257 - 38 years selling flowers: Tom interviews Heidi Richards Mooney - Screw The Commute

257 – 38 years selling flowers: Tom interviews Heidi Richards Mooney

Heidi Richards Mooney is the host of The EntreprenHer Show. It's a popular podcast that focuses primarily on the backstories of success driven women. And she's the author of a dozen books including Quirky Marketing Calendar and Rose Marketing on a Daisy budget. She's also a WordPress expert. You don't find too many people that deal in flowers that are WordPress experts. Cision named her one of the 50 rich media influencers to follow in 2015.

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[03:38] Tom's introduction to Heidi Richards Mooney

[10:52] Remote and live trainings

[14:54] Heidi's floral connection and keeping fresh flowers

[18:37] Sponsor message

[20:28] A typical day for Heidi and how she stays motivated

[25:04] Live events in Portugal

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 257 – Heidi Richards Mooney
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody it's Tom here with episode two hundred and fifty seven of Screw the Commute podcast. And I've known this lady for, I don't know, two, three hundred years, something like that. Except she sucks because she looks the same as day I met her. So that really sucks. But anyway, it's Heidi Richards Mooney and she's she's been networking online since early 2001. And she's kind of an early adopter. She's been doing teleseminars and webinars long before they were standard in marketing. So I'm gonna bring her on in a minute. Yeah. I hope you didn't miss get a copy of our automation e-book. You get it free for listening to screw the commute when we charge twenty seven bucks for it on the open market and it's allowed me to its all the techniques that I've used to handle up to a hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and forty thousand customers without pulling my hair out has cell phone automation techniques and all kinds of stuff in there. And just one of the tips in this book say we figured it out about two years ago. This is no B.S. It's saved me about seven and a half million keystrokes. So you're crazy if you don't download this book, grab it at screwthecommute.com/automatefree and while you're over there, grab a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app. It allows you to do all kinds of cool stuff on your cell phone and tablet to take us with you on the road. We've got complete training there to show you a screen captures of how to use all the features. So grab that at screwthecommute.com/app. All right, our sponsor's the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, it's a distance learning school. But guess what? After eleven years were opening it up for in-house classes and we're currently applying to get covered by the G.I. Bill so that we can help more veterans. We're already covered by the Department of Defense for a military spouse scholarship program. So if you know any military people, we love our military and we give big scholarships to the school. So it's minimal cost for veterans and their families. So check that out at IMTCVA.org where this is a school where you can get a career. And I mean, we had one lady join. And within a month she's making eleven hundred bucks on the side. Within four months she's making six thousand a month. Quit her other job and she's only halfway in the school. So this is in-demand skills that even, you know, Google and IBM and Bank of America are not asking for college degrees anymore because they want people can actually do stuff, not people that learn how to protest. And, you know, took art history. So check it out at IMTCVA.org. All of the links we talk about, of course, are in the show notes. This is episode 257. So you go to screwthecommute.com/257 and you'll see all this stuff and all the great stuff Heidi brings out a little later.

[00:03:41] Speaking of Heidi, let's bring her on. Heidi Richards Mooney.

[00:03:46] Yes.

[00:03:46] Yes. So she's gung ho. See, I told you, she's an early adopter before I even read her introduction. She's ready to go. So Heidi Richards Mooney is the host of The EntreprenHer Show. It's definitely got HER on the end because it's a popular podcast that focuses primarily on the backstories of success driven women. And she's the author of a dozen books including Quirky Marketing Calendar. And listen to this one, Rose Marketing on a Daisy budget. And you'll know why that that title came along in a minute. She's a WordPress expert. Check that out. You don't find too many people that deal in flowers that are WordPress experts. I can tell you that. And she provides full and half-day trainings on how to set up and manage a Web site that gets found, gets visited and gets business. And she's received dozens of honors. Cision named her one of the 50 rich media influencers to follow in 2015. Heidi, are you ready to screw? The Commute? She had to think about that for a minute.

[00:05:05] Well, let me see if I had my vitamins today.

[00:05:17] Vitamins and some coffee to keep up with me because I'm sixty five going on 12.

[00:05:23] You and me both.

[00:05:26] So how are you doing, kiddo?

[00:05:28] I am doing great, Tom.

[00:05:37] Cision. They love you. They love you. And they told the world about you. So. So tell everybody what you're doing now and then we'll take you back and see how you came up through the ranks.

[00:05:45] Oh, my. Well, you know, I have adult ADD, so I'm all over the place. Not a not something that I tried to teach my clients. Certainly, I want them to focus, focus, focus. Then having said that, I have a podcast.

[00:05:58] I have a couple of women's online directories, a pretty nice the name of the podcast. So you get it right.

[00:06:05] Sure. The entrepreneur. Her show.

[00:06:07] Ok. Entrepreneur. Her show. All right. There we go.

[00:06:10] Just an H. In the right instead of entrepreneur it's HER. Just a little play on words.

[00:06:17] And I noticed that I haven't been invited on because I must say, take a feminine side, to be honest.

[00:06:25] I will break out your feminine side any time you'd like to be on their show. Oh, really? I thought it was all women all the time. Well, you know, I'll have to send you the link to the show.

[00:06:34] I actually was when I first started it, I was repurposing a lot of previous interviews. So you actually are on there?

[00:06:41] Oh, no. I will send you the link. You're the only man I have on there because they interviewed two men. And you're one of them.

[00:06:48] I don't want to have to see it for discrimination, you know, so.

[00:06:51] No, no. You never had that. All right.

[00:06:55] So on to a print, her show. And then what else are you doing?

[00:06:59] I have my you know, I am my florist. I've had that for 38 years. Wow. So pretty much how I got my start in business.

[00:07:06] That's funny, because I can't keep a flower plant alive for like three days. And you've got thirty eight years.

[00:07:14] I could have a number of things for lighting being fed.

[00:07:18] Well, you know, it's the darn thing you're supposed to water them in. You know, they don't come with like instructions.

[00:07:28] While all of mine do anyway.

[00:07:32] And then I have, of course, the WordPress. I've really been focusing a lot of on WordPress in the last few years.

[00:07:40] The gaming becomes harder and harder. I'm sorry. That's the gold standard. Yeah.

[00:07:45] And I was getting tired of getting people getting messed over from webmasters because they didn't know what they were doing or the webmasters would start and then leave and right in the middle of a project.

[00:07:55] I actually own the domain name. Killyourwebdesigner.com.

[00:08:02] Yeah, that's funny.

[00:08:03] Y you guys writing stories all the time.

[00:08:06] You know that people were just you know, they these these people were out of work graphic designers and have no business acumen and and don't care and don't know what they're doing. And in poor business, people get screwed over. Right.

[00:08:21] Well, and I think that's what makes me a little bit unique, is that I have a great sense of business and I bring that to the table and then I have a skill that people need. And so I think that if you have that as a business person, that would probably my first tip be good at something. And then train people on how to use something they need. Mm hmm. You know, and that's been my mantra all these years. And it's worked very well for me.

[00:08:46] Absolutely. It's as quick way to money. And there's and there's no shortage of people out there that need help with stuff, that's for sure.

[00:08:52] Oh, well, Tom, you were one of my first mentors. You were probably one of the very first people I ever interviewed, first on a tell a seminar. Then a couple of webinars. And you've always been such a gracious guest and now host. And I'm just thrilled that we first met and I've been through your boot camps. I've done a lot of things with you. And I'm I mean, I just I don't know. I wouldn't be the person today. I am if if it weren't for you and other people like you. You know, kind of been at the forefront of so many different things that have helped other people. So I should just get that out there.

[00:09:30] Larry, right now, I'm very, very kind of you and enforcement for people like you that are actually go getters and do something. You know, that's the big frustration at all of us. Mentors and coaches have, as I heard one guy say, he says I'm a.

[00:09:48] What was he? He's a thousand dollars an hour. And he says, I'm thinking about giving a five hundred dollar an hour rebate.

[00:09:55] If you just do what I tell you, because it's frustrating you.

[00:10:00] You kill yourself day and night to learn all this stuff and to help people, then. If they don't implement. You know. It's wasted.

[00:10:09] Yeah, well, and I think another wise person told me it's not my responsibility for them to do anything with that. It's my responsibility to make sure they have their armed with the right information and and to give them a few nudges to help them along the way. But at some point, people human nature is what it is. And and people will do what what they want. And you know, you can't be responsible.

[00:10:32] Yeah. Yeah. I don't. It's just it's just I wish because I can see and you can see things in people that they can't see in themselves or what they could doing. And it's it's a little bit frustrating and it's even getting worse because a lot of the younger generation has not had the work ethic that the, you know, an old fart like me.

[00:10:54] So. So how does how did these remote courses or people come in person to your courses or what?

[00:11:02] Well, I. The last year and a half, I've been doing everything remotely. I was doing live trainings. And I'm gonna go back to that because I really like I think that that's the thing missing for me is seeing people's aha moments. You don't get that feeling when you're doing work remotely like whether it's webinars tell us seminars, even the online life, you know, trainings. But when you're in a room with people and all of a sudden they get something and I you know this with your training center, is it? That's what makes it all worthwhile.

[00:11:34] John, drugs. And they gasp like, oh, man. You know, it's it's. Yeah. You see those kind of reactions that you wouldn't see remotely.

[00:11:42] Right. And so that. So I'm and I do small trainings. In fact, I have a little area in my big home and I've made that kind of my training center. And I use I do like ten people at a time. No more than that. And it seems to work well because they all become friends with one another. They have something in common because they're all starting a basically the same place. And I will say that I have a great retention rate. A lot of them end up hiring me because they realize how much work it. Right. Yes. You know, so. So for me, that's kind of been a great way to get new clients unintentionally. Really generous. Yeah. Yes. Yes, yeah.

[00:12:22] And that's very common. I mean, even plumbers are doing that. They they say, OK, we're going to show you how to remodel your bathroom. And then they they they pour it out every little detail. And people are like, oh, my God, I'll have leaks everywhere I do this. You do it. You know, that's basically what it is when you really show people what it takes. And that's why I've been so, so much against the term done for your programs. You know, they mostly should be called done to you pro because, you know, because there's somebody says, okay, yeah, for 100 bucks, I'm going to do all this stuff. And there's no way that the amount of work that all of these things that we do takes is enormous, really. And and so they.

[00:13:08] Oh, you know, the years of training. You know, I never stopped learning in this business. It's always something new. Exactly. Look at WordPress. They came out with Gutenberg 2 years ago. Oh, my goodness. Yeah. I had to learn a whole new platform.

[00:13:20] Exactly.

[00:13:22] You know, and all the social media things that, you know, people tell me I ought to be on tech talk. And I'm thinking what you know.

[00:13:30] And so I go and look at it. And an hour later, I'm still sucked into looking at these, Tick-Tock. You know, like, oh, baby, baby, they got a pointer. But I don't know what I'd create for that. But but yeah, it's.

[00:13:43] But there's just a lot of work involved. And people want, you know, everybody hypes everything up. Yeah. The riches on the Internet and all that. And they're there if you're willing to work as hard as you would at any other thing.

[00:13:56] Absolutely. You talk to that person who said you mentioned at the beginning was making a thousand dollars and now they're making six thousand. Quit their job. Ask them what they really did to do that. Yes. They implemented everything you said. But how much time did it take?

[00:14:10] Yes, very alert. They work. They weren't worked yet. But they're thrilled to death because, you know, people like us love to work for ourselves. And. And her dad had spent $80000 on us on her education. And she was forced into some crap job because there was no work. And so she's she's thrilled to death. But she yes, she's working it and hustling it. But, you know, guys like me, I had to quit years ago. But, you know, I just in my blood, you know, so I still work day and night, seven days a week and just love every second of it. But people have to realize that that's you know, it doesn't have to be seven days a week, day and night like I do. But to get success, you've got to put the work in. There's no doubt about it. Absolutely. Well, I want to ask you, do you keep fresh flowers in your house every day?

[00:15:01] Most of the time I will say every day. Where do you get him? My husband usually gets a for me.

[00:15:09] You go buy him at Wal-Mart.

[00:15:12] Oh, gosh, no. One of my best friends is my one of my best friends is also a floor. So you usually get some from her and she laughs every time she goes, Timmy.

[00:15:20] You could go right in the cooler and get them from your Uncle Ghosheh up. But it wouldn't be the same as me buying them.

[00:15:25] So he's he's a romantic, a hopeless romantic. I love it. So tell me about the this floral connection we're talking about here.

[00:15:34] Oh, sure. Well, years ago when I started my business, I hired people, obviously, like most people do, to do the marketing and stuff. And then I was started taking courses through the Small Business Administration and other night classes on marketing because I felt like I wasn't getting my money's worth with these companies. They were charging me. And we're talking 38 years ago, $250 a month was a lot of money back then. Right. For marketing. And so I said, you know, let me see if I can learn a little bit, at least if I could write a press release, you know, that would be good.

[00:16:04] And so I learned how to write a press release and then that led to learning how to do other things. And this wonderful thing came along called the Internet. So I was actually the very first FTD florist in my county to have a Web site. Wow. Before FTD even had their Web site up and running.

[00:16:23] So now my deal was a mike. It was a front page Web site. Remember the old 1995 when it came out? Yeah. Tom, I think you taught me front page. So I just want to get that little plug in.

[00:16:34] Yeah. And it was like four pages. So then I hired somebody to spiff it up and add some products and stuff. And then we did the E Commerce and I started hiring people to do the Google ads and all of that and the keyword, you know, whatever. And it just became it was like a never ending cycle of spending money, getting very little in return. I was spending more than I was making. And I thought if I even broke even and get one order from them every time.

[00:17:02] But it really ended up costing me. So I started learning how to do it myself. Right. And then people said, wow, your Web sites. Great. How did you do that? Nice. You know, a couple friends asked and I started showing them how to do it. And pretty soon, one thing led to another. I started the Woman's E-commerce Association because I was learning so much I couldn't even keep up with my own eyes.

[00:17:24] Then I get long term. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:17:27] So you came to one of my. You were actually one of my speakers. You. You've been on a couple of my shows. Absolutely. And that's still around. But we're all we're primarily digital now. I decided I wasn't an event planner and I didn't want to do more.

[00:17:42] Any live events anymore? We do a once a year program in Portugal that's alive conference, but otherwise we don't do any live programs anymore. Everything's remote.

[00:17:54] Yeah. And then one thing led to another, and here I am today.

[00:18:00] So you what are you doing mostly nowadays?

[00:18:04] I'm mostly working every day to figure out how to make money in my underwear on my butt.

[00:18:17] Yours is a better visual than mine for people.

[00:18:22] Yeah. I'll call it making money in your thong sidebar.

[00:18:25] All right, guys. Now we're getting in. Had to make some explicit podcast now.

[00:18:32] Well, you know, the more the what I've heard about marketing, the more explicit you can be, the more you'll sell.

[00:18:38] That's true for sure. So we've got to take a brief sponsor break and we come back, we'll ask Heidi what a typical day looks like for her and how she stays motivated.

[00:18:48] So, folks, I want you to visit my school site. And even if this doesn't apply to you, I guarantee you, you know somebody that's coming up thinking about this guy, kids, grand kids, nephews, nieces, thinking about going to college. But, you know, I have a quiz that only takes you two minutes to take it. And it outlines seven ways that colleges and universities are totally in my not so humble opinion, fraudulently ripping off families and kids with textbooks and fake grade point averages and all these things. So you find it at IMTCVA.org/quiz. Well, it takes about two minutes. And you mean you're gonna be mad when you see these things even if you don't have kids? Because it's you know, I have this TV show in development, Hollywood called Scam Brigade. So I'm kind of a consumer advocate. And I I know fraud when I see it. And if these weren't colleges that have been brainwashing you for 100 years about how important they are, they'd be in jail for doing some of these things. So check it out at IMTCVA.org/quiz, pass it on to those that you think could use it and we can get them an in-demand a highly in-demand skill and as little as six months.

[00:20:16] And as I told you earlier, some people were making money before they even graduate. So so check it out. And if we can help you, we're glad to give us a call and I'll talk to you personally about you or your child's future on the Web. All right. Let's get back to the main event. Heidi Richards Mooney is here, is old friend of mine, goes way back. And she's live in the lifestyle. So what's a typical day look like for you, Heidi?

[00:20:44] Well, let me see. My husband makes me a cappuccino.

[00:20:47] Nice, hopeless robot outside by our pool and look at our beautiful property and play with our dog around 11:00.

[00:20:54] A condo. Get online, huh? Kind of dog you got.

[00:20:58] Oh, I have a he's up American bulldog boxer mix. Wow. He look, he looks like Petey from from the little rascal.

[00:21:07] He is a beauty and a sweetheart. His name is Jack. Jack. All right, I don't use Jack's name in any of my passwords. Just so you know. Goodness. Because people are like, don't use your dog today. That's my tip today. They're your children or your husband or anything.

[00:21:30] Yeah. And then around 11:00, I get online and just check my emails to make sure that I don't have any urgent things from clients. And by urgent, I mean things that are urgent to them, because if there are really urgent, they'll text me. Right. They they have my my phone. So maybe once a month I'll get a text from a client who's been hacked or something. But for the most part, it's not that urgent is something I could do that day. If there's nothing pressing, you know, I'm semi-retired, Tom, so I do whatever I want every day. Some days I will work on. I always take a project and work on it. So, for instance, today I'm working on cleaning up my emails in between talking to people and doing different things just because I have to do that once a month. On Saturday, I was working on my floral Web site trying to clean up some old pictures and get rid of old products we no longer sell. And so every day I have a plan and for an hour I do that.

[00:22:26] So you're still running the floral business?

[00:22:28] I am. I am. But I'm working from home.

[00:22:31] So we we don't we have like a warehouse and we might have two or three orders today and 10 tomorrow.

[00:22:40] It's I'm really busy. Wholesale is our tree wholesalers.

[00:22:43] No, no, no. Wholesale, only strictly retail. But it's mostly for corporations. Oh, I see. You have the convention centers and school boards and stuff like that. Yeah.

[00:22:55] So we don't have any retail. Very little retail. Yeah. It's great. Yeah. Because we're not you know, we're busy but it's more in quantity. Right. Right. Then in you know, this one off stuff which is drives you crazy. Thirty eight years. Yeah.

[00:23:14] Oh before I meant to mention when I'm having my cappuccino, my husband and I will do this thing called trivia genius. So every day I I want to learn something new every day. So I ask him a question that they sent me and then we tried to figure out the answer together. And it's a lot of fun.

[00:23:28] Because I love it in my e-mail box, too.

[00:23:31] Yeah.

[00:23:32] And and it didn't I read something about, you know, doing crossword puzzles and those Sudoku things and keeping your mind active like reduces your chances of getting all time.

[00:23:44] Absolutely. I believe it. I do. Now, if you want I want to learn one new thing. Just because if I get on ever get on Jeopardy, I want to make sure I don't embarrass myself.

[00:23:55] Well, to win. Yeah. And so you want to be sure to get also resist sit in front of Netflix all day.

[00:24:01] Yeah, exactly.

[00:24:05] So and.

[00:24:08] Ben, and the other thing I like to do is I like to make one new connection every day, so that could be a connection I reach out to on LinkedIn. It could be someone I haven't talked to in a long time today. You're my connection, Tom here. We haven't talked in so long. So I said, wow, you're going to fulfill one of my daily one of my daily missions.

[00:24:28] All right. Yeah. And then go ahead. Every day is different, you know, because then, you know, in the Internet marketing world, you're working on a Web site. You might be doing that in the afternoon if you're doing some consulting for a client.

[00:24:43] You might be doing that. And so I. My days are and that's what I love about this, because I could never sit behind a desk doing the same thing day.

[00:24:54] I've not had the pleasure of experiencing that ever. That's why this is Screw the Commute podcast. Never actually had a jobs. Neither have I. I don't think I'm hireable zero.

[00:25:07] What I want to ask you, though, is, you know, you just said, oh, yeah. We're not really. I only do one live event. It happens be in Portugal.

[00:25:16] How do you pick Portes conference? Talk about planning a tough job to plan. Jeez.

[00:25:24] Well, the the Portugal event is. I have a co.

[00:25:30] Co-founder for women in e-commerce. She happens to be in in Lisbon, Portugal. Actually in cash. Kice She's a translator and an international marketer and a meeting planner.

[00:25:40] So her job is planning oh no, she plans the meeting.

[00:25:45] She gets the speakers. I help her get speakers from all over the world. My job is to help get speakers and sponsors and she does everything else. She coordinates with the rest of the hotel and just because we've done it now there for four years, we just decided we were gonna go to other countries. We started getting bids and and things. And we just found that our people don't mind going to Portugal in the wintertime or in the early spring. So we've just decided to keep it there. We may go someplace else. But right now, Portugal's it.

[00:26:16] Wow. Yeah. I was just saying. How did you pick Portugal? It's such a beautiful place.

[00:26:21] Yeah. Yeah. But I guess that it just came out of nowhere, like. Yeah, we have one of it. It's in Portugal. I know. I'm in Florida.

[00:26:32] How many people you get. Pardon? How many people you get attending two to three hundred.

[00:26:38] I think the most we've had was 350. Yeah, but we're talking. We have people come in from all over the world speaking.

[00:26:45] We have usually 20 to 30 countries represented so that the 250 to 300 people are probably mostly from Portugal, Spain, that area.

[00:26:56] And then we get them from all over, like the United States has got the second highest attendance.

[00:27:01] But there's the whole thing in English. It's in English. Yes. And there's translators there to translate in other languages.

[00:27:08] Wow. Oh, that's Windsor coming up.

[00:27:12] It will be in October of this year and it'll be in cash Kayce, which is like a little sea port. It's actually the city where James Bond. So what's the what's the.

[00:27:27] Oh, gosh, I can't think of the name of the casino. Casino Royale. Right. Yeah. And that was filmed. Wow.

[00:27:34] So people now these are all members of women in e commerce.

[00:27:38] This is like, you know, they're not going anywhere.

[00:27:40] There are some members and there are people just who are interested in the topics. We don't just talk about e-commerce. We talk a lot about social media marketing. It's primarily marketing, but it's not just e-commerce.

[00:27:56] Wow. Well, there you have like venders and like a trade show.

[00:28:02] Yes, we do. Yes, we do. Yeah. Wouldn't you say it was coming in?

[00:28:07] It's coming up the third weekend in Oct. Actually, the third week in October. It's a four day event. It's actually a week long event because we do it. And then we have like a three day tour either before or after the event. I want to say the 24th. It starts October 23.

[00:28:23] I'm just asking all these questions. I'm to jockey to be a speaker there. One these days.

[00:28:27] Oh, there you go. We'd love to have a Tom. Are you kidding me? I love it.

[00:28:32] Where to go after finding on a map? Exactly where it is. I haven't been out of my house to do it for years. Oh, my. This is so nose's this have its own Web sites and where it does, it's called.

[00:28:51] Wow. Conference.

[00:28:54] 20. I think it's 20 20, is it gonna be the new website in the show notes that I was just handed to you? Yeah.

[00:29:01] Ok. And then speaking of show notes. So how do people get in touch with you and if they want to take one of your courses? How do they.

[00:29:10] Oh, sure. They can visit me on line on my Web site, RedheadMarketingInc.com. They can email me at Heidi@RedheadMarketingInc.com. And they can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, all any social media. I've got a strong presence, especially on LinkedIn.

[00:29:31] My second love will have the links to all that stuff.

[00:29:34] And then I got one. One last question about Reddhead I heard. I don't know if this is just fake news rumor, but that natural redheads are becoming extinct.

[00:29:46] It's true.

[00:29:47] It is true or less where less than 2 percent of the population, Tom, actually do a once a year legend called the Red Luncheon. And we get women who are redheads. Our motto is you're born to you're born a redhead or you're born to be a redhead. So we have some women who are not naturally born redheads, but are redheads at heart.

[00:30:07] I have two. Do you have to marry a certain redhead to make sure you have a redhead baby or what? How does that work?

[00:30:14] Well, it has to be a because it's so you have a 1 in 4 chance. If one of the parents is a redhead and you have a much higher chance if both parents are in fact both parents are, I believe you can only have redheads. So my daughter's a blonde and she married a redhead. And we have. So she had two redheaded children and one blonde. I'm a redhead. I'm married to a blonde. And I have no red headed children.

[00:30:42] So you know what?

[00:30:43] You need to get busy and have a bunch more. So we keep them.

[00:30:46] No, no. We've got the grandkids are enough for us.

[00:30:52] All right. Well, so good catching up with you, kiddo.

[00:30:55] So I'm so thrilled to hear about your success here. You were able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. And you're still surrounded by beauty and a romantic husband. What more could you ask for?

[00:31:08] Exactly. And Jack and Jack. And Jack and Jack, the American Bulldog boxer mix.

[00:31:17] Beautiful dog.

[00:31:18] There we go. All right. So. So, everybody, check the show notes for Heidi. Take one of her WordPress classes. You know, we preach Wordpress is the gold standard. But there's a lot of little details that can bite you in the butt if you don't know about them. And you've got to be mobile friendly. You got to do all this stuff. So her course will will help you with that. So her. Heidi, good talking to you.

[00:31:42] Thank you, Tom. It was a pleasure. Always good to catch up.

[00:31:45] All right, everybody, we'll catch y'all on the next episode. See ya later.

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