328 - Pop goes the money: Tom talks Pop Up Boxes - Screw The Commute

328 – Pop goes the money: Tom talks Pop Up Boxes

Let's talk about pop boxes and the different types and what they can do for you. And I'm not going to go into the history of pop up boxes here, but I can tell you they've meant an enormous amount of money to me over many years, with the exception of a couple of years when you didn't really see too many of them because they were getting blocked by browsers. Well, that's all gone now.

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[04:26] Tom's introduction to Pop Up Boxes

[06:11] Types of Pop Ups

[09:56] “Exit Intent” pop up boxes

[12:48] Adding a countdown timer

[13:18] Behavioral and lightbox pop ups

[14:14] Other types of pop up boxes

[16:00] Push notifications

[16:57] Sponsor message

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 328 – Pop Up Boxes
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody it's Tom here with episode three hundred and twenty eight of Screw the Commute podcast. Today, we're going to talk about pop up boxes. Now, whether you like them or not, they work and there is no doubt about that. And of course, I'm not suggesting you use them in an annoying fashion like some idiot. But used judiciously, they can increase your sales and email sign ups significantly.

[00:00:54] Now I'm going to tell you about them in a minute and I will be telling you about how I doubled my subscribers with a simple pop up box.

[00:01:02] Now, in conjunction with this, I hope you didn't miss Episode 327 list building folks. No matter what you hear, I'm telling you, this is where the money is. People at my level make the bulk of their money with e-mail.

[00:01:18] Yeah, they may be collecting money from different places, but the goal is to get people on an email list so you can build a relationship with them and market to them over and over again. Now, I've got a new e-book just released on this topic. Check it out at screwthecommute.com/listbuilding and it also has a section on pop ups. So it's related also. All right. Make sure you grab a copy of our freebie for listening to the show called How to Automate Your Business. It's helped me grab customers off of competitors because I got back to them faster. It saved me millions of keystrokes. You just got to get a copy of this book. Catch it at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. While you're at it, get a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app.

[00:02:18] All right. Now, do you wonder why in the midst of this pandemic, I'm still sitting pretty well. The reason is, is because of my email list. I'm able to I haven't done a speaking engagement for a long time. That brings in a lot of money, too.

[00:02:35] But my email list has kept me going through this whole pandemic, just selling stuff around the world like I've been doing for 26 years now.

[00:02:44] Ok, so so you need to learn how to do this kind of stuff. And it's more than just list building.

[00:02:53] You've got to learn how to email market to them. You got to learn how to collect the money up, sell them. You learn how to track them in the first place, get people into your so-called funnel. All of these things we teach you in my school and in my mentor program and the school is something you got to get your kids into. You don't waste the money on a four year college where they're going to come out with a worthless degree and no skills and competing for jobs at Starbucks. Get them some skills our school can even be conducting in conjunction. If you've already blew your money on a big college in there, enroll, this will allow them to actually pay for their college. The skills are in high demand for every business on Earth. So I'm really passionate about this and I'm really passionate about keeping you from wasting your money and throwing it away at crazy professors that just teach you how to protest. All right. So anyway, check it out at IMTCVA.org. It's the only license dedicated Internet marketing school in the country. It's licensed to operate by the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia. But you don't have to be in Virginia to attend it's distance learning. And it's not the crappy distance learning that they're complaining that little kids shouldn't have. And I agree with that. But this is skill-based distance learning. Some people are making money before they, you know, a couple of months into the school. So check it out at IMTCVA.org, give me a call if you want to discuss it.

[00:04:27] All right, let's get to the main event. Let's talk about pop boxes and the different types and what they can do for you. And I'm not going to go into the history of pop up boxes here, but I can tell you they've meant an enormous amount of money to me over many years, with the exception of a couple of years when you didn't really see too many of them because they were getting blocked by browsers. Well, that's all gone now.

[00:04:53] So I'm going to give you two of my success stories with pop ups before we get well, what I'm going to give you a little later on when we talk about exit pop ups. But I'm going to give you one now on entry pop ups. So I was collecting about one hundred and eighty subscribers a week at Antion.com. Now, that's not millions. That's not, you know, anything to write home about other than the fact that this is on public speaking and most people hate public speaking. So it was, you know, most likely the best in the world on how many people I could sign up with regard to public speaking. So one hundred and eighty a week.

[00:05:35] As soon as I put an entry popup box into place, when they hit the page, they got offered this pop up box and in my book, I show you a picture of it and I show you all the benefits I put near the sign up thing. So you got to put a lot of benefits to get people to sign up for things anymore. It went to over 400 people a week, it doubled, so whether you like him or not, they work.

[00:06:01] And that's just one story out of the million stories in the naked city. And if you're old enough to remember what that line means, it's not. Look it up.

[00:06:10] Ok, the first thing we're going to go over the types of pop up, so. We're going to talk about entry pop ups, that's when somebody lands on your page, they get hit with a pop up, that's an entry pop up. We're going to talk about exit intent, pop ups, behavioral pop ups, light boxes, moving pop ups, time driven pop ups, sticky bars, bottom feeders. OK, and push notifications.

[00:06:43] All right. So we'll talk about entry first. Now, a lot of these are DHTML, which is unblockable because the browser doesn't see a separate box to block, it's just a moving part of your or it's a part of your actual Web page, but it's dynamic. It can do things.

[00:07:05] So it's unblockable by current standards. Now, what are some of the things you can do with these? You can notify or give reminders. So maybe you got a new great new blog posting that's really taken off. You want to hit everybody with it to make sure they see it. Maybe you offer free shipping, so, boom, they hit your site and they say free shipping on everything, just the reminders, a notification, maybe you got a contest running, maybe you got a quiz that they should go to like my school, IMTCVA.org/quiz.

[00:07:40] Maybe you've got a drawing that they can win a prize or you know, or or a weekly drawing. Maybe you want to notify people, maybe you only do it for people that came the first time and then you kookie them and then you recognize them and you know when they come back they get a different pop up. You might have a new customer discount first time people, Lansat says, hey, thanks for being a Newark new visitor. Here's a 15 percent coupon code for you or something like that. Another really important reminder is when people puts a shopping cart, abandonment is one of the big problems where people put stuff in the cart and then they leave without buy. Well, a pop up box can hit them. This is actually usually an exit pop up box. Or if they came back to the site and something was in the cart, it would be an entry pop up box. So it could be either. But it reminds them that there's something in their cart. You can even say, hey, we'll give you a 10 percent discount if you check out now something like that to get him to actually do it. Say sometimes you use a pop up box for opt ins. That's to get people to sign up for your email list maybe. And all the time when you do an opt in, you almost always give something away for free, like it's a deal with them. Like you give me your email and we'll give you a 25 percent discount coupon or we'll give you a free report or we'll give you access to premium content, something like that. People are even using them now to get likes on Facebook. So somebody hits their page and they get a discount if they go over and like your page on Facebook has all kinds of things, sometimes you're going to direct them to a sale that you've got going on. So instead of them searching around and looking all over the place, they can immediately click right to your big sale.

[00:09:33] And sometimes they're used as a combination. For instance, you opt in to get your discount or opt in to get a chance to win the contest, opt in to get a discount and a chance to win, say so you can mix and match things in your papa box, but you do want to make it really clear and don't put so much stuff in there that people get confused. Now, let's talk about exit intent pop ups.

[00:10:01] And this is where my story on I've made a fortune with exit popup boxes even before they had the exit intent pop up boxes. Exit intent means that somebody is showing you that they're going to be leaving the page. So they're moving their mouse up to a certain area at the top of the page. They're intending to click the X or to go to some other tab, well, that can trigger a pop up, so in my case, so I use them for two different ways over many years and still do to this day whenever I can or whenever it makes sense. So one of the things I did, it was kind of funny because we'd made a lot of fun, the exact pop up, let's say it was my wedding speech book. Well, if they went to leave without buying, it was a 17 dollar book. It said, wait, Tom's crazy. He's not even married. How should he know how much a wedding book should cost? Pick your price. And we had several different, cheaper prices there and people would pick a cheaper price. Some of them most of them pick the lowest one, but some of them pick the medium or an intermediate one, which was just beautifully benevolent of them because it was the same book, no matter what price they picked. But to me, it was better to get something out of them from that digital product than nothing today, because that's that's a one shot customer. That's not somebody I'm going to be able to follow up with for a long time, because they all they had to do was give a wedding speech one time. So I don't want them to get away and I don't want them. And I don't have the ability to follow up with them with wedding related stuff. It doesn't apply to them. They they just had to do a wedding speech. So I got one shot at getting money out of those people.

[00:11:50] Now, the one that's made me the most money is called a finance option and an exit pop up. Now, keep in mind, an exit pop up or exit intent pop up means they had decided to leave. They were not going to buy what you were offering.

[00:12:08] So by offering a finance option in your exit box, frequently you can turn people into a sale. I mean, I was doing thirty thousand dollars a month in one product using this method. And the beauty to me is they were leaving and it was a twelve hundred dollar product, something like that, and they had decided not to buy it. And then they decided to buy it because of the exit pop up and they could finance it now. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have 100 hundred bucks over time than nothing. OK, so finance option, very powerful way to use an exit intent now on all of these pop ups I'm telling you about, you can add a countdown timer which adds some urgency so you can say, hey, first time customer, here's a coupon for you. Thanks a lot. And it's good for the next 30 minutes for your first purchase. So that's like, oh, man. So if it's a big enough discount, you're causing them to stick with you, find something to buy and buy it. All right. So that's a countdown timer. Now, another type of pop up is called a behavioral pop up. That means they have to do some type of action to trigger it and all the things that you could put in the box.

[00:13:30] Ok, yeah, you could do the same thing, but maybe they mouseover a certain ad of yours, or maybe they click on a certain thing which would trigger a pop up related to what they were doing, their behavior, in other words.

[00:13:45] Another type is a lightbox, and again, this is all the problems I've been talking about. This is like a different way to see it. A lightbox means that when the pop up triggers, it's really bright and the screen behind it and the site behind it dims. You can still see the site back there, but it's dim, which makes the lightbox really prominent. They got to deal with it by clicking an X or close or something.

[00:14:15] Now, these kind of pop ups can move. Also, you can have it fly in from the left, stop, fly out to the right. It can follow you down the page. We call that a sticky pop up. Now, a lot of times you're seeing sticky bars now across the top of the page as you scroll, it stays there either asking for an opt in or giving you a discount or something and a place on it where you can click. So that's a sticky popup. There's also time driven pop up, so let's say you think it's too intrusive, and by the way, you should test all of this stuff, which you think doesn't really matter. It matters what works. So anyway, let's say you think that hitting them with a pop up box is too intrusive or you've tested that and it's not gotten good results. So in this case, you let them read through your content for a certain amount of time and then you hit the pop up, because if they stay there for a certain amount of time, they're showing that they're pretty interested in it and then they're more likely to accept your pop up. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it'll just annoy him. But all of this stuff is a testing process until you find the right combination for yourself. Then we have bottom feeder. I kind of gave it that name. This is across the bottom of your page, which means there's a box down there and it may appear or it may be there all the time where they can really read through your whole site.

[00:15:48] And if they're that interested to get to the bottom, they might sign up, opt in or get a discount coupon or, you know, you have to just there's so many things you can do. You just have to try some and see what works best.

[00:16:01] Then the last thing is a push notification. I'm sure if you've been surfing much, you've seen these little boxes that hit on the screen and say allow or block or allow or decline. If you hit allow, you have just given that company permission to send things directly to your desktop, little notifications and. They can't be blocked, they can't be filtered like an email, can they just show up and you can close them or you opt out of them before and no email was involved there. So it's still a box that comes directly to you.

[00:16:39] And I won't give you the history that either we used to use these years ago. And then for years they went away, but now they're back.

[00:16:46] So there's all kinds of things you can do with up boxes that can really enhance your Web site and get more get people to do more of what you want them to do.

[00:16:57] Now, if you want trading on all this stuff, my mentor program is the longest running, most successful, most unique program anywhere. I triple dog dare you to bring anybody else's program to me and I will blow them out of the water on what's what you get with mine.

[00:17:16] That's unique.

[00:17:16] You have a visit to my retreat center after the pandemic and immersion weekend. Probably the most the two of the most unique things is you get one on one training. We don't lump you in. And a group where you're lost half the time and bored the other half of the time. Me and my entire crew will book appointments with you, take over your screen if necessary, and tutor you one on one to get these things, to learn these things. So you're not spending a fortune paying for things that you could have easily done yourself if somebody just showed you.

[00:17:48] And then the other thing is the cost of the training or the investment of the training is crazy. I mean, twenty years ago, people were charging 50 or 100 grand to teach you this stuff. And I thought that's not fair. And these people are rip offs anywhere way and they'll disappear on you. So I turned it on everything on its head and piss them off by charging an entry fee and then a percentage of profits that's capped. So for me to get my fifty thousand, you have to net profit 200000. So people just love this because they knew I wouldn't disappear on them and my success was tied to their success. So you can't find the nobody will do that for you. Nobody has the guts to do that because their programs are crap. You know, they just want to get as much money as they can from you with as little help as possible. And if you don't make it, who cares? You know, they got their money. We don't roll that way. So check it out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com and you get a scholarship to my school that you can either gift to somebody. And we've got people gifted it to their kids that are making money. Right, right. Before they even graduate. They're not going to be in super debt when they get out. GreatInternetmarketingtraining.com for the mentor program. It includes a scholarship. You can either gift or use yourself.

[00:19:18] So check it out. Give me a call. I'm always accessible and we will catch you all on the next episode. See ya later.

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