27 - "The Mango Man" strikes again: Tom interviews Wayne Pickering - Screw The Commute

27 – “The Mango Man” strikes again: Tom interviews Wayne Pickering

Dr. Wayne “Mango Man” Pickering is an MD, a PhD and an SCM. He's the author of 25 books, over a hundred CDs, 70 plus DVDs, and 10 health systems. He's a naturopathic physician, Doctor of Theology, a nutritional performance coach, a lifestyle management consultant, and a disease prevention specialist. He's a regular guest on TV and radio shows who teaches people how to get older and better, not old and bitter.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 027

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[01:47] Tom's introduction to Dr. Wayne Pickering

[03:44] What Wayne's been doing and what makes you healthy

[05:43] Wayne is “The Mango Man”

[09:34] Need high energy to be in business

[10:12] Working at lots of jobs and being a dual citizen

[15:32] Getting screwed in business and setbacks

[21:22] Best and worst of being in business for yourself

[23:31] Sponsor message

[24:34] A typical day for Wayne

[32:19] Staying motivated when you're working solo

[35:06] Parting thoughts for us Screwballs

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Higher Education Webinar – It's the second webinar on the page: https://screwthecommute.com/webinars

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 027 – Wayne Pickering
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:27] Hey everybody it's Tom here with Episode 27 of Screw the commute. We've got a great guest that's been a friend of mine for 122 years and he still only looks like he's 30. So we'll talk to Wayne Mango Man Pickering just in a moment.

[00:00:45] Now don't forget to check out Episode 26 the fantastic Hollywood documentary producer Terri Marie who was the producer of the American entrepreneur celebration of entrepreneurs and the American spirit. I was highly honored to be the subject of that documentary and you know I'm not even dead yet. I thought you had to be dead to have a documentary made about you. Well I guess the standards have been lowered somewhat. Anyway Make sure you check out Episode 26 now. Today's sponsor is the e-book The Kickstart guide to advertising and promoting your business online. These are all the techniques I've used to make millions of dollars right from my computer. Now we'll have the link in the show notes for you but the link is greatInternetMarketing.com/promoteonline.htm.

[00:01:48] Now let's get to the main event. Dr. Wayne the mango man Pickering is an MD, a PhD and an SCM and I don't know what those are but they sound really cool. He's the author of 25 books over a hundred CDs 70 plus DVDs and 10 health systems. He's a naturopathic physician Doctor in theology a nutritional performance coach and a lifestyle management consultant and a disease prevention specialist. He's a regular guest on TV and radio shows who teaches people how to get older and better. I love this, not old and bitter. He's passionate about living totally disease free, a lifestyle that he is certainly the poster child for that's for sure. He's got a focus on nutrition and basic philosophy and his basic philosophy is if you want to be tough you've got to eat good stuff. Wayne are you ready to screw?

[00:02:53] Yes. Yes. You wish I'd stopped after the first part. I know you've got those women chasing you up and down the beach in Florida and everywhere you go they don't see guys like you every day.

[00:03:09] Thank you Tom I can remember when you were at my house here. Oh golly it's been you know long time. 30 years. Yeah something like that. Yeah. And when you were here you know I'm very close to the beach so it's an easy way for me just to stop what I'm doing and get down there and get reinvented again. I like what you've been doing all these years of showing people how to make money in their underwear.

[00:03:35] Or out of their underwear. I don't have that as a requirement. So tell everybody what you've been doing.

[00:03:45] Ok you gave a great introduction there and I appreciate that. We teach people The simplicity of being totally healthy and being healthy. That's we're actually healthy automatically by design and sick only by default. Here are three great lessons I teach my audience about their health. Number one we're healthy automatically by design. You cut your hand. You bandage it up pretty soon it starts healing it forms a scab and so your body is healthy automatically by design and sick only by default. And here is a second lesson. People actually think Tom they catch disease. What a farce. You don't catch disease. We earn it. And it stems from crud in the blood. From being drunk with junk. Now that could be junky thoughts junky air junkie water junkie food junkie use of your time with no fitness when you're through moving you're through. You got to be fit. So that's what we're trying to do is to give people the lessons. Now here's third lesson about being totally healthy. We only get well Tom, by what comes out of us never by what goes into us because there's no food there's no drug there's no Herb there's no pill potion lotion nothing cures. When we set the conditions of health building since we're healthy automatically by design then our bodies are healthy just because of it.

[00:05:24] So many people want to take this for this and this for that. That's all garbage. You don't treat disease. You beat disease.

[00:05:33] Let me ask are you related to Muhammad Ali at all. You got all these good sayings. Tell us about the mango man. How do you get that moniker.

[00:05:45] Ok. Good one. They have a mango named after me and which I'm very very grateful.

[00:05:52] You know how many people on earth could say what you just said. You're a unique individual in this world.

[00:05:58] Thank you. And listen it's been in existence for 14 years. It's all over the world. It's called the Pickering. And you know what Tom, this year was one of the best years that I'm understanding that Loew's had when selling Pickering mango trees. I was absolutely taken back. Is that amazing. now there are two things about mangoes that's very unique Tom. Number one they're not true to seed. if you plant to carry a mango. It might come up as a Gaulin or it might come up with something else. OK. So they're not true to seed. And the other is and I'll continue that in a second. But the other is there are a member of the poison ivy family so that a lot of people when they're not truly healthy they're overweight or what have you. And they say their resistance to disease is hampered because of that they break out in these rashes. So a lot of people can't eat mangoes especially if they're not healthy. Now the first point though is they're not true to seed. There's two brothers in Florida. Walter and Gary Zyl two great guys here what a job they have Tom. Check this out. They traveled the world sampling mangoes

[00:07:15] And their unique profession and they're unbelievable they commute all over the world to eat mangoes.

[00:07:22] When they find a mango they like they'll buy so many of them. They told me that they can't ship the whole fruit home but they can send the seeds home. So when they send them back to their Grove down there in southern Florida they will you know get them started. And then they will propagate and then they have to graft them onto another tree an existing root stock. Now They have to call it a certain name. Well the one that I was looking at and it was so good. That I had I told them I said Listen I've got to have another one of these. So they had another and they were going to call it the hairy carious. What kinda of a Name is that for a mango for crying out loud. So eventually they named it after me since I was so passionate about it. And it's been just such a reward and we've trademarked the mango man. And when people go to mango man diet that's us. That's our downloadable nutrition site. And of course we got mango man blog mango man health mango man speech mango man diet and all of that. OK but mango man diet is our basic nutrition website and Thank heavens it's downloadable because so many people order our work from overseas. And this way here they can just have it You know on the spot.

[00:08:44] How do they get it.

[00:08:46] They can go to a mangomandiet.com. And that'll be there seven hundred seventy two dollars worth of goods there are 400 recipes articles courses everything that people get for 47 dollars. That's a marvelous deal. They've got all their different months that they've got they get the recipes for breakfast for January then lunch and dinner and in February they got breakfast lunches and dinners again all the way through the year. No guesswork. It's all done for you.

[00:09:26] And I imagine knowing you for all these years you're really into energy. So to be in business you've got to have high energy right and it helps with that.

[00:09:36] Oh it's amazing. Let me tell you I run four corporations. We're in 37 countries with our work. We have tens of thousands of people who read our weekly column and we get constant e-mails. You know you and I have both been on the speaking circuit for golly many many years. You know what kind of time that takes. So no person ever rose to the top without the favorable help of others. We need people and inspire them with you know the message to where they want to do it as well.

[00:10:11] Did you ever have a job.

[00:10:17] Thank you. As a matter of fact I was in the Vietnam War and I was working for the Navy SEAL team on my second and third term over there. I was over in the war since 1967 68 and 69. An incredibly tumultuous disaster time.

[00:10:34] All right hold on. Seems to me I know something about you. You were not an American citizen at the time. Is that true.

[00:10:43] Oh good question. OK. That's a good question. My folks were married so many times they have scars just from the rice. And so my home life was dismal at best. So to get into the country my mother had married a man who lived in Illinois. They bonded me when I joined the military because I was a leading naval cadet in Canada for 1963. So I had a strong passion to be in the Navy. So when I got to be 18 we came down here and I got in the service. And then we were on our way to Vietnam. We went through the Panama Canal went up to San Diego and I decided if I'm going to die for this country I'm going to have a citizenship. So I became a dual citizen in January of 1967. And I love the country. North America where we live when people are made moaning and groaning I'd say leave you'll be saving your pennies to get back to this great country. This is awesome. Because that's all you're going to be making. So when I came back from the Vietnam War I had 32 jobs within a six year period but I didn't have a clue what I was going to do. Not a clue. And now here's a good lesson. A setback in life is always a set up to come back. Things just don't happen. They happen justly.

[00:12:12] And people ask me what would I do differently if I went ahead and had to live my life over again. I say I wouldn't change the fact that I had to run away from home. I was in the Vietnam War got terribly sick in my life and I could go on and on about the challenges. But our past has to be a point of reference not some place of residence. We got to use that as some stepping stone and it just so happened when I was down on my luck I was broke busted and disgusted. I was sitting in a sauna bath at the Rollman spa. I never forgot it and I was sweating like the dickens I was disgusted. A guy came in and actually within a two week process he gave me three steps that within two weeks you know exactly what you're going to do for the rest of your life and for everybody that's listening to Tom Antion's podcasts. I want to really give you something no strings attached. This is absolutely free email me. My email address is mangoman@mangoman.com. When you go there just put in the subject line career link or one of the other three step process and just put in there Tom Antion somewhere. And that way we will make sure that you get this. So within two weeks I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life and I've been doing it ever since. Well when you hear that audio you will know exactly how to do that.

[00:13:52] That's what it is, it's an audio file? Yes sir. OK.

[00:13:55] Yeah and here's what we do Tom. My encouragement everybody when they are thinking about leaving their job and want to start a business. Do something you love to do. Life is too doggone short. Now here's my take on life. Very simply and then we can move on here OK buddy. If we honor God I'm not a religious guy I'm a very spiritually connected and not religiously confined. OK. If we honor God and serve our fellow man. Creating a service out of what we are genuinely passionate about so that everybody who is involved in the service has equal opportunity to gain then we win. And you're a perfect testimony of that Tom with all that you've done to help so many people out. I've known you as I say for 30 years. Shoot man you've been doing some great things and you've been compensated well and if people could follow the dignity of your example they will do that too. But the bottom line is you got to know what you're going to do. And I love to eat. I love to travel. I love to entertain. I've been traveling entertaining audiences showing them how to eat for 40 years eight months and six days.

[00:15:15] But who counts right. When you're doing something you love.

[00:15:19] But it was October the 2nd nineteen 1977 is when I entered into this field that I'm in right now.

[00:15:26] Well you said you had four corporations right. Correct.

[00:15:31] Have you ever gotten screwed in business?

[00:15:35] Thank you for asking. Oh boy. Let me tell you a setback Is a setup to come back. That's a great line from my good buddy Willie Jolley as matter of fact he wrote a book with the same title and my line is this things just don't happen. They happen justly. I got to tell you I lost my business to somebody that I was in business with for almost 20 years. And I never forgot I'm past president of the National Speakers Association as you know here in Florida. And I remember having Patricia Ball come in I will never ever forget her and I always give her credit. Every time I get a chance to do this it was back when all of the computer technology was coming in and I was not going to get a computer. That's the deal. And Tom was ahead of his game. He got the computer and I said golly what in the world is he doing with that so I can remember when we had Patricia Ball come down and as a matter of fact I had you come down to speak one time but Patricia Ball came and when she said.

[00:16:49] Now Dr. Wayne when you get on your computer and I looked away and everybody was looking at me and I was oh gosh. So she says you do have a computer now don't you doctor wayne and I said no. You better come up to speed. And she said six words to me that changed my whole demeanor and she said it so sweetly. I said All right. Here's what she said to me Dr. Wayne. You better come up to speed. I looked at her and the way she said it buddy I said alright I'll give it a try.

[00:17:28] So I've had the computer and so help me. I don't understand what I would have ever done without it. It is just the best tool to get your message out there. So embrace what you love to do. Embrace the technology to disseminate that passion and you're on. And so many people don't know what they're going to do and it just so happened that I was so sick at my stomach for so many years after I came back from the war. Because when I get wounded over there something happened inside my whole gut system and everything that I seem to be eating put me down bad. And it was this guy I was a lifeguard at the time this guy came in and we were great friends Ralph. Ralph said listen I got a postcard and looked down his refrigerator and I saw a little postcard on there with a bunch listings of food not pictures just the verbiage of them and it had arrows going with this one it was only size of a small postcard and I said Ralph what in the world is this about. Oh he said listen if you've ever got any stomach issues or any problems like that he said if you eat like that he said that'll stop that right away. So I said. Really. So I looked at him I said Well where would I get one. I have a spare one for you man.

[00:18:48] I said you're on. So I took it home and I looked at it and I started. I tried it. I just my gosh I can't believe this my whole stomach stopped hurting after I eat. So two to three days went by and I said No way. So I went back to my eating habits. Boy did that come back on me to haunt me. And for two more days I was sick as I could be at my stomach so I said listen I'm going to try that food combining again. So I tried it again. Immediately it stopped. What in the world. I been suffering for all these years with stomach challenges acid reflux GERD indigestion gas oh my gosh.

[00:19:28] And it's not like you're a big fat guy either I mean you're buff and you're still having those stomach problems.

[00:19:34] There you go. So what we've got to do is we've got to there's five components to a healthy nutrition plan. After I discovered what I was going to do and refined it there's five components. Number one you have to eat foods when they're in season it's no good for you to eat watermelons at Christmas time. They're just not cohesive with that time of year so don't eat them. Eat foods when they're in season. Number two eat foods if they can grow in your type of environment. Number three eat foods that are suitable to the type of activity that you're involved in. Like there's no sense in a person sitting behind a desk all day long eating foods that a triathlete would need. Eat foods according to the type of activity you're involved in. Number four eat foods in a compatible combination with your body's digestive chemistry respecting your acid alkaline balance. And number five eat more raw food than cooked. I've learned a good lesson in my life. If it's not fit raw it's not worth it.

[00:20:40] So all of this stuff is going to give you great energy great health. You're not going to be old and bitter right.

[00:20:46] That's right you're going to get older and better because we're finely designed to last 125 years. I have books and everything of people who were in their 50s and 60s and I'm looking at one as we speak because sits right here on my desk. I think that if people will go ahead and understand that age is not your cage age has nothing to do with how old you are. Age is not a matter of years. Age is a matter of condition.

[00:21:16] Well said. So you've been working for yourself for a long long time. What do you like best about it and what's the worst part about.

[00:21:24] Ok good. First of all I can do a whole lot more on my time rather than that 9:00 to 5:00 stuff and I can reach more people with my passion in life with giving people healthier options. We're starting our own new podcast series Tom and it's going to be a slam dunk. Can't wait to share and even have you on ours. OK. Are already I already talked about that to our team here just today the thing said I don't like about what I do. Very simple I love what I do so much that sometimes it takes me away from my social time that I'm just so into it. I love it. And so people say Well where do you go on vacation. I said my vocation is my vacation. You know I love what I do. And so what's the worst part about working for myself. I don't think anything I love it.

[00:22:24] I feel this same exact way kindred spirits tell them again that offer you had for them and then we're going to take a break for our sponsor.

[00:22:33] Ok. The CareerLink you can go ahead and get that when you put three step plan where to go to each step process when you go to mangoman@MangoMan.com that's my e-mail. Here is the audio program I would love to see you have not only audio but 400 recipes Mangomandiet.com. And remember this. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It's how you use them up. And my encouragement and conclusion. Never let the success of your career become the failure of your health. Never give up your health in your quest for wealth because you will not Maybe you will spend all that wealth to regain your health. And when you die. Guess what happens. Tom your brother-in-law gets to drive your car.

[00:23:29] Don't go away. I've got a couple more questions for you but I want to tell everybody about the kickstart guide to advertising and promoting their business online. This is 122 pages the practical and inexpensive or even free things you can do to massively increase your online presence and sales. This includes 10 major categories the ways we promote along with all the subcategories of social media as a category but it includes YouTube and Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and Instagram and all that stuff so we give you tons of tips and tricks and much more than one person could use. It includes viral marketing incentive marketing publicity and a lot more. So I'm going to put the entire table of contents in the show notes for you so you can see how great this is very inexpensive and you can go get it directly at GreatInternetMarketing.com/promoteonline.htm. you can check that in the show notes. So back to our superstar Wayne, what's a typical day look like for you.

[00:24:36] I wake up in the morning at 6:00 I go to bed at 11:00 at night okay sometimes midnight I'm up at 6:00. I do my morning devotions. And I thank God everyday for three things that I wasn't grateful for before and I have such a huge list of those I even made a program out of it like little audio programs that I had just put in my computer. I have one in the kitchen one in the office and all of that. However I listen to those kind of things when I first get up because I want what's going in my mind to serve me very well because what we visualize in our mind. We realize in time what we think about we bring about.

[00:25:28] So put the best stuff in your mind at the beginning of the day because it's in the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes of our day is when in our mind it's in its most alpha state when we're the most receptive to great things. So do your morning devotion and Get some positive things going in your mind. For crying out loud stop watching the news. here's my line on the news if it doesn't bleed it doesn't read and it doesn't lead. They can't print good news because nobody wants to hear it.

[00:26:02] It's amazing. Luckily there is a place called The Good News Network. Online I get e-mails everyday and I would listen to that and subscribe to that because they are always telling you good things not bad news at all.

[00:26:17] So glad to hear that and thank you for sharing. All right. So now I get up I want out in the kitchen. I drink a good glass of water. Room temperature and I dry brush my skin. I put a pair of walking shoes on. I walk around the block and I'm walking into the sunrise with the birds chirping everything on both sides. I praise God for another day because I got another day to make a positive difference in people's lives. And then I walk and I do my 71 pushups I go down to the beach look watch the sunrise. Then I walk around because it is exactly one mile around my block and then I come back home I come in make my breakfast do what I have to do in the office. I stop on Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday. From April the 1st to November 1st on Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday I hit the beach because I live on an island here and Florida and it's just at the other end of my street.

[00:27:24] So I go down there and I stretch for one hour and then on Monday I swim a mile Tuesday a mile. Thursday is a mile and a half Friday is two miles in the ocean. By the way don't let me forget to tell you about sharks. OK. Yeah I know that's what's on your mind. Wednesday and Sunday is my bike day my 25 to 40 mile bike rides and then I do pull ups down there and the beach pull up bar and do a little bit of stretching splits and that's stuff. But an interesting thing. And Saturday is my play day. I just don't do anything. I take one day off and that's my spiritual connection day. Now with that said sharks hate human flesh. But here's a good news even though this is the shark bite capital of the country right here in Florida where I live. Here's the reason most of them are surfers or most of them are on their paddleboards or on their rafts or their floats and they're out there and under water. They look like a Sharks favored meat, seal. So interesting and they go and bite it and they throw it out and then they go away but still you got a bite. But that's a wonderful thing.

[00:28:55] So you don't look like a seal when you're going in the water.

[00:28:59] Well as fast as I go on probably. But anyway that's what I do. Then I come back home. I have my mid-morning meal shower up get all that done come in the office. Have clients.

[00:29:12] Yeah I was waiting for you to get to anything regarding the actual doing business.

[00:29:17] Oh no no no. I come in after I walk around the block and do that. I always spend an hour to hour and a half in here. I do the social media I have all of those social media platforms you alluded to a moment ago and YouTube. You know all of that stuff. LinkedIn which is my favorite. But anyway I do that for about an hour hour and a half. Then I go back out and I'll put on my swim clothes or if I'm next Wednesday and Sunday I put on my bicycle clothes and I go out and do what I'm going to do for that day come back. It's about maybe 930 10:00 and I come into work from ten to two. I eat a little something in that meal. And everybody's going to figure out how to eat on mangomandiet.Com. Very simple very easy. And then I take a nap between two and two 30 in around that time. We've got 24 hours in a day. Let me pause here for a second.

[00:30:21] 24 hours in a day three groups of eight eight hours work eight hours play eight hours rest. Now I need to add one hour to my waking life. How do I do that. If you sleep six hours at night and one in the day that's actually better than sleeping eight straight. And I interviewed the president of the North American Sleep Disorders Clinic Dr. Ronald Chervin in Canada I think it was Canada and he and he has said that many times during our interviews and I've interviewed some of the best so all of that really soaked in and I started doing my due diligence on that. And that's very true. we got to sleep six at night one a day. So what you've done is you've added one hour to your waking life that becomes your power hour 20 minutes for mental. 20 minutes for physical 20 minutes for spiritual connection. OK with that said. That's my daily schedule pretty much every day I hit the bed about 11:00 o'clock because I had my clients again in the evening after I eat my evening meal when I get up from that nap. I come into the office I do what I have to do for a few hours. I eat my evening meal and then I can get out because there's four areas of our time. Genius time our buff time our play time and our rest time genius. Yes four hours a day and you can't be any more than four hours a day with your genius time. You had your buff time that gets you prepared for your genius your rest time. And then of course your play time. So implement that kind of strategy into your life and watch your life turn around and you're going to love life.

[00:32:05] You actually would and I want to ask you. I mean it's almost a dumb question nowadays but how do you stay motivated doing this by yourself all the time this routine in and out. But what really motivates the Mango Man.

[00:32:21] Thank you very much for asking. That's a great question. I always say who jacks the jacker who gets me jacked up when I'm the one jacking everybody else. Very simple. I had for many years when you get a little older you're going to get quite a bit of material and you're welcome to get it from us if you get on my social media presence. You can go to LinkedIn or Facebook whatever put my name in and then get on our social media posts because every Monday as I'm telling you to answer your question Monday is motivational minutes. I did all of those. For me and they are so good and they keep me going so much that if somebody wants to go ahead and get on my Facebook or my actually it'd be better on LinkedIn.

[00:33:28] Okay with that said Monday is motivational minutes Tuesday is thankful Tuesday as miscellaneous post. Wednesday as wellness Wednesday audio and video Thursday is all of our books. Friday is fitness Friday audios and videos. Saturday is how to shop and how to cook and those are videos only. And then Sunday is no stress Sunday. So you get a little short audio clips to help your day and our motivational minutes on Monday is what starts your day out. And remember I made those for me. And you've got enough posts in there for a year. And any time you would like to share those posts with any of your social media platforms email me and just say social. I want your social media posts and we'll send those out to you because if that helps people. I'm so glad to do it. And those are all gifts you off to buy anything. Nothing like that. That's my way of giving back.

[00:34:54] You're a great man. You know I only have people on here that I like and I respect. You're at the top of the list. So do you have any parting thoughts for all our screwballs.

[00:35:08] Yes. As a matter of fact take care of you now as when you don't somebody else will be taking care of it later with or without your approval. And if we think we're going to go to one of those facilities and get a good meal you got another thing coming baby that's just not going to happen. We're all on the road to death. OK. There's just no need to jump in the passing lane. Now if you want to reach me mangoman@mangoman.com or our toll free number is 866-MangoMan and our Web site that I'd like to see you have. There are seven hundred and seventy two dollars worth of audio video recipes. Everything on that site you get for forty seven dollars. And that was mangomandiet.com. Tom I appreciate our coming together.

[00:36:07] It's been great. It's another shot for me in the arm to keep on my road to better health which I've lost about 100 pounds and still working on it because the sedentary lifestyle of this computer dominated my life for 20 some years or 30 years. I've got to keep that in the forefront. And you're one of my main inspirations for that. And if you every everybody out there a picture of this guy without his shirt on. You'd say he's one of those guys that's selling them the 60s or 70s that's something that testosterone deal on. He puts them to shame.

[00:36:48] So this is awesome. This has been Episode 27 with Wayne mango man Pickering. We're so glad he was here. Don't forget to check out the kickstart guide to advertising and promoting your business online. That will be in the show notes and speaking advertising that's what the next training episode is going to be about. Don't miss it. I'll catch all you screwballs later.

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