62 - Super Hot at 54: Tom interviews Becca Tebon - Screw The Commute

62 – Super Hot at 54: Tom interviews Becca Tebon

Becca Tebon is a serial entrepreneur. She's owned two advertising agencies. She's developed numerous brands and coached many other businesses. Becca's intentional mission has become to be a go giver through various charities, and sits on the board of StarzFoundation.org and she aspires to speak to women and children in crisis on “SELF LEADERSHIP U” and guiding them to evolve from adversities and circumstances into healthier, happier and more productive guided souls. Becca is a lifestyle and content expert, speaker, author and coach. She's redefining the landscape of sustainable healthy living at the corporate level as well as one on one or in groups around the globe. Check out her highly successful 17 Minute Fitness Club, Fitness17Club.com, where you get to choose 4 exercises timed for only 40 seconds each.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 062

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[02:18] Tom's introduction to Becca Tebon

[03:59] What's Becca been up to

[06:51] Working at GNC and other places

[12:29] Transitioning to being an entrepreneur

[16:50] Business failure and one very bad decision

[23:38] Getting screwed over in business

[26:32] The best and worst part about working for yourself

[37:06] Sponsor message

[38:08] A typical day for Becca and staying motivated

[49:19] Parting thoughts for us Screwballs

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Becca Tebon Fitness

Becca Tebon Fitness

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 062 – Becca Tebon
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom with episode 60 of screw the commute podcast. We have a screaming hot guest today. Her name is Becca Tebon And she's not only one of the hottest and most fit women I know for her age. She's one of the hottest and fit women for any age. I guarantee you there's a lot of young kids that are jealous of this lady. So make sure you check out her picture in the show notes. You got to see some of these pics of her. going to have to take a cold shower anyway. See she's blushing right now. So hope you didn't miss episode 61 which was my training on outsourcing and that episode I told you how to successfully outsource things primarily to the Philippines but I don't want you to fail miserably like I did when I first tried it because I didn't have knowledge of the cultural differences so on every Monday I'll be doing an in-depth training session. But this coming Monday it will be on outsourcing and don't miss it. And of course everything I do on those Mondays is going to either make you or save you a lot of money has for me. All right our sponsor today is the screw the commute. Private Facebook group where you can interact with me my staff and with other great entrepreneurs and like minded people. And it's the place where my staff and I put in training and business tips several times per week. And you can ask questions and get feedback on the things that you're doing. So I'll tell you more about that later. Of course you can always check the show notes for this show. This is episode 62 at screwthecommute.com/62.

[00:02:19] All right let's get to the main event. Becca Tebon is a serial entrepreneur. She's owned two advertising agencies. She's developed numerous brands and coached many other businesses. Becca's intentional mission has become to be a go giver through the StarzFoundation.org and she aspires to help others evolve from adversities and circumstances. You hear her she's had plenty of her own. She'll tell us about and replacing these rough things with a new self empowered inner thinking skill set. She says self love has its advantages and it can alter your health happiness and peace of mind. Becca is a lifestyle and content expert. She's a speaker author and coach. She's refining the landscape of sustainable healthy living at the corporate level as well as one on one or in groups around the globe. She has been seen on major news networks like CNBC NBC and Fox. Becca are you ready to screw. The commute.

[00:03:31] had such a great opportunity to be on a

[00:03:48] I'm happy to have had you. I haven't. I know I gotta straighten up over here. right tell everybody what you've been doing. I know you had some real challenges as a as a young person. I want to hear about that too because you certainly couldn't tell now. So tell me what you been up to.

[00:04:10] Well I really appreciate that beautiful intro that you gave me and do not be astounded by what you see. You know I was the ugly duckling. I am the ugly duckling. And it's it's more so on the the nuance of who I've become and who I know I am versus who I was and wasn't sure where I was going. And that alone brings your vibration up and it just attracts people and makes you feel better. And helps you live a better life. So Tom connected with me only because my vibration is that big and I'm here to help you guys do the same thing. And yes I was born with a couple of adversities myself with digestive chronic pain that stemmed from degenerative disks which I now have nine in my back. I have osteoarthritis in my back. I have almost all 'itises around my body bronchitis asthmatic bronchitis that I was on medication steroids Albuterol is all kinds of stuff. The best medicines I had the best dad who is a best pharmacist and if I had a pain it had a cure. And when I left the house at 18 to go to college somebody said to me change your food. I was like what. So I got a job at GNC. There's a plug for GNC I started learning about homeopathic and holistic practices with essential oils and supplementation. And lo and behold 30 years later I am I am strong I am clean. My body is is functioning at top level. I don't have digestive problems I don't have constipation problems. I don't have skin problems.

[00:05:56] My blood is of a 32 year old and I'm 20 plus years of the age so you know what I decided to do what God decided to have me do was take my life story and support other people because before that as Tom mentioned I was a serial entrepreneur I had two advertising agencies I've helped brand hundreds of companies and I still do that occasionally if somebody pays me enough money I will help you with your branding but my biggest flame my biggest my biggest Woo is my purpose it's my passion and it's helping people feel better look better and be their best. And what I found after coaching thousands of people in this lane over the last eight and a half years is people fail themselves. And once I figure out and help them understand why they're failing then the whole road changes. And that's that's the simplicity of it.

[00:06:52] Now the first part of which you said it would make people think you're in a wheelchair simply because you had all those maladies. Look at her now you think it's perfection. So whatever you did to overcome it was great. Now now I did hear you say you had a job at GNC but the job was more of a mission wasn't it to to learn how to get better. That wasn't a necessity to just make a living.

[00:07:19] I definitely wasn't making a living at GMC. It was every job that I took when I was in college I put myself through college was it was a job to help me learn and grow and expand. So I ended up going from being on the track team at University of Florida woop woop throwing a javelin to being a head aerobics instructor and trainer and they pay for all of my certifications I didn't have two dimes to scratch together at the end of the month if I had a dime I balance my checkbook you know. And that's pretty much how it went for the four and a half years I was at University of Florida but never felt poor had everything under control and had everything organized and itemized and am I perfect hell no. I'm not perfect I'm I'm far from perfect and today I'm perfectly imperfect. But it's funny because I go on stages all around the world and I wear my super girl cape because you know what I hid behind my own maladies I hid behind my own imperfections. I thought people had to be perfect if they were going to be respected. I didn't respect myself. So I hid myself and what I found. It doesn't matter. People are top CEO if they work for somebody if they're a budding entrepreneur or just trying to make ends meet a mom at home who is managing the household as a student. When I get on stages and I talk about why we fail ourselves and how I overcame it I have people crying coming to the back of the room buying my book. Nourish fit and free wanting to coach with me and find out how they can succeed because they don't want to live behind this fake facade any longer.

[00:08:59] Yeah. Sounds like the jobs that you had all kind of mission oriented rather than drudgery to you. Would that be a fair statement.

[00:09:10] I think the statement is there's been no part in my life that has been drudgery and I've had all kinds of stuff leading up to this point in my life where my cup started stopped flowing over with my cup stopped following period. And I told God I was ready to come home and he has said that ain't happening because now you're listening so you know it. I thank God for rock bottom and if you are listening to this podcast and you are near rock bottom if you're not happy with where you are with who you are there's no time like now time and I highly ask you to jump in on my Website which will give you all that information later and set up a complimentary 15 minute call me in 15 minutes. If you don't resonate then we've got no place going but I got to tell you something I've helped so many people have been on that wit's end. That bottom of the barrel. I thank God for the bottom of the barrel because until then I didn't realize that I was just living. I was not thriving and although my lane is is so much into physicality and training people and nutrition and feeding people the right information so that they're not bogged down with all this mishmash. What I found is that the biggest set of muscle that I can help people bend is their mindset.

[00:10:33] Yeah and I got to tell you she is a maniac because I got a little I'm half asleep this morning. Ding ding ding. I'm on my cell phone because Becca Tebon is live and she's all happy already doing ab exercises.

[00:10:48] You guys jump on 6:30 Eastern Standard Time. Every Monday I have Monday fitness moves and these are bodyweight exercises the most part of what you can do rolling out of your bed or stay in bed and do these some of these exercises. I'll be taking you guys to the park to hotels to my living room my studio. It doesn't matter what I would I ask people to do is to step into their own power 17 minutes. Anybody can do anything for 17 minutes and each exercise Tom is only 40 seconds.

[00:11:27] I want to just start out at 16 minutes and 30 seconds so I can get over my soreness. She's a maniac and she's the most upbeat person all the time. I saw her driving down a road the other day doing a Facebook Live. I know she was shifting gears with one hand that she was that she couldn't had her mouth on the steering wheel. You had a camera in one hand. She's crazy. Going to Key Largo for breakfast like what a life.

[00:12:05] That was crazy. You know what. Every now when you got to just live on the edge. So I got this invitation to go with some Zoom Zoom fast. Beautiful cars and I had just finished a speaking engagement up in Lake or went to Parkland and then we drove down. Kind of flew down to Key Largo and had some yummy champagne and colossal crabs like who says no to that.

[00:12:30] So tell us about. You've had your own business as the branding business and agencies and all that. So tell us how you transition to those or what was there a turning point that you started them or did you transition to them. How did that work.

[00:12:48] That's so funny because you know I started them about 24 years of age. I was out of school for two years and they started at part time while I was still working in different media and I took jobs again with full thought because I wanted to learn the back ends of the media on the production so I took a job in radio in magazine and in TV to learn about production. So I would know what I needed in my ad agency and so I got this really great job at a cable company to be their sales person. And I told the guy that when he hired me I'd be there for six months I was just here on a research project to learn to learn about production. But I promised him that I would make him money and I'd be the best hire he ever got. So he hired me. So within about five months one of my clients offered me to pitch their franchise to do their branding and marketing and I went to my boss and I said as I told you I would never take it from both sides. So I told my bosses listen I've got this opportunity. I told you I would. You know not not do anything with any clients but this is I've been waiting for this. This is exactly what I need. And he said well let's see if you get the job first and then you can give your resignation. So I pitched against a huge agency that spent 15,000 dollars. I spent five hundred dollars. And I got the account ask me how. I got the account because I know that everything is based on relationships. I went to each one of the franchises and the franchise owners and franchisee excuse me and got to find out their story what they liked most about the franchise and what they thought was missing in the franchise. So what did I pitch. What was missing and how to bring it together. The other company only pitched marketing marketing marketing. We already had great marketing. I already had a great relationship with marketing because I did marketing for them for their TV. I did all their TV and media for the radio so I already had that I didn't have to worry about marketing my reputation was already there so I put together relationships. I got it. Hands down unanimously. There wasn't one person including the owner that voted for the ad agency. So that was a big big turning point in my company.

[00:15:22] It's a big lesson too for everybody listening to this. She knew her audience and pitched exactly in line with what they needed and wanted. Not necessarily needed what they claimed they wanted and the other company well we're big and bad and we're just gonna shotgun at them and she won. David and Goliath.

[00:15:43] Good point. And it was I pitched what they wanted not what they needed. I gave them when I got the account what they needed. But I pitched what they wanted. And listen it's the same thing when people come and talk to me about wanting to lose weight. You know I listen to Hey listen you want to lose weight I'll help you lose weight but what's going to happen is unfortunately you're going to have to get healthy in the long run. And so while I'm helping people get healthy clear up their digestion clear up their skin conditions clear up their diabetes cholesterol high blood pressure and they don't say no Becca please don't do that. They end up losing weight. They end up feeling better. They end up looking ten years younger and their game their vibration steps up. But there was another huge thing that happened during my business years. So now I'm rocking and rolling. We're about 750 thousand dollars. I have 14 people in my staff small boutique agency. By all means but humble and tight ship. And we rocked. I had about 40 to 50 clients at any given time.

[00:16:50] I had this one massively big client and somehow my bookkeeper I had an in-house bookkeeper. I don't know what she was doing but she was not keeping my books. I let myself get off of books because it wasn't my strong suit and I just was pitching pitching pitching marketing marketing creating creating and having the time of my life because I love love love you know presenting in front of people. I didn't pay attention to my numbers. Between her and my accountant they were supposed to watch my numbers. Well bad decision people. The accountant only got the numbers that she put in because I was really looking at the numbers. I didn't see obvious things that were not being put into my books. So when I got my bottom line and it was very very green I had no idea about some of the red marks that were not showing up. That caught up with me in 90 days because everybody needs to be paid within 30 to 90 days right. Well 90 days later it's about a hundred thousand dollars from this client. As I said this This guy was stepping up and pretty much owned much of my agency at that point. We put a lot of hands on his deck. So it came to a point where now my I am like negative in my account. Like close to a hundred thousand dollars and I couldn't pay my bills. I couldn't pay my employees past another week. And I'm like scratching my head how did this happen.

[00:18:49] And I talked to my accountant and I bring in an attorney and they're like let's just fold let's do chapter 7. You know you have no responsibility. You just you just close shop. And I'm looking at myself in the mirror. That's where I have a lot of truth you guys and if you work with me you'll be looking a lot in the mirror because truth truth can sting but there's nothing like truth to bring you to a higher level. So I went home. I cried for three days. Actually I cried for two and a half days. And I told everybody they had the week off they would be paid for the week of not working. I just needed to figure this out.

[00:19:27] And I decided to make a deal with my with my vendors because I already I already made a good deal like I already nailed them to the best price because I wouldn't do business if I didn't have the best price would you. No of course not. So I felt really comfortable with all the deals I already made my printers my media buyers my paper houses my ink houses you name it all my vendors. And so there was about 30 people there was about five key people and there was a lot of money owed to them.

[00:20:00] And I said to them Listen here's here's the deal. My team my finance team can come in here they want to come in here. And they want to make a deal with you which is probably not going to be really pretty. I think they're talking about like 17 to 25 cents on the dollar Max. They wanted to do even less. And they want me to close my company fold up and file chapter. I don't want to have chapter and you're my friend. You've done good by me and I really messed up here in business. I owed it. And I said if it's if it's OK with you I'd like three years to pay you back this money otherwise I can send them in and you can make a deal that works for you whatever you want to do. I applaud. But I I really messed up and. And this is what's gone down. They all said take three years Becca don't worry about it.

[00:20:54] And so I made payments all along. I ended up paying them back in two years. I'm friends with them still they still do work with me. I can walk into a party with my head high. Not that it's a shame or anything wrong. I'm not condoning anybody who does decide to fold and do chapter 7 I guess sometimes it's better to do 7 or 13 or twenty fives or whatever chapters you need to fold right. But when you close a chapter make sure that you're going to be able to live with that chapter and how you closed it no matter how you close it. I definitely failed. But in essence in the long run I felt like I succeeded. But the biggest thing that came out of it besides me feeling really good about taking care of my debts was I then created virtual in-house agencies.

[00:21:41] So now I worked half the time and I'm paying double the money and I hired top people from other advertising agencies to work part time for me in their spare time in their homes. I didn't have the overhead. I didn't have the blunders I didn't have to take care of any of the mistakes they owned their own business. They came. They pitched it they gave me prices my prices went up a little bit. But I like I said I made double in half the time so that was probably a good thing right.

[00:22:11] So we got some good stuff going here probably. I had no idea that this had happened to you but through one of the reasons I like you is a similar thing happened to me. I was I had a nightclub in a state where the drinking age went from 18 to 21 and wiped me out. I was on my way to being a millionaire before I was 30 and the drinking age. One swipe of the pen and I refuse to go bankrupt. I went there everybody just like you did and said hey this is the deal this is what happened you know I didn't do it on purpose. I will pay you off if you just give me time. Just the same thing every one of them said yes. So that's beautiful. I really appreciate hearing that from you.

[00:22:53] I'm giving you a high five right now. That's called integrity. You can't you cannot run a business you can't run your life without integrity. But I just want to segue that back into ourselves because what I've found is people fail themselves because they don't bring their integrity they don't make themselves that same non-negotiable asset that they make their businesses.

[00:23:18] Yeah that's that's for sure. And another big point out of that last segment was that you found a way to cut overhead and still keep it or make a thriving business by keeping the cost really low and it's easier than ever. Nowadays with all the tools that we have to do things virtually so that was that was really great. So did you ever get screwed over in business.

[00:23:43] You know that was that was my big screw up.

[00:23:48] Oh so they were actually fraudulent they were just not incompetent.

[00:23:53] So I don't know if it was between them and my book keeper or what was going down because I didn't even think about it until recently like maybe five years ago. But they actually when we went after them they went back to Canada. I could not even sue them. So you think I got screwed for a little bit in business.

[00:24:13] Yes that was definitely one and you know I got screwed in personal life to this one guy came up to me and he's like he had no money. He was overweight blood pressure crazy diabetes. And I took him on as my little pet for the year and five you know five months 3 months later his diabetes 2 was in check. He didn't have diabetes 2 anymore his cholesterol dropped. He lost about 80 pounds. Everything was doing awesome. Then he was like I don't even have money for groceries I bought him groceries and then he's like I'm going to start a foundation because you've given me this whole feeling of you know I'm not going to name the foundation anyway. I'm not going to say anything else because I don't want to bad mouth anybody.

[00:25:00] I'm going to go after him and send him a bunch of candy bars.

[00:25:04] So. So never talk bad about anybody. So what happened then was he came to me and he said I would start this foundation so I gave him a check for five thousand dollars to start the foundation get him going. Right. Like start going now. And he decided he never did anything with the foundation at that point. He he didn't use the money he paid off whatever he had he he totally screwed the deal like he didn't tell me the truth. So that was that was a big big lesson. But you know what I learned that even more so not not to give money to people not not to help people but to be more. Honest with myself stay in my lane because that's who I am I like to help people don't come to me with your paws out because I'm not giving you five thousand dollars. But you know I for a moment for a moment I feel I felt screwed. For a moment I felt like I'm never going to do that again. I'm not going to trust people. I'm not going to support people's whys and then I said to myself you know what. Can't let somebody else dictate who you are. Ever. Never. Ever. And I just took a breath I took three days to like clean myself my energy up of that problem and. And I just just bounced back like you just have to bounce back.

[00:26:32] What do you like best about working for yourself and what's the worst part about about working for yourself.

[00:26:41] They're both the same. I can do what I want when i want how I want. You know what I think it can be a curse. If you don't give yourself guidelines so I can take off when I want to take off. I can do my business virtually anywhere because most of my clients are on the computer. I have my groups that I train and I know ahead of time when I'm going to be in town when I have speaking engagements or when I'm going to take a little vacay or run down to the queues for some champagne and crabs. So so I can schedule my life around my life around my kids. But at the same point when you have A.D.D. like I do that can be a curse because if you work out of your home then you have laundry you have a dog you have cooking you can do you can you can bask in the sun. You can garden. You can do a whole bunch of other things that can deviate from your end result. So for years. To be honest I was in a hobby mode. I did more playing and more sidetracking and my squirrels had babies turned into a pack of squirrels and dang it if my squirrels aren't talented and fly they would eat from tree to tree. And I was like at the end of the day and this is this is no lie I would lay down in my bed and I'd be like What did you accomplish today.

[00:28:13] You know how how is this going to take you to your end result. Well I met this one guy who took this one course. I became a rainmaker in Chicago changed my life. And many of the things that I learned in those three days I now teach because people who resonate with squirrels resonate with me. So whether you have a health code that you need to change or a life code I relish in teaching people about 50 different archetypes that make up their lifestyle. And when we rate these and we understand where we really are. This is truth and truth is painful but when you're ready to face truth and you're ready to be the best version of yourself. There's nothing like truth because you'll cry for a second. And then we go straight into strategy. We overcome it and you start expanding yourself immediately. Not in 30 days not in three days but right then and there. Because there's no time like now time. So I started reading about where my failures were and why I was failing and you got to face them. And you've got to change them. And what I learned was I'm ok with things that I don't like to do and I source them out because they they discombobulate my brain. They take me too much time and I hate doing them so I don't get to them and then they don't get done.

[00:29:40] Haven't you learned a lesson from your bookkeeper keep half an eye on things that you don't like to do.

[00:29:47] I definitely learned a lesson from that and I do keep a half an eye matter of fact I keep two eyes and actually I don't hate it anymore because it's a good thing. Like money flow is a good thing. Energy Flow people flow you know everything that flows needs to be kept an eye on. You should know what the next step is. So we don't want to be in a deficit in any area of our life. But truthfully it doesn't matter who I speak to what audience I speak to what what level in your career you're at. We all have a gap or two or three or four. And would I help people to is face their gaps. The gap is your actual life where you are who you are what you're doing your actions routines rituals whatever habits that you have now versus your ideal life what you want it to look like where you want it to be what how you want it to flow. And the gap in between that is the spot that is the sore spot the sad spot in people's lives and so they they just abort. They don't even attend to it because they don't want to deal with that they don't know how to deal with it. They just focus in on what they're doing and they don't live a full life. There's nothing like going down with regret like that's just not something that I want. Anybody who listens to this podcast to ever have.

[00:31:16] There's no reason to have regret resentment shame blame or pain. Listen we all have people places things and thoughts as adversarial nouns in our life that have caused us some dismay. But what we do with those adversarial nouns and what ownership we take in them so that we can overcome them. Listen I have coached people who have been molested and I have coached people who have been the molester and there is there is so much pain in both sides and that if you are listening to this listen I'm not a psychologist but how I got through coaching that I must have been the right person at the right time and what I gave these people was their life back their dignity back and them not giving somebody else the power over them. You need to own your power you need to own your accountability. It's about owning your life it's about owning your day. It's about creating your best life ever and you cannot have that. If you don't have the best day ever.

[00:32:21] I know I've heard you talk about detox is that what you did with these people you cleaned out some of the stuff that was hurting them.

[00:32:33] Oh absolutely. And the book Nourished Fit and Free. It's a 12 month program. If you do it with me it's a 12 week program because you've got the accelerator on your on your side. So I do because of my own health conditions. I learned years ago that I need to detox my liver my liver was I had a fatty liver I had had lots of pebbles in my liver and rather than doing some of these I tried I tried some of the liver detoxes tried some of the digestive detoxes and they were not easy.

[00:33:24] They were actually very difficult and even for somebody who knew that they needed to do it or they would not be healthy who had been working their whole life really essentially to be healthy.

[00:33:36] And so I started to do a lot of research on it and I'm no doctor I am a certified holistic health coach. Nutrition and lifestyle I do fitness and as I told you working the mindset but what I found was that by cleansing my colon I cleanse my skin my skin changed my digestion change I no longer had problems I help people actually find the foods that work best for them.

[00:34:07] Some of it is in the hypocrisy if you will of a blood type diet but it goes way beyond that into your ancestral background where you live. There's a lot of different factors that go on here but I help people take the pieces and put the puzzles together. There's so much information time on the Internet and you guys are listening. I know you're probably you know Dr.com and Dr. Hyman and this doctor and that doctor this website. But there's just so much information. What I find is my clients are so bogged down with information. There they go into perspiration and they end up like just not even knowing what to do because there's so many contradictions out there.

[00:34:49] My celebrity detox is a program that people can do anywhere at this point it's only in the U.S. although I have created a program for people over the pond because I've a lot of followers and clients over the pond. But in the US I have a 100 percent. You get everything shipped to you. And this came out of another adversity. I been doing these retreats detox to destiny for the last five years and a few people couldn't show up. And for the first time when people couldn't show up I was like wow three people and these beautiful souls amazing opportunities showed up in their life and they just couldn't make it. So I decided to send everything to them at my own expense. Even though it did come to that retreat house that I rented. And I coached them over the phone. They did amazing. They had amazing results and I was like hark what goes there like another program. So you know when something shows up for you in business that is maybe not in line with what you normally do like take a breath and say Should I step in. Is there something I can do to help others. Every time I help others Tom every single solitary time something amazing turns out for me even that guy who I gave the five thousand dollars to I had somebody that showed up and gave me like all this power equipment I loved to do chores around my house. I got electric sanders I got power tools. I got a generator. I'm like This is amazing. Somebody donated all that to me because they didn't need it and they were moving it like this is pretty cool. So I. All I want to say is manifest by supporting others and it will always bounce back and you sooner or later the boomerang it happens.

[00:36:43] And all these programs that Becca has available will be in the show notes this is episode 62 screwthecommute.com/62 and also if our app for the podcast is ready by then you'll be able to save this episode and do all kinds of fun stuff to get to the show notes and see all the stuff she has to offer. So we have to take a quick break for our sponsor but when we come back we're going to ask Becca what's a typical day look like for her and how she stays motivated.

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[00:38:10] Let's get back to today's great guest. Becca Tebon is here and Becca what's a typical day look like for you which let's make it two of them like if you're in the office at home or if you're on the road traveling. Tell us about how it goes for you.

[00:38:27] Every morning starts with a magic morning Tom. So I have a meeting with GIA every single solitary morning and GIA stands for gratitude intention and affirmation. And what that is. When I was at that rock bottom place as I told you the number one thing that brought me into a different mindset was gratitude and I started making gratitude lists and an affirmation list and the gratitude list really shined on me what is going on. Good in my life because at that moment there was there was not so much good. So I was getting divorced. I got an email from my husband that he wanted to divorce me and see if he missed me if I moved out.

[00:39:15] Well that was better than a text.

[00:39:18] Yeah. You're right. You're absolutely it because I could like read that over and over and over again. And then six weeks later my dad died out of medical complications. My pharmacist dad died and then six weeks after that I went. It was the last day of 2009 and you're supposed to start the year with a bang. Right. Well I went out with a bang. I was riding 21 miles an hour on a road bike training for the M.S. 150 that's the 150 mile bike ride and I got hit by a car. And so I went splat.

[00:39:54] Thank goodness the two people that were trailing me were not that close because they would have run right over me. The car I took a turn I held on like Supergirl I was to the top of the car I took the turn with the car and then they jackknifed me and so I popped out and down off my bike my head hit the pavement my helmet cracked off my head hit the pavement again with just bare skull. And the lady took off. So all I remember is like looking up in these gorgeous fire guys ambulance people were there surrounding me. I stand up there like are you ok I'm like I'm great.

[00:40:35] All I did was look at my girlfriends and I said I'm so glad it wasn't you because I was pretty buff then I was one of my strongest places. And so I don't know if I was not so buff if I would have been able to withstand this. But nonetheless I couldn't use my arms my arms were mangled and my head as I said hit the pavement. I had massive massive problems going on in my skull. Nonetheless my my my mindset with my divorce my dad dying. It was a little bit too much for me to handle.

[00:41:12] It sounds like the perfect time to start thanking everyone around you.

[00:41:17] My kids didn't know about the my divorce. Nobody knew about the divorce I was sworn to secrecy so I would wake up every day get the kids off to school somehow and then crawl back into bed and just cry myself my pity story all day long and wash my face. They'd come home starting going for some therapy I trained 18 hours a week. They told me it would be ten months before I could use my arms. And it was six weeks later I was back in the studio training people ask me how. So. So when that when that turning point came I was either going to thrive or I was not going to be here anymore. And. When I looked up to God all I saw was my three girls so my three my three whys were three exes. I had three very powerful whys so you always have to have a why so every day. I know my why there's no there's no day in my life that I'm not connected to my why and my three exes are my most powerful but I have to say now that they're getting bigger very independent.

[00:42:29] It's for me my passion in supporting others is tremendous. I get such a kick out of people feeling better looking better or acting better. You know the thank yous that I get they make me cry. I just love how I'm able to change people's lives so every day I start with GIA gratitude intention affirmation and intention is huge. So I asked the universe first and foremost what does it want from me. From me this day what am I supposed to do. How am I supposed to show up.

[00:43:06] And then I tell the universe what I need for the day I do. I do not believe in sugarcoating anything. There is a book in the Bible called Jabez. If you have not read it read it. For somebody who's dyslexic like me you can get to it in 45 minutes for somebody else. You probably get through it in five minutes. It tells you about praying for yourself if you don't have a prayer life. If that doesn't make sense to you that's OK. If it does but you don't know how to read it. If you're not sure but but you're curious read it and it changed my life it let me know that the universe has my back and I want you to know that the universe has your back. If you're having a bad day and that day is turned into a bad week and bad months and a bad needed tons of bad years if you feel like your life is just like not in control then today is the day to take control. There's never a bad day to get started. What I find so many people do is failing themselves as they wait for that right moment or they don't think they have the right resources and you probably get that in so much of the business training you know people just that are like I don't have enough money and don't have enough time. You know hogwash right. I've seen people who had no money who came out of total poverty out out of the hoods you know rise to high levels in corporations entrepreneurship. There's nothing that is stopping you except for you and I had that for years so I get it. I can only teach that which I know. And so I know a lot about failure. I know that a lot of people out there are like all or nothing and so I decided that that's not going to be me if I mess up and I'll use that gentle word mess up. I just stop. Like if you're starting to eat that bag of chips you look at yourself say you know what I told myself I wasn't going to do it. Stop. Now if you're not the type that could put a clip on it put it in the toilet. I did that. I mean I guess I'm speaking from you know from responsibility.

[00:45:29] I know we could speak on a lot of those type of things but here's here's the truth you guys I just want you to own your truth that there's nothing you get out of here so that rest the typical day after my magic morning in my GIA. I work out I do 17 minutes of something I only requires 17 minutes. Now that's not to say that sometimes I don't love that big kick butt workout because I thrive on it. But that used to be all I did. At 54 years of young I love to keep my body toned in shape body weight exercises band weight exercises a simple simple things stuff that you have around your house. Milk cartons broom sticks.

[00:46:12] But only 17 minutes that's a lot of daylight left.

[00:46:18] Yes so then the rest is training other people. Then I make my kids their breakfast. They always get a hot breakfast.

[00:46:28] All this was only up to breakfast.

[00:46:33] Yeah. So I wake up I wake up around 5 30. Quarter to 6 I'm done. I'm done with my quiet prayer time I'm done with my workout I'm done with making myself the best version of me for that day and preparing myself to handle kids bad attitudes clients bad attitudes stuff that doesn't show up the way you want to so I don't believe in balance. I believe in flow. So just like cash flow. I found that my life just flows. I have clients that I work out in my hometown so up until 11 o'clock in the morning I'm with clients locally from 11 until 330 with clients around the world. I have certain days that I do new client intakes. I have certain days I do my marketing with my marketing people. I have certain times I'm so schedule because of my 80 day of certain times and I'll do my text. Certain times and I'll do my email and don't make a crack on me not seeing your email. There's I just have to have everything really scheduled so that I can really flow and be a little bit. Believe it or not I. Everything in my life has not got scheduled but my Monday through Friday is from 530 in the morning until 330 in the afternoon are extremely scheduled.

[00:47:54] All right. Tell me. Do me a quick quicker much quicker because we're getting short on time. But like I just saw you we're in Vegas doing the speaking engagement. So what's life like on the road.

[00:48:06] Pretty much the same thing. Wake up to my GIA so I'm not making breakfast for my kids. I'm doing my own breakfast. I'm making a shake in my room and reading over my notes preparing for the day thinking about what these people need from me today same thing my GIA shows up. What did these people need from me. You know look I are obviously have I my preparation done my my PowerPoint my worksheets everything is done at that point.

[00:48:36] But do you do your zip lining before breakfast or in the evening.

[00:48:42] Well in Vegas ziplining is usually in the evening time because then I can't see where I'm going I'm scared of heights. But that won't stop me.

[00:48:54] What would you say is the number one thing that keeps you motivated.

[00:49:03] God is definitely number one thing that keeps you motivated. It is my grounding point. It is my wherewithal. It's my starting point and it's my end point and everything in between is. It's just the beautiful things that I get to encounter during my day.

[00:49:19] The great great thought that you have any parting thoughts for all or screwballs out there that they want to be like you they want to be in their own business. They want to get out of that cubicle and stay healthy and get healthy and all that.

[00:49:35] Yeah my thing would be you know start with her magic morning have make sure that you have an organized system in place without a system. You will fail. Know what you like to do and what are your strong suits. Know what you don't. I would I would definitely do some research into who's doing a really good job in that arena that you want to be in. But I would also highly suggest you brand yourself. Find out what you do differently and what really motivates you because you just waking up and having your own business not all fun and gravy. There's a lot of a lot of challenges within it. Yes sometimes it's I think about what it might be like to just you know show up and leave every day. But there's nothing in my bones that says show up and leave. It's really be up and thrive. So if you're thinking about owning your own business I would definitely get in touch with Tom because he's a systematic guy and he is. He's got the formulations so they can go.

[00:50:41] Well that's that's great advice. I can't argue with that last advice at all. But the rest of the stuff is really really really important the integrity that you brought up earlier and the you know keeping the handle on your fitness and your gratitude. All of those are really important for your ultimate success in both life and business so thanks Becca.

[00:51:07] And look at your accounting. You guys never ever take your eyeballs off your accounting.

[00:51:16] All right. Thanks so much Becca for taking the time to talk to us and everybody out there. You can check the show notes this is episode 62 it will lead you to all Becca's contact and programs that she offers and she has a lot of stuff something you know pretty much something for everybody just about if you're willing to improve yourself. She's got an answer for you. So thanks Becca for coming on.

[00:51:41] Thanks for having me. Thank you everybody have the best day ever.

[00:51:45] My pleasure. So please everybody if you like this kind of stuff. Subscribe and review if you're new to podcasts we've got instructions on how to do it at Screwthecommute.com. You can check that out. Check the show notes for Becca check her pictures out there because like I said when she started out it's not like she was in a wheelchair that been pushed over a hill or something but she's hot. I could tell you that and just a really really upbeat person and just being around her uplifts everybody. So, catch y'all on the next episode.

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