356 - The Sex Doctor is In: Tom interviews Dr. Janet Hall - Screw The Commute

356 – The Sex Doctor is In: Tom interviews Dr. Janet Hall

After 40 years as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Janet Hall now consults as a hypnotherapist and sex therapist in Melbourne, Australia. She's the first sex therapist on the Screw the Commute show. An author and speaker, Janet is regularly featured on television, radio, print and online media. She has 52 audios on Audible.com, Kindle books on Amazon, eight paperback books on parenting and sex topics, and her gift is to make psychological information user friendly and easily understood.

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[03:46] Tom's introduction to Dr. Janet Hall

[08:03] How she prepared for her line of work

[11:36] Writing a book on Goal Setting

[16:15] “I've got a headache”

[20:23] Guys getting intimidated by women

[24:19] Watch and Wank (and Weed)

[25:22] Making a business and getting screwed in business

[31:59] Sponsor message

[34:48] A typical day for Dr. Janet and how she stays motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 356 – Dr Janet Hall
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:23] Hey, everybody it's Tom here with episode three hundred and fifty six of Screw the commute podcast. I'm here with Dr. Janet Hall. And this is going to be a different kind of episode than I've ever had on for sure. And I may have to make it explicit. I'm not sure, but I'm calling it, quote, Women's Empowerment Week. All right. But really, I was thinking about maybe I should call it Sex Week because Dr. Hall is a sex expert. So we will we'll get into that a little bit later. How'd you like to hear your own voice here on Screw the Commute? Well, if you learned anything, you'll learn some stuff on this episode. I'll tell you that if you learned anything that helped you just visit, screwthecommute.com. There's a little blue bar on the side says send the voicemail. You can leave a testimonial for the show, tell us what you learned and also put your website in there so you get a big shout out on a future episode of Screw the Commute. While you're at it, pick up a copy of our Automation eBook. We've been giving this away on the show. We sell it for 27 bucks, but it was free for listening to the show and it's helped me handle up to one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and 40000 customers without pulling my hair up. So it automates your business? It saved me literally. We figured it out millions of keystrokes. So get this book yours free. screwthecommute.com/automatefree. While you're over there, pick up a copy of our podcast app for your cell phone or tablet. You can take us with you on the road. It does all kinds of cool things that we have video to teach you how to use it and screen captures and all that stuff. screwthecommute.com/app

[00:02:12] Now people are still crying about the pandemic and I know it's hurt a lot of people. I get that. My job is to help you make money, though, and to keep your family safe and secure financially. So I don't cry about it. Hasn't affected me much at all in my students that have learned to sell online. Now, I've been doing it for twenty six years. I've been teaching it for well over twenty years. And about twelve years ago I. I formalized the training in the only licensed dedicated Internet marketing school in the country. IMTCVA.org we'll have everything in the show notes for myself and Jan and everybody. So you got to check this out. You know, people nowadays are spending traditional education, running up big debt and then competing for jobs at Starbucks. So this is no good. What I teach in the school is the is the hard core in demand skills necessary and needed by every business on Earth. They all have email marketing and websites and shopping carts and chat bots and all that stuff. So your your people in your life could be making money within a few months rather than going four years out of the job market, coming home and living with you. All right. So check it out at IMTCVA.org. A little bit later I'll tell you how you can get a scholarship that you can gift either use for yourself or gift to somebody if you're in my mentor program.

[00:03:47] Ok, let's get to the main event after 40 years as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Janet Hall now consults as a hypnotherapist and sex therapist in Melbourne, Australia's first sex therapist on the screw the commute show. And author and speaker Jane is regularly featured on television, radio, print and online media. She has 52 audios on audible.com, Kindle books on Amazon, eight paperback books on parenting and sex topics. And her gift is to make psychological information user friendly and easily understood. Jane, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:04:34] Tom, how are you doing? I've known you for a long time. And you've given me some great tips over the years. So I'm very grateful to have been part of your Internet training.

[00:04:47] Oh, man. Yeah, I've been thrilled. You know, I went to Australia one time, oh boy that killed me because I'm such a big fat boy and the plane ride killed me. But, boy, I loved it down there. Was just just so nice. But tell everybody what you're what you're doing nowadays.

[00:05:05] What I love to see myself as a success coach is my umbrella because my daughter Emma says mummy used to be a psychologist of everything. And of course we know when you're marketing yourself, you need to be a right. It's very hard, very hard for me because I really am Jack of all trades and master pretty well master of them. But I concentrate on helping people who have obstacles and problems with their sex lives to solve those so that they can have sensational sex in a loving relationship. And that is a real challenge. And I just love it. And I've also been very, very lucky to be invited to be an expert in much media about sex. For instance, I've actually been on 60 Minutes in Australia Tom, three times and one of them was on the what the horror, the horrible pornography, education, if you can call that.

[00:06:10] And they had this little skanky 18 year old girl who got 12 yet got 12 minutes out of the 20, and I only got about four.

[00:06:20] But anyway, I was also the the sex the sex expert on a a show in Australia called Sex Life that went for two years. And my poor old mum was so embarrassed, she said, well, you're not going to go on TV and talk about sex, are you?

[00:06:36] Yes, I am. I am. So I'm basically helping guys who have problems with erections, premature ejaculation, and another one people don't know much about called inability or delayed ejaculation.

[00:06:49] Doesn't that sound awful? And women with orgasms wanting to have had them or have lots more of them, painful sex, which is also very misunderstood, and and women who are stuck in their heads because they they just have never been empowered.

[00:07:08] So it's quite you know, you feel like you're in this innovative self discovery, but also to teach other people, world, the world about sexual pleasure.

[00:07:20] Wah, wah, wah. And you've been on 60 Minutes three times, huh? Yeah. Not not not all of them were about sex. Well, yeah, I'm thinking sixty minutes, man. I'm lucky if I can go two minutes.

[00:07:31] So you work ethic is so, so that I actually have a joke about this. And if you really think it's nasty offensive I'll cut it out.

[00:07:42] But it's, it's a girl told me she wanted twelve inches and make it hurt so I did it three times and smacked her in the face.

[00:07:55] Oh that's a bit corny.

[00:07:57] It's terrible. We're going to make this, definitely make this explicit anyway. So. So did you ever have a job? I mean, how do you prepare for a line of work like this?

[00:08:08] Well, I didn't prepare. I'm very much self-taught, but originally I was a primary school teacher and I could only stand that for two years. And then I started to be a school psychologist and I could only stand that for two years.

[00:08:24] And primary school was what what ages?

[00:08:27] It's like six to twelve. OK, yeah.

[00:08:32] Anyway, I couldn't stand that. So luckily for me, I got pregnant. I was planned planning to get pregnant and I was able to start my own private practice and work from home. And I was really into parenting because I was a new parent. And I wrote six books on parenting, my two my two favorite ones, ones called Fight Free Families, which is a mess, of course, because you learn all about fighting in your family and hopefully, hopefully it parents need to coach their children to be fair in fighting, because fighting is just a natural thing about human beings. But the one I'm most proud of in parenting is fear for your children. There's so much out there about naughty kids and how to handle them. But only now are we really starting to realize how much our world is totally baffling for kids and they get very, very anxious. So I still got my foot in the door with parenting, I guess, but I do get bored with it and I just get very excited to be in the innovative world of sex therapy.

[00:09:35] Well, and it's probably worse with the kids nowadays, with the Internet, you know, all the bullying and just all the crazy and the sexting and all the stuff that maybe I shouldn't be in the primary school age.

[00:09:49] Well, you you wouldn't realize that the statistic about the age most young boys are shown pornography and then independently because they have access to all the tech. Look it up is is now 10. Oh, so all those parents out there with kids, you know, I don't think that they're innocent because they have been exposed to and even girls as young as eight are being shown it by their naughty big brothers or the boy next door.

[00:10:20] So it's a pandemic of its own kind and and the young men who get caught up in it. And we're talking more about the size the 13 to 14 year olds now grow into young, you know, young adult men who are often impotent. Tom can you believe it? Because that's where the real girl, a real live girl, because they've been watching porn, which is so unreal for so many years that no real.

[00:10:48] Horne. Oh, my God, you're shivering.

[00:10:52] Oh, come on, that's what I call it, skanky.

[00:10:56] Yeah, no, it's it's totally a but it's so addictive. They say the same pathways in the brain that light up the dopamine in in not just men.

[00:11:09] Women can get addicted to porn, too, but the same pathways next to the same pathways that they get a hit on cocaine. No, I've never taken cocaine. But can you imagine that that's why so many young men get addicted to porn.

[00:11:26] Wow. And it's it's kind of ironic.

[00:11:28] The word dick is an addictive, so I never thought of that before.

[00:11:35] So now you also wrote a book on goal setting. Man, you are all over the place, right?

[00:11:41] Yeah. Yeah. Well, that was in the early days. And I love goal setting. I love a lot of concretely putting my dreams onto paper. So the very first software program in Australia, which was ahead of its time, really was I wrote the manual for that. So I know a lot about goal setting and I'd love to tell you a story about that. Yeah, please.

[00:12:04] Well, so after 18 years of marriage and two kids, my husband left me for another woman. He actually did me a great favour, as it turns out, all these years later, because we weren't suited. But anyway, I was a single mum and and I wrote down all my goals and and I was listening to the American speakers that was called Natural Speakers. And there was a fabulous speaker who said the best the best gig a speaker can ever have is called the Million Dollar Round Table. And that's that's for insurance consultants, financial advisers. And I think that last year I had thirteen thousand people there in in New Orleans. In New Orleans, I think. Can you imagine so? Well, I wrote down on my goals paper that I would be invited to. Apparently you don't knock on the door and say, pick me, pick me. Right. Well, you didn't in those days. And so there it was. I am invited. You know what, 19 years later, I got up one morning on a cold, horrible winter's day in Melbourne, opened up my emails and there was an invitation. Would you like to come to Indianapolis at the time to to speak at the million dollar round table? And the topic Tom was white drumroll. Right. Sex in a loving relationship. So that was the first the first time that ever had the sex topic because they normally focus very much on business. Right. And so that was a great privilege.

[00:13:40] And and that was a real example of how you can have your your dreams come true. And and there I was.

[00:13:49] What did you talk about?

[00:13:53] Well, it was difficult because, you know, I didn't want to rock too many social mores, so to speak. I'll just tell you that the one thing funny thing in the in the hotel, the spruikers were saying for people where to go to the room, you know what that's like.

[00:14:10] What's this proof that it's a spruiker? I spoke to someone who has to call out a message. Oh, OK. OK, so they saying great sex upstairs. Great sex upstairs. Yeah. Anyway, so three hundred people in fact. Right.

[00:14:25] Nobody ever calls that out at my house for some reason.

[00:14:28] I don't know. Anyway, they didn't have a lot of people that year because the male female percentage.

[00:14:38] They love women, OK? A lot of women, I reckon, maybe 40 percent. OK, great.

[00:14:43] I know a lot of people would bring their wives, too. It's a great it's a great junket to to go and something like that. So anyway, there I was to talk about sex. So of course, I worked very hard on making it sort of like challenging, but not not what you want not to explicit. Right. So so I talked about what the advantages of the benefits of sex, and I made it very funny. So I'm full of corny jokes too, and the advantages of great sex. And that, of course, it is the pleasure, the dopamine, the oxytocin, which is the the touching. Feel good. And did you know also that maybe you would know that an orgasm can help you sleep?

[00:15:32] So and relax and blood flows to the brain, so good for both men and women.

[00:15:39] Yes, but men are the ones that always go to sleep right after sex, sometime after their cigarette.

[00:15:45] Yeah. Yeah. You're not hopefully not so much as not to their vape. That's a filthy habit in the bedroom anyway.

[00:15:57] So so the advantages about the sleep and one of the things also is about if you have a migraine, this is mostly for women. An orgasm can actually make the blood rush to the head and then then rush back down to the genitals so your migraine will go away.

[00:16:16] Usually the excuse women used to get out of having sex.

[00:16:20] I hoped you'd say that he's one of them, but he's one of my Tom I heard anyway. Yeah.

[00:16:25] Yeah, he's one of my corny jokes about that. The guy whose wife always said, I've got a headache. So one day he says he said to her, Honey, here's headache tablets. And she said, I don't need headache tablets. And he said, GOOD.

[00:16:43] Anyway, what what's some more advantages? It's free, it's fun, or it should be fun with my friend. Now you tell me it is three in a loving relationship.

[00:16:55] Oh, yeah. That's that's that's the topic. And and also having a loving relationship where you can plan to have babies, you can make babies.

[00:17:05] But really, you know that that's the greatest.

[00:17:13] The greatest advantage of sex in a loving relationship is the intimacy and the connection and the trust. It's just such a beautiful thing. And that's for that's for all you know, now, we've got so many flavors of of sexual preference to from, you know, binary to the bisexual to all sorts of.

[00:17:37] Oh, you haven't been watching us TV lately because our crazy senator from Hawaii said sexual preference is offensive word to use. Now, was this the latest craze?

[00:17:50] Wow, that is crazy. So that's that's the main thing was what are the advantages and the benefits.

[00:17:56] But the next thing is, if sex is so good for us, why are we often just too busy and we have too many what I call six deuces? And one of those excuses really comes from that lack of empowerment, particularly for women. No, but I say if every mother would wave a magic wand over her 10 year old girl and and say, you are a sex goddess and you have my permission to be one, but we grow up, what women do, we grow up with these taboos. It's not nice, you know, to be sexy. And then mostly when you're skanky, you're skanky. If you're sexy, that's that's that's what you can be you can feel like that because of the porn. And then we get so busy because women are perfectionists, made up of many men as well, too. But the busy women and I believe you're going to have my daughter Ella.

[00:18:52] Oh yeah. That's it is.

[00:18:55] This is Wednesday. She'll be on Friday.

[00:18:58] Right. And she will really tell you about how busy women put their sex lives on the shelf. So excuses with time poor. We're too tired, too tense. We can have troubled relationships. Some guys in particular have really bad technique and and they're ignorant about what women want. And that's because they've watched too much too much porn or they just haven't ever bothered to to find out what women like in bed. So it's a rude word, but I'll say it anyway. We can call in Australia, we call them dad routes anyway. What's another T word for the excuses turned off the switch. Now, this can happen to women, those busy women very, very often. But more and more men Tom can you believe it? Have lost the libido. They get really, really wrapped up in three things. One is money making money. The other one is sport. They're triathletes. I mean, partly maybe the triathletes are too tired for sex physically. And the other one is the what do I call him, the couch potato. The guy that watches sport on telly all the time. You know, those guys that wear their shirts hanging out so they bum crap shows.

[00:20:22] Yeah.

[00:20:22] So so isn't there anything to do with being intimidated by all the great women out there now? The.

[00:20:31] Well, are you speaking for yourself?

[00:20:33] No, I'm just saying that our women have come so far in society and and half the business, more than half the business in the United States is owned by women. And do you think some of these guys are getting intimidated?

[00:20:47] Well, that that is possible. But, you know, there's not all the women are like that. And I mean, a lot of women have told me over the years, you know, I go out with my girlfriends to a nightclub and no guy comes up to me.

[00:21:00] Well, nowadays, I do Internet dating, which is so much easier. But, you know, guys are intimidated. They are anxious. And being anxious is, I think, the universal thing about why many people make excuses. But you know what the other one might be in in in it's a people think they're too old now. I don't think you're ever too old. I mean, sure, you might not be able to swing from the chandeliers, but you can certainly be intimate and you can give each other pleasure with all sorts of comfortable ways of exchanging. And you should never stop a guy. Alex Comport, he was the one who wrote the first The Joy of Sex book. And he said that people give up six the same as they give up bicycle riding. I think wait for it. They think it's they think it's silly, they might be sick or they just don't have a bike.

[00:21:58] So we talked about advantages of sex, the benefits. We've talked about the sex excuses. We really do have to acknowledge there are male female sex differences, but that's very often a bad stereotype to Tom. And, you know, the stereotype about how men are sex maniacs and and women are six shy or.

[00:22:22] I love this joke. What's the difference between a prostitute, your mistress or your wife? What the prostitute says, faster, faster. Get it over with. Give me the money and go on. Your mistress says slower, slower, take your time. And your wife says beige. I think we'll paint the ceiling anyway.

[00:22:48] Look, those stereotypes really need to be thrown out the window now and we need to, you know, like basically meet when we meet somebody ask about their sexual history. Share yours, though. Here's my hot tip for that. Don't tell the overwhelming truth. If you tell too much, they'll use it against you, like later. And like one guy came to see me, he was a doctor and he got married later in life and he said, I found my wife's diary and it was a six story and she'd had sex with two hundred and twenty men. Just before she turned 40 and I said, wow, that is a lot, but what about you? How many women would you have had sex with all probably only 160 real stories, Tom.

[00:23:34] It's amazing what I learned of it. So aware of my male female sex differences and how to talk about it.

[00:23:43] And also, one of the biggest myths of all about sex is that, oh, it should be spontaneous. Now, one of my I'm going to do an online course called Find Time to Make Exquisite Love, because people say to me all, if you plan for it, if you have to find a time, then it's not spontaneous. So it's not real sex. And I want to teach those people, change your negative mindset. And the truth of it is many people tell me they're lucky to have sex once a month.

[00:24:17] And so even though I'm once a year with an actual partner or Tom know that most mostly they're having sex with themselves watching porn.

[00:24:30] No, you know what I call that. I told you I was cheeky.

[00:24:34] I call it watch and wink the and of it.

[00:24:40] And there was another guy who was a very successful entrepreneur and didn't have to go to an office every day while his family was there. And he'd watch and wait and wait Aramoana at the same time.

[00:24:54] And luckily he did come to see me because he said, I'm not happy with myself. He was the money making and also the triathlete. And he said, I feel so out of integrity with who I really am.

[00:25:05] So, you know, it's great how men and women will come in and be honest and say, you know, like, I want to be a better person and I know that my sexuality is something that I need to honor and and not disrespect.

[00:25:22] So. So you've made a business out of this for many years, right?

[00:25:26] That's right. I have all those those are audible hypnosis or I do a lot of hypnosis because of the sexual anxiety.

[00:25:37] Yeah, so have you ever gotten screwed in business?

[00:25:41] Well, unfortunately, I certainly have. So when I had been to the million dollar round table and that was my goal, I took up with the guy who was the goal, goal setting, getting expert. Well, there was also an expert at defrauding my credit card. Oh, and so, yeah.

[00:26:03] So at one stage it was hundred thousand dollars that he was into me Tom and this was a boyfriend or just, you know, a boyfriend and a colleague. And that's how he got into my credit card.

[00:26:15] And he promised me the Earth so that in the end I lost 50000 dollars in his enterprises and his promises.

[00:26:24] But, you know, you know, they talk about the greatest the greatest form of revenge is success, because seven years after I spoke about six at the million dollar round table, I was invited again.

[00:26:38] And this time I called my talk, dodging dodgy people.

[00:26:44] As a psychologist, I'm an expert in teaching people about that, you know, the narcissists of the world and and the con men. So I made my presentation and this guy had owned a beautiful big wooden sailing ship. And I bailed him out of his bankruptcy by helping get that that that wouldn't ship. Now, when he really started to fraud me, he wanted to ship back and I said no. So I put up a my first slide in my talk was, has anybody else ever been I didn't use the word screwed, but ever been, you know, cheated by somebody because this is the boat that that I was left with after this man did. And I said he wanted to be a speaker and I'm a speaker and the greatest form of revenge is success. And then I stood up with my hands up in the air like I just climbed a mountain. I said, and look who's the one here at Million Dollar Round Table, presenting a topic of dodging dodgy people. There was my success.

[00:27:46] So what's coming up for you? You're doing stuff with your daughter, right? And which I said we're going to have her on Friday. And so what what are you guys promoting together?

[00:27:59] I'm so glad you asked. Well, my daughter is absolutely magnificent. Well, guess all mothers think that. But five years ago, she surprised me by saying, mom, I've been studying tantric sex and tantric sex is absolutely misunderstood. She'll probably tell you give you give you all a great education on that. But it's actually about being whole holistic spirit, mind, heart and body. So at that time, I was getting a lot of women, the busy women who were stuck in their head and too busy for sex or one girl. She had five children. She was only thirty five. And she said, Dr. Jan, I've never had an orgasm. So I said, Ella, I've worked with this girl Susie for a year now, teaching her everything I know about orgasms, but she's still not.

[00:28:50] Oh, she's having some but with the vibrator and Ellen said, You watch Mum, I'll get Susie out of her head and into her body. So we've now formed a business, the pleasure power experts, where we call it we're hit. And I'm Dr Jan, the head expert meets the heart and the holistic. And that's the ELA.

[00:29:11] You know, there's a joke there, don't you know? What's that one?

[00:29:15] Well, that means a certain thing and yeah, that's right.

[00:29:20] And men, men often think too much with the wrong head. There you go. I have heard that joke.

[00:29:27] But anyway, the course is really for women. We'll do some more work for men. But you know what we've done? We did some pilot studies. We've put the course together now.

[00:29:38] And all the women out there listening and want and even the men you go ask your your your your woman, what did their mother teach them about sex? And almost inevitably, the woman says, Do you know what she taught me? Nothing. She taught me, don't get pregnant until you married or maybe don't have sex to get married. But otherwise, the mother never wave that magic wand.

[00:30:06] The mother never said, you are a sex goddess. So I, you know, women's pleasure, power course, giving women permission to be sex goddesses.

[00:30:18] And we would like to offer all of your listeners a discount on our course uniforms is okay.

[00:30:26] So, yeah, any time you can, you can get to be a sex goddess at a discount is a good deal like the Amazon Prime Day.

[00:30:35] And it really. I do, I know what that is.

[00:30:39] Anyway, we've it's only ninety nine US dollars and it's a five week course where you you really dig into what were you taught that was not not empowering and how can you now become that sex goddess? We've got delicious and juicy bonuses worth six hundred dollars Tom. The court is only ninety nine and your listeners are going to get it for 25 per cent of that. That's only 75.

[00:31:06] And they're not going to end up being skanky. They're going to be Goddess's, right?

[00:31:10] Yes, they sure are. And so what they need to do is go to our our special pleasure power expert slash gold. You'll be able to.

[00:31:20] We'll have that in the show, everybody. Yeah.

[00:31:22] Yeah. And the coupon is Antion100.

[00:31:27] So with Antion 69. O o o o o o Tom, that's another thing say I never make I would never in my whole life made a mistake in bed, which is like the mistake of hell to call the girl the wrong name.

[00:31:46] Oh, yes.

[00:31:47] So I call out my own name O Tom.

[00:31:52] So it's a little weird I admit. Sorry.

[00:31:58] Ok, well we got to take a brief sponsored break. When we come back, we're going to ask him what's a typical day look like for her and how she stays motivated. I'm almost afraid to ask that, but I will. So, folks, about 20 years ago, I kind of turned the Internet marketing world on its head.

[00:32:16] And there's that headwork that say that the same again.

[00:32:21] And the guys like me were charging 50 and women were charging 50 or 100 thousand dollars up front.

[00:32:27] The teacher, what we knew about Internet marketing and I knew a lot of these people they'd be hiding out in in Melbourne if you gave them 50 grand in the USA because they wouldn't teach you. So I said, you know, it's too risky and there's too too it's not right to put small businesses in that situation. So I charge this a relatively small entry fee. And then I tied my success to your success. So for me to get my fifty thousand, you had to net 200000 while people just love this and seventeen hundred plus students later, it's still going strong after twenty years. And I've been selling on the commercial internet for 26 years since it started around 1994. And it's the longest running, most successful, most unique mentor program ever in this field. I've triple dog dared people to come up with another program and try to compare it to mine. And over 20 years nobody has dared do it because of all the great features of mine. It's all one on one training. You have an immersion weekend at our retreat center. We have a TV studio where we shoot, you know, one couple shot, fifty three videos. Each one of them on the open market goes between seven hundred and fifteen hundred dollars. And we just did it for him right in our studio.

[00:33:45] So an edited them and all that stuff and plus you get a scholarship to my school that you can gift to someone in your life. And I had one guy join the mentor program.

[00:33:58] He's gifted it to his daughter where he had spent eighty thousand dollars on her crappy education and she's working some crappy job.

[00:34:07] After one month, she was making a thousand dollars a month on the side, two months later, she was up to three thousand four months, she was up to six thousand dollars a month and didn't even graduate yet. So this is extremely powerful in demand information that we teach. So check it out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com. It'll be in the show notes along with Jan's great stuff.

[00:34:30] And give us a call. We're very accessible. No high pressure. If you don't see the value of it, great. We go our separate ways, but it's nobody to this after 20 years has been able to put a program together that's as powerful as this one.

[00:34:48] All right. Let's get back to the main event. Dr. Janet Hall is here. She's a sex expert out of Melbourne, Australia, and her daughter is going to be here Friday giving the heart section of her talk.

[00:35:03] So, Jan, what's a typical day look like for you in this business?

[00:35:07] Oh, it's always exciting because there's something new to learn. And, you know, with the Internet, I find that I can, you know, suddenly lose a whole hour on finding out what the latest tips for how to how to have quick orgasms for women takes an hour to learn how to make it quick.

[00:35:24] But, you know, self-worth has always been you know, my my biggest motivation is, hey, wait a minute, wait a minute.

[00:35:29] While we're on the topic of orgasm, OK, now, how long does an orgasm, an average orgasm go for a woman?

[00:35:41] Well, that's what Ellen can really teach you about on Friday, Tom here to tell me, oh, no.

[00:35:48] Well, you know, she will tell everybody that women's orgasms can go for hours and days.

[00:35:57] God, if yes, if they learn with multi multi orgasmic. But typically, you know that you remember that to do while they're doing a several day long.

[00:36:09] Well, you can go to my computer to go to tantric retreats and they will teach you how to do that.

[00:36:17] She gave it to me about Tantric because nobody that I know knows what the heck that is.

[00:36:23] It kind of reminds me, you know, we think like I don't know if you know about Reiki, you know, it's like a compass I know about.

[00:36:30] Right.

[00:36:31] Ok, well, they don't touch the person in Reiki.

[00:36:33] So is it like trying Tantric? Is that Tantric could be actually actually orgasm and get touched and all that stuff.

[00:36:43] Well, either all depends on what you want, it's getting out of your head and being into your body sometimes mean that you get touched.

[00:36:51] But OK, so it's not just where it's like not no touching. No, I'll get her I'll make her describe it.

[00:37:00] Ok. All right, but back to myself.

[00:37:03] So I practice what I preach. And when I get up in the morning, first thing I do is I write in my gratitude diary and all the things that I'm grateful for about yesterday, I exercised with my beautiful second husband. I found the right one. And we've been married 20 years now. And of course, I plan my goals. And then I've always got a date pretty well planned out where I do some some writing, I'm still writing. But in my course, to find time to make exquisite love, I see a few clients.

[00:37:31] So I'm not busy with clients anymore at my age. But I talk to a few people and I go on podcasts and I'm about to start working on my own podcast, thanks to Tom. So I'm pretty busy and of course, with lookdown, you know, we've been really bad in Melbourne, Australia, and just yesterday we got out so we still can't go interstate. But travel is my absolute love now. And I've been just about everywhere on my bucket list and can't wait to do more.

[00:38:02] You said you can't go into where state.

[00:38:06] Any other Australian states they locked. Victoria out, they said, you know, we had 750 cases and we've had 850 deaths, which is nothing compared to the USA. But yeah, each state is independent within the nation and so they close their borders.

[00:38:24] Wow. And we haven't been able to even, you know, catch the train from one capital city to the next. And the planes weren't working either. So we've been locked down for six months.

[00:38:36] Right. Right. But we're getting out now. So we're going to go on a on an air safari where we're going to go right to the very tip of Australia. That's next. This time next July next year.

[00:38:48] You know what? All that will happen because of this.

[00:38:51] Well, they've always said that there's more babies like nine months born from wintertime because more people are inside. So I imagine there's going to be loads of babies coming after this.

[00:39:06] Yes, absolutely. I've always said if there's like a power, a power collapse, you know, nine months later, there's a baby boom.

[00:39:14] There we go. Yeah. So any parting thoughts you have for we call them our screwballs people listen to this, the show on besides going and getting your course to tell more about the course it's online or what's it going to be?

[00:39:31] What's it like that there's five videos of half an hour ever. And I talk just like mom and daughter having a cup of coffee about all the sexual problems that women encounter and our good ideas for for helping them overcome that from having fabulous orgasms to. Yeah. Dealing with that painful sex.

[00:39:50] So guys and men and women should watch this together or alone or what.

[00:39:55] I think men should watch these videos.

[00:39:59] They will learn these aren't these aren't just. Oh, that's right. These are for women. Right.

[00:40:04] Yeah, no, but we say we we asked them get your significant other to watch it with right now. Watch it with you said that he will understand, appreciate and you can share some of your own insights, you know, like so many, so many women were suffering from some kind of sexual abuse. You know, you might think this might be simple, but, you know, just to even be, you know, constantly felt up. Well, you're in public transport, for instance.

[00:40:33] Is he allowed to have is he allowed to have a football game playing on his other TV?

[00:40:37] Well, you're one, I guess.

[00:40:39] I think you should concentrate a lot a lot to it.

[00:40:43] So, you know, they get the PDF, they get all these bonuses in the bonus. That's a lot of stuff that I've done. And they actually can get at the webinar that I've since made with with all the slides and my funny jokes of that first million dollar round table talk called great sex in a loving relationship, because that's as much a lot of fun for people to watch and then talk about.

[00:41:08] Beautiful. So tell everybody how they get in touch with you if they have questions or anything.

[00:41:12] Well, my website is drjanethall.com and I've actually got about five websites and a huge shop, so please come and look.

[00:41:26] Beautiful. Yeah I we'll have all this notes for everybody. Well thanks so much Janet for I think this is our first explicit episode.

[00:41:33] We have to put it in the next to it on YouTube, but probably get more listens than everybody, regular ones.

[00:41:41] So I hope so because it is something we should all feel quite safe to talk about and laugh about and enjoy.

[00:41:47] Yeah. And like is it is not a normal topic for this show, but still it's business.

[00:41:53] You made a business out of this pleasurable topic and helped a lot of people in the meantime, you know, so, so good for you or what do you say. Good on you. Right.

[00:42:03] Yeah, good. Good on good on you. Yeah. Good on you and good on you.

[00:42:07] Tom for having me on and being willing to have people say, oh, we're really talking about sex because that's a brave thing to do as well. Good. Thank you.

[00:42:15] Thank you. And this is episode 356 folks. So you go screwthecommute.com/356 and then watch Friday for her beautiful young daughter on episode 357 will take this even further into the heart side of this. So thanks a lot Janet, for coming on.

[00:42:35] Thank you, Tom.

[00:42:37] All right. We'll catch everybody on the next episode. See ya later.

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