286 - Hosting can make you or break you: Tom talks Hosting Services - Screw The Commute

286 – Hosting can make you or break you: Tom talks Hosting Services

Hosting services. We're going to talk about what hosting, or web hosting, services are, what to look out for and what to avoid in order to have your business grow on the Internet.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 286

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[04:22] Tom's introduction to Hosting Services

[07:03] What a Hosting Service does for you

[09:59] Issues with hosting services

[12:29] Types of hosting

[16:22] Picking a Web Host

[18:15] Backing up your site and restoring it

[20:53] Statistics packages

[21:48] Avoid cheap hosting that claims unlimited “everything”

[22:25] Using SSL certificates

[23:34] Email services

[24:12] Long term contracts, uptime and tech support

[27:08] Changing web hosts

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 286 – Hosting Services
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody it's Tom here with Episode 286 of Screw the Commute podcast. Today, we're going to talk about choosing hosting. And you say, well, hey, Tom, Mondays are supposed to be for things that made you a lot of money and saved you a lot of money. What's up? Well, let me add to that list of things I should do on Mondays are things that lost me a lot of money. How about that? And a hosting service did this to me when my site was missing in action for 10 days. I'll tell you the details of that later. Anyway, there are some things you need to know about your hosting to make the right decisions about what kind of hosting to get and which will save you and make you a lot of money. OK, now I hope you don't miss episode 285. We had Mikki Williams. I mean, this lady has the biggest hair of anybody I know. She made a whole brand out of it and she was chosen as one of the best speakers in the country by meetings and convention magazine, along with Tony Robbins and Jay Leno. And she only does what she likes to do. All right. Well, here, I hope you heard her on episode two eighty five. How would you like to hear your own voice here of screw the commute? If the show's helped you out at all in your business or given your ideas to help you start a business? We want to hear about it. Go to screwthecommute.com and look for a little blue side bar that says Send a voicemail. Click on it. Talk into your phone or your computer and tell me how the shows helped you out and put your Web site on there to see you get a big shout out on a future episode of Screw the Commute. Now grab a copy of our automation e-book at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. We sell this book for 27 bucks, but it's yours free for listening to the show and it saved me millions of keystrokes and allows me to handle customers lightning fast and oh, it's meant a lot of money to me. So grab that at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. And while you're at it, grab a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app and don't worry, all this stuff is always in the show notes. And to go directly to a particular episode, you go screwthecommute.com slash and the episode number. This is 286. Now we're still sitting here in the middle of this pandemic. People are working from home. They don't know what they're doing. Some are out of work and wonder and what the heck they're going to do. Well, I don't want that to happen to you. I've been preaching this since 1996 when I started teaching this stuff and started making a lot of money selling online from home. I even started a whole school about its IMTCVA.org. That's the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country dedicated to this topic. We finance it for you with no interest and no credit check. You can have a a highly in demand skill. See, every business on earth needs this kind of stuff. Shopping carts and email marketing and text and social media and all this stuff. But they are clueless on how to do it. We have one student's making six thousand dollars a month just took over this from other people that just couldn't wait to get it off their plate. They're just throwing money at it so. So we can teach you how to do this. Check it out at IMTCVA.org, and I'll tell you what, this would be a great one of the best ever legacy gifts you could give to a grandchild or your children or a nephew or niece or something, because they can have a legitimate highly in demand skill in several months. I mean, we can't give him a certificate unless they're there for six months, but they're making money before as soon as, you know, within months of starting the school is a possibility. So check it out at IMTCVA.org, give me a call and I can discuss your future or one of your loved ones futures on the Web.

[00:04:25] All right. Let's get to the main event. We're going to talk about Web hosting. But the first thing I got to get in your face about is don't call me up with a problem and tell me you don't know where your website is hosted and you don't have a password and user I.D. to get into that company. And also, the password and user I.D. for your hosting service company is not and should not be the same user I.D. and password you use to get into your Web site to add stuff to it. Now, come on, folks, you've got to be responsible. I just don't get it. Some very competent business people totally throw this kind of stuff to the wind. And then when the people helping them disappear, which they will. They all disappear. All right. And I might even with the disappear part of it might be your son or daughter takes care of this stuff for you. But but then the turns out, while the kids are sick, I can get it next week or, you know, you can't run a business like that.

[00:05:28] That's just stupid. In fact, one of the reasons small businesses fail is because they make decisions based on keeping the family happy rather than what makes sense for the business. And I cannot tell you I'm on a rant, folks. How many stupid, pitiful kids talked their parents out of going into my program. And then those stupid, pitiful kids that don't know one millionth of what I know about making money online goes off to some. Here we go again. Stupid, pitiful college and doesn't help their parents at all in the business. And now the stupid, pitiful parent is left to get robbed by all the smart, ruthless scammers. Now, can you tell how I feel about this, folks? All right. I'm sorry about the tough language, but you've got to get a two by four to the head as if you want to play games. Great. Give your kids some money to do nothing. You'll do nothing. Your business will suffer. You in many cases, you won't even know it. And then everybody, the family's happy and you're going broke. Okay, so that's what you want. Great. If you want to be smart about this, listen, go back to listen to all my podcast and see what other people are doing and listen to all the money. The Monday sessions that teach you how to do this stuff. I mean, come on.

[00:06:56] If you're if you're gonna be serious about business, get serious. All right. All right. So there's my rant for today. Let's get back to what's a hosting service. Well, this is a place that has computers that store your Web site, the files like the pictures and the graphics and the text and the, you know, the engine like WordPress or whatever you got. It's stores that and makes it available to the Internet. And it's called a Web server. These are a specialized kind of computer. This isn't the kind of computer you're using at home or at work.

[00:07:37] Now, Web hosting companies typically have a lot of other services. And you can get email through them. Some provide you with shopping carts that are usually pieces of junk web authoring software. Again, very low level crap statistics. Automatic backups, which I'm gonna rant on later about that and tons of other things that are Web site related. Well, the problem with many of these extra services, in fact, most of them provided by most Web hosting companies, is that many of the services are substandard and only there to make you think you're getting a good deal by having all these extra things. See, they think you don't know any better. Of course. And in most cases, they'd be right. Many of the extra services are so poor or primitive that you'd be crazy to even use them if you knew what you were doing. Some of them are good. Yeah, but you don't know what's what. Right.

[00:08:42] I harp on shopping cart systems all the time. If you picture your Web host because they gave you a free shopping cart, I'm coming to your house and beaten you with a ball bat. It's just that is so ridiculous. All right. You're talking. You're listening to a guy like me who's been here there since the beginning. Nineteen ninety four. I've seen every just about everything you could have.

[00:09:08] And this this is a ploy that they do to get you to take their hosting and get you stuck with their hosting because you said, well, I got all this stuff in the shopping cart. Well, yeah. And it's not doing anything for and it's not working. You need to listen to my shopping cart episode 10. And then I did another one just recently. I forget what the number was.

[00:09:30] Don't make a decision like that. The automatic backups.

[00:09:35] This is just illogical and stupid. All right. I'm going to explain that to you later. Why them giving you backups sounds good, but it's really ridiculous. And yes, they'll give you basic statistics. But Google Analytics is free. And one of the most sophisticated services in the world. So don't base your decision on hosting on all the extras, things that they dangle in front of you. All right. Another problem with hosting is that in many cases they go through a continual what I call porpoise cycle up and down, up and down. So they provide let's say they provide really good service. So all their customers brag about them and then they get a good rating on some Internet magazine or some top 10 hosting service lists, something like that. Then they get a rush of new Web sites, the hosts, and then everything slows down because they don't have enough computer space and tech support to handle this surge in the business. What's the result? Your Web site slows down. You can never get anybody on tech support phone. Six months later, they start to improve and add new equipment and hire more people and everything's fine again until the next rush, OK? It's up in that. I've been through lots of these cycles over the years and and sometimes it's just not pretty. I mean, I get mad at them. They get mad at me. But unless you're willing to spring for the money to be hosted on a dedicated server, that's where yours is. The only Web site on the one of their server computers, which I'll cover a little bit later.

[00:11:13] You've got to live with what they give you. It's just too difficult to move to a different host every time you have a little trouble. And and where would you move to see the next host? Could be just coming off their high of good service in that cycle. And then in a few months, your Web site would be no better off then it was in the old hosting company. All right. Now, some services are considered bad all the time. And, you know, this is my not so humble opinion and loads of other people's not so humble opinions, but go daddy is terrible for hosting. They they cater to people that do not know any better. And they put probably thousands of little dinky Web sites and they know you're never going to make anything out of yourself. And so you'll never even notice or even know how to evaluate if the hosting is any good. Now they're fine for buying domain names. As long as you don't get caught up in buying a two dollar domain name and your bill is 400 bucks when you get done because they are masters at upselling you. And again, if you don't know what you're doing, you'll pay for stuff that you'll never use and never need. So anyway, my opinion is that Go Daddy is pretty bad for hosting. All right. So let's get into the types of Web hosting. Most people start out with what is called shared hosting.

[00:12:38] That means that hundreds or maybe thousands of Web sites are housed on one server computer. I mean, the hosting company may have won hundreds of these computers, but each computer would have hundreds at least or thousands of other Web sites on their. Your speed and the performance of your site depends on what everyone else is doing on their sites.

[00:13:07] Now, this is cheap and what many people start out with. I certainly did. For sure. Now, the next step up is called a VPS virtual private server. This is where a hosting server computer is literally divided up with a bunch of simulated servers still on the same physical computer. And I don't pretend to know how this works. And you probably don't even want to know. And it cost a little bit more per month. But chances are your Web site performance will be much better than the cheaper shared hosting. I guess what everyone else does on their VPSs don't affect your little section of that computer that much. The next step up is a dedicated server. This is a server computer where your site or sites are the only ones on that computer. This keeps you separated from everyone else. And you will get great performance from your Web site going this rap. Now, here's what some things you need to know if if you don't know what you're doing, this will not work for you. There are lots of little details about hosting your Web site that you won't have a clue about. And if that's the case you have, I've kind of figured three options. One is to learn how to operate a dedicated server. Well, guess what? This is not usually an option for most of us, including me.

[00:14:41] I don't have to it because there's a lot of geek knowledge involved. So wipe that off the plate, unless you're a super, highly technical person. The second option is to have someone that works or freelances for you and has server management skills. Run it for you. And the third is to have the hosting company give you what's called a managed, dedicated server. In this case, it's their responsibility to keep the server running efficiently and keep the software up to date and all that kind of stuff. Now, this costs more, but it's the way many people go. Now, a drawback of a dedicated servers, if you have all your sights on that server and it goes down. Guess what? You just disappeared off the face of the earth. So I have multiple dedicated servers on different hosting companies so I can keep some things going if any one of those companies has trouble. And if you have lots of money making sites, spread them around to different hosting services. So, like I said, if one of them has trouble, you don't go out of business. All right. Now, you also have this is kind of the new kid on the block cloud servers where your Web site is in virtual space. Now, with cloud servers, you can build your server space. Exactly to fit your needs. And you never have to worry that some hardware issue or a like a hard drive quits on one of these computers and breaks it down and takes your site with it.

[00:16:18] No, it's it's all in the cloud, so to speak. That's a relatively new thing and affordable. All right. Now picking a Web host. Now, here's that. I'm going to give you a checklist of some points to consider when selecting your Web host. And you may not understand some of these terms yet, but but just you know, you can look at the show notes if you want to print out a checklist of this. First thing I gotta tell you is avoid free hosting and hosting offered by your Internet service providers, some of the people that give you Internet. Offer you a little bit of Web space. But guess what? They are not hosting companies. They it's going to be the worst of the worst hosting, free hosting. They have no reason to keep killing themselves, to take care of it. Keep it up to snuff. So this is not the place where you go free. You might get solid hosting because you're going to be crying Big Froggie tears of your site, loads as slow as molasses or never loads at all fat. Google came out several years ago and said, if your site doesn't load lightning fast, you'll never see the light of day and our search results.

[00:17:25] So you can't. This is not a place to scrimp. OK. One thing on the checklist, do they have some type of thing similar to what's called sea panel? There's new ones coming out that different names. I don't know the names of all of them. And some hosting companies have their own thing. But but see, panel is a place where you can handle lots of simple tasks for your Web site without having to call tech support. I kind of think that the geeks invented this to try to get rid of you and give you some easy ways to do stuff so that, you know, because a lot of geeks, highly technical people, can't stand you, you know, they can't stand your dumb questions and they let you know itself. So I think to keep the customers happy, they figured out a way to make certain things easy for you. So you want to ask, do you have some type of sea panel? And now let's get into this backup things. Yeah. Do they have backups? Do they have reliables? A backup system? How often do they backup? Here's a critical question. How long will it take to restore your sight from backup if something goes wrong? Here's the thing, folks, this does not relieve you of the necessity of doing your own backups.

[00:18:41] I want to take a little sidebar here. See, it's good if your host does backups. But let's think about this for a minute to see how ridiculous it is for you to rely on your host company's backups.

[00:18:54] Well, what if they get hacked and guess what?

[00:18:57] Just about every big company gets hacked or they're a target for hacking.

[00:19:01] So. What if they have a backup somewhere and their entire company is down? Or what if they go out of business?

[00:19:11] Also, I learned this lesson the hard way a long time ago. See, I, I have to go through this stuff, folks, so you don't have to go.

[00:19:20] So my hosting service went down on Antion.com. And this is when I relied on that site for most of my income. And yes, the hosting service had backups with millions of sites to backup. All right. It took 10 full days to find my site and restore it.

[00:19:43] That's it. You know, this is a lot of money down the drain. See, I told you the hosting services make you lose money. This made me lose 10 days or, you know, a third of a month worth of high income.

[00:19:56] If I had had my own backup on somewhere else, they didn't have the cloud in those days. But even on a hard drive in my office or, you know, a portable or even even in those days, we back stuff up on DVD and these.

[00:20:14] Had I had my own backup, I would have been back up and running in less than an hour. See, they repaired the hosting service, but they had to go through millions of sites to restore them. So you cannot let this happen.

[00:20:27] Now you can get various wordpress plugins that will automatically back up your Web site to the cloud or Dropbox or Google Drive or wherever you want it so you don't have to worry about it.

[00:20:41] But here's the thing.

[00:20:42] Make sure you know how to restore the site. If it does need restored from backoff, most people know you are making backups. And then the time comes, then use the backup. They have no idea what to do.

[00:20:55] All right. I know it's also I told you. You know, you have Google Analytics for free. Well, what's to ask him? What statistics packages do they make available to you? Do they just have a bare bones package or maybe none at all? And here's the thing.

[00:21:11] I can tell you for years I would use those simple ones that the hosting service gave me because Google Analytics was it was too much information is overwhelming. And that might be your case.

[00:21:24] So just check to see if they have simple statistics so you can see how many people's came to your site. What page is they visited? How long they stayed and where they came from and so forth. Just simple stuff like that can tell you a lot about your your Web site and also ask them if they have real time statistics. That means you don't have to wait a day to see how something's going. You see the statistics updating immediately. All right. Now, here's another big warning thing to watch for. Don't get sucked in by a cheap posting that claims unlimited everything. Because this is a chink. I mean, they the the word unlimited, as soon as you see that and it's really cheap, you know, it ain't unlimited. All right. I'm just telling you, there's something in your contract that has limits to it. So if you take your site, takes off really good, they're going to start charging. You might get enormous overage charges. So don't get sucked in for something like that. Don't fall for it. The other thing, ask him, do they have SSL certificates? And when I say ask them, a lot of times people hosting services, you know, will list all the benefits they have. So SSL certificates are mandatory nowadays. They are what make your sites secure. And it gives you an HTTPS instead of HTTP. And again, Google came out years ago and said, if you don't have a secure site, you'll never see the light of day.

[00:22:56] So it's an absolute must. Now, if it's included in the fee, technically, it's like a freebie for your host, you know, added on to your hosting. We've had some of those and some of those. You have to renew them every three months, which is a pain in the neck, which is nothing more than going in and clicking a few buttons and doing stuff. But if you forget to do it, then your site goes unsecure and people get big browser warnings and it's all scary. They don't want to visit your site. So see if it if it's just permanent or if you have to renew it all all the time. And how much space do you get to put your files? How much does extra space cost if your as your Web site grows? Now, do they have complete email services now? I happened to not use my hosted email service as I use another host called an exchange server, which keeps my email updated on all my devices. And and for God's sake, please, the use G mail, Yahoo! Hotmail or AOL for your business. I mean, it's OK to have accounts at those places for other things or personal stuff, but you want your email address to always have your Web site in it. So every email you send there, you know exactly what your Web site is and they can go to it and check you out. Check this. If they have if they require a long term contract.

[00:24:19] Avoid them if they do. Because what are you going to do if their service is terrible, you're stuck. What is their uptime? That's the amount of time out of 100 percent of the day or the week or the month as there is as your site available. It should be ninety nine point nine to one hundred percent. And is there tech support any good day? I mean, they should have support by phone and email 24/7 live chat. And you might want to check them on this before you sign up. If you email them, how long's it take them to get back to you? That's terrible. Now, here's a super big warning. Do not let some techie person offer to host you site on their own server computer in their basement. Now, they might not say, oh, I got a computer in my basement. But if they offered to host your site. I'm okay with it. If this is of gigantic, if they are just reselling some big companies, hosting and making a few dollars a month on you to watch over it, I'm cool with that. But you just can't have the wool pulled over your eyes by a tech person who does not have 24/7 support, does not have 10 days of battery backup in case of electricity being out or hurricanes or other power outages and does not have computers buried 60 feet underground in case of earthquakes or tornadoes.

[00:25:51] You can't do this. And I get so many people that want to hurt the feelings of this person that's been robbing you and treating you poorly and you just don't know about it. If your Web site's up there and it looks pretty. Most people are all happy. Well, there's so much more that you need to know about what's going on behind the scenes. And allowing this to happen with some tech person is just crazy. It's stupid. It's OK. I'll call it ignorant, which is not a mean word, but it's on you. Maybe you didn't know, but now you do.

[00:26:24] So if that's happening, you better do something about it or you're negligent. You're being negligent to your business. Your site needs to be in a place where it's up. It's got tremendous support. It's got battery backup. It's got protections out there. Was you and your techie guy when the baby is sick, ain't thinking about you. I'll tell you that. And you could go down and lose tens of thousands or dollars while they're there doing their family things.

[00:26:51] And I don't blame from doing their family things. What I blame for is selling you this. But this bill of goods, because you didn't know any better and they know you don't know any better, and that's why they get away with it.

[00:27:02] And some of them are marking it up to 50 or 100 bucks a month where you can have a dedicated server for that amount of money.

[00:27:09] So don't get sucked into that. Let's say you do have to change Web hosts. Well, it's usually a massive pain in the neck. OK, so you better have a good reason to do it. And keep in mind what I was saying about the porpoise effect, but there's times when hosting service are just their rip offs. They're terrible. You can't talk to anybody. You know, it's just poor service.

[00:27:35] So it's time to move it when it when that and make sure whoever is how you get somebody knows what they're doing to help you with the move.

[00:27:44] It is not easy. So here's some tips to help you reduce the size of the pain that you're definitely going to suffer when you move. Web Holz. First of all, don't quit your old Web host until the new site is up and running perfectly.

[00:27:58] And before you do anything, make sure your new hosting service can do what you wanted to do. If moving a complex site is a massive pain in the neck, then doing it twice would be considered a massive, colossal. And you're a big dummy for not checking the new place out first. Pain in the neck.

[00:28:19] All right. Now, you must make sure you have a copy of every single file that will be transferred to the new Web host, both on your hard drive and backed up somewhere away from the old host. If you're using WordPress, you know, whoever is helping you will be able to do this easy. Test everything thoroughly over a couple days on the new host. Have some friends, you know, you can get access to the behind the scenes where the whole world can't see it. But you can give your friends access to the news sites, your building or the news host that you're on and have them test everything. Chances are you'll find they'll find a lot of stuff that you have been missing if you haven't been paying close attention over a long time. I mean, this happens to me all the time, too, because so many sites, so many pages, links can go bad and so forth.

[00:29:09] So I let them test out everything for you. Now, after you're thoroughly satisfied that everything's working good, go ahead and make the changes needed for the Internet world to find you at your new home, at your new host. And this could be a pain in the neck, too. So you'll just have to plug along and you could have, you know, up to two days of downtime once you make the switch. This is called propagation. This is where the the world, instead of looking at host one, is now looking at host two to find all the files for your site. And this is called DNS.

[00:29:47] And I'm not going to get too deep into this. But basically, what you have to do is if you got a new host, you're going to go to where you purchased the domain name and you have to change a setting to tell.

[00:30:03] The whole world, when they see your domain name, instead of looking at host one, now, they're going to look at hosts, too. So this is called the DNS is something you don't have to know too much about. It just has to be done. And it can take from a couple hours to a couple days for your site to show up at the new place. Now, you might look at it. Maybe you're on the East Coast and it shows up within a couple hours. But your friend on the West Coast says, no, I'm still seeing the old site. That's normal in the first couple 48 hours or so, because the whole world, it's propagating around the world, too, to tell the whole world that your site is at this new place. So don't kill yourself worrying about it. But it does have to be done. And a geek will do it for you easily.

[00:30:56] Now, if you purchased your domain name from the same place that you're hosting.

[00:31:03] You normally don't have to change the DNS. Everything is taken care of internally for me.

[00:31:08] But any time you purchase a domain one place and I do suggest keep them all in one place. If you're buying domains at GoDaddy. Great. Just keep them all there. Because, you know, one time I almost lost Antion.com because it was purchased one place and I missed the email that it was to be renewed. And then almost it almost went back on the market. And there's somebody else that really wants it that their first name is Antion. I think so. So you got to be careful about that. But if if you're hosting different from where you purchased, you must make that DNS change after, you know, the news site is all ready to go. All right, folks, so you can see there's a whole bunch of stuff that goes along here, but, you know, service is really important in hosting. The best I've ever seen came from a place called Liquid. And yes, I have an affiliate link and I'll put it in the show notes, but I'm not trying to talk in the changing. If you're happy and things are going, but you darn well better know how to get into your hosting company, which is different. Remember then getting into your Web site to throw up a blog posting. All right. So you might have to know where it's hosted and have the user ID and password to get in there. Don't let some techie person keep you in the dark because they will disappear. I've seen this. I've been doing this 26 years straight. All right. Seen hundreds and hundreds of people stuck because the person they loved disappeared off the face of the earth or had a falling out with them or I saw that person was ripping them off and alerted the you the principal. And now they had a big fight on their hands, you know, and then that person had total control. I've actually seen them where they disappeared and they actually owned your domain name. And if you don't think that can happen, if you just turn this over and they say, oh, well, we'll buy the domain name for you.

[00:33:06] Well, they made themself the registrant, which means they are the legal owner of your domain name. If you let that happen, that was ignorance. And you need to change that right now. You got to you must be the registrant and the administrative contact with time about domain names now. And they could be the technical contact. But if they're the registrant. I mean, ninety nine point nine percent. They knew that they were taking control of you at that point when they when they became the registrant. They weren't just doing it to be benevolent, make it easy on you. Nobody that's competent and ethical would ever do that in a million years. So if they're the registrant, they're ripping, you know. And if you if you start some trouble with them, they're like, screw you. I own your Web site. I'll take it down. You know, that's the kind of stuff that I have seen many, many times over the years. So I don't want that to happen to you.

[00:34:05] So these are the kind of things we protect our students about. And my mentor program. If you'd like to check it out. GreatInternetmarketingtraining.com. It's the number one longest running, most successful mentor program in Internet marketing ever. And I triple dog dare anybody to compare my program to theirs. And we'll see. I'll tell you what, they'll crawl under a rock because there is no way on earth they provide all the value we do with one on one tutoring unlimited for a year with myself and my entire staff of people. So it's just tremendously powerful. Plus, when you're in the mentor program, you are gifted a scholarship to my school, which you can then give to a loved one or somebody else say so. And I warn people to make sure that that person is going to be around because it's a nineteen thousand dollars scholarship you're getting in. If they poop out Onya, you're you lost that thing. So I don't do that. They way check out greatInternetmarketingtraining.com. Give me a call if you need any help.

[00:35:14] And if you know, you've got to really seriously get a hold of your hosting, make sure you know where it's at, that you know how to get into the company. User I.D. and password. Now, I guess I'd better tell you how to find this. Go to whois.sc, put your domain name in there and it'll tell you who the registrant is. Now, unless you did private when you purchased it, but if you were smart enough to do private and you purchased it, then you, you don't have to worry about it. But if the your web designer purchased it for you and made it private again, you can't get in and find anything about it. But if you didn't if they didn't make it private. You can see the registrar and the administrative contact. The technical contact who owns the site. All that stuff is right out there for the public. So check it out and make sure that's you. Because I don't want to get a phone call from you saying Tom. I lost my Web site. You know, it's gone. The Web designer stole it. That's gone. I don't want to hear it. So, I mean, if I have to hear it, I'll hear it and I'll help you. But I don't. You're on notice now. You should do something about it. All right. That's my story. And I'm sticking to it. We'll catch you all on the next episode. We're gonna have Ruth Klein on Wednesday, who is just a magnificent brand builder, known her for 100 years, and she's top of the line. So make sure you check out Wednesday's episode. All right. We'll catch on the next episode.

[00:36:46] And I will see you later. Beat this pandemic. Beat the pandemic. Learn how to work from home. See ya later.

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