339 - She's a Veteran AND a military spouse: Tom interviews Richelle Futch - Screw The Commute

339 – She’s a Veteran AND a military spouse: Tom interviews Richelle Futch

Richelle Futch is a Marine Corps veteran and current military spouse. She's got fifteen years of clinical experience working with government agencies as well as in private practice. She got her master's in social work from the University of Washington, and she's got extensive training in dialectical behavior therapy.

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[04:21] Tom's introduction to Richelle Futch

[10:08] Richelle's Workshop

[14:40] When people are seeking out help

[15:33] Discussing the family dynamic

[19:24] “Her Ruck” – The Book

[20:55] Applies to non-military spouses as well

[25:51] Now is the time to start your own business

[29:27] Sponsor message

[32:12] A typical day for Richelle and how she stays motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 339 – Richelle Futch
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody it's Tom here with episode three hundred and thirty nine of Screw the commute podcast. I'm here with Richelle Futch as part of Vetrepreneur's Month here at screw the commute she's been on before. I just love her. She's the one responsible for getting me invited to the White House. Can you believe it? Yeah. She's the military spouse of the year at Fort Bragg. And and we're talking about military employment, and that's the second lady's platform. So she got me up there and boy, we had a grand old time and made some progress. And then the stupid pandemic kind of squashed us for a while. But that'll that'll pass. Hope you didn't miss Episode 338. Kathy Carter is a retired military veteran, a massage therapist, the coach. She really made a lifestyle business. She just gets bored doing the same stuff all the time. She's an author and an inspirational speaker and does just does her thing. And I love that. Now, how would you like to hear your own voice here on screw the commute? Well, if the show's helped you out at all in your business or giving you an idea to help you start a business, we want to hear about it. Screwthecommute.com and on the little side, there's a little blue side bar that says send a voicemail, click on it, talk into your phone or computer. Tell me how the show has helped you out and put your website in there, too, so you can get a big shout out in front of thousands of people and a future episode of Screw the Commute. Grab a copy of our Automation eBook.

[00:01:58] This is a very powerful book that's helped me run my business lightning fast and saves me millions of keystrokes. Literally. We figured it out one time, seven and a half million keystrokes. We save from just one one of the tips in the book. So it's yours free for listening to the show.

[00:02:18] Grab it at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. And of course everything will be in the show notes, including all Richelle's great stuff that we're going to tell you about in a minute. While you're over at screw the commute, you'll want to grab a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app, and you can put it on your cell phone and tablet and do all kinds of cool things with it. We got instructions for you over there on how to use it. All right, everybody's freaking out because of the pandemic, but myself and Richelle isn't, and a lot of my students aren't because they learned how to sell from home. Plus, it keeps you out of all this craziness that's happened in a lot of these big cities. And people have been calling me up, say, Tom you all right? I'm like, yeah, why? From what I've been sitting here for 44 years and 26 of them on the Internet at my house, I don't have to fight the traffic. That's why we call this screw the commute, by the way. So I formalized my training in two ways.

[00:03:24] One is a mentor program and the other is a school. It's the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country. And since this is Venture Partners Week, I want to make sure that everybody knows that we are cleared by the Department of Defense for a military spouse scholarship. So it can really it plus we just as a thank you to all our veterans and military people, military families give a 50 percent scholarship just to start you off. So it's a very great way to get a portable skill that is in high demand because every business on Earth needs all the stuff we teach, the hard core things of marketing, email, marketing and blogs and all the stuff. All right. So check that out at IMTCVA.org and get in touch with me. And I'm going to show you how you can get a full scholarship to it if you're in my mentor program a little bit later.

[00:04:21] All right. Let's get to the main event. Richelle Futch is a Marine Corps veteran and current military spouse. She's got over fifteen years and I find that hard to believe because she looks like she's fifteen years old. So I don't know how that's supposed to work. But she's she's got fifteen years of clinical experience working with government agencies as well as in private practice. She got her master's in social work from the University of Washington, and she's got extensive training and it's actually dialectical behavior therapy. And I thought it was diabolical. So she corrected me very quickly on that with an electric shock is how she corrected. She's she's generalized DBT skills to various populations and she's passionate about addressing stress in military families to help reduce suicide. Very serious. There's this passion led to the development of her workshop we'll talk about today called Unpacking Your Emotional Ruck, and she'll tell us what ruck is for all us civilians. And her book is called Her Ruck Inside the Emotional Backpack of Military Wives, which has provided opportunities to serve military families world wide. Richelle, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:05:49] The commute always, always Marines are always ready.

[00:05:53] Yeah, it's hard for me to believe, but I see you that you were a Marine. I think the Marines is, you know, just swashbuckling guys, all filthy, dirty with camouflage all over.

[00:06:06] Yeah, that's what you love about it.

[00:06:08] That's I guess that was you at one time. But right now, nobody would think, oh, well, she's a tough Marine.

[00:06:14] She's a mom and a homeschooler. That's another reason why you don't have to go out and fight the craziness right now.

[00:06:24] I mean, it's been a blessing that a few years ago I chose the homeschooling route because when covid hit, I was like, all right, kids, business as usual.

[00:06:33] And I mean, that's that's just been the way it's it's been for three years already. I think it's not that I saw this coming, but I definitely already had issues with the school system and things like that.

[00:06:44] I wonder why. Yeah, well, I think that's a whole nother. All right.

[00:06:51] Well, and I've been talking to some of my employees that have kids and they're just struggling. I mean, the kids, even the teachers are struggling. There's like, you know, click here. And the kids, like, we're aware and it's and it's taken ten times as long to do anything. And I don't think any kid will be able to read after after they get through this pandemic.

[00:07:13] Well, to be honest, Tom, it's like I think entrepreneurship really sets you up to be successful when when things like this happen and you have to pivot, because I'm already good at delegating certain areas of my business to people who are professional in that area. And so I have a tutor that I pay to come in and do the curriculum that I choose. So my kids are still in books. They're not on the computer. And it made it so much easier for me to like to pivot and at things start dropping. I'm like, OK, we can't go there. So what else can we do? Our minds are just working. We just work differently. And I think that's a skill set that we have when we're when you're an entrepreneur.

[00:07:50] Absolutely.

[00:07:51] And then you teach in this new math, because I keep seeing these videos where they put a problem on the blackboard and one person finishes that with the normal math and the other one is doing it with the new math. And it takes like five times longer with the new math to figure out. Two plus two is four.

[00:08:10] I think. I think any time there's something new, the change is hard. But the problem is, is that you want parents engage with their children's learning and now you're you're creating something new that that parents have never experienced and the parents aren't taught that. So there's a big divide in a misconnect. And so math is math, right? That's what we learned in math, is that it's something you can rely on. It's just what it is. And so the fact that people want to change that up is really ineffective in my mind at helping parents and children work together and maintaining that relationship around schoolwork.

[00:08:42] Did you say effective or ineffective?

[00:08:45] Well, I think it's ineffective to change it up. I think it's I think it's very ineffective to change it up on parents.

[00:08:50] But you want to be effective and you want parents engaged in their children's learning. I mean, it's one thing to delegate some of the education. You can't let it go just like in your business. You can you can hire a virtual assistant. You can hire somebody to do your Facebook ads or whatever it might be. But if you don't know what that's supposed to look like yourself and you're not checking up on that, well, then your business is going to suffer for sure. And it's the same thing with your kids education.

[00:09:17] Well, yeah, but, you know, I told you before we got recording here that I bought the website highly educated idiots.

[00:09:25] So, I mean, to me, I mean, I could take I came from a little tiny town in Nowheresville and you could take any farmer that's out there and do a better job, some of this stuff, because they have common sense. I just can't see how making it take five times as long to do a problem is is helpful to the little kids and and seeing the poor kids who are like in tears and struggling when they get it wrong because they showed their work wrong.

[00:09:54] But the answer was right. Yeah, no, I know what the answer is, but I don't know all these steps in between. So I'm just putting filler stuff in there. But in the real world, you just you want the right answer, you know.

[00:10:05] Exactly. That's that's the thing. So so tell us about this workshop that you do.

[00:10:12] So my workshop really stemmed from I think we talked about this last time I was on around the pivot when my husband came down on orders from Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington State to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. And I had to close my mental health practice. What I had started doing was in my practice, I was already doing the dialectical behavior therapy.

[00:10:33] What does that mean anyway?

[00:10:37] Dialectical is two opposing truths that both coexist and you try to find space for both of them to exist and work toward the middle. So acceptance and change how those are occurring is one example. And so what it does is it helps with those cognitive distortions of like all or nothing thinking all these extremes which you see in our political climate. We kind of touched on that a little bit. So what it does is it brings like what's what's the truth? What's the kernel of truth that's on either of those sides? And how do we allow for that while also still working toward being effective in the middle somewhere like, OK, I can see that there's a problem here. And yet your solution is what I'm arguing with. I'm not arguing that there's a problem. And yet you want to argue with me that I see a different problem. No, I agree with that. So how can we agree that this is what we are arguing on and that sort of thing?

[00:11:26] Well, isn't your truth not necessarily the same as my truth about something?

[00:11:32] Because after a long time ago, before you were born, there was a there was a movie called Vantage Point, and it showed like an assassination or something from five different views.

[00:11:45] Oh, yeah, I remember that. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:11:47] And each one of them had their own truth of what happened.

[00:11:51] Absolutely. So that's what we're talking about here.

[00:11:54] Yeah. How do I allow for your truth? I picture you looking at one side of a 50 cent coin and me looking at the other side that we're both looking at the same thing. But if I asked you to describe what you saw and you're looking at the tail side, you're going to describe bird's wings and things like that. And if I'm looking at the head, fine, I'm going to describe a profile of a person. And yet we're looking at the same thing, but we're seeing very different things. Right. So how can I allow for your truth to exist in the same area that my truth exists?

[00:12:24] Do you get a lot of resistance from people with this?

[00:12:28] Sometimes I think that is just over their head. They're like, I'm just have to trust you and they work through it. So I think I think when you bring it down to an example like that, then they get it like, OK, I can see that.

[00:12:38] And I can understand why, especially when I work a lot with parents, the kids and the parents of you are so dramatically different. And, you know, parents often get stuck in wanting to be right and not effective. And then so they really focus on will you do this? Because I said so and because this is the way I look at it and this is the way that it is. And if they would just slow down and shift and say, I need to hear what they say, I need to validate what's valid and not what isn't valid, but I need to validate what's valid for them, then you're going to get more movement with that kid than if you were. Just do as I say, because I said so.

[00:13:14] Now I got to mess with it a little bit because there's there's an old saying that I've never met a psychologist that didn't need one.

[00:13:23] And so I'm just waiting to use those two beautiful little girls of yours grow up or two or three.

[00:13:30] I lost track and they. Yeah. And then guys start coming around, see see how your truth is that. Oh Lord. Help them for sure.

[00:13:42] Why. But I'm not.

[00:13:44] But I'm not you know, I'm not the owner of all that is right. And I think that's one of the things a lot of us need to realize is that that no one person is the owner of all that is true.

[00:13:54] Thank you. God, you just crushed me right there. Yeah, I'm sorry. I you know.

[00:14:01] So is this for military people only or is this for anybody?

[00:14:05] So my workshops primarily have come out targeting military families like military spouses and some with the service members. But I was doing these same workshops in the civilian population before I even did this. And so I have a great workshop for first responders. I have a great workshop geared right for military. And then I can I can basically create a workshop geared with the same sort of strategies to any population. It's a really easy fix to sort of find something that's relatable to them and allow them to be the professionals in what they're what they're experiencing now.

[00:14:41] What what would be going through someone's mind to make them seek out something like this? Because if you think you're right all the time, you probably wouldn't seek out help.

[00:14:52] Yeah, I think a lot of times when people start seeking out help, it's a couple of different areas. Either the pain is just so unbearable that they come and seek help. That's probably not those people who think they're right. Their relationships are so damaged and it finally takes somebody else breaking up with them or telling them something or a family member stop talking to them.

[00:15:12] The relationship with a child or a spouse, right?

[00:15:15] Absolutely. And then the third the third reason that you see a lot of people finally seeking it out is something scares them, like, OK, I really got to a scary point in my life and I felt a little dangerous. And I think maybe I do need some help.

[00:15:31] Wow, and now how does that work in the family dynamic, like like you have three girls and a husband, and did you know that you were going to have the same ways to raise those girls before you had them? Like, what if he said, why do they need a spanking? And you say, well, no way, you're touching that girl.

[00:15:54] You know, how does that work in a family dynamic?

[00:15:58] That's a great question. I would I would say start earlier before you get married. There's a lot of, like preparation courses you could take in conversations you can have. My husband and I did not do that. I definitely think that he leans toward my my knowledge and experience. And we have I call him courageous conversations.

[00:16:17] Well, to me, they're like a drunken stupor at a military bar.

[00:16:22] Well, you say you were sober when we first met.

[00:16:26] I mean, like two drinks and or something like that, like, oh, well, two drinks for you to put you fly and I will leave you alone.

[00:16:35] So, no, I will probably. Now, since I became a mom, I rarely get to just indulge in a fine, fine beverage. But yeah, back when I was single and no kids and it was a typical like Wednesday night we met on Mardi Gras actually. Oh, no, no, no. It was Cinco de Mayo.

[00:16:54] Ok, but back to your question. I think that really not giving the punishment when you're angry and recognizing that you can take a pause, you can say, you know what, I'm really upset right now and I need you to go in your room or I need you to go read a book or do something while I think about what needs to happen and then collaborating if you need to. And so if you know the big girly, big burly guy is the one who wants to spank, but you have like a six year old girl who's just really small, it's like, are you spanking when you're angry or are you swatting because you're able to communicate what went wrong and why that is the most appropriate punishment for the course. I think a lot of times when people lean to spanking, it's because their emotions are high and they can't think of another consequence.

[00:17:44] Well, that doesn't work on dog training, I'll tell you that. You have to do it within one and a half seconds, make a correction.

[00:17:51] The same thing with really young children, too, with really young children. But can you imagine, like spanking a six month old or a nine month old girl? You want your corrections really close. But as as they age, you can definitely say, OK, this what you just did was not appropriate. You know, my kids are always up to something, not my middle child. She she just she tries so hard to not do anything wrong. But my oldest especially will come up with some of the craziest things to say or to do and sometimes are really funny. And I'm like, oh, I don't even know how you thought of that. That is hilarious. But I can't say that because she's you know, she's done something to her sister. And I'm like, all right. I pause and I think about I want to approach this. And so I'll take pauses. It's not like two hour pauses, but I'll take that. I'll take a ten minute pause or five minute pause.

[00:18:36] So you take your own time out. Oh, I take my own time out.

[00:18:40] So I actually like you know, I don't have kids, but I did learn that you're not supposed to use stun guns on them.

[00:18:48] On your kids. Yeah, I don't I mean, I don't think it was a good idea because it doesn't leave a mark, but apparently a mistake. Yeah. I mean, first of all, I mean, I know kids will often run away from you when they're really upset.

[00:19:02] My mind don't mind. Stand to take it. They're they're really good at like, all right. I did it hit me with it. But now I don't know if I had my seventeen year old, you know, doing something crazy, if I wouldn't be like, all right in the yard.

[00:19:13] It's stun gun time. I don't think so, but really not. Well, that's right. CPS call right now.

[00:19:20] So yeah. So this you got a book to write.

[00:19:27] I have a book in progress Tom Let's remember, it's been in progress for a while.

[00:19:32] Well, yeah, but that's a book still about a book.

[00:19:34] I do have a couple of workbooks out, but the book is in progress. It's coming along really beautifully. Her Ruck inside the emotional backpack of military wives, and it's called her ruck and military wives for clearly you're in marketing. That is one of your number one specialties. And so understanding the the market of military spouses and how over 90 percent are females, it's marketing. That doesn't mean that military husbands couldn't get some something from it as well. But I think they're their own target. They have their own special stresses. And that's what we talk about her. The ruck is the rucksack. It's this backpack that we carry and all the things that we wake up and put this rucksack on and carry throughout our day. Some of it is long term vulnerabilities that's been with us since childhood. So think of your belief system, past trauma, things like that, and then some of the stuff that's happening in the short term. So those short term vulnerabilities, you're buying a house, you're moving, somebody cut you off in traffic, all those things. Think of it as weight in your backpack. And that's how well you're able to equip is how how many protective factors you have that help you either carry that weight, set some things down or shift it around or carry it for you when you need it. And so that's kind of the premise of the book.

[00:20:53] And a lot of the skills that I talk about in the workbook, you were a military veteran and a military wife.

[00:21:00] So would this apply to people that are not military spouses, but rather the military is still mostly female?

[00:21:10] Yeah, if even I mean female, just because some of the examples and the interviews that I have are coming from women's perspectives. But, you know, if you deal with depression, it relates to you. If you've ever dealt with abuse, it relates to you. If you deal with stress, it relates to you. So any of those common things that we deal with, if you ever had to move, if you have had to get married, if you've had relationship difficulties, if you had to get married, that sense that you had to get married, if you've ever fallen in love and taken the plunge, get married, it could relate to.

[00:21:45] The marriage is easy, though, isn't it? Oh, yeah. Piece of cake.

[00:21:52] Yeah, that's what I heard. I say all these people are just living the life, you know, on Facebook.

[00:21:57] Is that where you see them or you see them in person? No, I don't see anybody in person like yeah it's beautiful on Facebook.

[00:22:04] Is it a Facebook marriage is the best of it. So hey, do you don't have Netflix?

[00:22:13] We did, but we just recently canceled it.

[00:22:15] Why? Because of that movie that just came out.

[00:22:18] Yeah, I just you know, it's one of those things where you have to take a stand at some point when you have when you believe in something. And some of the things I see is, well, you let your if you let your kids watch dance moms or whatever those shows are. And I'm like, that's a big assumption that you think all of us are out here watching, letting our kids watch Toddlers and Tiaras and Dance Moms. No, we've never watched that in our house. And I'm pretty sure the commercials I've seen for that, the little girls aren't sucking their fingers and taking pictures of their privates. Like, let's put this in perspective. My issue primarily was not the movie itself. My issue is that they had child actors playing in that movie. Right. And I thought that I thought that exploiting children in order to make a point was just too far. And so I think that's inappropriate. If they had 18 and 19 year old girls like they did and bring it on, play those parts. And it was intended intended for adult audiences, I wouldn't have had an issue with it. That's just sort of where I stand.

[00:23:13] Yeah, no, I'm just, you know, I didn't watch it, but I've just been here and all the the stuff about it.

[00:23:20] And it just seems like how like I said, what's the world coming to when they're, you know, they're claiming that they're making some kind of big point against exploitation, but they're exploiting right in front of your very eyes to do it.

[00:23:36] How what a simple fix to just get 18 and 19 year olds to play the part. There's plenty of them lined up that want to be actresses I don't understand.

[00:23:43] Probably look younger.

[00:23:46] It's for it's the age of consent. I mean, I know that's different in different areas, but this is being promoted in the United States. And that's where Netflix, I think, has the responsibility is because they're promoting it in the United States and we have specific protection laws in place for that. And if honestly, this would be a whole different conversation if those actresses weren't minors, that's that's my issue.

[00:24:09] Well, yeah, a senator from Utah is considering criminal stuff about him because he was on the TV the other day saying that some of the stuff he felt was cross the line into criminality and so.

[00:24:23] Well, I mean, you have you have high school boys. Getting charged for forwarding pictures of minors in their underwear or maybe topless around the schools that their girlfriends have sent them, and they're getting charged for that. And these are and these girls in this movie are like 11 and 12. Why why shouldn't there be some sort of continuity in what's right and what's wrong?

[00:24:46] There was a company, though.

[00:24:48] There was a really crazy thing a couple of years ago where, you know, the the standard for the last million years when since they had cameras was having your little babies in the bathtub.

[00:25:02] Yeah, right. Somebody got arrested for having a picture of there. I mean, these were babies.

[00:25:07] These were not any couldn't even walk probably yet and got arrested for this crazy, crazy world we live in.

[00:25:16] It's crazy when something that's supposed to be pure and natural becomes as the wrong people are doing the wrong things with it. Like all these people snatching up your kids and snatch I mean, snatching up women. It's like you don't have a right to these people. And I don't know where where our country is gone, where people think they can just have this opportunity and they take advantage of it. We have it. We have a human problem right now. And and I think that people need to focus on that. And there's a lot of noise that's happening and they're not talking about the real root of the issue. And that's the human problem that people are experiencing.

[00:25:50] Yeah, and it's getting to the point where I think there's going to be some kind of major reset pretty soon.

[00:25:55] I don't want to predict what it might be, but it's something's got to give. That's for sure.

[00:26:02] I mean, if you learned anything from the politics that's happening right now in the country, if you're learning anything from covid shutting people down, now is the time to be starting your own business and making sure that it's you have the abilities to pivot and look ahead. Think about it, Tom, if if if you weren't prepared for all of this and you were going to a nine to five and all of a sudden that business got shut down, your life would be dramatically different than what happened.

[00:26:27] I lost this house that, you know, lost everything.

[00:26:31] Now imagine if the Internet shut down. Yeah, I guarantee. I guarantee you do a lot of your business on the Internet, but I guarantee because of who you are, you would find a way to pivot.

[00:26:41] Yeah, because that's forty four years in business, long before the Internet was even around.

[00:26:45] But right. But for now, the chances of that that happening are pretty slim. So that's a good way to go to to create some some extra revenue streams for your family. And so that's why I started the school and that's why I've been just hammering people to to learn these skills so that they can keep income coming in no matter what's going on out there.

[00:27:10] So and yeah, I have a master's in social work and I'm in your school. I mean, what does that tell you? That these these skills you need to have in any business you have? I'm in counseling and I need these skills.

[00:27:22] Yeah.

[00:27:22] Because no matter what kind of the sad thing is, is that a great marketer will be a great practitioner any day of the week. So you could be the best counselor on earth if nobody knows about your can find you or anything.

[00:27:38] Word of mouth is OK, but it's too slow and not enough to pay the bills nowadays.

[00:27:43] So absolutely, you're limited and you're basically trading dollars for hours. And so if there's not somebody in front of you, you're probably not getting paid.

[00:27:50] There you go. And now covid, right? Yeah. They're not of you.

[00:27:54] Yeah. And then, you know, that big trauma you went through when you all of a sudden got papers out of Washington State and just had to shut your business down.

[00:28:03] Oh, Tom. You know what they're trying. So we were we just found out last week that we're on a list to go from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. And I don't think this is going to happen. But let me tell you what a stressful week it was. We found out we are on a list to go to Okinawa, Japan, next week. My husband will have two and a half years left in the military and they want to send us to another country for him to retire from. Oh, and imagine me doing telehealth, right. So I do have in-person clients that I work with and now I'm on a complete opposite schedule, so I'm awake. Well, and when my clients are sleeping, so that's not going to work. I also do workshops that people pay. Pay me to come and and talk and speak and do these things. Now, people aren't going to pay for me to fly from Japan to do a workshop in the United States. And so that would shut down so. All I'm saying is that you never know what life's going to throw you, some military throws things at us like sars-cov-2 at you. And so there's all these different things that you have to be ready to say, what am I going to do if this happens? How am I going to how's my family going to survive financially, knowing that we would both be leaving? My husband would be leaving without a job. He's not where we're going to retire from another country. We're not going to stay there. So he's not networking and he's not going and checking out places to get himself set up when he gets out. It's just things like that. You never know when other people have control of some part of your business or your lifestyle.

[00:29:26] You have to be ready to pivot, that's for sure. Preaching to the choir there, young lady.

[00:29:31] So I've got to take a brief sponsor break. And then we come back, we're going to ask Richelle, what's a typical day look like for her in her business and how she stays motivated. So, folks, about twenty years ago, I kind of turned the Internet marketing guru world on its head. Guys like me were charging 50 or 100 thousand dollars up front to teach this stuff to small businesses. And I thought, you know, I know a lot of those people, they're rip offs. You'd be chasing them around Mexico, you know, if you gave me 50000 bucks to to help you and they wouldn't do it. So I thought, you know what, I'm going to I'm going to fix this. So I charged a small entry fee, relatively small entry fee. And then my success is tied to your success. So for me to get my fifty thousand, you have to make two hundred thousand. That's net. And boy, people love this. And seventeen hundred students later that program still going in. It's extremely unique in that it has a visit to my retreat center, of course, after the pandemic is over, an immersion weekend. It also is very unique in that everything we do is one on one tutoring.

[00:30:39] So you are not lumped in with hundreds of other people and you're bored sometimes and sleep in and lost the other time. So nobody, nobody available to even talk to you, let alone teach you. It's so very unique to you. We have a TV studio next door which we shoot videos for you. So it's extremely unique. And the and also that fifty thousand for me to get is capped. So after you make your two hundred thousand I don't get another nickel. You're not stuck with me forever. So people just love that. And also you get if you're in the mentor program, you get a scholarship to my school, which is a nineteen thousand dollar scholarship. Some people gift that to their, you know, to a loved one nephew, niece, grandchild. And we've got we're some of them are making money. This one girl is making six thousand dollars a month as a side hustle and only been in the school for months. So this is a very powerful and in demand skill, better than spending a fortune at a four year college. And then the kids are learning how to protest and compete for jobs at Starbucks.

[00:31:52] So check it out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com. Give me a call. And there's no high pressure here is never, never been any high pressure. If you don't see the value of it for you, then that's that's cool. All right. So check it out. GreatInternetmarketingtraining.com.

[00:32:13] All right. Let's get back to the main event. Richelle Futch is here. She is a military spouse of the year at Fort Bragg. She's also a Marine veteran and she's got a beautiful family down there in North Carolina. And so what's a typical day look like for, you know, your home school, but to run your business? What's what's it look like?

[00:32:41] So for my business, so my girls, we have like a camper trailer that we put the girls out when the tutor comes over from nine to 12. So I get up, we do our morning routine. They go to school at 9:00. And so then I have from nine to 12 to work on my business. And that's usually what I do with looking at like Lee generations, new content, things like that. So that's more of like my growth period in your book, finishing my book. So. Right. So my writing, my writing comes really in creative spurts. And so I will either spend that entire time writing one day or I will do it on all my other businesses. And then I do my writing sometimes in the evenings when everybody goes to bed, I'm a kind of a late night creative person. And so that's sort of my nine to 12 is my is my business time or my air time or my. It's dedicated to me and I don't I don't like to let anybody else in on that time. And that's why I do a lot of my business and my planning for growth in my business. And then the girls come back at noon, we have lunch, and then from the afternoon, from noon to three, we'll do some other activities.

[00:33:49] If if it's our day, we'll do our science, we'll do science. We'll look over what work they did with their tutor. I'll answer questions. We'll do some homework, do some things like that. And then we start prepping for the evening and I start working. I do my one on one sessions. And so either if I have telehealth through my private practice or if I'm doing coaching on one on one through some of my programs, I start that usually around five o'clock in the evening and I go until ten or eleven o'clock at night. One of the girls doing during this time, the girls at that time are my husband comes home from work about 5:00 and so they do they do dinner together. Sometimes I take a break. I have like a half hour break. I'll come out and I'll do dinner with everybody. And that's Monday through Thursday. I'll work four days a week. I am Friday, Saturday, Sunday off. And then so the girls will do like evening activities. I'll play board games. They'll take their showers and baths and things like that.

[00:34:48] Pretty relaxing evening, yeah, nice, and then what's the weekend look like? You say you take them totally off.

[00:34:54] I take my weekends off. Yeah, I if if we don't have anything specific happening and it just kind of relaxed and doing a fun, lazy day, I'll jump in in my office and I'll get some work done. Or when things come up, I might schedule something here and there. But for the most part, I try to keep that as family time, quality of life time. And so the girls are in soccer right now. So we have a soccer game coming up this weekend where I said my daughter's birthday is this weekend. We're going to Williamsburg and checking out some of the sites. So as homeschoolers, we we're all engaged in the history and taking advantage of the area where we live while we're a military family. We might might go someplace kicking and screaming and not want to move. But once we get there, we say, well, what can we do while we're here to make the best of it? So we try out and do some things on the weekends, stuff like that, home projects, you know, your needs to get done, things like that.

[00:35:45] So let's this living at for near Fort Bragg. Better than the last place you were.

[00:35:51] Well, the last place we were was our home state, and so, you know, Washington State in the Pacific Northwest is beautiful and yeah, so turn it down, we'll tell.

[00:36:02] They burn it down.

[00:36:03] You know, I live in I grew up in a beach town, so we didn't have you know, we didn't have any the fires or the there.

[00:36:11] So it's pretty it's pretty good where I was. But yeah, I would definitely say career wise, working with the military and especially with the special operations community.

[00:36:20] Fort Bragg is the place to be. It's been beautiful for my business, but for family and being around. And my mom just had a stroke a few weeks ago and I had to fly home for a week.

[00:36:29] And I did see I thought I saw you on a plane. I thought you were just on vacation.

[00:36:33] Yeah, no, my mom had a stroke and was in the hospital and so flying out to see her. It's hard being so far away and not being able to take care of that need to be done around the family. And I have a I have an amazing group of cousins and we all get together and do cool stuff. And so it's hard being away from the family aspect. So home is definitely where the heart is. And and yet, you know, I can take advantage and find the benefits of wherever we get landed.

[00:37:02] Well, hopefully not, because that would be you know, I would have I've already been stationed in Okinawa. My husband's already been stationed in Okinawa. It's not that we don't love the place.

[00:37:11] I mean, it would be we would have been fine having our kids have had an experience there. It's the fact that it's the last two years before retirement that's that makes it difficult. And my mom just having a stroke and needing help at home.

[00:37:22] Yeah. Yeah. So how do you stay motivated?

[00:37:27] Oh, I think, you know, motivation is one of those things that I feel like other people who have the same sort of.

[00:37:37] Exciting ideas, talking with them helps motivate me. We do a power hour once a week with other military spouses and they motivate me working in the vet tribe. We have a warrior council. They motivate me. But a lot of it is is just innate. Either you're you're made out for the you're you're made for entrepreneurship or you're not. And for me, I would rather, you know, instead of a hobby, I like to talk businesses. So when people say, I'm thinking about starting a business, I'm like, oh, include me in your brainstorm, please let me sit in for that, because that's so much fun for me and that fuels me. Even helping other other entrepreneurs still fuels me, even though I don't get paid for that on my business. I love it and that motivates me. I love the ideas and seeing things turn out and happen. That's just so motivating to me. But realistically, it's it's communicating with other people like you, Tom, who's done it, who's been there. And you always come up with like 15 other ideas to keep you busy doing what you hired you to do that. And so I have this great list of things that I that I want to do and I need to do. And so, yeah, I'm always motivated for business.

[00:38:44] That's awesome. So thanks so much for coming on. Tell everybody how they can get in touch with you.

[00:38:49] And, you know, if they're interested in these, I imagine some some folks could sponsor a workshop that works.

[00:39:00] Yeah. If you're if if you belong to a group or you have an organization and you think, man, the stress level is really high here, or I would really like to bring this in to make sure that that we don't get to that point where people start burning out. I'm definitely that's what my workshop is for. And so if you want to find me at RichelleFutch.com, there's a link right on there that you can go to workshops and communicate with me and we'll tailor it specifically for what you need. I think that's a beautiful thing to do. I do them virtually or I do them in person. I'm going to say the in person ones are the best. I love those. But what I've been doing them virtually people are like, oh my gosh, this is the best virtual event I've been to yet. This is so amazing. This is great. And so, you know, they're working online as well. But Richelle, Match.com is the one stop for all the things you can find for me. And then if you're interested in your want to follow the book launch, you just follow me on Facebook on on her website, because I put all my speaking stuff and things there as her.

[00:39:57] So it's Facebook.com/herruck.

[00:40:04] All right. Well, boy, it's good catching up with you, kiddo. I hope you don't go to Japan.

[00:40:09] But but thank you for having me. Yeah.

[00:40:13] Wherever you are, the good things are going to happen. I know that for sure. So. So what do you think, folks?

[00:40:21] And this is a great person to have on for venture partners, which is helping a lot of people do a lot of great things, taking care of kids in the family. And so super I call there's my superstar.

[00:40:34] So we'll catch y'all on the next episode. See ya later.

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