819 - The Art of Repurposing: Tom interviews Judith Briles - Screw The Commute

819 – The Art of Repurposing: Tom interviews Judith Briles

I'm here with Judith Briles, and she's going to talk about the art and magic of repurposing. That's music to my ears. What a dynamo lady she is, and I can't wait to hear what she did to get covered by the National Enquirer.

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[01:48] Tom's introduction to Judith Briles

[08:47] From Sea Level to Colorado

[13:14] Definition of Repurposing

[23:31] Having a digital aspect to your business

[30:23] Sponsor message

[32:03] A typical day for Judith

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Episode 819 – Judith Briles
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody! It's Tom here with episode 819 To Screw the Commute podcast. I'm here with Judith Briles, and she's going to talk about the art and magic of repurposing. That's music to my ears. What a dynamo lady she is. And I'm going to bring her on a minute. And I can't wait to hear what she did to get covered by the National Enquirer. Right. So that's a pretty big accolade there. Um, all right. Hope you didn't miss episode 818 and 817. That was the two part series on you, searching for stuff more efficiently, and how other people can search on your site and find what they want. A lot of people don't pay much attention to that, and I've been slack on that in the past few years myself. So that's 817 and 818. The way you get to a back episode, you go to screwthecommute.com, slash, then the episode number 817 818 and I'm sure you'll want to make a note of this one 819 with Judith. All right. Check out my mentor program at GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com the longest running, most successful, most unique ever in the field of internet and digital marketing.

[00:01:31] And I triple dog dare people to put their program up against mine. And they won't do it because they would be embarrassed because I'm a crazy fanatic. All right, pick up a copy of our automation book at screwthecommute.com/automatefree and follow me on TikTok at tiktok.com/@digitalmultimillionaire.

[00:01:49] All right, let's bring on the main event. Doctor Judith Briles is an award winning, best selling author of, listen to this, 44 books. I could use the whole podcast up naming them author you creating and building your author and book platform. Snappy. Sassy. Salty. Success wise word for authors and writers. The crowdfunding guide for authors writers. It just goes on and on and on. And her personal memoir is When God Says No, revealing the yes when adversity and loss are present. And her books have been translated into 17 different languages, over a million copies sold. She's been featured on CNN, CNBC, Oprah, and she's worked with over a thousand authors and created 500 plus bestsellers for them. She's been covered by print publications including Newsweek, people, time, The Wall Street Journal, and the National Enquirer. Judith, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:02:46] I am, I am. Screw the commute now.

[00:02:49] Did you have some kind of wild sex tape they found for the National Enquirer? How did you get in the National Enquirer?

[00:02:56] Hey, you know, Tom, I have to tell you, truth be told, they were very nice to me. Really. They were. They were very nice to me, I guess, because I wasn't, you know, Brad Pitt or any of these, those other people that they're looking for all the crap on. But they, they were. It follows something from people magazine when I had four pages there on my book, women, Woman to Woman. And actually it goes along with your title. I wanted to call it WSW Women's Screwing Women, and also a positive for women supporting women. So that was the work I did on do and how women undermine other women. That's what that was all about. Wow. So that was the lure, you know, like the fishing line that threw them out. Um, and I reeled it in and they were they were interested. So they actually, believe it or not, when they wrote up the article, they showed it to me. He says, well, is this okay with you? Um, and I was blown away thinking it was going to be, oh my God, the National Enquirer. What are they going to do to me?

[00:04:04] So they didn't find that tape of yours, huh? That's good, that's good.

[00:04:08] No, I don't have.

[00:04:09] Any of those tapes. I'm kind of boring.

[00:04:13] That way, but. But you know what? It does tie in to repurposing. Because what I was able to do that started with a dissertation, which, as anyone who is listening in has ever read a dissertation, it's like, gag me and don't I don't even need any sleeping pills.

[00:04:33] Right.

[00:04:34] Um, and that it was I took that, I commercialized it and, and from that Tom I created, let's see, woman to woman, I created one, two, three, four, five, six, seven books out of that with using that theme and coming back to the party again and giving it another unique twist, which I think is so important for anyone who has written, I don't care if we're talking about a blog or an article. Or a book is the art of repurposing is that you just add a new variation to it and you go out again and you push it out again. And it means you don't have to go through originality, brain damage of what am I going to do this time? When you've got a body, you just have to come back and do a new version.

[00:05:30] Well, and that's my position. Yeah.

[00:05:33] And those, those variations don't have to be different information. They can be different formats.

[00:05:41] No. And it could be, for example, when I did my first woman to woman book, that was for the general workplace. And what I did not realize, you know, the my naivete in 1987 that my book scared the hell out of the corporate workplace because I was out here saying women are undermining other women. This sisterhood thing is a crock. All right. And that and here's and here's the differences between men and women. It's not that men don't undermine. They do it quite well, but men don't discriminate. They would shaft anybody. And that's that was the lure that brought in all the media. Men don't discriminate. Men, they they will take out anybody else today.

[00:06:33] So anyway.

[00:06:34] So I played with that and then health care discovered me. Female dominated. I never thought I was going to repurpose into the female dominated workplace. And that opened up a huge avenue for me. And that was exactly where I belonged.

[00:06:55] So you're talking about variations in markets there. You know, I concentrated in my products on repurposing on different formats, like you have a book, it can turn out to be an audio book, it can be a seminar, it can be a consultations, coaching all these different formats. And I contend that the the amount of money you get for your material depends on the format. So a 300 page book like my Wake Him Up book is 24 bucks. That's it. But I took one the equivalent of 1/12 of that book and put it on audio, and I got 8995 for it. That's like a 43.5 times multiplier of the the value of the same information. Then I put it on video and got $1,000 for it. So so you're shooting different markets and I was shooting different formats.

[00:07:51] Right. But but that's exactly what you should be thinking of as well. I mean I, I've always felt that, you know, these people who go down one path and the only creative book are really missing the audio book, the book.

[00:08:04] And the speaking engagements.

[00:08:05] Which you just wrote a book on that too.

[00:08:07] Yeah. And speaking engagements. And, you know, that's that's actually where I made a lot of money.

[00:08:13] Exactly. You know. Now, you.

[00:08:17] Know, into the millions.

[00:08:18] Exactly.

[00:08:19] Absolutely. I'm a little hurt that I didn't get asked to do a a promo for your book. You know, when when it came out. So. So I'll have to get over that. But you know what? Amazing.

[00:08:32] Hey hey hey hey hey hey, what.

[00:08:33] What what.

[00:08:34] It.

[00:08:35] Let's call. We could repurpose that Tom.

[00:08:37] Okay, there you go.

[00:08:38] And I'll be the only. No, you don't want me to be the only testimony. But I've made enormous amounts of money speaking. Very few people have beat me. Ever. Yeah, but you know, what amazes me about you is you're based out of Colorado, right?

[00:08:53] Right.

[00:08:54] And the air is thinner there. If you were at sea level, I just can't imagine what you would do with your brain. Jesus.

[00:09:02] Well, I.

[00:09:03] Love sea level. I actually came from sea level and moved to Colorado. Wow. As a start over. Because here's what happened. We did. I went through a horrendous time where a partner of mine embezzled $1 million.

[00:09:16] Yikes.

[00:09:17] And did not leave us in good shape. And and we lost our home. I mean, it was not a good time in my life.

[00:09:25] Is this the book Shepherd company?

[00:09:27] Yeah. Yeah. Well, eventually that evolved. No, it was no, I was in finance. I come from financial background. Okay. And I had a partner. But but this this is where women screwing women came from.

[00:09:40] Wow.

[00:09:40] I had a I had a female partner who took on a partner I knew zippo about called cocaine. And she waylaid a lot of money from a project that we were developing. And I was the one who had the signature and the personal guarantees on the line, and I got hit big time. The from that, then I, you know, I went back to school, I had learned how to run a boutique hotel and Tom I've always said God did not put me on this earth to be a hotel operator. I, I had to figure out what in the hell, because there's one of the attorneys said to me, Bryles, your feet are hot and you're the only person left standing. Everyone else bailed out.

[00:10:28] Wow.

[00:10:29] Um, and so I took that project. I ended up putting it to a bankruptcy. I brought it out. I paid every fricking creditor 100 cents on the dollar.

[00:10:39] I did that, too, when that happened to me.

[00:10:41] Yep, yep.

[00:10:42] And and and move forward. And then out of that came the woman to woman book. You know how how could my good friend, you know, pal, do this to me because she was ruthless and amoral. But besides that, um, that, you know, you go on and you move this stuff in different directions. And then I started speaking on that, and and you know, what was interesting? People wanted to know when I was being interviewed, how I recovered, how did I rebuild myself again. And part of that rebuilding was we kind of looked at my calendar, and it was almost 80% of all the work I did was east of the Rockies, and I was out of the Bay area, east of the Rockies. So then we started assessing and, you know, well, where would I live and where would we move to? And it's the same time my son had died from a really freaky accident, from a bridge thing that these kids were climbing on. And, and they embezzle it and said, I just wanted out of California Tom. I just wanted out so.

[00:11:56] Early adopter.

[00:11:57] There because everybody wants out of there now.

[00:12:00] Yeah, I was I was an early adopter 34 years ago. And I'm looking around. And Colorado's real estate market was not in good shape, and I was able to last the last two things very few people know this I had was to airties to art pieces by ERT. I was able to negotiate them as a down payment for a lease option to buy a house again. And that's how we started all over again. But coming out of Colorado with Colorado, um, then I could, you know, I rebuilt, you know, you you know, you you've had times where things have not been well, you rebuild yourself and and you go on. So we found in interviews that I did as you're repurposing yourself, it's not just your work. Sometimes you have to repurpose yourself is that they wanted to know, how did I survive? How did I overcome when I had all this hell going on? And I think that's where people, you know, can get some hope factor in. Oh, yeah, well, if she can go through all that may, maybe this little thing I'm dealing with is more like a hiccup and not the world falling down. All right.

[00:13:15] Let's get in the nuts and bolts of our topic for today. Can you just give a give everybody a simple definition of repurposing.

[00:13:25] Repurposing to me is taking something you've already done and and bringing it out anew again. Could it could have a new title? It could have a new description to it. It could have some imagery that you come in for it. You could reposition it on a platform that you have not visited, you know, been working on. Of course, when I started writing and when you started writing Tom Antion, there was not a thing called social media.

[00:13:53] Right. That's right. Okay. All right.

[00:13:55] So now you you bring it out and you can redo it in this way. I did a workshop here just a couple of weeks ago for it was it's called the it was called Book Marketing and Social Media Unplugged. And it's an all day heavy duty workshop. I only let ten people come so I can know all of you. Coach. I can dive down because when my brain gets going, I will be so myopically focused on people and saying this, this is your lane, this is where you want to go, etcetera. And in that, one of the things that I played around with was I had spent several hours trying to identify all the publishing authors and book special days coming up for the year 2024. What are their months? What are the weeks and what are the days? Now I'm a big fan and I'll tell you, one of my days is in October 26th because it's Pat Conroy's birthday. Oh, from the south, in your neck of the woods. Tom. And he's one of my favorite authors. I celebrate his birthday every year. I have a special poster, I have quotes, I do that, but what I did is I digress here is that I have this calendar that's like seven pages of stuff. Well, I sat down with that. I have already done a full podcast on it. I am going to turn it into a opt in piece for my lead magnet for my, um, website, saying, here are all hey authors and writers, grab your special days for 2025.

[00:15:32] I will put that up. That way. I am dividing it up and making it a two part blog blog for this month of November. That's repurposing to me one, you know, one, one little idea I had. Well, let's put this together. I kind of do this every year, okay? I made a podcast out of it. I'm going to make two blogs out of it. I'm going to turn it into a lead magnet that we're going to create a campaign to go out to hopefully gather more fans when we push that out. So that's kind of one type of repurpose. Another thing is it could be, you know, one of my books now, I came from the nonfiction. I'm writing fiction now, but I came from come from the nonfiction line that that is one of the easiest repurposes. It's called chapter by chapter, where you could roll things out and let it be a standalone, whether it's an ebook, whether it's a series where you could just do, you know, a key point and come out with it on on blog points, you you have a speech around that. You know, I see things happening very quickly that way. And I'm always I always scratch my head when people say I just, you know, they're authors. I just don't know what to blog about.

[00:16:50] Yeah, when they have books in front of them.

[00:16:52] Exactly. And in those days you were talking about for just for authors, there's, there's another book. I think Bowker puts it out, I forget it's you can start your own holiday. And I saw I was doing a podcast before this one where I was talking about something. But anyway, I found out that there's a National Stephanie Day, you know, so somebody named Stephanie just made up a national holiday and got it in there, you know, so you could do all kinds of stuff like that and any, any of the other holidays, you could do stuff to play off of that because it's in the news already.

[00:17:26] Tom I have a I have probably over 2000 posters of stuff. One of one of my folders on my computer in my picture deal is holidays. I have a poster for every holiday, every day, every day of the year. Um, one of my favorites is January 3rd. That is throw the fruitcake out day.

[00:17:51] Right? Um, and more than one.

[00:17:53] On a particular day, too. So you could pick one at.

[00:17:56] Multiples multiples.

[00:17:58] But you can make your own holiday. So I want a cocktail on what you just said when I went through to pull all these author, author, book and publishing days and we throw librarians, you know, celebrating librarians in there. Um, that it is amazing how little, how little there is in June and July. So our advice would be for our listeners here. Hey, if you're going to make your own Stephanie Day, June and July is the day to do it because you're not competing with other stuff right now.

[00:18:34] What do you think about holiday time like from my sales perspective, people go brain dead from the day before Thanksgiving till the middle of January, but it is an easier time to get in the news during those days.

[00:18:46] Yes it is, if you can tie into it and coattail it. And also if you're going to do a crowdfunding program. December is a great month. Did you know.

[00:18:55] That?

[00:18:55] I didn't know that. And I wrote a crowdfunding book. And why do you think that is? Because people were in the mood for giving.

[00:19:02] Yeah, they've got the credit card out and they loosen up.

[00:19:06] So, so.

[00:19:08] But you have to plan it. Yes. You know, you know, you wrote I wrote a crowdfunding book, you wrote a crowdfunding book. You don't need a tome here. But they are absolutely essential steps you have to do.

[00:19:19] Yeah.

[00:19:20] And now, unless, you know, it's little Susie's got cancer and it's. Or, you know, that kind of that's called.

[00:19:26] That's called GoFundMe. Yeah. And that's where a lot of the scams are now.

[00:19:30] Yeah, yeah. But yeah, you have to plan this ahead of time. And, and there's a lot of little, little things that just people just throwing up there. And then it's not successful and they wonder why.

[00:19:41] So exactly what's the name of your crowdfunding book.

[00:19:44] Let me see.

[00:19:44] Yeah I have.

[00:19:45] Another thing on repurposing that when I have anything that is a year old, whether it's a blog or an article or what, that absolutely should be brought back to the party again. And you should for all of you, if you're struggling now, I'm just going to tell you to change the title. If you've got some bullets in it, rearrange them. Come up with a new description. Remember the Google Gods? Pick up the 101st 160 characters in their descriptions, so just change that all around. So oh, Google says this is this is all all new.

[00:20:20] And sometimes you don't have to wait a year because of people's short attention spans. Nowadays, you know, sometimes I'll do a promotion and then a week later I'll do the same promotion and just as much money.

[00:20:33] Well. And I think also the other thing is that when you're doing a promotion in a campaign that you repurpose what you're pushing out, you know, come up with a key grab but have ten variations of it because you never know what mental or eyeball is going to pick it up. Seeing a different word or a different imagery in there, all of a sudden it's going to ring the bells and they'll grab it. So I think that's really important to understand for the marketing side.

[00:21:03] And without being too techie, you can actually track that to see which ones are, you know, because a lot of people will put 3 or 4 ads out and they'll get some money in, but they don't know which ad brought the money is four out of five ads might be losing money, but you keep running them because you don't know. So that's the kind of stuff we help people with to track things so that they aren't wasting money with stuff.

[00:21:26] Yeah, I think they need to start thinking of some of the things. Maybe you need to do your own kind of playoff thing like they do with, you know, baseball and football. And I mean, we're coming into a Super Bowl season here pretty soon. Um, that who's going to be in the playoffs and playoff? What ad or promo piece you put out, whether you're paying for an ad or you're just writing up, you know, and using your social media resources that see which one seems to get the most traction and then let you know, well, well, you know, let's not go down this way. I mean, one of the challenges Tom have a lot of times with authors is they they get stuck on what they really like, and they forget that. It may be that it's what your consumer likes, and that's what you have to figure out. It's not so much what you like, it's what your consumer wants.

[00:22:26] Yeah.

[00:22:26] And for years I've heard people say, yeah, just do what you love and the money will follow. Yeah. No it won't, all right. Because nobody will know about it. You do what you like and it has to be marketable. And other people have to like it if you want to make money with it.

[00:22:42] So if that's your goal.

[00:22:45] Well.

[00:22:45] Yeah, if that's your goal, if it's just a hobby, then they wouldn't be on my show, you know. So so it's the whole thing is you got to you can blow a lot of money. That's the one thing I teach people is how to make your hobbies tax deductible. That way you can really love your hobby because you're getting money from it. And speaking of and.

[00:23:04] And the IRS will let you mean.

[00:23:06] Absolutely.

[00:23:07] They give you some leeway here.

[00:23:09] Totally legit. I never push any any scammy kind of stuff. But you can be in business. You can have a world class website for 150 bucks if you get off your butt and just learn how to do it, which is, you know, you can always get some. If you have trouble, you go down to the local preschool and get the, you know, wake a kid up from his nap to help you. So so yeah, you can make your hobbies tax deductible. You can really enjoy it. And I'm really pushing people to get into the digital world because of look what happened in the pandemic. I didn't even notice the pandemic. And that's not to say I didn't. I know there was a lot of agony and misery out there in the world, but from my business, it actually picked up because more people were home on a computer, you know? So if you can have a digital aspect to your business, party, party or repurposing, it's 97% profit. You got to really screw up bad to not make money at 97% profit.

[00:24:07] Well, I think that the digital world, the people who are still fighting, resisting it, my my response to you is get over it. It is here and it's been here for a long time. I mean, I wish, you know, Tom, what year did your first book come out? Do you remember?

[00:24:25] Oh, it would have to be around 1990, something like that.

[00:24:31] Okay. So my first one was in 81 and June, June of 81. And everything was done the old fashioned way, truly the old fashioned way. And now it's changed so much. I mean, for authors, I mean, I, I know in the author community and this is why you need to learn about. Let's go back to our repurpose word that just because you wrote the book on the art of belly button gazing, you know, let's use something oddball. Um, but you could have the power of belly button gazing and the reformation of belly button gazing. I mean, you can have some fun. The Zen of Billy Bass.

[00:25:15] Do you count revised versions as repurposing?

[00:25:20] Well why not?

[00:25:21] Yeah. Why not? I mean, you know.

[00:25:23] Most of the.

[00:25:23] Work is done.

[00:25:24] Yeah it is, but but you also have to come back to the party, I think. And look at it. Do you have the right title. Do you need to change your title should you have a new cover? I mean, I always feel that if you're going to revise something, I think you should take the time to support what you've created, to see if you can fine tune it and make it better.

[00:25:46] Well, you know, is it. I totally agree with that.

[00:25:48] But there's one that sticks in mind and probably, you know it as as good as anybody. Dan Poynter remember him.

[00:25:54] Right.

[00:25:55] And he wrote the self publishing manual. And there must have been 40 versions before, before he passed away. I think I bought every one of them, but he kept the same title. But it was always new stuff, new stuff, new stuff.

[00:26:09] The old and then now we're talking about the adjectives that bring in. It could be the ultimate guide. It could be the last guide, mean you could do all kinds of things.

[00:26:21] Secrets, bring it in.

[00:26:22] Or a really powerful title too.

[00:26:25] Exactly.

[00:26:26] So How to is a powerful thing.

[00:26:28] Well, if if your title says how to or it absolutely implies how to for the non-fiction listeners, that's really what you need to do. And I always tell people about titles that if you if you have a two title book, that that first title is just it's just the grabber, whether it's, you know, the book called Endurance or Power or, you know, shit, I mean, whatever the word is, but it's that subtitle where the power is and and the subtitle is The promise what you're going to deliver between those covers.

[00:27:09] So if formula one time where they said like 70% of the New York Times best sellers started with the main title was Three Words or Less, and then the subtitle was descriptive. I remember a guy that ran Southwest Airlines. I think his title was nuts colon.

[00:27:30] Exactly.

[00:27:30] How to, you know, a little airline did something or other. I don't know, but one word.

[00:27:37] When.

[00:27:37] You think of titles, one of my titles that did really effective and I remember the cover designer was oh my God, there's too many words. The main, the main title was sabotage. And this, oh, this was a repurpose Tom from woman to woman to zapping conflict in the health care workplace to to, you know, sabotage. Right.

[00:27:57] Right, right.

[00:27:58] And and the subtitle now this was for health care. The subtitle was how to we're back to how to, how to deal with the pit bull, skunk, snake, scorpions and slugs in the health care workplace. Anybody who worked in health care knew exactly what I was talking about.

[00:28:17] And what you did there is, and I've been preaching this for years, is you put the name of the group in the title and you can get way easier sales, get more money for stuff. I tell the story about this. Somebody has a just a time management topic, 20 bucks at best. But time management for endodontists is something which they make $1,000 every time they do a root canal, and so they'd pay 500 bucks for that, and it would be 15% different from your, your $20 title.

[00:28:52] But but then you could have you go you can go through every specialty in the world.

[00:28:58] Exactly.

[00:28:58] You take the same information and just tweak it 1,015%. And that's repurposing.

[00:29:04] That's right. And that's what people need to understand. And if you if you really look at a lot of these series, especially in the business arena or the self-help arena, they are exactly. There is almost no difference in the content, but the title and the book cover is different and that's, you know, that's repurposing. So for our listeners, what they really need to think about is what do they have right now? What can they do with with a little tweak or a little twist? Whether it's a title, whether it's an imagery, whether it redirects to another industry or a core, and then what are all the variations? It's kind of like the old organizational chart. We have the master, the master product, whatever that was. And then what are all the strings that can variation come off of it all from one idea?

[00:29:57] Exactly. And I know you've got loads of examples of that. Mine are like that wake em up book I wrote in the 90s, you know, turned into the Make Em Laugh series of how to, you know, on stage, turned into how to speak at fundraisers, turned into the audio version, you know, so same information just put on different form and. Consultations and live speaking engagements and the whole bit. So so we've got to take a brief sponsor break. When we come back, we're going to ask Judith what a typical day looks like for her, which Dynamo like that probably doesn't have one, but we'll see. See how she runs her day. So folks, about 25 years ago or so, it kind of turned the internet marketing guru world on its head, and that people at my level were charging 50 or 100 grand up front to help them. And I knew a lot of these people. You give them 50 or 100 grand, you'd never see them again up front. So I said, that's too risky for small businesses. And and so I kind of made him mad in that I charged like a 10% entry fee to my program, and I tied my success to your success. So for me to get my 50,000, you had to net 200,000. Well, people really like this in 1800 plus students later, it's still going strong.

[00:31:14] It's the longest running, most successful, most unique ever in the field of internet and digital marketing. You get an immersion weekend at the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center in Virginia Beach. You you also get a scholarship to my school, which is the only licensed, dedicated internet and digital marketing school in the country, probably the world, which you can either use yourself or gift to someone and be one of the best legacy gifts you could ever give to a young person, instead of sending them to in deep debt and in college. And then they they get out and they're competing for jobs at Starbucks. So this gives them an actual skill and as little as six months that's in super high demand. So check it all out at GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com and get in touch. I'm easy to get a hold of and no high pressure here. Just want to see what we can help you with online.

[00:32:04] All right, let's get back to the main event. We got Dynamo Judith Briles here and she tamed the National Enquirer. That alone makes her great to be. So, Judith, what's a typical day look like for you? I'm talking about what you get up early. Do you do you have a routine or anything in the morning?

[00:32:24] Am I'm a really early bird, so I'll be up any time between 4 and 5.

[00:32:29] Wow.

[00:32:29] By by 6:00 I'm on my probably third mug of hot tea. I am a tea drinker and that.

[00:32:40] Although no.

[00:32:40] Caffeine.

[00:32:42] Um. Oh, caffeine loaded?

[00:32:44] Yes. Totally.

[00:32:46] Totally loaded. Um. And I like, you know, the British breakfast is and the and the Irish afternoon and all those kind of things. And although I got on a kick, we were my husband is a, you know, the Star Trek sci fi stuff. And we were watching something with John Luc Picard in it. And he, he, he is a great fan of, of Earl grey. So I thought, oh, I'll get some Earl grey anyway, so, so I'm to that. I can tell you my typical day. Let's just start with today I'm closing out our annual cruise, our 14th annual cruise coming up and and just lining that all up. So I had my first phone call in from one of the people who are attending it at 630 my time this morning with a credit card.

[00:33:33] Wow. So where are you cruising?

[00:33:35] Yeah. To to yeah. To to to pay the balance for his cruise so I am I've already spent two hours.

[00:33:45] Well, wait a minute.

[00:33:45] Where where are you cruising to.

[00:33:48] Oh we're gonna this is off the coast of Mexico. So we're doing Cabo San Lucas. We're doing Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta in February.

[00:33:55] Beautiful.

[00:33:56] Let me know. So. And you know, my attitude on the publishing at Sea cruise is that when we're at sea, I own you. You'll be in class, and we're working with you. But when we're at in port, I want you to disappear and have a great time. And I'll see you at dinner. That's. That's my philosophy. The, um, the. So this morning, you know, I'm in the tea. It's quiet time. Kind of a little cleanup. I'm doing the number stuff, getting it ready because I need, you know, the I'm on tomorrow is my deadline, so this all has to be done. Otherwise they lose their spot. Um, and we have that done. And I'm already planning for and reaching out. And the emails, I send out a lot of emails during the day and following up. I'm teaching a class this afternoon starting at 4:00, how to create an Amazon bestseller with ten other authors. So I will have my my, uh, workshop hat on this afternoon as I work with them to to get them across the goal line.

[00:35:02] This remotely.

[00:35:03] Or in person. Yeah.

[00:35:05] No, it's all in line. Yeah, I always do that one online.

[00:35:08] Okay.

[00:35:09] And I do it like four times a year. Um, and doing this. So this is kind of, you know, as we come to the end of the year, you think, okay, so this is the last workshop I'm doing. On this topic.

[00:35:20] This year, right?

[00:35:22] And, you know, one of the things I found Tom and I'm digressing here, but I've, you know, I used to have these full two and three day workshops, and you and I have been at those full two and three day workshops. I've, you know, sponsored them and brought in the speakers for those kind of workshops that for me, where I am right now because I like to work closely with people. And I bet you this is what you love to do. It's your Virginia Beach program. Is that that if I get if I, if I limit it to 10 to 12 people. Number one, I know their stuff intimately. I know their books, I know them. And when I'm going along and I come up with an idea and people have learned when they're around me, they better have pen and and paper out, because once the ideas start flowing, um, you know, they're out. And if you don't catch the horse, I may not remember what I said, but anyway, um, that for for today was getting everything all ready for the workshop for that. Um, this afternoon. It starts at four today, so I've had my tea.

[00:36:30] I've already started talking a couple of the cruisers who were going to get them all straightened away. I've spent two hours already with writing the editing, writing rewrites for a fiction book this afternoon. My my days every day are usually filled with I work usually in two hour blocks with authors. And so I have one author that we will be writing for two hours with her memoir. And then I will transition into two workshop person. Now, because I start so early, my creativity starts fizzling late, late in the afternoon, and because I'm an early bird and so I never meet with clients after 5:00, usually because I'm not at my peak then and they need my creativity now. What I was also saying is, I've found that with shortening some of these deals, that I can take one of my courses like my book publishing Social Media Unplugged course, which was used to be to day, I now do it in a full day, and I do one day online and one day in person. And I bring them to my offices here like you. Bring people to your offices.

[00:37:47] Hybrid. Hybrid. So tell people how. How they can get Ahold of you and what kind of things they could get from you.

[00:37:57] Oh, okay.

[00:37:58] Well, the website, thebookshepherd.com, or if you put my name in, it'll lead to thebookshepherd.com under events. You always see what's moving along in that. I would encourage them. I do have a I have two blogs a week Tuesdays and Saturdays. Tuesdays is like the more information Tom and and Saturdays is the chewy. It may be only five lines. It could be just ten lines, but it's just kind of to chew over, to think about, to be reminded about and then have a full blown newsletter on on Wednesdays. Thursdays I do a podcast, which I've done for several years, but and that's always about writing. Publishing. Et cetera. So what? You know, I'm we're setting getting ready to set up my next my next unplugged is going to be the end of January, and it's going to be all about book publishing.

[00:38:56] And was that the book Shepherd or book shepherd?

[00:38:59] Well, it'll get to you either way.

[00:39:01] Both of them. Good.

[00:39:02] Okay. Beautiful.

[00:39:02] Yeah, yeah. And you know what, listeners, this is what you need to realize your variations of your domain and just get them redirected. Because people, you know. Tom how many domains do you have? A gazillion, I think.

[00:39:16] I have only about 300. I had as many as 700. But then I said, you know what, screw it, I'm going to I'm about 300 now.

[00:39:23] Yeah.

[00:39:24] And I've got about 75. But there are these, all these redirects.

[00:39:28] Yeah. You got to.

[00:39:29] Be careful, especially if you put a number in it, like, you know, something for you. You need to have the f-o-u-r and the, the number for and might as well throw in for E. Okay.

[00:39:41] So exactly that is exactly right. So and then so we're doing book publishing um for and and so the, the online version is going to be on um let's see we're looking at January now. Right. It's January 19th, I'll be doing online. It's an 830 to 430. Um, I give you a half hour lunch break, but it is stop. And I create very extensive workbooks we send out to people. You know, we're talking about 80 to 100 pages that we work through.

[00:40:14] Folks. Get in, get in her hemisphere. You can never heard a word bad. I've been around for a hundred years and never heard one thing bad. Only great things about this lady and her information. But she's got so many different possibilities. You need to just get in her hemisphere so that you hear about them. Take advantage of them. So, so thanks so much for coming on, Judith.

[00:40:34] Thank you for having me again Tom.

[00:40:36] All right. Let's go repurpose something today.

[00:40:39] Yes.

[00:40:40] Okie doke. We'll catch everybody on the next episode. See you later.