347 - A true lifestyle biohacker: Tom interviews Cary Jack - Screw The Commute

347 – A true lifestyle biohacker: Tom interviews Cary Jack

Cary Jack is a lifestyle entrepreneur. He really is. He's an author, a podcast host, professional actor and model. He's a biohacker. He's an eco warrior. A martial artist and a humanitarian striving to make a positive impact on this planet. As the founder of the Happy Hustle, I love that his mission is to educate, inspire and entertain while reminding you to enjoy the journey, not just the destination as you happy hustle for a life of passion and purpose.

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[03:54] Tom's introduction to Cary Jack

[06:03] You can do this from just about anywhere

[07:51] Biohacking and what it is and does

[09:49] Participating by voting with your dollar

[13:36] Getting into modeling

[17:19] Living a lifestyle business

[19:08] The Happy Hustle Podcast

[23:02] Sponsor message

[25:39] A typical day for Cary and how he stays motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 347 – Cary Jack
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody. It's Tom here with episode three hundred and forty seven of Screw the commute podcast. I'm here with a new friend of mine, Cary Jack and boy I just immediately when I learned about this guy, I just felt that he was a kindred spirit. He was or he still is. I mean, he's kind of reminds me of a younger me because he's a free spirit. He's a model. And I was a model in the early days doing commercials and stuff.

[00:00:53] The only difference was, is he was with Wilhelmina Agency and I was with nobody. My pitiful career. He's in the martial arts. Everybody knows that I've been living that my whole life.

[00:01:06] And you know what both of our resumes look like where Jack of all trades and it looks like B.S. But I got to tell you, folks, when you build a lifestyle business like this guy has, you can live two or three lives in the time that you were screwing. You know, we screwed the commute our whole mostly our whole lives. And he's a lot younger than me. But he got started earlier and that is wonderful.

[00:01:31] So he's doing great things for the world, which will talk to you about in a minute. All right. How you like to hear your own voice here on screen. The commute. Well, the shows helped you out at all in your business or given your ideas to help you start a business. We want to hear about it. Visit Screwthecommute.com and look for a little blue sidebar that says send a voicemail, click on it, talk into your phone or computer. Tell me how the show has helped you.

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[00:03:26] IMTCVA.org, but you don't have to live in Virginia to go here. It's a distance learning school and it's real distance training. Not like the stuff they're trying to shove down little kids throats now just because of this pandemic. And we got people making money after the first month in the school. So I'll tell you a little bit later how you can get a full scholarship to the school if you're in my mentor program. So check that out. IMTCVA.org.

[00:03:54] All right. Let's get to the main event. Cary Jack. I'm not sure if that's his stage name or not. We'll find that out in a minute. Is a lifestyle entrepreneur. He really is. He's an author, a podcast host, professional actor and model. He's a bio hacker. I'm not exactly sure what that is either. We'll talk about that. He's an eco warrior, which I. I can relate to that. A martial artist. I can relate to that. And a humanitarian striving to make, I don't know if I can relate to that or not. I don't know. We'll have to see if he thinks I'm a humanitarian, striving to make a positive impact on this planet. As the founder of the Happy Hustle, I love that his mission is to educate, inspire and entertain while reminding you to enjoy the journey, not just the destination as you happy hustle for a life of passion and purpose. Cary, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:04:58] I am. I'm ready to screw that commute, man.

[00:05:03] I'm so glad that we got to meet each other. I think you must you heard me on the entrepreneur on fire or something, and we got together and and I just really, really as soon as I started reading about you, I thought, man, this guy is is a younger me only better. So. So tell me tell me what you everybody what you're doing now that might take up the whole show and then we'll take you back and see how you came up through the ranks.

[00:05:33] A well, first and foremost, I just want to thank you, Tom, for having me on and your wonderful audience. I loved your show. And, you know, I'm a big fan of screwing the commute and just creating a life that you love and that we all love.

[00:05:48] And for me right now, I'm up to just happy hustlin a life of passion and purpose and positive impact. And I do that in a multitude of ways, but mainly now through the Happy Hustle and my podcast. The Happiness podcast.

[00:06:03] Yeah. And and the thing is, is you don't live in a metropolitan area, right? You live in Bozeman, Montana. So you're you can do this from just about anywhere, right?

[00:06:14] Yeah, right. You are. I mean, I've lived all over the world. I used to live in Bangkok, Thailand. I lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I lived in Barcelona, Spain, and every major city pretty much in the United States.

[00:06:26] And I realized after splitting time growing up half in Red Lodge, Montana, and half in Sarasota, Florida, that Montana is just my favorite place in the world and especially being an outdoorsman. It was a pretty simple choice when I when I got to the age to choose. So here I am.

[00:06:43] Yeah, there you go. Now, a guy as good looking as you and Rio, did they did you have to wear chapstick all the time? Because I heard all the girls just kiss you just all day long.

[00:06:56] Well, I did have a chapstick to definitely I definitely had some fun down there, I was I was actually working with the company in the 2014 Brazil World Cup down there. I had my I got my dream job. And it was a it was a good time, to say the least. However, I will say in Thailand, you got to wear a lot more chapstick to avoid the ladyboys.

[00:07:23] You got to wear Chapstick on your whole body. There I was there I spoke there twice and yeah, yeah, you got to learn. But I got a picture here of me with like a whole bunch of gorgeous people and half of them. You think they're all girls were boys.

[00:07:39] Oh yeah. For sure. It's yeah it's it's definitely a thing there.

[00:07:44] Yeah. And and you're, you're a good looking guy, but you're not just a pretty face. There's so much depth to this guy.

[00:07:53] Folks, tell us about biohacking. What does that mean exactly.

[00:07:58] Well, first of all, let me tell you, Tom, there's a lot of Photoshop involved, compliments, but yeah, a lot of Photoshop.

[00:08:05] So anyway, yeah, in terms of biohacking, biohacking is the use of ancient wisdom in modern science for total human optimization. And I was VP of a biohacking company, quite prominent, one for three years and still on the side as more so, I created my own schedule and whatnot. However, I really am into just optimizing my human potential, my cognitive ability, my my performance physically and mentally. And then my mom is an OG biohacker. She's a chiropractor and functional medicine nutritionist. So I grew up a very natural, holistic and I just appreciate, you know, utilizing this ancient wisdom and.

[00:08:54] Modern science to really push my boundaries now I know that you are a hunter and you've got a freezer full of elk right now, but you also have a meatless Monday.

[00:09:08] Tell us about that.

[00:09:10] Yes, so, I mean, I think, you know, the best way to truly be sustainable is to hunt and fish your own food and ethically do so. So I try to do that as much as possible. However, you know, in order to decrease carbon emissions, if we all just had a meatless Monday and avoided, you know, the consumer traditional factory farms that produce our meats and opt for more greens on a Monday, it could really help the environment. And I'm a big proponent of helping Pachamama Mother Earth.

[00:09:48] Yeah. Yeah, I am, too. I just can't see a lot of the just the general population becoming hunters, you know, so. So how can they participate in this Meatless Mondays one way. But how can they participate this if they are meat eaters but they're not hunters, what's the best way to look for, you know, sustainable and, you know, ethically grown and harvested meat?

[00:10:12] Well, I just I would just say do your research, you know, vote with your dollar as a, you know, eco conscious consumer. You can really make an impact by supporting companies that are actually ethically sourcing their foods and really making a positive global impact, decreasing carbon emissions. You know, you can opt for reusable shopping bags and, you know, water bottles instead of using plastic, you know, usable cutlery and straws, you know, through my company, Sustainable Breakthroughs, my brother's the CEO and I'm the co-founder. And we have this, you know, this just stainless steel spork and straw combo set. And we call them an eco pack. But those are simple way to just decrease almost 1100 plastic straws and 250 plastic utensils each year because that's person.

[00:11:04] Yeah, use per person.

[00:11:05] So think of, you know, when you're going out to a restaurant or a fast food joint and they give you you know, they pack in all the plastic that ends up in the landfill. And sadly, plastic has a six hundred year lifespan and it doesn't deteriorate easy. So making simple choices, voting with your dollars are just a couple of the ways that you can really support the environment.

[00:11:26] Yeah, and I grew up this way, too. I grew up very frugal with a dad that came from Syria on a cattle boat when he was three years old, had pretty much nothing. And and so I remember to this day I can't let the water run while I brush my teeth because I hear my dad say, you're wasting water, you're wasting things. Don't do that. And we used to have to go buy used lumber and take the nails out, straighten him out and use them again. That's the kind of thing I grew up with. And still to this day, people make fun of me because they can buy whatever I want, but I still do the same things. In fact, we just jackhammered. You'll love it.

[00:12:06] We just first of all, a jackhammer, somebody at my age should be shot if they ever rent another jackhammer. So it just beat me to death for Saturday and Sunday, we had this piece of driveway that the tree roots were raising up and making it dangerous and cracked and everything. So I jackhammered the whole thing.

[00:12:24] And it's I got all these big chunks of concrete. And and so my buddy says, oh, well, you just pay somebody to haul them away and then pay somebody to haul gravel back like crazy. What? I'm going to break this up and make gravel out of it. They're like making fun of me. And then I found a thing called a Gabbi on. I don't know if you ever heard or what that is, but it's just a it's a metal. It's a metal box. It's not really a box. It's like a metal fencing that you fill it full of rocks and make stuff out of it, like tables and stuff, outdoor stuff, as I said. Well, that's perfect. Whatever. I can't, you know, break up into gravel. I'll make tables and stuff in a fire pit and everything out of this. And there will be no expense. There be no landfill involved, nothing, you know, so that's the way I think. And I said people make fun of me all the time. But I doubt if you would because you say I like this kind of guy.

[00:13:19] No, I'd rather fix it than buy new. So that's just it's kind of a lost art in my generation.

[00:13:26] However, it's important, you know, we got to we got to take care of our resources and take care of our planet, especially for the younger generations to come.

[00:13:36] Absolutely no. How did you get into modeling? I mean, just get discovered or what? Because that's how I got into I was taking a girlfriend of mine is doing a paint Hanes Pantyhose commercial. And and I'm sitting there and some guy didn't show up and they were just sitting there waiting for and they they they said, hey, you got dark hair and blue eyes, don't you? I said, yeah, I like would you care?

[00:14:00] And he said, well, somebody didn't show a career. That's how my mom started. But how did you start?

[00:14:08] Well, it started with a scam agency. Fortunately, there's there's a bunch of those out there in the entertainment industry world and, you know, I was about 16 and paid 500 bucks for a cop car and this fake agent.

[00:14:24] And, you know, it was unfortunately, they were just in the business of signing up aspiring talent instead of actually representing them. And I learned the hard way. And then in college, I submitted for a Crock's campaign that I found on Craigslist. And the listing said looking for a great strong male legs. And I played college soccer. So I figured I probably got a shot at this. So I left my English class early, snap some pics of my calves flexin in the men's bathroom.

[00:14:56] And that was awkward when somebody walked in on that. That would be so. They did.

[00:15:01] They definitely did. And it was a super awkward.

[00:15:04] But nonetheless, I ended up booking the job and I was smiling and profiling and some Acrux finest plastic clogs later that week. And, you know, I was super proud you had my first real gig and I got the catalog a couple of weeks later after it came out. And I'm scavenging it for my face. And here we are, no face, no wear. And it was only Castro. That was it anywhere.

[00:15:30] It was just my hairy legs that that was my first claim to fame.

[00:15:34] And then it kind of took off from there, you know, went to Barcelona. I got, you know, just discovered kind of at a at a party over there in Spain and shot at the the fanciest of hotels, the Grand Hotel, later that week. And that kind of started building my portfolio. And, you know, from there I booked a couple magazine covers. They use those photos actually to they sold them to a gay magazine, which I didn't know.

[00:16:09] So I was the cover of a gay mag in Spain. I was walking the street and saw my picture on a magazine that was awkward as well.

[00:16:19] And then, yeah, just kept doing it.

[00:16:21] I did three and a half years of Second City Improv in Chicago, so it's a pretty prominent comedy. So I don't know. Milia would like Steve Carell and Tina Fey and John Candy, Jim Belushi, Will Ferrell. They all trained at this school. So I trained there and got into commercial acting and modeling in Chicago and then New York and L.A. and Thailand and Brazil and. Yeah, so I just had a role audition for the series Yellowstone. So we'll see if I get that. And then booked another movie coming next month here in Montana. So, yeah, it's fun. Part time gig just to do, you know, on the side and make some money and meet cool people in the process.

[00:17:02] Well, what's ironic is all those crocs are in landfills. Right.

[00:17:07] Right. You are. That is true. Yeah. Although they do have a pretty good shelf life does things like. Yeah, well that's the thing, you know. Six hundred years. Yeah. Right, exactly.

[00:17:19] For I actually had a similar thing is I was a hand model for a national TV commercial and it was for Father's Day, the electric drill. They were saying, I mean, first of all, I didn't know what I was doing.

[00:17:33] So so they said, go to makeup. And I'm saying I'm just here for my hands. They said go to makeup. And so they made me makeup of here. And then this drill was the worst piece of crap ever. It took hundreds of takes to get this thing to not strip out the screw that. And then I did this. I was a bartender at this commercial where I had to make the beer, just come right up to the edge of the glass and just come over one hundred and sixty three takes two.

[00:18:03] Oh.

[00:18:05] Wow. So yeah, it was a lot of fun. Anyway, the poor guy up on the ceiling with the camera didn't think it was much fun.

[00:18:15] Right. Yeah. So. So you're really living a lifestyle business. You could do this from anywhere.

[00:18:22] Right. Yes, that's that's the goal. Has the flights out of Bozeman, Montana. I mean, them just loads, you know, 20000 airline workers.

[00:18:36] Yeah, yeah. It's International Airport here in Bozeman. And we also have buildings. I mean, they were a little pricier as flight goes just because it's pretty remote, but still not not too far away to hop on a plane and go anywhere in the world. And, you know, fortunately, I set myself up where I don't need to go anywhere and I can go fly fishing and, you know, be out here in the woods and hiking and just enjoying the good life. So I'm grateful for that.

[00:19:08] Yeah. So tell me about the Happy Hustle. It's a podcast. And you also have some stuff you can help people with, right?

[00:19:17] Yeah. So, I mean, let's face it, I'm sure we've all been to a place of near burnout or burnout in some capacity.

[00:19:27] And I was no different. I mean, I was hustling real hard, but not happy, actually. Living in New York City with my brother on my fourth startup. This was a tech company. And I just I was grinding so hard to get this seven figure funding deal for our our tech startup. And we were meeting with Microsoft and IBM and all these really prominent venture capitalists.

[00:19:51] And we ended up getting all the way to the finish line, six months of just one hundred plus weeks. And we got to the end where it was time to ink the seven figure deal.

[00:20:01] And I just couldn't do it because it came with this five year clause of being beholden to the business. I mean, obviously, if they're going to give seven figures, they want to know you're going to be invested. So I realized that I couldn't do it. And my brother and I, we had a heart to heart and we cried and we were like, we just can't take the money. So I moved to Bangkok, Thailand, soon after. I lived there ten months and my brother got his master's degree from the University of Florida.

[00:20:27] And yeah, we just opted for a different life and one, you know, full of happy hustlin. And that's kind of where I came up with just this concept of actually enjoying the journey and not just the destination. And I see a lot of my fellow entrepreneurs and business colleagues grinding so hard, you know, sacrificing everything money or sacrificing everything for money, relationships, spirituality, passionate hobbies, family, health. Everything for what? For money and for the grind. And so I knew there had to be a better way. So I kind of set out to create a life of blissful balance. And that's where the happy hustle came from. You know, now I try to support these entrepreneurs, my people, the fellow screw the commuters out there, you know, who who want a life of blissful balance but also want to make an impact and live with purpose and passion. So, you know, I created the happy podcast where I interview people like yourself. I know you're coming on next week. I get and share your story. I share, you know, really inspiring successful stories of entrepreneurs and spiritual gurus and professional athletes and really cool people who are just happy hustling, who are legit balanced in all areas of their life. And for me, you know, it's the holistic approach. So I created this this business around happy hustling. And, you know, I wrote a book about it. It's coming out later this year.

[00:22:01] I currently have an e-book out which I want to give away to your audience for free. If they go to caryjack.com, they can sign in and get a really what I think is just the happy hustlin Bible. You know, I break it down into ten alignments of of being a happy hustler. And then I also have a course that is just step by step. I make it dirt cheap because I rather the content be received in the barriers to entry level. So I make it legit. A dollar a day, it's 11 bucks. You can get it at theHappyHustle.com. And obviously the podcast is free. You can hear Tom and other rockstar entrepreneurs and happy hustlers out there. So, yeah, super stoked to just continue on with this mission right now.

[00:22:42] Tom beautiful infosec. It's CaryJack.com. And of course this will be in the show notes and theHappyHustle.com. All right. So we got to take a response, a break. When we come back, we're going to ask Cary, I'm almost afraid to ask him what a typical day looks like, because I know who doesn't doesn't fly with people like us that much, but we'll give it a shot and see how he stays motivated. So, folks, about twenty years ago, I kind of turned the Internet marketing world on its head. Guys like me were charged in 50 or 100 thousand bucks up front for small businesses that teach them what we knew. And I thought, you know what, I know a lot of these guys. They'd be you'd be they'd be hiding out in Bangkok if you give them 50000 bucks because they wouldn't do anything for you if you gave it to them up front. So I said, you know, I'm going to that's too risky for small business. I can't help as many people that way. So I'm going to tie my success to their success. So I kind of turned the world on its head and charged an entry fee. But then for me to get my fifty thousand bucks, you had to make 200000 bucks. Oh, guess what? People love this. They knew I wouldn't disappear on them. And here I am 20 some years later, still going strong.

[00:24:07] It's a program that's, I call it the most unique and most successful in its field ever, because you actually spend an immersion weekend where you stay in my big at home with me for an immersion weekend. Everything is one on one. There is no group stuff here other than the trip to the retreat center. It's about four or five people. And, you know, because when it's when it's not one on one, you're you're always going to have the advance people board and the beginner people lost. And so I just hate that I can't get the efficiency out of the thing and get people where they want to go fast. So I make it one on one with myself and my entire staff. We have a TV studio here where we shoot tons of videos for you, added them, give you all your marketing videos. So it's very, very unique and it's no lawsuits, no refunds. People just you know, we take care of people that grew up from a small town and that's the way we roll. So. So check it out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com. And if you're in my mentor program, you get a scholarship to my school, which one guy gifted it to his daughter and she's up to six thousand dollars a month as a side hustle after only four months. They so it's very, very powerful techniques that you learn that are in high demand. We're not teaching you how to protest. And and then you're competing for jobs at Starbucks like a typical university. So check it out. GreatInternetmarketingtraining.com.

[00:25:39] All right. Let's get back to the main event. We've got Cary Jack here. He's just a perfect walking example of a lifestyle entrepreneur, humanitarian, martial artist, actor, model. So he's living the life. So. So, Cary, what's a typical day look like for you?

[00:25:58] Well, obviously, as a lifestyle entrepreneur, it varies. But truthfully, it starts with, you know, my morning routine, which is pretty much the same every day.

[00:26:11] I think you win the day in the morning. So I usually get up. I put down my greens, powder, apple cider vinegar, lemon, fresh, organic squeezed lemon. You get up. Usually six thirty, six thirty. So, yeah, I'm not.

[00:26:31] Sometimes I get up a little earlier, I try not to be a hero in my sleep, you know.

[00:26:37] Yeah. Like, you know, sometimes depends what I got going on. If I'm busy day sometimes. Five thirty, but yeah, six thirty is usually pretty standard. Then I put down that organic good greens drink kick start my day with a recipe for this somewhere. Yeah, and actually, I just posted it on my Instagram Cary__Jack, so yeah, we can get that in the show, notes Grace. This really helps with digestion and boost energy production.

[00:27:07] Does your mother help you with this or do you learn on your own?

[00:27:11] Well, actually, through the biohacking company, we were coaching Olympic gold medalist and Fortune 500 CEOs and the top of the top. So we learned a lot in the process.

[00:27:21] But also a business partner was an expert in all things biohacking and stem cells and peptides. And you name it, we were on the cutting edge. So I learned a lot through that process as well. So after I put down that grain's drank, then usually I'll do my mantra. I have a mantra that I repeat in the morning and at night of just my affirmations, things that I know are important to me.

[00:27:49] I am the world's greatest happy hustla. I am an eight figure lifestyle entrepreneur. I am a New York Times best selling author. I go through my lists on usually the rebounder. I have a mini trampoline to shake out the lymphatic system and it really helps stimulate cellular regeneration. So I get out there, I'll ground myself in the grass.

[00:28:11] I do inverted sun gazing, looking up forty five degrees off from the sun to help boost my mind. Really. I mean, the photosynthesis for plants is the same for people in our skin is our largest organ. So it's important to look up at the sun and absorb those nutrients as well as it's really good for your eyes to actually look off of the sun at the hours from six to 10 a.m..

[00:28:34] That's the goal. That's that's a little later than the golden hour, I guess. Yeah. Yeah, a little before it.

[00:28:41] And then also in the evening time, it's good, too. We've actually had clients decrease their prescription and actually not even need glasses anymore. Sungai So you you want to look at the science behind it, but the sun is so powerful and unfortunately we're living like zoo animals in our offices and cars all day and in homes and we got this fake light. So it's important to decrease your exposure to toxic blue light and increase your exposure to the sun.

[00:29:09] So the vitamin D thing too.

[00:29:13] Yep, exactly. Vitamin D is essential and a lot of us are lacking it and actually boost immune health and helps combat the coronavirus.

[00:29:21] So there's a lot of benefit.

[00:29:23] But I really you know, then I'll do my empty stomach supplements. I have a routine and I put down my supplements and then I have usually some type of flow that I'll do just to stretch, you know, stretching every day can add seven years to your life. So get on that stretch and touch them toes, baby.

[00:29:45] Well, when did you let the dog out? I mean, the dog, like, ready to pee at this point. Oh, yeah.

[00:29:50] It comes out with me when I do. My son Jason. Oh, perfect. We got a Belgian Malinois, a German Shepherd mix like you.

[00:29:57] We do pilot training. I got a pit bull as well. So I love those two. And yeah, my fiance and I get out there and we we get after it in the sun in the morning and then usually I'll sit down and I'll do my journaling. I have a journal attitude of gratitude. I start with I just list five to ten things that come to mind that I'm super grateful for a big proponent of gratitude. And then I'll get into my to dominate list things that I'm going to dominate for the day. I'll write those out. And then I read the Great Datacom, which is a pretty awesome resource if your audience hasn't heard of it. Great dotcom guy named Ralph Martsen. He drops knowledge bombs in like a couple of paragraphs every single day.

[00:30:39] What's the website? Great day. Great day. OK, yep.

[00:30:45] And so I'll write what is inspiring about that passage in my journal and then I'll read. I'll usually do thirty minutes of reading right now I'm reading Russell, my good buddy Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets book and I usually alternate between a couple of books, business and spiritual and personal development. And I'm also reading the undaunted courage from Stephen Ambrose about Lewis and Clark journey, which is awesome.

[00:31:14] And yeah, so after I do that, then I'll probably open my laptop. So eventually it's probably time and I'll, you know, I'll usually create some copy.

[00:31:24] First and foremost, while our brain is active, we have these peak cycles of creativity and usually mine is in the morning. So I urge your audience to figure out when is best to be creative for them and really focus on getting done.

[00:31:39] Your most important creative tasks during that peak window, is that biorhythms or is this something different?

[00:31:48] It's a little different.

[00:31:50] There's actually there's actually a book called When? That can help you find your peak hours and, yeah, it's it's an important distinction to make when is best for you to work, when you are screwing the commute, when is best, especially at home when you control your own schedule. You know, sometimes if you're not disciplined, you can slack. So it's important to focus on when is best for you. And I like to use time blocking. So I'll set a timer on my phone. The Pomodoro technique where you work forty five minutes on, ten minutes of five minute break in between or whatnot, so you can kind of set your schedule up for success in that capacity. And then once I create some copy copy, I'll usually create some content.

[00:32:38] Maybe, you know, I have a podcast interview that day. Maybe I'll do a video for my for my tribe. The happy Hessler's out there just kind of depends on what's on the docket for the day. And check in with my team. I have outsourced TVs from the Philippines and, you know, each of them has a role. So I'll make sure through slack that we're getting things accomplished. And then usually I'll end up at the hot springs. I live right near a thermal natural hot springs and I it has a gym there. So what I do is I alternate cold and hot thermogenesis or heat my body up to sometimes one hundred seventy plus degrees and then I'll go into forty eight degree or thirty eight degrees depending on where they keep it at that day. A cold tub. So I'll do a couple of rounds of that, really helping with vascular dilation and, and blood flow circulation and it burns calories, it decreases inflammation. I mean if you're familiar with Wim Hof at all, it's just super beneficial for just optimizing performance and longevity. So I highly recommend your audience getting cold and getting hot every day if possible. Actually, there's a really good company called Therasage that they have this really awesome infrared sauna. So people who don't have a hot springs, maybe they're like, how can I get hot? Well, they have this portable and affordable sauna. They actually sponsor my podcast. So Code Happy could save you on a sauna if you're interested. They're pretty awesome. So I do that and I get my workout in and some type of martial arts training. Then I'll get back to the, you know, the workflow.

[00:34:17] Maybe I got a console there meeting and, you know, then I'll usually obviously for food, I got to eat sometime. So I usually fast I decrease my fasting or I decrease my feeding window to eight hours. I usually fast in the mornings and then eat only between 12 and 8pm. And it's usually all natural, organic, healthy, good foods, nothing process, no crap sodas or you know, any, any microwavable garbage usually.

[00:34:47] And then at nighttime, yeah.

[00:34:49] I'd like to wind down but with reading or maybe an informative educational documentary I believe in the ninety minutes of personal growth. So I usually listen to thirty minutes of something inspiring in the afternoon, like the Screw the Commute podcast.

[00:35:03] Yeah. That's exactly the best thing to do. Yeah. Yeah right. That's the best Tom that rocks.

[00:35:10] And then I read thirty minutes and then I watch something inspirational or educational. Thirty minutes. So that's usually a part of my day. And then I put on my blue light blocking glasses. Maybe sometimes I'll take some melatonin and you know do my, my wind down my montreaux before bed. I'll meditate and express my gratitude and sometimes I pray and yeah, just that's usually, you know, some of the elements of my day.

[00:35:38] Wow. So I wrote this all down. I got a lot of work to do, so it's.

[00:35:43] Well let me know Tom we can go through your routine. Yeah.

[00:35:47] Well I, I got three things here that I got going here so. But the one of them you're like, oh man, that's pitiful.

[00:35:56] So I have a super heavy duty rebounder because I got a normal one and I would jump on and it would just stay there.

[00:36:08] And then I do have an infrared sauna. I've had that for a long time. I actually have awesome both a steam sauna and an infrared in the house. So that's handy. And then I do intermittent fasting from noon to eight is my eating window. So so I got a couple of but it looks like I got a long way to go. So yeah. Just I got to look up some of these things. Pomodoro thing and what was it. Wim Hof. What is it.

[00:36:37] Yeah.

[00:36:37] Wim Hof we had him on our podcast, the Biohacking Secrets podcast back in the day. And man, this guy's a beast. He's got twenty six Guinness World Record. He is from the Netherlands, is absolute legend, and he just hyper oxygenates using these Bretthauer tactics. And so I highly recommend your audience dig into breastwork because you can actually release so many endorphins and dopamine and DMT from just your own supply. You can get high on your own supply of people.

[00:37:19] That's probably a good book title right there. Yes. It's amazing that all this stuff is great for your business, too. I mean, because the more clear you're thinking, the more the less toxic your body is. Although I have a very you know, I also wrote professional comedy for six years. I don't know if you caught that also. Yeah. As I had a company called PrankMasters, we custom design practical jokes. This after I got out of the bikers, tried to kill me in the nightclub. I thought, you know, want to do something that's fun for me and fun for everybody else. So we did 4000 of these custom design things and I wrote professional comedy all the time. But that is awesome. Forget I mentioned that. But I mean, see, I need some brain things to remember short term stuff.

[00:38:10] Well, there's a lot out there that can help your audience to, you know, increase those brain synapses and just help you perform at your finest, you know, with verbal recall and memory and all sorts of different nootropics and supplements.

[00:38:23] And I'm not one to, you know, over stack the deck. I believe in the holistic approach and natural remedies. However, you know, there's a lot out there that we could talk about later on, too, that could just help people operate at their at their finest potential.

[00:38:37] Yeah, I said something on my ah, we have a meeting twice a week with all the employees and and I said, you have to get some of that gingko balboa and they just started laughing.

[00:38:50] Like what. That's the that's not what it's called because I still don't know what it's called exactly. It's not below the. Yeah. The loba below. Yeah. So. So anyway I have sixty five going on twelve.

[00:39:10] So I'm all all into continuous improvement that's for sure. That's cause and technique. So man it's been so great crossing paths with you. You just dumped a massive amount of good things for all our entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Are all these tips and, you know, working on yourself. Well he said business will come along if you are at your peak performance. You have all kinds of opportunities you can take care of. You won't be too tired to do it and your brain will see things that it wouldn't have. If it's clear, though. Thanks. Thanks a lot, man. I really, really appreciate it.

[00:39:50] Yeah, Tom, thank you, it's been my honor to connect with you and your awesome audience. And, you know, I just highly recommend everyone out there listening.

[00:39:58] You know, first and foremost, put the happy back in your hustle, you know, because if you're hustling and not happy, what the heck are you doing?

[00:40:06] It's not worth it. And, you know, just keep listening to Tom and podcasts like this and continuously improving yourself. That's how you get better every day. And here's another one. If you don't quit, you'll never lose. So just keep on keeping on guys. You'll do it. You will succeed.

[00:40:23] Beautiful. Beautiful. So so here's a little recap, folks, who I want you to to subscribe to the Happy Hustle podcast.

[00:40:36] You can find it at CaryJack.com, which is my middle name, by the way. I know you asked, stage name or not. Middle name.

[00:40:43] Ok, so CaryJack.com where you can get the free ebook, you can get that eleven dollar course which is highly underpriced and learn all about Kerry and get good. Subscribe to his podcast too, because you know I want you to be entrepreneurs, but nothing will last if you're not happy about it. So, you know, that's how I've lasted all these 44 years now in formal business, long before the Internet was around and before Cary was born, that's for sure.

[00:41:13] So, thanks a lot, man. And we will catch everybody on the next episode. See you later.

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