formidable force. Together, she has direction. So it's intention meets flow. It's less hassle. You still absolutely getting shit done, but you're doing it with more grace and ease. And this is what I love to do for people, get them out of their own way so they can get to marry those two elements within themself and really start to generate some major success in their everyday lives. And it will relate from the physical to the mental, the emotional and the energetic or spiritual if you want to go there.

[00:29:49] Amazing, amazing work. Well, I'll tell you. So you have something for our folks, right?

[00:29:56] Yeah, well, everybody that I spoke to in America is really curious about Tantra and Tantra really was for me the handbrake that took the Ferrari that is my life into the next stratosphere. Do you know what I mean? So that's where I suggest everyone start. Just educate yourself. I've got an amazing audio series. I designed it specifically for the people of the world. Each audio is short, sharp. It's packed full of inspiration, information really clear, very simple and easy to understand points about and embodied experiences so you can have a taste of it for yourself. So it starts off with the first five. Audiosurf, kind of like a welcome. Who am I? What is pleasure? Power. What is Tantra? And what is sacred sexuality? Because my own brand of magic is not Tantra what I teach. But he is. He's what they are. Then it's like, how can you help him? How can Tantra help her? How can Tantra help couples? And then it goes into the seven golden keys of Tantra. And this is where you actually get an embodied experience of the four core elements and then some of the more practical tools to take your own experience and journey deeper for yourself. And that's really a beautiful opening point to start to awaken these bodies within you and start to notice, you know, wow, how am I feeling right now? Where is my energy right now? Am I present with myself? What's my mind doing? Am I breathing, you know, all these simple things but have such a profound impact on how we are as the beings that we are and we take us, you know, as I said, into every area of life.

[00:31:31] So let's be the best versions of ourselves. That's definitely where I'd say.

[00:31:35] So how do they get a hold of that?

[00:31:37] So just go to my website, which is ellahallcoach.com and they can find it there and I'll give you a beautiful discount for your audience, especially today. They can save twenty five percent.

[00:32:12] And we're going to have all that in the show notes folks and the full description of it for you so you can see all the stuff that's included. And we got to take a brief sponsor break. When we come back, we'll ask Ella, what's a typical day look like for her now that covid has hit and how she stays motivated? And I kept thinking when she's talked about some guy who had a trophy wife, the old joke is, is this guy had a trophy wife, but apparently she didn't win first prize so far.

[00:32:45] So, folks. But twenty years ago, I turned the Internet marketing world on its head in the guys like me and girls like they were charging 50 or 100 thousand dollars up front to teach you what we know. And I knew a lot of these people and their rip offs and wouldn't even help you if you gave them fifty thousand. You'd be chasing them around Mexico to try to, you know, get something out of them. So I said, that's not right. I'm going to I'm going to charge an entry fee that's reasonable. And then my success is tied to your success. So for me to get my fifty thousand, you have to net two hundred thousand. Well, people just love this. And twenty years later in seventeen hundred plus students later, they are still going strong.

[00:33:27] And it's I say and I've never been challenged on this, I boldly say it's the longest running, most successful, most unique program of its kind in the world, in the field of Internet marketing and digital marketing.

[00:33:42] And how do I, you know, say that.

[00:33:45] Well number one, it's all one on one. I mean, guys at my level won't even talk to you, let alone teach us something. So me and my entire staff only work with you one on one, because if if it's group, the advanced people are bored. When I'm talking to a beginner in the beginners or lawsuit, I'm talking to advance person. That's just no good. I'm not going to do that. Also, you have an immersion weekend where you actually stay in the house with me for an immersion weekend as part of your year long program. The part about my success tied to yours. Nobody else will do that. They want all the money and they could care less if you're successful. We also have a TV studio next door that you shoot all kinds of videos for you and our video people, edit them, give you all kinds of marketing videos. It's all included in the deal. And also, if you heard about my school in the beginning, the section you get a scholarship to my school that you can gift or use for extra training for yourself. A lot of people gift it to somebody and just changes their life because they now have a marketable skill that's in high demand. Any. Where you go in the world, so so check it out. This is my mentor program, greatinternetmarketingtraining.com said. It's the it's been running over 20 years and I've been selling online 26 years since the commercial Internet started long past when Ella was born. That's for sure. So check it out.

[00:35:15] And now let's get back to the main event. Ella Hall is here. She's a leading transformation, success coach and pleasure power expert. So what's a typical day look like for you, Ella, now that the corvids going on?

[00:35:30] Well, yeah, it's totally transformed and it's been, you know, not the most comfortable process for me, I've had to do a lot of my own practices and that's the beauty. I do teach my own medicine. So there's not one thing that I tell anyone to do that I don't do and leave on a daily basis. And so, you know, I am I'm revolutionising my business in the way I do things. So everything is coming online, but it's really exciting. And, you know, it's required me to have to surrender and trust and start to delegate more and really start working so much in the business. But on the business, every day is inspiring. Every day is challenging. Every day I'm learning and growing. And that feels really, really awesome.

[00:36:12] Well, a lot of people that are stuck at home probably need you even more than ever.

[00:36:17] Yeah, that's true.

[00:36:18] Emotional crises and that's it.

[00:36:21] I didn't slow down, but I've had to just become a lot more discerning at the moment. With how many? One on one client. So I'm serving. Mm hmm. Yeah. So I'm wanting to create more content online to serve many who might not as well, you know, who have been financially impacted as well be able to afford me right now.

[00:36:39] So that's been an interesting process as well, because I really believe that the universe we live in is is an abundant one. So I always look for the opportunities and every experience. So everything's a gift to me. Even the most challenging, heinous, horrible, seemingly horrible experiences are just ways and opportunities for us to learn and grow and step up and be the best versions of ourselves that we can be covered in our different beautiful.

[00:37:05] So. So give us a picture of you. Get up early.

[00:37:09] Do you have a morning routine during at the at the start of that, I invested in a little pussycat called Rha and so my morning ritual had to change. He's like my son.

[00:37:22] So he wakes me up in the morning and, you know, I being a holistic person, I know how important it is to value physical health. So first thing I do is go training, whether it's a walk outside. You know, I clean to the best of my ability to do what? Eat clean. Oh, eat to the ability. Yeah, yeah. You know, I've got a partner, so I also have to make sure that we can spend some quality time together as well. And so it really is every day is different at the moment.

[00:37:54] But as I said, like it's like, I mean a serving a client online. I'm building something like an offering for more of a group session.

[00:38:04] Like it just it's it's so exciting right now like this, just the only kind of trap can be getting stuck in my own head and in my own way and becoming overly busy because that I am the epitome of the busy woman, you know. So it's very easy for me to get caught up in the whole the ego stuff in the whole oh, my God, you know, and I'm not good enough. And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All those stories and the crap that our heads will tell us, the stories that our heads will tell us. And, you know, so it's a real matter of me having to find that harmony within myself. Like when do I actually need to have a rest now because I could work and work and work.

[00:38:39] Yeah, that's what I would never sleep if I didn't have to sleep at eight. I probably wouldn't. I just I love what I do. I do what I love and it feeds me. But if I'm not careful, it can also deplete me. So it's a really interesting time of my life because it has forced me to practice, practice, rest like I've never practiced it before and shift my whole mindset and methodology to the way I'm doing everything. So as I said, you I'm finding it really creatively uplifting and also at times very challenging. But I'm learning and growing every day that there's no stereotypical day.

[00:39:13] So. So before we go, I want to ask you one more question about the audio series.

[00:39:18] Is this something that people work on by themselves or could they work on it with a partner or what?

[00:39:25] Absolutely both.

[00:39:27] You know, their way is like a ship.

[00:39:31] Will. The first session I do with anyone is called a sovereignty alignment session. And this is about bringing you back to yourself, yourself and no one but yourself. So any people that come to work with me as a couple, the first thing I say is I need a session with him. I need a session with her, because you are not a couple. You are yourselves first and you bring all of you into that relationship. So let's make sure that everyone's taking full responsibility for themselves. Like another thing that stops people from starting work like this is that I don't have a partner I call B.S. on that, too. This is the best time. When I started to learn Tantra, I didn't have a partner. I had to fall in love with myself. I had to learn what turned me on. I had to learn how to fill myself up and channel my own sexual, sensual life force energy, that creative energy, you know. And that's we had a little chat before we jumped on this Tom. And I know you said, you know, I spoke to your mom about orgasms. How long do they typically last? And I remember when I first had my first tantric orgasmic experience, it's what's called a Kundalini awakening. You can imagine that every cell in your body is having an orgasm simultaneously, and that lasted for a few days to know what I mean.

[00:40:38] Yeah, kundalini, I would say that's more like a Whodini.

[00:40:45] The fact that it happened, it's totally possible for men and women and people to experience it together. That's the most beautiful thing about Tantra, because as you were saying, does that involve touch? Does it involve energy? It's all of it. It can be parts of it or all of it. And when two people come together and they are totally present and his heart is connected to his sex and her sex is connected to her heart and their meeting connecting in from sex to hot, hot to sex, they create what's called the fifth element. And those states, those orgasmic states where you don't know where you begin and where you end, you know, like people say sounds like drugs. And I'm like, yeah, who needs the drugs with the drugs? We are it. We can we can access these states any time.

[00:41:27] I'm just worried. I'm just worried that if I had one of these all day to day three day orgasms, they would throw me out when I went to the grocery store.

[00:41:38] Give it your thinking of it like you're going to be ejaculating for 48 hours. It's not that kind of explosion. It's an implosion.

[00:41:46] So just go to the grocery store and they wouldn't notice.

[00:41:49] No, but you'd be radiating this beautiful, clear, joyful connected. You'd be so grounded and so connected and uplifted all at once. It's just the most insane thing. It's a state of being, not an explosive thing.

[00:42:07] You take the blinders off because, yeah, this is.

[00:42:12] And it really is.

[00:42:14] It is. Especially when you're coming at it from that kind of logical mind. Right. You need to have an open mind and open heart for this. But still, it's very practical. It's not hard, but it's not it's it's simple, but it's not easy for everyone to be doing it. And that's why I say start with the audios, because they're going to break it down. They're what I call Bayden Proof. Bayden is my partner. So my partner is extremely he's like you. He owns a massive business. He's like a mover and shaker. Of course, I had to call in someone that was way more masculine than me so he can hold space so I can soften into my feminine, you know, because I used to find that I was intimidating to a lot of men because, you know, I'm a woman who's powerful. I know what I want. I mentioned that to your mother.

[00:42:56] But about that, she was talking about the ways that the guys are stepping up.

[00:43:01] And I said that could be one of the reasons, because there's so many more successful women, though, while also that the thing is, though, they're coming at life in that masculine energy. So they're like me, they're the busy woman. They're stuck in their head. And what happens?

[00:43:17] They grow this giant energetic cock and it becomes very sorry, Tom. I'm going to be really frank.

[00:43:23] There's only room for in a relationship one cock at a time when it comes to a man and a woman energy. You know what I mean? When when she's wearing the cock, either he has to be deflated and go into his feminine. Right.

[00:43:36] And then is going to be a sexual who one of for me, if you're if you're if you can't hold me as a man and I don't let you have that beautiful, you know, cock in the relationship, then I'm not going to want to fuck you.

[00:43:51] Simple as that. You know what I mean?

[00:43:53] And women have to learn how to soften. We need to understand the power of that feminine energy when we can hold ourselves with our own masculine. This is where it gets into that little bit more esoteric stuff.

[00:44:03] But, well, I got to tell you, it kind of reminds me of dog training.

[00:44:09] Yeah, we have a we have a protection dog company. And these dogs are alpha dogs. They're called. Yeah.

[00:44:17] And if you don't take control like they're not, the handler can't be weak because the dog somebody has to be in control. And if you don't take control of the dog, the dogs and say, well, I guess I got to do it, and then you just lose control of everything. So. So it's very simple.

[00:44:33] Yeah, well, I kind of liken it to the lion and the gazelle, right? We have both within us, especially for women. This is much more know in a women's context for men might be, you know, a lion and the gazelle. But, you know, one of them, the strength is the huntress, the create tricks. She's she's going to get that she's protector. You know, she actually provides for the tribe, right. That the lioness. And then inside her, there's also this beautiful soft lover of nature, joyful, bouncing around gazelle, who very often, if you're a busy woman getting shit done, you don't like that part of you as much because that's like the weak part, the slowing you down part, the one that gets walked over part if they're not in balance. Right. So the lioness can sometimes beat up the gazelle. So it's really important that we come into that beautiful state and realize these are all just elements of our psyche and we can actually hold. As that present force and see the strength and weakness in all parts of us and integrate all of them, all are worthy, all have a voice. It's like it's like honoring your inner child. We all have that to do, you know what I mean?

[00:45:43] And to deny that there's going to be imbalances that come up in in you, in your life, in your relationships. And that's what I really want to support people to do, is realize you're more than your head. You've got this world within you to be explored. And when you can master that with a few simple tools, come back to your presence and intention, take control of your mind. Your mind is the rabid dog, right. And your heart and your six other the king and the queen that are going to help bring that back into harmony.

[00:46:14] And from that place, you will achieve so much more in real, true connection, integrity and joy. And then abundance will just flow in every area of your life.

[00:46:27] Wow. Give us that catch phrase again.

[00:46:30] The bedroom to the boardroom and beyond.

[00:46:33] A unique week here at screw the commute, I got to tell you.

[00:46:42] So grateful to you, Tom. Thank you so much. Oh, it's my pleasure. Now, willingness to get a hold of you.

[00:46:49] You can totally just go to my website, which is ellahallcoach.com. That's probably the best way I see people all over the world via Zoom online. I'm so ready, willing and able to work with, you know, everyone in some way. And I just really trust that I've been of service. And this has resonated with you in any way. You know, there's so much to be explored here. Don't let your head talk you out of it. If something in you is activating and going, oh, I'm curious, be a curious explorer and and come and do your own due diligence research if you yourself have an embodied experience.

[00:47:23] You're awesome. Just like your mother, just like your mother said.

[00:47:28] Thank you so much.

[00:47:30] All right. So thanks so much for coming on, taking the time. Give our best to Baydon and the pussycat, and we will catch y'all on the next episode. See ya later.

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