60 - The Sexy Boss: Tom interviews Heather Havenwood - Screw The Commute

60 – The Sexy Boss: Tom interviews Heather Havenwood

Heather Havenwood teaches coaches, experts, and service providers current online marketing and sales strategies to close the right clients any time they want. She's regarded as a top authority on digital marketing, sales coaching, and online publishing business strategies. She has been named the top 50 must follow women entrepreneurs by Huffington Post. She's also author of Amazon's best seller book Sexy Boss how female entrepreneurship is changing the rule book and beating the big boys.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 060

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[01:57] Tom's introduction to Heather Havenwood

[05:07] What Heather is doing now

[09:04] How she became an entrepreneur

[16:12] Advice for those wanting out of the cubicle

[20:46] The power of podcasts

[27:17] Not enough time to talk about getting screwed over in business

[29:47] The best thing about working for yourself

[33:55] How you can work with Heather

[35:11] Sponsor message

[36:28] A typical day for Heather and how she stays motivated

[43:48] The worst thing about working for yourself

[46:29] Parting thoughts for us Screwballs

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 060 – Heather Havenwood
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:26] Hey Everybody it's Tom here with episode 60 of screw the commute podcast. We have truly the sexiest boss we have ever had on this show in 60 episodes and she has proof that she's the sexiest. Her name is Heather Havenwood have known her for 2 300 years only looks 12 years old. That sucks but she's going to be up here in a minute but I hope you didn't miss episode 59 the blown up guy Brian Fleming. Well let me tell you the blown up guy is not some cute moniker. When I talk about Brian Fleming I'm talking about a guy who was literally blown up and I think Afghanistan. Now if you missed him go back and check out his story and his come back and it's just freakin amazing. That's episode 59. Check it out some other time. All right our sponsor for today is screw the commute Private Facebook group where you can interact with me my staff and with other great entrepreneurs and like minded people and it's the place where my staff and I put in training and business tips several times a week. You can ask questions that you can get feedback on things that you're doing. So I'm going to tell you a little bit more about that later but you can check it out at screwthecommute.com/Facebook also be in the show notes episode 60.

[00:01:58] All right let's get to the main event. Heather Ann Havenwood teaches coaches experts and service providers current online marketing and sales strategies to close the right clients any time they want. She's regarded as a top authority on digital marketing sales coaching and online publishing business strategies Heather Ann has been named the top 50 must follow women entrepreneurs by Huffington Post. She's also been named. Here you go. Chief sexy boss from her Amazon best seller book Sexy boss how female entrepreneurship is changing the rule book and beating the big boys. I guess that's me. Very Big Boy. Lots of people including myself call her the wizard behind the curtain. Heather are you ready to screw Miss sexy boss. The commute. I don't want you to beat me on the head with some sexy boss book. That's the worst way to get knocked out with a sexy boss.

[00:03:07] That's not that bad Tom come on you've been knocked out with a lot less.

[00:03:11] At least I wasn't knocked up.

[00:03:13] Yeah. Is this a show about sex.

[00:03:18] Sexy bosses it's a show about sexy bosses. We're changing the title.

[00:03:21] Screw the commute I have to share a story with that. I remember when I was working in corporate America back years ago and I lived in Fort Worth Texas and the I was living downtown Fort Worth and the where I worked was in downtown Dallas. And if you know it sounds like it's not far, but it's far especially at 7:00 in the morning and I remember having to leave like the house like 630 in the morning to get there at 8:00. And I had a stick shift you know and it was like Stop and go traffic. And I had a dress up and I remember one time I got there late. It was like 8 10 or eight 15 and they had this 8:00 a.m. Monday Wednesday Friday morning meeting and they were like you're late and I'm thinking myself I woke up at 5:45 to get here you MOFOs and I just remember like this sucks. And I was not interested in moving to Dallas. Now fortunately or unfortunately they fired me after three months. But you know I do remember I was like screw this sucked and I remember like look I would look at sometimes I would look at you know the people to my left or to the right while we're all literally standing there on the freeway going is because I was young I was like 25 26 I'm like Is this life. Is this like adulthood this sucks. You know what I mean like there was a moment of like why did my parents make it seem so cool to grow up cuz this sucks. So there my little screw the commute story.

[00:05:02] All right well we're going to get into more of your work history a little bit later but tell everybody what you're doing now.

[00:05:08] Yeah that's a really great question. I'm actually in a huge transition but one of the things I've been focused on for 2018 is launching people's podcast launching brands podcasts so it used to be when you and I first met by the way I want to give people the structure that you and I first met like '02 '03 '04. You know the National Speakers Association conference one of the conferences in Orlando I believe. And back then it was about having a presentation you know having a book setting yourself as an expert. And nowadays to me you have to have a podcast you've got to have a book you have a message and you have to have your own show. Just like baseline.

[00:05:47] So I help people publish their own shows and they are podcasting. But it's way more than a podcast. It really is a platform. So how do you actually publish a podcast. I do that I also help people get other people shows as guest name as a guest and I have a book out called Power Guesting I've been on over 450 shows as a guest. And I love that that's 450 hours of the sexy boss out there in the world.

[00:06:14] Just be ready for this one. This was just practicing so she'd finally get her chance on screw the commute.

[00:06:20] So that's what I'm creating right now. And that's what I'm up to.

[00:06:24] I didn't know you had a book about it. Where do you get that.

[00:06:29] Power Guesting. You can go to Heatherhavenwood.com/Amazon and all my books show up there. Actually redirects to Amazon so it has my sexy boss Audible book my physical book the Kindle and then it has the power guesting Kindle book and then my four other books on dating teaching men how to date women.

[00:06:46] You're teaching men how to do it probably makes sense because guys can't figure it out.

[00:06:54] Can I share a story there. So I'm in the middle of a personal injury case. I was hit and so we're suing the insurance company. So personal injury case came and part of the deposition was like an 8 hour deposition in the insurance I guess interest I lawyer it was a woman and she like went all over online and went through all my Facebook profile. My Amazon everything is bringing all this up and she's like. Did you write a book on the game of dating and how to play it are both title I'm like yeah and I'm really wanting to be like what does this have to do with. So she keeps asking all these questions did you write the book did you write. Yeah yeah look at him my lawyer way what to do like a smart ass comment back. And then finally she looks at me she's a female she goes. So did you figure out the answer. And I go to what. Did you figure out the answer to teach men how to really talk to women. No still working on that, she's like Ok. She was like being funny. You know I'm like oh there was a moment of you know insurance agent who was like so did you find the answer did you fix all the men, I'm like girlfriend come on. She's like OK that was funny.

[00:08:29] Do you know Cindy Cashman she's from Texas. Cindy Cashman wrote the book what men know about women and it's all blank. She's a friend of mine. They've sold millions and millions of copies. She sold the company out for millions. It just had its 25th anniversary and she sent me a copy.

[00:08:54] So here's this insurance you know very very smart intelligent insurance lawyer you know and she just had to make this laugh in this position.

[00:09:04] So tell us more about the job and how you got into it what you were doing and when. I mean was there a transition to start your own business or just stop cold turkey. How did that all play out for you.

[00:09:18] For me ok. I think everyone has their own story right. Mine's very different I think than most. So what was kind of going on in my role I was living in Fort Worth at the time. And I started working for a big company called Southwestern Bell Wireless which turned to Cingular which is now AT&T so big telecom at the time it was like 1999 2000 and I was working in the cell phone side. So I was B2B sales so I was getting my you know understanding of B2B sales and I was thrown to the wolves. One of those things like desk it's all metal here's your business cards. You know with just the name on it and an extension you know those and they said don't be friends with the person on your left or don't be with the person on your right because they'll probably won't be here in three months. So it's like one of those things you had three months to hit your quota or you won't be here in three months.

[00:10:15] And at first I wanted to be besties with the people next to me and that I quickly realize you barely say hello your name is Tom and I don't want to know you because you might not be here. So you just learned quickly in that environment. And I did actually very well I was there for four years. Believe it or not in that world that's a long time. You know I got to a point where they gave me this thing called a salary after three years like you know it was cumbersome commission. Yes I got a salary and that's a big deal in that space. And then I also got an assistant. Here's the point. OK. So the point is is that I actually ended up being number one in the country out of 10,000 reps. And my last year and I got the little call that said this and it really stunned me. It was my boss. I answered the phone her name is Mary. And she said I just left the offices of Dallas and we had the annual meeting with our bosses everyone there and you are number one in the country out of everybody. Now. I was stopped there for a sec because this is a really critical point.

[00:11:18] Usually you would think oh my god this is amazing. You're excited everyone throw a party for you. I want to give people a reality check. Because what I'm about to say is I always get the same question for anyone who interviews me is why that makes no sense. I'm a woman and I'm a 25 year old woman at the time and the average age of people that were in my office were men that were 42. I wasn't supposed to be successful. I was set up for failure. They didn't want me to be there. They did everything in their power to have me not win. They never helped me. I was on my own. So when I got this call like you're number one in the country by numbers. My response was I'm sorry. Her response was I know I don't think you deserve it. Now every. And then two months later they fired me. Now every time I get people and they argue with me that makes no sense. You must have done something wrong. Yeah it's called being a woman in corporate America in 1999. It didn't make sense. I was supposed to be an assistant to be customer service girl. I was supposed to be something else. I wasn't supposed to beat the big boys. You're not supposed to beat big boys when you're 25 hot blonde. That's not your job.

[00:12:41] This is really a sexy story.

[00:12:44] It's a story that's my book Beating the big boys. So I got fired and I'm sitting there going OK. I took some time off and this is where I got into what I'm doing today. And you'll appreciate this story because you know this is like I'm sitting there with my girlfriend about three months afterwards not getting a job because all my friends I just go get another corporate job. No I'm not doing that. And then I see the infomercial Fred Rewey American cashflow institute you know them right.

[00:13:20] I saw it then too probably.

[00:13:22] Yeah yeah. Well I think I saw you at the American cash flow event or something else. So I saw this infomercial American cash flow institute and it was like hi my name is Fred Rewey you want to control your life do you want to make money. Yeah. One o'clock in the Dallas Arboretum I'm like yeah right. I'm writing this down one o'clock seminar Monday and I go there by myself and I sit there and I'm you know presentation they're pitching me on this 3000 dollar seminar that's coming next week. It's going to change your life and if you do it then you're going to make all this money and your whole life is going to alter and I'm like yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. So I of course don't have three thousand dollars at the time on my credit card. However this is one of those moments I was ecstatic. I was a female when the when they said for your spouse it's only a thousand sweet. So I nudged the stranger next to me. Don't know. And I said Can I be your wife. And he said sure. So I say great. Then we went to the back and I'm like I'm his wife. And they're like yeah you're lying but we'll still take your credit card. It still works. Look at that sign the paperwork. We still make money. Awesome. And the people behind the scenes of you are running the events. They're the ones that said you're different. What's going on with you. I ended up working for Dynetech. So I actually moved to Orlando. Dynetech is the one that ran America Cashflow Institute They ran events as I moved to Orlando and that's how I got in this godforsaken business basically.

[00:15:04] Now they took a lot of heat for something I don't remember what it was right there no longer.

[00:15:09] Well yeah that was just the turn of the century so 2008 2009 they were really focused on direct mail and infomercials and real estate and the real estate market went to hell so Larry Peno did pull the plug on Dynetech which was the right move. It was the right move but I actually that's where I learned speaking presentation sales from stage right. All that that's when the NSA. That's where I learned about how to sell from the back of the room had all those things that you talked about and you teach. That's where I learned is from traveling the country and that's how I became a thing called 1099 at the time. I don't know what that was either. Where is my W2. We've all seen a business so I didn't know what that was and that's how I started. And then I started consulting like oh you know you work for Dynetech they're amazing if I pay you will you teach me how to speak from stage. OK. Boom. So that's how I got into this business. It was kind of like a moment of Oh I'm a 1099. What's a 1099.

[00:16:12] I know you've worked with a lot of people that didn't come that route. So what advice would you give somebody that's in that cubicle hasn't been fired. It's a different atmosphere nowadays I mean women are much more successful and appreciated. So but if they want out they want to do you do what you do. What would you suggest.

[00:16:38] Well it's a couple things one have a message. You know what actually do you want to do. What's your message that you want to bring to the forefront or the the marketplace whatever that is if you want to do it e-commerce or still what's your mission and what's your message. What are you doing it for. That's a key piece because if you decide well I just want to get out of the cubicle that's not going to that's not going to drive you past the the the hurdles is not going to drive you past the mountain. Just saying I want out a cubicle doesn't mean anything like right now I'm sitting in my office I'm sitting in my cubicle. So going from oh it's I'm not going to be a cubicle forever to like now you're in your office in your home cubicle or maybe a co-worker you actually actually pay now to go to coworking spaces to be a cubicle. Because I want to be around people. It's not about the cubicles so you have to really make sure what are you doing and why. Is it a lifestyle. Is it freedom and ease. Is it because I will say this the moment I became 1099. I've never worked so hard in my life.

[00:17:37] Explain that to people that are new and and they don't know what 1099 is.

[00:17:46] So 1099 means you're a contractor. So W2 there's this thing called a W2 and that's the beauty of corporations. They do all your taxes and you get your money. And those all of his line items they deal with your taxes for you. Right. When you're ten ninety nine you get all the money and at the end of the year you've got to deal with accountants and you know deductions all that but it's a consulting basically as some kind of a consulting. So freelancing consulting you get all the money but you don't really get all the money you have to really make sure and go oh there's this thing called taxes and the IRS and stuff like that so you have to like Think Think things through. When your W-2 they teach you how to how to they don't teach you how to fish. They just feed you. They don't really teach you how to survive and thrive in business.

[00:18:31] You get a big big tax bill surprise that first year because you really didn't know what was going on.

[00:18:37] Yeah I still do. I did meet a company at FinCon this year which I'm going to reach out to called B S O L O it's an incubator that it's got started by women that fidelity is marketing. And what's beautiful about BSOLO is that it takes out money from income. Every single every single time you get income from a client let's say and they put it in a different savings account for you at 10 percent or 15 percent like a W2 does automatically. So the end of the year you like oh I have this money to pay my taxes it's actually a brilliant idea.

[00:19:11] That is a good idea because so many people think oh yeah this is great.

[00:19:16] What do you mean I have 5000 dollar taxes. I don't understand.

[00:19:21] So yeah that's happened and you know I have what I call my check that goes the IRS every single month. That is what I call the proper tudi until I die check it just like it comes and goes and I just send the money and the money and the money. You know. But I learned the hard way. I learned the hard way. I used to wait until the end of the year for my tax bill. Now I just send the money all the time.

[00:19:40] So what do you do the most when you help your clients. What do Most people come to you for.

[00:19:45] Strategy. So I work with them on strategy and what are the missing elements that they're not doing so. One of my clients that I just loved dearly she is now selling her business. So once she started working with me January this year. 2019. She had never really hit more than 250,000 dollars in revenue as of yesterday. She was already over that million dollars like 975. Right. So and that's within 10 months we moved her. And it just simple strategies. It was a couple things. And then she now is selling her business for. A lot of money because people now buy that kind of traffic and they buy that revenue. So she's now selling the business and we've been in conversation for a couple of weeks about what that looks like and she's officially pulled the pull the button on that. So now she's selling the business so that that's what's possible with one client that I currently work with.

[00:20:47] The thing you're doing with podcasts what are you doing for people with this. After having gone through this I know there's a million details to do a good podcast. So what are you helping them with for podcasts.

[00:20:59] So as you know Tom podcasting is easy. It's just a crap load of moving parts. And that's the key. And I tell people that you've got to have a right brand you already have a great audience you already have a great brand. So for you you had a huge leverage A lot of people come to me they don't even have that right. Look at the brand in the market the message and what are they doing to make sure it's come out and it's going to add value to their current business model. The next thing is there's a ton of moving parts is a couple of things. One is there's a launch process with my company takes six weeks from zero to complete launch. After that you can work with our company to do podcast marketing. That's not just editing editing. One piece in this podcast marketing podcast marketing is a whole other strategy things that you and I were doing earlier in Instagram. Podcast marketing strategy and the next level that is like my show's nationally syndicated radio. So I actually now I'm on 17 different stations on iHeart on Spotify and tune in and then what I call regular radio. Now people always ask me why would you do that. Well does Rush Limbaugh do that how's that going for him. How's Howard Stern. Joel Osteen. Have you been to his page lately. He's got over I think he's out of a hundred radio stations. Dave Ramsey I met him this last weekend at FinCon. He's a seven hundred million dollar company. He's on radio and if it works for him it'll work for me. So I think people don't realize the power of podcasting as you can leverage it into other modalities. I do roku of course YouTube and then we repurpose it. So podcasting is a content marketing strategy and a brand asset. And that's what I work with clients on is like how do you launch this new brand asset. And then how do you leverage it from a content marketing perspective across the internet.

[00:22:53] Yeah. And I bragged against it for years because nobody nobody was making any money in those days. I mean they were just doing as an ego trip but now especially with the the advent of automobiles being able to instantly play your podcasts just talk to your dashboard and actually podcasting listenership has exceeded the XM satellite radio and it's free. So the listenership is going crazy and people are really starting to monetize it now. So so yes the perfect time to get into the podcasts and then you help them get on other shows right.

[00:23:31] Yeah we also have a component where we help people get on other people's shows as well. They actually work with me because people people everyone you know everyone wants to be a star right. But not everyone can be. That's why they have The Voice and america's got talent they have to go through a process. Who actually wins because not everyone is really great at podcasting and they're not great at sharing their personal story. What is their personal story. What's their origin story. What is their brand. I don't know if you've had this or not yet Tom and probably have not. You have so many great friends and friends but I have had some really bad interviews.

[00:24:09] I've been fortunate because a lot of my crowd is professional speakers. They're very good.

[00:24:14] Yeah there's been a good handful that I literally got off the show and I wanted to just Pass out you know because it was like pulling a huge dead truck and I'm like oh my god I'm so tired. If I have to ask this guy one word answer no one sentence. What's your story. I'm in business. Ok which is about. We sell stuff online. Oh my God you know I got to go. You know so I think that learning how to share your personal story learning how to in a conversation not a monologue it's a dialogue you know all those things you have to like set people up for that. It's not automatic just because our business owner doesn't mean that's what they know how to do.

[00:25:04] I got to be extra careful with that because I number my episodes and tease future episodes of who's going to be on and if they suck they kinda messes it up.

[00:25:15] So if I was consulting you which I'm not but if I was I would say don't do that here's another reason why you could do what you want but I will tell you people who like my view of that particular thing. So the reason why I stopped numbering and why I tell my clients don't number is because podcasts are viewed as evergreen. They are very viewed as it's OK to go back six months listen to a podcast show. It's not OK to go listen to your favorite news show six months ago unless you're doing some kind of content specifically. But like last week if you watch Hannity or if you watch Anderson Cooper last week why would you do that. Just watch it now. You know because they look at it as a particular way. But in podcasting we look at it as evergreen. And so it's OK to go back to Tom Antion's screw the commute six months ago and learn something because it's content some way that probably is still valid today you know. So it's an evergreen competition. The other thing is so the brain if you look at numbers brain look out old one is probably not you know. So there's that. And also I learned quickly when I first started doing my own show. This was during the election 2016 election. And I mean it was hard not to talk about it.

[00:26:33] But your show might not play till long after it's done right.

[00:26:37] That's what happened so it was my show. So I just went out and it was like well tonight or next week is the debate between Hillary and Trump you know like three weeks later it's already done. So I learned it's not Christmas it's not summer it's not winter it's not fall. Not in Texas. It's just like there is no time. So I've learned those kinds of things and those kinds of things I teach the clients because content marketing is that that's what you want. You want evergreen content online.

[00:27:09] And that's only a tiny fraction of the things that I know you teach people because I had to learn to do that. Now let me ask you Have you ever have you ever gotten screwed over in business. I know you got kind of screwed over in the corporate world was normal.

[00:27:25] We don't have enough time to talk about getting screwed over in business. And I say that in a loving way people question that too. And that's like saying Have you ever had a breakup in a relationship that hurt. You know you're going to love you're going to love and it might hurt.

[00:27:42] So the question is what did you do about it.

[00:27:43] Well my book Sexy boss is about my personal story of how I was in business with a speaker who came to me. He was really good at investing real estate. And he came to me said hey this whole like investing in real estate thing is great but I want to do this thing called you know speaking and like have products in the back of the room. I don't know how to do that but you do. Let's team up. So we became 50/50 partners and our business went from zero to a million dollars in the first year and that was in 2004 5. And right at the boom of the market. I was in Florida and that business is still viable today still has that today. However he's screwed me over in business. Went to seminar in Atlanta and then came back and the merchant accounts had changed the bank accounts have been cleaned out. Everything gone literally in a 24 hour period. Wiped out my house went to foreclosure within a week. And I had to file full bankruptcy within six months so I was completely broke and I ended up moving out of my house and living out of people's houses garages cars extra bedrooms for about two three years.

[00:28:56] Well that's a lesson in itself because I've been very much against partnerships because it's easy to get into them but it can go really really south of you. That's obviously you know that but it could be just deadly to get out. I mean even if somebody has a good partner and they die then what. If you haven't figured it out ahead of time now you're dealing with their relatives who might be total idiots you know are clueless even if they're good intentioned they could be clueless so you got to massively get a big kick ass partnership agreement written by an attorney that knows partnership agreements before you even think about this because it's just so easy to say oh I need this help. You're good at that I'm good at that. Let's do it and then boom later on you you're sleeping in your car. All right so what do you like best about working for yourself.

[00:29:53] Well the one thing I like working for myself is because working for myself meaning I have an idea I can basically execute it for myself by myself or with the team. I think that's the number one thing. However there's a caveat to that. I think that as a woman and I find this a lot with women entrepreneurs is we're constantly looking for permission validation and approval and the challenge with that what men do is that if you shared an idea with me what you're looking for is me to add to that idea or you to tweak the idea to make it like even better. But when women share an idea they're looking for approval validation or acceptance.

[00:30:29] I know that's a striking generality you saying that's a weakness. That's a good thing.

[00:30:34] It's a weakness for women. It's a weakness for women because just because you have an idea and you share it with somebody and they don't like it a permit or permission doesn't mean there isn't a bad idea. You're sharing with the person that doesn't agree with it or not even listening or whatever. So part of the challenge is part of the thing to overcome is to say this is an idea that I have and be really congruent with that and then choose to move forward on that. So I always think that movie will smith the pursuit of happiness. I mean that's a beautiful story a true story and how he had an idea. And he went after it and everyone along the way including his own wife who left him said you're crazy. This is stupid. This is not stop you know. And he was so persistent it like now this I'm going to have this happen. And he ends up being a multimillionaire. Right to this day. So I think that that's part of the process. However women aren't. We're not trained that way on a social level at a very early age. So I'm just sharing my own personal challenge I have with that. I think that women have that as well. It's OK for men to go out there and fail it's not OK for women. So when I when I was going through my bankruptcy and pretty much the failure you know something happened couple times to me with this is a great example.

[00:31:51] This would never have happened to a man. I'm sitting there in an airport and I'm sharing this my story with this guy. Nice gentleman and he just goes he taps me on the knee and says OK honey you're pretty you just get married just go get married like I had so many people say to me like just OK like you got the business you failed like OK can you stop doing that and just go get married. My mom called me and said Honey I found a job for you in hope Arkansas makes eight dollars an hour. You know my uncle called me and said Your Mom's worried about you because you did whole entrepreneur thing and now you've failed. So can you just go get married. Like people have a particular view. They wouldn't ever say that to a guy ever. They would never say that. But for a woman it's like OK this whole entrepreneur thing that's really cute and pretty and all you need to go get married now. So you know those are the kinds of things and I don't bring very gender based but I'm bringing it up because it's it's what women feel.

[00:32:53] It's reality. So is this something you actually work with women on about the approval thing that they don't need that approval from anybody else.

[00:33:04] Yes. I work with them on listening to listening to themselves and validating their own ideas and sharing in such a way where there might be getting some some brainstorming on. Like expansion of but not necessarily. Is this okay you know and being aware of that I wasn't aware that for years I wasn't even aware that I did that until recently. But I do I do that all the time.

[00:33:31] It's still important to research and not go forward on every hairbrained crazy idea too. So you don't want to go overboard and just run off on everything that has no chance in hell of working because there's research tools out there that can help help them evaluate the ideas not ask for permission.

[00:33:53] Yeah absolutely yes.

[00:33:58] So tell everybody how they could work with you. Tell me about your. You have a program on podcasting or is that one on one. Is that all customized. What's the deal.

[00:34:09] So have three ways of working with me. Number one is a full on launch process and so are you to reach out to me and we can have a conversation with looks like there's a huge range of the pricing depending on if you already have a brand they already have an audience like yourself or someone who's coming to me and they have nothing. Right so there's a big difference there from work perspective but we can do it either way. There's that number one. Number two is guesting like. Okay. I want to be on those shows how do I do that. So I work them and that's number two number 3 service is I have a show and it's going okay. I don't know we don't have many people. How do I market that show then you can come to me and we can have a consultant consultation process or we actually do the service for you. So it just depends on what you want to do.

[00:34:56] All right we're going to have links to the show notes everybody for all the stuff she's got available. And this is episode 60 so this would be screwthecommute.com/60 to see all the stuff that Heather has available and we're going to break for a quick message from our sponsor when we come back we're going to have Heather tell us what's a typical day look like for her and I'm afraid to ask that as I know her and how she stays motivated. So we'll be right back.

[00:35:26] But hey everybody. Screw the commute Private Facebook group is where you can interact with me my whole staff and with other great entrepreneurs and like minded people. That's the place where my staff and I put in training and business tips several times a week. So it's really really dirt cheap to get access to all of us and you can ask questions and get feedback on things you're doing. Give you tips that made and saved me tons of money over more than 40 years in formal business and really I was an entrepreneur since I was about 10 years old. But anyway we got in-depth postings on all kinds of business topics. Check it out in the show notes at screwthecommute.com/Facebook and of course also with Heather's stuff it's screwthecommute.com/60 for this episode's show notes.

[00:36:28] So let's get back to our superduper guest Heather Havenwood the sexiest Boss that ever been on screw the commute. What's a typical day look like for you. I see your facebook stories and it's always a beautiful serene thing. And then it flips the to some movie star with a lot of cleavage. What's up with that.

[00:36:51] Interesting view Tom. Well I work from home as you know and you do too. And I love your story. I love watching your puppies. I love puppies. So I work from home and I live in the middle of downtown Austin so I kind of try and do this one more I will try to show people like what my life looks like. I work out every day. I do meditation every day and then I either am at home in my studio here or lately I do. I've been doing coworking.

[00:37:30] Were you in some competitive bodybuilding or something or not.

[00:37:33] Yes I was. I am I'm actually going back into that. Yes so I was I did competition and then I got in the car wreck. The one that were suing and I had to stop for a while. Now I'm actually right back in it. So I had to stop for a while and I'm now because right now I'm on two days and I'm I had my full diet. I got my trainer she's kicking my booty so lately I have been starting to post again about my workout schedule and doing two days and my food regimen and all that stuff.

[00:38:08] So what time do you get up.

[00:38:11] So I get up around 6:45 6:30. I live in Barton Springs so I'm down by the water doing a meditation around 7 7:15 I do yoga for 10 minutes like a vinyasa kind of yoga to open the body for about 10 minutes outside elements and then I do a meditation for ten minutes and then I do a reading I'll do a reading a book or actually reading right now as well as the alchemist so I'll read something spiritual for about ten minutes and then I come back. I have breakfast. I listened to I'm real big on my Alexa now which cracks me up. I did Alexa. Alexa what's my news briefing. And she gives me the whole rundown of the day. And then I get dressed. I always make sure I get dressed. It sounds funny but when you first start working for yourself at home this is sweet like I'm in my pajamas all day and no I have to get dressed. So I do get dressed and then I work and I usually go work out between 4 and 5 or I go late like 7:00 o'clock depending on the day.

[00:39:16] All right so you're naked when you do your meditation is that what you're saying. I mean you know it is progressive thing.

[00:39:27] It is Barton Springs. People are walking around pretty much naked. It's ok to be topless there for women. Yeah I'm not kidding. You do what I was talking about. What I mean by people are naked they're pretty much running around naked except the women usually do have tops but it is actually legal for women to be topless so I could actually be topless and be completely within the law.

[00:39:58] Oh men do wear pants all that. But in that area it's all about the water and all being very Yogi-ish. So there are people you know walking around in Speedos and very tiny little things.

[00:40:10] You never show that on your Facebook Live.

[00:40:13] Because I feel it's their personal like private life.

[00:40:20] But yeah technically in Barton Springs the city ordinance you can be topless women can be topless.

[00:40:32] All right so then in the evenings because the other times I see you you're at a bar with a Dallas Cowboys game on.

[00:40:42] I'm a big Dallas Cowboy fan. So yes you'll see me right now it's Cowboys season so Sundays or Saturdays wherever they play usually Sundays or Mondays I will be some place watching the game with family and friends. I'm a big huge Yeah. I mean come on.

[00:40:59] Ever been to a rodeo.

[00:41:01] I have been to a rodeo.

[00:41:03] I was down there one time and I swear they were going to have scissors at the front door and they were going to cut my tie off when I walked into the place. You ever hear of that.

[00:41:15] Were you in a cowboy place. I mean it did hear the place where I live I live near the broken spoke which has been here for like 60 years. And they probably would do that. You walk in there and it's like going back until like 1975 it has not they have not updated it. The ceilings are really low. So if you're like 6 7 or 6 5 you hit the ceiling.

[00:41:40] Are there young people that go.

[00:41:42] Everyone there is old as the woman who's at the front she tells you stories of how you know the 1970s. It's kind of like where Willie Willie you know Willie Willie is right. You know Willie Willie Willie Willie Nelson. That was in Austin. And so that's kind of place he goes to.

[00:42:13] All right so so how do you stay motivated working for yourself do you have employees.

[00:42:21] I don't have employees everyone's 1099. I do not I don't I'm don't do I say motivated. I understand your question.

[00:42:30] Pretty simple question.

[00:42:33] Other than just those it's just me. I mean there was a period about two years ago I had all these people working for me. I had like a group of five and I'll probably end up going back to that. It's not what I enjoy. I'm not very good. I don't like the management style. I actually was trying to hire someone to manage them for me because it's not my thing. I'm okay with it I just like not very good at it. You know like oh hey how's it going. You know I'm not very good at the whole training and management thing. So as far as motivation is it's a weird question for me because it's not about a motivation piece for me. I think that you are similar. It's just what you do.

[00:43:14] Yeah yeah I mean it's just automatic with me after all these years I don't even think about it.

[00:43:19] I don't need to motivate myself to go to the gym. There's no motivation go to the gym. It's kind of like you just go. That's what you're supposed to do. Just go. That's just what you do. Oh you have to eat what you do. You don't mean it's not necessarily like oh I hope I get to motivate myself. Now you're just like OK now look at the schedule it's time to go to the gym. I look at my OK this is what I'm doing today. I'm doing glutes. I follow the regimen. I kick ass. I feel good about it. And I leave I don't necessarily have to motivate myself.

[00:43:48] You know I think I forgot to ask you what's the worst part about working for yourself.

[00:43:59] You can get distracted but I think that the thing that's the more here's the worse thing community I do kind of miss the watercooler kind of thing.

[00:44:09] That's interesting you say that because in a lot of episodes I told people if they miss it just go buy a water cooler and stand next to it and gossip to yourself and then you'll be right back in corporate world.

[00:44:21] Like I am I co-work here. A lot of co-workers I'm here. And there's a ton of coworking spaces here. And I love it because it's kind of a community you know and it has that feel. So I get to the kitchen the huge kitchens. I go to the kitchen get my coffee and there's people in there eating lunch. I'm like Hey how's it going. My kids are doing well that's kind of creates a community. They're not my boss. They don't work for me. But it creates a community of people where you're not sitting by myself versus like going to Starbucks where you know there's a bunch of people around you but you talk to them you know have a conversation with these people. But in a coworking spaces it's the same people over and over again. And so there is a community like oh how are you. Oh I like your dress it's nice to see you.

[00:45:08] I'm totally opposite. I'm so happy that I got a 7500 square foot house and a four thousand square foot office next door and I'm by myself all day long. Love it. I got my dog. I got two German shepherds and that's all I need. I like them a lot more than a lot of people I guess.

[00:45:30] I totally understand that. I will say that the reason I started coworking is because my dog died. I had my dog for 17 years. So after my dog died and I lost a community of the dog walking community you walk outside. How are you. I kind of had my social hour during the dog walking commute. Now I don't have that and I'm not interested in getting a dog right now because I might be doing some traveling. But I lost that I was like I should cowork. So now the coworking kind of fills that gap.

[00:46:08] How far is it from your house.

[00:46:09] Point five miles.

[00:46:13] You're commuting again. We'll have to can the whole interview.

[00:46:24] That's not a commute.

[00:46:29] All right so what parting thoughts do you have for any of our we call them screwballs that listen to this show. If they're thinking about they really want to do this what should they do. What's their first step to get the heck out of that corporate thing and get moving and be like the sexy boss.

[00:46:49] So I'll leave you with a quote that someone gave to me many moons ago that I have here on my board. Stare at it all the time. I'm just gonna share it. I think it really helped me move through some things and that is never keep anyone in my life that's not part of my fan club. It's like Dan Kennedy talks about it too is like there are people in your life that are you know you shouldn't talk about business with or you shouldn't share that beautiful idea with they're person you might have a cocktail with. Go watch the game with. But that's pretty as far as the conversation goes like you've got to be. You got to place your friends quote unquote people in your life where they really are. Are they really in your fan club or are they just associates you know or are they just family that you have to deal with every twice a year. So that's a big one. And I had to really decipher where people landed you know for me. Never keep anyone in my life that's not part of my fan club.

[00:47:54] Ok. So in your life though that's what I'm questioning like because you can have acquaintances but they're not really technically in your life that you share stuff with. Right.

[00:48:07] I have 5,000 friends on Facebook. Yeah I don't know. They're not in my life. You know they're not really in my life like so I know them and they see what I want them to see. But there's a difference between them and say hey this really amazing idea and I really want to create it. And will you help me co-create it with me and they're not probably going to do that. I think that's the big difference. And you have to make sure like for you and reach out to you and like hey I have this idea will you like. Help me like articulate it because I know who you are and I know your mindset.

[00:48:41] Know what I would say. Well we need to go down to Barton Springs and sit there by the water so I can watch all the topless people which gives me the inspiration to help you.

[00:48:56] Exactly. Yes that's what I mean by don't keep people in your life that's not part of your fan club.

[00:49:01] Thanks so much Heather for taking the time to share with me. Four hundred fifty interviews. That's pretty darn good for this year. How many did you do the year before that.

[00:49:19] I've done 450 since June of 2015.

[00:49:21] Yeah that's a lot. I mean I've done a thousand over my lifetime but not that many and not all at one time. So anyway folks check out all this great stuff she has got more than the podcast stuff for sure because she's been around and create some great stuff. The sexy boss stuff especially you ladies out there that want some inspiration that you would never get from me. She can handle it for you and this is Episode 60 so check out all her stuff at screwthecommute.com/60 and watch for the next episode which is 61. This is my weekly Monday in-depth training session this Monday is going to be on outsourcing. How to get others to do your work for you for as little. I've paid as little as a dollar seventy an hour with no payroll taxes. In other words they would have been ten ninety nine. But they're in another country. But I've got to tell you if you don't know the cultural differences you're most likely going to fail miserably with this like I did until I learned how to relate to the people that I outsource so check out Episode 61. Please subscribe and review if you're new to podcasts we've got instructions on how to do that at screwthecommute.com. Thanks again to Heather. Check out her stuff in the show notes and I'll catch y'all on the next episode. See ya later.

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