261 - An introvert that makes cool videos: Tom interviews Lou Bortone - Screw The Commute

261 – An introvert that makes cool videos: Tom interviews Lou Bortone

Lou Bortone has been a pioneer and thought leader in the video space since the launch of YouTube in 2005. He's helped thousands of entrepreneurs and companies create and leverage online video to build their brands and dramatically grow their Web revenues. And prior to his industry leading work in online video marketing, he spent 20 years as a marketing executive in the entertainment industry, and some of his videos are just quirky and cool.

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[03:26] Tom's introduction to Lou Bortone

[07:34] Lou's 30 day Video Challenge

[14:54] Starting as a marketing executive

[17:01] Tips on shooting video

[22:21] Anything you can do with marketing you can enhance with video

[26:49] Sponsor message

[28:52] A typical day for Lou and how he stays motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 261 – Lou Bortone
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with Episode 261 of Screw the Commute podcast. I'm here with a buddy of mine, Lou Bortone. It's been about a year since he's been on and I've known him a long time. But you know what? I've never heard anything but rave reviews about his expertise in the video world. And so he's gonna have a big challenge for us today. He's going to tell us about a little later and hope he didn't miss episode 260. That was Jackie Lapin. She has speakertunity and she has a directories of people that book speeches in major cities around the country. So you can get into her system. And she's got a podcast booking agency doing all kinds of stuff. So I've known her for a long time, too. Again, never heard anything bad. Oh course, I'd probably say that about everybody because they wouldn't be on here if I if I had heard something bad about them. And I'm putting my plea out again. I'm looking for a veteran friendly accountant. That's a CPA that can do full blown audits. I'm trying to get approved for the G.I. Bill for my school, and I'm looking for somebody to give me a deal in here. I'm just trying to help veterans out in a lot of the big city accountants are trying to rape me with the money for this. So let me know if you know anybody. Hope you didn't miss getting a copy of our automation e-book. This e-book, just one of the tips has saved me seven and a half million keystrokes. And I'm not just B.S.ing and we actually figured it out a couple years ago. It's probably more than that now. And it's a way to handle customers quickly, make more money because you get the money before they get tired of waiting for you to respond and go onto somebody else. So check that out at screwthecommute.com/automatefree and all these things I mentioned the links and the stuff Lou will tell us will be in the show notes. This is episode 261. So you go screwthecommute.com/261 and you'll find all this stuff and while you're over at screw the commute, grab a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app and we're not the kind of people that just throw an app at you and you've got to try to figure it out. We got video training, we got screenshots so you can see how to use all these fancy features so you can take us with you on the road. Our sponsor's the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. It's a distance learning school currently and it has been for eleven years. But this summer we're opening it up because of the G.I. Bill for in-house classes. You know, we're surrounded here, right, with veterans and military and the Norfolk, Virginia area. So they want us to have in-house classes. So we're going to do it. And it's at IMTCVA.org. And a little later, I'm going to tell you about a quiz that's going to make you mad. That's all I'll tell you right now. It's gonna make you mad when you hear what these colleges and universities are doing to families and students.

[00:03:29] All right. Let's bring on the main event. Lou Bortone has been a pioneer and thought leader in the video space since the launch of YouTube in 2005. He's helped thousands of entrepreneurs and companies create and leverage online video to build their brands and dramatically grow their Web revenues. And prior to his industry leading work in online video marketing, he spent 20 years as a marketing executive in the entertainment industry, and some of his videos are just quirky and cool, and I can't wait to bring him on. So, Lou, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:04:06] I'm so ready, Tom.

[00:04:06] How you been? It's been about a year since we crossed paths.

[00:04:13] Yeah. Now, it's been a long, strange trip.

[00:04:19] So a lot a lot of stuff happened in the video world. What's so what's changed, you think, since last time we talk?

[00:04:26] You know, at the time I say every time I say, well, this is really the year. A video right here the next year. You're right. And I keep thinking like, oh, my God, this can't get any bigger guy. But, you know, video continues to grow as as a way to do business online. And it's just unbelievable the amount of video that's out there.

[00:04:45] And I've been shooting vertical videos lately for Snapchat ads and 10 second videos. And it used to be the kiss of death. And you were like a doofus if you would have a vertical video. Remember, people like, oh, my God, don't you know to hold the camera sideways? Now there's loads of places to put vertical video.

[00:05:05] It's chilling that all these. Video creators. Now you see that they have different sizes for it, like, oh, a video ad should be square and video should be as it should be vertical. And are you confident it can be horizontal and it's madness?

[00:05:16] Exactly. Yeah. So so what else have you seen in the video world?

[00:05:21] I'm seeing a lot of personalization. Like a lot of video is is going from maybe it's the same is true in marketing in general. But a lot of video is going from sort of the usual blasts of mass appeal to more one on one. I'm doing a lot more video email. I can reach out to people, get video, you know, kind of more in a one on one. So if I get back from a conference or something rather than shoot an email to people that I met, I might just shoot a quick little ten or 15 second video email. It's a lot more personal and engaging that way.

[00:05:52] I know it used to be kind of impossible before. It would never get opened. Right. And maybe be too big to send and all that stuff. But now there's some some service is not zoom, but there's something I want to lose. That's it. Yeah.

[00:06:07] Useloom.com. Really easy. It's free to start out and you can send quick little video emails right from the web. So the neat thing about that is sort of pop on like a little circle on the web age. And you could say, hey, I'll tell you about this new program I'm starting and you right on the Web age itself.

[00:06:25] Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's that's very cool. And then just this week, they're promoting something I think a JVZoo product about, you know, interactive videos where you can pick like what part? You know, the video will go a different direction depending on what you click.

[00:06:41] Yeah, there's a lot of things that'll do. You know, we do X at the end of the videos and then you end up back at the person's Web site.

[00:06:47] So some of that is like coming off of YouTube because YouTube is you know, obviously there's a lot going on there and you can easily go down a rabbit hole and end up on somebody else's video. So I think people want to kind of take back control of their videos as well.

[00:06:59] Yeah. And boy, I tell you what frustrates me. I mean, I do a lot of in-stream ads. Yeah. And, you know, every every day I come back and that interface has changed the same with Facebook. I think it's a bunch of executives have to, you know, convince the guy that runs Facebook that they're worth or they're worth the risk because they just change things for no reason.

[00:07:24] And you're going out. They'll figure it out.

[00:07:26] And then, you know, for people like us or like, you know, I do a lot of YouTube courses and things like that, it's like the minute the cost is done, everything looks different. You got to start all over again.

[00:07:35] Yeah. So. So this marketing challenge, you got to this video challenge. Tell us about that.

[00:07:43] Well, I do every April. It's I do a video, a day challenge, video game.

[00:07:48] Let's start April 1st, like April Fools.

[00:07:50] Does April 1st go to an excuse to dress up like a unicorn and do a crazy deal?

[00:07:56] But it's an opportunity for folks to do more video because people say, how do you get better? I simply get back this video. Like anything else? Yeah. And you know, you can do short videos.

[00:08:08] You can do Facebook life. I give folks ideas and prompts and sort of daily little pushes in the right direction to give me an idea. And they can record a quick video and put it in our private Facebook group and get feedback on it. I also do like Q&A calls along the way and stuff like that just to give people as much help and encouragement and accountability to do more video.

[00:08:31] Ok, so this is a 30 day challenge and so they get into this thing and then you give them tips along the way or give them props on what kind of video to shoot.

[00:08:44] Yep. And they can follow the prompts like one might make the best advice I ever got. You know, and you do that and you can do it like you can do it recorded. You know, there's really a lot of flexibility in terms of the platform that you use. But basically if we just give them a lot of hand-holding to help them along the way and show them different ways to do videos, we might show them Instagram one day a Facebook live another YouTube another, just to give them an idea of scope of opportunity available to them.

[00:09:12] Yeah, that's really great because I mean, I, you know, short thousands of videos, but I always like to have something to go by, you know, because I don't feel like I'm I value my creative. But if you give me an idea, then I can put my information into it. So it sounds like that's what you're doing all but.

[00:09:29] Yeah, we'll do a lot of fun stuff. So, you know, something might be silly or one day I just sort of tell people about that, you know, your favorite place, that you're happy place or something. Others are the pages.

[00:09:41] Who is it? My pug, Rocco.

[00:09:43] Rocco. What's up, buddy? Busted in.

[00:09:47] Oh, yeah. The idea that, you know, basically said that people get stuck on, they don't know what to talk about. And that will never happen in this challenge because we give you tons of ideas and inspiration to do video. And it's not like, oh, my God, you know? You know, you you have to create 30. You can do five or ten or fifteen or however many you want.

[00:10:06] Oh. Oh, I see. So it's it's not like one per day or something or two.

[00:10:10] I mean, ideally it is, but like sometimes people get freaked out if they miss a couple of days. OK. My point is like, hey, if you've gone through this and you've done 17 videos that said nothing more videos than you would have done if you hadn't done that.

[00:10:23] That's great. You know, I have one that I go for, goes screw the community. I got one. I got this prosthetic screw sticking in my forehand.

[00:10:32] I know you like that kind of stuff. A lot of fun stuff like that.

[00:10:37] And you know what I got to tell you, Lou? This is more important than ever that people can communicate through these kinds of channels because we're right in the middle of this Corona virus thing that's happening.

[00:10:51] I know it's really crazy. And people who are doing video well positioned and folks like you guys are doing distance learning and they're doing it forever. But now that we can't go to conferences or there's travel bans or we can't go to networking events, the best way to stay visible and stay out there is through video. Absolutely. You can still stay connected. You can still do interviews. You know, podcasts or video podcasts. And you don't have to crawl on your lock and wait for everything to be over.

[00:11:20] Yeah. And people, you know, when they are beginning, they just get too whacked out on it. Oh, I don't look right on video. Nobody cares if you're giving good information and you're just being yourself. Nobody's going to pick you apart on the on this stuff.

[00:11:34] You know, it's all about the content. People need answers to their questions. And, you know, like just today, I did a lot of people asking me like, OK, I get it. I need to learn how to use Zoom because I need to do video conferencing now that I can't go into the office. So, you know, it's opportunity there as well. Yeah. And that's that's that's. Yes.

[00:11:51] Yeah. That zoom is great, too. I mean I kind of got rid of Skype. I mean, I still have it and I still have to use it like next week for your podcast. Somebody is still using Skype. But I mean since Microsoft bought it, it's me. It wasn't great to start with.

[00:12:06] And then Microsoft Word zoom tends to be a lot more reliable. And you can do just audio, you can do audio and manually change a screen. And again, you know, especially now where we're having to rely on the most workers and distance learning and things like that. It's really come in handy.

[00:12:22] Yeah. There's no excuse not to learn these tools. But I mean, you can zoom as free for 40 minutes a shot. I mean, most people don't, you know, can't go 40 minutes anyway. So there's just no excuse. I mean, nowadays is cheap and easy as this stuff is and reliable, not added to to what you're doing, because you just I mean, a lot of people right this moment, you know, with all it's in the news are just sitting home twiddling their thumbs and not making money. You can't do much of anything.

[00:12:55] Scared to go to the grocery store, you know, so you can you can dad stay home and do courses. You can. You know that you can sell. I mean, that's, you know, part of the way that I run my business. Right, is that they scale. They know they can earn you passive revenue. There's nothing better, as you know, than waking up and seeing like all the people somebody bought.

[00:13:16] Like what? Exactly.

[00:13:18] Yeah. We're living that life since 1994. That's when I started on the commercial Internet when it started back in 94. So, yeah, just I'm just trying to beat my head against a wall when I see what people could be doing. And, you know, we're still it's still surrounded by so many rip offs. So people are really skeptical online. But they mean some of these powerful tools that we have in the. Yeah, I mean, YouTube itself. I mean, look at look at what you can do with you.

[00:13:47] It's amazing. Yeah. I mean, you know, especially the power of YouTube. And a lot of folks, you know, you asked about trends earlier. A lot of folks are kind of cutting the cord with TV and just using services like YouTube or Hulu or Netflix. And that's their you know, that's the way they get the information.

[00:14:02] Yeah. I mean, I got an even the Roku and Amazon fire. I've got a channel on Roku that's getting 3000 videos views a week. And I haven't touched it since I put it up there. That's amazing. And it's a crappy subject to it's my public speaking stuff which everybody hates and nobody goes to TV to learn. I mean, we're going to put up our dog sites and all kinds of stuff. But I mean, it was hard to figure out. I realize that. But but there's what? Thirty some million people just on Roku. And that's all they have to do is buy a $30 box and get rid of cable. You know, my cable bill here is I just checked it today. Eighty dollars a month.

[00:14:46] Yeah. And all I want is like one channel. Yeah.

[00:14:50] So these others there's just so many powerful things out there. People will get their head head in the game. So take this back a little bit. You were in marketing. What?

[00:15:00] What did you get? I was getting exac in while my dad was in the TV business. And they kind of outdid. Yes, he worked at the NBC affiliate in Boston and I spent a lot of weekends at the TV station, so that was kind of in my blood. When I got out of school and and worked in radio for a while, which is fine, because in radio you get to do everything, not just, you know, marketing like, you know, one one time I had to dress up as a pickle parade because of the sponsors was daily pickles that didn't show up.

[00:15:33] Like our town. Get over here. Put on the paper poster.

[00:15:38] So there's never a dull moment there. And then I worked in Los Angeles for many years. And that's why I kind of got into much more of the video and the marketing. It's like that. So it was a good experience, but it was also a time when the TV business was starting to change and declined rapidly because of YouTube and all the other things. So I just made the jump from some TV to online video.

[00:16:01] Yeah. And you've you've so you lived on both coasts. I mean, how long were you in L.A.? I was out there for about 10 years. Oh, wow. So, yeah. I got to experience. When was that?

[00:16:12] In the 90s. So I got the earthquakes. I have mudslides. I did the four seasons of L.A.. Fire, earthquake, mudslides.

[00:16:19] Oh, that's good. But, you know, I mean, I think it's just as bad in different ways now from all we hear in the news out here now.

[00:16:28] Yeah. So, you know, again, that's why, you know, and as an introvert especially, I like to you know, I don't mind hunkering down and doing what it's no expression, social distancing or whatever. It's like I've been doing that.

[00:16:39] Yeah. Yeah. They can't give me up when I first met you. But, you know, you're an introvert and I see all these crazy videos you put.

[00:16:46] Yeah, that's well, that's how I like it. Especially when when I first started and I really didn't want to be on camera. I would kind of hide behind the costume. Right. So it was easier for me to dress up and put on masks. So be be goofy than it was to just be on camera center.

[00:17:03] So. So give us give us some tips. You know, like we talked about vertical video and horizontal videos. So what? You know, the cameras are so I mean, they're shooting TV shows with iPhones now.

[00:17:15] Yeah. You really don't need anything more than than an iPhone. People kind of you know, they say, oh, you sure about that? I'm like, yeah. Look at these, you know, BMW commercials being shopman, iPhones, Androids. If you have a mobile phone, you can do video. So, you know, even with Facebook Live, which I think is kind of low hanging fruit, a couple taps on your phone and you're alive on Facebook and you don't have to be all pretty or anything like that. I've done videos, but I just got out of that. You know, work out of a gym or something. And I look terrible. But I wanted to say something. And I had a message and I just went on Facebook, lied and and did my video.

[00:17:47] Yeah. And people don't expect it to be perfect when it's live. You know, so it's now it's much easier they put up with more trouble. Now, the only problem we've had over the past couple of years is getting an external microphone into an iPhone. Some some of the ones work, some don't. You gotta get a little $9 dongle thing to do. Add. Yeah. And but I've kind of got it down lately, but it's it's never it hasn't been easy. But for the most part if it's if you're just shootin something in front of you, the you know you don't need an external mikos. It's right next to your mouth.

[00:18:26] Yeah. You know, arm's length away you're gonna be okay.

[00:18:28] Yeah. And selfie videos and stuff like that. It's only you know, once you start get three, four, five, six feet away and then you've got a lot of room noise and wind noise and things to deal with. But still they just don't. I mean, I got a whole TV studio here at the retreat center. And some of the stuff we just never use anymore. It's just it's just I've had it some 30 some years. And and you don't need. You don't need all that stuff anymore.

[00:18:56] You have a video camera in your pocket. You know, almost 24/7 if you have a phone. So you you're ready to go. And whenever the mood strikes you, you can just, you know, get the phone out and and do a quick video and uploaded to YouTube or Facebook without ever having to leave your phone.

[00:19:10] Yep. Yep. No, you have you do you have a Gimbel by any chance?

[00:19:15] I do. What is the one that I have? It's called Adam. And I have to admit that I have not taken it out of the box.

[00:19:21] Well, I took mine out of the box. It's not an atom. Forget what the name of it is. It was. And it's something. Movie three again, DJI or something like that. But I tell you what, it's I don't use it that much either, because you can do all kinds of cool stuff with it. But I mean, if you don't use it every day, you can't remember. Okay. Am I supposed to put three buttons in my supposed to click three times to get it to go this way? But you could do some really cool stuff if you're if you're into this stuff with a hundred dollar gamble as creative as you want.

[00:19:53] And I always tell folks I'm like, you know what? Keep it simple. What's the shortest route between you and a finished video? And sometimes that's just, you know, not a lot of equipment. Just shoot a video on my phone and get it out there.

[00:20:05] Yeah. And just some simple stuff. Like, watch out if you're outside. Watch where the the light of the sun is. So you're not jumping right into the sun and all like that, but it doesn't take a lot to to get stuff that's usable that will make money for you. So we have a VIP video weekend here where people come in and, you know, we shoot them in our studio to get a bunch of talking heads stuff. But then we teach them YouTube marketing, then we teach them using the videos on social media. Then the next day, I take him into the field and in Virginia Beach and we make them be able to shoot a marketing video wherever they are, you know, and time what they're in. So so that's what we've been doing. But yeah, I was I actually studied in Hollywood back 35 years ago, but I have my first wedding. I was going to shoot. I got thrown out of the church. You know, I think my Catholic stuff.

[00:21:01] Yeah, I know the covering.

[00:21:03] Oh, okay. So so you'll love this. And I don't know if I told you about this before its first wedding. So I get in the church really early and I hold my stuff up to the front and I see this big table up there. Now, you are here ahead of me, right? This third throwing stuff on the table thinking all this is handy, man, I can get. And the priest is like like running out of in those robes or flying behind to kill me. So even worse than that, though, on the way in. I mean, I was a dumb hick for, you know, from West Virginia and on the way in. I see what I now know to be the confessional. And I thought, perfect. They got a closet for me to throw all my crap. And you know, what should the bride is like begging the priest not to throw me?

[00:21:56] Yeah. So that must've gone over. Yeah.

[00:22:00] That must've gone over really well. My mom was it was a big Catholic and she was mad just because I did that being dressed up as Moses.

[00:22:07] Oh.

[00:22:10] Thought it was sacrilegious that I would talk about the Ten Commandments of online video and. Oh is it.

[00:22:16] That's even worse because I mean, I got thrown out. But you could get this.

[00:22:20] And so what else you got going on besides the challenge?

[00:22:27] Oh, all kinds of fun stuff. I mean, really, it's come to the point where anything you can do with marketing, you can enhance it with videos. I'm helping people with video emails and video sales letters and stuff. Yeah, absolutely. So what I'm saying is that at every step of the funnel on on every Web page, there should be something that tells the viewer exactly what to do because you don't like that old web design book. Don't make me think.

[00:22:55] Yeah. Yeah. That was one of the first ones back in the early days.

[00:22:58] And it's the same with video. So you come to a sales page and this video tells you what to do on the sales page.

[00:23:04] Then you if you buy something in the order, the thank you page. Thank you page and tell the viewer what's going to happen next. And maybe there's an upsell and if there's a video at every step of the customer journey, the customer is gonna feel better. They're going to feel like they don't care about. They're going to have more no liking trust and they're going to continue your business with you.

[00:23:24] Yeah. And now, is there any particular apps you like for just minor edits? Because I don't I don't really try to make people be a video editor, because, I mean, if you if you learn how to use, you know, some of the premiere or something nice, you still might that would take forever and then you still might suck at the artistic part of it, you know, so. Right. So, yeah, but there are apps where you can trim the front and back and use Israeli ones that you like.

[00:23:50] Particularly helpful editing goes a long way. If I'm online, they tend to use WeVideo because it doesn't matter whether you're on a Mac or P.C. it will do it all in the cloud.

[00:24:00] And so it's a service that you just upload your video and then you can work on it that's WeVideo. We'll put that in the show notes.

[00:24:06] I use, you know, because I'm on a Mac, I use Final Cut Pro, which is a little bit more.

[00:24:10] Yeah. That's that's too heavy duty for most people.

[00:24:13] But I mean even this iPhone apps like Magister. I think it's another one on the iPhone. You can just turn the fun back into video because a little editing goes a long way. That's the good news is people get intimidated by it. You don't need to do much to make it look more professional.

[00:24:26] Yeah, because a lot of people say, oh well you see them walking into the frame and then getting ready and then you see them stop on the camera. I mean, that won't kill you, though. I don't want people to not do a video just because of that, because that will not kill you. But there are little things you can do to get to jazz it up a little bit.

[00:24:44] I mean, you got to remember that Gary Vaynerchuk started with a folding table on a folding jigsaw with a bulletin board and called the wine library TV. And now look now look where he is.

[00:24:55] Yeah. Oh, there's all kinds of cool stuff. This this one guy's got this show where he's got a fairly big name people, celebrities sitting across the table. And he's. Talking to him and they have to eat hot sauce wing.

[00:25:09] See that one?

[00:25:11] And then each hot sauce has got a higher Scoville unit that keeps getting hotter and hotter and hotter. And celebrities are starting to sweat and tears. Yeah, he just came up with that out of nothing. And these getting millions and millions of use. You know, so.

[00:25:27] Yeah. I mean, you just never know what's going to hit. And everybody has a TV network. You know, fingertips with YouTube. I mean, you can really reach the world like you had never seen before. It is an idea and a camera, that's for sure.

[00:25:42] So tell her, how do people get ahold of you?

[00:25:44] You can find me at loubortone.com. Well, if you want to check out the video day challenge that we're doing, it's just 97 bucks and that's it.

[00:26:05] All right. So. Well, good catching up with you, man. And you're really helping a lot of people with this because there's just a lot of people that are just scared to death of it. That could be doing bigger things and.

[00:26:17] Yeah. Well, thank you. And that know you've been a great mentor. I still tell people about the backward keywood in YouTube. The trick I learned, you know. And I always attribute that to you. It's like I call it the Antion keyword trick. So thank you for all you do.

[00:26:35] Well, yes, my pleasure. I work with an old coal miner. Frenemy is they? The schoolhouse door is always open. You know, there's so many new things to learn. And. And that can do great things for people's businesses like that, especially in this atmosphere. Absolutely. What's going on? So before I let you go, I got to do a quick sponsor break. But then I want to ask you would like your workflow is in a typical day and how you kind of stay motivated? So so, folks, I was telling you about a quiz that I want you to take that's going to make you mad. It's at IMTCVA.org/quiz. And it only takes you two minutes. And I guarantee you, you know, somebody that's either got kids or grandchildren going to school or they or anybody that wants to thinking about retraining themselves, going back to college. You know, I have this show in Hollywood called Scam Brigade that's in development. And so I'm very in tune with fraudulent things. And if these colleges were hadn't brainwashed you for a hundred years, that how great they are. I think they'd be in jail because the stuff that they're doing is just terrible. So so take this quiz and then pass it on to people and then you'll see the kinds of things that are just I mean, like they're the tuition is eight times the cost of the cost of living. You know, it's just it's crazy that what they're doing. And then the kids are getting out with no usable skills. And in fact, Google, IBM, Apple, Bank of America and hundreds of other companies are got rid of the college degree as a requirement to apply because they're sick of these kids. All they know how to do is protest and and some stupid art history class and nothing wrong with art and nothing wrong with history. But these companies want people with skills that can actually do things. And that's what our school teaches in a very short order for a very low amount of money. So check it out at IMTCVA.org. It's a distance learning school so you can be anywhere you can hear this. And if you speak English, you're in. So it's IMTCVA.org/quiz and call me and I'll be glad to discuss with you and your kids or grandchildren what they can do with these skills.

[00:28:56] All right. So let's get back to the main event, Lou Bortone's here. And Lou, what's a typical workday look like for you?

[00:29:03] Well, I wish there was a typical day. That's the fun part is they're all a little. Yeah, that's true. You know, I try to remember that, you know, part of the job is marketing. So even though you wanted your client work, you have to continue to market yourself. I mean, they set aside a few hours for just marketing. And then, you know, I just like to do a lot of creative fun stuff. So late at night is usually when I do make my videos on my wall, creative stuff. So it's fun because different every day. And I get to do a little client work, a little of my own style, a little creative work. So it's been. Yes. It's never a dull.

[00:29:39] So you're a night night owl, basically. Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

[00:29:43] So do you want to sleep in like get a crack at one of the things I've done? You know, because it's it's kind of cold and gray up here in the northeast is especially in the winter. I try and get up and then go do my little kickboxing things because I get to punch things. I don't get in trouble for it.

[00:30:00] That's a good point. So get up your workout.

[00:30:04] Yeah, I keep my work and I come back. And then usually just jump right into into the video stuff and like to post ideas, know whenever things come to me, I post on Facebook and YouTube and sometimes LinkedIn and just get the stuff out there, get the content out down and then just try to serve clients the best I can.

[00:30:24] Now, do you have a set or multiple sets at your house?

[00:30:29] No, I have a $17 vinyl background that looks like an office, but it's a it's amazingly realistic. And I switch them out sometimes. But I get I get these little vinyl backgrounds from Amazon and I just take them up on the wall behind me. And that's what they called. It's called studio backdrops.

[00:30:49] And just do a search on Amazon for a studio backed others literally thousands of miles out and pick up in Vegas one week.

[00:30:57] At least it looks that way or another.

[00:30:59] How far are you away from it?

[00:31:01] I'm about three feet in front of it.

[00:31:03] Three feet at least. Yeah.

[00:31:05] Because basically, if I keep my computer and my webcam positioned right, it looks like I'm in a nice clean office. But if I move the computer, you'll see the real light as clean as the vinyl back. I know that.

[00:31:16] Really? Yeah. So that's that's cool.

[00:31:19] So now do you have staff were virtual staff or anything?

[00:31:23] I have the V.A. But other than that, I do this most the stuff myself. I mean, I like doing graphics and videos and editing, so I don't mind doing all that.

[00:31:31] How do you stay motivated when you're working by your. Totally by yourself?

[00:31:34] Yeah. I mean, oftentimes and it's, you know, obviously a little bit harder later. But I like going to conferences. I mean, that's what I mean. You're on a roll. Michael Oshinsky things. And I find it when I go down. And other people that do what we do and get ideas from them and you get things like that, it's I find that a motivating.

[00:31:53] I hope we're still able to do that. Yes. I hope this will all blow over and we can do that. Otherwise, it's gonna be a lot of virtual summits. I know, right?

[00:32:01] Yeah, you're right. You're right. Well, thanks so much for catching up with us, man. So, everybody, check out lose stuff. It'll be in the show notes. Then check out that challenge. If you really need a jump, start to get those video stuff roll and you'll see it's not that hard. And the people, especially in that group, lose will be very kind to you, you know? You know, it's a safe environment to get to get some feedback and you can just improve, improve, improve to the point where it'll be nothing. There will be no big deal anymore.

[00:32:31] Absolutely. Well, I usually say, oh, I knew it was this easy. I would have started it much then.

[00:32:35] Exactly. Yeah. So. All right, Lou. Thanks so much for checking in with us, man.

[00:32:40] Thank you, Tom. I appreciate it.

[00:32:41] All right, everybody. We'll catch y'all on the next episode. See you later.

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