141 - She sings, dances and WOW's 'em around the World: Tom interviews Lynn Rose - Screw The Commute

141 – She sings, dances and WOW’s ’em around the World: Tom interviews Lynn Rose

She is known as the WoW maker. Lynn Rose is an award winning media and marketing entrepreneur and speaking consultant for executives and experts, and CEO of the Power to Wow. In front of the scenes you've seen her on CBS ABC NBC Sony, films and other media. Behind the scenes she works with CEOs celebrities and thought leaders to help bring out their wow when they speak, pitch or perform in their business.

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[03:39] Tom's introduction to Lynn Rose

[06:23] Background of entertainment and media

[08:22] Exploring many different lanes bringing talents together

[11:08] Coming through the ranks at 17 years old

[20:54] Handling work with agents and other ways

[28:32] Crazy funny stuff as a speaker

[33:31] Sponsor message

[34:33] A typical day for Lynn and how she stays motivated

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Lynn as Wonder Woman! (did Singing Telegrams at 17)

Female Lead in Broadway's La Cage Aux Folles

Lynn's Dad was a U.S. Marine and died when she was 11 years old.

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Episode 141 – Lynn Rose
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with episode 141 of Screw the commute podcast. Hey Lynn Rose is here she's my singing buddy except she's a pro and I'm not. Anyway her entertainment and motivational background includes sharing the stage with Mariah Carey and Stevie Wonder Ashton Kutcher Deepak Chopra and lots more and she's hosted lots of TV shows too you'll meet her in a minute. The last episode 140 was Annie Meehan. Now how many of you have built up a business and sold it. Well it's just one of her accomplishments and wait till you hear her Dumpster to Dynasty story wow. She had rough beginnings. Now our podcast app is in the iTunes store. You can also go to screwthecommute.com/app where we have complete instructions to show you how to use all the fancy features so you can take us with you on the road. Put us on your cell phone and tablet and if you would be so kind please visit iTunes and leave us review and a rating it really helps out the show. Now I've got a big freebie to thank you for listening to this podcast. It's my twenty seven dollar e-book how to automate your business. Just one of the tips in this e-book has saved me over seven million keystrokes and I might just have another special freebie over there for you at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. Now our sponsor this week. Hey it's me again it's Tom Antion's internet marketing retreat and joint venture program where myself and my staff work with you for a year to either get you started in an Internet business or to use the Internet to take your existing business to the next level. I guess you know one things I did. I'm kind of proud of it. But people aren't too happy about it. I turned the Internet marketing training world on its head around the year 2000 people at my level were charging 50 to 100 thousand dollars upfront to teach what we knew to clueless business people who refused to learn on their own. Well I'm a small business advocate and I knew many small businesses could never afford that kind of upfront money. So I made all those gurus mad by charging a relatively small entry fee to my program that also gets a percentage of profits. That was capped. So you're not stuck with me forever. So for me to get my big money you have to make way bigger money. Plus you know I'm not going to disappear on you because I won't get my money. All right. I went one step further. That's never been done before. I have a big estate home and a TV studio where my students as part of their yearlong training come and actually stay in my house for an immersion weekend. And that's just one of the unique features of this program. So check out the full details at greatinternetmarketingtraining.com and of course we'll have that in the show notes.

[00:03:41] All right. Let's get to the main event. She is known as the WoW maker Lynn Rose is an award winning media and marketing entrepreneur and speaking consultant for executives and experts and CEO of the power to wow in front of the scenes you've seen her on CBS ABC NBC Sony films and other media. Lynn has opened for or shared the stage with Stevie Wonder Ashton Kutcher Mariah Carey Jay Leno and Deepak Chopra and many more. She has spoken or performed for millions of people and thousands of events around the world. While behind the scenes she works with CEOs celebrities and thought leaders to help bring out their wow when they speak pitch or perform in their business. So Lynn are you ready to screw. The commute.

[00:04:40] Oh my gosh yes.

[00:04:43] All right let's screw. I'm telling you I've always wanted to say that I got to tell you I don't to get punched in the face so.

[00:04:53] I don't have to say hashtag me too on that one.

[00:04:56] So tell everybody what you what you've been doing it and we'll take you back earlier to see how you got where you're going. But what. What are you up to now. Haven't caught up with you for a while.

[00:05:05] A lot when you're an entrepreneur you obviously like what can I create. Now what do I do now. How do I grow now and. so I'm the media entrepreneur keynote speaker. And behind the scenes a business and speaking consultant experts. And that's just rocking on all areas. I'm part of also a transformational TV show that's amazing race meets transformation in fact the. Amazing Race producer director is behind it. So we're very excited about that. Going around the world with that. And then I have a platform we're releasing bringing brands influencers and celebrities together for the purpose of activating doing good and tracking the impact. And we'll be launching to a 100 million when it comes out. I'm really excited about that but yeah I mean it all just collects together kind of what you heard maybe in the bio and just the different skill sets and different arenas of playing and that's some of the freedom of screwing the commute and being an entrepreneur as we get to go what do I want to play with. I don't want to bring to the table now.

[00:06:09] As long as you can make money with it. That's the whole thing though. Now see I've always known you for I don't know how many years or even how we met but. I've always known you as a singer and then the wow factor girl we're allowed to say girl cause we're in southeastern Virginia. So you are a professional singer right.

[00:06:40] Yes. Yes. So I come from the background of entertainment and media all my life. I came out of the womb singing and I put on shows of the neighborhood in my second grade right.

[00:06:50] Where are you from.

[00:06:50] My dad was in the Marines. Kind of everywhere. But mostly Baltimore and Michigan and then Sacramento High School years.

[00:07:04] Baltimore and Michigan. And your dad was a Marine I did not know that. No it just really struck a chord because we just got my school just got the approved by the Department of Defense for Military Spouse scholarships. Also we're really working on that. In fact that will probably be one of the sponsor messages later in the show here. Yes. I didn't know you were a Marine brat.

[00:07:33] Yep. Emphasis on brat. Absolutely.

[00:07:38] You're right out of the womb.

[00:07:41] Right out of the womb and I still am and I integrate that and all that I do and use my you know creative mind and entertainer sensibility as I well I guess and apply that and other ways that it really helps amplify and bring new flavors to maybe the more business or business motivational keynote speaking integrating entertaining ways to deliver the message you know or knowing how to bring out people's powerhouse speaking when I work with them. I kind of can apply those same principles of what it took as an actor or dancer singer to bring forward their best essence when they speak. So what do you get to kind of overlap the way those influences play out.

[00:08:23] What do you what do you do most of. Is there such a thing.

[00:08:26] Is there such a thing. I know right and love. I love playing.

[00:08:30] I see you online all over the place all kinds of events doing all kinds of different things.

[00:08:37] Yep yep. What do most look at. I don't even know how to answer that. I literally have a balance.

[00:08:44] I love doing the events in front of scenes doing that all the time. You see that happening. I'm doing the media stuff. You heard me made reference to just now. And I literally am behind the scenes working with experts helping them emerge and to finding their branding strategy their messaging getting the right keynote and positioning and helping them launch because I know all those different pieces and really have been wonderful results and helping folks with that. So I have a balance of getting to do these different arenas I love and and it works for me. And granted you know everybody's different but I get to exercise is different arenas I love and that's what I know.

[00:09:26] Do you remember is it was that the mega seminars where I met you or. Do you think that was what was.

[00:09:34] Yes. Mark Victor Hansen days back in the.

[00:09:37] The turn of the century.

[00:09:42] I know exactly I can't even believe it again but it feels like yesterday. But and that was really incredible because you just bring the best the best for either speaking up or becoming an infopreneur entrepreneur. And I was always like the front and center gal who emceed.

[00:10:00] And oh you got people fired up. I'm telling you. Yeah but you know the most fun for me is when we spent that time in the lobby lots of times just singing show tunes.

[00:10:16] Yes. Yes. Because then I eventually became a speaker but I was so closely watched people like you because you're really great at integrating making the message entertaining and firing them up while delivering.

[00:10:32] I have done that funny singing you know. So that's that's a lot easier to pull off because you can be out of tune and get away with it.

[00:10:43] You know I was like one of my favorite memories. And every time I see you I mean every time I see your name I just think we would tuck ourselves away in the lobby and just be we'd be like playing the Broadway song game and we play like the intro part to a song. Well you know what song that is.

[00:11:00] And then somebody made a TV show out of that one day. Oh yeah. I guess this tune you know. So is that all right. Maybe. Yeah yeah. So let's take you take you back to what you said you came out of the womb entertaining but really. Did you ever have jobs coming up through the ranks.

[00:11:20] Well I got two interesting takes on that. My first I guess official job was at 17 years old doing singing telegrams as Wonder Woman. And here I am this 17 year old anorexic Virgin going to these these bachelor parties of 50 year olds or whatever or 50 year old birthday parties with these guys and and having to get their attention which when you're dressed in a Wonder Woman suit you get people's attention but having to. hold their attention and was really great training ground of learning of letting things flow off me like a duck navigate into the women don't feel threatened. But the men don't feel like it's an invitation to come on and and being able to entertain and think in the moment and find the right things to say. It was a perfect training ground for Emceeing and TV hosting and things so I ended up doing later and that was it an actual job but then what I really think about job job and thankfully you know I kind of transitioned thanks to university and then I went to London and studied and came back and got a Broadway show right away so I kind of transitioned into the entertainment world and got jobs within entertainment media digital.

[00:12:39] Did you realize that I had a like a company called prank Masters where we custom design practical jokes but we still have lots of singing telegrams. Did you even know that. I had something very old prank masters long before punk and jackass was around and oh. Yes. So we we did 4000 custom designed practical jokes in and around Washington D.C. and got worldwide publicity for it. Got it on radio on TV all over the world. I had 35 characters working for me I was writing custom humor every day for six straight years that's where it kind of got my comic timing. I did over a thousand performances myself. Comic performances but some of them were guerrilla grams and over the hill preachers and stuff like that.

[00:13:36] What a perfect training ground for you.

[00:13:38] Oh it was it was what kind of got my all my comic timing that I then took to the speaking business which was way more lucrative. So you know we both paid our dues do you know I don't want to brag. but I Tom Antion went to Santa school I was the Santa for National Geographic for three years running.

[00:14:08] Oh I want to see a picture.

[00:14:10] I got all kinds of stuff from those days.

[00:14:14] You gotta put it in the show notes. If you can put pictures in the show notes I'll share a picture of me as a 17 year old virgin.

[00:14:21] Now were you really anorexic or just skinny.

[00:14:24] I was I was you know really in the picture you can't tell as much because granted models tend to be super thin and anorexic anyway. So I just looked. Then but in real life like if you saw a video.

[00:14:36] Yeah well yeah but Wonder Woman's like really buxom. I mean was that it. Do you have any official help there to stuff.

[00:14:44] No they disappeared. And even. Yeah. Oh I did. Oh we're going to take this take. Well so I have to get back to the other. That other job.

[00:14:59] Yes. Yeah. So I graduated in the Broadway and all kinds of stuff. So what else. Oh let me ask you about Broadway was was Broadway. Were you an employee of an acting company or a touring company or were you a contractor.

[00:15:18] No I was so initially that I was hired as I played a drag queen in La Cage Aux Folles. Yes. Let me just the level of my resume as a drag queen just to that point I started putting on weight. It became the other end of the spectrum. No but I was a drag queen dancer. I like what they would have to women and the rest men in this long chorus line. And so that people couldn't tell who was the man who was the woman or they'd be left guessing. And then I understudied the female role with lead role which is only really leading female role which was the daughter she did a dance and a song about it was an on my arm you know and all this and I eventually got then graduated into just being playing the daughter and on my arm and I but only enough because singing dancing acting or dancing was third on the rung but that's ended up being more of what I did and it was great I did that for a couple of years and toured around.

[00:16:27] Were you a W2 employee or were you a contractor. You just got a flat fee for each performance. How did the business end of that work.

[00:16:36] W-9.

[00:16:41] Yeah. You're just filling out your contract.

[00:16:45] Right. Right. So we they contract you for the role. I guess that's how that works. But I was an employee. Happened after that. So brought their Broadway show. There's a lot of things that happen there. I mean I was I was I ended up becoming I'm just going to say what the heck. I became bulimic and I was doing cocaine while as on the road. And then I said OK I've got to stop this cocaine thing was on the road remember. I'll never do it again and I never have. And I said Now I can start getting my act together. And shortly after that the Broadway tour ended with four days notice. Right and we're about to now go back to L.A. and have this big opening with the Stars and we've had it before but we're about to go back and now I'm going to be in this new place. And it just it triggered stuff from my past and I ended up losing my body just reacted. I shut down. I ended up losing the ability to sing. I lost all confidence. I was wracked with all these negative thoughts and fears I mean it was this massive trigger that happened and I had to leave the entertainment industry for two years. Took me two years to recover and in that time I recovered from bulimia. In that process and did a lot of internal work. And during that time I had to survive somehow I did become a W2 I became a waitress. And I worked my butt off. I was a horrible waitress. So kudos to waitresses at our waiters or servers. I mean my goodness I just always tip extra you guys accounts. But I remember as I started slowly finding my way back and starting to dare to step out and dare to suck because I sucked as I would step out again and again and fail and fail and fail. But I kept stepping out and eventually started coming through and I put myself up for this role everybody was trying to get in town. I thought there's no way but I'm kind of sick and so there's some part of me that just surrendered and something came through. I ended up getting it and I remember as I was now leaving that job and I'm about to go on tour and this massive tour it was paying tons of money and three girl group and make a recording all this stuff and I and I said as God as my witness I shall never waitress again or do a real job again. and I never have. Now even when I've struggled and I'm looking for change in the couch through the years from that point forward I stuck to my guns to find a way to always just make it work.

[00:19:24] You know when you said you know did your voice just quit. Do you think it was a psychosomatic thing or did you actually have a physical problem.

[00:19:33] Well you know it really is. I mean singing is a muscle but obviously it's being led by your body and how you think about it. So if you can't support it with the air or your your voice locks up in your throat which can be a response to what's happening internally. So it literally I. I could not get air through. I could not unlock my throat. I was so terrified with thoughts and I know this is unrelatable to you because you've always had it you know. But for some people they can relate. And I actually this is why it drives everything that I do. I mean wow is my brand you know and wow wow is an acronym for without walls because that core aspect of what's going to have a show up have us have the courage to step out and dare to fail. Have us have the courage to you know grow and move or maybe transition from that job and to the entrepreneurship even though we're scared to our knees that's going to be. Being willing to have that fear and walk forward with that fear any way to know how to manage our walls so they don't stop us so that we can navigate through them and around them and eventually dissolve them. And that's that's what I do when it comes to speaking when it comes to working with folks and making their own transitions also.

[00:20:56] So from a business aspect do you have an agent for some stuff or do you book your own stuff. Everything is contract work collecting money all that stuff. How do you handle that.

[00:21:08] Yeah I was obviously a mix and it's evolved over time. I'm back in the day when I was in entertainment and media. I had agents. And boy now nowadays you can get by completely. I mean nowadays the opportunities for people it's amazing when you think about back when you and I were in the early 2000s to be an infopreneur how much it cost to try to get even a graphic run right now. No let's get your business structures or promote. I mean you had to do what it took. Nowadays anybody could just come off the street for 50 bucks throw up a landing page and look like they're the biggest in the world. You know it's like sift through to find who are the real people. But you know back. And same thing in the entertainment industry now you can really take charge of your own career become an influencer grow things on social media make your own projects. And I always wanted to do my own projects I even did as a kid. And that really I feel is the way to do it even in entertainment and media. But I did have agents that back in the day kind of. That was the way it was done but eventually transitioned into the career of speaking everything I've got some bureaus that represent me. But I I book them myself that comes from referrals it comes from get being seen it comes from doing events and being seen at one event leading to the next. I will say to folks as a tip by the way. cultivate your relationships get out and network and don't try to be you can meet everybody I can meet. Go deep cultivate relationships. And really from a relationship standpoint and the rest starts taking care of itself. But you know leveraging relationships obviously crafting my craft and then because I show up at a certain level it then leads to someone recommending me somewhere else. But I'm I'm proactive and putting myself out there and what's the latest and greatest now creative way. Things constantly evolve you want to stay on top of that.

[00:23:13] You get deposits you on all your jobs.

[00:23:17] I'm not like most jobs. Actually you know before I go to speak you get a half half deposit up front and then two weeks to a month out the rest. When I work with clients I actually get paid and usually paid in full before I begin. Or at least you know half that if they're gonna do a payment plan we'll do that. for my my workshops limited to two speaking training that you pay that upfront although there is like a three month plan if they have to do a payment. So yeah. But it's almost everything is up front if I think about it.

[00:23:55] Tell anybody. What kind of things that you have to offer and also what kind of work you look for.

[00:24:02] Oh OK well let's start backwards on that. I. I love I can come into any audience and I know I'm going to get them on fire inspired and ready to take action.

[00:24:13] No question about it I've seen it. I don't know 50 times. Right.

[00:24:20] And that was back in the day. If there's anyone to follow it's gotta be you because you take that everything to the next level. You're amazing but I. Yeah. I love going in audiences and really injecting with that inspiration and that motivation and giving them solid content. But in this context of fun and super engaging and so I do that for a Fortune 500 companies or direct sales entrepreneur events also including emceeing I'm considered one of the top I'm definitely top female emcees but on top emcees out there especially because I can integrate the keynote material where appropriate. So if there's a company that wants to explore bringing me in for that love that always LynnRose.com when it comes if you're an entrepreneur and you want to you know the importance and value of how you are going to show up and delivering your message whether that's on video and video's everything or in person whether that's for clients or making a presentation and that's everything and how you show up. I have the wow power to wow workshop and that's two days that's at thepowertowow.com.

[00:25:42] We'll have that in the show notes.

[00:25:45] That's right. Love that. And so I love seeing if someone can even be a quote unquote hopeless case and they are transformed. And on fire and the amount of people I've helped from just starting out to already playing at the top of their game going to the next level I just love this work so you can read all about it check it out at thepowertowow.com.

[00:26:05] So all you hopeless people out there you now have hope.

[00:26:09] Yeah. Right. All you people check it out. Right. And then I would love and I think you do this too but I love working with emerging entrepreneurs whether they're a high end executive that now wants to be out there speaking and or they want to move from being a high end executive and to being their own brand. They're launching out there and or someone is just want to get out of that commute the nine to five. And how can I. I've been an entrepreneur. I'll be my own my own presence and helping them find that right brand that brings everything that's authentically them forward and that's another thing I'd say if you're going to make that crossover make it something you're passionate about make it can grow up with what you're about what your background all comes together there is some through line that is what you are to stand for and that's what you want to put your energy into if you're going to do that path. But helping you know find a nail that and name it and come up with a signature program the right messaging the promotion the strategy create their keynote if they don't have that if they want that. get everyone positioned and set up and launched. And so I do that with just a handful of one to one but I work with beautiful people on that. And if you have interest in exploring that Ready Aim success would be the first step to check out ReadyAimsuccess.com.

[00:27:33] Can you do that from a distance right.

[00:27:36] Oh yes do that on Zoom. There's people I've never met someone in Hong Kong and. She launched her whole brand out there somewhere in Australia. I just met her today. You know her her whole life and everything she's been able to launch can completely happen out of the work we've done together it's really really gratifying to see and I know you've done that for so many people and it's so beautiful when you get to see someone now really owning what they do in the world and now helping others with what they do.

[00:28:03] Yes. One of all those links in the show notes and I got to vouch for this lady. We never heard a bad word about her except for people that aren't that attractive were jealous of. I know that because she's like the like Miss Perfection of all perfection.

[00:28:21] You didn't see me when I woke up this morning.

[00:28:25] No I didn't. But yeah. She's just lights lights up anywhere she she comes in. Hey anything crazy funny happened to you.

[00:28:39] Yes ya think in this business. I'm like What. Which one to begin. Well I have a weird fun story but it kind of illustrates that you know no matter what you get faced with you can work your way through it. But by I had the facility of knowing how to handle being in front of crowds because of having done and emceeing work and singing around the world opening for a lot of names and all that for years and media. So I had a facility when I transitioned into speaking and obviously that carried me because the first time speaking ever and you'll get this Tom when Mark Victor Hansen now is going to allow me to transition from emceeing and singing for his folks.

[00:29:28] T Chicken Soup For The Soul guy. One of the partners in that.

[00:29:32] Right. Right right. And he did this big events like five hundred or a thousand people at a time and that we were talking about earlier. And so he he took a risk and he had me speak for his mega speaker event and so for my first time speaking was in front of five hundred other speakers. No flipping pressure out of that. And I was terrified and you know what I'm doing I'm trying to learn. But out of that was you probably know I'm Fabrizio man Seeney who saw me and then booked me for Parker seminar. So my third time speaking ever was in front of 8000 chiropractors. And he had taken Bob Eubanks off the bill in order to put me on. They were used to having him every year. And now they're going to open their show with me. It's unknown and I didn't know what I was doing right. So I didn't know you should really kind of meet with them ahead of time and feel into customizing around what they need is now. But I've flown on a red eye all night. I had zero sleep when I showed up I was already terrified and nervous because I knew and the audience was going to be Mark Victor Hansen John DeMartini John Gray. These guys are well well-known in personal development. My heroes and the pressure because they were taken Bob Eubanks took a risk with me and and I'm there and then they we met that day to go over my speech. They tossed my speech out and we write a new one for that night and now this is one of those huge stages like football field land. This was in Vegas. And the orchestra is stage left. There is boom camera so there's no place for Notes on the stage. There's no podium there's no teleprompter. I can't even try to write on on my hands because that'll come out on the video. So I'm like behind the stage ready to throw up I'm feeling like I did after Broadway where I got all locked up and terrified couldn't sing and I'm like holy crap what am I going to do. And I was trembling and I feel I'm going to freakin fail and I said OK failure is not an option. These people so need to hear from me. They need to hear that they're number one and the healing arts they need to know that they work so hard but they can you know all these things and I kept just knowing as long as I show up and this will be a dip a tip for a dip but it can be a chance for people speaking you know when you go even if you're terrified even if you feel unprepared just know. And this was what I knew from my experience as long as I show up like I'm talking with my best friend as long as I've got that energy if I'm playful with it and I even if I forget what I'm supposed to say if I keep that connection going at least it will totally fall on my face and look like a fool. And I can at least navigate it and make it work to some degree. And that's gonna be what's going to carry me. And so you know the music's coming on and now my butt cheeks are shaking while I go out there. but. and I somehow did it. I remember at one point I forgot like what the how do I say next what's coming next. But I just brought it right back into playing with it and conversation that dropped it or something dropped it. Anyway I came offstage and collapse and and I got great kudos and some of its footage I even use a teeny bit of video. Yeah because you know it was butt cheeks trembling you know so I could see a picture that you won't look at that picture and imagine that my butt cheeks were shaking but it just shows that you can navigate no matter what you're going through you can still show up powerfully you can still work through it but oh my god that was definitely a turning point.

[00:33:32] So we got to take a brief break for sponsor messages but when we come. back we're going to ask Lynn what's a typical day look like for her maybe you will make too typical days when one on on the road and one at home. And then we'll see how she stays motivated.

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[00:34:35] All right let's get back to our super main event. Lynn Rose is here with us then. Lynn So what's a typical day look like for you when you're traveling and then when you're in the office.

[00:34:50] Oh I was going to say what's a typical day typical day. One day it's heads down and the computer day and tonight and next it's off to Singapore to speak or it's attending premieres of movie or book launches it did a lot of that this past week.

[00:35:08] Okay take us out to a day when you're home in you're in Los Angeles area. A perfect place to screw the commute I might add. So what time do you get up do you exercise. What do you eat. You mean tell us about your life.

[00:35:27] Also this is the beauty by the way. This is why you want to also give the middle finger to the commute folks. It is. I mean it's a it's a blessing and a curse in the same breath I guess. But is that you get to really be master of your own time in your day but that means you need to be master of your own time in your own day. Or it can run away with you. And I play with that because sometimes I can relax a little bit too into the fact that I've got leeway but I I tend to wake up at about 7:00 in the morning sometimes earlier and then I just try to then meditate or sleep and stay there. Just be still. Or i'll i'll definitely always start the day meditating. Start the day being what I'm grateful for. I think that's more important that we have a strong start in how we feel about ourselves and feel about our day and you know start from that mindset place I need to exercise again. I used to be so motivated and brilliant about that. That's a if I'm frank that's a part of my life. I kind of let go and I'm bringing back in so I'm just sharing right now in this moment and hopefully maybe but if someone's listening to this a month later and a replay that may not be relevant anymore. But that is an area I'm taking back on to get in that habit again because it's real important we move our bodies. I used to be diligent about it. So anyway that I hope to make a part of a typical day again. And then I. answer emails and requests that are there. I feel like I've got that handle. What's the most immediate things that I have appointments with clients perhaps the one to one clients that might be willing with or phone calls that are moving forward my projects that I'm working on. I leave in their space for me to either have a little quick meditation along the way or space to then just chill out. I also walk my dog. So that leaves space for that. But I've learned I used to crack the whip so much that it became almost a workaholic. I still am recovering from that. And if you're not careful because your time is your own it can bleed into that. And so yes I go out and play a lot of go sailing or I'll go to these events and these movie premieres and this all play and networking. But then every other time in between I'm trying to fill the space with either you know working or when I'm creating or maybe I'll be on social media but that's almost like serving the purpose of keeping the engagement so or distraction.

[00:38:02] I saw you most recently I think our mutual friend Brandy was taking a video of you and Rachel and a bunch of other people on a boat somewhere and everybody singing.

[00:38:20] That's right. Well I do love that and it's great because you know you need to get you need to make the space for play. And I make the space for play. I'm actually getting now more deliberate not feeling just because I have an evening open doesn't mean I now need to take that evening and fill it with work. I can now say I could I have right to take that evening and just let me go ahead and watch a movie and I have to allow my give myself that that permission because there's a part of me feels guilty to just sit and watch a movie what. And so I'm learning to allow that type of of space and play I'm just offering that as a tip to people out there as I offer it to myself.

[00:39:04] What about when you're On the road like you're doing to Singapore. Mean that's a big flight that's a lot of hoopla. So what's. What's it like preparing and then doing an international trip.

[00:39:15] Yeah well you know I. When I'm on a trip I as soon as I get on the plane. For me it's Singapore time or the time of where I'm going. I don't even let myself think of what time it is back at home so that I can start really taking on my body to respond to the time zone I'm gonna be in. Which kind of helps with jet lag and then I when I'm on a long flight like that. I try to plan at the times that I'll I'll leave for sleeping and other times that I'll leave for either just chillin out or working on the computer. And then. And usually that's if I'm going to Singapore to speak I might be looking over the speech at that time or just reviewing like Singapore. I did an event I shared the stage with Randi Zuckerberg which was really cool connecting with her and was for a thousand women entrepreneurs in Singapore. It was really awesome. But I also emceed and so I just kind of saw who was going to be there learned about that prepared for it once I arrived. I made sure I'd have time that I would rest and get ready. And then in the morning soundcheck going over with the organizers what my roles and obligations and the flow of the events going to be and then participating the event and I really like a lot of people like to just hang out backstage and that's a great place because you can really be networking and have fun. But I like to hang out in the room because I'm seeing what people are getting. I'm seeing what they're learning I'm seeing how the speakers are from the front of the stage and networking with the folks that are there at the event in that way. So then I just kind of I'm a true integrated part of the event and accessible and connecting with people because to me that's what I love is connecting with them now with where people are and what they're up to and then once the event's over people are going out to dinner. I'll go out with them or maybe there's someone is there I know that we make a plan to go out and dinner have a meeting and then if I can there's space the next day let's say go visit the city and I did that I made space for a couple days or a few days after to stay and see people that I knew in Singapore and and explore Singapore some more and just have some space. And then came back. So that's kind of my that's a an example. But every examples different.

[00:41:38] Did You go to the big water fountain.

[00:41:41] Oh my gosh I can't believe Singapore is just an adult playground.

[00:41:47] So water means wealth in Singapore so they have it's enormous like the biggest fountain in the world they're one of the malls and they've got a picture there. So how do you stay motivated like you're on your own. You're doing all this stuff on your own. How do you keep fired up all the time because you're firing and everybody else up. But how do you get fired up.

[00:42:10] Well good point Tom. Thank you. Well how do I get fired up and how do I get help in my business. I may know things. And but when we're inside the jar it's hard to see the outside of the label. And so I I know better to reach out if I'm not careful I can then just try to handle things myself but I I I'm good at reaching out and where might I get support for up leveling and shifting my mindset. And I'll listen every day to motivational programs or even just mindset type of programs and meditations are guided guided audios so that I can stay in that place. I do. I literally do affirmations right. I. Gratitude is a great shift for me. I make sure I surround myself with people that are of similar mindset and so that I can also stay in that kind of zone. I read that kind of material as well. And I look for it. I've got my reticular activating system programmed to look for how I can level myself. I swear on my I have to work on myself every day because I I come up against my own lack of motivation. It happens. You know I want to procrastinate I want to distract or I get tough on myself and beat myself up you know and I have to I have to counter that every day or or it'll take me down. So I really look for it and I I proactively even take programs to really keep that muscle and I really recommend folks know this is like going to the gym. You want to always be working on yourself. Always work on your business. Always work on your mindset and have that muscle built up. That's what's going to have you go to that next level and recognized to be an entrepreneur is the greatest personal development program in the world. And it's one that you constantly have to work on and you're going to run into I don't care whether you're a billion dollar entrepreneur and I know some of those and what they've been up against you know you to stand in the fire and what it takes. You've got to have that muscle strong. You've got to be able to navigate when those big waves hit or what you have to move through.

[00:44:38] Well well well folks you can see why she fires so many tens of thousands of people up around the world and I'm just thrilled to know you Lynn. Although we did learn some new stuff about each other you learned that you're a Marine brat. You learned that I was Santa Claus.

[00:44:55] Right. You're going to show a picture. Oh my gosh. That's great.

[00:45:02] Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us today. We're going to have all your stuff in the show notes so everybody can either you know recommend you for a big event or maybe if they're not in that position they can take advantage of all your wow stuff and all the other great stuff that you have. So thanks so much for coming on.

[00:45:20] Thank you Tom. I appreciate you.

[00:45:23] I will see you soon. One of these days I hope so because it's been a while since we've spun a tune together.

[00:45:30] I love it. Game on.

[00:45:32] All right everybody so we'll see y'all the next episode.

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