267 - Real Estate is his deal: Tom interviews Dr. Howard Haller - Screw The Commute

267 – Real Estate is his deal: Tom interviews Dr. Howard Haller

Dr. Howard Haller, I call him Big Dog PhD, found his first off market property at age 22 and it changed his life and made it possible for him to buy his first house at a substantial discount. And it was in a great neighborhood. And he could have never afforded it had he not known what he's going to tell you today. And with his help, you too can find secret off market properties, secure them and profit from them.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 267

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[04:22] Tom's introduction to Dr. Howard Haller

[05:34] Not one of those “gurus” – He's the real deal

[18:29] Works in any state and other countries

[20:51] Good for all types of properties

[23:33] Credit scores and how to improve them

[26:34] Sponsor message

[29:40] His course and asking question

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 267 – Dr. Howard Haller
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody, it's Tom here with episode 267 of Screw the Commute podcast. I'm here with my old buddy Howard Haller. I nicknamed him Big Dog PhD. This guy is has both ends of the spectrum, which we hardly ever see anybody that's a PhD that's also a killer entrepreneur. And this guy's got both and tons of experience in both. And he's gonna talk to us about real estate. We had him on before talking about commercial real estate. Now we're going to talk about residential real estate. So I'll get to him in a minute. And hope you didn't miss episode 266. Really. We never had anybody on like this before. Diana Daffner was here and she has she and her husband have a thing called intimacy retreats. And yeah, you got to take a cold shower after you listen to her episode. Still, it's not explicit. So don't worry. It's kid friendly, but. Wow. So that's episode 266. Hey, how would you like to hear your own voice here on screw the commute? Well, if the show has helped you out at all in your business or giving you ideas to help you start a business, we want to hear about it. Go to screwthecommute.com and look for a little blue side bar that says send a voicemail. Click on it. Talk into your phone or computer and tell me how the show has helped you. And also put your Web site on there so I can give you a shout out and we'll put it in a future episode of Screw the Commute. Make sure you get a copy of our automation e-book at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. This book has saved me millions of keystrokes and that's no exaggeration and helped me handle customers lightning fast, which means I'm taking the money from my competitors who say I will get back to in a day or so. No, I get back to them as soon as humanly possible. And this tells you all the ways we use automation to do it. And while you're at it, get a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app and it'll show you how to take us on the road. And you know, a lot of app developers just throw the app at you and you've got to figure it out. Well, we got a video showing you and a screen captures so you can do all the fancy functions in lickety split time. All right. Our sponsor. Hey, you know what? Work from home search volume is going crazy on Google because we're right in the middle of this Corona virus thing and everybody staying at home. And I mean I've been preaching that since nineteen ninety seven when I started teaching Internet marketing. So there's nothing new to me. And screw the commute is the reason it's called this is because I never had a job, I always worked out of my home and home schooling is gonna be a bigger trend. And I mean we have a school and a mentor program, which I'll tell you about later that teaches you how to do this. So you're not stuck out there with people sneezing all over you and scared to death to to go to work. So the school is IMTCVA.org. Dr. Haller has had a big influence on it and helped me get it started and really appreciate always helped there. But anyway, this can change your life and let you bring in an income from home legitimately. Also, you can legitimately attend school from home, which is critical nowadays with the way colleges and universities are ripping you off. And we even have a quiz to show you the seven college rip offs. So so anyway, it's IMTCVA.org. And just let me know if you'd like to discuss your future. And guess what? It's one of the best legacy gifts you could ever gave your kids or your grandchildren is giving them these skills so that they're not getting an MBA and compete for jobs at Starbucks.

[00:04:24] All right. Let's get to the main event. Dr. Howard Haller. I call him Big Dog PhD. He found his first off market property at age 22 and it changed his life and made it possible for him to buy his first house at a substantial discount. And it was in a great neighborhood. And he could have never afforded it had he not known what he's going to tell you today. And with his help, you too can find secret off market properties, secure them and profit from them. So, big dog. Are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:05:00] I am.

[00:05:02] How you been?

[00:05:03] I am fantastic and doing better.

[00:05:06] Doing better than fantastic. That's double fantastic. Yeah. You're hunkering down there and you're somewhere out there where. We're in Washington. Washington. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:05:19] So. Oh, that's even worse. They're just about as.

[00:05:22] So now but we're on the east side of Washington whereas it's near Idaho. So we're not in Seattle.

[00:05:28] Oh, okay. Good. I wouldn't want to be there. Yeah. I wouldn't want you to be there. You're too important to me, too, to have you over there. So. So tell everybody about the you know, we're gone.

[00:05:38] I don't remember what episode it was, but anybody interested in commercial real estate should absolutely go back and listen to the big dogs last episode and remember what number it was. But it was really eye opening. But now he's coming out with residential stuff. That's way cooler than, you know, there's so much real estate stuff out there.

[00:06:01] And everybody is a guru giving you all this B.S. and. Yeah, well, this guy has really done it really done at the high levels for many, many years and consulted on thousands of transactions. So this is there. I wouldn't have one of those scammers on here. So. So tell him about what you're doing.

[00:06:19] Okay. I am sick and tired of exactly what you're talking about. Those rip off artists who suck you in with a $2000, of course.

[00:06:29] And then you get there and they you pitch you a twenty five thousand dollar or fifty thousand and then they upsell you for another twenty fifty fifty five thousand dollars. And they don't ever give you the how they say why and they don't give you how to do it.

[00:06:45] And then if you want no more to keep charging you more. Well I got sick and tired of that. So I seen it out there. The world I have used this and you know my daughter Jennifer. Yep. She used this to buy a bunch of properties because this system has been around that I created. No one else on the planet has the tools that I'm gonna share with my mentees because secret off market properties are exactly how I found my very first property. I was 22 years old, fresh out of graduate school, working for the Bank of America at their headquarters in Los Angeles. I want to buy a house. So I drove a neighborhood looking for off market properties, not listed and trying to find one. And I found one that was exactly that. It actually was vacant. It was a double probate out of three hundred and fifty two houses. I narrowed it down to one. I really, really wanted.

[00:07:40] Tracked down the owner and met with him, and I shared part of this store with you last time. But the bottom line is I went down to meet this guy who is a multi, multi today who would be a billionaire. He bit inherited the house from his dad and he just want to get rid of it. And I found him. He was a highly motivated seller. He just wanted out of his hair. He wants to give the money to his pesky little brother. And he didn't really need it. So I went down there and I put on my three-piece business suit and went down and said, OK, Mr. Shafe, I talked to you on the phone. You want to sell it as is where is no reps no warranties. Is that fair? Yes. What I want. You want to sell it quickly? Is that true? And you prefer all cash. True? Here's my offer. I'll buy it for you. As is where is no representations, no warranties. All cash and I'll close quickly. Wow. That's exactly what I asked. Well, you never told me a price. That's a good news for me.

[00:08:42] So I said, well. Here's the deal, sir. I don't know what you expected, but before I get to the price, maybe let me do something for you that will enhance this deal for you. As a buyer, the ultimate escape clause for me would be waiting. The financing contingency, because if I can't get the loan, I'm out of here. I'm going to cross it off. I would respectfully request that you cross that you initial right X right. Cross it off. I don't need that contingency. I'm going to buy this one. I don't need a financing contingency. You're really. Yes. And then I said, Mr. Shea, I don't know what you expected. But this is for me and I've been, I've been. Articulate and friendly and so forth. But now I changed my countenance in my face, my gestures and my voice.

[00:09:38] Mr. Shea, I don't know what to expect.

[00:09:42] This is for me and my wife and my own world, baby, sir. My voice cracked. My eyes glistened. I said, my baby is still a month today, sir. On April 17th.

[00:09:55] I want a house for my baby head for me if my wife, sir. So why offers twenty five thousand five hundred and fifty five dollars? I shut up.

[00:10:09] Houses in that neighborhood were selling for over 100 grand.

[00:10:14] So I stared him down.

[00:10:17] Wait, if it was funny, says, well, that is not exactly what I thought as a getaway, a price. I love your terms. No one has ever offered me a contract with the way the finance Yucatán sees all cash and all our associates.

[00:10:31] So I figured this three choices he could throw this well-dressed, articulate guy who's crazy out of his office or too heavy, I'll get back to you and doesn't get back to me or three heavy weight in the lobby.

[00:10:43] He chose number three wait in my lobby. He called his attorney and said, yes. You know, I talked to you about give me best terms.

[00:10:52] You said as his whereas no reps no warranties. And this guy walks in here. He's worked for the bank for America, works for Joe Penola who's executive V.P. of the bank and.

[00:11:01] He's bright and articulate, an Eagle Scout. I saw his pin. He gave me no financing contingencies as I couldn't recommend that, because if you get stuck there, you can sue him for specific performance and I'll take that lawsuit off and I'll sue him. He said you're not going to have to. Thank you very much. You should call your brother because he's on the deed. If he likes it, you got a deal. Didn't hear that call.

[00:11:28] But then about thirty seven minutes later and I'm praying the whole time, please or don't go over 30 grand because I can't afford it. My own father in law was in the backseat of the car before I made this offer, and he's with my mother in law. And as he passed by these big houses, which were huge. We passed the walls this his Chevy Chase states heading for the country club. He said, stop the car. I said, why? I self-regarding to look at these houses. I'm a lawyer. I'm twenty five years your senior. I'm a senior partner for three 3M's captive pet law firm. And I can't afford this neighbor. You're twenty two. She's a teen. You got it. Let's go home.

[00:12:11] So I said, well. All right, sure, you tell me you don't wear glasses. All right. OK. I wanted that because oh, goober going home. I said, no, I didn't say that.

[00:12:20] Sir, you have two choices. Get out of the car. You and your wife wait here by the wall. I'll come back, get you. I think that's preposterous. But if you don't want to see it, you don't have to. Otherwise, we get up there. You stay in the car and I'm perfectly OK with that.

[00:12:36] And that's what they did. I took my wife up there to the car and she's about seven months pregnant with Ridgen and she said, Is my dad right?

[00:12:45] We can't afford this. I said, Your dad's right. If we go in the front door and was listed with a real estate agent for ninety five thousand dollars that were for the.

[00:12:54] Trust me, she said, of course I do. I said, don't tell them if I am able to bag this deal. Until we move it and close it in case something happens, I will never hear the end of it. I tell him just how I tell. Just. I don't want that. So, yes, I did beg. He brought me back in and said, well, talk to my brother, talk to my lawyer. Got a couple of quick questions for you. Can you and will you perform on all the terms of his contract? I raised my hand to the square because, yes, I am an Eagle Scout, three figures to the sky. Yes, sir.

[00:13:31] Eagle Scouts honor. I can and I will perform exactly as I've explicated and spit in my contract, sir.

[00:13:41] Do you really have the mighta clothes? I said, yes, sir. OK.

[00:13:47] He said, well, I won't make one modification. And I'm as he's writing something down and I'm not sure what he's doing, like raising it to ninety five thousand dollars, which would be crazy. I've said, well, we're prepared, not over 30 grand.

[00:14:00] He slides it over the page and as I lift it up, I look at the page. And this could be agony or ecstasy. Well, it wasn't agony. He raised me four hundred and forty five dollars. He raised me to twenty six thousand even. A hundred thousand dollar neighborhood. It appraise for a hundred thousand dollars A they lower the appraisal to eighty nine. Does he knew was being sold for twenty six. My first deal. Number of years ago. And you know. You know, Jen is before she was even more. Oh, I made sixty three thousand dollars. I'm a very first deal off market doing exactly what I'm going to be able to teach the mentees. I'll talk to you about what's in, of course.

[00:14:48] I hope I hope you rub that in the face of your father.

[00:14:53] Oh. Oh, by the way, I got it. I've got a good time. Here's what I did. I told my wife, I said, don't tell him.

[00:15:01] Tell him that the lady across the driveway has invited us to a barbecue. And tell him to come to the house and we'll be there. Well, I pulled my car in the garage. Because we own the house, right?

[00:15:19] And so we got out of the car. I said, well, change of venue, sir. Let's not go over to their house. Let's go over to this one. And he's looking at me like I'm a lunatic. He said, you can't go over there. It's somebody else's property. That's like breaking and entering. And he gets up there close. Has it come with me? And there's his daughter in the kitchen making dinner.

[00:15:43] You said you keep breaking and entering. I said, no, we bought the house. You said you can't have both this house. I said I did. It's wine. I have a recorded deed and I own it. And all I could do is just say, you can't do it. You can't do as I said. Well, with all your words of negativity, I call them nattering nabobs of negativism. I did it anyhow. Because it doesn't matter what other people say, this can and will work is it worked for me. It's worked for Jen. It's worked for my mentees.

[00:16:20] That is why this is so important for me to get out, too. For a fraction of the cost of those rip off artists want to charge you. I'm not fifty twenty thousand dollars. I'm not even ten. I do this for less said to you. The bottom line is that I'm going to give them everything they need. I'm a tell you how to set up their business. Step by step, if you get the ian number and everything. Open the bank. You get all the sex. Building a team so they don't have to do this all themselves. Going to be able to how they secure the properties and how they find them, because I have a unique way of finding these properties and.

[00:16:56] It's actually a search that I could do online. And guess what? The world, if they knew what they were doing, could do this. But they don't. And I've talked to to Tad Rev's, who I've used this with, and they said you're the only person on the planet who's ever heard this anomaly. Into reality and profitability.

[00:17:22] Yeah, but you gotta teach it. You have to teach him how to rent a pregnant euro for an afternoon.

[00:17:28] Well done.

[00:17:29] I've got got to show me the money and all the things of financing self and they've got there. And then I've got how to do a deal, how to make money on a deal you don't even own.

[00:17:41] It's also signing a deal. I go step by step. I have like eight videos on exactly how to do it. And then for frosting on the cake, I give you not just one or two exit strategies, how you could profit from it. I have seven exit strategies. Which is by fix of flip, by fix and live in and hold it for two years and take out the money tax free, buy, fix and flip. Traditional by fixed said hold, traditional buy, fix and flip by fixed to hold. AirBNB. I also have either how to do a tax free exchange. I have it all there to you. Line by line, step by step and under each and every video job, I answer their questions personally.

[00:18:32] How does this work in any state? It works in a state where countries and in other countries it works.

[00:18:38] It works to the 10 provinces and Canada does. I've had mentees in Canada used as well made and I had one maty who did it in Australia.

[00:18:48] And.

[00:18:50] Give us a go back to the what you did with that first house and break it down, what are some of the things that you did that you think helped seal the deal?

[00:19:01] Well, call him, sir, a lot.

[00:19:04] Oh, I did it. Yeah. I mean, the man is is my father's age. I'm twenty two. And, you know. I've just a three piece business suit. I got made by my college graduation ring and in my Eagle Scout pin on my lapel and I'm being polite.

[00:19:20] Yes, sir. No, sir. OK. But from a marketing perspective, because the world doesn't grow, gets terrified about contracts. I teach you. Line by line. Exactly. How to turn a contract into a marketing based on the world. Does it use it in that context? They go, well, it's a contract. It's scary. It's not scary if you know how to do this. I put it into terms like all cash. Well, we're not paying the bananas, Tom.

[00:19:48] It's gotta be cash. I never said it was mine. Did I know? No.

[00:19:53] But the perception is it's all cash and it was.

[00:19:58] It was, frankly, the Bank of America employee loans, department cash and some of my so it's marketing, it's doing it Beal's present yourself and having the guts to go out there and go out and look for other properties that are not MLS listed in no province in Canada and no state in the United States. Is it required at all to have a real estate broker, period? Tom, you know, I've got a real estate broker over 30 plus years ago, a general contractor as well. So I'm telling you the truth. I'm telling them the truth. They don't need that intermediary between them. That, as it was, say, in New York, a buffa. We don't need a buffer between you and the seller. How about we teach you exactly a script on how to talk to the seller? Like I talked to the person I talked to and evoke from him his wants, his needs and then deliver it back to him.

[00:20:52] All right, now, is this work for only single family or what?

[00:20:57] No, actually, it can work for other properties because in my commercial course, I talked about how to fight off market properties as well. But for instance, as part of this program, it's focus on residential single family dwellings. But I do have a whole module specifically dealing with duplexes. Triplex is the fourplex those there?

[00:21:18] Is there any restriction if you if you do this system and get a single family that you can move out and then rent it out?

[00:21:26] No, no, no. If you and here's the fun part. If you buy it and do the work when you're living it as gendered.

[00:21:34] Kurt, her husband did the work, builds her walk in closet, the recess off, and she live in no kitchen and no microwave. And they went to dinner a lot. That is so, you know, not everybody wants to do that. I mean, so problematic when you have that two days, we don't have the bunnies. OK. But that's really not a provinces. They had relatives across the street, but they stay with them for those two days.

[00:21:58] But the deal is this. When you have the 30 year fixed rate financing, this is the ideal time in history.

[00:22:08] Well, we had some ugly things happen out there. There's no time in my lifetime that I don't think ever. The Federal Reserve has reduced the discount rate to the banks to zero. Right. Right.

[00:22:20] That also means that interest rates are low at historic lows in your lifetime, in my lifetime, we have never seen this low, this low. I lived through Jimmy Carter and 90 percent home mortgages, 30 year fixed. Who can afford that? Rose's first house, he had a 40 percent interest before I met. Before I met her. And. You know, buying something with a single digit low interest rate, fixing it for 30 years. You live in it for six months. You've complied with the rules and then you can go ahead and rent it out. As Jennifer did, you can live in it for two years. Two of the last five years and take a 100 percent of your profits out tax free. These are all great tricks. You could buy it, fix it. Get a 30 year fixed rate loan. And again, did she refinance today before she wouldn't read it out? So she pulled all of her money back out of the deal. She paid off the lows. Free. No payment, no interest account and reimburse herself for the labor and took her profit out and then had enough 30 year fixed rate income coming in so she could rent it out and make a profit.

[00:23:30] And that's why they're anti's have done as well with seven different exit strategies.

[00:23:35] Now, what would you what would you suggest their their credit score be to be able to do this stuff?

[00:23:42] Well, here's the fun part. They don't have to have an 800 credit score. If they have a 680, they could do that. But if they don't have a 680. Let me explain to you exactly what they could do to improve things.

[00:23:59] I have what I call the ABCs of credit, which I share with them in and in a list with the option to purchase, if they do certain things, they can improve their credit score. Now I go through that whole dialogue on how to do it, but if they were to go and tie up a property from a highly motivated seller put under a good contract, do the analysis with analysis tools I give them so they know exactly what the repair costs are because I have my contractor software. I also have a comprehensive deal analysis that they could share with a cash player. Step by step, they know exactly what the projected income is going to be. Then they could go and get a group of cash buyers, which I also could show them how to find them by the scores, by the hundreds, literally in the same jurisdiction. They're buying these properties. When they do that, then they could score five, ten, fifteen thousand or assignment fee.

[00:24:55] How many of those would you need to knock down your credit you owe on credit cards, right? Would that raise your score? You're way above 680. Real quick, if you do certain things like do that, you pay all there's. There are three credit scores everybody knows about. I'll just give you a hint about this one. If you don't pay, it's a black mark.

[00:25:20] And for someone who's got a black card like you do, you add to if you pay the payment on time, you get a star because you're a good boy or girl. And 3, if you were to pay it of. On time. That's that's that's good thing, too. But there's a fourth reported score that nobody knows about. So what does that matter if you pay the minimum payment required on time as a great yes, you're entitled to your one-star very love. But if you pay an extra 10 bucks or more every month. The credit bureau will receive it and say paid as agreed. With partial principal reduction. You get to start. You kick your score up like lightning speed.

[00:26:13] So these are tips and tricks inside the course of exactly how to do all this. So sweet if you're starting with a dismal 650. You're OK. I can show you how to get up there to be in striking range and get you to your comfort level because you're able to do it step by step. You're able to put it right. Find a deal, put it under contract, secure it, and you can profit from it without you buy it.

[00:26:36] You signed the contract.

[00:26:38] This is an amazing thing, folks, by somebody that's really done it. His kids have done it.

[00:26:43] This is no B.S. big seminar where, you know, you get coerced into doing crap. I mean, even some of the biggest name people that you've ever heard of. If you look deeper, some of a Martin allowed in certain countries because there's ripped off so many people, they go to a different country. CBC had a big exposé about one of the names that you would recognize.

[00:27:05] I mean, massive name and how they they said, oh, we made forty two million dollars on this mobile home park. They went out and saw. There's nothing but vacant land. There's this. They just lie. They just made it all up. So. So you've got to be really careful with the real estate field. So. So this guy is the real deal.

[00:27:24] So we got to take a quick sponsor break and we come back. We'll come back and get big dog. Dr. Haller to tell you how to go check this out.

[00:27:34] All right. So, folks, he is a mentor and has been to thousands and thousands of people in his field, and so have I in my field. And I really encourage you no matter what you do with real estate. I always want you to have an online presence. In fact, Dr. Haller and his wife Rose have a massive online presence in multiple fields. You talk about multiple streams of income. So my mentor program kind of turned the Internet marketing world on its head over 20 years ago is by far the longest running, most successful ever in this field because people at my level were charging 50 or 100 grand to help you with this. And then I know a lot these people, they would never even help you once they got their money. So I turned it on its head by allowing people in at a smaller, much smaller entry fee. And then I partnered with them to take a percentage of profits as they got more successful, but it was capped so they weren't stuck with me forever. So for me to get my big money, they made way bigger money and then they're off to the races. So it's about as fair as you can get. And that's why it's run for 20 some years. No lawsuits, no refunds. You check me out. People will be lounging. You know, all the things I've done for him. In fact, I don't know if you know this, Dr. Haller, but if you remember Alea, who used to work for me, the little Russian kid. Yeah. He just sold Pluto.TV. Hope you're sitting down. Three hundred and forty million dollars. Last time he he contacted me, he was on a yacht with a bunch of supermodels in Greece. So. So anyway, we have the real deal here, if you like, to really have a nice lifestyle business. Again, real estate. On one hand, I have real estate and plenty of real estate and an Internet marketing. On the other, you can really insulate yourself about stuff that's like happened and now with these with these bad things that are going on in the country. So so check it out. And that is that greatInternetmarketingtraining.com.

[00:29:44] So, Dr. Haller, tell her about where where they can check this course out.

[00:29:49] Ok. And how if they have questions for you. A lot of people will definitely want to ask you questions about this.

[00:29:55] I answer all the questions that are HD video, but I will tell you right now for your people, Tom and I got a call from one of the ladies who E.T. R who said she listened to the course, of course, and she's going to be buying the course and wants to talk to me. So I've already given that number. Rhumba, give it to you right now. I'm going to give you my personal cell, Tom.

[00:30:18] Awesome. And then we'll put that in the show notes for everybody too.

[00:30:23] 8 1 8 - 2 9 8 - 0 0 0 0.

[00:30:30] That's like no money down 0 0 0 0. No, not says no money down. That's right. Awesome. And Will, we'll put the how about a little more email that showed no questions.

[00:30:45] And if they have questions about it, they can certainly get a hold of me. They can email me at realestatementorDoc@Gmail.com.

[00:31:01] And we'll put the link for the course in the show notes.

[00:31:04] That's awesome. So, yeah, so I'm excited about it too. I always get the stuff that Dr. Haller comes out with and never, never, ever have been disappointed because he breaks these complex concepts down into something more. Anybody can understand that if they apply themselves. So. So thanks for coming on in and bringing this up to date. The commercial course was just fantabulous and I can't wait to see this residential one.

[00:31:34] Thank you very much, Tom. Take care and stay safe.

[00:31:38] Oh, yes. Stay safe out there to you and Rose. All right, everybody. That was my buddy, Big Dog PhD, Dr. Howard Haller. And showing you the secrets behind the real secrets, not the fake secrets that they charge you a fortune for. Behind the real estate world. So catch everybody on the next episode. See ya later.

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