764 - Recycle and Revive your content: Tom talks Must Listens - Screw The Commute

764 – Recycle and Revive your content: Tom talks Must Listens

Today, we're going to talk about must listens. This is a super easy technique to revive and add to the consumption of your old or older content.

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[00:23] Tom's introduction to Must Listens

[01:51] Take older and relevant content and keep it working for you

[04:48] Using the term “Best Of”

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 764 – Must Listens
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody, it's Tom here with episode 764 of Screw the Commute podcast. Today, we're going to talk about must listens. This is a super easy technique to revive and add to the consumption of your old or older content. I hope you didn't miss Episode 763. Many of you know that I've recently got my commercial drone license and a side benefit of my studies about the drone stuff brought me to a fantastic microphone that speakers, authors, consultants and content creators are going to love. And so check that out. Episode 763. Anytime you want to get through a back episode, you go to screwthecommute.com, slash, and then the episode number. That was 763. And let's see, make sure you listen to our training episodes. If you want to really hone in on training as opposed to our interview episodes, which are great also, but we've put all the training episodes at screwthecommute.com/training. There's I think about 400 of them, so covers a lot of ground. And follow me at tiktok.com/@digitalmultimillionaire on TikTok and make sure you grab a copy of our automation book. That's the reason that I'm able to do all this stuff for you folks at screwthecommute.com/automatefree, you'll be able to save hundreds of hours into the future by getting a copy of this and implementing what it says.

[00:01:52] All right. Let's get to the main event. What I'm talking about today is a really easy way to take older yet relevant content of yours and get it back out to keep it working for you. One of the biggest mistakes I see with content creators and small business people is they always want to work on something new and they ignore older products and services that are still salable today. Let me talk for a minute about the word new. Okay. Older content you've created may not be new to you, but there are two factors at play. One, your customers, prospects and subscribers may not have seen the product or service when it first came out. If you introduce it again, it will be new to them. Who knows? They could have been on vacation. They could have been busy with other projects and missed it. So put it back out and give them another shot at it. And number two, new people get introduced and hear about you all the time. If you're doing a good job of the other things I teach. Your older stuff again is certainly new to them. You should take some time to go back through your products and services and see if it's about time to reintroduce them. Maybe minor updates would bring your stuff totally up to current standards. Maybe they don't need anything at all changed if they're an evergreen product.

[00:03:22] I've even used the term when reintroducing a product. I might say all the material has been updated to current standards. So here's an example of what I did. One time I had a whole series of recordings on internet marketing for small business, and they went back several years. Well, who wants to buy old Internet material? It changes rapidly. We all know that digital marketing and everything is changing like crazy. So I took each recording and I watched television and I listened to each recording on my laptop. And as soon as I heard something that was obsolete or had changed, I would stop the recording and I'd say something like this. Folks you've just heard me say ABC. Well, now the current standard is X, Y, Z. So now let's get back to the to the live recording. So I would just explain what the differences was. And now that particular recording was updated to current standards and I could sell it as such. So I sold the entire set again, even though it was several years old. And from what I recall, we sold about $50,000 worth on the second time around. Now, updating older products is usually far easier than starting a new product from scratch. So if I were you, I would jump on this now. A way to promote these revamped products is to call them and this is just an examples best of like my best blog posts of 2023 or my most powerful tips of the past six months, something like that.

[00:05:07] Now Entrepreneur on Fire podcast on the top in the World calls certain episodes that they got great responses on. They put them back out as, quote, classics. And guess who's in their classic section? Yep. You're truly. I've been getting much more listens on this podcast by putting out emails every so often, maybe once a month or a couple times a month to my list of email with the subject line must listen. Short Podcasts. The word short in the subject line gets more opens because people feel they can check the podcast out quickly and not have to spend an hour or more to learn something. In the email, I put the direct link to each podcast. I'm featuring a short description and in parentheses the length so people know how long it will take to listen. And here's an example of one of the listings. So screwthecommute.com/763. Fantastic new microphone recommendation parentheses 12 minutes. See? So it gets loads more listings. The people that missed the podcast episode when it first came out. So I get way more listens by just telling people about them again and giving them the benefit. A fantastic microphone recommendation. So there we go. So if you want a quick boost in sales, video views and or podcast listens, pull out the older stuff and tell people about them.

[00:06:48] You'll get way more than your original output of that product or service or video or whatever it is. All right. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hey, if you want help with this and the other gazillion things you need to be successful online, check out greatInternetmarketingTraining.com. It's the longest running, most successful, most unique ever Internet and digital mentor program. And and just give me a call. There's no pressure here, but I'll tell you why. Nobody will put theirs up against mine because they'd be embarrassed. All right. So and then we have this new program on being a great podcast guest to put yourself at the top of the heap. I've been invited back as many as 13 times. Like I said, I was just on the classics episode. But it's not just because of my interview, it's because of all the other things you can do to impress the heck out of podcast hosts. So check that out at screwthecommute.com/greatpodcastguest. And of course if you're in my mentor program that comes free. All right, go out and check out your old stuff and put it back out. Make some money. Catch you all in the next episode. See you later.