225 - This Spy Knows How to Sell: Tom interviews Jason Hanson - Screw The Commute

225 – This Spy Knows How to Sell: Tom interviews Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson is a former CIA agent. A New York Times bestselling author and he went from a boring CIA job to a completely lifestyle based business based on what I love, hard work and hard selling. And when I say hard selling, I don't mean obnoxious selling. He's a master storyteller and he does story based selling to his target market and has built himself a multi-million dollar business out of it.

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[02:34] Tom's introduction to Jason Hanson

[06:38] “Story based” selling

[10:22] Doing stupid things in stupid places

[13:53] The Tactical Pen

[16:58] Pepper spray is not always effective

[19:17] Five kids, a wife who's a trained assassin and two hookers in an elevator!

[20:53] Multiple books and New York Times best sellers

[21:31] Sponsor message

[22:34] Very early work schedule and rigorous personal training

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 225 – Jason Hanson
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody, it's Tom here with episode two hundred and twenty five of Screw the Commute podcast. We're here with Jason Hanson. And I've been, quote, spying on this guy for years. He's been on Shark Tank. He's had a one man spy show in Las Vegas. He gets up now when he used to go to bed. That's a pretty big switch switcheroo. He's a fascinating former CIA agent. I'm going to introduce you to him in a minute. Now get a copy of our automation e-book. It's just one of the tips in this e-book has saved me seven and a half million keystrokes. And I'm not exaggerating here. Somebody thought I was making that up. No, enormous amounts of tips in this book of how I've handled 150000 subscribers and 40000 customers without pulling my hair out. So get a copy of this at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. That's your gift for listening to the show. Also, while you're at it, grab a copy of our podcast app. It's in the app store. You can check it out at Screwthecommute.com/app and we've got complete screen captures and instructions on how you use all the fancy features so you can take us with you on the road. All right. Our sponsor is the Internet Marketing Training Center in Virginia. It's my distance learning school and it's the only license dedicated Internet marketing school in the country. The school teaches legitimate techniques to make a great living, either working for someone else or starting your own online business or both. Why not both? And we are approved by the Department of Defense for military spouse scholarships. Or if you know any military spouses, tell them about this. It can really help them with a portable skill that's in high demand. And myself gives a big scholarship, a 50 percent scholarship to all law enforcement, military and first responders and their immediate families, because I couldn't do the things I'm doing and neither could most of the people listening to this if it wasn't for those great people taking care of us.

[00:02:37] All right. Let's get to the main event. Jason Hanson is a former CIA agent. A New York Times bestselling author and he went from a boring CIA job. Yeah. OK. Government jobs can be boring even at the CIA to a completely lifestyle based business based on what I love, hard work and hard selling. And when I say hard selling, I don't mean obnoxious selling. He's a master storyteller and he does story based selling to his target market and has built himself a multi-million dollar business out of it. Jason, are you ready to screw? The commute.

[00:03:16] I most certainly am.

[00:03:19] All right, so used to be one of my homeboys here in Virginia. But you're not there anymore, right?

[00:03:25] Correct. I was born and raised Virginia Falls Church, so just a few miles outside of D.C. and I now live in a small town in Utah. And I love it because there's no commute, no traffic no beltway. So it's wonderful.

[00:03:40] Well, you're you're you're place that there's bigger than the whole town isn't it?

[00:03:43] I got 320 acres where we do all our training. So works out nicely.

[00:03:48] Oh, boy. We'll tell everybody what you're doing. I've been watching you for years and you are a prolific marketer based on a very unique thing. And besides being a prolific marketer and having a cool thing that you're doing, I want to thank you, because I guarantee you, because I'm I have a Web site called Brutal Self-defense. I've been in gunfights and knife fights and bikers trying to kill me. So I know the dark side of the world. And you absolutely have saved people's lives and many that you'll never even know of, I'm sure. So I want to thank you for that upfront. But tell everybody how you how you're doing it.

[00:04:25] Well, so I left the agency in 2010. I was there from 2003 to 2010. It is a wonderful place to work. They treat you like gold. And it was great. But the problem is, it's a single man's game. And so I had some incredible mentors, but many of them were divorced or they hated their wives or this and that. So I kind of saw the writing on the wall. So I left the agency and I started a security and survival business. So we do escape and evasion courses evasive driving courses, pistol, rifle, bodyguard work. We pretty much do it all because I've got a wonderful network of ex CIA guys to help keep people safer.

[00:05:04] Hey, have you. Have you done anything in Phoenix, Tucson at a big shooting center?

[00:05:12] You know, I'm not familiar with that. I've never been there.

[00:05:14] Ok. Do you license any more courses than anybody?

[00:05:18] I do. Yeah. We have a licensing where I license the pistol courses of the escape invasion training.

[00:05:22] Yeah. You might have been some because I was there taking some video training scenario training. And there was your course was being held the same day I was there. So.

[00:05:33] Oh yeah. Yeah. What? I do have a guy in Phoenix. So.

[00:05:36] Yes, there you go. There you go. So tell tell everybody some of the things that you teach.

[00:05:42] Well, I mean, we teach how to pick locks, how to escape duct tape, how to become a human lie detector. How to know if you're being tailed and how to avoid that tail. So anything spy related that you want to know, we can teach it to you.

[00:05:55] And you know, the business of this didn't come easy to you. I understand that. You you were a self-described bum in college.

[00:06:06] Yeah. The problem is, you know, when I when I left the agency, of course I have. I'm blessed. Have many skills. And so I'm thinking, all right, I'm going to go out and everybody's going to, of course, want to know this because I'm ex CIA and I have this very unique training. I don't know anything about marketing. And I made twenty thousand dollars the first year. And then I realized after, you know, networking and talking to people, doing research, hey, I've got to learn this thing called marketing, because nobody knows you exist. Nobody can find you. So, yes, then I had to spend a tremendous amount of time learning how to market my services.

[00:06:40] I know Gary Halbert was one of your people that you like because of copy writing. You turned into this story based selling. Can you tell people about that? You put an e-mail out almost every day, right? With a story, correct?

[00:06:55] Yes. So I write e-mails six days a week, every morning, every day except Sunday. And because of my agency background, I'm blessed to have so many stories so unique that are exciting. I mean, I'm just working on one for tomorrow about this woman who is an American woman hypothetical of course. I'd better put that in there. This American woman who slept with a foreign agents and instead of going to jail, the FBI convinced her to help flush out this Chinese spy who recruited her, yada, yada, yada.

[00:07:26] I just read that when I just read the whole thing.

[00:07:29] So I have all these these wonderful stories and then I tell a story now, you know, because I believe in the products I sell. I've got books, DVD, online courses, life courses, and I sell one of my courses now.

[00:07:42] Tell him about how you turnaround people or use the people that hate you to make money. Like when they call you names.

[00:07:52] Yeah. I mean, I purposely so I am very conservative. And most of my customers are very conservative. So every once in a while, a liberal will sneak onto my email list and they'll hate me and they'll tell me I'm the devil for liking guns, you know, something like that. And that's fine with me, because if you don't like guns, obviously you have free speech. But again, I'm conservative and I believe you better have a gun to protect yourself from home defense around the street. So I use these emails and hey, look at with this chuckle head sent me about how we think some horrible because I have a gun and then I tell a story. This is a true story. It's a quick one. I had a woman come to one of my live training events once told me she hated me, that I was horrible. And I basically said, well, why are you here? She had a home invasion. The guy raped her. And she says, I'm here because I realized as a single woman who lives alone, I need a gun to protect myself. Now, clearly, that is a horrible way to realize you need a gun for Self-defense and I don't wish it on anybody, but I always say the only way I've been able to find to convince a liberal to like guns is they have a home invasion or something horrible happen. And unfortunately, you know that that's the only way. So I don't mind when people criticize me. I have a thick skin and all. Like you said, I'll use that to make money.

[00:09:07] Exactly. And you you take a stand so you're not wishy washy down the middle trying to make everybody happy, which makes kind of nobody happy.

[00:09:17] Yeah. I mean, I'm Christian, I'm conservative, I'm Republican, and whether it's gay marriage or abortion or whatever, I have a very clear stand and I could care less, you know, what other people say about me. So, yeah, you never become successful as if you said if you're wishy washy.

[00:09:33] Well, you know. You know what I'm upset about, Jason? My whole life, I really wanted to get a FISA warrant against me. And now it's gonna get harder to get. Yeah, it's. Yeah. It's really a crazy atmosphere. But you are right. People will wait until it's too late. It's like building a fence after your horses run away. I mean, they act. They. I've been shot. I only came out with my brutal self-defense after all these active shooter things came out. I kind of kept on the down low because I like the element of surprise. But, you know, so many people have their head in the sand. It's never gonna happen to me. Well. Watch the news. Watch the news.

[00:10:12] Right. Yeah. And then again, unfortunately, only after something has happened to them. Do a lot of them come and take my training like, hey, I thought it would never happen to me. But, you know, my neighbor had a home invasion or I almost had one. And now I realize I need this.

[00:10:24] We just had someone call for protection dog where some guy just knocked on the door. Luckily, he was working only a mile down the road and he he said, I need to use the phone. And as soon as his wife turned her back, he busted in the door. And luckily they had a protection dog that three hundred stitches later they got the guy didn't. But who knows what would've happened to that wife. She was actually going for the gun and she would have never made it by that time. So the dog got him. So you got to be vigilant. I mean, I I'm not paranoid, but I walk down the street, I look at people, I look at where their hands are. I look at their waistband, you know, and I don't walk in bad places. And I heard you telling a story once about I'm sure you've told us lots of times about doing stupid things in stupid places. And yes, they are staying out, as I think it was. These guys got drunk at a strip club. I think that was one of your stories.

[00:11:25] Yeah, I was a guy that was a guy in Baltimore got drunk. He decided his friends went home early. He stayed late, walked home through some back alleys. A bunch of guys jumped down, started beating the living crap out of them. They kicked out his front teeth and somehow he was able to make it to a taxi cab, took him straight to the hospital, but clearly walking down a back alley in Baltimore City, Maryland, at three o'clock in the morning is not the wisest choice.

[00:11:49] Exactly. And yeah, we say at our self-defense training is don't go stupid places and do stupid things with stupid people. Just asking for it. Tell us how the business evolved. Like what products did you start out with? You have a New York Times best seller book. Was that the first out of the gate or what? What did you start out with? And then you keep adding products all the time. Right.

[00:12:12] Yeah. Interestingly enough. So I started out doing a little bit of corporate work. And then the problem was his corporations would see me in the back door. I'd have to sign NDAs and say, hey, we don't know how to do this, but you can't tell anybody. So that's you know, that clearly that was it didn't help with marketing. And say, you know, look at what Apple did. They hired me to do whatever. Look at like Google. So I was doing corporate stuff. And then the civilian world, I started doing some escape and evasion training. I started doing some firearms training. And they did a huge blessing was I went on Shark Tank. And that really opened me up from doing corporate work where nobody knew me outside of the corporate world to open me up to the masses where, you know, your average John Doe next door knew me. And then we just started doing the evasive driving. It was almost like everything we're doing is corporate. We started doing for this side and people loved it.

[00:13:07] You're on Rachael Ray a bunch of times, right? Weren't you?

[00:13:10] Yes. I have a great relationship. I've been on there over 10 times. Yeah. Yep. And yeah, it's I mean, I. That's another thing. I've been very blessed to get a lot of media attention on Fox News and a bunch of other places. So that clearly helps to grow the business, too.

[00:13:24] Yeah. And you make your media appearances so visual, which is a lot of people just want to be a talking head. But when you go out there and show them how to bust out of duct tape, I mean, that's that that sticks in people's minds and they want you back.

[00:13:39] Well, yeah, I mean, that's 100 cent right. The problem is, unless you're a Brad Pitt or somebody famous, those people can be A list So we're talking heads, but people like me that don't want a talking head, they want you to show them something very cool. And luckily, my business is easy to do that.

[00:13:56] Yeah. All kinds of things you've got now. Now you. You were a big proponent of the tactical pen. And I like them. I particularly care for flashlights. But tell me about the tactical pen.

[00:14:11] Yeah, the tactical pen is by far my favorite self-defense tool. And I mean, it's a writing pen, but it's made of a much harder metal. So you could smash out a window, you could smash out a person's face, you know, whatever you need.

[00:14:23] And the reason I love it is cause a lot of people are not going to carry a gun, they're not gonna carry a knife, especially the young when I train, but everybody will carry a pen with them. And so I have dozens of testimonials of people escaping kidnapping attempts or attacks at a gas station where they use the pen. And and you can carry it anywhere and everywhere. I mean, I've been all over the world with my tactical pen. And so it's it's such a practical and simple self-defense tool.

[00:14:52] So, you know, I trained in the martial arts, but the tactical pen, you don't need to be training 30 years and be a black belt to use it. You know, take pen and jab it in somebody's face. End of story.

[00:15:02] Yeah. And and carry a knife and a gun. Have much deeper legal ramifications, especially a knife. A knife was considered like barbaric. You know, if you slay somebody. So but hey, I just had a pen and the guy attacked me and I hit him with it. So you're a much better legal situation, too, right?

[00:15:22] I mean, that's literally what happened. One of my students using a gas station, some crackhead attacked him. And he jabbed the guy in the chest with a pen. The guy went down. The police got there, arrested the guy and that was it. Yeah. So, you know. Piece of cake.

[00:15:35] You know, when I had my nightclub, people would sue you. You know, and you're kind of a target. So I did a lot with wrist locks and things like that. And it was so good because, you know, I'd throw a biker out and he'd be screaming like a baby. And then the police would come and be like, well, you know you don't have any bruises on you. You know, he hurt me. Hurt. Oh, okay. Good for you. So now the reason I like we did a test with my flashlight. I have a sure fire, an older model. sure-fire. And we did a test. And in broad daylight in a classroom setting from about two feet, I gave a guy a one second burst in his face with the flashlight and we counted. It was a minute and forty three seconds before he could really see correctly. And that was in full blast. Bright daytime, and if it would've been nighttime, would be even worse. So I kind of like that. And you can strike with a two and you can still carry them on airplanes. But having both is even better.

[00:16:39] Yeah. I mean I got to the end of the flash. Yeah. I mean I tell again I tell everybody. Carry what you can everywhere. Meaning. Get a flashlight in the courthouse. You get it on an airplane. Same thing with my tactical pen. I've been in courthouses. Airplanes. Everywhere. And yeah, as long as it's a quality metal flashlight where you could crack somebody's skull if you needed to, you know, avoid a cheap plastic flashlight. But yeah, flashlights are great for self-defense.

[00:17:02] Yeah. Yeah. So. And what's your opinion on pepper spray? Because, you know, I've got varying opinions. Most people, you know, either one of us could tear them to pieces before they even got it out of their purse, you know? So what what's your opinion on the spray?

[00:17:18] Yeah. So I don't like pepper spray for two reason. I was a police officer, was my very first job out of college before I joined the agency. Oh, you know that. OK. Well, you'll know Arlington County. Yes. I was hired. So in the police academy, they obviously spray you with pepper spray. Yeah. And I remember some people it affected horribly and some people it was like you throw water in their eyes and it didn't affect them at all. Right now, I was one of those people who was like blind. You could see anything. But it just made me realize, like, shoot it. This only affects half the people or whatever the real number is. This isn't that great of a self-defense tool.

[00:17:52] Yeah. And indoors you got collateral damage, too.

[00:17:55] Well, that's it. Yeah. It's killing yourself. What if you separate yourself in the eye? What if the wind is blowing the wrong direction? So. So most people I tell not to carry pepper spray and carry tactical pen, flashlight or a stun gun or something like that.

[00:18:09] Yeah. I mean, I'm even skeptical of stun guns because, you know, you got to first of all, the quality of them varies so much and they hope I'm up like crazy. And you got to be in such close proximity and hold it there and clothes can defeat them. So the pen and the flashlight will get you a long, long way. That's for sure. Do you handle a particular type of tactical pen?

[00:18:33] Yes. I had one made for me design I liked because a lot of them had crowns on top because they said, hey, you collect a person's DNA.

[00:18:42] That's the last of my worries.

[00:18:45] I mean, I have a pen that has a flat top. That way you can put your thumb on it for maximum striking power. And that's what you want. I mean, I want to strike the guy hard. So, yeah, I've got a tactical pen that I like that was made for me that is very solid. And, you know, it's taking care of business real life.

[00:19:00] You have you handle that. You sell these, right? Where would they where would they find that?

[00:19:06] So if you just go to tacticalspypen.com, that gives full details about.

[00:19:10] And yeah, we'll have all this stuff from the show notes for you so people can just click on tacticalspypen.com, right? OK. Great. All right. Now, how much have you gotten your kids involved? You have four children, right?

[00:19:28] So I've got five kids. My kids are still young, so I didn't get married until I left the agency. And my oldest is seven. So I've got five kids, seven a number. So I teach them as much as I can. But it's still very, you know, stranger danger type of stuff because of their age.

[00:19:46] And how about your wife?

[00:19:47] Yeah, my wife's great. I always joke, I train my own assassin. She knows how to handle herself.

[00:19:53] That is good. That's that's definitely why you got to keep her, because you were doing something about hookers in a in a elevator in Vegas. Sure. You better keep your nose clean.

[00:20:05] Now, you got to like fill in this story.

[00:20:07] No, no. You do. You do. I don't.

[00:20:10] I'm just going to say, I've got in an elevator and I quickly realized there were two hookers there and they started hitting on me. Obviously, I want to get paid. And so obviously, I didn't do anything. But I remember thinking, like, how many guys are gonna say yes and go back to a room and those girls are going to rob the crap out of him or something worse. So it goes back not putting yourself in bad places.

[00:20:30] Exactly. Yeah. Yes. There's so many. The setups. And like I said, people. It just amazes me that people that are railing against guns and railing against police and everything, they just haven't had their turn yet of a bad situation is what I said.

[00:20:47] No, you're a hundred percent right. I mean, hopefully, you know, I don't wish harm on anyone. Their day doesn't come. But when that day comes is when they realize they should start taking care of themselves.

[00:20:55] That's that's for sure. All right. So tell us about your your books. You've got New York Times bestseller, but you have a lot of lot of information out there.

[00:21:04] Yeah, I've got three books by major, major publishers. So Penguin, Random House and HarperCollins. And then I've got several self-published books and I've got books on my Spy Secrets Power book, which teaches you how to keep the lights on when, heaven forbid, the lights go out, whether it's a natural disaster or whether it's, you know, it's an EMP and some crazy end of the world scenario. I've got books on the human lie detection stuff. So I do enjoy writing. That is, you know, one thing, it's a great way to share information. So I try and knock out a book as often as I can.

[00:21:34] And we've got to take a brief sponsor break when we come back. When I ask you about your daily routine, it's very interesting. It's hard work based. It's done really, really well for you. So so we'll be back in a minute, folks. So I want to tell you about my twenty four week intensive pro speaking mentor program where I take you from wherever you are to a much higher level pro speaker. And if you're just a beginner, that's great, too. I don't have to clean up the messes you made. So there's several different levels, including a level that teaches my famous back of the room selling technique where I've made millions of dollars and like Jason, without being obnoxious like many sales speakers are. So you can check that out at screwthecommute.com/prospeaking and to tell me you heard it on screw the commute. Use the coupon code Speak10 and you'll get 10 percent off whichever package you choose. I really want to help turn you into a great and busy professional speaker.

[00:22:38] All right. Let's get back to the main event. Jason Hanson is a former CIA agent. He's here with us. And he has a very interesting daily routine starting at 4:30 a.m. Tell us about your work schedule, how you how you've built this business.

[00:22:52] Sure. So as you mentioned, I get up at 4:30 a.m., get up, brush my teeth, you know, take my medicine, do all that kind of jazz. And then I go downstairs to my home office. And every single day I practice my firearm. I do what's called dry fire training. And that is simply with a safe and empty handgun. I'm in my office. You saw my Bob dummy when we were on video Tom, and I practiced twenty five perfect trigger pulls with my gun. So as soon as I brush my teeth and I hit my home office walk downstairs, that's the first thing I do. And after I'd done my twenty five perfect trigger pulls, the next thing I do is I hand write a piece of copy. So I will find a great piece of copy, whether it's Gary Halbert, Eugene Shortz, John Carlson, whomever. And I will hand write just one page on yellow legal pad. And as soon as that done then I write my daily e-mail. So I'll sit down and, you know, whatever time it is and I'll write what I want to write that day, you know, tell a great story. Figure out what product would be good to sell for that story. And then after that, I work out an hour a day and it's a lot of body weight exercises, push ups, pull ups, sit ups, all that kind of stuff. So I do that for an hour and then I shower and then I get to whatever the other million and one things need to be done for the day, whether it's writing some more articles, whether it's working on a new product, whether it's filming videos. But no matter what, I shut down at 5:00. So as I mentioned, I got five young kids. So I'm not working until 9:00 at night anymore or 10:00 at night. And so no matter what, I'm done at 5:00. But the beauty of my routine is, is by 9 o'clock in the morning, I've got pretty much everything important done that I need for the week. So the rest of the day is, you know, still working on important things. But if, heaven forbid, something comes up where I've got to shut down, I know I've knocked down some critical things for the day.

[00:24:48] Yeah, and you said that you didn't used to be a workout person. Right. And you you transitioned after hearing a lot of successful people, right?

[00:24:57] Yeah. You used to work out here in there. But I wasn't as dedicated. I mean, when I was with the agency, I was working like crazy. And, you know, that was the best shape my life. Then after I left, I was, you know, halfheartedly doing it. But then I started reading, you know, everybody's biographies and autobiographies and talking to people. All successful people seem to have one thing in common, and that's exercise. I said, hey, I better get back to doing what I used to do. And so I now do it six days a week.

[00:25:24] Wow. And what what type of work do you do?

[00:25:27] It really is just a lot of chin ups, pull ups, sit ups, push ups.

[00:25:32] Body weight kind of stuff.

[00:25:36] And I put ammo cans in my backpack so I had weight. So I'm doing squats with my backpack and doing pull ups with my bag full of ammo. So that's typically what it is. And then I also train in martial arts for an hour, three days a week to keep in shape also.

[00:25:52] Yourself or with a partner.

[00:25:54] With a partner.

[00:25:55] Tell us about this. This 320 acres, is this flat? Is this hilly? Do you run? Do you do anything that kind of stuff?

[00:26:03] As that is I like to joke. It is 320 acres of the finest sagebrush you'll ever see. So it's very flat. But we have our evasive driving area. We have our shooting range. We have our classroom. And interestingly enough, as soon as you and I are done with this, I'm heading out there and do some firearms training. So, yeah, it's great. I love it. As I a joke. It's my happy place. I go there. I don't have my phone. Nobody can bother me. And I just, you know, train. And it's in the middle of nowhere. So it's very peaceful.

[00:26:33] I understand you don't text. That still true?

[00:26:35] Yes. I never sent a text message in my life. I have a flip phone.

[00:26:42] Very cool. But flip phones, even if you did want to text, you had to. There's like three letters per number.

[00:26:48] That's a problem. Even when a person I've never sent a text message. But when somebody gives me their number and you know, hey, Jason, we meet and we're now now, friends. It takes me like a half an hour to put their number on my phone.

[00:27:00] Hey, on the range, do you have any long range shooting or is it mostly short range tactics?

[00:27:05] I mean, I do have so I go out to a thousand yards. But usually in a short range when I'm practicing, it's about it's more home defense or close quarter. The max I go out is about 50 yards.

[00:27:17] When did you have a shoot house or do you just do on a range?

[00:27:21] So I just do it on the range. But I've got a 360 degree range, so I can put targets all around me. So I've got still targets. I've got paper targets so we can set up a bunch of different unique scenarios.

[00:27:33] Yeah, I do my dry fire in the morning and then at nighttime and I live where it's kind of nobody's around, but it's dark and I'm out with the protection dogs. And then I can I can do my footwork kind of things like get off the X and be, you know, moving around without the neighbors like calling people on me. So wow this has been really awesome, Jason, you've really built a business, I think, where you say you made twenty thousand the first year and now it's a multi-million dollar business.

[00:28:03] That's correct. I'm very fortunate.

[00:28:07] Well you're fortunate, but you worked, which is a little bit strange to a lot of the upcoming people nowadays that don't know what work is. When, you know, I get students that say, well, you know, I'm not doing well financially. But, you know, when I get back from vacation, you know, like what are you talking about, you know, you're go on vacation and you're broke, you know, so.

[00:28:30] I don't remember what what golfer said it. But the harder I work, the luckier I get.

[00:28:34] Exactly. Right. Right. The only other quote that I wanted to get in on today was a mad dog Mattis. That is kind of the way I live my life. And it's not really paranoid, but it sounds kind of harsh. It says, be polite and be professional, but be ready to kill anybody you meet.

[00:28:52] I love it. Yeah. That is one of my favorite quotes.

[00:28:55] Yeah. Yeah. And I'm like, when I'm walking through Wal-Mart, I'm looking, okay, what would I do if. And, you know, just it just becomes a way of life.

[00:29:04] You and I are kindred spirits standing in the line in a grocery store. And I'm like, right. What is this guy behind me all the sudden, you know, goes ape crazy and pulls out a gun. So I think along the same lines.

[00:29:14] Yeah. And the first the first thing I look is their height because I'm big on headbutts. So. So if they're taller than you it's it's an easy head butt. But if they're shorter that wouldn't be the first line of defense. But yeah, it's a walking through parking lots. I don't walk near cars. You know I watch don't walk near corners. And it's just like I said, it's a. Some people that have never experienced the really dark side of life would say, oh, you're paranoid. No. And know I enjoy the good stuff, too. But I am aware of it. That's the whole thing. And that's. And I know it's part of your teaching is just be aware and you can get out of a lot of stuff, right?

[00:29:54] Yeah. I mean, you avoid danger one time. Years ago, I was almost kidnapped, but I saw the two guys coming. And so I they were about 25 yards away from me. I saw what was going to happen. I turned around and ran. They ran after me and they didn't catch me because I'm fast when people trying to kidnap me. So had I had my head down and my head up, I would have walked right into them and then it would've been a flight.

[00:30:15] Yeah. My my buddy's an active shooter expert and he says, get your head out of your apps.

[00:30:23] I like that.

[00:30:24] Alain Burrese is his name.

[00:30:26] I know who he is.

[00:30:28] Oh, you know Alain. Yeah. Yeah. He's a he's one of my instructors and one of my students and he's active shooter. And I got him doing Google Alerts so that anytime there's an active shooter incident, he gets an immediate email and then he calls the media in that area to offer himself as an expert and gets jobs that way. So so.

[00:30:51] Yeah, and that's great idea.

[00:30:52] Yeah, we just had one not too long ago. I live in Virginia Beach, five miles from me that they shot up to courthouse. You know, and the guy that works for me part time talked to the shooter for 15 minutes before it happened. He says, oh, it's Friday out. I'm leaving early. Okay. I'll see ya and then he shoots up the place. I mean, this stuff you just have to be aware and you know, I'm sitting here thinking, boy, I wish I'd have been there. And most they're always saying, oh, I'm glad I wasn't there. You know, the old sheepdog thing. And I guess, you know, you know that old fable about the sheep dog and the sheep.

[00:31:27] Yeah, that's right. 100 percent true.

[00:31:30] That's that's it. So thanks so much for taking the time. So tell everybody what's the best way to learn about all your offerings?

[00:31:38] Yeah. You know what? I if they go to I'm trying I've got somebody free books. I want to see what's what I can give them right now. So if they just go to spybriefing.com, that's the best way to get a hold of me. They can email me, I've got a ton of free books I can give them. So you can just spybriefing.com, a lot of free articles on there also.

[00:32:00] Don't text them though. Never see it. Well, again, thanks so much, man. That's it's been really great meeting you and watch in your your rise to stardom in the. And again, thank you very much for doing the work that saving lives out there for people.

[00:32:18] Well, thank you. Appreciate you having me, Tom.

[00:32:20] All right. All right, everybody. We'll catch up on the next episode. Check out all Jason's stuff at screwthecommute.com/225. We'll catch ya later.

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