283 - Ecommerce shopping carts are the lifeblood of your online business: Tom talks Shopping Carts - Screw The Commute

283 – Ecommerce shopping carts are the lifeblood of your online business: Tom talks Shopping Carts

We're going to talk about shopping carts. Now, shopping carts are the lifeblood of your business and not a place to scrimp on. So, we're going to talk about the ins and outs of getting one and using one.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 283

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[03:13] Tom's introduction to Shopping Carts

[10:03] The shopping cart runs on its own server

[14:36] Using PayPal and a merchant account

[16:43] Thank You pages

[19:02] Delivering digital products

[20:24] Autoresponders and broadcast email

[28:19] Split testing

[29:45] Recurring billing

[32:18] Shopping cart abandonment

[33:22] Sponsor message

[36:26] Affiliate program

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 283 – Shopping Carts
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with episode two hundred eighty three of Screw the Commute podcast. Today, we're going to talk about shopping carts. Now, shopping carts are the lifeblood of your business and not a place to scrimp on. So. So we'll talk about that here in a minute. All right. Hope you didn't miss Episode 282 Naresh Vissa. He's the co-host of the Work from Home Show. That's where I met him. I wonder why he had me on. Have never had a job. Always worked from home. He's got all these big credentials. But he's the bestselling author of Fifty Shades of Marketing. Whip your business into shape and dominate your competition. He wrote it, you know, about the time that movie was out. So how would you like to hear your own voice here on screw that commute? If the show has helped you out at all in your business or giving you ideas that help you start a business, we want to hear about it. Visit screwthecommute.com and look for a little blue bar on the side that says send a voicemail. Click on it. Talk into your phone or computer and tell me how the shows helped you. And also put your website in there so you can get a big shout out on a future episode of Screw the Commute. All right. Make sure you grab a copy of your automation e-book. This book has saved me millions of keystrokes and helped me handle customers and subscribers like Lightning Fast without pulling my hair out. So grab a copy of that at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. While you're at it, get a copy of our podcast app. It's screwthecommute.com/app and it's got all kinds of cool features. We have video training and screen captures so you can take us with you on the road. All right. We're still sitting here in this pandemic and people are searching for work, for home like crazy on Google and I've been preaching this since 1996. Been selling on the commercial Internet since 94. So a lot of them are saying, boy, we should listen to you, Tom here. Yeah, I wish you would have to because you wouldn't be hurting so bad. But anyways, never too late to get in and learn this stuff. I have a school and a mentor program. I'll tell you about the mentor program later, but make sure you check out IMTCVA.org. It's the only the license dedicated Internet marketing school in the country. You can have a real in demand career in as little as six months, but you don't really have to wait six months to be making money. I mean, we have people making money after the first month. I mean, this is nuts and bolts stuff that I've been living and breathing for all these years to create this beautiful lifestyle business of mine. So check it out at IMTCVA.org.

[00:03:16] Let's get to the main event. Shopping carts. Now we promote and we get a commission on and we train on, kickstartcart.com. That's what we're talking about here. However, the things that I'm going to tell you today apply to any of your shopping carts. So you you need to know that they will do the things that I talk about today if you want to maximize your income. So this has been the lifeblood of my operation for, oh, 18 years now. And yeah, I want you to sign up with me and I want my crew to tutor you one on one. Use the features, but you got to learn this stuff and what could be done that maybe you already have products. Maybe if you just plug them in properly to this kind of system, you'd sell way more. But if you don't even know about these things, certainly the shopping carts given to you for free by your hosting service are garbage. And I'm the first one to tell you when free stuff is good, but this is not it. I mean, you wouldn't, you know, take a free junker car that's tied together with twine and baling wire and and send your kids to school in it. You know, it's that important. Or you wouldn't try to go to work to a really important job at a piece of junker that broke down every time. Say so. Or, you know, or they're here freezing to death in the winter because it didn't have the proper heater in it.

[00:04:47] So it's making this comparison because this is how important it is to your business to have the proper tools. And don't cry to me about, if you like, one hundred dollars a month to have, you know, a high class system. Because, you know, I always compare it to McDonalds. If you started to McDonalds, I figured it out the other day. I looked online. It cost between nine hundred and fifty eight thousand and two point two million dollars to start a McDonald's. And 40 percent has to be in cash. So you have to have like four hundred thousand to, you know, eight hundred thousand dollars in cash. All right. To start. So, don't cry to me about a little these powerful tools that you need to have for Internet stuff. I mean, one or two good upsells at the cart and we'll talk about upsells or what that means to you, but we'll pay for the cart for a year or so. So I don't want to hear about that.

[00:05:51] But let me tell you about the old days. When I first started this in nineteen ninety four, the shopping cart cost two thousand dollars and it would barely do anything if you were lucky. OK, if you were lucky, it would take the order and then you try to hook it to something else, like an affiliate module which was a different company that was eleven hundred dollars. And so I had thirty one hundred dollars tied up in this and it never worked. And each company would blame the other because of why it wouldn't work and they wouldn't take responsibility.

[00:06:27] And you don't want to be involved in that anymore. This is why we call it a system. If everything is designed to work together and one company is involved, they're responsible to keep it running and they can't blame somebody else over it, say so. That's what it was like when I first started to my business.

[00:06:46] This has been worth millions and millions of, I'll say, extra dollars because, you know, I've earned millions of dollars doing some things that didn't involve the cart. Right. But the cart has added to that in online sales and upselling and things. It's getting more money from the same number of customers. That's what upselling is called. We'll go into that deeper a little bit later. Now, there are competing systems out there for sure. You see them all the time advertised, in fact. But here's the thing, folks. I had one lady call me for and she got sucked into this competing system and she was spending four thousand dollars a month. Right. For a part time, part time person to operate it for now. There was nothing wrong with the system. It's just it didn't belong in a solopreneurs will or a small company. You need to have a team of geeks that operated the thing for you. Yeah, it was a great system is just was overkill. And it costs three to four times the money just for the system, plus all that money for people to operate it. So this is why after all these years, I'm still using the same one. And it's course it's been upgraded by the company that operates it and all that. So. So you just don't want to get sucked into things that there's no support or they charge extra for.

[00:08:14] You know, a bunch of support is just is terrible. So that's why I've stuck with this all these years and that's why I still use Kickstarter card in my own company. Now, I'm going to talk to you about of this stuff. But if you'd like to download a free e-book that goes over all this stuff in depth, go to howtouseashoppingcart.com. Of course, that will be in the show notes and. You can download that there's we have 40 or 50 little mini videos showing you all about the car and how it runs and how to do things and how to make an autoresponder and how to do a broadcast email. And you say, what do you mean, broadcasting? I thought this was a shopping cart. That's what I'm talking about when you say the word system. You want all of this stuff combined. In fact, before this was invented, one of the reasons you may get multiple emails from me is because I had 150000 subscribers on a whole bunch of different e-mail systems before the cart was even invented. And so. And back in those days, you couldn't get the person's first name in there and just all kinds of stuff.

[00:09:27] So so I'm telling you, do as I say, not as I do, because nowadays you want it all combined so that you aren't sending multiple emails out. And and a customer is in your database and not in another database of your e-mail subscribers. It's all in one place. So that's the best way to do things. Again, I apologize if you get multiples for me sometimes, but that's just the breaks, you know, because I've been in it so long before these tools were invented. All right. But anyway, you can download that free book at howtouseashoppingcart.com. I know one of the big benefits and there's so many of them will cover today is that the cart runs on its own server. So that means to you, you don't have to install anything like there's other systems that they say, OK, this is free. Yeah, well, great. But you got to be a geek to install it. It only works on one Web site and nobody lives on one Web site anymore or blog. They have multiples because it's so cheap to do with WordPress and so forth. And you don't want to lump too many things in and look like a jack of all trades.

[00:10:42] So you would have to have a separate shopping cart system installed on each one of those sites. Well, that's just crazy. I mean, if you're a small company trying to keep all these lined up and and I always say with the my card, you could sell bras on one hand and Bibles on the other and nobody would know the difference. And it's all the people were separated in your database. So you're not having multiple databases all over the place that you'll never keep track of. Trust me. So it runs on its own server. So you don't have to have expensive hosting to host this because it's included in the deal. It's runs on its own server. The reason these hosting companies give you like a really crappy shopping card is they know you don't know any better and they want to get you sucked into sticking with their hosting, which may be good or bad. Who knows? So that's one of the reasons you say why I could get a free card through my host. Right. God help you. God help you, because it's going to be a piece of junk. And hundreds of times over the years, people said, Tom, I got this cart it will do the same as yours and it's.

[00:12:01] And then I would review it and it wouldn't even do a tenth of what this card would do. And then and then when I point this out. Oh, I didn't know that. Oh, I didn't know that. No, because you don't have enough experience to know that and haven't been through millions of transactions and so forth. So so it just this is not like that. I'm the first to tell you when free is good.

[00:12:25] This ain't it. All right. This is where you get a good shopping cart. All right. Now, again, running on its own server. I probably have seventy seven zero different Web sites going to the same cart. And you say, well, how could that be? Well, with the cart runs on its own server, it just each Web site just connects to the cart on its own server. And the special links that the card gives you to put on each site. The cart knows that, you know, the Bible site is not the bra site. All right. So so it knows that. And then it kicks in things all about Bibles are all about bras, whichever whichever way you do it. I don't know if I have some obsession here, Broxson Bibles, but they're both really good things. Put it that way and you can hook stuff directly from your social media. Sometimes I get lazy or I'm in a super hurry to get something out. I don't even make a sales letter on my Web site. I just put a link in a email and send it out and people go direct to the cart to buy. The stuff they saw is really, really handy for that. And another thing that having a company running the thing for you is that with all these credit card compliance issues and secure servers and things like that, the card company is responsible for that. Now, your Web site, you still have to have a secure socket layer and SSL certificate, make it secure. But the card, all of the stuff that has anything to do with money, you know, is highly regulated. And in the credit card, companies will be on your butt if you don't comply. Well, guess what? Just reading the compliance document, would you need a PhD to do? I mean, it's says very difficult. I don't do it because it's thick as a, you know, a brick and I don't understand the terms and all the things are to make it happen. And neither will you trust me.

[00:14:31] So. That's something the cart people have to take care of. So that's off your plate. All right. Now let's talk about some of the basics that, you know, most cards have. OK? Collect the money. All right, good. Now, let's talk about collecting the money.

[00:14:48] Well, a lot of people are aversive to getting a full blown merchant account because there's fees involved, again, 30 to 50 bucks a month just to have the thing. So they stick with pay pal, to start. Now let me do a sidebar here and tell you what I think about that. I'm perfectly happy in some markets for you to just have paypal. But in other markets, people will wonder about you, like if you're such a big hot shot coach, consultant, speaker, how come you only have paypal? It's you know, it's like you're a reject from eBay. So you want to consider that when you're penny pinching to make all this happen. All right. But you can you can start with just pay, pal, and the cart will handle it for you. But I highly suggest that you upgrade to a full blown merchant account and that'll cost you 30 to 50 bucks a month. But it gets rid of that stigma of only having PayPal. And the card will allow people to choose if they want to use paypal or the regular merchant account. And we've seen sales increased by as much as 15 percent, having both because now the stigma is gone that you couldn't qualify for a merchant account. But people do like to spend their pay pal money. So it's the best of both worlds. So that's what if you can't afford to right off the bat, you want to move to that as soon as you can to have a full blown merchant account and paypal. But you don't have to start that way. And the card is beautiful. It just lets people choose which one they want to use. And if you don't have the merchant account, then they only have PayPal at that point.

[00:16:32] Ok. Now, sales tax is a big issue nowadays. It used to be very simple. Now it's getting more complicated. So the card will take care of that for you. And they have to keep up with all that stuff. Let's talk about some other things that I shart cards should do about. Thank you. Pages. When you buy something online, certainly you should get a thank you page. Right. Well, many of the plain Jane cards just gave you a generic, pitiful looking thank you page. Well, this doesn't make sense because now I want to refer you to Episode 22. So jot that down or it'll be in the show notes because it's all about upselling and getting more money out of the same number of visitors. And your shopping cart will do that for you automatically. So let me just give you an example that we call it. Thank you. Paid selling. And they'll ask you a question is, does it make more sense to give a generic. Thank you page. Let's say you sold sports stuff and and somebody bought a golf club. Would it make more sense to have a generic thank you page? A thank you page that tells them about your softball's. Or a custom thank you page that tells them, hey, we got a company we know that has really great golf shoes, and if they click over to that golf shoe company and buy, you get a commission. Now, which do you think makes more sense? Folks, if you said generic and you lose, all right, if you said softball's, you lose again. But if you said the other one. Yeah, that's. Thank you. Paid selling.

[00:18:17] So you can either, you know, sell more like if they bought a golf club, at least you'd want to put a golf ball page up for them.

[00:18:27] If you sell golf balls or it's a perfect place to lead people to something else based on what they're interested in, they bought a golf club. It's just stupid to think that softball's would have a high conversion, that they'd buy a lot of them buy golf balls, golf tees, golf bags, you know, carts, what a everything golf related makes more sense. You got to agree with that. And so we're talking about the cars being able to display a custom thank you page based on what the person bought. That's how you make more money. All right. So let's jump into some other things. The cars should deliver digital products in a secure manner for you. And digital we really love because it's 97 percent gross profit. And I mean, you got to really try to mess up at 97 percent gross profit. Right. But a lot of people, you know, for years and years, people say, well, how do I, you know, what protected you, keep him from giving it out to other people? Well, you can't. Once people download a digital product, you got there's so many hoops that you'd have to jump through. I mean, technically, you can, but you'd spend a fortune and have nothing but trouble by trying to do it. You're better off plaster in your products full of affiliate stuff and links to your other stuff to get people to buy them that they try to protect any one thing.

[00:19:57] But anyway, there is a one thing that the card does for you is when people buy a digital product and go to download it. The download link becomes non-functional automatically after 24 hours. So what this does is it keeps them from putting it up on a discussion board where thousands of people steal your product all at once. So they'd have to do that within 24 hours. And it just doesn't appear to be trouble. I've never had any trouble with. OK. The next really big thing is you really need to understand the difference between an auto responder and a broadcast email. If you ask guys like me, they've been around a long time. What are some of the most powerful things ever invented for Internet marketing or online marketing? The autoresponder would be on the top of everybody's list because it's so, so powerful. But let me explain the difference between an autoresponder and a broadcast email. A broadcast. Email is where you decide you want to send the message out to people. And you write the message, you put it in the card and you hit send to whoever whatever group of people. If the broad people, you have a special deal on Brage, you don't want to send that to the Bible people. Right? So you send it to who you want to anytime you feel like it.

[00:21:18] All right. That's a broadcast. An autoresponder is an mail that's always triggered by somebody else, not you. So you've put the auto responder message in there, but somebody else has to request it. And the way that they might request it is they let's say they fill out a form to get a free freebie, a download from you down a free audio or free video or free PDA file. Some like that free e-book. And once they fill out the form that triggers the auto responder, sending them an email, telling them where to get their their freebie. Or they may have purchased the product from you and they get a receipt also from the card. But it's better if you send them a custom email based on what they bought. And so they triggered it by purchasing say. Now there are some is not used much anymore where you can send an email to a certain email address and it'll trigger the auto responder. But people don't use that much anymore. Now, the next level of auto responders is called a sequential autoresponder. The first one I just describe is they get one email, they trigger it and they get one email. And that's the way it was for a long time. But then the sequential autoresponder was invented. And that means that not only will they get the first email, they'll get another one following up, another one, another one, another one.

[00:22:50] As many as you program into the autoresponder series or they call it a campaign. And you decide how long in between each e-mail. Now, you'd say, oh, you're spamming people. No, you're not. They triggered it to start with. And each one has an unsubscribe thing in it. Now, as long as you keep giving good value in your messages, people don't unsubscribe that much. And, you know, it's part of the deal. People do unsubscribe from things. But as long as you give value, you'll have very low unsubscribe rate. But these sequential order responders are great to up sell people after the sale. You know, a month later, you could send them a coupon for something. It's all automatic. You don't have to remember to do it. You can deliver E courses with sequential order responders and the first free free E course I ever did brought in seven thousand dollars. The first week is they will hang. That sounds like B.S. How could that be? Well, I gave them the stuff I promised them in the E course, but then at the bottom, I just had a little link. Hey, if you're really excited about this, click here to check out our multimedia CD. And it took him to a sales letter. Hundred ninety nine dollars and seven thousand dollars came in the first week because of that free E course. But those were all delivered with sequential autoresponders.

[00:24:19] Also, it's you can send a personalized kind of thank you to people for purchasing. You can do customer service. Let me tell you about you know, I have the longest running, most successful ever professional speaking system's been selling for a long time. And it used to get to Canada as fast as it would get to California. I'm on the East Coast. And you'd think, well, it's across the borders. That's going to take a while now. At the beginning, it wasn't that bad. But then 9/11 hit and then big boxes were getting stopped at customs. Sometimes two weeks or more to be checked. This was a big eleven pound box, mostly nice. Canadians were starting to get mad because they sent a thousand bucks to the United States and the product didn't show up. So you write me nasty messages. So all I did was change the first message in the autoresponder that they got. It said, hey, because of security reasons. This big 11 pound box with your speaking system will be held up in your customs for. Gee, it could be up to two weeks, but it always gets through. So don't worry. Right there knocked out all the complaints because I gave the expectations then and why and explain an explanation of why they didn't get it right away. And everybody said, oh, that makes sense. And then they quit yelling at me, say SOS, customer service and expectations and all these things. And you can put in how to use the product tips and other coupons. Like I said, now I like to give. Now this is a sidebar here. I like to give three service e-mails before I do any upselling to people because I want them to get used to getting emails for me without getting forced to buy stuff all the time and always have value in them.

[00:26:20] So I don't want to hit them. They just bought something. I don't want to hit him with a bunch of, you know, by this, by this, by this, because then they'll get a bad taste in their mouth about me. So I went three service e-mails that give them good stuff that helps them before us upselling.

[00:26:38] I know what happens is I told you I could sell bras on one hand, Bibles on the other. When you sell something or people sign up for freebies or whatever in your you get in they get into this giant database, but it's broken up by what autoresponder they got so you can pick and choose. When you send out an email on your bras or your Bibles, you it's not a crossover. Only people that were interested in Bibles get Bible stuff and only, you know, or dogs. I mean, I got tennis and dogs and and all kinds of different things in my one cart, but they're divvied up. And so people interested in dogs are not getting my Internet marketing or my public speaking stuff. Say so. Very, very powerful to have that at your fingertips. You've got mail merge where you can customize each email with their name or what they bought or any number of fields that you can pop in the date that they bought them and so forth.

[00:27:41] And the with regard to coupons I mentioned, Coop, people love a sale so I can have a beautiful product and if it's a full price, I you know, people will buy it. But, you know, I got a good reputation. So people buy it. But if you give them a discount on it, loads of people buy. Okay, so coupons will do that and you can customize the coupons for each particular group.

[00:28:05] So if I was at the local rotary, I could say Rotary two four six as the coupon code and give it to the rotary people see. And so they feel like, wow, this is great. You know, it's just for us. All right. So that's coupons. Now, split testing is a way people make more money. So this is something let's say you put an ad in like 10 different places online race to Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and whore. And some of the other places you can advertise. Well, you may not know which ones made money. This is called ad tracking. This is part of split testing. And you might maybe only one of them is really making your money and the others are losing money, but you don't know which one. Well, ad tracking lets you tell which ad was making you the money so you can either change or quit the other ads. I mean, that's how people get rich doing this kind of stuff. Split testing is, you know, you might say, wow, I don't know what headline to put her. I don't know how to title this book. Well, you can test it online now where in the old days before online stuff, it would take months and months to test things. Now, you could have a test in a matter of minutes, literally. You could put it out on your Facebook group and have links connected to each title and have people click on the link they like the best for the title of your next book. And then the cart would count them all up for you. So this is very, very powerful stuff in one package. Now, another super duper important thing, and this has made me a fortune over the years, is called recurring billing. Now, what that means is that you can give finance options to your products. And I'll give you an example of my WordPress e course. It's a ninety seven dollar course. If you just pay it all once, it's I think it's one hundred seventeen. If you finance it. And so when we put this out, I think we sold 700 of them.

[00:30:21] And that's a lot of money, right?

[00:30:23] But about I can't remember the exact numbers, I think it was one hundred and eighty of them took the finance option. So in other words, they couldn't put ninety seven dollars on a credit card. They're maxed out. Now, let's it's possible that just people didn't know me and and some Alysse, 30 of them never heard of me and they didn't know if I was a rip off or not. So so that leaves a hundred and fifty people that couldn't put ninety seven dollars on their credit card. So and they were willing to pay like a 20 dollar extra to be able to finance it over three months. So what if I wouldn't had that recurring building on there and lost those hundred and fifty sales? That's fifteen thousand dollars either lost by not giving the finance option. Now, would you read that? Here's another. Hey, stupid question. All right. Would you rather have fifteen thousand dollars in three months, over three months or nothing?

[00:31:26] Okay. Today.

[00:31:29] You know, so this is extremely powerful. And I've always given finance options belong before the card existed. But the darn thing was I'd forget. I was so disorganized, I'd forget to charge him and I'd find their paperwork lay and under a book or something. Three months later, six months later, I forgot the charger. So this automatically does it for you and hounds them to death if their credit card expiration, you know, goes bad on you. So extremely powerful stuff. The hope you see and why you shouldn't be, you know, taking one of these pieces of crap off your hosting service free because you can't do all this stuff that's, you know, in any one of these things could make 10 or 20 or 50 times your monthly payment for the card. All right. So so it's just crazy not to do this kind of stuff. Now, another thing. One of the biggest problems that in the online world is called shopping cart abandonment. That means people got all the way to the end and then they just didn't check out for who knows what reason. It was too confusing. They they had second thoughts. They got busy. The kids were crying or they had to get him to school. Who knows what it is, but it is a problem. So one thing that you can do is right in the cart when they're getting ready to give you their money is called order form, sell through. That means you're able to do stuff to keep them excited about the sale. Almost like advertising copy right at the point where they're trying to put their credit card in there.

[00:33:11] That's called order form, sell through. And that knocks down your shopping cart abandoned. And of course, you have sales reports and there's a whole bunch of other features. I don't want this to run too long. And before I before I tell you about one of the biggest one that can give you an army of commission sales people selling for you. All right. Because of your shopping cart system, you know, let me tell you about my mentor program, because it's it's one of the most powerful it's the longest running, most unique ever been going since around the year 2000, where I turned the Internet kind of gooier world world on its head because all these guys and many of them were rip offs were charging 50 or 100 thousand bucks upfront to teach you this stuff. And then they wouldn't teach it to you. They would you know, they'd lie to you or they would disappear on you. They had no incentive to really help you. And a lot of them were just unethical to start with. So I said, this is no good. I'm a small business advocate. So what I did is I turned it upside down. I said, you're going to pay a relatively small entry fee and then I'm going to get a percentage of the profits that I help you create. Had nothing to do with your other businesses or or real estate or whatever other income you had. Only stuff I helped you on.

[00:34:30] And then it's capped.

[00:34:32] My commission is capped. So you're not stuck with me forever. People love this because they thought, all right, I can pay 50 or 100 thousand from a shaky guy that's going to disappear on me. Or I can give Tom a much lesser amount and he's going to never going to disappear on me because he won't get his money. So seventeen hundred students later, it's still going strong after all this time when those people were in jail or who knows where they're. There are those other people. So. So this is called the great Internet Marketing Retreat Center and Joint Venture Program. So it's a joint venture because I'm with you and tied to your success. The retreat is a most unique place in the world to actually spend an immersion weekend here living in the house and doing all this stuff. Now, not now during this pandemic, but this is going to pass and you shoot videos in our TV studio and you have all of that's cool. Probably the biggest, most important part of the whole thing is it's one on one tutoring with me and all the people that work for me, for you. So you're not lumped in with people more advanced or less advanced, because if they're more advanced than you, you're lost all the time. If they're less advanced, you're bored all the time. So it's only we talk to you at your level so you can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced and you get the maximum value. People just love. So check out the details of that at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com. And let's get going. This is a perfect time sitting around home to get a jump start on this online business so that you're not beholden to outside influences like this, bad diseases going around. So check it out at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com.

[00:36:29] All right. Let's get to another massive feature of a good shopping cart system, and that is an affiliate module or program. Now, this is what I was telling you. Cost eleven hundred dollars extra. Back in the old days and it never worked. But what an affiliate program tracking program is, is where other people can promote your products and services. And if somebody buys something, you give them a commission so you can have hundreds of people all around the world promoting your stuff, but they don't get a nickel unless they produce a sale. That's called an affiliate program. Now you can join other people's affiliate programs for free and promote other people's stuff. And I do that all the time. But if you want them selling your stuff, nobody's going to do it unless they know that it's tracked and that they're going to fairly get their commission say. So you must if you want this, you must have an affiliate program while it's included in the card. Say so. And you don't have to worry about it working or not working like I did for an extra 100 hundred bucks.

[00:37:41] It never worked. So. So that's another powerful thing. So I encourage you to go to howtouseashoppingcart.com and download the complete e-book. But and I know some of your thinking. Why paid so much money for this other card? You won't do any of this stuff. Well, you know, that's kind of the way technology goes. You know, you got to upgrade and you might have got sucked into a deal that somebody sold your bill of goods. But the thing is, is if you just keep that, then you're never going to get these extra sales like I'm outlining on this kind of cart. See, you're just it's just going to get worse and worse for you. So there's times when you gotta cut bait and switch systems to a more upgraded system. We all do it. I have to do with with Web sites. You know, when we went from regular Web site to a responsive Web site. Oh, with all the sites I had, what a pain. Responsive means. It looks good on a cell phone and a tablet because that's where more than half of all searches and everything's happening nowadays. So if you ignore that, you're screwed. You know, so. So and of course, we teach you all that in the mentor program, what to do about it, how to do it cheaply and all that stuff.

[00:38:55] So check out howtouseashoppingcart.com. Get your free e-book and then get your free trial at kickstartcart.com. And of course, let me know if you have any questions. And once you commit to the card, you have free unlimited one on one tutoring to get it working for you immediately. And we teach you how to write auto responders, a teacher, all the stuff it takes so that you can use the car. And so we've had some pretty pitiful people able to use the card because a mere human can operate it. And it's you know, it's I'll tell you right now and right now it's one hundred twenty nine dollars a month. I think if you pay for a year, you get two free months. Most people don't. But it's you know, it's two free months. That's save you some money if you can afford it. But you got massive support from us, you know, in anything technical. You got the that the other company that runs the software, they take care of that. But a marketing stuff for how to use the card. You have access to me. Evenings, weekends. You know, I'm a crazy fanatic of this stuff. So by appointment and we'll get you going. So. So anyway, that shopping carts, it's time to get that going to the maximum for yourself at a relatively low cost.

[00:40:15] But it's the lifeblood of what you're doing online. And if you have a substandard one or you, it's holding you back because you can't add multiple sites without multiple databases and all the mess that you get into.

[00:40:29] We can fix that. All right. That's it. We'll catch you on the next episode. I'll see you online.

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