556 - Make your business the best it can be: Tom interviews Adam Strong - Screw The Commute

556 – Make your business the best it can be: Tom interviews Adam Strong

We got Adam Strong here, and he's known as the Game Changer. He's a best selling author, entrepreneur, international speaker and founder of the Game Changers Experience podcast. He currently runs three different businesses and enjoys working with business owners and entrepreneurs of small to medium sized companies in the professional services industry. Adam is a former elite athlete that trained with Olympic and world champion Sir Mo Farah for three years.

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[03:59] Tom's introduction to Adam Strong

[07:06] Combining his books with business

[08:54] Writing while travelling and getting focused

[11:20] Nutrition and the concept of energy

[14:08] Winning an award for being the Best Man

[17:22] Growing and scaling in a fast and strategic way

[21:47] Sponsor message

[24:09] A typical day for Adam

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 556 – Adam Strong
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody, it's Tom here with episode five hundred and fifty six of Screw the Commute podcast. I'm here with Adam Strong, and Adam has a podcast called The Game Changers Experience, and he shares tips and insights with business disruptors. I guess that's what I am because I was on there. I really disrupted them and and thought leaders and athletes and the he mixes up elite sport with entrepreneurship now. Now, first of all, I got to tell you this is not the Adam Strong who dismembers people and flushes them down the toilet. All right. In case you case, you're wondering, we're actually interviewing him next week on our episode about eliminating the competition. So, so that's that's Adam Strong, the not the Adam Strong. Now, I hope he didn't miss episode five 55 that was upselling revisited. And I really want you to listen to episode 22, where I gave you the formula for upselling, where 30 to 50 percent of the people, if you follow the directions and the method will go for your upsell every single time. And then on episode five fifty five, I gave you all kinds of things that you can upsell to and the ways to do it so. Episode five, fifty five and episode twenty two are on upselling. Of course, any time you want to reach a back episode, you go to screwthecommute.com and slash the episode number 22 or slash 555. Not both. Don't do 555 222. You won't get crap.

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[00:03:14] Now we're still going strong with our program to our pilot program to help persons with disabilities. We've got three people in the program, and guess what? Two of them are blind. So if you cry the blues on, you can't do this and that. Go watch their videos on the Go Fund Me campaign. They're making videos and they're blind, so I don't want to hear any crying the blues that you can't do this anyway. It's a pilot program because we're going to get them trained in digital and internet marketing, get them either hired or in their own business or both. And then I took a grant writing course. So then I'm going to roll it out to really big companies and and foundations and help thousands of people with disabilities. So that's something you can really be proud to be associated with.

[00:04:00] Ok, let's get to the main event. We got Adam Strong here, and he's known as the Game Changer. He's a best selling author, entrepreneur, international speaker and founder of the Game Changers Experience podcast. He currently runs three different businesses and enjoys working with business owners and entrepreneurs of small to medium sized companies in the professional services industry. Adam is a former elite athlete that trained with Olympic and world champion Sir Mo Farah for three years. So Adam, you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:04:39] Absolutely. Ready to rock.

[00:04:42] So how did I pronounce that right? Is it Farah?

[00:04:46] You said it correct.

[00:04:47] Farah. I didn't say that. All right, now, first of all, I have to talk to you about elite athletes. Is do they carry like Louis Vuitton bags? Is that what makes them elite or what puts an

[00:05:00] Elite athlete there? Really? I don't think they really focus too much on on designer outlet and. Elite athlete is essentially, well, the Winter Olympics is currently on in Beijing right now. You know, that's a classic example of of people that push their bodies and their mental acumen to the to the highest levels. So that was kind of for me. I was a my discipline was all in distance running. So things like half marathon, you know, like 10 mile runs and things like that. So that was kind of like my discipline. That was that was what I really loved back in the day.

[00:05:39] Wow. Yeah. So I ran, but not very fast and not very fast. I was an athlete. Most of my life, but it was a very short term running. So now you've written three. Well, first of all, I want to ask you about how'd you come up with the name game changer?

[00:05:59] Yeah, that's a good question, so I remember. So this was going back about two years ago. And, you know, just before kind of pandemic, it kind of hit and I was going to go back to my core values about what what is it that I really stand for? You know, and I came up with five personal values that were really close to and closely related to. And I did some due diligence. I did some research and went out to clients. And I said, like, when you think of me, what do you think of, right? And so they gave me some great answers. And then and then

[00:06:30] Don't be afraid to ask that to anybody.

[00:06:36] Good things. I hope Tom good things. So that's basically how it came about, really, and then we kind of came up with the concept of the Game Changers Summit, the Game Changers experience, and it became a brand, you know, and you know, and a lot of people use the word game, you know, the word game, the game changer. It's something which is like next level type of thing. And that was to me that was kind of what I'm about is about taking, taking, taking entrepreneurs and business owners to the next level, whatever that looks like to you.

[00:07:06] Now you've really tied in like these books you wrote, move it or lose it, fit body fit business and play the game. So you've really combined this body stuff with business, right?

[00:07:20] Yeah, I mean, listen, when I when when I first really got into it, foreign ownership, one of my I got into the health and fitness industry, you know, back in the day and my early twenties, I actually was going to say I. I'd become a trainer of trainers, which basically means that I used to train the personal trainer to effectively help their their clients get out of pain. And I used to help them also make more money because, you know, loyalty was really big back in the fitness industry. The more loyal clients that you have, the less that you have to go out and go find new clients effectively. So the first book actually that that I wrote, which was move it or lose it was a effectively a combination of using my health and fitness knowledge as well as business acumen and bringing them together. But it was mainly written for the corporate, the corporate employee. So the blue collar worker, the white collar worker, et cetera, who effectively didn't that prior always prioritize work and their career over their health? I know. And so the idea was move it or lose it was. And if you don't like, move your ass type of thing, right, you're going to you're going to lose everything you can to lose your family. You're going to lose your relationships, you're going to lose money, you're going to you're going to have to reinvest your wealth that you've earned back into your health because you're going to make a sacrifice. So that was kind of how it all came about off the off the back of that.

[00:08:56] Now what's your writing method? I mean, do you write when you're traveling like, I know I just talked to you before the show and any any any noise in the background. I have a rescue dog here, folks. So. So she's good. But Janna, quiet, be quiet. You're on the show here now, kid. So. So you're in Sweden now. You were in the skint somewhere. The last time I talked to you. And then you're heading to Cyprus and all these other places. Do you write while you're traveling?

[00:09:32] Yeah, that's a good question. Most of the time when I'm traveling, I'm even traveling on my own or I'm traveling with my kids. Obviously traveling with kids, there's no writing happening because I've got very young kids. So when I in fairness, when it came to writing, what I tend to do is I have to go into a state of focus and self-discipline. That's why athletes are very good at self-discipline, the habit of self-discipline. You know, I always find that depending on obviously what the topic is, what the message is, etc. and who you're writing for is going to depend on how you how your work rate works out, right? So for me, I tend to work much better when it comes to writing a book around lunchtime. It tends to be my my super focal focus time. I can really get my head down. I'll do like 60 to 90 minutes of just pure written stuff, and then I just stop and move on to something different because, you know, if you focus too much on something, then you know, it's just not a good thing for me. I just do it in short, bounce and then over a six to six, a 10 week period, depending on how big the book I want it to be, it's going to depend on how disciplined I am in order to get the words I need to get. So if I get the 40 thousand words to how many words do I need to get and break it down? Reverse engineer and then go from that. So that's kind of how I work. But my then was really good for me as well. My my pen works really well for me in creating the books. So, you know, I've written three books now, so, you know, I'm kind of used to it. It's not my favorite way of creating content. In fairness, Tom, you know, doing things like this is this is something that I really enjoy doing, like creating audio and video content, but I seem to have found a little bit of a technique going now.

[00:11:22] You know, since you're an elite athlete, I'm sure you have a nutrition aspect to your regimen. Is that is that fair?

[00:11:32] Yeah, that's a good question. You know, I'm a big believer, right, so and I talk about this a lot in my in my speaking is energy, right? Right? Entrepreneurs and business owners and particularly they really underestimate the currency of energy, right? So what you put into your mouth and also into your mind? Because if we look at we look at energy and in four different aspects Tom, we look at emotional energy. We look at spiritual energy. We look at mental energy. And we look at physical energy, the physical form of energy. And so what entrepreneurs and business owners don't get most of the time is they just don't get how do I optimize the level of the amounts of the energy that I need in order to get the most productive day? Does that make sense? Well, now would you?

[00:12:20] Would you tie that to that? Like you said, you write around noon. Did you prepare to have a super high energy at noon by what you ate in the morning?

[00:12:31] Not necessarily. I think it also depends on it depends on number one, my routines and my habits. So each each of us are programmed in a certain way. We're wired. You know, we're wired and we're all wired slightly differently like men and women are. Number one that there's two different wiring processes going on there. But we're all we all have lives and we all have different, different lifestyles. And so it will all depend on how well, how best you will optimize your energy, like some people prefer to, they optimize their energy mainly in the morning. That's when they best work. They've got a clear head the start of the day and they're away, right? Some people prefer lunchtime. Some people prefer the evening time. It just depends on the on the person, of course. So for me, my I found just through working over the years is that I found that around lunch time in the afternoon is the optimal time for me to maximize my energy. So if I want to get super focused done, then that's the time to get it done. Because then I know that I'm going to be in a state of sort of of focus and I can just blank out everything else or the distractions and and just get my head down.

[00:13:49] Yeah, I've actually made a flip flop over the years. I used to be a total night owl and I had a nightclub for a long time and you know, it was four o'clock in the morning before I go to sleep. But then for years and years, I would do most of my writing at nighttime and somehow as I'm getting older, I switched. So I get up earlier and I get more energy in the morning now. But but you brought up the topic of women and for all you ladies out there, if you need to hire a best man because you don't like your husband's best man, this is the guy he actually won the award for me for supporting women. What's that all about? The 2016 you? You were the best man for all women on Earth or something? God's gift. I think you're. I think he says right here. He's God's gift to women. Is that what it

[00:14:39] Is that made me sounds like a like a like a sex toy or a playboy or whatever it is. But no, I mean, listen, I I'm a big I'm a big fan of of empowering women in business. You know, there's shocking statistics, actually is that, you know, a good friend of mine, actually, David Horn, he said to me when it came to raising investment like, say, for example, you wanted to raise investment for whatever it is that you want to raise investment for. One of the shocking statistics was is that if you're a woman, you will get less than three percent success rate if you're a woman, just a woman for raising investment. Now, if you're a man that increases to over fifty four percent and then if you're a team like a team of guys, that goes up to over 80 percent and there is consistent research over and over and over and over again about why women are not getting as many what we call equal opportunities as such as men. Now, not I'm a sexist pig or anything or whatever it is. And yes, you know what? What men are not perfect, and neither are women. But at the end of the day, I'm also so wet off the back of that, I got the award, but also got on the front cover of Global Woman magazine, Global Man Magazine. And I said in the article of the magazine, as I said, that actually women are better in business than men. You're probably thinking, how does that, how does that work at? I talked a little bit about empathy. I talked a little bit about negotiations. I talked a little bit about. I thought I talked a little bit about the from from the female perspective, what skills they bring to the table that men do not or have a lack of, should we say. And it went really well and was very well received. So that's how that came about.

[00:16:30] Well, good. Good for you. Good for you. I'm. Not a sexist pig. I'm just a pig.

[00:16:34] So the sexist part, how so?

[00:16:38] So you've hung out with some? I see. John Travolta here you shared the stage with. Now here's some things that they kind of cracked me up because I know one of these people and I was at a party with John Travolta. He was just the nicest person in the midst of all everybody, you know, chasing them around. But you don't see Vanilla Ice. 50 Cent and Nieto Queanbeyan in the friends in the same sentence. Neither Cobain was in our speakers association here in the U.S. and was a president of a college over here and then 50 Cent in Vanilla Ice.

[00:17:14] So different, different conferences. I was speakers and I just thought, You know why? Let's let's kind of mix this up a little bit.

[00:17:22] So now now I know that you are in favor of helping your clients grow their business and scale their businesses in a fast and strategic way. Now, those don't always go together. Strategic, kind of. Most of the time people think long term thinking, but you want to mix fast results with strategic results, right?

[00:17:49] Right, exactly that, yeah, I'm a I'm a big believer of that, you know, when I think of the word strategy, people think of the thinker, think of like the like the the shortcut, right, you know, the blueprint or whatever it is. But when I think of strategy, I think of the long term plan, right? So the long term gain out out of it, what is the long term gain? But then you tie that with speed because speed is all about action, right? Because an action kills theatre, action cures anxiety. And if you've got action, then effectively your business is going to grow much faster. Because what I found is that, you know, for the you guys that are listening and and those perfectionists out there, that just kind of stalling because you want everything to be perfect, right? Waiting for the right time or opportunity and whatever it is and things are not going your way for whatever reason, they're not going your way purely because you allow them to not let you, not you allow them to not get to things to get in your way and stuff like that, right? And so I found that I found, you know, running a business like I'm predominantly left brain, but I'm more of a hybrid like some people are more predominately left brain, which is more analytical type and some are more predominately right brained.

[00:19:06] The right brain is in the world. They're the ones that are kind of what we call shiny penny syndrome people. Right, right, right. They go. They they got these. They go from one thing to the next and not being able to focus for five minutes. They've got about 10 things on the go and not being able to get anything shipped and any shit done right. So they just can't get anything done. Whereas the left brain is they have what we call analysis by paralysis. A lot of the time they just they they they either become very overwhelmed or they just have so much stuff going on and become super tunnel vision that actually everything around them, they miss all these wonderful opportunities around them. And you know what, if you miss those opportunities, they could be they could be life changing for you. And so you have to really I tell my clients to build self-awareness. It's important to build self-awareness, especially in this day and age. You've got to be aware of your surroundings, not just your environment, but also the people that you hang around with as well, which is really super important. So have they kind of answers that?

[00:20:11] Yeah, yeah, because I mean, some famous author came out, oh, a couple of years ago and said, you know, being too strategic, you know, the world will change, you know, long term strategic planning, the world's totally changed by the time you get to the work in the plan. So if you don't, if you don't do it fast, you're you're kind of screwed.

[00:20:35] Yeah, but he also got to make sure that and I was speaking with my good friend Marshall Goldsmith on this as well. And Peter Drucker talks about this a lot as well about that. You've got to create a culture. You've got to create the culture first before the strategy. Because if you create the culture, you basically put the foundations down a bit like when you build a house, you've got to build the foundation first before you get a strategy. It's like this Tom. If you've said to me, Adam, I would like to run a marathon now, I could give you a strategy to do the marathon. That's funny in itself, right? Exactly. I bet your audience are laughing. Yeah. Effectively, if I gave you the strategy to able to run the marathon, if you don't have the foundations in place, such as mindset such as such as the long term, the long term, the longevity about about the reasons why you're actually doing what the purpose is and so forth. If you don't get that, then guess what you're going to, you're going to fail anyway, because it doesn't matter if I gave you the map or the blueprint or the or the strategy to to run the marathon effectively, you've got all the other bases missing and it's exactly the same in business.

[00:21:40] I think I'm going to just drive the marathon. I think I can handle that. My right foot can handle all that. So we've got to take a brief sponsor break. When we come back, we're going to ask Adam if he has a morning routine and what he eats and what time he gets up. And he's a travel freak. I mean, he's all over the place and how he he fits that with family life, and then he's got a master of free master class he wants to tell you about so. So folks about about going on about twenty five years ago, I kind of turned the internet marketing guru world on its head and the guys like me and mostly guys at the time, you know, all all respect to the women in the internet marketing field. But there wasn't many in those days. And people like me were charging fifty or a hundred grand up front to help people. And I knew a lot of these people they'd be hiding out in Sweden with Adam. If they if they you gave him fifty grand up front, they never actually help you. So I said, you know, that's not fair to small business people. It's too risky for them. So so what I did is I charged an entry fee and then I tied my success to their success. So for me to get my fifty grand, they have to clear net two hundred grand. Well, people like this and seventeen hundred plus students later. Over twenty five years or so, it's still going strong.

[00:23:06] It's the most unique, longest running program of its kind anywhere. I triple dare people to put their programs up against mine, and nobody will do it because you have an immersion weekend where you actually live in this estate with me for an immersion weekend, it's all one on one training for a whole year. You get an extra trip to our TV studio where we shoot videos for you, so it's no one ever can match this. And also you get a scholarship to the school. I was telling you about earlier, the one that were putting the persons with disabilities through where you can either use it yourself or gift to someone. It's the only one of its kind in the U.S., probably the world that's dedicated to that topic and licensed by the state of Virginia. So its distance learning. So you don't have to be in Virginia. So if you like to check that out, check greatinternetmarketingtraining.com. There's no high pressure here. If you don't see the value of this probably wouldn't be able to help you. So check it out. Greatinternetmarketingtraining.com.

[00:24:14] Let's get back to the main event. We're here with Adam Strong. He's an elite athlete and he is a game changer. So, Adam, what's a typical morning routine look like? Do you have one? Do you meditate? Do you know, what do you do every day that helps you reach the levels you've reached?

[00:24:32] Yeah, it's a good question, I I've got two very young kids. One is 20 months, the other one is three years old. Yikes. The very, very young and demanding. So typically I have. I had to change my routine since they've come along, obviously, but

[00:24:51] I heard one guy say it's like a it's like a military operation getting the kids to bed at night.

[00:24:57] It really is like literally I get up at typically around 6:30, which isn't terribly early. Like I used to get up like stupid o'clock, like 5:00 am and stuff. But I just I just kind of like felt like, you know, why should I kill myself to try and to just do to just work on my business when I can do it, whenever I do business for fun? Tom, right? Yeah, I did for fun, but also I do it for purpose. More than anything else I don't do for money. I'm not motivated by money. Not like a usou. So my, my, my, you know, my reasoning is change astronomically. So I get up typically 6:30. The kids get up like fifty five minutes after and we just do our family stuff right, you know, get the kids ready and shower. And, you know, I make sure that I do my have my shower on a on a daily basis in the morning, and I have my like me time for at least 20 30 minutes before the chaos starts. I have the healthy breakfast, granola and yogurt and fresh fruit, and then I drop the kids off at a preschool and then was going to say, and they have to wear masks. No, no masks. Good. No mask, no mask, no, that's that that too young. Can you imagine

[00:26:19] Running your your long distance and how they're forcing some of the people to wear masks to do it?

[00:26:25] Crazy, crazy. Absolutely crazy.

[00:26:27] One lady that's out, you know, because I guess she's breathing carbon carbon dioxide or something?

[00:26:34] Absolutely. Listen, that's a whole new ball game that is and I know we've all got our opinions and stuff like that. But my opinion is, is that there's no way those masks are coming in my children. Good anyway. And then once I've dropped them off, which is around nine a.m., then what I tend to do is I tend to actually start my day off really by listening to an audio book. So I like to listen to audio books and it will be generally think of interest to me, like I just finished off. A great book called The Vision Code by Dr. Alok Cronologia is a very good friend of mine, is in the is in what we call the thinkers 50 top visionary coaches in the world, but it was an absolutely fantastic audio book. And how long are

[00:27:22] These books generally?

[00:27:25] Germany about. I suppose they probably span out about about five to eight hours.

[00:27:33] It depends. Oh, OK. So you know, you listen a little bit every day then.

[00:27:37] Yeah, exactly. I'll do about 30, 40, five minutes a day. You know, just take it in and whatever it is, then you

[00:27:43] Need to go mine because I just got, you need to buy mine. I just put my first one up on Audible, but it's only 50 minutes, but it's a massively good ideas.

[00:27:53] That's cool, and that's cool.

[00:27:54] If you can afford it, you know, I know you got to watch your money nowadays, but it's it's unaffordable for three dollars and forty two cents.

[00:28:04] I don't know. I have to I'll have to shake the piggy back to that one. But yeah, so I do that. And then I then once I've done, listen to my audio book like I know that my my mindset is well conditioned by this and then I'll go to my email. So do my emails lost and I'll be on there for a brief period of time. And then then I'm ever on Clubhouse. I'm on wisdom, doing audio stuff. I'm we're doing some stuff on LinkedIn, for example. We're just creating content, right? We're connecting with people, we're building relationships, we're creating connections with people. What's what's important is just to find common ground with people. I love having conversations with people. And just to get to know how they tick, what motivates them, what their purpose is. And if I can help them with their clarity, then great. Fantastic.

[00:28:56] Now what do you what are you doing on Clubhouse? I started doing Clubhouse a long time ago and then I just got didn't didn't catch on.

[00:29:06] Now, I mean, listen, Clubhouse is one of those things that you have to be consistent with podcast, right? You have to be consistent in what you do on a weekly basis. Like I go through what I call spouts of like on and off of Clubhouse. So I used to run a community, actually, when I first got on to Clubhouse called the no ego, no BS community, and you used to get a lot of great on the radio

[00:29:33] And nobody showed up because everybody you go, Yes,

[00:29:38] Because I just don't tolerate that like anyone that comes to me with that kind of attitude, like, I'm just not interested. It just doesn't appeal to me at all. But effectively, I've actually found a really interesting tribe on Clubhouse that I've really leaned into, and they're called the entrepreneurs and leaders club. And they're honestly some of the people in there. They're like really ethical integrity led leaders that I love to like, rub shoulders and what's the name of it? It's called the entrepreneurs and leaders, club

[00:30:09] Entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs.

[00:30:12] Entrepreneurs and leaders club, how do you spell the name of the club?

[00:30:15] How do you spell the first part? Entrepreneur, you, Al, and. Now, entrepreneur, oh, yeah, OK. Entrepreneurs and leaders got it sounded like entrepreneur, but that's a that's a good name. Entrepreneur, it sounds pretty good.

[00:30:29] It does sound pretty good. So yeah, but that's a it's a great community. They've got about twelve and a half thousand members in there. We run regular rooms on there. We just have different topics. We don't do sales stuff. It just like we just bounce and have fun and have conversations. It's just great fun. So, so yeah, I really found my tribe on there. And then what else can I say? Yeah, so and then we've also got we just started off a private feed as well on a platform called Hello Audio. I don't know if you've heard of that one. So we just started kind of playing around with that, seeing how that takes us off as well, which is creating a new audio series about that. Just for me, I like to experiment, you know, I like to experiment and adapt and stuff like that. So yeah, so so

[00:31:18] My my thing is have been around so long with this stuff that I use what I call dull edge technology. You know, I don't get on the cutting edge of anything. I didn't even get on Facebook until they had a billion users because I had had been through the MySpace thing where MySpace was, Oh, it was the end all, be all. And then it's gone, you know, so so I wait till something's really proven. And what I kind of feel like is going to happen is Facebook, Instagram, somebody going to just take over, you know, because Clubhouse has gone so great, somebody's going to buy it out and integrate it into their thing and then it'll change. So that's what happened with Instagram. And that's what

[00:32:05] Yeah. I think I think LinkedIn audio is going to be the big one, though, because it's in beta version. I've been on a few rooms and I really like the LinkedIn audio. Yeah, that's

[00:32:14] That's what I mean. They copy each other like, well, Instagram came out with Reels because TikTok was going so crazy, you know, so they're all right, you know, so it's hard to find a place to stick with. It's, you know, is going to be there. But tell us about your master class.

[00:32:33] Mm-hmm. Absolutely. Well, I decided I decided I'll tell you the back story, so back a couple of years ago, we basically went into an arena that I had zero experience in, which is all around digital summits now in North America. You guys have been running summits for 15 20 years. Yeah, a long time. But in Europe, that it's a very new way of working. It's a very new way of of of really of taking in content on a very high level. And so after doing some due diligence and research, I decided to. I came up with this massive vision and the vision was all around, like taking people from a place of fear and uncertainty to a place of safety and security effectively. So a lot of the big gurus loved wide dare to create this vision and the big and the big, what do you call it, event promise? So we created all of that and basically created some wonderful collaborations. And and so we've now done three summits, so three large summits. And over those three summits, we've obviously learnt a lot. What works? What doesn't work? We've managed to raise over six figures, managed to raise over 5000 qualified leads, but also how to create huge visibility by getting in the in the media. So one of the big magazines in the US called Influential Influential People magazine, I think it's called.

[00:34:06] So I was on the front cover of that magazine. I think it was like this time last year or something from all the work that we were doing and stuff. So it's just great to get some great attention. And so the masterclass, what I'm going to be teaching on that is I'm going to be teaching the methodology about the things I did within the summit and some of the things that you can do if you want to create your own summits. And I'm going to teach you just basically what I did effectively like step by step and and literally, it's just going to be like learning and teaching and just going to learn so much stuff about digital summits. But what some of the things that like what really petrified people from, you know, kind of stepping themselves into the unknown. Right. This is I had zero experience in this Tom like if I can do this with zero experience and raise six figures and create a hell of a lot of leads again to the media, then anyone can do it. So that's the whole point of the masterclass is really to, you know, it's really to be able to educate people and give people an idea about what is actually, you know, potentially available to people. So that was that's what the masterclass is going to be sharing.

[00:35:19] Now, I'm not sure you really did your due diligence because I I somehow missed my invitation to be on one, but I don't know how that happened. It had to be an oversight on your part from the the must have been you're tired for taking care of the kids and running all, you know, so

[00:35:38] I'll speak to that. I'll speak to the team about that one.

[00:35:41] So what's the when's it coming up?

[00:35:44] Well, we just had a loss.

[00:35:46] No, no, a master class, the master class, the master,

[00:35:49] The master class comes out on February 23rd. Coming right up, it's going to be 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. So which is that was that 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. So if you if you're interested in joining us, it's a free learning, free teaching. It's not just about it's going to be about 90 minutes, it's going to be people from all over the world on the call. Feel free to click on the link. I believe that, yeah,

[00:36:15] We're going to put it in the show notes for you

[00:36:17] And the show notes below. So what?

[00:36:20] What platform are you using?

[00:36:24] And so counsel for the masterclass, yeah. We're just going to use Zoom Zoom. Okay. Okay. Yeah, we just it's just as simple as Zoom meeting and whatever it is, but a few guys that are interested in it. It's a little bit like for Digital Hyphen Summit Hyphen Masterclass, but like I said, Tom will put the put it in the show notes below God.

[00:36:46] Awesome. Ok, great. Well, great. Thanks for coming on, man, and I know you're you're busy running all over Europe, so. So I haven't been on a plane in two and a half years, and I'm happy to sit here and do this stuff. So. So check out the master class, folks. And Adam is living the life, lifestyle business guts. Little Kids works around it and doing his thing. So, so thanks so much for coming on, man.

[00:37:15] Yeah, I appreciate the invitation. Tom It's great to be on the show. I hope you guys enjoyed it as well.

[00:37:20] Okey doke. So we'll catch everybody on the next episode. See you later.