636 - How to make yours a Bestseller: Tom interviews Ray Brehm - Screw The Commute

636 – How to make yours a Bestseller: Tom interviews Ray Brehm

I'm here with Ray Brehm. He's the summit guy. And basically this is part two of the behind the scenes technology for the Bestseller Secrets Summit, which we talked about with Derek Decker in the last episode.

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[02:29] Tom's introduction to Ray Brehm

[17:20] Promoting to all of your email lists

[18:55] Engaging a global audience and doing things differently

[25:43] Sponsor message

[28:42] Technologies to run this kind of summit

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 636 – Ray Brehm
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody, it's Tom here with episode 636 of Screw the Commute podcast. I'm here with Ray Brehm. He's the summit guy. And basically this is part two of the behind the scenes technology for the Bestseller Secrets Summit, which we talked about with Derek Decker in the last episode. That was episode 635. And if you missed that, you definitely want to check that out any time you want to get to it back episode you go to screwthecommute.com, slash and then the episode number that was 635 and I'm telling you you probably going to want to share these because the things we're talking about today on this summit, the value you're going to get $1,000,000 worth of free training from the 25 experts that are on there, all highly credentialed folks. So check that out. And now you'll hear a little bit how the thing is actually run from Ray. All right. A little bit of update on our program to get scholarships for persons with disabilities. One of the people has already started a website and he's blind. He's legally blind to help other people with disabilities. And then the other person is totally blind and she's helping her husband revamp his construction site. They're both in the school making great progress. And then we have a school teacher who just got out of school.

[00:01:42] So she's back in our school making great progress. So we're really excited about that. So you can check that out. It's screwthecommute.com/disability and then click on the Go Fund Me account. You'll see the video updates that they've provided. And it's kind of embarrassing when two blind people shoot better videos than I do, I got to tell you. So, any little bit you help with the Go Fund Me campaign is appreciated. Or if you're really flush with cash, you can sponsor a person yourself. And this is a pilot program where I'm proving the concept that I can get these people hired or in their own business or both so they don't have to leave home. And then I'm going to roll it out to big corporations and foundations so I can help hundreds or thousands of people with disabilities. So that's what we're doing here. So help me out if you can.

[00:02:30] All right, let's see. Let's get to the main event here. Ray Brehm, aka the Summit guy, is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal best selling author and founder of Summit Lab and the six figure author Summit Program. Ray, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:02:47] Yeah, I'm ready to screw the commute, Tom. I'm thankfully doing it.

[00:02:51] Yeah, yeah, I've been doing it my whole life. I never actually had a job. I know we've just met, but I actually had a nightclub for six years and it was the second biggest one in the state and I lived above it. So technically I had a nightclub in my basement, so. So I really lived that life and we're trying to get that for everybody else. But you've taken an interesting course in your career to concentrate. I know you do a lot of things, but we're specifically talking about summits. And and for those of you out there, don't think you have to be some superstar already to start a summit? I think Ray is going to going to bust that myths for you that you can do that and actually make a quicker rise in your career using summit. So Ray, take it away. Tell us a little bit about how you got into the summit business.

[00:03:39] Well, I've been an entrepreneur probably as long as I can remember kind of one of those stories. But for me, you know, I had a business, a brick and mortar business, not a nightclub. And that was a true work for home from home situation you had there. I had a real estate property management business, but I was starting to moonlight on the side as a book launch guy. And I back middle of 2018, I sold that business, put a bunch of cash in the bank, said Now let's go. And proceeded to blow all the proceeds from the sale of that business over about a year and a half period on Facebook ads and and high end coaches and things. And, you know, I did learn a lot, so that's great. But I hit a wall literally February 2020. And in fact, the first week of March 2020, I had this lunch that I'll never forget March 3rd. And it was just I drove home numb. I didn't I got booted out of an entrepreneur group I was in because I no longer owned that brick and mortar business. It was another reason, but it gave me this. It was this high impact realization that I was out of cash. I needed to figure out how to pay. March is mortgage. You know, we had some assets and things, but it was just it was so stressful mostly because my dream of being the screw the commute guy was suddenly, like, drifting away. And I thought, I'm not making enough money to survive. I just I just ran out of cash in February. What am I going to do? I actually started looking at the wine ads for the first time in about 20 years.

[00:05:11] Oh, don't say the dirty word on this thing. That is spelled Joe. You know what?

[00:05:18] Yeah, you can bleep that out if I do by accident. I mean, it was so. I mean, it was, like, nauseating. Even the thought I'd go out and look, and I would just feel like I was going to throw up as I was looking like maybe I should get. Fortunately for me, one of the last my last acts with some of my last cash a month earlier was to get a program on virtual summits. And now when I came to this realization in this kind of this really down part of my career, this is the low point. I said, you know, I I've already done half these interviews. If you if I bag this summit now and just go get a job, I mean, that's you know, I've ruined my entire career because I've already you know, I've got other interviews lined up. I've done interviews, you know, my name's at risk here. Let's push forward. So we just kind of and you know, in that sense, the pandemic, like I moved everything home. I had an office I was paying for. I moved everything home. We batten down the hatches and things start working out. But within by the end of the month, we started our launch, which is actually this week for you and I and the best seller Secret Summit where we're people can register, they can also purchase the premium pass. The summit doesn't start now for another two and a half days and.

[00:06:33] Well by the time they hear this will be starting within a day or so. Yeah. So it'll be coming right up.

[00:06:37] Yeah, I'm coming right up. And so, but I had no idea. Like, I didn't know. I thought that was something the cool kids did. So I was doing it. And to me, like I was helping people launch books. I had launched at that point probably about 15 books myself, my own books, and but the royalties weren't there. You know, this was this pipe dream that everybody thinks there's you're going to get rich off royalties. You're not. That's just you know, the book is one piece of your of your business online business puzzle. And to me, I thought the summit's the same as a book. It's an authority builder. It's a business card. Maybe I'll make a few friends along the way. Cool. Let's get this done. All the cool kids are doing it. And then we got to figure out a way to make money. Well, what happened was, that week before the summit, which is, you know, like right now you're experiencing it, too, is you're getting emails to from, you know, being a speaker as things happen. Sales started coming in and I was like, Well, wait a second, how does this how can this even be? You know, we made you know, all of a sudden I thought, you know, if I make $500 off this summit, I'll be peachy happy because I'll have some money to buy groceries. All that good stuff. Well, at that end of day one, that very first summit, we surpassed $1,000. And that was day one. That was a week before the summit started. I said, Oh, my gosh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

[00:07:53] This is not what I thought. And I went back and did it and I was a math major in college, so this is embarrassing. But I went back in and said, Wait a second, what's going on here? And we were selling premium passes for a discount at $67. Exactly how we're doing it with this summit. And I went back and said, Yeah, you can't make much money selling those things. You know, I got to sell some high ticket things, which was most, most of my business prior. 150 premium past sales at $67 is over 10-K. So I wouldn't say, oh my gosh, that's pretty pronounced, especially when you've got other speakers acting as your marketing and it's it's no cost. And so things started working out pretty well then and multiple beautiful things happen. So one I was making income even before the summit started unexpectedly to. The the people that I spoke to on the summit and this is a perfect example, you and I talking on this podcast, we weren't connected before this, but because we're on the same summit together, I'm co-hosting with Derek. There's the connection there, and there's plenty of things. Within 5 minutes, I know that we could do together to help each other's businesses so that that happens. And that's something that if you try to do that organically with just like a book or just, you know, you're on your own, you got maybe one little course or you've got your podcast. It's, you know, podcasts, a little different podcast is more like summits, but the idea is.

[00:09:23] You can accelerate all these JV partner relationships, all these business relationships where you cross-promote each other's stuff and you do it massively. Because let's say you you do that first summit I did, I had 30 interviews. And so all of a sudden I had 29, 30 new best friends, I should say about three or four people I knew in the beginning. Well, you know, I went back. So anyway, the summit we that first summit I ended up and you're you know, everybody's situation is different. Your mileage will vary. But I did I did $12,126 in sales. And I was like, whoa, this is what I thought books would do for me when I was starting. And that's kind of why I got into book launching and helping people. And I said this, you know, a book obviously plays this important role, get connects you with people. But this summit, I can actually make money, I can build partnerships. I get I built an email list. I added 8000 emails to my list within the first two summits. And the second summit was just a was a second edition of the first summit where I added 15 more speakers and got it up to 45, which I wouldn't recommend that that's too many. But so, you know, I built an email, I'm like, wait a second, I built an email list. I've made all these partnerships that we and I went back and tracked them, these partnerships I made over that first year, it's pretty incredible. And I made sales and then something else happened.

[00:10:51] I was getting all these emails. People were like, Thank you so much. This was great information. Thank you so much. And so the day the summer was over, I, you know, we'd done 12,001 or 26 about I'd say 4000 that was due in commissions to the affiliates. So but it was still an amazing accomplishment. And I thought, this is really cool. I woke up that next morning. I said, you know, I just kind of feel like my authority has gone up and I call it peak authority now because I know better. But at the time I'm like, I think I should offer something else. I don't know what, but I think I should. Well, I had just made an offer for 1000 product 45 days earlier and I said, How can I even offer that? Again, I just offered it. And you know, my list has already seen it per say. So I said, But you know what? I've got the emails and it was an email to a sales page offer. Nothing else involved for $1,000. I sold 19 of them in five days after that first summit. So now, you know, it's like I just I mean, I kept walking into the kitchen and, you know, this from this is a screw the commute thing is like I walk in the kitchen with this goofy grin on my face, my wife, like saying, you made it. You make another sale. I'm like, yeah, yeah, make these these thousand now thousand dollars sales are coming in with. So that three week period, two.

[00:12:11] Weeks she decided to stay then.

[00:12:12] Right? Huh. Yeah. She's like, okay, as long as you have that goofy grin when you come in here, I'll stay one more day. But so, you know, that's two weeks of summit time, one week of this this thousand dollar promotion and this $31,126, something like that. And I so I looked back and said, you know, this is crazy because not it wasn't all new people on my list either from the summit that bought that. There were other people that were already on my list that saw me hosting the summit, saw me speaking to these, you know, big names like you that now they're like, Wow, Ray's more legit than I thought. You know, I've been I've just been on his list and, you know, he's okay. But then they saw me interview all these people, and that changed in their mind, their opinion of me. So I had never experienced a three week period, especially if you you could argue a kind of a I had done some high ticket sales where I had to do a lot of work. This was a 31,000 payday for for the fulfillment was already done. So, you know, and then I got into it, one of my speakers came to me and said, Dad, your summit looks so good. And I just did mine a couple of months ago. Can you rerun mine with your template and build it out for me? And I said, sure.

[00:13:34] And we worked out a deal. And then the next thing I know, he says, okay, you and I are partnering and selling done for you summits. So we went on and did that, started a done for you some company and that's kind of how it all started. But I went back and tracked he was one of my number one affiliates and that other top four and the gross revenue we generated, whether I promoted their webinars, they promoted mine over the next year from that very first summit was we did 56,000 places, two through 4 to 56 and I did over 150 with the top guy. So in all it was some 243,000 that it generated just from sticking it out and and doing that first summit. And I said, this is nuts. I can help. And I was in the. My list was all authors. I was in the role of helping authors perform better and get past this. Oh, I. I failed because I'm getting $20 a month in royalties. Not true. That's pretty much what everybody's getting. And in fact, the theme of my summit was called Book Profit School. And I was my goal in every interview is to figure out, hey, how are you making money on the back end? Because I saw these people that were high profile and their books were ranked below mine.

[00:14:50] And I knew how much money my books are making and it wasn't much. And I'm like, Their books are making less than mine. So how are they doing this? And every interview became about, you know, started sharing the same ideas. You've got to build an email list. You've got to connect with influencers, you've got to create sources of income. And it just kept repeating itself. Yet they were from all different places. So, you know, I interviewed Stu McLaren from he's from the membership world, Danny Ene from the course world and Nick Stephenson. Derek Dekker is of course one of my first interviews. And Derek, you know, we're co-hosting a summit today. This is how powerful summit can be. I have. I, I tell this story often. It's been a few years now, but I recall I remember vividly that I was about to press the button to try to friend him on Facebook when I was starting out and I chickened out and waited 24 hours, you know, just just a friend, because I'm like, what if he doesn't accept it or ignores it? And, you know, and now it's like, why wouldn't he take you know? But now we're co-hosting a summit together because, you know, I took that initiative. But that can you can really accelerate that.

[00:15:59] You can accelerate friendships. It's like you and I you and I just chatted a bit before this podcast. We'll probably chat afterwards. We may come up with some ideas. I've come up with product ideas, live on interviews. Yeah, some of the some because it's just it's it's such a great way to build friendships with like minded people. And so for me, I saw that as okay, but it, it is a little difficult to do. Can I help people do that? And so now it's moved to the point where I've got a course. I'm, I'm constantly testing. So I two months ago I did a a co hosted my first co host summit. So I'm doing some of these partnerships. And. I shouldn't say that's the first one because I've done one for a couple of years with Paul Brody. But anyway, I've got co-hosts I've got done for you clients. Some clients can take it and run. Just from taking our course or even just reading a book about it. So it's been very, very exciting for me. And so we're constantly I've got a full fall schedule of summits. A lot a lot of them are co hosting. Some are, you know, I'm just producing for clients and, you know, we're constantly tweaking things to try to make them better.

[00:17:20] Let's get into some of the details of this one I mentioned to you. Maybe it was before we started that, you know, I kind of avoided him for years. I mean, I got ten of them a week. People were begging me to come on and and the way many of them were run was that, yeah, they came after me because I had a big email list and then I ethically actually promoted the thing. But then all the other speakers were like, Oh man, we can just suck off the other guy's list and we won't really promote. And I had really a super big name guy, you know, say I'll promote, yeah, I'll do it. And then and then he promoted to like 1/100 of his list and said, Oh, I did promote it, you know, but I could only promote it to this little thing. So I was asking Derek about that because, you know, you've got to be careful who you put on these because they'll just suck rather than contribute. Yeah.

[00:18:14] Yep, that's true. And I'll tell you, I mean, we're never I've never had 100% performance. Yeah. I mean, there's always somebody whether they forget or they just ghost. Yeah. But to me and, and, but I am super conscious of that. Like, I don't invite anybody back if they're not going to, of course, you know, help out. And it's okay if something came up or you told me ahead of time. Hey, Ray, I've got this other thing going right then, you know, I'm like, well, you know, I still want the content, but if it's kind of like, you know, you're there's interaction and then you disappear. Yeah, ghost me. Then it's like, well, okay, all right, all right.

[00:18:55] Now the other thing that the reason I put an email out today said this is the best summit I've ever been part of. And for one very specific reason, you know, all of them had good content and good people and so forth, but you had to get up early and sit there all day, like three or four days in a row, and who's got that kind of time, you know? So, yeah, so you have your structured a different way. Tell them about it.

[00:19:25] Well, you know, for one, we want a global audience, right? So we get somebody in Australia shouldn't have to get up at two in the morning to watch these live, live streams or whatever they are. What we do is we release that day's video on demand and you go and you pick. The other thing is, you know, if you've been in a live event, it's like, okay, I got it. What should I do for these two other sessions until I get to the one I want to go have lunch or I can go sit there and listen or I can go chat in the back and annoy people, whatever. And so here it is, like you can watch them in the order you want. So basically we released them on demand. That day's page shows up. It's available for 48 hours. You can watch them whatever order you want, any time of day you want for those 48 hours. And, you know, so everybody around the world has got 48 hours to watch them. It's not only 12 hours or during the middle of the night for the the other side of the world.

[00:20:16] Yeah. So that's the first one and I've been on like that and that's just awesome. And then the other thing I was wondering about is I think, you know, I got a lot of stuff going right. So I haven't paid 100% attention to this thing. But, but I thought I saw where a, a speaker can give a digital bonus and it would be delivered automatically. Is that true?

[00:20:43] Yeah. So we in this case, it's really easy. We're using Thrive Cart as the affiliate platform and there's basically just a pulldown menu in in when you log in to your affiliate console and just says you want to add a bonus to people who buy through your link, and then you just you can either put a link to whatever that bonus is in there, it'll thrive, kind of deliver it to them. So they buy through your, you know, if they buy through your affiliate link, it also gives them an email with that whatever pieces, which is why for a few years now I've been adding my courses. Thrive Cart now has a course platform since about a year ago and I've been adding my courses there so that I can just quickly because then if they're on the Thrive card platform, I can also just connect to a course and say, hey, if you buy through mine, you also are going to get this other course of mine that I got out there. Nice. Yeah. Yeah. So just make it as automated as possible. Because I'll tell you, I mean, as you know, one of the things is like we've pulled back. We used to send you this ten page document, here's your instructions for the affiliates. And it's like, Oh, my God.

[00:21:52] Yeah. Like I said, I barely could pay attention to it. With the brief version.

[00:21:58] Right. That should be cut down to. I mean, really, it should be. And I've made notes of this is hey, here's the you know, there's a section that has bullet points. Here's some of the ideas you're going to learn, you know, some of the bullet points about the talks and or and here's a list of other people on it. That's all I should probably put out there, let everybody craft their own emails. But some people like to like just get a shell going. But the the idea is, you know, I don't want to be giving my these new friends of mine, these speakers that are going to promote homework. You know, it's just like, I want this to be as easy as possible. And so we're always kind of trying to think through how we do that. And that's I.

[00:22:41] Jumped at the to the swipe thing just and then 2 seconds I said, Oh, I'm just going to write my.

[00:22:46] I did. Yeah.

[00:22:48] I might have. I think I wrote four lines and I just go to this link.

[00:22:53] Well, you're four lines were affected, you know, cause you came out of nowhere into the standings. I was like the OG you are.

[00:23:02] I was telling Ray he doesn't really know me. But, you know, I laughed when I saw the leaderboard because he says Tom Antion came out of nowhere. Yeah, only 28 and a half years working on this stuff. I could have quit 20 years ago. Right? I'm just, well, crazy. And I.

[00:23:20] But, you know, your first email had, you know, you jumped right up to the top of the leaderboard. And and that's the beautiful thing. And so.

[00:23:28] That's email. That's email. That's why when I went and researched you a little bit, I saw all these books. I say, Well, see, I have 25 books, but nobody hardly knows about them except the people on my email list, and they buy them like crazy. So I get a little bit lazy. But you have a prolific catalog of, of books that you've written and they're up there. But sometimes I just don't even get around. I just put an email out and people buy them.

[00:23:54] Well, I'll tell you, that's a great point. And that's why building an email list and your build your authority on the platform like this or, you know, on a summit, I can sell books easy. After a summit I had we do these anthology books so people will pay to write a chapter. We make sure it's a best seller on Amazon, all that fancy stuff. Now I put one out, we launched one in July coaching Inc and I, you know, I was I was getting the promotions and the advertising all together and getting ready to send them all off. And I go to check to get the link from the book and I'm like, Well, it's already a bestseller. And I'm like, I'm still going to I mean, I'm still going to pay for this stuff, I guess, but I don't even need to do the work because it just starts catching on with everybody. In fact, I don't even know that I had sent an email about it yet, but I that that day I sent an email and said, this is crazy, you know, so I just sent an email to my list.

[00:24:56] Yeah, that's that's the way it works. That's why even the social media, I don't look like I'm very substantial at all in social media. But I lived through MySpace where there was the biggest, biggest, baddest thing and it disappeared off the face of the earth. So I that my whole career has been get him the heck off of whatever platform that doesn't belong to you and get him onto an email list that does belong to you. That's the that's another way. I've just churned that out over year after year after year.

[00:25:25] If everybody on this podcast listened to one thing and all of your episodes, that is it. Just get the people to your world to where you control access to. And and that really, to me, all these summits I'm doing, it's worth it. If it's just if I all I got was the emails. Yeah, that is worth it.

[00:25:44] Exactly. All right. Well, we got to take a brief sponsor break. Right. And when we come back, we'll we'll see how to get a hold of Ray. And we'll hear a little bit more about this summit that's coming up. But if you're ready to sign up, folks, I will tell you, like I said, people know that I don't hype stuff up, overly hype stuff up. This is the best one I have ever been on and participate in. And when I participate, I just do my thing and that's the end of it. But from the audience point of view, this is what I'm so excited about that you do not have to sit there day and night and you don't have to miss it if you're in another country. It's beautiful. So go get your free ticket at Screwthecommute.com/BestSellerSecretsSummit and you can sign up right away and you'll start getting info from Ray and Derek. Derek Decker was the one that's partnering with Ray on this. And, and when you see the lineup of people and the topics covered.

[00:26:49] Oh, my.

[00:26:49] God. I mean, it's really a. Really powerful. And then, hey, while we're at it, if you know most of you on the line know about my mentorship program, it's the longest running, most successful, most unique ever in the field of Internet and digital marketing. I've been running since 1997 or so. I also have the longest running, continuously running Internet and digital marketing seminar ever. Ray probably doesn't know about that either called bootcamp, and that's the actual name. It's not a misspelled bootcamp because I sit on my rear end to make all this money. So I didn't want to do a boot camp because Ray because I have a comic background. So people were begging me to teach this stuff and I said, I can't call it a boot camp. Everybody calls it a boot camp. And that's when I came up with boot camp. And I've done them in 11 countries around the world. But but in England, Ray, they made me call it Bum Camp instead of Butt Camp. So, folks, check it out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com. It's one on one with me and my entire staff. You have a visit to the greater net marketing retreat center in Virginia Beach. We have our TV studio here where we shoot videos for you. I mean, it's got massive things and then the way we charge for it is different than kind of made all the other gurus mad in that they wanted 50 or 100 grand up front where I charge an entry fee and then I tie my success to your success. So for me to get my 50 grand, you have to net 200 grand and guess what, 1700 students later, people like that idea. So check it out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com and also write down your ticket for the the summit at screw the sitcom slash best seller secrets summit. And that'll be in the show notes.

[00:28:42] All right, back to the main event. We got Ray Brehm here. Ray is the kind of the brains behind this summit methodology. So what kind of technology you got to have to run one of these things, right?

[00:28:54] Well, that's the beauty of it, is it can fit any budget. So, for instance, you know, we're obviously we're giving access to the videos day one for 48 hours from Monday. That would end Wednesday morning, Tuesday, Thursday morning, so forth that I mean those we use I use Kamara we're using Thrive card for the affiliates, but you could put the videos on Vimeo or Dropbox and just turn them on and off access. You know, after 48 hours, if you wanted to do it manually wouldn't cost you a thing you could.

[00:29:23] Email is cheap.

[00:29:25] Too, right? Right. And so, you know, if you probably already got a platform where you can host them and you know, you can do that, you can send emails to people that come in. Obviously, the better job you do, making it look professional, that's going to help you attract the right speakers you want.

[00:29:43] And back on the page. Did you make yourself. Yes, yourself? Yeah. Yeah, that looked very nice. It's I'm sure it's converting well.

[00:29:51] And it's you know, we tweak it every time, but we use a kind of a Common Core template and then we put the new art and colors and copy and everything. So it's just the format, you know, has worked well. And, you know, one of the things we do is when you register, we give you a significant discount. So the premium pass, like in this case of this summit, if you want to keep all the videos, it's $97. But when you register, we're saying, hey, it's $67 for the next 15 minutes if you want it. And by the way, you could turn it back in and get your money back in 30 days. So, you know, it's really low risk. Well, we 95 to 98% of the people grab it in the first 15 minutes.

[00:30:32] So, I mean, it's $1,000,000 worth of training easy. I mean, it's just crazy deal. Yeah. And and, you know, you won't be able to absorb for, what is it, four or five days of four or five speakers a day. And you'll want to refer back to these things. So highly suggest you upgrade to that for 67 bucks. Meet my guy. You can't talk to me for 5 minutes. For 67 bucks. So do it. So how. How do people work with you?

[00:31:02] Yeah. So I've, I've got a site called the Summit Guy and if you're interested in summits, you can get the I've got a free book on there called Virtual Summits Made Easy. I've got a course actually called Virtual Summits for authors, although that really applies to any entrepreneurs. Both of those are free. You can get them on thesummitguy.com.

[00:31:26] Yes. Yep. And that's a great place to start. And really, you know, when you look at it now, as you recall from my story, I couldn't believe it. I you know, I did $19,000 in sales of a what I would call now a core offer after the summits. And when we both of those the book, the core, the free course on there, we talk about that. It's like before you even begin their summit, we want to know what happens the week after the summit, you know, so starting with the end in mind and then we build backwards. So if, you know, if you want to sell your underwater basket weaving course after the summit, then you go back, you step back and say, well, who you know, you're not necessarily going to do a summit on underwater basket weaving, but you might do a summit on. No alternative. A better. I'll give you a better example if I'm a yoga coach and I've got a yoga class. And I might go back. I don't need to do a summit on yoga and get all yoga instructors. They're not going to want to share their, you know, the summit because they don't want to lose their clients or whatever. But I can do kind of a a healthy mind, healthy body summit and I can bring in meditation experts and and visualization experts, all these people that have the same audiences that would be interested in my yoga class after the fact.

[00:32:44] And so that's how we backtrack and build summits. And, you know, in this case, are summits highly targeted towards authors and or aspiring authors and in digital entrepreneurs? And the funny thing is, when I did that first summit, it was called Book Profit School. I thought, well, I'm only going to get people who've actually published a book, launched it, and realized their royalties aren't going to be created to make them independently wealthy and financially secure. That wasn't the case. 85% of the people who registered and even bought premium passes, they hadn't even written their book yet, but they wanted to know the end game. And so we make it appealing to them. And you know, what's great about this is we talk about all the different ways to get, in your case, podcasting. We you know, how, you know, not only how you get best seller, how you run ads, but how do you how do you make good videos? How do you make your book good? You know, there's just such a variety.

[00:33:44] Of yeah, there's so much.

[00:33:45] Content.

[00:33:47] I was the headliner at Author 101 and then after that was after the mark Victor Hansen mega seminars and and all the time the this speakers will say yeah I'm going to start marketing after I write my book. And I'm like, No, you're making a big mistake. It should mark a year before you write the.

[00:34:08] Book.

[00:34:09] Right? People begging for it when the book comes out. So, so anyway. Yeah, there's tons of stuff you can see over there at the site, folks. Screwthecommute.com/bestsellersecretssummit. All right, Ray. Well, thanks so much for coming on. And so so the summit guide is the best way to get in touch with you.

[00:34:28] Yep. And you can, you know, you can go there and simply jump on my Virtual Summit Secrets newsletter, which is basically my daily email. You'll get on that even if you download the book or the course and you know, if. And then from there you can always hit reply to an email and chat with me. I'm trying to get through all the replies we're getting from the summit, as you know, after this, before this podcast, after this podcast and in between, because we get a lot of good people just replying and super excited.

[00:34:55] Yeah, no, I know you're busy. So. And folks just keep in mind, you do not have to already be a superstar to do this. The if you're just beginning, you can put together a bunch of superstars and then you're rubbing elbows with the superstars so you can be at all levels and put one of these together. So, Ray, thanks so much for coming on, man.

[00:35:15] Tom, I really appreciate. It's been fun. And you are the OG man.

[00:35:20] I'm the OG. All right, folks, we'll catch you on the next episode and I will see you at the best seller Secrets Summit. Catch you later.