72 - The Host with the Most: Tom interviews Raven Blair Glover - Screw The Commute

72 – The Host with the Most: Tom interviews Raven Blair Glover

Raven, also known as the Talk Show Maven, is the recipient of President Obama's 2016 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. As a child, she dreamt of being on radio. However her journey didn't begin until age 55. Now she teaches others how to be the Oprah and Larry King in their niche, mastering the art of interviewing.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 072

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[02:12] Tom's introduction to Raven Blair Glover

[03:20] What Raven is doing now

[07:55] The art of mastering sales

[10:22] Implementing her dream from the ICU

[25:59] Tips for those sitting in that cubicle

[29:04] The best and worst parts about working for yourself

[33:55] Events and stuff coming up

[37:56] Sponsor message

[39:09] A typical day for Raven and how she stays motivated

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Episode 072 – Raven Glover
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:25] Hey everybody it's Tom here with episode 72 of screw the commute podcast I've got Raven Blair Glover here with me and she fulfilled her childhood dreams of being on the radio and boy did she achieve it and then some and I'll tell you about her in a moment episode seventy one our last episode was Judith Briles she's a prolific author and writing and publishing consultant and she had lots of great tips on business and being a female entrepreneur in the early 70s and going through all the crap she had to go through with that it's a very inspiring story. What she made for herself now one announcement our podcast app is now ready in the App Store. You can do all kinds of cool stuff with it. We're gonna have training on screwthecommute.com to show you all the ins and outs of the things you can do with this cool app on your tablet or your cell phone. So make sure you download that from the App Store and iTunes now our sponsor for today is amazingpublicspeaking.com. This is the membership site with over four hundred and seventy five professional and public speaking training videos plus audios and articles. I mean we have also have a corresponding complimentary webinar. It gives you 30 speaking tips in I don't know thirty seven point six two five minutes exactly. And we have a link to that and the show notes this is episode 72 and for all my episodes if you just do screwthecomputer.com slash and then the episode number you'll go right to the show notes where we have full transcripts and all the great tips from the person we were interviewing.

[00:02:13] All right let's get to the main event. Raven and also known as the talk show maven is the recipient of President Obama's 2016 presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. I did not know that about her what a what an honor. As a child she dreamt of being on radio. However her journey didn't begin until age 55 and I have that I find that hard to believe because she looks about 35 and so I don't know how that works how it didn't start till after she was I don't know. Before she was born I don't know. So she looks like a little kid. Now she teaches others how to be the Oprah and Larry King in their niche mastering the art of interviewing. Raven are you ready to screw the commute. Oh it's great to catch up with you. I mean I see at events all the time that I'm speaking at everybody's always surrounded you. And so tell them what you've been up to and I want to go to you. I'm going to go to your back story a little later because I didn't know a lot of this stuff. I thought you've been doing this all your life as smooth as you are. So what are you doing now and then we'll get into where you came from.

[00:03:35] Oh thank you so much first of all let me just say this is just so great and such an honor I am literally bouncing up and down in my seat like a little kid. Oh my God because of you you know before I even go into what I've done I've got to tell the audience that I this man's product is the first product I got that led me to entrepreneurship. I'd seen Les Brown and Jim Rohn on stage and I was sitting in the audience and just visualize myself there. So I went home and I google how to be a speaker and your wake up and oh my god I can't think of the name of it.

[00:04:17] Wake 'em up business presentations.

[00:04:19] Wake 'em up business presentations popped up and I I got this system because I really wanted to learn how to do this. And then when I got it it was all about humor. And to be honest it was such a dark time in my life. I didn't think I had any humor in me. But I still listen to your stuff and I still carried it along the way and I found out a little nutty.

[00:04:41] You are a little nutty. No doubt about it. I see you bopping down the thing with your hat on. You're everywhere. But you know humor is when you look back to keep your humor and your life with some of the darkest times it is the coping mechanism. So it's that important work.

[00:04:59] Right now what I'm doing is I'm just all over the place to be honest I am really a little cray cray. I got this thing that I came up with when I moved into a happier point in my life to don't wait to be great. Do it now. And so I'm doing like three four things now. I think you already know behind the scenes we haven't announced that yet. So this is exclusive on your show that we're in a process of launching on Smart TV our Raven international TV network. Of course you know I have my amazing women of power radio network and we're also really launching a first ever directory for lifestyle health and business. That's gonna be tied into our our TV network. Just finish conversations behind the mic first ever book with all radio hosts on the cover and they featured their best interview inside the book. We have people like the Donald when he was in the apprentice days that's when I liked him really liking him. And we had so many of Montel Williams Lindsay Wagner so many different people that done interviews featured those in the book. And so I'm just doing a lot. And I just renewed our vows. Oh we're always good. We got married in 2014. So was that five. Yeah. And here's a funny kind of funny story. We met in 2006 when I first started doing I guess you could say sales on the phone virtually and I was going to do webinars. I heard Alex say the quickest way to become an expert is to interview experts. Alex Mandossian. And that's how I really started interviewing. But anyway long story short my husband who is a Grammy Award winning mixing engineer with Michael Jackson Prince and stuff. He reached out. We met through his mastermind Alex mastermind. Years later we came back together and both of us was divorced at that time and we ended up getting married. So Alex renewed our vows for us when we were at a mastermind a couple of weeks ago. Although it's funny how everything's come in full force with you and Alex and everything.

[00:07:19] I didn't know he was a minister.

[00:07:22] He's not not just that we were all at the event. And so we were saying he could make our wedding. So we were like well let's renew our vows.

[00:07:33] I used to have a nightclub called the anchor lounge. That was kind of a nautical nautical theme. So I thought you know what. I'm the captain of the ship so I'll renew your vows too.

[00:07:47] That's right. Because you don't have to have the license or whatever right for renewal. Yeah. So yes it was really cool.

[00:07:54] So let's back up a little bit though because in your intro you said you didn't even realize your dream childhood dream until you're 55. Well there's a lot of room in-between there. What were you doing were you working jobs or what.

[00:08:10] Yeah. Actually I was in sales. My mother told me a long time ago that if you learn how to communicate and be a great listener and sell over the phone you know that you would never be without having money and you wouldn't have to depend on other people to hire you. You could just get out there and sell anything. So I really learned the art of doing all that mastering sales and really even bigger than that is being a good listener you know. So you can hear what people are saying. So anyway long story short my mother ended up getting sick and she went to the hospital. We thought she was going to be in for a couple days. She ended up being in the ICU unit for three weeks and at that time and I was in the chapel wondering if Mom was gonna make it. You know did she really live her life or herself for just us. And that's when the voice inside me kind of guiding me and said hey you know it's time for you to step up and show up and your mother has been the matriarch of the family she needs you. And it was really weird because I'd just gotten Alex's teleseminar secrets course and I heard him say that the quickest way to become an expert is to interview experts. Right then Tom I kid you not. I grabbed a piece of paper I told the nurses in the hospital because I was living at the hospital in the ward with my mother wanting to make sure no mistakes was made. And I told them I said I'm gonna start a show and it's going to empower baby boomer women to go for their dreams and visions no matter what. And I crafted and created my show did my first show from the hospital and that's how my radio journey began. Yeah. So I tell people my dream found me in the ICU unit at the hospital right by my mom's side.

[00:09:46] Wow that's an amazing start. I don't know if we've had any. As this thing starts through a business career start from the ICU.

[00:09:59] She's gone now but she's seen me make a total transition before she passed and and it's been amazing journey. I got to meet you in person.

[00:10:12] Oh boy now there's a highlight. I don't know. Let me weigh a presidential achievement award or meet Tom. Oh I don't know. So. So in the ICU you came up with this idea. But tell us how you implemented it. You went from working telephone sales to get this idea in the middle of the ICU. So how did you roll that out make it happen.

[00:10:39] Oh wow really good question. Well like I said I lived at the hospital for my mother was in there for three weeks. And so during the day I was watching exactly every step that they did. You know I was just I guess in 98 we lost my dad from mistakes at the hospital so that wasn't going to happen to Mom. So I was dead on that but then when she slept through the night I would just start making a list of who I wanted to interview you know and I would just Google how to do a podcast and all that stuff and because I was so diligent at it and I was excited and telling the people at the hospital got to know me from living there for three weeks and so they said you know what. Instead of sharing this one computer in the ICU ward with the rest of the visitors why don't you when the big chiefs leave come behind our desk and you can use the computer in our room. And so when Mother slept I stayed there and I taught myself how to do radio how to interview you know. And eventually I noticed that you know I was just one of many. So I really mastered the art of interviewing what I call Tom interviewing up going for the people you dare not think you can get. And I reached out to Montel Williams Fran Drescher Lindsay Wagner of course Alex and I just kept reaching up to bigger people. And that's which really made me elevate really quick.

[00:12:05] Okay. How did you do that and who was your first big fish you landed.

[00:12:12] The first big one was a lady by the name of Jane Kennedy. I don't know if you remember Jane. She was one of the first African-American sports women back in the day. You know you probably know Jane a beautiful girl. And so she was the first one I was originally from Cleveland Ohio. She was too and there was someone that had showed some pictures of her and Jane had been out of the spotlight for a while because I figured she got some kind of if she got ill and she got a lot of weight on her and stuff. So she kind of withdrew. And so he was at a party and he posted it and said This is my cousin Jane. And I read it and I said Jean Kennedy wow you know I would love to have her on my show at that time I'd only had my show for maybe a month. And so I wrote to him and told him I was from Cleveland. I knew she was from Cleveland and you know as you know she was someone I idolized and I would love love love. He would connector us so I can have her on my show.

[00:13:14] Was this a podcast or radio or what was it in those days.

[00:13:18] Right then. This was just a web based. You know I created my own Web site and put the player on there.

[00:13:28] It was like the beginning of the podcasting days.

[00:13:30] It was the beginning. Yeah. And I only had it for maybe two to four weeks. And anyway she wrote back and she said Hey homey here's my number here's my email. And she was my first one.

[00:13:43] And then how did it go from there.

[00:13:45] Well you know I I was thinking when I was talking to her I thought you know what. She's my first celebrity and celebrity. No celebrity so I'm just going to ask her at the end you know Hey Jane this was great. I enjoy talking to you. If you enjoyed your experience on my show would you be open to sharing one of your friends that also loved empower baby boomer women you think would be great for the show and she referred me to Claudette Robison Smokey Robinson's ex and then it just went on and on and on.

[00:14:14] Wow. That's just took guts to do it. But how how. I mean did you monetize such a thing. How did you stay in business.

[00:14:26] That's kind of interesting because remember I said I wanted to help Mom and you know I got so into interviewing which by the way time I'm sure you found this with a lot of your clients. We are so excited and passionate about what we do. Somehow we forget that the real reason is to make the money.

[00:14:46] To be honest I never forget that. But I do have a good time.

[00:14:52] So I was interviewing all these great people you know and I remember sending Alex an email about and he says well that's great you know. How are you. Same question as you. How are you monetizing and I'm like Oh I'm not but I'm having fun with Montel Williams I'm interviewing them. And so you know that's when I first started thinking I got to monetize this. So I wrote a script because I came from sales. I created this course called kitchen table radio and I invited about 20 people and they've all paid like I think it was one ninety seven on a group coaching call. That was the first way. And while I was doing the call I remembered to record everything and when I finished recording and I transcribed that package it into a digital course wrote a script and got on the phone and called businesses and said hey you know how are you marketing your business. Have you ever thought about having your own podcast or radio show. And that's how I did.

[00:15:47] Wow. And is that course still available.

[00:15:51] That's my first course kitchen table radio is actually when I give us a bonus for free now and I train my radio host on it.

[00:15:58] Oh I see. So that's. And does that pretty much your business now is training interviewing.

[00:16:05] Yes. Ok. Well basically if it's one on one consulting with me or we do group coaching classes to where I get people on the phone business owners entrepreneurs and even podcasters and and tell them how they could grow their business by interviewing interviewing icons like yourselves influencers you know top experts leaders and things like that and we teach them three ways on interviewing how to be interviewed on a show and also how to interview and host a show as well as how to interview their clients on a one call close so I have a whole interview profiting system that teaches those three we do a live event every year called red carpet interview secrets people come out to and they walk around with microphones interviewing each other and things like that. I love interviewing and I love showing people how to reach and get the top experts because I really really know for a fact. That has helped me and helped many of my clients out. It always brings tears to my eyes when my client e-mailed me and said Oh I just finished having an interview with Jack Canfield. Oh my God. I just finished interviewing Alveda King and and stuff like that and just I know how they felt because I felt that the first time you're kind of like asking the questions but you're in shock and you're like really talking on the phone to Diana Nightingale, Earl Nightingale's widow. I remember when I interviewed J.B. Hill Napoleon Hill's grandson very few people I know have interviewed him and I remember that being you know one of the first books I read back in my sales days think and grow rich and to be on the other end of the line speaking with J.B. Hill. Now I guess I've interviewed him a dozen time and he's a good friend of mine. But these people including you I never even thought I would be talking to them. So interviewing has totally totally totally changed my life and I love to change others by showing them the techniques.

[00:18:03] Yeah everybody knows you know that's the thing everybody says Oh yeah I know her. Yeah. And that's part of being in business the more people that know you're the more chance you have to do business and the more people refer you and all that stuff. So what kind of equipment do you use I hardly anybody that. But how do you do your interviews.

[00:18:30] Well you know I have a microphone and a mixer that my husband Khaliq used for all of these things.

[00:18:36] Boy are you lucky I had to get somebody down here to hook all this stuff up and I still don't I don't touch the knobs you know because I'm afraid to mess them up.

[00:18:46] I don't either you know I don't. Be careful. I hate when a cord knocks against something. But here's the thing I did probably 75 because Khaliq and I just got married in 2014. So prior to him I interviewed Oscar winner Lou Gossett Junior and Chilli from TLC all these amazing play people and guess what. I used the telephone free conference call line no fancy equipment or anything.

[00:19:13] You make him go back and sweeten all of them.

[00:19:17] No I haven't. Honestly that's because I know you you're really really into sound quality and all that stuff and most people are and should be. So you guys don't get me wrong. I told you to begin I'm a little cray cray but my theory and this is why my first call course was called kitchen table radio and we get ready do the kitchen table TV course soon because I am about the easy breezy way. I'm 67 now Tom I thank for saying I look young.

[00:19:46] You do your skin looks like a baby.

[00:19:50] So I'm 67 now and there ain't no technical bone in my body so I keep it easy breezy simple stupid because what I found out out of all the amazing people I interview I have never heard anyone say your sound quality sucks you know what they're really interested in what their interests I mean as long as you don't have static You know and it's really bad. They're interested in the content. They're you know this is what people tune in and they want to get the goods they want to make the breakthrough and the guests. They want a great experience. You know you're the best at this. They want the laugh they want to humor me. I tell my radio host clients all the time you know it started off beat people being call a radio personality and that's for a reason. Forget your degrees forget your words don't get on there and be an old stick in the mud. And so that's exactly you know what people should do just relax don't worry so much about the equipment sure you don't want it to sound terrible but I find so many people focus on that whether they're doing video or audio they never take the big step of going out there and interviewing or or you know even if they're delivering content on their own they won't do it because you're in that perfection mode. You know that.

[00:21:12] Yeah. And a lot of the people they think oh no I have a serious topic if I'm funny I'm going to lose my credibility. Well that's. Nobody ever lost credibility by being interesting. Yeah. And they're looking at crazy money guy on TV. He's just a wild man. And you know he's got a TV show and we don't know where we're going. You're going through and I'm going to have one pretty soon too. But let's talk about that. Why did you pick the smart TV. I'm developing shows for Roku right now. But but why did you pick the place you picked.

[00:21:45] Well I mean you know and a Roku is considered in there I'm like you I'm going starting I'm starting on Roku. And then we'll be on fire stick and all that stuff that's just where things are going right now you know I want to go to the next level just like you Tom. I mean I love live TV and I know all that other stuff but I teach this stuff. You know what I teach people how to interview and how to become talk show host. So I have to stay in that part of the technology I have to stay in. But I can tell you that's a lot of work with Roku. And you know who is definitely set has definitely set mine up it wasn't me Tom. I was telling my husband I say Hey baby you know it's time to screw it up I I need you baby. Date night tonight I need you to put this show together.

[00:22:47] Oh yeah that's your date night. He has to the work. So yeah it's a lot of work but I probably wouldn't do it if I had to keep producing brand new stuff every day. But I have enormous amount of video material. I have public speaking I have internet marketing I have protection dog stuff another side business. And you know so I'm going to make channels for all of those but. So besides the Roku where do you think somebody should go if they're going to do TV.

[00:23:22] I mean the only ones I know is fire stick. That one hasn't come out yet. In a process of it you know. Oh you know there's there's a few others out there. You know just kind of have to watch. And when you see great opportunities like we did time you got to grab them even if you're not ready to do it. Grab it anyway. And you learn it. And then when you're ready to do it you do it because I can tell you that's going to go way up pretty soon and it's gonna be a lot tougher. You and I got in and kind of like early on on this and so which brought us back to where we've seen each other again and why we're here today. But you know just keep your eye out for. But the best place to start is just like you said times just start producing videos. Just start loading up on videos and then you can always go back and repurpose that stuff when the time is right. Just get on there and start speaking your piece. What I've found is from someone that was a very very dark place I mean Tom you know I have to be honest and raw with you and your listeners that back in ninety one to say 95 96 I was sitting in a closet looking at a gun so I've come a long ways from that and at that time I was married to someone that was I don't know. He could have been related to O.J. I don't know because he was really crazy and very abusive mentally. And I just wanted to take my life but having my children even though they were teenagers then kept me from doing then of course the fear of God. I didn't want to do that. And I'm so glad that I hung in here.

[00:25:04] Me too. I mean this would be a lot of dead air if I was interviewing you. No pun intended.

[00:25:16] Oh you’re so funny. But you know I said that because I want people to realize it's not where you're at right now where you were in life. It's what you're where you want to go to what's your real aspirations what do you desire to do with your life. And when I said earlier my biggest mantra is don't wait to be great. Do it now. I say that to all my clients and sometimes I lovingly have to push them because you cannot put off tomorrow what you want to do today. Tomorrow's not promised we're only promised the moment we stand in right now and it could be took away it's not a scare tactic. That's a reality. So live your life to the fullest.

[00:26:00] Besides the big picture tips. What would you what would you say to somebody that's in a cubicle now I'm thinking I'd like to start a show or I'd like to do something and get out of this commute to work. What kind of business tips would you have for them to get ready for a move like that.

[00:26:20] I would say you know just do like I did. Grab yourself a piece of paper and learn this back in kindergarten somewhere back there go a line down the paper and put what do I need to do and where do I begin. And just start going at it.

[00:26:36] There's plenty of people to tell you how to start a business that's pretty you know just go down the courthouse get a business license. That's I mean that would be a first step for somebody but. But how do you how do you operate your business. Like what's what model do you have is that a corporation. Is it any LLC is it a sole proprietor. How do you how do you operate as a business.

[00:27:02] It's an LLC. And I got to tell you I'm so much my husband is the one that is very. What do you call analytical and dot the i's and cross the T's. I am so not that I am kind of. What is it. Shoot and fire.

[00:27:31] It's fire and aim. So that's another date night for you. Here honey do the books.

[00:27:36] Yeah really. I just come up with ideas. Very creative all over the place and and then I just go for it and put it into action and I'm OK with failing forward. So that's one of the biggest tips I can give people is it's OK to fail forward. Don't be scared don't be stuck in fear and procrastination and self-doubt and all that stuff. You know I'm human so I have those moments and then I just have to dance my way out of it.

[00:28:05] So you have a ying yang relationship going on. He's analytical and make sure that the business stuff is done. So is he technically in the business or is just doing this to help you.

[00:28:16] He just does it to me to help me if you will. You ever see us together. Don't ever say you do it at all. No no he made that very clear. You know you got to remember this man is a Grammy Award winning mixing engineer he's got his own thing. You know he is matter of fact I'm so proud to tell you that last week they had a Christmas special on Channel 2 and two days on well about three days before Diana Ross sang the song she did which was home and Sunday Christmas. There are people who created the music and it needed a little extra and guess who they call my man. And Khaliq had to get it together in two days. So she actually performed on his song. So he's busy.

[00:29:05] So what do you like best about working for yourself and what's the worst part.

[00:29:10] I can screw the commute.

[00:29:12] Yeah especially where you live right where you live in L.A..

[00:29:17] I'm in L.A. I'm in the valley in Woodland Hills but you know I came from Houston Texas which is also terrible and traffic and I hate it going getting in that traffic. You know I remember sometimes spinning you know over an hour to get there. And that's just too much. And then you know people have such attitude and drive crazy. So you I love your show screw the commute because that's exactly how I feel you know. So I love being able to work from home right now. I am in my pajamas you know. Yes. I love working my pajamas who was it that passed away loved working his pajamas. Hugh Hefner. I love working in my pajamas. That's the only thing I hate about the video. But if I scoot my chair enough down low enough I can put my hat on and people will never know that.

[00:30:15] I don't think he was doing podcasts in his pajamas. I think he had other things on his mind.

[00:30:25] So I love that. I'm with you. Screw the commute. I want to work from home. I love going from one room to the other from a smooth sailing. I guess from the frantic highway to the smooth sailing hallway. It's what I call you know I'm going you know right to my to my studio which is just my desk right in front of my window microphone. I don't go out the house unless I'm at an event that's it or I have to go a cover event. But other than that my husband and I both we love being around each other and we love being at home.

[00:31:02] Does he have a whole studio where he can work at home.

[00:31:05] Oh yeah. His studio is right upstairs. Yeah. And so his stuff is upstairs and he built my station downstairs and we have a room in the back and we're good.

[00:31:15] Oh what was that. I'll write that down. A frantic highway to the Smooth sailing hallway. We're going to put that on a graphic and give it to you.

[00:31:28] And it makes a difference. But and I can wake up you know we'll wake up. We do our little exercise in the morning spend our time together and then he goes upstairs and I'm here and we both have on our doors when we're on air as is on air and we dare not go in there when we're on air.

[00:31:48] Right. That is that is the life I think especially you know. Well I was spent 13 years out of D.C. where the Beltway is one of the busiest highways in the world.

[00:31:57] And then every time I go to L.A. you got to put an extra hour in if you're going across the street pretty much any of those fires to get you or any problems related to the fires. You know we hear about is like the whole state's on fire.

[00:32:16] Oh my goodness. I had no idea till I got here that you know I used to hear about those fires when I was in Houston but being here and actually smelling the smoke in the air it got really really close. In fact it was on one side of Topanga Canyon we're on the other side but we could see the smoke coming in and so I got close enough to where we were you know was trying to stay up all night. We weren't feeling comfortable going to sleep. So my husband was upstairs working in his studio. Here's a funny story for you. And I was like OK well I'm going to just you know grab our marriage license and grab some important things you know. And then I was like What am I going to take you know. So I looked at all the stuff. I looked at the kids pictures and stuff and I was like well I got tons of pictures you know in storage and this and they're all grown now. And I looked at my Barack Obama award and my presidential pin and I'm like I grab that's OK. Nobody's going to ever believe this story. I need this. So I packed that for sure.

[00:33:23] Yeah well we did the same thing here with hurricanes. You know we could all get ready for it and then we love the state of North Carolina because the hurricanes like stop there. Leave us alone most of the time but you still gotta get ready for. But see I like hurricanes better than earthquakes because hurricanes and fires have the courtesy of telling you they're coming the earthquake just gonna boom. You know you drop off with a big hole in the earth and you're gone. So I get a little nervous when I'm in California with all that stuff. But hey. So how does how does. What do you got for sale. So these courses and when's this next thing coming up. You said you had the live events a couple of times a year.

[00:34:08] Yeah. Red carpet interview secrets is every June and we have an awards night the first night because I own a radio station amazing women and men of power now and so we always give the award out which I named after my mom called the Emily award. So we have that night. The first night and just three days it's workshop style you know where I'm teaching them the three ways of interviewing how to be a producer and host your own show which covers interviewing and how to get the interviews interview styles and and that type of thing and also how to ask and be interview by other top experts like yourself and what you should bring to the table doing your interview.

[00:34:54] We go we're having a personality not be unafraid to have some humor like things we talked about and then we teach them how to interview their clients on a one call close because I've come from like years of sales 25 or 30 years of sales that's my background. And I always did do one call closes so I'm not much on follow up because I figure you know why they're following up I'm getting this sale because if I'm following up somebody else got to sell I used to get that a lot of times. Well I wish you would call me yesterday I just signed that with someone so that's when I said no follow up for me you know is going down and let's go. Yeah yeah. So that's what we do there. As far as courses I don't have any courses that I'm doing right now because I'm taking off like three or four weeks for the holiday number one get this channel set up on Roku and and the other things that we're working on background. So this is my time I usually kind of just take time to get myself set up for next year. Another my modules is how you in one year how you start the next and I always like to start the next year on top. So I learned about four years ago to take off most of December and get everything in place so that when January comes everybody else trying to get ready she ready to be.

[00:36:14] Where do they read about the live event.

[00:36:18] The live event the best way. You know what that hasn't gotten Page got set up yet.

[00:36:23] By the time they hear this you could put it in the show notes for you.

[00:36:36] I think if they go to redcarpetinterviewsecrets.com/2015.

[00:36:55] We'll have it in the show notes. You can give us the latest version whenever you get the actual date set up and the time they listen to this it should be should be there.

[00:37:09] Now we have something for your listeners for free. Let's do relations. Conversations behind the mic. I will send you the link so you can put it in the show now. Because we're going to give them that book. It's about a 400 page well actually 400 and something page book we'll get they'll get the e-book version and in the back of the book is Raven's recommended directory and there's over 50 gifts in there for them. But that's the book I was telling you about the first ever book where it's all talk show hosts on the cover and inside the book everybody had to feature their best interview as of date. I want you to know in our next edition which will be coming out next year.

[00:37:54] Absolutely absolutely. So we're going to take a brief break for our sponsor but when we come back we're going to ask Raven what a typical day looks like for her and how she stays motivated. So folks have you ever thought about getting paid to speak and you're not sure if you're ready to invest in lots of training. Well I got the solution AmazingPublicSpeaking.com has over four hundred seventy five public and professional speaking techniques you've got openings and closings and attention gaining device and humor and also the business of speaking because you can be the greatest speaker on earth but if you can't get on stages nobody's going to hear you. And it's only 97 bucks for an entire year. We also have a complimentary webinar that gives you 30 of those speaking tips in about 30 40 minutes and all of this is going to be in the show notes at screwthecommute.com this is episode 72 along with that super duper bonus that Raven is giving you and also have information if you want to attend her live event in June.

[00:39:10] All right. Let's get back to our super duper guest Raven Blair Glover. She's earned the presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and we're going to see what a typical day looks like for her and also how she stays motivated. But I forgot I want to ask you. Tell us about that. That achievement award. How did that come about. Was there a ceremony what happened there.

[00:39:34] Oh yeah. It was a ceremony I didn't get a chance to meet the president would. He had some ambassadors that hailed these from different states and you have to be nominated for it. My client's nominated me I didn't even know it. You know I was actually in Hawaii and my husband and I it was December 15th and we were I kept getting this e-mail saying you know you've been nominated for the presidential lifetime achievement award. We need to get some information because obviously they're going to check you out. Right. And I thought it was a joke.

[00:40:07] Yeah you get those things all the time that you're going to be a directory of great people and then it's fake.

[00:40:15] Yeah. You know I saw and I ignored it and they kept popping up and so the day before we left Hawaii I told my son I said I keep getting this thing. And they keep my son said Let me look at it. He said Mom I think this might be official. You might want to give him a call when you get back home. So I emailed them and asked them was there someone I could talk to you know. And then I found out it was real and I said I sent him over a bio like I sent you. They sent it back to them. Excuse me. Well they wanted a history of what I'd done you know. You know years and all that stuff you know. So it was more like a resume like a job resumé and stuff. You know the things that you had done as far as giving back and all this stuff. So I had to give all that information and you know that's how it came about.

[00:41:05] And so we were we were they were thinking they were going to have it in in California. But by that time it was only two weeks before Obama was out of office and they say hey we never know if this is even going to stop next year with the new president because it was something started I think ambushed by Bush years ago. So they say you better go ahead and come to Atlanta. You know because we're doing this ceremony there and so I went walked across the stage. Got it on video and. And I tell you it was just a wonderful moment especially when you think about where everything started from you know 55 years old at the hospital.

[00:41:41] So. So what's a typical day look like for you. Like what time do you get up. What do you do in the mornings. You work in the mornings and evenings. Well how does it work for you on a daily basis.

[00:41:52] Early bird I get up at about 5:00 a.m. and I love to dance and I'm not really good on exercise and I need to but I love to dance. So I have a dance list. You know what wobble wobble all the line dances and happy song and stuff.

[00:42:08] At five o'clock in the morning you're line dancing is what you're telling me.

[00:42:12] You are correct. Yes. I guess I got you know I got to get pumped up. But yeah that's what I usually do. And I do have a little you know I also have a list of praise and inspirational type songs. So you know you know sometimes I'll start with the just wobble wobble and I'm I'm ready and sometimes a slower days I'll start with the you know those songs that inspire and motivate me and you have a spiritual side. And and then once I do that I know my intentions for the day is to make some money honey. You know I usually keep a stack of business cards on my desk and you know kind of the warm up in the air and sea would fall down and I start dialing and smiling. I do things a little different as you can see.

[00:43:18] I just thought of something does your husband dance with you.

[00:43:20] Yes sometimes. Sometimes.

[00:43:23] If you're doing a slow dance by yourself that would be kind of weird.

[00:43:30] For the spiritual meditation songs. That's generally when I'm gone through my emails and stuff like oh you know I'm having a hard time waking up. Yeah but yeah. So that's basically what I do I start smiling and dialing you know I keep my calendar full. I've got on my own I've got about probably a dozen shows that I produce. And they're seasonal so I already know who I'm going to interview. And then you know I have my radio hosts about 20 of them. So you know I'm always helping them get their shows to the next level and always creating and stay in the creation mode. Once one thing stops then the other starts.

[00:44:12] I'm calling and closing deals on the phone. You know you go everywhere and you get business cards. Well you know three or four bags full some people I haven't talked to since 2014 and I just say this is my I call it my Diana Ross Reach out and touch day and I call them and say hey this is Raven the talk show maven you know I'm looking at your card here you get on this awesome blue shirt and it says such and such such so they know they spoke with me. I'm not sure when we met it could have been any time between 2014 or whatever but I'm just playing Diana Ross today and I'm reaching out and touching people I haven't talked to to find out what's hot and what's going on with you and how I can support you.

[00:45:03] Well there you go. It's working working for you.

[00:45:06] So they just talk and we go from there and find out if we're fit if there's something that if I can referred them someone or if there's a service I can help them with. That's how we do it.

[00:45:16] Beautiful. Now how do you stay motivated.

[00:45:22] I stay motivated by listening to masters out there that are really good at keeping you inspired and moving along you know Les Brown's one of my favorites. Tony Robbins sometimes I like listening to and sometimes way too loud and I can't deal with it. But you know on the day that he you know I can take it he's he can be really inspiring for me. And you know just different people that I've invested in. You know I love catching your strings when I can. And so I always say who motivates the motivator. You know we have to motivate ourselves. And yet you have to know what things are what people motivate you. The biggest motivation for me is still being here. Tom honestly I've had I've lost three in the past year I've lost four radio hosts two that was still currently with us two of them that was with us early on but they're still considered one of our family I've lost my brother in the middle of a big launch and I couldn't even make it to his funeral because they have 40 people on the calendar to interview and I just lost my brother in law and there's been people on Facebook that I've met you know so and just a devastating time. And to be honest I was almost out the game back in August. I mean so much so that I just didn't want to work or anything was just too much around me. And I really had to go to listening to like I said Les Brown and some of the different people just keep YouTube up. You know and I just google inspiration motivation something that some of these people I never heard from. But you know how the right message shows up at the right time. You know and you know that's how I motivate myself I motivate myself by getting more life out of living and more living out of life. And whenever I get depressed and down I put the news on and that's a fresh reminder that hey you thought you had something to complain with these people left out that morning thinking they will come back home and they didn't.

[00:47:28] So when your listening to this stuff it's like in the background while you're working or you just stop and listen to something.

[00:47:37] You know what. Thanks for saying that I do actually have it in the background. I usually have a little headset and I have one of the ear things in my ear and I may be listening to the secret or listening to something to motivate me inspire me why I'm making these calls and trying to make connection calls to close sales or find new hosts. Right now I'm trying to find people for my new show that they're a network rather that has content and so I'm always you know the phone is my best. So you say. You always say screw the commute. And one of the reasons that I'm so excited to say screw the commute too is because it's so much that can be done over the phone. Sometimes I ask people why are you going out there meet them now you got zoom why are you getting into traffic unless you just want to get in traffic. Some people just love to be around people I do too and I have meet ups I go to every now and then. But I'd much rather like you say screw the commute and work from home for sure.

[00:48:42] Well it's so great catching up with you Raven. We're thrilled about it. I'm sure you're inspiring a lot of our listeners. Started your business in an ICU. That's the first I heard that one before but thanks so much for coming on.

[00:49:12] Redcarpetinterviewsecrets.com and conversations behind the mic.

[00:49:26] We'll have it in the show notes and that'll be just awesome. So thanks so much for coming on. Folks check out all of her stuff this is episode 72 of screw the commute so it's screwthecommute.com/72. You also if you download the app all our show notes will be in the app that you can get from iTunes or in the App Store. And please leave us to review over at iTunes that helps the show out. Appreciate it so much. And we will catch everybody on the next episode.

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